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By Tailored WealthSaver®
Enjoying life is what we all hope to attain, but life is complex and balancing it while reaching our financial goals is often a daunting task. Join Investment Professional Quentin and Accredited Financial Counselor Adrienne as they interview everyday people who are on the right track to enjoying life while reaching their financial goals. Each episode contains vital information to help you stay on track or moving in the right direction to achieving your financial goals while enjoying life as a WealthSaver™.
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Differences between credit vs debt management

WealthSaver Podcast

How to Earn 9.6% Guaranteed Interest with iBonds
"Those who understand interest earn it, those who don't pay it" - Albert Einstein. Building wealth means having the ability to earn interest. In our season 2 finale, Quentin and Adrienne share an easy way that your money can work for you and earn 9.6% interest for at least the next six months while inflation is up. And all you need to know about iBonds.  Plus exciting news you do not want to miss! Topics: What are iBonds How iBonds work Estate Planning & iBonds Exciting News Through Plutus Foundation thanks to you Helpful Links: 💻 How to purchase iBonds: 🧠 Learn more about iBonds-  📲 Follow WealthSaver Podcast on Instagram 📧 Email us your show ideas or questions
September 02, 2022
How to build business credit
Successful people and entrepreneurs leverage business credit to build wealth by gaining access to more capital. In this episode serial entrepreneur Mike Tibor shares steps that you can take to build business credit and shares the benefits of leveraging business credit. Building business credit is attainable for every WealthSaver™. Topics: Mike Tibor's Why and His Story - 1:15 What is Business Credit - 6:40 Benefits of Business Credit - 9:45 How to setup and build Business Credit - 12:35 What does WealthSaver mean to you - 19:45 Contact Mike - 26:10 Helpful Links: 📲 Follow Mike on Instagram: 🔗 Checkout Mike's Consulting Company:  🤫 Coming Soon Mike's Website: 💡 Follow WealthSaver Podcast on Instagram 💻 Email us your show ideas or questions
July 22, 2022
What are NFT Art Investments?
The art and entertainment world has been swarmed by NFT Investments and we are intrigued, what is this technology and how can it benefit us.  In this episode COO of PlayOne NFT, Volen Tsolov shares the distinct differences of authentic NFTs versus a digital download and schools us one the multiple uses of NFTs in real estate and beyond. Volen also discusses some of his own NFT investments including an NFT creation by TakeOff from Migos. Topics: 2:18 Defining NFT 4:38 Benefits of NFTs 7:53 Smart Contracts & Royalties of NFTs 15:36 How to Determine Authentic vice Fraudulent NFTs 22:37 Future of NFT Helpful Links: 🔗 Learn more about PlayOne NFT at 📲 Follow PlayOne NFT on Instagram: ☁️ Keep up with PlayOne NFT on Twitter: 🎤 Follow WealthSaver Podcast on Instagram 💡 Email us your show ideas or questions
July 08, 2022
Differences between credit vs debt management
The average American owes over $31,000 in debt, without including a mortgage. Sometimes debt is leveraged to build wealth for the consumer. However, oftentimes we go into debt because there was an emotional appeal to buy something outside of our means that carries interest and builds wealth for the company that extended out the line of credit such as a credit card or personal loan. In this episode Founder of My Wealth Journey, Jarrai "Jay" Stephens shares the distinct differences of credit management vs debt management. Jay also shares her own personal debt management story vice how she now leverages credit to build wealth. Topics: 1:44 Jay's Debt Journey Paying Off $50k in 8 Months 8:00 Credit Myths 11:28 Strategies to getting out & staying out of debt 13:55 Methodology to getting out of debt 16:57 How to Leverage Credit 24:51 Emergency Credit 26:46 Jay's Financial Coaching & 15% off merchandise (promocode: wealthsaver) 30:20 Jay's meaning of WealthSaver™ Helpful Links: 🔗Connect with Jay at 💻Email Jay: 🤝Work with Jay 1-on-1  🛍Shop Jay's Collection with 15% off: | Promocode: wealthsaver 📲Follow Jay on Instagram: 🎤Join the WealthSaver Podcast on Instagram 💡Share your show ideas or ask us a questions you would like WealthSaver Podcast to answer? Email us
June 24, 2022
Is now a good time to invest in Real Estate? with Real Estate Agent Karl McGarvey
90% of millionaires are invested in real estate! But with the current market trends is now a good time to buy a home or your next investment property such as a rental home? Our resident realtor Karl McGarvey (who joined us in Season 1) gives his take. Plus he also shares some outside of the box lending options you can consider when investing into real estate. Topics: 1:40 Rental Housing market 2.52 Pre Sale strategy 4:44 Homeowner Financed sale/lending 7:50 Fed rate hike effect on rental market 12:36 How to use house hacking 15:35 How to overcome pricing fears 19:00 A little on Adjustable rate loans Helpful Links: Connect with Karl at 💻 Email Karl: 📺 Watch Karl on YouTube: 📲 Follow Karl on Instagram: 🎤 Join the WealthSaver Podcast on Instagram 💡 What topics or questions you would like WealthSaver Podcast to answer? Email us
June 09, 2022
Part II | Understanding Inflation with Dr. Michael Thomas
Continuing our conversation with Dr. Thomas we focus heavily on ways to intentionally combat inflation including with wages and our purchase habits. Topics: Wages & Inflation: 0:27 Free Market Economies: 2:09 Connecting financial and mental wellness: 4:10 Combating Inflation: 5:11 Impact of Consumption Culture: 10:48 Money Medication: 13:27 Black Financial Culture Building Wealth From the Inside Out: 13:46 Merch & Perks: Check out Dr. Thomas Clothing Line: Connect with Dr. Thomas at Helpful Links: Follow Dr. Thomas on Instagram at Follow the official WealthSaver Podcast on Instagram 💡 Do you have a show idea or questions you would like WealthSaver Podcast to answer? Email us
May 26, 2022
Understanding Inflation | Part 1
Here's you do not know realize about our recent 8% increase in inflation that may change your outlook- Inflation can have positive effects, if you handle it right. In this episode we welcome back Dr. Michael Thomas, lecturer in the Department of Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics at the University of Georgia and Accredited Financial Counselor, to build upon our season 1 finale all about inflation and the unconscious pay cut you probably took. We will discuss the non-political root-cause of the steep increase in prices across the United States and even internationally.  * 📨 Connect with Dr. Thomas at and check out his clothing: Instagram: * Do you have a show idea or questions you would like WealthSaver Podcast to answer? Email us 
May 13, 2022
Psychology of Finance: train your brain
We are often saying we need to start budgeting, managing but often times we don’t. Questions arise on how we can live beyond the paycheck to paycheck cycle. In this episode Adrienne the resident financial counselor of Tailored Wealthsaver, shares some of her money fails, and we discuss how to train your brain, to think financially. If you have not already listened to Part 1 of our series, The Psychology of Finances with Dr. Michael Thomas, check out episode 1 of season 2.
April 29, 2022
Psychology of Finance with Dr. Michael Thomas
Why do people prefer talking about death than their finances? Because often people feel judged about their financial decisions. Listen to our dynamic guest Dr. Michael Thomas, Professor at the University of Georgia and Accredited Financial Counselor, as he shares insightful light on financial shaming/judgment. Plus, Dr. Thomas shares valuable tools that you can use to encourage more open dialog about finances in your relationships and build wealth through financial Empathy, a term he’s coined. Connect with Dr. Thomas at and check out his clothing: Instagram: - Do you have a show idea or questions you would like WealthSaver Podcast to answer? Email us 
April 15, 2022
Season 2 Teaser
Season 2 of the WealthSaver Podcast is almost here 🥳 Check out our upcoming line up for this season from NFT art with cryptocurrency, credit management, more about inflation and more from industry experts.  * Comments or questions? Email us at 
April 11, 2022
You Just Took a Pay-cut | Inflation 1-on-1
Chances are you just took a pay cut for living another day when you factor in inflation! In our season finale, we discuss what inflation is, the impact of inflation, and how to combat the effects of inflation. Plus share our favorite season 1 memories. ** Get $5 off the Wealthaver 2022 Planner with promo-code: BEAWEALTHSAVER order at
December 31, 2021
Part 2: Simplifying Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology with Quentin Davy, MBA, MACP
Part II: We dive deeper into the in's and out's of blockchain technology with our investing professional and co-host Quentin. We discuss the risks involved with blockchain associated with the investments discussed. Join us as we finish this two part series about blockchain.
November 04, 2021
Simplifying Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology with Quentin Davy, MBA, MACP
Today's hot topic, cryptocurrency, has both created overnight millionaires and caused others to go broke. In part 1 of this two part series we began our discussion about blockchain technology including projects, NFT's and what is ERC20 with our co-host and investing professional Quentin Davy, MBA, MACP. Dip your toe in and learn about blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin.
October 21, 2021
House Hacking with Real Estate Agent Karl McGarvey
The picture many have of their American Dream includes home ownership, which is also an investment over 90% of millionaires are involved in. In just over 25 minutes, Karl McGarvey joins us to share how everyday Americans can build wealth through real estate and more specifically  house-hacking. If you are looking to learn how to build wealth through real estate without a lot of up front money you must listen to this episode. Connect with Karl on Instagram & Youtube: @realestateinvestingtexas Facebook: Email: 
September 16, 2021
From Side Hustle to Main Hustle with Soaps by Jah
Taking your side hustle to your full-time gig may seem frightening and risky especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jahsmin Bowen founder of Soaps by Jah, joins us to share how she went from selling homemade soaps in Florida as a side hustle to now building wealth and an empire with Soaps by Jah, with a mission to educate communities on the importance and benefits of natural skincare. If you are seeking to learn how to make homemade soap, sell soap or how to make the entrepreneur leap of faith you must listen to this episode. Soaps by Jah:
August 31, 2021
Marriage and Business Success with Black Book Houston®
Balancing your finances and marriage is sometimes a draughting task. In just over 25 minutes, Jeremy and Rashika Craft join us to share how they build wealth together. Building wealth through their business Black Book Houston®, relationally through marriage enrichment and socially to enhance the narrative of Black-owned businesses in Houston. So if you are looking to build a thriving business with your spouse or balance work and marriage life, you must check out this episode.  Connect with Black Book Houston at | Instagram/Facebook/YouTube @BlackBookHouston
July 29, 2021
Saving with F.I.R.E. Couple Carl and Ashley Merritt
Have you heard of the early retirement strategy called the FIRE Movement? Can it truly help you retire early? Carl and Ashley Merritt—the founders of Black Excellence Travel—join us to talk about how they are able to meet their FIRE goals while still enjoying a life of travel and fulfillment. They share how they embrace the FIRE movement in their everyday lives, plus few credit card hacks along the way.
July 16, 2021
Proven Methods with Bob Bieri, USMC Retired
Key steps to becoming a millionaire. It's not as hard as it seems, Bob joins us to share several money lessons from his time in the United States Marine Corps that you can translate into your own life so that you may become an everyday millionaire while enjoying life as a WealthSaver™. In just over 20 minutes we will discuss investing in the stock market, the power of dividends/compound interest, buying new/used vehicles, and strategies of real estate homeownership, plus funny military stories. So, if you want to become the "Millionaire Next Door," you must check out our first ever episode. Connect with Bob
July 16, 2021