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Weaponize Literacy

Weaponize Literacy

By Bob Lingle
WEAPONIZE LITERACY is hosted by Off the Beaten Path Bookstore's Bob Lingle. Off the Beaten Path is located in the historic Village of Lakewood. With a focus on fostering empathy, Off the Beaten Path curates titles for the community that promote understanding, diversity, and creativity. Weaponize Literacy seeks out discussions with writers on topics of life, death, and the things in between.
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How to Die: A Conversation with Ray Robertson
Let's talk about Death. Ray Robertson is the author of How to Die: A Book About Being Alive. In his book, and our conversation, we try to get a better understanding of death, so we can work towards having a better understanding of life.
July 7, 2021
Weaponize Literacy Trailer
Death, Cults, Racism, Comedy, The End of the Universe, there is no topic we are afraid to talk about, with experts on each subject. Weaponize Literacy will have a new episode each month as our host, Bob Lingle, interviews authors about their work, and about their life. The goal is to promote understanding, empathy, and to Weaponize Literacy.
July 2, 2021