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By Brothers
Brothers is the leading awareness organization dedicated to empowering boys’ and men’s friendships.
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Don't underestimate UBER Pool meetings! (A The Soup Kitchen Podcast)
A Saturday night in Sydney, Australia, Kim (Founder of Brothers) took an UBER Pool, and met Marko (The Soup Kitchen Podcast) in the car. Long story short, Marko ended up inviting Kim to talk about Brothers. Marko says it's one of the most important subjects that he has recorded on his podcast and he believes it's a conversation that is needed. Listen to more podcast by Marko by searching for The Soup Kitchen on iTunes and Spotify!
July 17, 2019
The “Whys” Behind Brothers - Kim Evensen (Founder) being interviewed.
Julian hijacks the podcast and asks Kim (Founder of Brothers) questions about Brothers and men’s friendships. Worth a listen!
June 04, 2019
Friendship Talk with Julian (22)
In this episode we’re talking with Julian (22) from Sydney, Australia about his friendships and about his encounter with Brothers and the Brothers book. It’s a real and authentic chat which engages our minds and hearts........
March 18, 2019
Why are a man’s friendships so important? (From a woman’s perspective.)
In this podcast we’re looking at how a man’s friendships effect his dating life and mental health. Kayla, our guest, is talking about why she, as a woman, is so passionate about men developing strong and deep male friendships.
November 12, 2018