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We're Moms Now!

We're Moms Now!

By Serena & Brittney
Join highschool best friends Brittney and Serena as they reconnect 13 years later. Serena has built a business while raising two children, and Brittney juggles her career as a bartender while working to become a surgical technician, while ALSO raising a two-year-old. These old friends are ready to catch up for the first time, discussing their lives as mothers, thoughts on their shared experience with Postpartum Depression, local Tucson eats, the art community, careers, current projects, books, social media, and whatever else may come up as they catch up.
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Serena Makes Things: Commentary to an ADHD Art Show
This is a recording of the commentary of Serena Makes Things: An ADHD Art Show. This art show is on display at Art & Sol Tattoo Gallery in Tucson, Arizona throughout the month of April 2022, and can be viewed at the opening reception April 1st, 6pm-8pm, or by appointment throughout the month. The art show is a collection of work and story-telling, as Serena shares her experience receiving the official diagnosis of two mental illnesses she judged her entire life. It is a story of her journey, anger, trial and eventually, self acceptance.
April 01, 2022
Marketing Your Business with Marcy Ellis
Today we spoke with Marcy Ellis, a local Tucson artist, who has spent years building her business. You can find Marcy's work in shops all around the United States, Canada, and overseas. In this episode of We're Business Owners Now, Marcy shares some of her insights on how to successfully market your business, and create professional connections. She also shares her experience with the struggle of finding her audience, and handling regular rejection, because of her work's focus on female nudity. Marcy gives us so much knowledge and themes to think about as we work to enter markets, find confidence in our work, and a look into the world of wholesaling our pieces. You can follow Marcy Ellis on Instagram at Shop her online store at Check out more of what she has to offer at Wholesale sights we mentioned:
November 17, 2021
Booth Design, Hiring an Assistant and Data with Megan Coy Schwamb
Join us as we chat with Megan Coy Schwamb of Coy Creative. Megan is a local Tucson artisan who creates polymer clay and resin earrings, and participates in markets just about every single weekend. In this episode Megan shares her insights on creating a low-effort market booth, that is easy to set up often. She also gives us all the details about her experience hiring an employee to help with markets. We also discuss joint of sale, and the beauty of a POS that saves inventory and sales data, and how that helps your business. You can follow Megan on Instagram here: where you will be able to view her work, and get updates on her upcoming market locations and times. You can shop Megan's online store at:
November 10, 2021
Building Your Market Booth with Jessica Melrose
As a successful small business owner in Tucson, Arizona, Serena always has an inbox all of DMs from emerging small business owners with questions. Mainly: How do I do it all? So we've decided to create a mini-show within our podcast! "We're Business Owners Now" is a series of podcast episodes created to answer your small business questions. Episodes will cover topics like: -Designing your market booth -Applying for markets and opportunities -Making social media an effective tool -Photography, marketing and email lists Each episode will be a 30 minute interview with a local, Tucson artisan. I'll ask your burning questions, and we'll hear insights, tips and tricks from small business owners who have expertise in the subject. This Episode: Jessica Melrose of Melrose Macrame can be found on social media at and you can view her online store here: Mentioned in the episode: Point-of-sale: Square. Building Booth Walls: The Lark's Head Shop can be found at Gabacho Media: Tucson local closing design and services can be found here
November 05, 2021
The COVID is strong with this one.
After 10,000 years episode four is here! In this episode Serena and Brittney talk about election fatigue, meme culture and TikTok! Brittney shares her experience with COVID and Serena shares a new 2020 read that was exactly what she needed during this time of social isolation. Book: Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close.  Shop Serena's bookshelf here:  Or support a local bookstore here: Join Book of the Month Club here: Follow our Instagram and write into the podcast here: Details about our personal experiences with COVID-19 should not be used as medical advice. If you are feeling unwell, please call your doctor. More information about Affirmations Moms Actually Need can be found here:
November 17, 2020
Tents, Books, and Toddlers! Oh My!
This week we discuss exploring out of doors with toddlers and children in tow, diversifying our reading lists and remembering to take a minute to breathe. Books Discussed: "We Set the Dark on Fire", "We Unleash the Merciless Storm" and "Paola Santiago and the River of Tears" by Tehlor Kay Mejia.  Shop the books here: View Serena's Bookstagram (Instagram for Books!)  account with recent book reviews, and suggested #OwnVoices reads: Check out Jessica Gonzales' art at: Affirmations Moms Actually Need is en route from the printer and should be available to purchase in early December, 2020! Sign up for email updates here:
October 21, 2020
It's A Hard Mom Life (for us)
This week Serena filled every slot on her planner for the first time in MONTHS and Brittney experienced the humiliation of a toddler tantrum in PUBLIC.  Join us as we discuss public toddler tantrums, planning a pandemic-safe wedding, childbirth, and some fun events in the local business and Tucson art scene! Check out the Support Local Tucson Scavenger hunt details. Enter to win $100 shop credit for Serena's online art store. Learn more about Affirmations Moms Actually Need here and follow the project on social! And make sure to follow us on Instagram! Thank you for listening!
September 30, 2020
Reunited & It Feels So Good
Join best friends Britney and Serena as they reconnect for the first time in person (pandemic style, #maskup) after 13 years apart!  Zoom School Stories: Write in to to share your funny/embarrassing/laughable virtual school moments via DM! We want to share and laugh with you! Learn more about Affirmations Moms Actually Need at View Serena's art, social and shop at: Check out artist shoutout Luna & Saya at:
September 16, 2020