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We Are The Body Radio Podcast

We Are The Body Radio Podcast

By Nickolas Picardi
WATB Radio is a fun way to listen to your favorite Christian artists discuss their music and the stories behind their songs, as well as hearing an occasional word from the Bible.
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Josiah Prince Returns
We Are The Body Radio Podcast  Season 2  Return of The Prince A couple days ago in a state far far away... Season 2, WATB Radio, It is a period of civil war. Rebel societies, striking from a hidden base in Florida have overcome their technical difficulties with their podcasting software. During the battle, Josiah Prince joins Rebel spy Nick Picardi as they manage to bless your ears with another comedic interview... With some dad jokes.
September 4, 2020
Dad Jokes With Friends and... 3D printing for God?
The first half of this episode is pure jokes and craziness. Nick invited a couple of fellow dad friends, Efrain and Shawn, with an additional non-dad friend to play victim, we mean, uh to be the audience for an all new Dad Joke Session. Things get a little weird when they decide to play "Two Truths, One Lie" but all ends well with a discussion on 3D printing and how Efrain was able to use it for God and how God is able to use it for His glory. Another great episode for the books. ENJOY!
July 29, 2020
Interview w/ I'm with Mothership
This episode Nick spends some time with Cindy Blankenship, aka, Mothership about her ministry. Cindy breaks down what she does, who she feeds, and the impact she has made across the states by being a "band mom". Tune in for another great Dad Joke Session and as always thanks for your love and support. If you would like to support this ministry you can by visiting and purchasing an official WATB tee shirt. 
July 23, 2020
WATB Review Ep.1 - Michael Sweet Cameo
Check out the Michael Sweet Cameo right here:
July 8, 2020
Interview w/ Joey West of Disciple
Nick and Joey talk about Disciple, drumming, and live stream events. Both do pretty well keeping straight faces in the joke session although to no surprise Nick lost again.  We are sure you will find this episode to be very interesting.
July 8, 2020
Interview W/ Adam Reed of Faith Head
Nick and Adam continue the Faith Head conversation.
July 5, 2020
Convo with Jimmie Webb (formerly of Faith Head)
Tune in and listen to Nick banter with Jimmie about his time spent with Faith Head. Jimmie shares an amazing testimony that happened while on the road with Faith Head. The two friends also talk about other christian rock bands that have inspired their taste in music, and you don't want to miss the conversation about Kid Rock, Alice Cooper, Korn, and other secular artists.  Warning: This episode contains very bad dad jokes. And for the record Jimmie silently laughed at Nick's joke, and we have the video proof coming soon.
June 26, 2020
Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?
What do we do when we are Hungry for God?
June 8, 2020
Becca and Marcus from Reclaim the Day
Tune in to hear an amazing message of hope for these trouble times. Also, get the latest on Reclaim the Day's music they are working on in the studio with our good friends Josiah Prince and Andrew Stanton. As always thanks for listening and supporting WATB.
June 4, 2020
Patrick Rivers of 3 Days Under
Nick talks with Patrick of 3 Days Under about new music, the history of 3 Days Under, and more. 
May 28, 2020
Our interview with Christian Media Spotlight
This is what we are about. Thank you so much for all your love and support.
May 21, 2020
Barrier of Brothers pt1
Kickin' off a new series called Barrier of Brothers, Nick invites his old friend Marco to the show. Marco was there as a brother to Nick at the beginning of his faith walk. Listen to this amazing and powerful story that they bring you.
May 6, 2020
Talkin' w/ Michael Chauncey
Michael Chauncey and Nick talk about Hunger for God and spiritual-discipline, as well as Michael's verse by verse breakdown of the gospel.
May 3, 2020
You are in The Book of Job
Job is a powerful book in the bible. It takes us through someone's personal experience of a hard time, questioning God, and repentance and restoration. Just like Job, we hit rough spots and attacks within our walk. It is important to understand where these attacks are coming from and that is from Satan. Listen to this episode and see where you fit in with Job.
April 29, 2020
Episode 8: StillWaiting
Take your wall-decor down before booking this band!  StillWaiting talks about their rocking new single "Cheapshot", what their ministry is about,  social distancing, and of course shares some good and good/painful memories.
April 28, 2020
Episode 7: Saved by Skarlet
Nick talks to the guys from Saved by Skarlet about their latest release, a future release, and the meaning behind what they do out on the road. 
April 25, 2020
Micah Chapter 7 reading
Enjoy a message from Micah 7
April 24, 2020
Episode 6: Patrick from Faith Head
Nick hangouts with Patrick from Faith Head. Faith Head talks about a new singer, music, and the story behind Faith Head. Nick tells dad jokes, Patrick doesn't laugh but the show goes on! We hope you enjoy this extended episode of WATB Radio Podcast.
April 22, 2020
Episode 5: The Grave Denial
Nick talks with Ryan and Jacob about the band's new music released in December, what's coming next,  Jacob shares a touching testimony and Nick gives a word on what Jesus thinks of flexible hearts.
April 21, 2020
Interview W/ Josh Bramlett of The Protest
Josh Bramlett of The Protest talks with Nick about touring, what's in the studio, and the mission of serving Christ.
April 17, 2020
Interview w/ Travis McConnell of Chaotic Resemblance
Listen to Nick and Travis talk about Chaotic Resemblances music, what it was like in the studio with Oz Fox from Stryper, and what it was like writing Covenant with Josiah from Disciple.  If you haven't heard Chaotic Resemblance yet check them out on Spotify!
April 15, 2020
Interview w/ The Letter Black
Nick talks with Mark and Sarah about upcoming music currently being worked on in the studio, stuck in quarantine, and can you guess their favorite The Letter Black songs?
April 15, 2020
interview w/ Josiah Prince of Disciple
Nick talks with Josiah about his studio career success, Disciple, his beard, and yes... dad jokes. Josiah has been in working hard in the studio with various bands such as Fireflight. Be sure to check out our Facebook page and IGTV for our segment of  "Jokes with Josiah".
April 15, 2020