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We Art Here

We Art Here

By WeArtHere
Close your eyes and imagine an artist. Are you picturing a painter, an actor, a dancer, or something entirely different? In this limited series podcast, join us on a journey of art discovery. In each episode,​ resident art enthusiasts Shelby and Janeen will delve into the history of a different art subject and interview an artist tied to that art subject. Interested in learning more about about what makes Keep listening to join in the discussion and to connect with artists.
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Street Art/Jennifer Kosharek

We Art Here

Starr Chief Eagle
Episode 3 of season 2 is here! It was worth the wait, because in this episode we spoke with Lakota Artist & Hoop Dancer Extraordinaire: Starr Chief Eagle! Press play to learn more about Hoop Dancing and Starr Chief Eagle. Starr is also a South Dakota Arts Council Touring Artist as well as an Artist in Schools and Communities. Visit The South Dakota Arts Council website to learn more at: Starr shares her culture through art, language, dance, and song for future generations in hopes of restoring and maintaining the Lakota culture. Stay connected with Starr on her website at: and on her Instagram @chiefeaglestarr. Episode photo is from the South Dakota Arts Council Website.
May 25, 2022
Elisa Herrmann
In this episode, Janeen talks with Elisa Herrmann who is a Filmmaker, Screenwriter, and Editor. She is also an associate Professor of Mass Communication - Film & TV, and Film Program Coordinator at Sam Houston State University. We talk about her new documentary, Umbanda: Offerings of Faith which explores the religion’s background and rituals through interviews with priests, priestesses, and followers. Stay connected with Elisa Herrmann on her website and her instagram.
March 18, 2022
Arianna Kaminski
In the first episode of Season 2, author, filmmaker, and artist Arianna Kaminski is interviewed. We talk about her published book of poems, Earthly Thoughts, SXSW, filmmaking, and so much more! Stay connected with Arianna's projects on her website, Youtube, and instagram. She even has her own podcast called That Weird Friend.
February 07, 2022
Hard Rock/Chaz Von Graves
In this episode, the comic-slinging, Rockett Queen band singing/bassist, acting, trivia hosting, Chaz Von Graves was interviewed. We talked about the many artistic jobs he has, how he got into them, and his favorite type of music (if he had to pick one). You can catch him slinging-comics at The Adventure Begins Comic and Games Shop. Check out his band Rockett Queen to see what shows and albums they have coming up. He is also a co-owner at Legion M. the world's first fan-owned entertainment company. Their newest film (as of December 2020) Archenemy is available to stream and in theatres now! Help children in hospitals have access to video games by donating to his Extra Life fundraiser!  He's even a part of a podcast called Nerd News Now. Follow him @thernrnerd on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch to stay updated on his many adventures.
December 23, 2020
Fan Conventions/Sourbunny
In this episode, we had an interesting conversation with Sourbunny, an artist and illustrator based in Texas.  We talk about his artistic process, anime, and his charity, Creativity for a Cure.  Also - a brief history of fan conventions! Check out Sourbunny Productions at their website, on Twitter, Facebook, or on Instagram!
December 08, 2020
Indie Games/Paul Gruber
In this episode we had a lively interview with freelance artist Paul Gruber. We talk about the musical Hamilton, a tortoise, video game design and much more. We present a brief history about indie video games. Check out Paul's artwork on his website and Crazy Beard Entertainment and follow him on Instagram and Twitter! He's also involved with the following: Goblin Collective, streaming on Twitch, and The Adventure Begins Comic and Gaming shop!
December 06, 2020
Comics/ Ben Humeniuk
In this episode we had a delightful conversation with Ben Humeniuk, who is a cartoonist and educator from Texas. He creates comics and graphic novels for YA and middle-grade readers. We discussed some of our most favorite comics, how comics serve as literature in the classroom, and the importance of community. We also of course discussed his journey of how he became a cartoonist. We present a brief history of using comics in education.  Contact Ben by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Art Tumblr. Check out some of Ben's most recent projects below or on his website: The Magnificent Makers is Ben's graphic novel project, from PowerKids Press. In this graphic novel, four friends in an after-school Makers club navigate high school (and life!) by applying STEM principles and projects to real-world problems– with a dash of heart and comedy for good measure. Waking Life is Ben's ongoing graphic novel series, published by Comicker Press. Book One is available in print via Amazon, and Emerald City Comics Distro. Book One through Book Nine(as of December 6, 2020) are also available to read digitally on the following platforms: Kindle • ComiXology • DriveThruComics • Hoopla Digital • Free-to-read webcomic 
December 06, 2020
Documentary Film/Mark Denega
In this episode we had an engaging and informative discussion with Mark Denega,  a documentary and educational video editor based in NJ. He is the founder of Rising Editor, a blog that helps editors launch and grow their careers. We talked about his experiences in filmmaking and how working from home is going. We present a short history about documentary films. Check out Mark's portfolio at: 
December 06, 2020
Rock Opera/Daniela Murrieta Monroe
In this episode we interviewed Daniela, a good friend and great musician. We talked about her passion for Opera, Orchestra, Theatre, and Classic Rock while following her journey with working as a professional musician and teacher. We presented about the history of Rock Opera as a happy medium.
December 06, 2020
Street Art/Jennifer Kosharek
In this episode we had a wonderfully, whimsical discussion with Jennifer Kosharek. She is a painter, rag doll maker, spray paint artist, mail artist and a Free Art Friday artist who lives and works in St. Petersburg, FL. We talked about graffiti, leaving pieces of art in places you travel, and staying motivated as you create. We presented on the history of street art. Check out Jennifer's work on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, or her website!
December 06, 2020
We Art Here: Episode Zero
In this introductory episode, meet Shelby and Janeen our co-hosts of this podcast. They share some of their thoughts on art, participate in a discussion about the definition of art, and explain some of what they hope to learn through the interviews in this podcast.
December 06, 2020