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Web3 Talks: Stories & Tips from the Builders

Web3 Talks: Stories & Tips from the Builders

By Mac Budkowski
Conversations with people who have hands-on web3 building experience. They share their stories, business models, technology, community building, user acquisition strategies, and more.

If you want to start your own project or are just curious about the space, this podcast will bring you answers.

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September 21, 2022
#28: Pedro Gomes, Co-Founder @ WalletConnect | From wallet improvement idea back in 2018 to one of the most omnipresent web3 communications protocols
[IMPORTANT NEWS: We are currently raising a Gitcoin Grant. If you'd like to support the podcast, please Like/Retweet/Donate via our link: All our donors will receive a commemorative NFT] WalletConnect is one of the most omnipresent protocols in the web3 space. It’s used by Uniswap, OpenSea, Instagram & 450+ other apps. Today we welcome Pedro Gomes, Co-Founder of WalletConnect, who tells us about the protocol’s history, presence, and future. 1:27 How Pedro ended up in crypto thanks to his fintech experience 3:47 Why MetaMask was revolutionary and how Pedro got inspired to bet on the mobile experience 6:37 How have WalletConnect acquired its first users in 2018 & why was it both easier and harder than starting today 8:25 Why making WalletConnect a neutral brand was so important 9:59 What’s WalletConnect’s product design process? 14:18 How they decided to work on new WalletConnect features and why balancing security & convenience has been so challenging 20:25 How the way they set up WalletConnect let them acquire partners such as Instagram without a business development department 22:17 How Pedro needed to find a common denominator for WalletConnect to build a community around it 24:15 Why transforming WalletConnect into a venture let them speed up the development process & how they built new amazing features in WalletConnect v2 28:50 What’s WalletConnect plan for making money 30:18 What features do wallets miss 32:39 Why Pedro finds cross-chain projects amazing 36:37 His most pleasant web3 memories 38:02 Where to follow WalletConnect 38:40 Pedro’s ideas for guests
September 19, 2022
#27: realfakepicnic & stockdrawermoney, Co-Founders @ Code4rena | Managing a DAO that runs smart contract audit contests for projects such as OpenSea, ENS, Lens, NounsDAO & SushiSwap
Code4rena is a project that disrupts the way web3 companies do smart contract audits. Their community-driven approach made them so well-known in the space that OpenSea ran a $1,000,000 security audit contest on their platform. How does their project work? How it started? And how do they grow it? Two out of five Code4rena Co-Founders came to the pod to answer all these questions. Timestamps: 1:55 How Sock & Picnic got into crypto from decentralization & security audit backgrounds 9:35 How is web3 security different than web1 & web2 security, and how does Code4rena help to tackle web3-specific challenges 17:14 How Sock got into Code4rena very early 19:40 How does their security audit contest mechanism makes it easy to get great auditors on board & what are the characteristics of the top auditors 25:23 How the community chooses the judges for the contests 27:45 How they arranged their DAO to work efficiently and not get lost in the chaos 35:34 How have they been acquiring their clients 37:00 Story of their OpenSea $1,000,000 security audit contest 39:04 Do they permit hackers to work on security audits 42:15 Why decentralized security audits might be less vulnerable to exploits than traditional ones 45:44 How they've been balancing their two-sided market 50:39 What would they fix about web3 with their magic wand 53:50 Most mind-blowing web3 projects they've seen 58:43 The funniest things that happened to them 1:02:30 Their guests' ideas 1:06:35 Where you can learn more about code4rena
August 24, 2022
#26: BORED, Co-Founder @ Bored Box | Building a blockchain gaming community by curating NFT assets from top games and helping people discover the coolest web3 games
We welcome Twitter anon legend - Bored Elon Musk - who shares his blockchain/web3 gaming expertise and gives a backstage perspective on his new project - BoredBox. If you want to get an e-mail whenever the new episode is out, drop your address here: Timestamps: 2:38 How Hyperloop inspired him to start a Bored Elon Musk account 4:41 How money transfers & running an anon account got him into crypto 7:35 What BoredBox is and how it was inspired by old-school gaming experiences 11:20 What’s the BoredBox business model 13:05 What’s their process that helped to protect their product from NFT flippers 17:00 How game NFTs are similar to gaming experiences from the 90s and today 18:15 How choosing the right segment of gamers helped them acquire users despite the bear market 23:15 How do they curate the right games 25:58 Why so many blockchain gaming models are not sustainable 29:24 How is blockchain gaming evolving 31:30 What’s the most significant difference between regular gaming and blockchain gaming 34:10 Why making your NFT assets like a magic sword usable in multiple games makes more sense than it seems to 36:37 How NFTs unlock new gaming business models 38:39 What are the biggest mistakes and coolest things in web3 gaming 40:28 How games have been onboarding people to new technologies 41:50 What one thing would he fix in web3 44:00 Most mind-blowing web3 projects he has seen 46:51 Where people can learn more about BoredBox 47:35 Ideas for the guests
August 16, 2022
#25: Seb Audet, Co-Founder @ | How Zapper evolved from a DeFi degens' product into a web3 exploration tool with over 1 million users
Zapper is one of the most popular crypto apps. And on Thursday, they published the v2, which transformed Zapper from a portfolio tracker into a web3 exploration tool. I talk with Seb about their early days, management & growth tactics, v2, and... art. 1:57 How Seb got disillusioned with finance and started building, which led him to Ethereum, DeFi, and the idea of Zapper 4:25 First days of Zapper and integrations with Uniswap and Synthetix 6:04 How hard it was to query information on-chain 7:13 How Seb came up with the idea of Zapper v2 and why they bet on it 10:54 Zapper as a social media for investors and a better exploration tool than Etherscan 14:27 What’s the process behind Zapper’s slick design 17:18 How they organized Zapper to ship fast 20:20 Why they don’t have QAs in Zapper 21:57 How have they chosen the market to build on 24:55 How networks effects helped them to grow 26:05 How they decided which protocol to integrate and what helped them grow the most 28:20 What NFT and DAO-related user acquisition strategies do they use right now 31:42 Why Seb thinks founders and DeFi protocols focus too much on marketing 33:33 Biggest fuckups they had 35:45 How does Zapper make money 37:58 What would Seb fix about crypto and web3 40:30 Why web3 builders develop a thick skin 41:42 How a metaverse billboard and generative arts inspire him 47:00 What was the most fun web3 thing that happened to Seb 48:20 Crypto Twitter making the Internet fun again 50:23 Where people can find more info about Zapper 51:00 Guest idea - Founder of Interface 52:30 How I found $500 in my Zapper account
July 23, 2022
#24: Anton Bernstein, Co-Founder @ Pocket Worlds | How they built and grew Metaverse apps with over 3 Million Monthly Active Users
If you're a Metaverse skeptic, this episode might change your mind. I talked with Anton, whose apps have built metaverse since 2016, so long before this word became popular. And they make $30M/year. How it's possible? Check out the episode! 0:37 Intro 1:27 Quick history of Pocketworlds and HighRise 2:30 How did Anton get into web3, and why did they add web3 to their web2 app making $100M/yr in transaction volume 5:10 How Mac got hooked to HighRise 5:55 Who’s the typical user of Highrise and Everskies apps, and why do they use them? 8:04 Why avatar chats and Second Life didn’t take off and why people might get into metaverse now 11:15 Monoculture vs. Subcultures in the Metaverse 13:08 Why focusing on subcultures might work 14:19 Why their first two apps didn’t work out, and how did they use paid acquisition to get the first HighRise users 17:00 Why their retention curve goes against common knowledge 19:37 How they learned who was the 5% of the most engaged users and why 10% of their employees are former users 21:10 Why web3 is a good fit for their users and how they convinced them 21:35 How they sold out their NFT collection in 30 seconds by making millions of $ and becoming top5 collections on Immutable X despite the UX hurdles 23:40 How Mac realized that Metaverse makes sense 27:20 Metaverse is like Burning Man - focused on self-expression and interactions where you can be who you want to be 29:30 Two methods of letting users generate the content in Highrise and Everskies 32:55 How Anton’s friend makes millions of $ a year by making content in Second Life 34:30 How they want to let people earn revenue and why he’s more interested in this world than Axie Inifity’s model 35:15 How do they make their $30M revenue/year, and how it’s going to change with web3 37:40 Is Anton scared about risking their current business model during the transition 39:46 Hardest things about running a consumer app 42:45 Why they didn’t give up despite the two failed projects 43:45 What would Anton fix about web3 46:16 The most mind-blowing projects Anton has seen 48:00 His experience during Axie Infinity summer 49:29 How would he fix Axie Infinity to make it more sustainable 51:05 People spending time vs. spending money on the games 54:27 Guests ideas - people from Immutable X & MiniRoyal FPS game on Solana 55:30 Why it’s hard to transition to a sustainable model for STEPN 56:30 Where people can learn more about PocketWorlds
July 18, 2022
#23: Dennison Bertram, Co-Founder @ | Lessons on DAOs from the Co-Founder of the DAO governance tool used by Uniswap, Compound & PoolTogether
Dennison has been in crypto for over 10 years. He has been heavily involved in DAOs before most people even heard about them. In this episode, he shares lessons from seeing 100s of these organizations. 1:00 How Dennison got into crypto in 2011, why he got hooked, and what he built 4:40 Why he focused on governance and built Tally: From Magic Internet Money to Magic Internet Society 7:51 What does Tally actually do, and how they’re different from Snapshot 15:15 How communities use Tally 17:30 What convinced their first users to use Tally 20:02 How they’ve been promoting Tally among the users 22:10 When it doesn’t make sense to build a DAO 27:10 What are the most effective DAOs out there 31:40 Governance models that worked in Tally and DAOs + when it makes sense to start a DAO 39:21 Biggest challenges for DAOs 44:05 Why he wants legal clarity for crypto 45:32 Why Ethereum, Uniswap, and DAOs blew his mind 47:57 Why he found NFTs’ success so funny 50:34 Guests ideas 51:40 Where can you learn more about Tally
July 04, 2022
#22: Chris Whinfrey, Founder @ Hop Protocol | A bridge that moved over $2.4B worth of tokens between Ethereum & L2s to improve the blockchains' UX
HopExchange is the leading bridge between Ethereum & L2s. Chris shares the story behind the project, how they designed their airdrop and why they decided to give the community so much power. Timestamps: 1:39 How Chris ended up in crypto and why Ethereum inspired him to build 3:20 The story behind the HopExchange: Auditing, DeFi Summer, and bet on L2 8:29 How they acquired their first users: timing, whitepaper & Twitter 10:07 What they've done to acquire Liquidity Providers 12:01 Methods to separate real users' signals from the aidroppers' noise 14:55 How they tracked down airdrop farmers 18:10 How do they care take of the community as there are only 4 full-time HopProtocol team members 19:54 Why they trusted their community to give them full power over the protocol for the next year 22:40 How they organized their airdrop to make it go smoothly 25:42 Why it's great to have the top DeFi founders such as Kane from Synthetix, Stani from Aave & Stefan from Gnosis on the cap table 27:35 What's the plan for the next few months for the HopExchange 29:20 Why MEV, CowSwap & NounsDAO blew his mind 33:50 Story of Rotate - their community's Sherlock Holmes - who took down Sybil attackers 35:55 Where to learn more about the Hop 36:23 His guests' ideas
June 22, 2022
#21: Geoist & Levertz, Founders @ IDRiss | Decentralized address book to onboard the next billion users to crypto
Just like ENS lets people link their wallet addresses to .eth domains, IDrIss lets people link their wallet addresses to their phone numbers, e-mails & Twitter handles. But it's only the tip of the iceberg! Timestamps: 1:35 How they ended in crypto space 3:50 What’s the story & vision behind IDRiss 7:30 Five things that make them different from Ethereum Name Service 13:21 What happens when someone hacks your e-mail address or Twitter account linked to your wallet via IDriss 14:29 How they acquired their first users and what worked well 20:32 Our thoughts on professional airdrop farmers 25:20 How they build the community - “Discord is a room full of people” 30:15 The product design which helps to learn more about the users than typical web3 products 31:30 Taking care of the community by making decisions together 32:50 Where they want IDRiss to evolve 37:55 Dead-end streets & hard lessons they learned on the way 39:30 Most mind-blowing web3 project they’ve seen so far - Gnosis Safe & EmpireDAO 41:40 The funniest thing that happened to them so far in web3 space 43:34 Where you can learn more about the project 44:20 Ideas for the next guests
June 16, 2022
#20: Auston Bunsen, Co-Founder @ QuickNode | Building blockchain infrastructure that operates at the scale of Google Search
How Auston Bunsen sold his TV for 2.5 BTC? Why did 2017 ICOs inspire them to start QuickNode? How he accidentally made Vitalik think that he broke Etheruem Virtual Machine? And why QuickNode doesn’t care about the bear market? This - and much more - has been shared in our Ep. 20. PS: QuickNode shared a promo code with our community! First 20 listeners who use promo code MAC3 will get 3 months of QuickNode for free!
June 02, 2022
#19: Rex Hygate, Founder @ DeFi Safety | Adding transparency to DeFi security practices by a company that already reviewed 200+ DeFi projects
DeFi Safety helps investors understand the risks of DeFi projects. Rex tells us about i.a. the company's founding story, review process, and the way they get new clients & employees.  1:30 How Rex learned about Ethereum via Reddit & got involved thanks to a hackathon 4:30 Differences between his corporate experiences and web3 7:05 How DeFi Safety started and why they share their reports for free 9:10 The help they got from Gitcoin 10:35 Thoughts on LUNA crash 12:15 Most common safety issues in protocols 16:03 How retail users can protect themselves from problematic protocols 19:17 How does their review process look like, who requests them and how does it help to improve projects’ safety 23:14 Creating guidelines for the users & protocols in a different way than SEC might have done it 25:00 How do they acquire their clients and who do they target 28:30 Why DeFi’s transparency & their auditing process makes it much harder to obscure financial details in an Enron-like fashion 31:58 How do they recruit people in such a challenging job market 33:50 Why they don’t plan to become a DAO 35:15 Why Curve & Yearn are among the most mind-blowing web3 projects he has seen 36:24 How their report on Shibaswap & the response from the Shiba Army made them laugh 37:43 Where can you learn more about DeFi Safety 38:45 His guests' ideas
May 16, 2022
#18: Harsh Rajat, Founder @ EPNS | Building a multichain web3 communication protocol that’s pushing notifications for ENS, Uniswap, dYdX, Coindesk, Snapshot & more
How EPNS solved the chicken-egg growth problem and acquired their first 44k users? What were the biggest tech challenges & dead-end streets so far and how EPNS tackled them? And what strange outfit have people worn for a VIP crypto dinner?  This, and much more, has been covered by Harsh Rajat, Founder of EPNS in this episode. Timestamps: 1:20 How he got to web3 and how he used the bot that helped him trading 3:23 What’s the vision behind EPNS, his experiences in mobile development, and the difference between web2 & web3 notifications 12:08 Why they ditched (for now) the idea of rewarding people for reading notifications 13:10 How they acquired their first users & partners and solved the chicken-egg problem 16:06 How the Ethereum community helped their product 17:45 How they’ve acquired their 44k users and how do they do it today 19:55 What kind of project can you build on EPNS 22:25 How being a protocol helps to protect EPNS from hackers 25:08 The biggest technological challenges they’ve faced so far 27:54 What were the dead-end streets that have they tried before 30:35 How does PUSH token work 33:10 What’s EPNS’ way of progressively decentralizing to avoid chaos 37:00 Most mind-blowing web3 project 41:12 Funniest thing that happened to Harsh (the VIP dinner story) 43:00 Other builders that could be a good fit for a podcast
May 08, 2022
#17: x0r, Founder @ MEV Army | Teaching people about the tech side of crypto through an NFT-gated community
x0r is an NFT artist, coder & member of the investing team @ a16z. He shares: how to really learn how blockchains work? Why did he let devs find out the seed phrase of one of his wallets? What lessons had he drawn from his NFT drops? And how his perspective on crypto has been impacted by being a magician? 
May 02, 2022
#16: Ayyan Rahman, Co-Founder @ Gateway | Helping contributors onboard to DAOs & preparing for the Future of Work
Why becoming a DAO contributor is so hard, and what can DAOs do about it? How to make web3 hiring more meritocratic? And how to test your product with big DAOs such as Bankless, Aave & Olympus and build it with them, not for them? In this Episode, Ayyan Rahman, Co-Founder of Gateway, tells us how they help DAOs to solve these problems & why they plan to build a web3 LinkedIn.
April 18, 2022
#15: Gil Hildebrand, Founder @ Gilded | Helping crypto businesses to accept payments, pay team members, and deliver on financial reporting requirements
How has an idea in a New Orleans meetup turned into a product supporting the financial operations of over 120 crypto businesses? Why do they use web2 acquisition strategies? And how did they get the support of one of the world's biggest CPA organizations? This - and much more - has been covered in this episode.
April 11, 2022
#14: Raj & Atomic, Meme Lords @ Meme DAO | Behind the scenes of a DAO that makes memes for projects such as Polygon, Graph & Coinbase
01:20 What is MemeDAO 1:55 How Raj got into web3 via crypto trading & Atomic treated it as an experiment despite his initial skepticism 04:54 How Raj found that there’s not enough supply of memes in the web3 space & created the first vision of MemeDAO in a day 7:30 What it takes to become a Meme Lord 8:20 How do they protect the community’s vibe against political & cringe content 12:15 How do they help to recognize meme lords & monetize their work 17:39 How they recruit & scale their DAO 23:30 Their NFT-related plans 25:46 How do they get & deliver meme-making deals for projects such as Polygon, Graph & Coinbase 28:45 How much does it cost to get a meme from MemeDAO, and how do they control the quality 34:35 What exactly do they do to grow their community & how to build the community from the ground up 42:45 The plan to become a top-of-mind meme supplier 45:05 Where to find more info about MemeDAO 46:00 Most mind-blowing web3 projects they’ve seen 47:13 The funniest things that happened to them in the web3 space 48:11 Their idea for the next guests PS: If you'd like to discuss Web3, join our Web3 Talks community on You will find the link in the pinned tweet.
March 30, 2022
#13: Yawn Rong, Co-Founder @ STEPN | How they build & grow one of the most successful GameFi apps that 
pay people for walking & running
In Ep.13 Yawn Rong, STEPN Co-Founder tells us: - What they’ve learned from Axie Infinity’s mistakes, - Why you SHOULDN’T hype your project too much, - How history inspired the design of sustainable tokenomics, - What tactic made their Discord grow, and much much more. If you'd like to discuss Web3, join our Web3 Talks community on You will find the link in the pinned tweet.
March 22, 2022
#12: Austin Griffith, Ethereum Builder & Educator | How to choose an Ethereum project to work on, ship it & promote it 
to the first users
In this Episode Austin tells us: - What mental models does he use to choose which products to work on, - Where are the biggest gaps in web3 waiting to be filled with new great products, - How to build an MVP in an hour, - Where to promote your product, and 100 other useful builder-oriented tips. If you'd like to discuss Web3, join our Web3 Talks community on You will find the link in the pinned tweet.
March 14, 2022
#11: Andre Serrano, Community Lead @ CityCoins | The story behind MiamiCoin & how it helps people invest in & co-create their favorite city
In this episode Andre Serrano tells us: - Why CityCoins are not what most ppl think. - How they let citizens earn, create apps & raise money for their city. - How they've educated Mayor Francis Suarez & other gov. officials about MiamiCoin. If you want to support Ukraine by sending them crypto directly, here are their official wallet addresses:
March 04, 2022
#10: Nik Kalyani, Founder & CEO @ Decentology | Helping web2 developers to build web3 dapps without the need to learn how to write smart contracts
In this Episode Nik Kalyani tells us: - What web3 can learn from web2 about composability; - Why you don’t need to know Solidity or Rust to start building web3 dapps; - How can we fix discoverability, monetization & security issues in web3, - How they reach developers & build their community. PS: Nik’s been organizing support for Ukrainian NFT artists. If you’d like to help them & collect some cool NFTs at the same time, please take a look at this list: PS2: And if you want to support Ukraine by sending them crypto directly, here are their official wallet addresses:
February 27, 2022
#9: Szymon Sypniewicz, Co-Founder & CEO @ Ramp Network | Building and growing a crypto payment platform that supports Axie Inifinity, Sorare & Aave
In this Episode Szymon Sypniewicz from RampNetwork tells us: - About Ramp's obsession over UX, - How they got partners such as Axie Infinity, SoRare, Polygon & Aave, - How Ramp is not just a payments business, but also an identity business, - How to manage a 40X growth. If you'd like to discuss Web3, join our Web3 Talks community on You will find the link in the pinned tweet.
February 14, 2022
#8: Mitchell Cuevas, Head of Growth @ Stacks | How Stacks gives Bitcoin new superpowers and what they’ve been doing to grow their ecosystem
Want to join the Web3 Talks community? Check out and click the link to our Discord channel In Ep. 8 Mitchell shares: Why Stacks has chosen Bitcoin as a foundation, Why they wanted SEC qualification, How a variety of projects help their community to grow, Info about a partnership with Codeacademy to provide chain-agnostic education, How does Mintery - an NFT accelerator - work.
February 06, 2022
#7: Leon Erichsen, Builder Community Manager @ Gitcoin | How Gitcoin has been using crypto 
to connect developers and provide $50M+ to public good projects
Want to discuss web3? Join Web3 Talks Discord community: In this episode, Leon Erichsen from Gitcoin tells us: - Why crypto connects people from both sides of the libertarian-socialist spectrum, - How crypto helped Gitcoin to connect developers living in different parts of the world to build new open-source projects, - How quadratic funding helps to make even 1$ count and fund projects that can do the most for the common good, - Examples of non-crypto Gitcoin projects (incl. COVID emergency aid, biomedical research & private messaging projects), - What fascinating technological & operational challenges have Gitcoin faced during its dynamic growth? - Why it’s worth hanging out on Gitcoin’s Discord channel if you’re interested in building open source apps.
January 25, 2022
#6: Zakku, Co-Founder @ Coordinape | How DAO contributors get compensated and how it impacts the DAO culture
Join our web3 talks community: Zakku tells us: - why DAOs decentralize their compensation systems,   - when hard conversations about $ build stronger teams,   - how proof-of-value can serve as your digital resume,   - what are the similarities between DAO2DAO & B2B models.
January 19, 2022
#5: Chairman Ape, Founder @ Ludo Labs | Using NFTs to build a football community and connect fans with the world’s top football players
In this Episode Chairman Ape shares: - How they started a collaboration with players such as Paolo Dybala, Patrice Evra, and Miralem Pjanic, - What was the story of promoting Ludo Labs via a community member & YouTube football influencer - Fiago, - Pros and cons of utility NFTs, - How did the process of designing NFT cards look like, and how did they overcome technical challenges along the way. *** And if you like the podcast, join our Web3 Talks community:
December 23, 2021
#4: Ivona Tau, 1/1 NFT Artist | NFT artist's work and everyday challenges
Are you curious how the life of a professional NFT artist looks like? Ivona Tau, award-winning AI NFT artist whose works has been auctioned at Foundation and Sotheby's, tells us: how she sold her first NFT and how she promotes her arts now,  how does the creation of a 1/1 AI NFT look like, and how long does it take,  how she got her art listed at Sotheby's, and much more.  And if you like the podcast join our Web3 Talks community:
December 20, 2021
#3: Nitish Reddy, Founder @ | Potential & challenges of DAO collaboration and the tool that can 
make it easier
How Building in Public has helped Nitish's startup and inspired him to build Bip? What are the best things from Git and the OpenSource community that has been implemented in Bip? Why it's so hard to collaborate in DAOs with just Google Docs & Notion? What are the reasons why DAOs might not be that eager to test new products? How to take care of your community when your product is still in an early stage? Why DAOs and the ability to build your "Contributions Portfolio" can change the recruitment processes even outside the Web3 world? Join Web3 Talks Discord community:
December 02, 2021
#2: Rohit Goyal, Founder @ Mesh Finance | Lessons in building CeFi & DeFi crypto products from a Founder that built both
In this episode, we learn: Why Rohit stopped working on the mobile game studio that had 3M users and turned into crypto? How Mudrex helped over 40k users invest in crypto and generated over $2B+ in transactions? What’s the difference between CeFi & DeFi crypto investment products? How DeFi projects make new users trust their services? How did running FB Ads and using memes help with spreading a message about crypto products? Why experience in mobile gaming helped with protocol's incentive design? How to decide which vectors of decentralization should you choose? Why airdropping tokens might not be the best idea for building a community? What’s the biggest value of being in Y Combinator? Join Web3 Talks Discord community:
November 22, 2021
#1: Madhavan Malolan, Founder @ Questbook | Building web3 communities: from almost 0 to 15,000 developers in 2,5 months
Questbook helps web2 developers learn web3 skills. It's a YC startup, backed by multiple Indian high-profile businessmen.  Madhavan tells us: - What Questbook really is, - How they build such as vibrant developers community, - What's their business model, - How they acquire new users, - Do they plan to become fully decentralized, - What are the most mind-blowing Web3 projects he's seen so far, - What made him cry and what made him happy about Web3. Join Web3 Talks Discord community:
November 16, 2021
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November 10, 2021