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Eating Disorders in Discussion, Wednesday's Child

Eating Disorders in Discussion, Wednesday's Child

By Debbie Watson
Produced by the not for profit eating disorder organisation, Wednesday's Child, this podcast captures plenty of interviews, discussions, insights and inspirations. You'll hear from those who've battled the illness, those who support others, and from those with views about body image, food and exercise.
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“I am NOT my Eating Disorder”…and a discussion on the behaviours and traits which form part of a life lived through the prism of the illness
Eating disorders can cause even the kindest, sweetest, placid person, to be transformed into an unrecognisable being – someone who is suffering such nutritional famine and brain starvation, that their emotions manifest in the very behaviours and persona which they’d despise in others and certainly dread to acknowledge as their own true self. Sarah and Debbie use this episode to talk about those competing personalities during an eating disorder battle, and offer tips for facing up to those less pleasant traits in a bid to remain wholly recovery-focused. We’ll also discuss one of the key questions vital to ask oneself when seeking to move forward from recovery procrastination and ambivalence… “is that really true?”. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 25, 2022
Ambivalence, Accomplishments and (Genuinely) Assisting your Loved One’s Recovery from an Eating Disorder
Don’t you just love a bit of alliteration for the title of a podcast episode? This time, Sarah and Debbie travel through a variety of topics, capturing some of the challenges and the joys involved in eating disorder recovery. Ambivalence remains such a huge issue for so many who desire to get well from their illness, but there is a way out of that paralysis – with plenty of repetition and determination. We also explore the necessary tweaks and tailoring which may need to happen in a household to help truly support the recovery of someone you love…even if that means you giving up the Diet Coke purchase and committing to having a family breakfast on the daily schedule. Finally, our hosts applaud some great recovery successes happening right now within our community, and, as ever, we urge you to get in touch to share your insights and tales of triumph. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 17, 2022
Conscious commitment in 2022. How you can shape your eating disorder recovery through ‘doing the doing’
No matter whether it’s first of the month, the year, a minute beyond Midnight or the start of the working week. You can turn over a new leaf in recovery anytime of any year, and this episode is all about encouraging you to ignore the ‘New Year New You’ diet and exercise regime rhetoric, and instead truly go firm and fastidious on being your best friend and persistent recovery coach. Why let another 12 month period end in disappointment? Why get caught up in the office dialogue around quick-fix diets and food bans? Why drag yourself into the exercise obsessive chat or calorie counting nonsense, when, right now, as things stand, you know that ‘noise’ will serve you no good? Sarah and Debbie use this episode to talk about putting 2022 to good use for dedicated recovery, and offer tactical advice for sticking to your purposeful journey toward a full well lived life. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 03, 2022
The Festive ‘Middle Bit’ and Championing Your Eating Disorder Recovery in 2022
Presents unwrapped, tree looking pretty sorry for itself, and guests departed back to their own homes? It’s that peculiar ‘in between bit’ of the festive season and no time is more important for ensuring you stay on track with recovery momentum. Eating one Christmas dinner and three Quality Streets does not recovery make. Sarah and Debbie discuss the importance of repeating healthy recovery behaviours and challenging uncomfortable thoughts. Parents and carers are at the same time reminded of their vital role in early intervention and not giving up on getting appropriate help. If you’d like to share a ‘festive triumph’ story, do get in touch. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
December 30, 2021
Christmas Countdown – Let the Festive Preparation Begin (while easing the eating disorder angst)
Time to dig in to some pre Christmas discussion. How do you prepare for the festive season without letting the eating disorder get its masterful grip on everyone? How do you ensure that house guests, family members and well meaning friends don’t spontaneously send you into a tailspin with their comments about your food or appearance? How do loved ones play their part in dropping diet dialogue from the festive proceedings and making sure the season is memorable for all the right occasions. Debbie and Sarah use this episode to give you tips, tricks and tactics for making it through the Christmas period in good spirits. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
December 07, 2021
Hope Talks Hope, For Eating Disorder Change (An update on latest findings and a report to parliament)
Hope Virgo joins Abi and Debbie on the podcast episode this time, returning to our show to bring an update about her research work and the #UKCostofEatingDisorders Report. For several months, Hope has been collaborating with MPs like Kate Parminster, Gillian Keegan, Wera Hobhouse and John McDonnell in an effort to see a greater spotlight placed on the stark reality of eating disorder ‘need’ as it stands in the UK today. We chat to Hope about how the report was received in Parliament, how she feels about the findings, whether she remains optimistic, and what she envisages for the next stage in her campaigning efforts. You’ll also hear us discuss the ever more apparent need for greater education around eating disorders in society generally, and the ongoing efforts – among the likes of Wednesday’s Child – to ensure that stigma, bias and false perception continue to be challenged around who suffers and why. If you’d like to pick up on anything you hear in this episode, please email Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
November 20, 2021
The Many and Varied Faces of an Eating Disorder – Because ALL of Them Matter
This week on the podcast, we ask why it is that so much of society is still convinced that an eating disorder is best personified by the skinny body of a younger female. To help us navigate that, Debbie is joined by Adam Fare and Abi Reynolds, both of whom are able to give very different perspectives about what it feels like to put your head above the parapet and ask for help – when perhaps the world doesn’t see you as being an ‘obvious’ candidate for such an illness. We talk gender, race, age, health at every size, eating disorders in pregnancy, and the many different badges of an eating disorder, and whether one ‘label’ has more empathy or attention than another. We’d love to hear your own experiences of accessing help and support in any size of body, at any age and as a person of any gender. Do get in touch. Email Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 29, 2021
The Curse of Over Consuming Eating Disorder Content – Escaping Unhealthy Collateral & Staying Recovery Focused
Healthy or harmful? When you read a biography which you know to reference someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, why are you doing it? Is it helpful and insightful in such a way as to aid your recovery mission? Or is it merely keeping you over-consuming eating disorder content, stories, material, brain-matter. There’s a fine line, and it’s up to you to take the sensible precautions and avoidant behaviour. Sarah and Debbie chat in this episode about cookbook obsession, staring goggle eyed at food programmes, and having every eating disorder and food related social media channel on your feed. Why are you doing it? How do you get beyond it? And what would you change if you were truly and fully committed to being well and happy? As ever, thoughts welcome. Email Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 19, 2021
Deliberate Self Deception in Eating Disorder Recovery – Freedom Comes From Commitment to Honesty
Achieving true freedom from your eating disorder, doesn’t come in half measures. It doesn’t come with maintaining a few comfortable little fibs to yourself, or trading a recovery effort for a sabotaging act. In this episode, Sarah and Debbie talk about the cycle of deceit which keeps so many people from achieving a thorough deserved escape from the grasp of the illness. They discuss habit breaking, shifting your own narrative, and why waiting for physical hunger cues should never be your goal. As ever, insights and experiences related to this episode are always welcome. Email, and if you like our work, please consider a donation via our website
September 27, 2021
Wednesday’s Child Discusses Youth Mental Health
To mark Youth Mental Health Day, on Tuesday September 7th, Debbie, Sarah and Abi take to the mic to discuss the many and varied issues around how young people can be better supported and treated in the face of mental health issues. Calling on teacher and parent perspectives, as well as bringing specific lived experience of eating disorders into the conversation, the trio give some great suggestions on how to broach conversations, access help, and make your voice heard. This episode is not only pertinent to parents and carers wanting to help a young person navigate mental ill health, but teachers who might want to improve their narrative around mental health, or those who themselves have experienced poor mental health in their younger years. If this episode raises thoughts and questions for you, please get in touch. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
September 06, 2021
Recovery in a World Obsessed With Diet Culture
How do you maintain recovery when your Mum is a slimming club fanatic, your pal is a an Ironman athlete and your work colleagues are always celebrating their virtuous behaviour in avoiding ‘bad’ foods? Sarah and Debbie look at how important self responsibility is in eating disorder recovery, and set out some helpful strategies and toolbox tactics for staying on track. They also discuss the journey toward exercise for pure joy, spontaneous living and the abandonment of perfection-seeking. If you’d like to comment on the episode or have ideas for a future podcast recording, please get in touch. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 31, 2021
Overshoot and Eating Disorder Recovery. What does it mean, is it useful, and what does REAL recovery look like, irrespective of target weights?
What the heck is ‘overshoot’ anyway? Is it a label you’re comfortable with, one you’ve been drawn into using because of your clinician’s approach to ‘target weights’ or are you in happy oblivion about the mere concept that anyone can ‘overshoot’? Sarah and Debbie finally tackle a topic which gets mentioned so much in the eating disorder community, and often has an unhelpful effect on those attempting to ‘keep going’ into full and thorough recovery. This episode looks at the absolute essential need to maintain a unique and personal focus on what true recovery – physically and neurologically – looks like for you. We discuss feast eating and why it becomes an inevitable aspect of continuing to embrace real recovery (after famine, there’s always feast!), and we call for more healthcare professionals to really carefully consider how they articulate goals and targets to patients. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 09, 2021
Staying committed to eating disorder recovery this summer (& why not to listen to ‘sugar tax’ headlines)
A timely episode on the pod, to urge you to avoid the potential pitfalls in recovery during the summer. Sarah and Debbie discuss strategies and toolbox tips for staying on track as you plan for holidays, meals out and more socialising with friends and family. Meanwhile – a little reminder to please please PLEASE only consume news about sugar tax and government food strategies with caution. Know that you’re on a different path…one which leads to recovery and wholesome health. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
July 19, 2021
Restarting Life, Free of the Eating Disorder Shackles You’ve Tried Hard to Overcome
And so the countdown toward July 19th is well and truly under way – a date by which we’re told that in England at least, things will be considerably more ‘normal’. But how does this leave you feeling, and more importantly, what does it do to the angry eating disorder which wants to keep you trapped and tortured? With many people looking to return to workplaces, and to seeing more of friends and family, Sarah and Debbie explore some of the toolkit tips which will be so key to keeping recovery on track as we progress beyond the pandemic. Remember, you don’t want to exit a government-imposed lockdown, only to stay stifled and constrained by one imposed by your eating disorder. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
July 13, 2021
One Man, Two Kids, a Loving Partner…and An Eating Disorder: What’s it Like for a Guy to Overcome Anorexia?
This episode is the perfect reminder to anyone whose misguided perception is that eating disorders are the preserve of a vain teenage girl. In a candid chat with Sarah and Debbie, Charles opens up about his story of anorexia. He explains how he went from having a ‘perfectly normal’ life as a happy healthy father in his 30s, to finding himself on a ward and in treatment for a devastating psychiatric illness. Charles reveals the incredibly poorly judged comments of a GP, who simply felt he should ‘go away and eat rice and chips’, and the difficult road to getting ‘heard’ and referred. Now happily married and having emerged from lockdown considerably more ‘himself’, Charles is a shining example of recovery success and we hope you’ll enjoy hearing his conversation with the Wednesday’s Child crew. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
June 23, 2021
Start Talking to the ‘Healthy Self’ – Innate health vs illness and a strategy for eating disorder recovery
Ever wondered whether a tweak of the script might aid your ability to help yourself or someone else through an eating disorder recovery journey? Could you be focusing too hard on what’s unwell and undone, rather than seeing the innate elements of health and hope? In this episode, we chat to therapist Mary Franklin-Smith about her refreshing approach to treatment tactics. Given her extensive experience across eating disorder support via the NHS and private practice, we’re able to dig into plenty of topics, including the MANTRA approach, the benefits of sandcastle-building, an increased use of FREED around the UK, and why interrupting the intellectual is often necessary in therapy. You can find out more about Mary at and on Instagram at @lightofmind12 Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
June 09, 2021
Eating Disorders Right Now – Where Are We At? A Clinical Psychologist Perspective
What does a practising clinical psychologist in the eating disorder arena make of the current landscape? What’s she witnessing in terms of waiting lists, the demand and supply mismatch, and the desire to work in the profession? Our latest episode features Sarah McDonald, a clinical psychologist who herself battled for many years with an eating disorder. You’ll hear her and Debbie discussing whether this career choice can ever be wise for someone with a history of the illness, and how she maintains her own recovery path on a daily basis. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
May 24, 2021
Your Trigger For Change – Stepping Away From Your Eating Disorder as the World Reopens
If you’re short on motivation or need to hear some empowering talk about recovery, this episode is for you. Debbie and Sarah discuss lockdown easing and talk about what tactics and tools will help ensure you treat this next step in the national roadmap as a trigger for change. Eating disorders thrive on isolation, so now is the time to insist that as the government imposed lockdown releases, you won’t be the one continuing your own self imposed lockdown. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
May 21, 2021
Men, Masculinity and A Very Different Experience of Eating Disorders
In a recent podcast, we caught up with Adam Fare, and talked about the issues which affect fellas, when it comes to eating disorders. This episode sees us joined by the researcher, author, campaigner and ‘lived experience’ ambassador, Dr Russell Delderfield. His work has been heavily based in looking at whether, why and how men experience eating disorders differently. Together with Debbie and Sarah, he talks about the issues of bias and ‘norms’ in how the illness is responded to, and empathetically supported, when males are the key focus. We’d love to know your experiences, so if, after this episode, you feel inclined to share your story, please do send a message to the team. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
May 10, 2021
Maternal health and eating disorders – ‘Help Me. I’m Scared I’ll Kill My Baby’.
Timed to coincide with Maternal Mental Health Week this May, we share some deeply personal accounts of going through conception and pregnancy. You’ll hear some shocking experiences of how health care professionals dealt with the issue of eating disorders, and also some highly encouraging insights and constructive strategies. Listen as Christina Taylor candidly shares how she approached her doctor, saying ‘help me…I’m scared I’ll kill my baby’. If you’re affected by this episode, or want to get in touch and share your story, please drop us an email. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
May 03, 2021
Hope Virgo Chats About Eating Disorder Treatment & Research With Wednesday’s Child
This episode’s podcast guest is well known eating disorders campaigner, Hope Virgo. Since launching her ‘Dump the Scales’ initiative, Hope has regularly been seen in the media, voicing her thoughts and fears about how the illness is being tackled, and what more needs to happen. Here, she chats about her own journey, and about the important work she’s involved in when it comes to shifting the narrative. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
April 26, 2021
Fellas and Eating Disorders: A Personal Recovery Insight With Podcast Guest, Adam Fare
How we experience an eating disorder, undoubtedly, differs depending on our age, our circumstance, but significantly – gender too. Our latest podcast episode features an insightful chat with eating disorder campaigner, Adam Fare. He talks candidly about what triggered his illness as a young schoolboy, what caused further relapses, his frustration at the lack of recognition for guys in need of support, and why diversity is key in the rhetoric about eating disorders generally. The Wednesday’s Child team are enormously grateful for Adam’s open and valuable contribution, and we look forward to hearing from him on the show again. Please do drop us a line if you’d like us to feature specific questions for Adam in a future episode.  Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
April 20, 2021
A Ban on BMI, Eating Ethics, and a Big ‘Bring it On’ to Processed Food in Recovery
Why stick to one topic when we can capture multiple issues in a singular awesome podcast episode? This time, Sarah and Debbie take a timely look at what the Women and Equalities Committee have called for regarding the use of BMI. Plus, we look at issues around choosing to follow specific food regimes – from veganism to ‘clean eating’ – in a manner which allows an eating disorder to maintain its controlling grasp. Got an experience which resonates with these topics? Want to channel a question on these topics? Drop us a line. Let us hear from you. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
April 13, 2021
Another Tragic Death at the Hands of Anorexia – Acknowledging the Passing of Nikki Grahame
In this short sombre episode, we reflect on the passing of Nikki Grahame, formed Celebrity Big Brother contestant, whose life ended too soon this weekend as she continued to fight her eating disorder battle. Sarah and Debbie talk about how her passing is a clear reminder of the brutality of the illness, and reflect on the need for treatment access to be dramatically improved. You’ll also be reminded of the requirement to ‘start right now’ with your recovery efforts, and not allow a delay in formal medical treatment to cause you to become ambivalent or despairing at the prospect of recovery. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
April 11, 2021
Researching the Road to Lasting Recovery – Is Hope the Key to Freedom from an Eating Disorder?
In this special episode of the Wednesday’s Child podcast, Debbie and Sarah are joined by social anthropology research student Hannah Whybrow. She’s been exploring the issues around eating disorder ‘suffering’ and recovery, for a dissertation as part of her study at the University of Edinburgh. Having had past experience of bulimia herself, Hannah set out to chat to many of those who’ve battled the illness, in an effort to show common features, and overwhelming indicators of how true recovery can be achieved. This insightful chat explores lots of issues, not least how poorly funded the area of eating disorder research still remains. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
March 23, 2021
The Subtleties of Being in Energy Deficit and Still Answerable to Your Eating Disorder
So you think you’re weight restored, recovered or ‘back in control’ when it comes to your eating disorder? Really? What about those regimes, rules and routines which shape your daily life? Could it be that you’re still in energy debt and are being forced into a slavish world that’s still so full of needless routine? Are you petrified of shaking up your schedule? Do you get tetchy or angry at the thought of change being enforced upon you? This episode sees Debbie and Sarah dig into this topic in more detail and encourages you to explore ways to ‘call out’ your routine slavery. Find out more about Wednesday's Child -
March 18, 2021
Making Peace With Clothes in Eating Disorder Recovery
What’s your relationship like with clothes and fashion? Has your eating disorder story made it difficult to dress yourself in recovery? Are you still existing in baggy black clothes because you’re yet to find your own fashion identity, or because you’re scared to buy items which carry a larger size label? If any of these issues apply, then this is the episode for you. Sarah and Debbie look at how we navigate the issues of dressing ourselves as our recovery progresses, and how we come to terms with garment sizing which is appropriate for a ‘real body’. We’d also love your comments on this topic, so do please feel free to get in touch with your thoughts on the episode. Find out more at
March 08, 2021
You, Me & That Bl**dy E.D – How Does an Eating Disorder Affect a Marriage (A recovery relationship insight)
We all know eating disorders like to destroy things. They destroy physical health, mental wellbeing, career scope, educational paths, memories and moments….and relationships too. Today’s episode sees us chatting with Vicki and Rich, who give us a candid insight into what life is like for couples navigating eating disorder distress and recovery. Rich speaks openly about how he learned to understand the impact anorexia and bulimia were having on the woman he loved, and he reveals how his own health and resilience suffered in his effort to be the tower of strength to his wife. Vicki tells of the manipulation with which the eating disorder continued to try to come between her and her husband – but how the couple ultimately united in their desire to call an end to the illness once and for all. If you’ve a similar or different story about relationships and how they’re impacted by an eating disorder, feel free to get in touch and share your insight in a future episode. Email
February 16, 2021
Join the 80%+ Club (And Why Eating Disorder Recovery Means FULL Commitment)
There’s no holding back from Sarah and Debbie in this, the latest Wednesday’s Child podcast episode. Giving an insight into what’s required to be in what Debbie dubs the ‘80%+ Club’, the pair delve into the concept of full recovery, vs accepting a life of plateau and ‘functioning’ existence. You’ll hear their own experiences, plus their plea that you avoid trying to ‘kid a kidder’ when embarking on your journey of freedom. Listen out for the additional tools for your toolbox, and for exercises you can try today to help you rationally assess how truly committed to your longterm health and happiness you really are. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
February 13, 2021
The Gut, The Brain and How Breath Work Could be Key to Eating Disorder Recovery
Wow. Do we have an important and informative episode for you this time. In this special guest episode, Debbie chats with India Ruiterman, a researcher for King’s College London who is actively studying gut-brain connection. India and her team are recruiting those who’ve experienced an eating disorder, to gain more understanding of gastrointestinal issues and their connection to the illness. The episode will not only educate and intrigue you, but it is sure to make you think about how you could become a better facilitator of your own recovery. You’ll learn all about your interoceptive awareness, your parasympathetic nervous system…and why good old breathing may prove exceptionally powerful in beating the bloat. Link to the study sign-up is here: Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
February 03, 2021
You’re Uniquely You, Not Your Disorder – How Eating Disorder Labels Keep Us Stuck
Here we go with an episode which will really challenge your thinking on issues like identity, narrative, labels and self acceptance. All too often, we feel the need to have our illness label as some form of validation or recognition, but can it give way to becoming our identity? Do we forget where our individual persona ends, and that cruel disease starts? Do we fear getting well, because we’re not sure what our identity will now be in the eyes of family and friends? And what of specific eating disorder labels? Is there a hidden (or not so hidden) bias in being badged anorexic, vs a binge eater? Debbie, Sarah and Abi pull these fascinating topics apart. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 26, 2021
Supermarket Shopping & Permission to Purchase – Leave Your E.D Habits at the Door
We kickstart this episode with something of a necessary public health warning. No, not urging you to wear a mask and wash your hands, but encouraging you to remember that your recovery journey is unique and that you shouldn’t interpret statistics about a rise in eating disorder referrals as a need to feel or be ‘more poorly’. Our theme for the full episode is all about grocery shopping and the tricky journey back to ‘normalised’ store visits, where the E.D voice has no influence over you. Sarah and Debbie talk in great detail about how supermarket shopping can be a deeply distressing occasion for many, and what tactics and techniques can help you regain your confidence in this necessary task. Remember, mental hunger can make a visit to a food venue feel like a confusing and concerning compulsion. The way to overcome this once and for all, is to stay fully focused on recovery and on freedom from your illness. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 18, 2021
Feel the Fear – Let Food be Thy Medicine
Our latest podcast episode gets right to the heart of the matter – the function of food and eating. While eating disorders have so many layers and impact us in so many ways, it is the food itself which plays such a critical role in our mental and physical healing. Debbie and Sarah talk about ‘doing the doing’ and embracing the ‘challenge, repeat’ approach which can take us beyond a functioning life and into one which knows true joy. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 12, 2021
Turning a Blind Eye to the Pull of New Year Toxic Trends – Tackling Compulsive Exercise
Just because the media wants to go overboard with the ‘New Year, New You’ rhetoric, it doesn’t mean you need to start buying into the idea of a diet or exercise regime. Living with, or recovering from, an eating disorder, makes this an incredibly tricky period, and Sarah and Debbie are back to help encourage and empathise. This episode, we’re focusing in on the issue of compulsive exercise and how challenging it can be to ditch the trainers and ignore the ‘move more’ narrative. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
January 04, 2021
Eating Disorder Recovery Dilemma 101: When Your Body Might Look Well, But Your Mind is Far From Fixed (How to help others help you)
On the road to recovery, it’s one of the most tricky hurdles to articulate and overcome – helping family and friends appreciate that your mind is far from well, even if your body has improved. In this episode, Debbie, Sara and Abi discuss how to deal with the reactions of others when your body is somewhat more restored. Should you speak out about your angst? How do you help loved ones to help you? This is the perfect episode to listen to as you prepare for meeting more friends and family over the Christmas season.  Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
December 30, 2020
Family Therapy in Eating Disorder Recovery – A Discussion with Dr Sara Betteridge
For our latest episode, Debbie gets into conversation with our systemic eating disorder family therapist, Dr Sara Betteridge. Sara’s experience is in the ‘open dialogue’ approach to therapy, and she’s had huge success working with families affected by an eating disorder. She discusses why the approach is so effective, and who it benefits. After you’ve listened, if you’re interested in an appointment with her, do get in touch via our website at
December 22, 2020
Ho Ho Ho – Here We Go. Getting Prepared for the Reactions & Comments of Others This Christmas.
Whether you’re meeting over a table of turkey this season, or catching up for a socially distanced walk or via zoom, it’s inevitable the festivities cause more interactions with those we know and love. So how do we prepare ourselves for the potentially clumsy comments about our shape, our food intake, our recovery, and our ‘level of poorliness’? In this latest episode, Sarah and Debbie discuss the impact eating disorders have on others witnessing our journey, and how we can all learn to manage expectations and communications far better this festive season. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
December 14, 2020
Festive Feasting and Feeling The Fear
We’re heading towards those family gatherings and the prospect of seasonal eating, so how ready are you to challenge the demon voice of your eating disorder? Are you already stressing about how that Christmas buffet will play out, or planning your excuse to avoid the turkey and the trimmings? Stop right there. Listen to this latest episode from Sarah and Debbie, as they discuss the tips and tactics which will help you feel the fear and challenge the very things which scare you most. Let this be a Christmas dinner to remember for all the right reasons. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
December 09, 2020
Ho-Ho-Ho. Ebeneezer and the Eating Disorder
Remember the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future? This episode, Sarah and Debbie consider what those fictitious ghosts might have had to show you or ask you, in order to get you to flick the switch on your eating disorder and create a happier freedom-focused Christmas this year. Are you prepared to spend more festive holidays being ruled by your illness? Or are you ready for change? Take a listen and get set to recharge your recovery in time for Santa’s visit. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
November 30, 2020
Event Eating & The Anxiety of the Anticipated
Tick-tock, tick-tock. That’s the sound of the Christmas Countdown we hear calling. Are you becoming more stressed by the thought of the festive season looming? Is your eating disorder demanding that you refuse seasonal invitations, make your usual excuses and avoid stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you have a habit of over-thinking the pending ‘foodie occasions’, and, worse still, trying to compensate for your behaviour in advance? Sarah and Debbie delve into this in their latest episode, discussing how to ‘look ahead without dread’. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
November 25, 2020
Motivation, Commitment and Owning Your Eating Disorder Recovery Journey
What are you prepared to change to get the life you really long for? Recovery from an eating disorder doesn’t come without a whole lot of effort, so no matter how much you talk the talk – you’ve sure as heck got to walk the walk too. In this episode, Debbie and Sarah talk about recovery motivation and the critical requirement that you continue to ‘change one thing’ in order to keep stepping forward. Your feedback with your own experiences of finding motivation are encouraged, so do drop us a line and let us know what worked for you. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
November 10, 2020
Quasi Recovery and the ‘No Man’s Land’ of Eating Disorder World
You’ve dabbled, you’ve tried, you’ve come ‘nearly but not quite’, and perhaps you’ve decided ‘well at least I’m 80% there’. Does that sound like you? Have you attempted eating disorder recovery only to find yourself in that horrid world of ‘quasi recovery’? If you have, you’re know that it’s often the worst state of being – with so many of your friends and family convinced you’re better…while you know otherwise. Quasi recovery is the place in which we can all convince ourselves we’ve come far enough, or that we’re now capable of being a ‘functioning’ human again, but it’s certainly not the place to press pause. In this episode, Sarah, Abi and Debbie discuss why it’s a dangerous middle-ground zone, and why you have to push on through to achieve full restoration in mind and body. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at -
November 02, 2020
Title: Secrecy and Shame – Exposing Eating Disorder Behaviours
Does or did your eating disorder involve regimes and behaviours which left you wholly ashamed or petrified you’d be ‘found out’? Have you sat on the floor of the kitchen, eating in desperation and distress at 3am? Have you driven yourself and others to distraction by the need to make even the simplest meal into a ceremonial event which requires the perfect location, crockery, temperature and food presentation? This episode sees Sarah and Debbie delve into the world of behaviours, in an attempt to remove some of the stigma and shame which surrounds the way we act in the thick of our illness. It’s time we lifted the lid and recognised that others battle the very thoughts and behaviours too. We’ll be following up this episode in the future, so always welcome your messages about your own experiences and anecdotes. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 29, 2020
Metabolism, Weight Gain and Overshoot – A Challenging Stage of Eating Disorder Recovery
Arrrrgggggh. What’s going on with my metabolism? Oh no. I’m gaining weight far quicker than I expected. What’s this thing called overshoot? In this episode, Sarah and Debbie lift the lid on these tricky issues and help you understand why it’s ‘absolutely normal’ that your metabolism gets super confused in recovery They discuss the threat of sticking in ‘quasi recovery’ by refusing to ever reach overshoot, and the need to fully respond to hunger in order to allow the body to settle and stabilise to its rightful weight. You’ll hear comment too, about stepping away from ‘meal plan slavery’, and about staying accountable to yourself as a priority for full restored happiness. This episode mentions the famous Minnesota Starvation Experiment, which you may find worthy of reading about, in helping you understand how the participants absolutely had to enter overshoot, in order to recovery fully from their extreme starvation. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 17, 2020
Residential Recovery for Eating Disorders – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Have you been in to an eating disorders residential unit for treatment? Are you on a waiting list for a specialist hospital? Is the question of whether to seek private ‘in-patient’ support, something you’re seriously considering as a family? In this latest episode, Sarah, Abi and Debbie discuss the ups and downs of tackling recovery within hospita All three have experienced periods in residential treatment. They reflect on the challenges around ‘losing liberty’, the difficulty of avoiding the lure of a toxic culture whilst in residence, and on how tough it can be to transition back to a normal home life. A follow-up is scheduled for this episode, in which the trio intend to answer your questions about going into hospital for an eating disorder. If you’d like your query answered, please email Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 01, 2020
Finding Focus – Life Beyond An Eating Disorder
In the latest episode from Wednesday’s Child, Debbie has a candid chat about relapse and recovery, with London firefighter, Vicki Butler. Vicki discusses how her disordered eating pattern emerged, how a friend helped her seek treatment, and what it took to break her compulsive obsession with over-exercise. The episode provides a great insight into care pathways as an adult, how an eating disorder impacts a spouse, and why sometimes you need to find the right aspiration and inspiration to achieve full recovery. If you’d like to appear on a future episode, don’t forget you can email our team on Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
September 23, 2020
BMI Nonsense & ‘Mechanical Eating’ for Recovery
Sarah and Debbie are back for another insightful episode, discussing some of the big themes which concern and annoy you around eating disorders. They debate the infuriating situation which still sees so many healthcare professionals judging someone’s eating disorder ‘status’ on the basis of a numerical BMI. You’ll hear them call for your own experiences under different regional healthcare providers and community teams. Can you help Wednesday’s Child paint a better picture of where GPs and medical teams are truly understanding the illness…or whether they need to be told that their approach is outdated and simply not good enough? Their chat also hits on that tough phase when you really have to urge yourself to step into ‘mechanical eating’ and to ride with some of the discomfort – physically and emotionally – which comes with that. They’re not holding back…so if you’re squeamish about hearing discussion around toilet habits, here’s your gentle warning 😊! A final note on today’s episode is around whether it’s sensible to return to university if you still don’t feel fully recovered from your eating disorder. As ever, we encourage messages from you once you’ve listened to the episode, so please drop a line to Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
September 09, 2020
Olympic Swimmer Karen Pickering MBE in Conversation with Wednesday’s Child
It doesn’t get much better than the chance to sit with an Olympic athlete and talk at length about their career, their fear of failure, their mental health stability, their attitude to food and body image – and the joy of motherhood. Wednesday’s Child is thrilled to have had the very special opportunity to get a window into the world of one of Britain’s most successful ever swimmers, Karen Pickering MBE. In this podcast, she opens up about her own challenges, how she feels (and felt) about her weight, her body and food – and how she found a way to master the frustrations of seeking recovery from something which felt beyond her control. Among the areas you’ll hear discussed in this episode are: How does a female athlete maintain a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise, while pushing herself to the absolute limits? Does the poolside environment lend itself to more risk of eating disordered behaviours? What role does courage and confidence play in recovery – be it from an illness, or accident? Can you ever learn to manage the demons of perfectionism in a realistic and constructive way? Please do let us know what you think of the episode, and get in touch if you’d like to pose more questions to Karen when we catch up with her again soon. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 24, 2020
A Levels, Academia…& The Eating Disorder Desire for Achievement
Recorded within two hours of the news that the UK government had made a U-turn about the allocation of A Level grades, the latest Wednesday’s Child podcast sees Sarah and Debbie chatting about the desire for validation, attainment, and achievement. Anyone in the midst of an eating disorder battle will undoubtedly have found the A Level debacle hugely difficult to deal with, but has this period given a chance for those dealing with the illness to pause and consider whether their intended next steps for an academic career are the right ones….at least for now? Sarah and Debbie recall their own experiences of trying to ‘function’ while still entrenched with their illness, and discuss what important steps they had to achieve to separate from their ‘poorly persona’ and achieve full recovery. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 17, 2020
Boris’s Obesity Campaign – Staying Recovery Focused Amid the Triggers
Debbie and Sarah get stuck into an eating disorders discussion all about Boris Johnson’s recent announcement on tackling obesity in the UK. Does a campaign like this pose a risk to those with an eating disorder? Does it cause those without an eating disorder to become obsessive about their weight and food? Will it breed a society of people who feel unable to have a happy and spontaneous eating relationship? With the summer period now under way, our hosts also discuss the joy of a holiday break with a recovered mindset, and the importance of ignoring the diet culture rhetoric.  Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 06, 2020
Showing Up for Recovery
Debbie and Sarah return for the latest Wednesday’s Child podcast exploring eating disorder recovery. They chat about the importance of ‘showing up’ and remaining accountable to yourself and others.
July 20, 2020
‘Wardrobe Meltdowns’ and Body Checking Obsession
How do you handle clothes shopping as you navigate body restoration? Did certain clothes define your eating disordered identity? Sarah and Debbie call on their experiences to discuss this and more in our latest episode.
July 08, 2020
Back to Social Dining and Beating Behaviours
Debbie and Sarah chat about the releasing of lockdown and the return to social dining. Reflecting on their experiences with a restrictive eating disorder, they discuss how café and restaurant visits can be a minefield for those seeking recovery from their illness. They also debate portion sizes, free-pouring, and whether you should reconsider friendships which potentially trigger your eating disorder thoughts.
June 29, 2020
Lockdown Nonsense and a Successful Recovery Triumph
Wednesday’s Child welcomes Sarah Ledger to this latest podcast. Sarah has fought back to health after descending into a restrictive eating disorder in her late 30s. Sarah and Debbie talk treatment, social media comparison, ‘bullshit behaviours’ and lockdown triggers. Find out more about Wednesday's child...
June 22, 2020
Eating disorders and family life
Wednesday’s Child eating disorder psychologist Amanda Hall leads a conversation with parents and carers, giving her insights and advice.
June 15, 2020
Eating psychology – a food coach perspective
Josie Buck, also known as The Mindful Cook, chats to Wednesday’s Child founder Debbie Watson about eating behaviours and her journey into coaching.
June 15, 2020