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Eating Disorders in Discussion, Wednesday's Child

Eating Disorders in Discussion, Wednesday's Child

By Debbie Watson
Produced by the not for profit eating disorder organisation, Wednesday's Child, this podcast captures plenty of interviews, discussions, insights and inspirations. You'll hear from those who've battled the illness, those who support others, and from those with views about body image, food and exercise.
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Motivation, Commitment and Owning Your Eating Disorder Recovery Journey
What are you prepared to change to get the life you really long for? Recovery from an eating disorder doesn’t come without a whole lot of effort, so no matter how much you talk the talk – you’ve sure as heck got to walk the walk too. In this episode, Debbie and Sarah talk about recovery motivation and the critical requirement that you continue to ‘change one thing’ in order to keep stepping forward. Your feedback with your own experiences of finding motivation are encouraged, so do drop us a line and let us know what worked for you. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
November 10, 2020
Quasi Recovery and the ‘No Man’s Land’ of Eating Disorder World
You’ve dabbled, you’ve tried, you’ve come ‘nearly but not quite’, and perhaps you’ve decided ‘well at least I’m 80% there’. Does that sound like you? Have you attempted eating disorder recovery only to find yourself in that horrid world of ‘quasi recovery’? If you have, you’re know that it’s often the worst state of being – with so many of your friends and family convinced you’re better…while you know otherwise. Quasi recovery is the place in which we can all convince ourselves we’ve come far enough, or that we’re now capable of being a ‘functioning’ human again, but it’s certainly not the place to press pause. In this episode, Sarah, Abi and Debbie discuss why it’s a dangerous middle-ground zone, and why you have to push on through to achieve full restoration in mind and body. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at -
November 2, 2020
Title: Secrecy and Shame – Exposing Eating Disorder Behaviours
Does or did your eating disorder involve regimes and behaviours which left you wholly ashamed or petrified you’d be ‘found out’? Have you sat on the floor of the kitchen, eating in desperation and distress at 3am? Have you driven yourself and others to distraction by the need to make even the simplest meal into a ceremonial event which requires the perfect location, crockery, temperature and food presentation? This episode sees Sarah and Debbie delve into the world of behaviours, in an attempt to remove some of the stigma and shame which surrounds the way we act in the thick of our illness. It’s time we lifted the lid and recognised that others battle the very thoughts and behaviours too. We’ll be following up this episode in the future, so always welcome your messages about your own experiences and anecdotes. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 29, 2020
Metabolism, Weight Gain and Overshoot – A Challenging Stage of Eating Disorder Recovery
Arrrrgggggh. What’s going on with my metabolism? Oh no. I’m gaining weight far quicker than I expected. What’s this thing called overshoot? In this episode, Sarah and Debbie lift the lid on these tricky issues and help you understand why it’s ‘absolutely normal’ that your metabolism gets super confused in recovery They discuss the threat of sticking in ‘quasi recovery’ by refusing to ever reach overshoot, and the need to fully respond to hunger in order to allow the body to settle and stabilise to its rightful weight. You’ll hear comment too, about stepping away from ‘meal plan slavery’, and about staying accountable to yourself as a priority for full restored happiness. This episode mentions the famous Minnesota Starvation Experiment, which you may find worthy of reading about, in helping you understand how the participants absolutely had to enter overshoot, in order to recovery fully from their extreme starvation. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 17, 2020
Residential Recovery for Eating Disorders – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Have you been in to an eating disorders residential unit for treatment? Are you on a waiting list for a specialist hospital? Is the question of whether to seek private ‘in-patient’ support, something you’re seriously considering as a family? In this latest episode, Sarah, Abi and Debbie discuss the ups and downs of tackling recovery within hospita All three have experienced periods in residential treatment. They reflect on the challenges around ‘losing liberty’, the difficulty of avoiding the lure of a toxic culture whilst in residence, and on how tough it can be to transition back to a normal home life. A follow-up is scheduled for this episode, in which the trio intend to answer your questions about going into hospital for an eating disorder. If you’d like your query answered, please email Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
October 1, 2020
Finding Focus – Life Beyond An Eating Disorder
In the latest episode from Wednesday’s Child, Debbie has a candid chat about relapse and recovery, with London firefighter, Vicki Butler. Vicki discusses how her disordered eating pattern emerged, how a friend helped her seek treatment, and what it took to break her compulsive obsession with over-exercise. The episode provides a great insight into care pathways as an adult, how an eating disorder impacts a spouse, and why sometimes you need to find the right aspiration and inspiration to achieve full recovery. If you’d like to appear on a future episode, don’t forget you can email our team on Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
September 23, 2020
BMI Nonsense & ‘Mechanical Eating’ for Recovery
Sarah and Debbie are back for another insightful episode, discussing some of the big themes which concern and annoy you around eating disorders. They debate the infuriating situation which still sees so many healthcare professionals judging someone’s eating disorder ‘status’ on the basis of a numerical BMI. You’ll hear them call for your own experiences under different regional healthcare providers and community teams. Can you help Wednesday’s Child paint a better picture of where GPs and medical teams are truly understanding the illness…or whether they need to be told that their approach is outdated and simply not good enough? Their chat also hits on that tough phase when you really have to urge yourself to step into ‘mechanical eating’ and to ride with some of the discomfort – physically and emotionally – which comes with that. They’re not holding back…so if you’re squeamish about hearing discussion around toilet habits, here’s your gentle warning 😊! A final note on today’s episode is around whether it’s sensible to return to university if you still don’t feel fully recovered from your eating disorder. As ever, we encourage messages from you once you’ve listened to the episode, so please drop a line to Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
September 9, 2020
Olympic Swimmer Karen Pickering MBE in Conversation with Wednesday’s Child
It doesn’t get much better than the chance to sit with an Olympic athlete and talk at length about their career, their fear of failure, their mental health stability, their attitude to food and body image – and the joy of motherhood. Wednesday’s Child is thrilled to have had the very special opportunity to get a window into the world of one of Britain’s most successful ever swimmers, Karen Pickering MBE. In this podcast, she opens up about her own challenges, how she feels (and felt) about her weight, her body and food – and how she found a way to master the frustrations of seeking recovery from something which felt beyond her control. Among the areas you’ll hear discussed in this episode are: How does a female athlete maintain a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise, while pushing herself to the absolute limits? Does the poolside environment lend itself to more risk of eating disordered behaviours? What role does courage and confidence play in recovery – be it from an illness, or accident? Can you ever learn to manage the demons of perfectionism in a realistic and constructive way? Please do let us know what you think of the episode, and get in touch if you’d like to pose more questions to Karen when we catch up with her again soon. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 24, 2020
A Levels, Academia…& The Eating Disorder Desire for Achievement
Recorded within two hours of the news that the UK government had made a U-turn about the allocation of A Level grades, the latest Wednesday’s Child podcast sees Sarah and Debbie chatting about the desire for validation, attainment, and achievement. Anyone in the midst of an eating disorder battle will undoubtedly have found the A Level debacle hugely difficult to deal with, but has this period given a chance for those dealing with the illness to pause and consider whether their intended next steps for an academic career are the right ones….at least for now? Sarah and Debbie recall their own experiences of trying to ‘function’ while still entrenched with their illness, and discuss what important steps they had to achieve to separate from their ‘poorly persona’ and achieve full recovery. Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 17, 2020
Boris’s Obesity Campaign – Staying Recovery Focused Amid the Triggers
Debbie and Sarah get stuck into an eating disorders discussion all about Boris Johnson’s recent announcement on tackling obesity in the UK. Does a campaign like this pose a risk to those with an eating disorder? Does it cause those without an eating disorder to become obsessive about their weight and food? Will it breed a society of people who feel unable to have a happy and spontaneous eating relationship? With the summer period now under way, our hosts also discuss the joy of a holiday break with a recovered mindset, and the importance of ignoring the diet culture rhetoric.  Find out more about Wednesday's Child at
August 6, 2020
Showing Up for Recovery
Debbie and Sarah return for the latest Wednesday’s Child podcast exploring eating disorder recovery. They chat about the importance of ‘showing up’ and remaining accountable to yourself and others.
July 20, 2020
‘Wardrobe Meltdowns’ and Body Checking Obsession
How do you handle clothes shopping as you navigate body restoration? Did certain clothes define your eating disordered identity? Sarah and Debbie call on their experiences to discuss this and more in our latest episode.
July 8, 2020
Back to Social Dining and Beating Behaviours
Debbie and Sarah chat about the releasing of lockdown and the return to social dining. Reflecting on their experiences with a restrictive eating disorder, they discuss how café and restaurant visits can be a minefield for those seeking recovery from their illness. They also debate portion sizes, free-pouring, and whether you should reconsider friendships which potentially trigger your eating disorder thoughts.
June 29, 2020
Lockdown Nonsense and a Successful Recovery Triumph
Wednesday’s Child welcomes Sarah Ledger to this latest podcast. Sarah has fought back to health after descending into a restrictive eating disorder in her late 30s. Sarah and Debbie talk treatment, social media comparison, ‘bullshit behaviours’ and lockdown triggers. Find out more about Wednesday's child...
June 22, 2020
Eating disorders and family life
Wednesday’s Child eating disorder psychologist Amanda Hall leads a conversation with parents and carers, giving her insights and advice.
June 15, 2020
Eating psychology – a food coach perspective
Josie Buck, also known as The Mindful Cook, chats to Wednesday’s Child founder Debbie Watson about eating behaviours and her journey into coaching.
June 15, 2020