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We Don't Wanna

We Don't Wanna

By We Don't Wanna
Two friends (or foes?) who are willing to go to blood to defend the things we love.

Zach and Scott have a whole lot of interests in common, but somehow some of the biggest cultural phenomenons like Harry Potter, or One Piece seemed to breeze right by one of them. In this podcast, you'll follow Zach and Scott on some reluctant journeys through series that one of them LOVES and the other... well... that's where the reluctancy comes in.

Is Harry Potter really all the hype? Is One Piece really sacred anime? Find out through the worlds only reliable source; the WE DON'T WANNA PODCAST
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Harry Potter - Ep. 41 (The Fleshpisode)
Welcome back! This week Zach and Scott are continuing their journey through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (ch 5-8) We talk about all things flesh, Robert Pattinson, and oh... some Harry Potter too. BUY OUR MERCH! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod We're on Facebook now! Come like the FB page, and say something nice!
October 18, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep 40 (Am I A Children?)
Welcome back! It's time to join Zach and Scotty as they dive into the first 4 chapters of THE FINAL BOOK! The end of this epic story is near, and as much as we don't want it to end, we're very excited about all the fun things we have in store for you all! So, whether you're listening on your morning ride to work, working out, drinking your coffee, or even making love, we TRULY hope you're as excited as we are to kick this book off with us.  As ALWAYS, thank you so much for your continued support!  Sincerely, Two Dipshits BUY OUR MERCH!
October 11, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 39 (Hooked On Phonix)
WELCOME BACK! This is the epic finale of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!  We hope you love it as much as we did! BUY OUR MERCH! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
October 4, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 38 (Power Through the Chafe)
Welcome back! It's time for Scott and Zach to discuss, arguably, one of the most highly anticipated sections of Half-Blood Prince!  The Seer Overheard, The Cave, The Lightning Struck Tower... Oh man, it's a doozy!
September 27, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 37 (Uncle Brother)
Welcome back to the We Don't Wanna Podcast! Join Scott, Zach, and EXTRA special guest AMANDA! AKA My Wife, AKA Salamander, AKA Satan, AKA, The Devil, AKA Pure Evil. We're discussing Ch 22-24 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Enjoy! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
September 20, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 36 (Getting on to Midnight)
Scott and Zach dive back in to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (ch. 19-21), Creed, and Hades. Thanks for listening Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
September 13, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 35 (The Ol’ Dip n Dazzle)
Welcome back and thanks for joining us as we discuss Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ch. 16-18. Our intro ran long because we couldn't stop being idiots. Thank you for putting up with us. Haha Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
September 6, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 34 (It's Built Different, Bro!)
Welcome back! This week join Zach and Scott as we journey though HBP ch 12-14 and Scott is a real insufferable shitheell. Enjoy! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
August 30, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 33 (Magical Five-0)
Zach and Scott discuss Ch. 7-11 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! This week is a special "musical" episode. We hope you love it! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod We now have a facebook page. Go toss us a like please! 
August 23, 2021
[BONUS] HPxHalfDrunk Special: What Happened to Voldy?
Welcome back! Enjoy this very special episode where Zach joins friends of the pod Sam and Emily from Harry Potter and the Half-Drunk Podcast to sip on some Highballs and discuss our thoughts on what really happened that fateful night in Godric's Hollow.  Find Harry Potter and the Half-Drunk Podcast here: and follow their social @hphalfdrunk
August 20, 2021
Harry Potter - Episode 32 (The Octopus Office)
Scott and Zach discuss Harry Potter and the Half Blood PRUNCE ch. 4-6 Oh, and The Octopus Office.... we discuss that too. Follow our social! @WeDontWannaPod
August 16, 2021
Harry Potter - Episode 31 (Reese Witherspoon)
The time has arrived for Scott and Zach to dive into Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Join us as we discuss the first few chapters of the book! Consider supporting the show by making a small (or really large) monthly contribution with the "support this podcast" link down below! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
August 9, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 30 (The Perfect Piggyback)
Here it is, the climax and wrap up of Book 5! Zach, Scott and Jake discuss Dumble's decisions and the prophecy. Thank you Jake for being an awesome friend and doing this with us, we greatly appreciate it.
August 2, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 29 (The Ol' Mushroom Stamp)
Make A Wish Jake joins Scott and Zach on their discussion of the final 3 chapters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We go DEEP on HP lore and some big time character decisions. It's a fun one and SO PACKED with goodies that we had to break it up into two parts. Enjoy! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
July 26, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 28 (Pasta Sauce)
Scott and Zach continue their journey though Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We have finally arrived at the Dept. of Mysteries. Time Room, Mind Room, Death Room, Prophecy Room.. and so much more. This episode is PACKED with one of the most dense batches of this book.  Scott shares his pulse check Power Rankings of his least favorite to favorite characters in the series (so far!)
July 19, 2021
[BONUS] The OFFICIAL and Uncontested WDW Best Films of the 2010s (Pt. 2 of 2)
Part 2 and Finale of our top movies of the 2010's. Join Zach, Scott and guest Chazz as we finish the last 3 years, along with our decade of awards, and come to a consensus final top 10 list. As usual, its a mess. Enjoy!
July 16, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 27 (Don't Wash Your Chinchilla)
Great life advice about Chinchillas in this Harry Potter walkthrough. Scott and Zach discuss chapters 30-32 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix RAZZLE DAZZLE! Follow our social! @WeDontWannaPod
July 12, 2021
[BONUS] The OFFICIAL and Uncontested WDW Best Films of the 2010s (Pt. 1 of 2)
Zach, Scott and good friend Chazz discuss the indisputable best movies of each year from the 2010's decade ( Part 1 includes years 2010-2016) Zach, Scott and Chazz all come from very different backgrounds and all have a very different relationship with film, so this provides a very unique perspective on stand out films from each year for EVERYONE, not just your run of the mill "film buff." Next week, you get to listen to us round off the decade and try, unsuccessfully, to come to a consensus TOP TEN list of the decade. Needless to say, its a god damn hot mess. Enjoy!
July 9, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 26 (The Ol' Snape n Snoop)
Scott and Zach continue discussing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (Chapters 26-29) IS THAT DUMBLEDORE'S MUSIC I HEAR?! Scott has a god damn blast with the MVP Dumbledore in this batch. Also we talk about genitalia a little too much here. Follow our socials @WeDontWannaPod
July 5, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 25 (The Return of Gilderoy Lockhart)
Scott and Zach discuss chapters 22-25 of Order of the Phoenix IS THAT GILDEROY LOCKHART'S MUSIC WE HEAR!?!?!?!
June 28, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 25 (Scott Didn't Want This Episode Title To Be Too Long So We Decided On "Storing Up A Load For Four Days" And Then FINALE At The End)
This is it folks! Last episode of the ONE PIECE Experience with Zach! We appreciate you so much for joining us on this journey! It was so much fun and you all made it even better! Zach will continue to watch One Piece and give regular check ins, however we will not continue the show as a walkthrough in this format. Check out the Harry Potter Half of our show and hey! Tell your fuckin grandma to listen to us!
June 25, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 24 (Snakeman or Just a Snake)
Scott and Zach discuss more Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (17-21) Secret DADA groups, toadstools don't poop, and Scott talks about how Quidditch is the best sport ever invented. Follow our Social @WeDontWannaPod
June 21, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 24 (Sloppy Wet Business)
In episode 24 of WDW: One Piece, Zach and Scott take a wild ride through Netflix shows, Youtube Music, and Google image searches.... OH! Yeah, and we talk a LITTLE bit about the PENULTIMATE batch of One Piece episodes (121-125) We're approaching the end of this not so "reluctant" journey, and we just want to say we appreciate you giving us a listen. One episode left of WDW: One Piece and BOY has it been a ride. So glad for all of you who have stuck around. Consider supporting this podcast with the link below. You can pledge as little as $1 a month. The more of you that do, the longer we can continue to dive into series you love!  Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
June 18, 2021
Harry Potter - Episode 23 (Namaste)
Scott and Zach discuss some more Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix after some ASMR and like.. yoga or something.
June 14, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 23 (Stinker Finger)
Zach and Scott discuss One Piece episodes 116-120  The ONE PIECE branch of WDW is coming to and end very soon! Let us know what you'd like to see us reluctantly journey through next! Support this show by contributing a monthly pledge on our anchor, click support link! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
June 11, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 22 (Choke the Goblin)
Scott and Zach dive into Chapters 6-11 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
June 7, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 22 (Supersonic Death Squadron)
Zach and Scott approach the climax of the Alabasta Saga and get DEEP in discussion about episodes 111-115 This is a HOT and SWEATY batch. Support our show! Follow the link to make a contribution to keep this show alive!  Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
June 4, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 21 (It's Like "Creature!")
Scott and Zach jump head first into Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Chapters 1-5) Scott also shares a HUGE revelation about his Harry Potter knowledge. This explains so much. Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
May 31, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 21 (Pirates Go Right)
Zach and Scott discuss SOME GOD DAMN BANGERS (episodes 106-110), a "meaty chunk" Needless to say, Zach had an ass ton of fun with this batch. Hopefully you do too! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
May 28, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 20 (Jr.)
Scott and Zach discuss the close of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Chapters 35-37) Scott has fallen in love with Dumbledore and we're here for it. Lets go! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
May 24, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 20 (Alligatorus Maximus)
Zach and Scott discuss Hot Girl Summers and Episodes 97, 100, 101, 103, 104, and 105 (due to filler and potential spoiler content.) We love this, however the One Piece series of We Don't Wanna has a time limit on its life. New series in the chamber, and we think you're going to love it. In the meantime, go hang with us at WDW: Harry Potter! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod and talk shit to us. Or whatever.
May 21, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 19 (Snake Milk Stew) x HPHalfDrunk
Scott and Zach are joined by Sam and Emily of Harry Potter and the Half Drunk Podcast to discuss Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ch. 31-34 Sam and Emily do a fantastic job of swaying Scott in the right direction while subject them to 2 hours of raunchy boy humor, so thanks for being good sports. Here's where you can find Harry Potter and the Half Drunk Podcast: Twitter / Instagram @hphalfdrunk Spotify: iTunes:
May 17, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 19 (Dreaming of Being Fire Fisted)
Zach and Scott discuss One Piece Episodes 92-96 as our squad land at Alabasta. We learn that Zach has a little crush on our boy Ace. He's dreaming of some things... Follow our Social! We want to hear from you! @WeDontWannaPod
May 14, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 18 (Not From Behind Again)
Scott and Zach discuss Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire chapters 27-30 Check out next week's guests Sam and Emily at Harry Potter and the Half Drunk Podcast. @hphalfdrunk Follow us on Social @WeDontWannaPod
May 10, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 18 (Or Else.)
Zach and Scott discuss One Piece episodes 87-91, finishing Drum Island... FINALLY. Oh, and we take a few flashbacks... just a couple. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
May 7, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 17 (The Ol' Bush n Bang)
Scotty Westside and Zach delve into another chunk of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, this time we discuss Ch. 23-26 Not sure what happened with Zach's audio this episode, sorry for the technical difficulties. We believe we've gotten it straightened out. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
May 3, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 17 (Zaddy Daddy)
Zach and Scott discuss episodes 83-86 of One Piece while simultaneously being some crispy bois.  Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 30, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 16 (Bullseye)
Scott and Zach discuss the Goblet of Fire chapters 19-22 Join us as we venture into some Dragon Egg Orgasms and recall some Dawsons Creek. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
April 26, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 16 (
Zach and Scott discuss One Piece episodes 79-82 We want to know, are you into Big? Should we buy the domain  Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 23, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 15 (I'm Not A Cop)
Scott and Zach discuss Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapters 14-18 Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 19, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 15 (All Aboard)
All Aboard the Jizz Train! (Episodes 73-78) We're not sure what to say except "we're sorry." 
April 16, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 14 (Some Kind Of French Sauce)
Scott and Zach discuss Goblet of Fire chapters 9-13 Convos about snake milk and bubotuber puss. Maybe our favorite magical liquids? Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 12, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 14 (Vice Admirable)
Zach and Scott dive into One Piece Little Garden mini arc (episodes 67-72) Stroopwaffle, our DMs are always open for you. Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 9, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 13 (Love A Good Chud)
Scott and Zach dive in to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Join us as we discuss chapters 1-8 in Scott's first ever read through the Harry Potter series. This weeks episode was a blast to record, and we hope you enjoy! Please share with a friend! Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 5, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 13 (Ol' In and Out)
Zach and Scott venture into The Grand Line! Join us on our journey over Reverse Mountain and hanging out with Laboon. Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
April 2, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 12 (Ol' Razzle Dazzle)
Scott and Zach wrap up the last 3 chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
March 29, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 12 (Captain Chode Smoker)
Zach and Scott discuss the Loguetown Arc, and Zach has some thoughts on Chop-Chop Cars. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
March 26, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 11 (Siri)
Scott and Zach discuss PoA chapters 16-19 Scott has a much better tone this time around.  Stay tuned after the outro music for a surprise. Follow us on social @wedontwannapod
March 22, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 11 (What Does That Mouth Do?)
Episodes 42-45 Zach and Scott finish the last few episodes of the Arlong Park Arc. We hate "ayooo" and Zach's tone has shifted. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
March 19, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 10 (Mario Andretti)
Zach and Scott discuss chapters 11-15 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Scott is the worst. -Zach Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
March 15, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 10 (I'll Raise You A Fondue)
Zach and Scott finish up the Arlong Park Arc and talk about fondue. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
March 12, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 9 (Hot and Sweaty)
Scott and Zach discuss Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban chapters 6-10 Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
March 8, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 9 (Zach Likes One Piece)
Well, we've done it, Strawhats.. Zach has taken his first steps onto the Going Merry as a willing crew mate instead of as a reluctant prisoner.  Zach and Scott explore the wonder that is the Arlong Park Arc and the epic climax to Nami's backstory. Will Zach stay aboard, or will he abandon ship? Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
March 5, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 8 (Life As A Magical Drifter)
We begin Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! This is a major fan favorite book, will Scott take a liking to it, or will he continue to be the absolute worst? (Yes, this is Zach typing this episode description....)  Follow our social @WeDontWannaPod
March 1, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 8 (Gotta Roll Them R's)
Zach can't follow instructions. We arrive at Cocoyashi Village and Arlong Park. Usopp still sucks, and Zach falls in love with Hatchi. Quite possibly the best character ever written. Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
February 26, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 7 (Not A Swan Expert)
Scott shares with us why he's feeling terrible. We called it. Got 'em! Zach and Scott talk way to long about the ending of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. THIS SHIT IS DENSE. Enjoy! Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
February 22, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 7 (Like The Green Ranger)
Zach and Scott are all business in this batch of episodes as we wrap up the Baratie Arc. Is Zach's tone slowly shifting? Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
February 19, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 6 ( Bartolo )
Zach and Scott hate Percy, discuss National Treasure, and learn more about Tom Riddle.  Support this podcast follow us on social @WeDontWanna
February 15, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 6 (My Neighbor Toguro)
Chia pets, prepubescent mustaches and Mihawk get the best of Zach this episode.  Follow our social @wedontwanna  Support this podcast
February 12, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 5 ( Head Hockey )
Colin Creepy wants to shoot some Dudeoir. We discuss how Moaning Myrtle isn't a p0rnstar and Valentine's Day marital favors.  Leave us a voice message! We want to hear about how dumb we are.  Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
February 8, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 5 ( Diminished PeePee )
Ever wonder how long it takes to build a pirate ship? Ever wonder what the weirdest way to push up your glasses? Ever wonder if Usopp can get any worse? Me neither. -Zach- Follow us on social @WeDontWannaPod
February 5, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 4 ( House Point Inflation )
Scott may have to go toe to toe with Molly Weasley for Gilderoy Lockhart's love. Dobby competes with Ron and Percy for Scott's least favorite character. How long can we let this go on?  Follow us on social @wedontwannapod support this podcast
February 1, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 4 (Usopp Sucks)
Zach meets his least favorite character yet, but Jango the Hypnotist saves the batch.  Follow us on social @wedontwannapod Support this podcast
January 29, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 3 (Stoned Centaurs)
Book 1 - Chapter 12-17 Scott finishes Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and he has some thoughts. We hang out with centaurs on acid, and Nicolas Cage helps steal the stone. Follow us on social @wedontwannapod support this podcast
January 25, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 3 (Scott the Mole Pirate)
One Piece - Episodes 7-8 Buggy The Vampire Slayer, human barking dogs, Luffy's hat takes some HP damage. Zach makes some predictions, and seems to have a slightly softer take on this batch of episodes, but seems to want a full breakdown on how this show works... could it be interest setting in? Support this podcast : Follow us on social : @wedontwannapod
January 22, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 2 (Dirtiest Ass at Hogwarts)
Book 1 - Chapters 6-11 Scott has some opinions on Trevor the toad and is surely becoming a Snape apologist. Can we really let this happen? #dirtiestassathogwarts Follow us on social @wedontwannapod contribute to the podcast
January 18, 2021
Harry Potter - Ep. 1 (Yer a Lizard Harry)
Book 1 - Chapters 1-5 Scott gets magical and takes his first dive into the Harry Potter series. Think we can get him hooked? Although, can we even continue to be friends with a person who actually likes Vernon? Follow us on social @wedontwannapod Support this podcast
January 18, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 1 (Rubber Rockets and Marital Aids)
One Piece - Episode 1 Zach has trouble understanding the concept of a "Rubber Person," and Scott teaches Zach about a new adult toy called the Rubber Rubber Rocket.  Follow us on social @wedontwannapod (let Scott know he shouldn't have recorded in a wind tunnel.)
January 15, 2021
One Piece - Ep. 2 (Buggy The Vampire Slayer)
One Piece - Episodes 2-6 Zach has some thoughts on sunset flashbacks about a straw hat. Koby might sell Zach on this show. Buggy the Clown is Darth Vader and we discuss how rad Nami is. All this, and more on episode 2 of our One Piece journey. Follow us on social @wedontwannapod Contribute to the show -
January 15, 2021
We Don't Wanna Launch Trailer
Who are we? What will we be doing here? Is this a podcast for you? Check out the trailer and learn what we're all about!
January 10, 2021