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The African Podcast by WeeTracker

The African Podcast by WeeTracker

By WeeTracker
WeeTracker is a digital news media platform focussed on Business, Startups and Economy. We create meaningful and insightful original content for the progressive African minds as well as bring together news and updates from around the continent which assists our audience in taking informed decisions.
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How I Raised My Seed Round: Hillary Miller Wise, Founder Tulaa
Seed round for a startup could be one of the most difficult rounds as at this stage the company does not have a track record. Listed to Hillary Miller Wise, Founder of Tulaa explaining the other challenges a founder faces in Africa while raising seed round.
April 21, 2020
How I Raised My Seed Round: Yinka Adewale, CEO Kudi
Navigating a startup through seed funding could be challenging no matter how good the product is. Nigerian fintech startup Kudi explains how it got its seed round in an overcrowded fintech market in Africa.
April 10, 2020