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We Gon Talk about It

We Gon Talk about It

By Samuel Gay
“We Gon Talk About It” is a new podcast, where Sam (co-host of Three Black Men) will open up expose some of the inner thoughts on different topics… I will laugh, I will cry, I will not have all the answers … but I will be authentic and this endeavor will be fun. Cover art by Lydia Joseph (@LydiaJoMUA on Twitter)
Grief... part 2
Grief is such a difficult topic to cover, its so broad and I think different things are needed at different... times? But I'm hopeful and prayerful that as you listen that you can get what you need for this time, and maybe some leftovers for later! 
June 04, 2022
In this episode, Sam talks about grieving loss and being hurt by people who misunderstand grief. This is an honest conversation and reminder that guilt is never an appropriate response to someone grieving. Stay tuned for part 2!!!... also shout out to Levie for his special guest appearance lol
May 07, 2022
Cool ...But I Ain't Them, Communal Restoration… for Felons?!
In this first episode, I talk about communal restoration of folks marginalized in christian circles and how much it can suck to always have other folks success in an attempt to encourage you specifically from the perspective of a felon… and we gon talk about it!
April 22, 2022
We Gon’ Talk About It
Join me for this new podcast!
March 28, 2022