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We Gotta Talk with Sonni

We Gotta Talk with Sonni

By Sonni Abatta
An issues-based, deep dive news and culture podcast where the motto is Real Talk, Big Topics.

Hosted by Emmy-nominated and AP News Award-winning journalist and television host Sonni Abatta, We Gotta Talk features guests on a variety of topics in the news, pop culture, wellness and spiritual space who will inform, entertain and inspire.

Let's talk.
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107: WE GOTTA TALK... KIDS AND GENDER. Moms of Trans Kids Open Up on Their Paths to Understanding and Acceptance

We Gotta Talk with Sonni

179 This is Your Sign to Start that Business. Leaving Corporate America, Finding Your Secret Sauce, and How to Start Off as an Entrepreneur, with Marketer and Brand Builder, Lindsay Pinchuk
Ever felt like you were ready to leave the 9-5? Have an amazing idea or skill set that you just KNOW could bring you so much joy and even money, if you just found a way to monetize it? This episode is for YOU. Lindsay Pinchuk founded Bump Club and Beyond and within one year, grew it to an over-seven-figure revenue that reached 3 million+ users. Since then she's worked with companies and entrepreneurs to help them tell their stories, and more importantly, be profitable. Her advice has appeared on Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal,,, “The Doctors,” “Access Live,” The Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business and more. She now hosts the Dear FoundHer podcast and works as a business coach and mentor to entrepreneurs at every point in their careers--from launch to scaling. And today she's lifting the curtain on her best advice for anyone out there who's ready to strike out on their own. In this episode we talk: + How to know when it's time to walk away from your job + Managing parenthood with growing a business + Why, and how, to grow your email subscriber list + The best way to brand yourself + Her favorite email platform + Social media 101 ...and more. Follow Lindsay on IG here, and check out her website here. For more real talk on big topics, check out the WGT blog here, and follow me on IG here.
April 27, 2022
178: The Work-Life Balance is a Myth. What Corporate America Gets Wrong--and Right--with Working Moms, and How to Start Your Path to Entrepreneurship, with Moms Exit Interview Host, Kim Rittberg
Kim Rittberg spent her working life helping to tell other people's stories. As the former head of video for US Weekly, a marketing executive at Netflix, a TV reporter, VP of branded content at Popsugar and more, she was a model employee. Then she became a mom and, like so many women, she realized she needed a change. Kim started on her entrepreneurship journey and now is the founder of Henry Street Media, where she helps companies tell their stories through video. Kim and I talk about what corporate America gets wrong and right when it comes to supporting parents; things that might make the workforce more supportive; her biggest challenges and biggest lessons from working in media; and more. Follow Kim on Instagram here, and check out her website here. Follow me on Instagram here.
April 14, 2022
177: 40 and a Facelift? Master of Subtle Surgery, Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan, on Surgery Trends, the "Early Facelift," Non-Surgical Options, Why Skincare Routines Matter and More
Renowned plastic surgeon and master of the subtle surgery approach, Dr. Lara Devgan, is this week's guest on WGT and she is here to talk all things aging, skin health, plastic surgery and more. Dr. Devgan has earned a reputation for doing incredibly subtle, but incredibly beautiful, plastic surgery work on her patients to give them a refreshed We talk: * Plastic surgery trends * The early facelift--pros and cons * Big booty now, saggy booty later: Why the BBL Butt is on its way out * The benefits of having a solid skincare routine … * Best facial fillers for certain areas of the face … * Lengthening your young-looking years …. * The non-surgical nose job … and more. For anyone who’s ever pondered whether a procedure is right for them, this episode is for you! Follow Dr. Devgan on Instagram and learn more about her skincare line, see her work, and more at @laradevganmd. Follow me on Instagram @sonniabatta and check out the WGT blog at
April 06, 2022
176: Why Aren’t You Happy? The Keys to Contentment, with Author & Therapist Niro Feliciano
Cognitive psychotherapist Niro Feliciano spends her days and her career talking with her patients about this basic, but profound, question: Why aren’t I happy? In her new book, “This Book Won’t Make You Happy,” Niro dives into the root causes of discontent, and the 8 Pillars of Contentment that can help you finally feel peace. We talk: the difference between happiness and contentment; the lesson in resistance; the very human desire to end suffering; the power of faith in healing; what types of connection foster contentment, and more.
March 31, 2022
175: Hack Your Hormones! How Cycle Syncing (R) Can Change Your Life to Lose Stubborn Weight, Say Goodbye to Bad PMS Symptoms, Boost Fertility and Finally Feel GOOD with Bestselling Author, Alisa Vitti
You know I am a HUGE advocate for the power of knowledge about hormones, and today's interview has the potential to literally change your life. Stay with me. Did you now that the healthcare model we all are so familiar with was mainly designed around men? Did you know that, if you're a menstruating woman, it's not just your circadian rhythm that governs your body and health, but your infradian cycle too? Did you know that you can powerfully heal yourself from the inside out--fixing PMS symptoms, fatigue, achieving weight loss, beating infertility and more--if you learn how to lean into the various points of your cycle? This episode of WGT is potentially life-changing, and I don't say that in a flippant way. Bestselling author of WomanCode and In the Flo, Alisa Vitti, is here to deep dive with us on why a new approach to tracking your cycle will absolutely revolutionize your health from the inside out. [Scroll down for a deal on how to get free access to Alisa's In the Flo cycle syncing program.] In this episode we talk: * What is cycle syncing, and why are hundreds of thousands of women saying it's changed their lives? * Why intermittent fasting is a big NO for menstruating women * The infradian clock, and how much of our health and life it governs * What disrupts the infradian clock * The four phases of your cycle--follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual--and how to harness the upsides of each one * Why you need to be eating more calories during certain points of your cycle * Using calories strategically to lose weight * The best workouts for each part of your cycle--when to avoid HIIT and heavy-impact training, and when to lean into it * Alisa's favorite new, non-hormonal birth control * How to find a good functional medicine doctor ***DEAL ALERT*** Get a month of FREE access to Alisa's life changing CycleSyncing program by clicking HERE and using code WEGOTTATALKA. (Don't forget the "a" at the end!) Find a good functional medicine doctor here. Follow FloLiving on Instagram here for more hormone knowledge bombs, and Alisa's page here. Check out more on CycleSyncing and Flo Living here. Follow me on Instagram here for more tips, clips and real talk!
March 24, 2022
174: When--and Should We--Get More Involved in the Ukraine/Russia War? The Latest on Russia/Ukraine with Joan Davison, Rollins College Political Science Professor and Int'l Expert
In this breaking news episode of WGT, I sit down again with political science professor and international expert Joan Davison, of Rollins College, to talk about the Ukraine/Russia war. We discuss: * The no-fly zone and why the U.S. and NATO refuse to enact it * The chances of a chemical attack by Russia * How have sanctions worked so far? * Support from Eastern European countries for Ukraine and what it means * When the U.S. has historically gotten involved in war * Zelenskyy's meeting with U.S. Congress and what it could set into motion
March 16, 2022
173: I Ain’t from Dallas but I D-Town Boogie
It’s a rodeo of a ride on this solo episode of WGT, I recap a girls’ trip to Dallas, complete with a hoe-down on the dance floor; an inferiority complex about my shopping abilities; and a tequila-induced two-day hangover. Also news of some upcoming guests. Yee haw, baby!
March 12, 2022
172: Stop Self-Sabotage and Find Your Superpower with Mental Fitness Coach, Cassidy Nasello
Do you know what your saboteur style is? You know, that thing in your brain that holds you back from fully expressing yourself in the professional or personal space? Everyone has one. This week, mental fitness coach Cassidy Nasello is here to help us break it down and defeat it. We talk about breaking through mental barriers to be happier in work, and in life. Check out the Saboteur Test below to see which one you are, and follow Cassidy on IG @CassidyNasello.  What type of saboteur are you? Fine out here, and connect with Cassidy here.
March 10, 2022
171: Coparenting Without the Drama. All the Advice to Consciously Coparent after Divorce or Separation, with the Authors of the Book "Baby Out of Wedlock"
In this episode of WGT, we pull a Gwyneth and talk "conscious uncoupling" and how to minimize the impact on kids. Tons of families are impacted by separation or divorce, and other families start with an agreement to raise a child in separate homes. But just because you're starting down a tough road doesn't mean it has to stay that way. The authors of the book and resource-filled site Baby Out of Wedlock, Jim and Jessica Braz, are here to talk about their own individual journeys with coparenting and how they raised children with coparents. What they did right, what they regret, and what they tell anyone dealing with this situation now--we cover it all. In this episode we talk: * Why it's possible to coparent civilly * When to hire a lawyer * Handling high-conflict situations * Infant visitation * Why you need a parenting coordinator * The importance of "phasing in" ...and so much more. Check out Baby Out of Wedlock here to read their free advice as well as snag a copy of their book, and follow them on IG here. Follow me on IG here, and check out the WGT blog here!
March 03, 2022
170: Are Sanctions Enough?? Why You Need to Care About What's Happening in Ukraine, Russia's Next Move, and is America Still the "World's Police?"
This is a BREAKING NEWS edition of We Gotta Talk where we are diving into the current civilian and political turmoil in Ukraine. Rollins College political science professor Joan Davison sits down with me to talk about why the heck we aren't doing more in Ukraine, what she thinks could happen next, and why Americans are so conflicted when it comes to deciding whether or not we should "do more" to help Ukraine. Here is what we cover: * A 101 breakdown of what’s really happening in Ukraine and Russia * If sanctions are a strong enough response from the U.S. * Chances this moves beyond Ukraine * What would it take for U.S. to get involved militarily * A history of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine * If China has a stake in this conflict * Is the era of “America as the world’s police” over? Follow me on IG here, and check out the WGT Blog with tons more talk on current events, life, superficial sh** like beauty and health, and more.
February 25, 2022
169: Breathe Your Way to Peace and Alignment, with Academy of Breath Founder and Business Coach, Ava Johanna
Are you ready to feel deep peace and find some serious inspiration? This episode is for you! Ava Johanna, founder of the Academy of Breath and business coach, joins me this week to talk about the life-changing benefits of breathwork. In this episode we talk: * What breathwork is * How breathwork benefits your health both immediately and in the long term * A quick, grounding breathing exercise to help you feel better starting NOW * Redefining our sense of safety * What Ava's journey from homelessness as a teenager to a successful entrepreneur has taught her about grit and determination * Finding a career path in alignment with your true self * The power of combining breathwork with meditation * What is coherent breathing, and why should you try it? * Leaning into the power of your feminine energy Follow Ava on Instagram here, and check out the Academy of Breath here. Follow me on Instagram here, and check out all the latest posts on news, beauty and more on the WGT blog.
February 24, 2022
168: True Crime Junkies - All Your Questions Answered by Court TV's Julie Grant
This week on WGT is for all the true crime junkies! I’m interviewing Court TV anchor and former prosecutor Julie Grant, Esq., all about the biggest cases that have stolen the headlines lately, including: * Ghislaine Maxwell / Prince Andrew * Ethan Crumbley * Alec Baldwin * Bill Cosby We also also discuss if, in her prosecution experience, there are any traits most criminals have in common; if schools could potentially be held legally liable in school shooting cases; why the Maxwell trial got so little coverage and what the settlement with Prince Andrew says to other abuse victims; and more. Follow Julie on IG @JulieGrantESQ for more, and live stream court coverage of multiple cases at Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta, and check out the latest posts on the WGT blog here —>
February 17, 2022
167: There's No Way Just One Man Killed JFK: World-Renowned Forensic Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht on Why There's More to this American Mystery than We've Been Taught
Who really killed JFK? Are you one of the many people who believe there is more to the story than the Warren Commission report? Then you’ll want to listen to this interview with world-renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht, as we dive deep into this decades-old mystery. We talk: * Why Dr. Wecht says the "one shooter" theory is bunk * Where he believes the second gunman was stationed * Why America remains riveted with the JFK assassination * The tension between JFK and the CIA, and if he believes that played a part in the President's killing * The "missing brain" * Why details of the case are still classified ...and so much more. More on the guest: Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Wecht has consulted on some of the biggest murder and mysterious death cases that have happened in modern times, including Robert F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, JonBenét Ramsey, the Branch Davidian incident, Vincent Foster, Laci Peterson, Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith. During his career, Wecht performed more than 14,000 autopsies. He is a currently a clinical professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and an adjunct professor of law at Duquesne University. His new book, The JFK Assassination Dissected, is a detailed look at the events of November 22, 1963, and Dr. Wecht's take on what really happened that day. From questions about who Lee Harvey Oswald really was; to the "magic bullet theory" and why Dr. Wecht says there's no way this was the work of just one shooter; to questions about the lack of experience of the pathologists who were assigned to perform the autopsy, no detail is left untouched. Follow me on IG here, and check out the latest WGT blog posts here. For more on Dr. Wecht, click here.
February 10, 2022
166: Bye Bye Bloat, Anxiety and Low Energy! How Balancing Your Hormones and Gut Health Can Improve Energy, Sex Drive, Weight Maintenance and More
Ever wonder why you're just so damn tired? Or feel bloated? Or just can't seem to get in the mood? Hormones impact EVERYTHING, and there is an intrinsic connection between our gut health and our hormones. The more they're in balance, the better we feel, and the fewer of those undesired symptoms we have. In this episode, I go on a deep dive with Lahana Vigliano, founder of Nuvitru Wellness, who has a BS in Nutrition Science and a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She founded Nuvitru after realizing that many women experience symptoms of "invisible illness" that can be attributed to issues with the gut and hormones. In this episode we talk: * Why the gut and hormones are so intertwined * The lab tests she recommends to figure out where you stand with your levels * Thyroid health * Digestive issues * If bio-identical hormones can help symptoms of anxiety and weight gain * Estrogen dominance and its symptoms * Why you might not be eating enough to fuel your metabolism * Supplementing toward better health * The role of functional medicine and how to add it into your healthcare plan Follow Lahana and her team on IG here, and check out their website here. Follow me on IG for more tips, clips and chat here, and check out the WGT blog, which is full of advice from a long list of experts, here.
January 27, 2022
165: Pandemic Parenting, Florida-Style, Plus Entertainment News Roundup and More
News roundup and updates, Solo Edition! In this solo episode we talk about what it's like to be a parent in Florida versus the rest of the country during the pandemic; 5G is coming and ready to kill us all; some upcoming guests (including one who's an expert on the JFK assassination); a roundup of entertainment headlines including Megan Fox's engagement ring that will cut you, Spears sisters drama and more. Also we have a bit of beauty talk--a retinol face cream I've been testing and loving, located HERE. Follow along on IG @SonniAbatta for more, and check out more blog posts full of health, beauty and life talk HERE.
January 19, 2022
164: Raging Moderates and Men in Skirts, with Taylor Ferber
In this episode of WGT, Sonni and return guest Taylor Ferber intended to catch up celebrity gossip, but end up talking mainly about why vaginas complicate conversations and why Harry Styles is so inexplicably sexy even in a pussy-bow blouse. Taylor taps into her experience in entertainment journalism (she’s been published in USA Today, Huffington Post and NY Magazine and more) to let us know why she predicts it's going to be a hot-button year in both Hollywood and the rest of the world. We also talk about what it’s like living in Florida when you’ve grown up, well, anywhere except Florida. And Taylor tells us about why she happily faces down cancellation weekly on her podcast and why she loves talking hot-button issues on her podcast on a regular basis. Follow Taylor’s IG here, and check out her podcast, Cancel Me, Baby! Follow Sonni on IG here and check out the latest blog posts about health, beauty, life and more, on the WGT Blog here.
January 13, 2022
163: Ditch the Diet and Fall in Love with Your Body FOR REAL This Year, with Culina Health Co-Founder Tamar Samuels
How cringe is it that every year we are supposed to reinvent ourselves with the start of the new year? Change is good! But when it comes to our bodies and health, the constant messaging about how we always need to be something else can be tiring. This week's guest founded a company that allows people to take their health into their own hands in the most positive way possible--through healthy change. Tamar Samuels is the co-founder of Culina Health, a personalized and science-based nutrition service. Tamar and I dig into everything health- and diet-related you need to know to start feeling good about yourself again, including: * Do detoxes ever work? * What's the deal with intermittent fasting, and do I need to try it? * Intuitive eating and why it works for some people, and not others * The MIND diet--an upgrade on the Mediterranean diet that helps reduce body inflammation * Biggest health myths, busted * Why "multifaceted" health coaching is the future of wellness Enjoy the interview! Follow Culina Health on Instagram here and check out their website here. For tons more health, beauty and real talk, check out the WGT Blog, and follow me on IG here.
January 06, 2022
162: The WGT Year in Wrap! Guest Tips, Expert Advice, High Points and More from 2021, and Why Home Goods is My 2022 Goal
In this solo episode we recap the biggest and best moments of WGT from 2021. It’s been a good one! Also, we discuss the reasons behind the day-after-Christmas rip-down of decorations, and why my goal for 2022 involves Home Goods. All episodes mentioned in this episode: * WTF is an NFT? * Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and How It Changed My Life * Disease Does Not Have to Be Your Destiny * Hormones and Skin with Dr. Zenovia * You’re Not Crazy, Your Hormones Are! Part One and Part Two * Your Best Sleep Starts Tonight * Human Design: Who are You, Really? * Get a Better Sex Life Starting Now * The Highest-Paid Legal Sex Worker in the U.S. Says Good Sex Starts with Your Mouth (but now how you might think) Blog Posts: RF Microneedling 101
December 28, 2021
161: A Sign-by-Sign Look into 2022 with Lumi, The Celestial Astrologer
This mini ep of WGT is all about YOU! Lumi, The Celestial Astrologer gives us a sign-by-sign prediction of what 2022 holds. Follow Lumi on IG here. Follow me on IG here, and tons more tips, clips and content on the WGT blog here!
December 27, 2021
160: What the Stars Say About 2022! Themes and Trends, What to Expect in the New Year and More, with Lumi The Celestial Astrologer
I feel like we said this at the same time last year but... Who's ready for the new year?! New years offer the opportunity for a fresh start, not just on the individual level, but on the collective level as well. In this episode, Lumi The Celestial Astrologer runs us through the big themes of 2022, with Reinvention being top of mind. What does 2022 hold? What social movements will gain traction? What can we expect to feel when the new year starts? A sign-by-sign guide for 2022 is coming up in a mini ep shortly... Stay tuned for that! Follow Lumi on IG @thecelestialastrologer. Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta, and check out TONS more juicy content, reviews, tips and interviews with experts on the WGT Blog!
December 22, 2021
159: Do You Take Discover??
In this solo episode, Sonni deep dives on daily news headlines—including your thoughtful responses on IG about discussions on school officials potentially being held accountable in the Michigan school shooting—to Prince Harry’s daddy drama; becoming a dance mom; Elf on the Mother-bleepin-Shelf; why cable news will rot your brain; Khloe’s need to move on from Tristan T and more. Then we've got skin care gadget talk; why every grown woman needs a College Credit Card to hide her purchases; the wacky things I buy with my limited podcast money ("Sh** That I Buy that Andrew Says Why???"), and more. If you haven't already decided I'm a head case, today's the day when you do. Have fun!! Products mentioned: Tripollar StopX, an at-home radio frequency device for the face Higher Dose PEMF mat WaveBlock EMF-protective stickers for AirPods Personal EMF-protective devices for body and phone, by Aires
December 08, 2021
158: From CNN to Mothering Multiples. Kanika Chadda Gupta, host of That's Total Mom Sense, on Transitions in Motherhood and Careers
In this episode of WGT it's a riff on motherhood and careers with former CNN journalist and current podcast host, Kanika Chadda Gupta. Kanika and I talk about what it's like to transition from a network job to launching her own businesses; her family's transition from India to the U.S.; how she got into journalism and her experience at CNN; what it's like to have three kids under 3; and her biggest tips for raising multiples. Follow Kanika on IG @kanikachaddagupta Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta, and check out the latest WGT blog posts HERE!
December 02, 2021
157: Calm Mind, Fit Body and All the Beauty Products You Need, with Fitness Expert and Kayo Founder, Christine Bullock
I'm catching up with fitness expert, beauty lover and mom of 2, Christine Bullock, on this week's episode of WGT! Christine is sharing with up tips on how to stay ahead of your health this holiday; how to reduce sugar cravings; quick workouts that work; her favorite beauty products; and more! Products mentioned (sorry for the long links but Anchor is misbehaving): Violife vegan cheddar cheese Pau d’arco tea NuFace Trinity HigherDose PEMF mat: Use code Christine 75 for $75 off Kayo greens Use code WEGOTTATALK for 20% off Kayo Bloat Be Gone FitOn app{{}}&utm_term={fiton%20app}&utm_content={{}}
November 25, 2021
156: The Three Skincare Devices I Swear By, on MAJOR Sale! Solo Ep with All the Details
TriPollar StopX: Shop it HERE: 25% off, plus get an EXTRA 10% OFF with code SONNI10 Droplette: Shop it here: Use code WEGOTTATALK for $50 off Dermaflash Dermapore: Shop it here: Get 30% off with code HOLIDAY30 Follow me on IG for more beauty talk: @SonniAbatta, and check out the WGT blog for tons more posts and tips:
November 24, 2021
155: Finding the Silver Lining, and Why There's Always a Lesson in Challenge, with Olympian Kelly Gunther
Olympic speed skater Kelly Gunther has seen some pretty low lows as an athlete. First there was the time where she qualified for the Olympics, but a re-skate (i.e. an extra turn) given to a competing athlete kicked her out of the spot. Then there was the time she had an injury so severe her foot was left dangling from her leg. Still, she came back, and she went to the Olympics. On top of all of that, there were complicated family relationships and a learning disability that impacted her confidence. But Kelly has learned--and lived--the spirit of perseverance. Of finding the silver lining. In today's episode we talk about the mental strength it takes to come back time and time again from obstacles, and to always find the lesson. To always find the lining. Now Kelly uses her story to inspire others to get out of their own ruts, and to always, always find the silver lining. You'll walk away from this feeling so majorly inspired. Check out Kelly's website and find out how to book her as a speaker HERE, and follow her on IG here. Follow me on IG here, and check out more posts on life and beauty on the WGT Blog here!
November 18, 2021
154: Gaining Mastery Over Trauma, with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Hillary Goldsher
In this episode I talk with clinical psychologist Dr. Hillary Goldsher about trauma. It's a huge topic, but everyone deals with it in some way over the course of their lives. I'm so grateful that Dr. Hillary chose to really dig in with me on this important topic, and this is such an incredible conversation, full of her wisdom and professional advice. We cover: + How is trauma defined? + How everyone is impacted by trauma at some point in their lives + Identifying your triggers + Choosing to heal from trauma, and how that looks + Why it's so hard, but necessary, to work to heal from trauma + Identifying abusive and negative relationships + Family of origin issues + How to handle triggering relationships + How to stop yelling as your first reaction, and start listening Follow Dr. Hillary on IG here, and check out her website here. Follow me on IG here, and check out the WGT blog with tons of posts on beauty, health and more here!
November 12, 2021
153: We Are All Psychics. A Deep Dive on the Power of Your Soul and Why Everyone Has Had a Past Life, with Intuit and Past Life Regressionist Meredyth Willits
In this episode of WGT, we take a deep dive into the soul. The spirit. Your essential being. Whatever you call it, most religious traditions have a belief that part of our existence, i.e. our souls, has the power to live beyond our corporeal passing. In other words, many people believe in life after death, at least in some form. But how can we know if this is true? And what exactly does our soul do when our bodies pass? This week I'm interviewing intuit and past life regressionist, Meredyth Willits, host of the podcast Meredyth With a Why. In this episode we cover: + The existence of spirit and how to access our own deep intuitive power + Meredyth's scientific reason we all have souls + Forgiveness and why it's difficult, but important + The lessons we are put on earth to learn + The role of those people in our lives who trigger us, and how to grow past the pain they may bring us + Listening to your intuition + Dreams of passed over loved ones, and how to know if it's a true visitation from them + Transcending your belief system from 3D to 5D + Are the spirits of our loved ones always around us? ...and SO much more! Follow Meredyth's podcast here, and follow her on IG here. Follow me on IG here, and check out the WGT Blog here!
November 04, 2021
152: Hollyweird from the Inside. "Celebrity Whisperer" Taylor Ferber on the Good and the Bad of Hollywood, and Why She Lives to Tackle Cancel Culture
In this BONUS episode of We Gotta Talk, I talk with entertainment reporter and freelance journalist Taylor Ferber about her experience as a TV entertainment journalist. Known as "The Celebrity Whisperer" for the way she disarms famous people to actually get real, Taylor and I dig into her life reporting from the red carpet, and why there is more to celebrities than meets the eye. We talk the mystery (hypocrisy?) of Hollywood politics; what it was like to pose in Playboy; the irony of Instagram feminism; if social media is ruining us all; and so, so much more. Taylor is an absolute BLAST! Definitely check out her podcast, Cancel Me, Baby! if you like a dose of realness in your world. Follow Taylor on Instagram HERE, and me HERE! And the We Gotta Talk blog is always poppin' with good content. Check it out HERE.
October 30, 2021
151: SOS—Save Our Skin! With Board-Certified Dermatologist and Hormonal Skin Expert, Dr. Zenovia
We Gotta Talk...All Things Skincare with Dr. Zenovia … board-certified dermatologist, and hormonal skin care expert, Dr. Zenovia us here SOS—to save our skin! in the special episode, which is the doctors second appearance, we dive into all things skin care. We take you decade by decade and talked the biggest problems as well as the fixes; we talk about the impact of hormones on skin health; we talk about hair loss and sinning as you age; we talk melasma; we talk the best treatments for lightning spots; the ingredients you need in your routine; where to start if you’re a beginner; and so much more! Follow her on IG @drzenovia and me at @sonniabatta. Enjoy!
October 28, 2021
150 The Pitfalls of Mega Wealth. Multimillionaire and Author John Lefebvre on the Fall from Grace that Ended Him in Jail, and Why He's Now Addicted to Giving His Money Away
Love it or hate it, we all need money. 💰 It’s often said that money is the root of all evil, but is it? What happens when you have a ton, then lose it? How does money change us, for better and for worse? This week’s guest, convict and multimillionaire… author and musician… proponent of spreading the wealth and a self-proclaimed charity junkie… and all around fascinating man John Lefebvre is here to tell us how money started our great for him, then ended him in jail. John founded online money transfer site and in 2003 it went public on the London Stock Exchange for $2 billion. In 2007 he was arrested by the Department of Justice and faced three 20-year sentences. He ended up pleading guilty to conspiracy to promote online gambling and spent 45 days in the same Manhattan jail facility where El Chapo currently is, and where Jeffrey Epstein was also housed. Since his release, John has given over $50 million dollars to charity and is a vocal proponent of "the rewards of generosity." We do deep dive about all the success he saw in business; what it was like living at the top of the top; and what it was like to come crashing down. In this episode we discuss: + His rise and fall in the online world + What serving time in jail was like + The good and the bad of mega-wealth + What capitalism gets right and gets wrong + How money changed him + The philosophy he lives by to stay grounded For more on John, check out his website here, follow him on IG here, and grab a copy of his book here. Follow me on IG here, and check out the WGT blog here.
October 21, 2021
149: Autism from a Mother's Perspective. Author and Advocate Dana Young-Askew on Parenting the Child You *Have*
This week on WGT author of Come Meet Drayden, mom of five, and autism advocate Dana Young-Askew is here to share her experience as the mother of an autistic child. Come Meet Drayden, a children's book about an autistic child, is written from the perspective of his four siblings, and brings the reader through what a typical day looks like for Drayden as he walks through the world with his own unique set of abilities. Dana encourages moms and dads to parent the child they *have*, not the child they expected to have, and walks me through the emotional journey of learning of and accepting her son's diagnosis, to the growth he has seen, and more. She gives advice to parents of neurodiverse children and tells us how her perspective as a parent has grown alongside Drayden's development. I'm so honored Dana took the time to share her family's story with us, and I know parents of all children will take so much from this conversation. Make sure to pick up a copy of Come Meet Drayden HERE--and use this as a teaching tool! It's an amazing book even for neurotypical children to learn about how everyone sees and interacts with the world a little differently. Follow Dana on Facebook here, and Instagram here. And be sure to join the WGT community here so you can watch all of our live shows and drop comments and questions for the guests as we chat. Follow me on IG here! You can also find the book here:
October 14, 2021
148: Disease Does Not Have to Be Your Destiny, with Neuroscientist and Groundbreaking Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Researcher Dr. Dayan Goodenowe
Dr. Dayan Goodenowe is today's guest, and let me just say off the bat, his work blows my mind. Dr. Goodenowe believes that disease is not our destiny--that we are NOT all destined to end up with the chronic conditions and issues that plague so many people. And he says it all starts in the brain. His groundbreaking work on plasmalogens--a lipid that supports brain health--has revealed new ways to treat the symptoms of persistent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and he also has written extensively on autism and cancer. If you know someone struggling with any of these issues, you'll walk away armed with valuable new information. In this episode we talk: + How our brains work and why current protocol and medications only mask brain issues + His groundbreaking work with Alzheimer's patients + What he believes is at the root of neurodegenerative disease + Deep dive on Parkinson's and how to supplement to treat its symptoms + The supplements he recommends everyone take + Intermittent fasting and its impact on brain and body health + Living until 100+ Supplements mentioned: B6, B12 Lecithin Creatine CoQ10 Acetylcysteine L-Carnitine Article about women and intermittent fasting mentioned in the episode found here. To read more about his work and research, check out Dr. Goodenowe's website here, and follow his company Prodrome Sciences on IG here. Follow me on IG here for great tips, clips and chat.
October 07, 2021
147: Real Talk on Infertility and the Many Ways to Have a Family, with Infertile AF Host Ali Prato and Fertility Coach Elizabeth King
It's hard to have babies. No matter what stage of life you start trying to have a family, it rarely goes to plan. And dealing with infertility doesn't just mean figuring out how to start a family or have a baby, it's often an emotional journey that can impact things far beyond that. This week we are digging into the topic of infertility with two guests who also experienced it themselves and now dedicate their work to helping others start families. My first guest is Ali Prato, the host of the podcast Infertile AF. Brooklyn-based journalist and mom-of-two. Ali, who went through secondary infertility and IVF herself, talks to women—and some men—about the messy, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking, absurd and sometimes hilarious journey to have a baby. Or in some cases, to not have a baby. Ali covers all of the outcomes in this safe, non-judgement zone: the happy endings, the soul-crushingly sad ones, and the ones still in limbo. She's also the founder of Fertility Rally. Elizabeth King is a Certified Fertility Health Coach, Master Certified ICF Life Coach, Birth & Bereavement Doula and New Parent Educator. Her mission is to help people of all backgrounds conceive a healthy baby. After having 3 children of her own after the age of 40, Elizabeth believes taking a more holistic approach is the key to success when attempting to conceive. Now she has helped hundreds of women achieve their dreams of conception and parenthood in 20+ countries around the world. She supports clients through natural fertility, infertility, IVF, miscarriage loss, early pregnancy PTSD, and new parent support. Follow Ali and learn more about her podcast HERE; and follow Elizabeth HERE.
September 30, 2021
146: The Highest-Paid U.S. Legal Sex Worker, Alice Little, Knows Good Sex and Wants to Tell You All About It
Alice Little is an intimacy educator and coach, works at the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, NV, and is one of the highest-paid legal sex workers in the United States.  Today she's talking with me all about all the things she's learned over the past 6+ years working on "ranches"--brothels--in Nevada. In this episode we dive into all the details of not only her story and how she started doing what she's doing, but all the tips about good sex and communication that she's picked up along the way. We talk: + How she got into legal sex work + The biggest misconceptions about what she does + The difference between sex and intimacy + The best ways to connect with your partner for satisfying sex + The crazy sex trends people are asking for lately + The things couples who visit usually ask for + The secret to amazing sex + The rules at the brothel, and how a date with her usually goes + Her typical day ...and so much more! More of Alice on her website and Instagram, and follow me on IG for more clips, tips and pics.
September 23, 2021
145: Is Cancel Culture Here to Stay? Real Talk with Journalist and Author Robby Soave
"You're CANCELLED!" Can you think of two more powerful words in the era of social media? But what is cancelling, anyway? And how does cancel culture continue to thrive? In this episode I sit down with journalist and author Robby Soave, who has seen the downside of the knee-jerk reaction that cancel culture embodies. Robby's work has helped to clarify the public narrative on several high-profile stories, including the UVA "A Rape on Campus" story, whose initial reporting was proven untrue; and the "2019 Lincoln Memorial Confrontation," where a high school student was photographed facing a Native American man at the memorial in Washington, D.C. It begs the question: What happens when cancel culture gets it wrong? And other things: Does cancelling ever work? Why are some people cancelled and others get a second chance? What is cancel culture, anyway? Robby and I dig into this and more, then Producer Rachel and I share moments when we should have been cancelled, too. Follow on IG @SonniAbatta More posts and reads on the blog.
September 16, 2021
144: More Than a Body. Cultivating a Powerful Sense of Self and Strength in an Image-Obsessed World, with Authors and PhD's Lexie and Lindsay Kite
In this episode of WGT, we are ready to dive into body image issues and why we have them. Is the media to blame for how we feel? What do all the images we are flooded with really do to our psyches? Authors Lexie and Lindsay Kite, PhD's and founders of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined, are here to dive into all of this and more. We discuss things like: + Body positivity vs. body neutrality + Ways to reconnect with your body + The ways that media impacts our sense of self + Raising kids in an image-obsessed world + "Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament"--the philosophy that Beauty Redefined runs on + How growing up as identical twins helped to define Lexie and Lindsay's work and life calling + Ways we can reprogram our patterns of thought to ignore harmful messaging ...and so much more! Check out More Than a Body HERE, and follow Beauty Redefined @beauty_redefined, HERE. For more tips, clips and talk, follow me on Instagram HERE. To read all the latest on our guests and get some bonus beauty talk, head over to the WGT blog. SPONSOR SHOUTOUT! Use code WEGOTTATALK on for $50 off your Droplette skincare-infusing device.
September 09, 2021
143: Curate the Wedding of Your Dreams with Foundry Wedding Guide Author and Photographer Sydney Norberg
She has shot some of the most gorgeous weddings all across the world, and now photographer and NEW author, Sydney Norberg, is talking to me about all things wedding planning! In Foundry the wedding guide, and this interview, Sydney runs us through every single detail about planning your dream wedding--from setting your palette and vibe, to getting the most gorgeous photos, to planning a dream honeymoon that fits in your budget, we cover it all! Buy Sydney's gorgeous new wedding guide, Foundry, HERE, and follow Sydney HERE. More clips, tips and pics on my IG HERE!
September 05, 2021
142: Your Best Sleep Starts Tonight! All Things Good Sleep, with Adult Sleep Consultant Kelly Murray
Welcome to Season 2 of We Gotta Talk! We're starting with a topic that impacts everyone--SLEEP. I'm interviewing adult sleep consultant Kelly Murray, and she is helping us get our sh** together so we can have restful, health-improving, deep and delicious sleep. We cover: + What can you do if you consistently wake up in the middle of the night? + What is your body doing in deep sleep? + What is something you can do starting TONIGHT if you wake up and can't fall back asleep? + CBD, melatonin, over-the-counter sleep aids, and more--Yea or nay? + What are sleep chronotypes, and how does knowing them improve sleep? + What can you do if your partner keeps you awake at night? ...and so much more! If you want to chat with Kelly and work together, check out her website HERE, or follow her on Instagram HERE. For more clips, tips and chat, follow me on Instagram HERE!
September 02, 2021
141: Stories from the Front Lines of COVID, Part Three. What Pregnant Women Need to Know, with Advent's Dr. Ashley Hill
Should pregnant women get the vaccine? What does it do once it's in your system? Are pregnant women impacted differently by COVID? In this final part of a three-part series on COVID, I talk with the Medical Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Advent Health in Orlando, Dr. Ashley Hill, about all this and more. He answers questions on what the vaccine does in the body; the number of COVID-impacted women he's seen in his hospital system; what signs and symptoms to look out for in pregnant women; and more. Follow me on Instagram for more video clips and tips: @SonniAbatta
August 26, 2021
140: Stories from the Front Lines of COVID, Part Two. A Florida ER Nurse Opens Up About How Bad the Delta Variant Really Is
Laura Smith is a registered nurse and assistant nurse manager at a busy emergency room in Orlando, Florida. Today she shares her experiences treating patients of the Delta variant of COVID, which she says are, by and large, younger than those hospitalized from the first variant. We talk: * Is the Delta variant "that bad?" * The symptoms and biggest challenges of this strain * Stories of patients she's treated * Delta hitting younger and typically healthier patients * What it's like witnessing people's health deteriorate * Just how busy ER's are in the area and why she urges people to get vaccinated Follow me on Instagram for video clips from this interview, and if you're a medical professional who wants to talk about your experience treating patients dealing with COVID, please call me at 407-984-5373. 
August 20, 2021
139: Stories from the Front Lines of COVID, Part One. Learning to Talk and Chew Again After COVID, with Speech Language Pathologist Allison Frederick
This is the first episode of a three-part special series of We Gotta Talk, where I'm interviewing front-line medical workers about the Delta variant of COVID. 20-, 30-, and 40-somethings having to learn how to talk again after experiencing a stroke from COVID... Yep, that's happening. Today's guest, Allison Frederick, is an inpatient speech-language pathologist who is a regular contributor to the ARC Seminars Blog. She teaches continuing education courses for other clinicians and look to empower other clinicians to treat intimidating conditions. She's currently working in the Southern New Jersey area with a range of patients, including many people suffering from what's being termed "post-COVID" issues. In this episode I talk with Allison about the range of patients and symptoms she's treating; how this variant differs from last year's dominant U.S. strain; what types of issues she helps patients recover from, and more. It's a sobering look into how Delta is impacting people right now. Check out a recent piece Allison just wrote for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association HERE. Reach out to Allison at Follow along on IG for more interview clips on this topic and more, and check out the WGT blog HERE.
August 18, 2021
138: Cheating. Do You Stay or Do You Go? A Real Talk Favorite Episode from the Archives, with Author and Love Coach Sandy Weiner
This week's episode is a re-release of one of our most popular episodes of all time. It's all about infidelity, with love coach Sandy Weiner from Last First Date. Boy oh boy, do we dig in. And YES, we answered YOUR questions you submitted too! * Is it possible to stay with a cheater? * What are the signs of an affair? * Why do people cheat in the first place? * What steps does she recommend for healing? Sandy is an internationally-known TEDx speaker, a woman's love and empowerment coach, and she's spent years helping people make themselves, and their relationships, better. For more on Sandy: Click HERE to get Sandy's Book, Becoming a Woman of Value: How to Thrive in Life and Love Follow me on IG for more stories, tips and real talk.
August 17, 2021
137: Is Porn Ruining Your Relationship? Is Porn Addiction Real? And How Do You Come Back from It? Licensed Therapist Sam Tielemans of Healing Couples Solution is Here to Help Couples Get Back on Track
***This is a re-release of one of the most popular episodes of Season 1 of We Gotta Talk. Enjoy!*** Can you really be addicted to porn? Is watching porn cheating? Is it ruining your relationship? What about the kids--is pornography ruining teenagers' ideas of what sex is? On this week's episode of We Gotta Talk we have licensed therapist Sam Tielemans of the Healing Couples Solution. He specializes in pornography addiction and its impact on relationships, is here to dig deep on this touchy topic: * How can you tell if there’s a problem in your relationship? * Is porn considered cheating? * How do you set healthy boundaries around porn? * Is sex addiction real? * What is considered an “addiction” to porn? * How to set healthy boundaries for your partner * How to talk to kids about realistic expectations about sex including his recommendation on a book to talk about sex in a healthy way. The book for parents mentioned by Sam is "Good Pictures Bad Pictures," by Kristen A. Jenson. For more on Sam Tielemans, LMFT click here or connect on Facebook. For more daily tips and stories, follow me on IG here! Support this podcast:
August 12, 2021
136: What's in a Pronoun? QUICK HIT with Major Real Talk on Kids and Gender, with Info from Parent/Teen Coach Vanessa Baker
In this QUICK HIT, I review an interview with family coach Vanessa Baker, who's got advice on what to do if your child is questioning his/her gender; what it means to be a true ally to kids in the LGBTQ+ community; and what's the deal with all this talk on pronouns lately? I interviewed Vanessa for my blog, and this is a recap of the 5 Questions article we did on We Gotta Talk. Enjoy! Check out the original blog post HERE! Find Vanessa HERE and HERE, and find more of me and tons of our interesting WGT guests HERE.
August 09, 2021
135: The Only Parenting Expert You Need to Hear. L.R. Knost's First Podcast Interview all About Gentle Parenting; Lessons from Being a Young Mom; and Why "Co-Humaning" Beats "Parenting" Any Day
***Re-release of the most popular episode of We Gotta Talk ever!*** If you're a mom who's been awake with your child after midnight, mindlessly scrolling IG (read: EVERY MOM), you have no doubt read the incredible, amazing, searingly-beautiful words of today’s podcast guest. Her quotes go viral, get pinned thousands upon thousands of times, but most importantly, her tips and tactics on parenting can really, truly change the way you approach raising your own tiny humans. L.R. Knost is a best-selling author whose work and writings on gentle parenting have impacted countless parents, inspiring them to become more connected to parenting from a calmer, more encouraging and uplifting place. Her series of books (linked below) help parents to deal with the sometimes-big emotions of little kids in simple ways. L.R. is a mother of six, an activist, a wife and a self-proclaimed social justice warrior. She shares with me some incredible stories on her motherhood journey, her career, and so much more. Here’s just some of what we cover: + What is gentle parenting? + What she learned from being a your mom + Her amazing term for raising kids — “co-humaning” + Tactics for tantrums + Kids on social media + Why she doesn’t believe in time outs anymore + Her thoughts on sleep training + Her cancer battle and where her health stands now I cannot, CANNOT thank L.R. enough for allowing me to speak with her about her amazing work. I took so much from this conversation, and I know you will too. Check out L.R.’s books here: Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages Jesus, the Gentle Parent: Gentle Christian Parenting The Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical, Effective Discipline Whispers Through Time: Communication Through the Ages and Stages of Childhood And HERE is the book on sleep training that L.R. talks about during the podcast. Follow LR on Instagram @LRKnost Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta and check out more daily stories on motherhood, self-care and beauty at --- Support this podcast:
August 05, 2021
135: Ask for the Damn Raise. Practical Tips on Negotiating for Your Worth, with Advice from Attorney and Expert Mediator Erin Alvarez
In this QUICK HIT, you'll get expert advice from attorney and expert mediator Erin Alvarez on how to negotiate for more. Yes, you CAN ask for what you want AND get it! This episode is a summary of a blog post that originally appeared on We Gotta Talk; check it out here! Get Erin's expert tips on negotiation HERE. Follow me on Instagram HERE for more quick tips and reads.
August 04, 2021
134: QUICK HIT. Simple Ways to Battle Mom Overwhelm. Advice from Occupational Therapist and Coach Jennifer Blossom
Jennifer Blossom is here to make Mom Life easier. As an occupational therapist and coach, she combines her knowledge of kids and moms to come up with simple ways to reduce the overwhelm. This episode is a summary of a 5 Questions post from We Gotta Talk, where Jennifer gives us quick advice on how to slow down and take care of ourselves. Find the original post HERE, and follow Jennifer on Instagram HERE. Follow me on Instagram HERE!
August 02, 2021
133: Human Trafficking and Surviving a Nightmare. Alicia Kozak's Real-Life Story of Abduction and Survival, in Honor of World Day Against Trafficking on July 30
TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of sexual abuse, kidnapping and grooming. This episode is essential. And I don’t say that lightly. The first thing you need to know about Alicia Kozakiewicz—or Alicia Kozak—is that she’s a survivor. A badass. A woman who lived through a literal nightmare, who now uses her experience to educate and protect children everywhere. Alicia’s story is one of overcoming—overcoming the most intense trauma you can imagine. You’ll hear Alicia tell her story in great detail in this podcast, but here are the basics: As a 12-year-old girl living in suburban Pittsburgh, Alicia began talking online to someone she thought was her own age. That person turned out to be a man, who, through manipulation, managed to get Alicia out of her own home, and kidnap her. What followed was days of torture and abuse that was live-streamed on the internet—a nightmare that Alicia miraculously emerged from thanks to a tip from a stranger. Alicia’s story is intense. It is emotional. And it is something you NEED to hear. July 30 marks “World Day Against Trafficking in Persons”—a day the UN has designated to raise awareness about the pervasive problem of human trafficking, child sexual abuse and the fight for resources to fight these shady, sometimes-online criminals. This episode is also timely for other reasons. No doubt you’ve seen talk lately online of theories—which haven’t been disproven—about the ways in which innocent children are captured, trafficked, and abused. This is a REAL problem, one that has been lurking in the shadows for decades. While I’m not one to encourage conspiracy theories, I cannot stress enough to you that this problem is real, and it’s happening more than we may know. In this episode you’ll not only hear Alicia’s harrowing story, but you’ll also hear how she has emerged from it to dedicate herself to the safety of other children. We will talk more about her advocacy, and her work in establishing Alicia’s Law in over a dozen states, in the episode, but I encourage you to also check out her site to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family, at I want to tell you that this episode is intense. It’s mostly in Alicia’s words. Her story, and her advice, are CRITICAL at a time right now where our kids are exposed, more than ever, to strangers online. Again, this episode may be triggering to survivors of abuse. Please listen with that knowledge. More Alicia: IG @itsaliciakozak More Me: IG @SonniAbatta --- Support this podcast:
July 29, 2021
132: Get a Better Sex Life Starting Now. 5 Questions with Zoë Kors. QUICK HIT Episode
In this quick hit, sex therapist Zoë Kors answers five questions on how to get a better sex kids, starting now!
July 26, 2021
131: What Happens When We Die? A Live Reading and Talk About the Afterlife with "Psychic Rebel" Colby Rebel
What happens after we die? How do we get in touch with loved ones who have passed? Do we have “soul contracts”—things we are destined to do in this life? Do we all have intuitive or psychic powers? In this episode of We Gotta Talk, "psychic rebel" Colby Rebel and I dive into all that and more! She also does a live reading where we connect with two spirits coming through and it's scary accurate. Do you believe in spirits? You will after this! Follow Colby on IG HERE Follow Sonni on IG HERE
July 14, 2021
130: WTF are NFTs? A 101 Breakdown of Blockchain, NFTs and the World of Virtual Assets w Karsen Woods
WTF are NFTs? What is blockchain technology? And how is all of this going to fit into the economy and pop culture moving forward? In this interview with “Blockchain Baddie” Karsen Woods, we talk about virtual currency and why it’s not just the way of the future, but also the present. Is Bitcoin worth investing in? How do you sell your virtual content? And why is all of this worth understanding and embracing, like, NOW?? Karsen answers!!
July 07, 2021
129: The Skin Care Gadgets and Tools that are Worth Your Money! SUMMER BEAUTY ROUNDUP with Favorite Products and More
In this episode of WGT, it's a deep dive into the skin care gadgets I'm using that are ACTUALLY worth your money. A summer beauty roundup with skin care product recommendations and more. Products featured: Dermaflash Dermapore Beautybio Scalp Microneedling Kit Droplette The Nue Co Barrier Culture Moisturizer The Nue Co Barrier Culture Cleanser Augustinus Bader The Cream Bynacht Post Laser and Procedure Repair Serum Bynacht Perfect Nacht Sleeping Balm For tons more beauty talk and posts, check out the WGT blog here! Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta
June 30, 2021
128: Reclaiming Your Feminine Energy, with The Feminine Freedom
In this episode, the founder of @theFeminineFreedom talks with me about what feminine energy is; how we all have both masculine and feminine energy; how to own your own personal energy blend and more. Barbara schools Sonni on why being productive and focused needs to be balanced with being present, creative and sensual. Follow @thefemininefreedom and @sonniabatta on IG for more.
June 23, 2021
127: This One's for the Dads! ANDREW IS BACK Just in Time for Father's Day, Plus His Dad's Day Gift Guide
In this special Father’s Day episode of We Gotta Talk, we have on my favorite correspondent and all-around best baby daddy ever, my husband Andrew. Listen as Andrew pats himself on the back for regularly unloading the dishwasher, packing the kids’ lunches, and being the ultimate “Modern Dad.” We also talk about how things have changed so much for this generation of fathers. Andrew also says he does not want to give any advice on parenting but he does have some great little wisdom nuggets to drop. And as a major BONUS, Andrew is sharing his Father’s Day Gift Guide! It’s not too late to buy for the dads in your life!! Links to all items below, and descriptions of why they’re so great in the episode itself. This one is so fun. Enjoy! ANDREW’S FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE LINKS: For the Stylish Dad: Lululemon ABC Jogger in Warpstreme Goodlife Scallop Crewneck T-shirt Birdwell Swimming Trunks RAEN Sunglasses For the Tech Dad: Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Beats Studio Buds
June 16, 2021
126: You Got Me Hypnotized. What’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) & My Personal Experience
I got hypnotized! In this episode, I dive into the details of rapid transformational therapy with certified hypnotherapist, Shanna Windle @shine_wellness. This episode is all about how the process works, what specific issues we worked on, what other issues he could work on, and answers all of the typical questions about hypnotherapy like: is it easy to go under? Will I still be in control? What are the things that we can use this for? Does it actually work? It’s a major, and majorly personal, deep dive.
June 09, 2021
125: Newly-Minted Introvert. Also SUMMER'S HERE... (How Did We Survive THAT?) Therapy Update, Hypnotherapy and More
Summer is HERE (unofficially), and I can't believe we got through this past year. A look back on this past school year for the kids and how we all went bonkers, and what's ahead this summer. Also an update on therapy, new modalities I'm trying (hello RTT!), and why I'm a newly-minted introvert. WHAT. :|
June 03, 2021
124: WE GOTTA TALK... Infant Loss Support & Grief Recovery, Part 2
This week is a continuation of an amazing, in-depth conversation we started last week on the topic of infant and child loss. Noelle Moore, founder of The Finley Project, joins me and two mental health experts to discuss the complicated road to recovery after such a tragic loss. Our panel this week includes not only Noelle, who goes more into her own story, but also: Chris Kavenagh, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the owner of Five Stones Counseling Services, LLC in Winter Springs, Florida, who specializes in the treatment of trauma and grief, with an emphasis on child loss. And Jenna Vandenberg, a a certified Grief Recovery Specialist who holds  a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. Find more on The Finley Project and how they’re helping to heal mothers by clicking HERE, and by following them on IG HERE. Follow me on IG HERE, and read more blog posts on recent topics HERE.
May 26, 2021
123: WE GOTTA TALK... Infant Loss Support with The Finley Project, Part 1
This week’s episode is a big, tough subject, and I’m so grateful to my guest for being so open and raw with her story. Noelle Moore is the founder of The Finley Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping women after infant or young child loss. She started The Finley Project after losing her own daughter, and their unique seven-step holistic healing process has been helping other families who are in the same position since its founding. In this episode we discuss Noelle’s personal story; how she’s healing; the emotional ups and downs of her healing and growth process; how The Finley Project is different than other groups, and so, so much more. Come back next week when we bring in two mental health professionals who address the emotional aspects of this tough topic. For more on The Finley Project click HERE. Follow The Finley Project on IG HERE. Follow me on IG HERE, and read more blog posts on recent topics HERE.
May 19, 2021
122: WE GOTTA TALK... SOCIAL MEDIA. The Double-Edged Sword of Self-Promotion; How to Avoid "Scroll Envy;" and How to Brand Yourself in a Digital World, with Author Jessica Abo
What do you love about social media? What do you hate about it? How has it connected or disconnected you? Some common answers include: -I hate the stalking and I hate the pressure to promote. -I love keeping in touch with friends and I love the community Media Trainer Jessica Abo joins the show with tips on how to be authentic on social media, when to unfollow people and how to know what to post.  Jessica is also the author of the book, “Unfiltered: How to Be as Happy as You Look on Social Media.”
May 13, 2021
121: WE GOTTA TALK... Real Mom Sh*t. A Funny Look at Motherhood with the Ladies of Momtourage and Andrea Rappaport
Hey mamas?…. This show is all about you! The good, the bad, and the crazy parts of motherhood. You've laughed, you've cried, you've loved, you've locked yourself in the bathroom and it's all part of being Mom. You’re an expert Sibling Peacemaker. An hourly Snack Maker. A Finder of the Missing Blankie. A paragon of peace when your preteen is driving you absolutely NUTS. Which is why we have three hilarious moms joining the show to talk about the Real Mom Sh*t! You'll hear from Sonni, the Momtourage Podcast Hosts - Ashley Hearon-Smith & Keri Setaro, and mom/humorist Andrea Rappaport!
May 06, 2021
120: WE GOTTA TALK... KNOWING YOUR WORTH. Negotiate a Raise, Lead with Your Feminine Energy, and Command the Board Room with Guest Joanna Lovering, from Copper + Rise
Lots of women face challenges around presence--how you present yourself to the world. That can look like playing small or underestimating yourself in relationships, at work... you name it! The reason women do this? Because no one ever told them that PRESENCE matters! Enter the dynamic Joanna Lovering, an executive presence coach, who is joining the show to help you build confidence in how you speak, how you act, and how you look. Essentially, how to become more YOU through recognizing your true worth and value! To work with Joanna click HERE  Follow Joanna on Instagram HERE! Follow Sonni on Instagram HERE and check out a TON of great articles on best living, health, beauty and more, HERE. Sonni's Blog on Dr. Zenovia’s Website HERE
April 29, 2021
119: Married White Female Seeks Therapist. And Pregnancy Test.
Apparently I’m just getting the bulletin that I’m ANXIOUS AS HELL. In this solo dive we talk about why hormones are the devil; the hunt for the perfect therapist; all the modalities I love for treating situational anxiety and that one time I took a pregnancy test because I thought it could be the only explanation for my craziness. LAST WEEK.
April 22, 2021
118: WE GOTTA TALK... HUMAN DESIGN. Why Are You How You Are? How to Use Your Innate, Born-in Traits to Find Peace and Thrive
Imagine if you were handed a “How to Live Manual'' specific to you and your unique gifts. How would that manual change your life? That manual DOES exist and it’s called Human Design. It’s been described as a combination between astrology and Myers-Briggs and uses your location and date of birth. Human design outlines your talents and skills and shows you how to best apply them based on how you engage with the world. It provides practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life. To show you how it works we have Randi Lee, human design coach, joining the show. Randi will explain human design and conduct a live analysis! Connect with Randi on her website HERE Book your 90-minute personalized Human Design reading HERE - Get $222 off w/ code PODCAST Permission to Be You, Randi's Free Human Design Course is HERE 
April 15, 2021
117: WE GOTTA TALK... HORMONES AND SKIN. Board-Certified Dermatologist and Renowned Expert Dr. Zenovia Talks Inflammaging, the Factors to Glowing Skin and More
Hormones have a huge impact on our skin’s health throughout life’s various stages. I dealt with hormonal adult acne in my 20’s and enlarged pores and a general increase in skin laxity in my 30’s. I’m not alone, 80% of women suffer from health issues like acne and aging due to hormonal imbalances. Enter Dr. Zenovia and her skincare line! She joins the show this week to share her 360 holistic perspective, including hormonal balance for healthier skin at every stage of life. She’ll explain the hormonal connection to our skin, how our pores work, and the number one solution to slow skin aging. Plus, I’m stripping off my makeup for you as Dr. Z gives me a virtual skin consultation! Follow Dr. Zenovia on Instagram HERE! Follow Sonni on Instagram HERE! Sonni's Blog on Dr. Zenovia’s Website HERE
April 08, 2021
116: WE GOTTA TALK… KIDS AND TECHNOLOGY. Yes, You CAN Raise a Normal, Decent Human Being Who Also Uses an iPad and Cell Phone
This week’s guests are here to dig in on Kids and Technology. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it, amirite?! Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, Professor of Education at the University of Delaware, author of “Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children” and Dr. Rebecca More, Senior Research Associate at the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy at the Ohio State University are here to dig in DEEP on why you aren’t a bad parent if you rely on an iPad once in a while. We talk: * The benefits and drawbacks of raising kids in a technological world * If Fortnite is really that bad (had to get specific on this one) * Rules of thumb for setting limits on devices * Ways to check if the apps your kids are playing are age-appropriate * Specific conversation starters for pre-teens who ask for cell phones …and so, SO much more. It’s fun and informative and we giggle a lot because, really, whether we like it or not this is the world we’re raising our children in, and we have to have practical ways of using technology. Enjoy! Find Roberta’s amazing book, “Becoming Brilliant: What Science Teaches Us About Raising Successful Children,” HERE. Find out more about the work Rebecca is doing HERE. Follow me on IG HERE and read tons more articles and fun deep dives on the WGT Blog HERE!
April 01, 2021
115: WE GOTTA TALK...Changing the World One Small Act at a Time with Project Pop Drop
This week is all about CHANGE, and what better way to round out the week than with a bonus episode on how to change the world, one small act at a time. John David Snyder and Niki Shadrow Snyder are the founders of Project Pop Drop, a non-profit that delivers essential supplies to homeless and needy populations across the country. They even bring their 7- and 3-year-old triplets to volunteer every month to help out. Serious family goals! In this episode we talk about their journey to founding Project Pop Drop; how they’re encouraging other businesses to develop their own giveback systems; and why we can all help change the world when we start small. Follow Project Pop Drop on IG here! Follow me on IG here!
March 26, 2021
114: WE GOTTA TALK… CHANGE. Why it’s hard and how to make change last with Dr. Gabija Toleikyte
If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? Your stress levels, weight, relationships, or your job? Creating that change is possible! Though FYI change is hard AF and emotional, but it’s not as tough as you think. Dr. Gabija Toleikyte joins us to explain the science behind what makes us tick and will share practical tips to make change happen, including: What the brain needs to create new habits The magical power of motivation and how to boost it -Simple ways to improve productivity You’ll be able to train your brain to make change LAST after this discussion! Dr. Gabija Toleikyte is a neuroscientist, lecturer, and performance and wellbeing coach. She is the author of the book Why the F*ck Can't I Change? Insights from a neuroscientist to show that you can And she is a TEDx speaker and her work has been featured in the Guardian. Dr. Gabija Combines coaching experience with neuroscience insights, Gabija has been able to develop unique seminars, where solid neuroscience research is presented in the context of the topics relevant for organizations. VIRTUAL FERTILITY RALLY IS ON APRIL 17,2021 MORE INFO HERE MORE ON THE INFERTILE AF PODCAST HERE 
March 25, 2021
113: WE GOTTA TALK... SUPPLEMENTS FOR GLOWING SKIN with Fitness Expert Christine Bullock
This past year has been a journey--to say the least--but this week as we dig into RITUALS as our theme, we are working our bodies to help keep our minds clear with the beautiful Christine Bullock. We ran through a 10-minute workout you can do on repeat to stay in shape HERE Then we made a delicious Glowing Skin Smoothie and talked about effective Kayo body care & supplements to add to your routine. These products reduce body inflammation which prevents disease and prevents breakdown of the body to keep us feeling young, no matter our age! GET 20% OFF QUALIFYING KAYO PRODUCTS with the code WEGOTTATALK on Kayo's website. Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe 1 Scoop @KayoBodyCare’s Skin Perfect Next-Gen Collagen Powder 1 Banana (Frozen preferred for ice cream texture) ½ cup Organic Strawberries (Fresh or Frozen) ¼ cup Organic Raspberries (Fresh or Frozen) 1 cup Oat Milk or any plant-based milk Blend and enjoy!
March 18, 2021
112: Quick Hit on RITUALS. My Never-Fail Nighttime Relaxation Ritual, and a Catch-up
Let's catch up! In this solo ep I round up a little of what's going on around here, and talk you through my nighttime relaxation ritual, since this week on WGT is all about Rituals. Products mentioned: Sleeping balm: Neck cream: Lip Mask 1: Lip Mask 2: Silk pillowcase: Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta!
March 15, 2021
111: WE GOTTA TALK... SUSTAINABLE LIVING. Ecobabe Monica Richards Runs Us Through the Simplest Eco Swaps to Make the Biggest Difference for our Planet
This week we gotta talk... Sustainable Living! Does hearing the word "climate change" make you angry, itchy, or just plain nervous? Well this week ecobabe Monica Richards is here to explain why making SUPER simple "eco swaps" can add up to a huge, positive impact on our planet. Monica is here to empower us to master sustainable living in today's modern world--and yes, making small changes DOES add up big time to helping our planet. In this episode Monica shares super simple swaps for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and  and living space that can help you start making a positive impact now! To shop all the products mentioned in today's episode, check out Monica's Amazon shop HERE. Tune in for all the sustainable living tips you'll need to make one small decision to make things just that much better on our planet. For more good talk, tips, and big topics, check out the WGT Blog here, and follow me on IG here! Follow Monica on IG here!
March 11, 2021
110: WE GOTTA TALK... ROYAL GOSSIP! A Breakdown on the Meghan and Harry Oprah Interview with Foreign Correspondent Dana Lewis
In this BONUS episode of We Gotta Talk, we dig into the Royal TEA on the Oprah and Meghan/Harry interview. Dana Lewis, a foreign correspondent based in London, talks all about the British press and its purported role in their leaving the U.K.; the public's perception of "Megxit;" what he thinks about the incendiary skin-color comment; and more. It's a juicy one! More on the guest: Dana Lewis is the host of the podcast "Back Story with Dana Lewis," and is a foreign correspondent currently based in London. He's worked from Moscow, Jerusalem and Canada with several networks including NBC News, FOX News and Al-Jazeera. Check out his weekly newsletter HERE. Follow me on IG HERE and check out the latest blog posts on all sorts of current events, health trends, beauty and more, HERE.
March 09, 2021
109: WE GOTTA TALK... HEALTH TRENDS: The Good, The Bad and The Crazy with Dr. James Simmons of Ask the NP
Yoni egg... ear beads... LED light masks...detox teas. So many health trends, so little time to try them all. That’s why WE asked a board certified nurse practitioner, Dr. James Simmons, about everything you're too scared to ask your MD! Dr. Simmons gives us the medical truth about the good, the bad, and the batsh** crazy health trends. This episode is SO GOOD and packed with TONS of takeaways on all the health trends you've always wondered about, but never tried. Enjoy! xoxo Here's a list of topics we cover: Yoni egg 17:10 Yoni steaming 21:50 Ear beads 25:45 Ear wax candling 27:45 Celery juice 30:57 Colonics 32:35 Juice Cleanses – 38:00 LED light masks – 40:00 Charcoal pills – 41:30 Powdered greens – 43:15 “Detox” teas – 45:00 Waist trainers – 46:30 Placenta pills – 48:30 Sauna/infrared – 50:00 Green tea diet – 52:15 Apple cider vinegar – 53:20 No carb/low carb lifestyles and diets – 54:30 Powdered collagen – 58:20 Blood Type Diet – 1:02:10 Want more? Follow me on IG HERE, and James on IG HERE. And for more great posts on health, beauty, life and more, check out the WGT Blog.
March 04, 2021
108: WE GOTTA TALK... StereoType Founder Elizabeth Brunner on Why Gender Norms and Kids Clothes Don't Go Together
Let’s talk about kids fashion and the lack of gender free clothing. Enter the most amazing line of gender free kids clothing, StereoType by Elizabeth Brunner! We are showing off some AMAZING kids' fashions from StereoType Kids Tutus, superhero t-shirts and skirts that double as capes... why do they only have to be "boys'" and "girls'" fashions? That's what StereoType offers, amazing styles that any kid would be happy to rock! Elizabeth is both a designer and passionate parent who knew there was something missing in the children’s fashion world and has created a brilliant line of blended fashion that is wearable, well-designed, and fun. You can watch and see the clothing here on the Facebook Page. Follow me on Instagram here, and check out daily posts on the We Gotta Talk blog here!
February 25, 2021
107: WE GOTTA TALK... KIDS AND GENDER. Moms of Trans Kids Open Up on Their Paths to Understanding and Acceptance
This week we gotta talk... KIDS AND GENDER. And listen guys... the revelations and "aha" moments on this episode SHOOK me. It's good. So good. Actress, writer, coach and proud mom of a trans child, Dahn Ballard, as well as parent/teen coach and proud LGBTQ+ mom Vanessa Baker, are opening up BIG time, not only on their children's courses to their true authenticity, but also the conversations they had to have with THEMSELVES to understand their children's journeys. They are so full of wisdom and patience in walking us through their stories--how their kids came out, what they felt, how they came to a point of understanding and acceptance, and so much more--and I'm incredibly grateful for them opening up so candidly to me. Why this topic? Because understanding is key to evolution. Even if this issue doesn't touch you or your family personally, I PROMISE you will walk away with a broader and more compassionate understanding of this complex issue. Let's all learn together! Guest info: Dahn Ballard: Blog, Instagram Vanessa Baker: Website, Instagram, "Transgender Kids Starter Kit for Parents" mentioned on the show
February 22, 2021
106: WE GOTTA TALK… EMOTIONAL EATING. How Trauma and Society Can Kickstart Eating Disorders, and How to Live with Self-Love and Good Habits, with emotional eating coach Andrea Montoya
This week WE GOTTA TALK emotional eating—what it is, why it happens, and how the hell to conquer it. I talk with nutritionist and emotional eating coach Andrea Montoya, of @thingsandreasays, to talk all about the deep-seated issues behind many women’s battles with emotional eating, and she talks about her process of working with clients to ditch the scale, feel their best, and learn self-love. We talk: * The one thing that almost all emotional eaters have in common * How we can end up in a cycle of binge eating * Andrea’s personal battle with binge eating and eating disorders, and what helped her turn things around * The power of a mantra * The true connection between our traumas and how we eat…and so much more! Check out Andrea’s website, get info on her courses and programs here, and follow her on Instagram here. Follow me on Instagram here, and check out daily posts on the We Gotta Talk blog here!
February 17, 2021
105: WE GOTTA TALK... HOW TO FIND YOUR STYLE, with Celebrity Stylist Melanie Pace
Ever stood in your closet and wondered, “WHAT am I going to wear today?!” When the pandemic is over and we’re out and about in the world again, how good is it going to feel to get dressed up and go out? While the vaccine works its magic, prepare your closet to be ready for your post-pandemic debut with me and celebrity stylist Melanie Pace, as we talk all about Finding Your Style. · Tips to put what you already have together · Closet staples you’ll use time and time again · Dressing for your Present Self (and not your Past Self!) · Nailing down your style Did you submit a question? Check out the time codes for the topics below! Finding good “middle ground” clothes between your work wear and weekend wear: 49:30 Loungewear for the short and curvy: 52:00 How to dress for menopause, viewer question said, “I’m going through menopause, so nothing seems to fit or I look ‘thick and pudgy.’”  55:30 How to wear shorts as a tall, yet curvy girl: 58:00 Updating your wardrobe affordably in small steps: 1:00:10 Tips for short ladies with small waists and wide hips: 1:02:20 Follow Melanie on Instagram HERE! Follow me on Instagram HERE! And check out the blog for more stories and articles daily, HERE. Items Mel mentions: Gucci Sneakers Option 1 Gucci Sneakers Option 2 Golden Goose Option 1 Golden Goose Option 2 Nike sneakers Barely There Nudist Sandal More affordable option Nude Pump Option 1 and Option 2 Combat Boots Lug Sole boots White Bootie Option 1 White Bootie Option 2
February 11, 2021
104: WE GOTTA TALK... MOM RAGE, Maternal Mental Health and Why Good Parenting is an Inside Job, with Dr. Gertrude Lyons
This week’s theme is maternal mental health, and we are bringing the realness on the podcast and blog. This week’s guest is Dr. Gertrude Lyons, a doctor of education, coach and Director of Family Programs at The Wright Foundation. In this episode we cover: Mom rage How to connect with our kids at every age How our mothers impact the way we parent Tactics to take us out of “reaction mode” How to have conversations with your kids to really know what they’re thinking Dealing with postpartum anxiety Healing ourselves first to be better mothers I also share my experience with postpartum anxiety and the intervention my sister had with me to help get me back on track. For more real talk on maternal mental health, check out the blog this week, including a 5 Questions roundup with pediatric occupational therapist and mom coach, Dr. Jennifer Blossom. Check out Dr. Gertrude Lyons and more of her work here, and follow her on Instagram here. Wanna chat? Follow me on Instagram here.
February 04, 2021
103: WE GOTTA TALK... LIVING WITH LESS. Create a Minimal Wardrobe You Love with KonMari Method Consultant Cassidy Nasello
Imagine a wardrobe filled only with pieces you love. That would not only make getting dressed easier, but also make you happier. This all plays together with the concept of minimal living, or living with less, because a streamlined space means fewer decisions. We've brought in Certified KonMari Method Consultant + Certified Professional Coach, Cassidy Nasello, to help you curate a conscious life through sustainable style. Everything from how to start organizing your life, what questions to ask yourself about discarding items, and what questions to ask when keeping items! Plus, easy tips to organize kids toys, kids artwork and small bathroom items.  Here's a link to the app Cassidy mentioned about archiving kids artwork More info on Cassidy HERE Check out my KonMari closet makeover with @atidytransformation HERE The Three Organizational Tools I Used After KonMari'ing my closet, HERE Check out the latest tips and beauty talk on my blog HERE, and follow me on Instagram HERE.
January 28, 2021
102: WE GOTTA TALK... SEX. How to Have a Healthy Sex Life and Increase Intimacy with Your Partner, with Sex Coach and Therapist Zoë Kors
How’s your sex life? Amazing? Non-existent? Are you craving more intimacy? Need help communicating? Wherever you are, a healthy sex life is important for your emotional well-being—an intrinsic part of feeling connected to our partner, which in turn impacts our own mental health. This week's guest is Zoë Kors, a sought-after thought leader of intimacy and sexuality and the resident sex and intimacy coach and contributor at Coral, a sexual health app “that shows you how to have your best sex life through personalized lessons, guided exercises, real stories and more.” Zoë shares her expertise and answers your questions to help your sex life, and we take YOUR amazing (saucy) questions right to her! Head to 31:00 if you want to hear those right away. Mentioned in the show: 5 Questions with Zoë Kors The Glass Dildo Recommendation HERE Sex Toys Throughout History Books mentioned: "Come As You Are," by Emily Nagoski, PhD Urban Tantra, Sacred Sex for the 21st Century, by Barbara Carrellas Connect with me and our guest: Click to connect with Zoë Kors. Check out the latest tips and beauty talk on my blog HERE, and follow me on Instagram HERE.
January 21, 2021
101: WE GOTTA TALK… MONEY. Getting Your Mindset Right to Earn Big in 2021
Ever wonder why it’s so hard to save money? And where do you even start? I never thought about this before, but it turns out your mindset can drive your ability to save money. That's where a financial therapist comes in--essentially guiding you where and how to save, and how to break bad patterns when it comes to your relationship with money. Get your mindset right with Wendy Wright, LMFT, CEDS, CEIC, Financial Therapist and Certified Financial RecoveryTM Counselor [CFRC] who is also a psychotherapist and consultant based in Denver, CO. She offers financial counseling to help clients name the blocks that get in the way of finding clarity and freedom in their relationship with money, spending, saving, and debting. Tracking Worksheet link  Promotion Code: SONNI121 This promotional code can be used on either of Wendy's upcoming financial groups. Money, Mindfulness, Mastermind, beginning on February 23, 2021, is a 12-week experience with a live, bi-weekly learning/experiential group and hands-on and quantifiable homework. MMM will be a place to join together with like-minded women entrepreneurs to learn, grow, get support, and make tangible changes to your business and personal life. The Intersection of Money and Milkshakes, beginning on February 16, 2021, is a 12-week experience with a live, bi-weekly process group and an interactive, downloadable workbook to walk you through the experience. IMM is for those people looking to gain confidence in their financial future AND experience freedom from food issues. Check out the latest tips and beauty talk on Sonni's blog HERE. Follow Sonni on Instagram HERE.
January 14, 2021
100: WE GOTTA TALK... BREATHWORK. Breathe Your Way to a More Powerful & Calm Life, with Stevie Wright
Breathe with me!  Okay, THIS WAS INSANE. Breath work facilitator and self-love coach Stevie Wright walks us through a breathing exercise that will have you literally floating. We cover: 〰️ What happens when you breathe deeply 〰️ The parasympathetic vs sympathetic system 〰️ Breathing for calm, anxiety, and so much more 〰️ Healing emotional trauma through breathwork Oh, and I also cry, so THAT WAS FUN! Stevie is a breath work facilitator and certified self-love coach. Breath work is a tool everyone can use to move stagnant energy and shift your mindset. Stevie will demonstrate a 4-minute breathing exercise to shift ourselves out of stress and into the present. For more of Stevie's breathing exercises check out “The Breath Channel” HERE Check out all the latest tips and beauty talk on my blog HERE. Follow me on Instagram HERE.
January 07, 2021
99: WE GOTTA TALK... The Best of 2020! Biggest Moments and Hot Tips from Our Guests in 2020
This week it's the best of the best guests, from the most listened to episodes to the most impactful guests, all in one place for you.  You'll hear tidbits and takeaways from previous guests to help strengthen you mentally, physically, and spiritually as you enter 2021.  You'll hear me pop in throughout this episode, introducing the guests.  Here's a big virtual hug from me to you as we close out 2020 with this Best of Show episode! To listen to the full episode with each of the guests featured:  Episode 53 - Hormone expert Dr. Carrie Jones Episode 77 - Survivor and activist, Alicia Kozak. A warning: This episode may be triggering for survivors of sexual abuse. Episode 55 - Award-winning author and go-to expert on gentle parenting LR Knost. Episode 76 - Founder of Kashaya Probiotics, Anjali Pati.  Episode 73 - Holistic wellness coach and intuitive eating expert, Shanna Windle. Episode 95 - Astrologer Lumi Pelinku Check out all the latest tips and beauty talk on my blog HERE. Follow me on Instagram HERE.
December 31, 2020
98: WE GOTTA TALK... RACISM. Real Talk and Happy Hour Catch-Up with Friend and Host Undeniably Nikki
This episode is a catch-up with my pal living in Sin City, Nikki. Working together in TV news bonds you for life. We talk about life in TV and the wacko world of Florida news; how I used to pass out beauty products like candy at the TV station; Nikki’s experience living through the BLM movement as a black woman; touchy race issues; the best things about having a sister; her crazy red carpet moments interviewing celebs; and her incredible (aka awful) edible experience recently. It’s a real happy hour chat between buds. Come on in and pour a glass!! *** The foundation I used in the makeup tutorial in the beginning of the interview is HERE. Check out Nikki’s YouTube channel, Undeniably Nikki, where she is always talking pop culture, real life and cracking us up with her sister HERE. Follow Nikki on Instagram HERE. Check out all the latest tips and beauty talk on my blog HERE. Follow me on Instagram HERE. Some of the IG accounts Nikki mentioned during our interview: @angelarye @marclamonthill @kimberlylatricejones @mspackyetti
December 24, 2020
97: WE GOTTA TALK... MIND READING AND INTUITION. The Magic Mentalist, Michael Gutenplan, Teaches Us the Power of Intuition, and How to Read Minds
He read our MINDS but actually, we read HIS mind! The Magic Mentalist, was AMAZING! You'll hear a bit of Michael Gutenplan's show at the beginning of the episode with our live guests. Sonni then chats with the third generation psychic, mentalist and magician about the REAL secret to mind reading and mentalism. Everything Michael does is REAL and you'll discover why Michael's show is actually about you unlocking your psychic potential. He may even inspire you to discover your own superpower! For more on the Guest, Michael Gutenplan click here. Follow Sonni on IG HERE
December 17, 2020
96: WE GOTTA TALK... THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION. Starting with Your Mindset to Heal Your Body, with Integrative Doctor, Dr. Brooke Stuart
This week’s guest is holistic doctor Dr. Brooke Stuart and she is here to HEAL US, BABY. Did you know that your physical health directly correlates to our mental health? This week we are talking about shifting our perspective in order to heal, and Dr. Brooke has some amazing takeaways. From what to change in your diet and sleep routines, to simple breathing exercises that can help you ground yourself and start to heal. Thanks to everyone who sent questions into IG! Here are the timestamps for the questions and answers: * How do I battle insomnia? 40:00 * Clenching jaw when sleeping—possible causes and how to stop: 45:45 * Psoriasis — possible causes and how to treat: 46:30 * How do I get myself to stop overcommitting? 48:00 * A fear of dying early, since my parent did (especially now that I have kids). 50:00 * Moving past fear in general. 52:10 Tons more good stories and tips (and beauty product chat) too. Follow me on IG HERE Follow Dr. Brooke on Instagram HERE  Check out her website and find out how to work with her HERE 
December 10, 2020
95: WE GOTTA TALK... WHAT THE STARS SAY FOR 2021. Predictions for the new year, with Lumi Pelinku, The Celestial Astrologer
Anyone else ready to say BUH BYE to 2020? Yeah, me too. But does 2021 have anything better in store? That's what I'm talking about today with Lumi, The Celestial Astrologer, today. What does the new year have in store for us? How do we need to prepare spiritually, energetically, even financially? We get into ALLLL of that and more, and we also talk about the science behind astrology. We promise it's not all doom and gloom! But... spoiler alert? Make sure you got that self-care routine on lock for next year, too. Want more real talk and tips? Check out the blog and follow along on Instagram at @sonniabatta.  Guest Info:
December 03, 2020
94: WE GOTTA TALK.... PODCASTS, and Why They're Better with Friends, with Goodpods Founder JJ Ramberg
You know those moments -- in the car for a drive or taking a long walk - and you have no CLUE what podcast to listen to next, after listening to We Gotta Talk of course? Is there an app for that? Yes, yes there is, enter Goodpods. Imagine getting a good podcast recommendation from Kim Kardashian West, Simon Sinek, Katie Couric or even your BFF. That's the social power behind this brilliant app. JJ Ramberg is the co-founder of Goodpods and joins us this week to discuss why she started it after working for many years in the News Business and hosting shows on NBC News and BBC World News. Want more real talk and tips? Check out the blog and follow along on Instagram at @sonniabatta and @wegottatalkwithsonni. Guest Info:
November 25, 2020
93: WE GOTTA TALK... MEDIA BIAS AND ELECTION 2020, with SmartHer News Founder and Former FOX News Anchor, Jenna Lee
Where do you actually get the news? Not opinion or panels or dare we say "fake news" but the basic facts, the 411 about what's actually going on? That question is what prompted former anchor of Fox News Channel, Jenna Lee to start SmartHER News which is fueled by facts. No political or personal bias. This week we ask Jenna for all the facts on the General Election 2020 why it matters, how it works and what could happen in 2021. She explains the differences between journalism and opinion based media reporting. Want more real talk and tips?  Check out the blog and follow along on Instagram at @sonniabatta and @wegottatalkwithsonni.
November 19, 2020
BONUS: WE GOTTA TALK... MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. From Mediums and Astrologers to Meditation and More, Finding Your Balance by Looking Inward
Hi friends! This special BONUS episode is all about finding spirituality in these crazy times. My friend and psychotherapist, Niro Feliciano, interviewed me for her podcast, All Things Life, and the conversation was so great, I had to share it here too. We talk all about my search for spirituality beyond religion--including my recent meeting with a medium and my birth charting with an astrologer, as well as elements from my religion of Catholicism that speak to me the most, and the least. We talk about finding individual journeys toward spiritual strength, and questions like, Do you need someone there as an intermediary to "reach" God? Why did I choose these nontraditional paths to find my spiritual center? How do we truly "hear" God? ...and more. I also cry toward the end, so there's that! :| Enjoy, and check out Niro's podcast, All Things Life, wherever you get your podcasts. @NiroFeliciano @SonniAbatta
November 12, 2020
92: WE GOTTA TALK... MOMMY WINE CULTURE. Who is the Sober Mom Squad, and Why They Say We Need to Stop with the Stupid Wine Memes, with Celeste Yvonne
You've seen it everywhere--a mom needing a glass of wine to survive parenting. The internet is rife with drunk moms in Facebook memes and in TikTok videos. Maybe you've experienced it in real life with a happy hour play date. Not all moms are drinkers though; in fact, there's an entire squad of Sober Moms, and the movement is only growing. This week we'll talk to Celeste Yvonne, a co-founded of the Sober Mom Squad and how we can change this 'Wine Culture' in motherhood. Read Celeste's letter to husband Dear Husband Check out Celeste's favorite non-alcohol drinks from Gruvi and use Promo Code: SQUAD for 15% OF Connect with Celeste and the Sober Mom Squad HERE Sponsor Love!! --> Get 30% off your first order of custom-recommended supplements from Vitamin + Me with the code WEGOTTATALK30! Go to the Vitamin + Me website, take the quiz to get matched up with your blends, and use the code WEGOTTATALK30 at checkout for your discount! Want more real talk and tips? Check out my blog right here and follow along on Instagram at @sonniabatta and @wegottatalkwithsonni.
November 11, 2020
91: WE GOTTA TALK... My Opposite-Political-Party Relationship. The Good, The Bad, and the Trumpy.
Ever feel like you can’t have a sane conversation, let alone a relationship, with someone whose political beliefs don’t align with yours 100%? Well I’m here to say you CAN, and in fact you should try! A deep dive into my opposite-political-party relationship—the good, the bad, and the Trumpy. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) Thanks for listening with an open heart and mind! For more on the show click here Join the conversation on Facebook by clicking here Join the conversation on Instagram by clicking here
November 04, 2020
90: WE GOTTA TALK... GHOSTS. Connecting with Spirits and the Other Side, with medium Gloria Warner
You've heard about saging your home, but how do you actually do it? How do you clear the energy in your space? Certified Medium, Gloria J. Warner walks you through all the steps, tells you what to say and shows you how to cleanse your space and life to create a deeper sense of calm. We learn how spirituality and religion can coexist and even hear messages from the other side!  Gloria also shares a simple mantra for you to combat fear based thoughts and a powerful 7 second visualization to call in good energy.  Gloria is an ordained spiritualist minister, national spiritualist teacher, author and certified medium with 54 years of experience. She does not advertise with a website, though if you are interested in connecting with her, you can contact her assistant Galina through email   Take the vitamin quiz and learn more about Vitamin & Me click here 30% off your first order when you use PROMO CODE: WEGOTTATALK30 For more on We Gotta Talk click here
October 29, 2020
89: WE GOTTA TALK... Pelvic Floor Health. This is Why You Pee When You Sneeze! with Pelvic Floor Therapist Marina Castellanos
Do you pee when you sneeze? Or maybe when you do jumping jacks? How about when you have a coughing fit? Well sister, you are NOT ALONE! Pelvic floor health is one of the FIRST things to go as we age, and especially after we have kids, and it’s an often-ignored part of our overall wellness. We break down all the functions of our pelvic floor health, what it is really connected to, and how to make things better. Join me for an honest conversation on our bodies with master of physical therapy, Marina D. Castellanos PT, PLLC who will break down what you need to do to get started on better pelvic floor health. (And yes, how to stop peeing when you don’t want to, too.) Take the vitamin quiz and learn more about Vitamin & Me click here  30% off your first order when you use PROMO CODE: WEGOTTATALK30 Check out Sonni's earrings by WKND WYFR click here For more on the guest Marina Castellanos, PT click here For more We Gotta Talk click here
October 22, 2020
88: WE GOTTA TALK... Is Porn Cheating? This Man Helps Couples Rebuild after Pornography Addiction, with licensed therapist Sam Tielemans
Is pornography ruining relationships and our teenagers' ideas of what sex is? On this week's episode of We Gotta Talk, licensed therapist Sam Tielemans of Healing Couples Solution, who specializes in pornography addiction and its impact on relationships, is here to dig deep on this touchy topic: * How can you tell if there’s a problem in your relationship? * Is porn considered cheating? * How do you set healthy boundaries around porn? * Is sex addiction real? * What is considered an “addiction” to porn? * How to set healthy boundaries for your partner * How to talk to kids about realistic expectations about sex including his recommendation on a book to talk about sex in a healthy way. The book for parents mentioned by Sam is "Good Pictures Bad Pictures," by Kristen A. Jenson. For more on Sam Tielemans, LMFT click here or connect on Facebook. For more on Sonni and the show, "We Gotta Talk" click here. Also check out my blog here. Follow We Gotta Talk on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 
October 15, 2020
87: WE GOTTA TALK... Laughter. Making It as a Comedian; Me Too in the Comic World; and Growing Up Italian Catholic in Pittsburgh, with Comedian and Comedy Writer JC Coccoli
She's hysterical, she's hot, she's HERE TO TALK!! In this episode of my talk show and podcast I talk with comedian (and high school friend!) JC Coccoli, whose comedy touches on everything from climate change to addiction, to losing teeth in the middle of having sex. (Not her teeth.) In this episode we talk life as a comedian, how Me Too hit the industry, what it's like to make it as a writer and comedian in LA and New York, and most importantly, why growing up Catholic in Pittsburgh can really scar a girl. Kidding! She's the best. Enjoy! *** JC is a Pittsburgh born/LA Based humorist & comedienne for Carnival Cruise Line whose raw and playful approach to America's future keeps you smiling. You can catch JC on comedy tours throughout the world and is the host of Amazon Prime’s “New American Road Trip.” Her work has appeared on E!, Comedy Central, MTV, Key & Peel, HBO Max and more. Enjoy the show and check out JC here: JC Coccoli Climate Comedienne
October 08, 2020
86: WE GOTTA TALK... Proactive Health. Can You Prevent Cancer and Disease? Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr. Olga Ivanov on What to Test and Do Starting NOW
This is a GOOD ONE because I know so many of you, like me, want to know actionable things we can do to improve our health. Gone are the days when we see a doctor once a year and hope for the best in between appointments. Now, with a plethora of testing, supplementation and lifestyle options, we can take charge of our own health like never before. That's why this week's topic, PROACTIVE HEALTH, is so good. Our guest, Dr. Olga Ivanov, an oncologist and owner of The IV Lounge, is here to put that POWER back into your hands! We dig into: Proactive vs. preventive health Tests to ask your doctor for Why are women getting cancer so early these days? Can our lifestyle changes really prevent cancer and other disease? Shutting off disease-making agents in your body. We are DIGGING IN, all in the name of better health. OUR GUEST: Dr. Olga Ivanov, MD is a former General Surgery Specialist in Celebration, FL, and has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. She helped pioneer a one-day radiation treatment for breast cancer patients and even though she's no longer practicing medicine, still hears from women daily who seek out her advice on treating breast cancer. Translation: SMART COOKIE. MORE INFO ON THE SHOW: MORE WRITING/BEAUTY TIPS/GIRL TALK:
October 01, 2020
BONUS: WE GOTTA TALK... Entrepreneurship. How to Launch, Pivot & Why We All Need a Career Shift Sometimes, with Sam Jayanti of Ideamix
I call them "second chapters." Reinventions. Pivots. Career changes or shifts. They're brought on by all sorts of life experiences, but the reason behind them is usually the same: Many of us experience life events that force us to reconsider how we earn our living, or funnel our passions. After stumbling across Ideamix online a few months back, I was struck by the ingenuity of a group dedicated to doing just that--helping people not only realize their passions, but put them into action in practical ways. Building a business isn't easy, but it can be made easier with the right resources. And that's where Ideamix comes in. Sam Jayanti, the founder of Ideamix, is here to talk with me about all of this and more! And this episode is the one for you if you're feeling any of the above. Ideamix is all about "actionable inspiration and tools to help you realize your potential and goals," and in this episode Sam and I talk: * How to know if it's time to move onto your next professional chapter * Launching--fast and instinctive, or slow and deliberate? * Gauging success in your new venture * How to set processes that support your goals, no matter how you're feeling that day * How to lead a team * Leaning into the challenges, and the powers, that motherhood gives you in regards to entrepreneurship ...and SO much more! Sam was a JOY to interview, and this episode is a wealth of information for anyone looking to make a pivot in their professional lives. Enjoy! For more on Sam, check out, or follow them on IG @theideamix. The book she mentions in the interview is: Under Pressure by Lisa Damour. SUBSCRIBE and review for good karma! ;) More me: @SonniAbatta and @WeGottaTalkwithSonni, or,
September 26, 2020
85: WE GOTTA TALK... Cheating and Infidelity: Do You Stay or Do You Go? Signs of Infidelity, Why People Cheat, & How to Come Back from Betrayal with Sandy Weiner of Last First Date
This week's episode is all about infidelity, with love coach Sandy Weiner from Last First Date. Boy oh boy, do we dig in. And YES, we answered YOUR questions you submitted too! Is it possible to stay with a cheater? What are the signs of an affair? Why do people cheat in the first place? What steps does she recommend for healing? Sandy is an internationally-known TEDx speaker, a woman's love and empowerment coach, and she's spent years helping people make themselves, and their relationships, better. For more on Sandy: Sandy's Book: Becoming a Woman of Value: How to Thrive in Life and Love by For more on the show:
September 24, 2020
84: WE GOTTA TALK... Mom Friends. We Need Them, but Da** They Can Be HARD to Find. How to Make Mom Friends, with Ashley Hearon-Smith & Keri Setaro of Momtourage Podcast
We gotta talk... about how to find mom friends! It's not easy, but mom friends are crucial to surviving and thriving in parenthood. Ashley Hearon-Smith and Keri Setaro of the Momtourage Podcast, join Sonni Abatta to dig deep on the topic. Follow Sonni: IG @WeGottaTalkwithSonni Follow the Guests:  IG @MomtouragePodcast
September 17, 2020
83: MOM HAPPY HOUR! Cross-Country Move w/ a Toddler During COVID, Husbands Hate IG & More
Well here we are! The last episode of 30 Something before this show transitions over to the new name, We Gotta Talk with Sonni, and it's AMAZING. Dana is a childhood friend and in this ep we go on a trip down memory lane of all things being 80s/90s kids, growing up in Pittsburgh, her work at Triller, her recent cross-country move with a kid during quarantine, and her journey as a mom to a toddler recently diagnosed with autism. It's a fun and an emotional ride, and I know you'll love it! Follow Dana @danadane412 More Me: @SonniAbatta Tons of beauty tips, thoughts on mot