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Global Hunger Crisis - What is World Hunger Crisis? How World Tackling this Crisis
Global Hunger Crisis - What is World Hunger Crisis? How World Tackling this Crisis The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.” that’s what 35th President, John F. Kennedy said about the World Hunger. Welcome, everyone to the first podcast of WeGroupTalk and today I am going to discuss Global Hunger Crisis and what steps we are taking to control it. WHAT IS WORLD HUNGER CRISIS? To begin with when it comes to the matter of crisis something fearful miserable devastating things predominate us. Be it, challenging poverty, disaster or any other contingency, the consequences are life-threatening. Emphasizing the major issue or threat faced across the world is HUNGER CRISIS. What actually a Hunger Crisis means is worth an issue to discuss. In connection with a crisis live drought or we can say eventually the outcome of the drought-like crisis is a hunger crisis. To be precise it designates undernourishment over a definable period. Biologically we can say painful sensation or state of weakness. Hunger is basically categorized into three forms which are acute, chronic and hidden hunger. Acute hunger is undernourishment over a fixed on the limited definable period of time. It is the most extreme form of hunger and arises during the crisis like droughts, disasters, wars, cyclones or other natural calamities. People who are already suffering from chronic hunger are affected mostly by acute hunger. It constitutes of 8% of the total hunger-stricken people. Chronic hunger is undernourishment for a long-term period. It occurs when the body needs more food but it does not able to fulfill the absorbing requirement. It arises due to poverty and globally it is far more widespread. People suffering from chronic hunger do not have enough money for health nutrition, proper healthcare, medical facilities, clean water and in some cases, they even don't have roof to cover their heads. Read full story at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected!!!!
December 14, 2020