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The WE(i) Think Podcast: Wellness, Environment, Innovation

The WE(i) Think Podcast: Wellness, Environment, Innovation

By WE(i) Think
What if it gets to be simple where you can start integrating wellness and sustainability principles in your hospitality and tourism projects or existing operations now? What if small shifts can have a big impact on your guest experience, employees and local community?

Giving you the basic tools to find the elements that are in tune with your values and vision for your property, and help you serve your overall community better.
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3. Regeneration with Alice Charles
We continue the WE(i) Talk series with Regeneration. This intriguing topic will help to better understand the real meaning of a regenerative approach. As the hospitality industry has suffered due to the recent pandemic, this issue highlights some key factors in introducing regenerative travel to your business and destination. It might just be the perfect opportunity for the hospitality industry to turn the page and discover what our audiences' impressions are, what we think and what experts have to say. Listen to the interesting discussion with Alice Charles who's expertise covers city and urban planning, real estate, urban development, regeneration, construction, infrastructure, environment, climate change and public policy. Delve now into this in-depth conversation about circular economies with this expert! A Series by WE(i) Think
October 29, 2021
2. Veganism with Matthew Kenney
We continue the WE(i) Talk series with a controversial and sensitive topic: food Our relationship with food is influenced by our culture, how we grew up, our environment. "We are what we eat", goes the saying. Is that why we get so passionate when it comes to what we put (or don’t put) in our stomachs? This month, our focus on Food will explore different diets and give you the tools to help your guests with their food choices when coming to your venue. So next time someone asks you which dish is suitable for a paleo or keto diet, you can answer. An interesting conversation about veganism with Matthew Kenney, a celebrity chef based in LA who opened his first Vegan restaurant in 2004. Since then, he's opened several other restaurants, written books and founded Food Future Institute.    What a fantastic opportunity to talk about veganism with this expert!   A Series by WE(i) Think
July 19, 2021
1. Wellness with Sue Harmsworth
Our very first episode of the WE(i) Talk series kicks off with Wellness, a key pillar of WE(i) Think’s services.  Wellness is gaining popularity and the word is being used anywhere and everywhere, bringing confusion among hospitality professionals and customers. Wellness encompasses multidisciplinary elements and touches different aspects of guests’ hospitality and tourism experience. Guests are becoming more educated on these various aspects, integrating them in their lifestyles and wanting to continue their journey whilst they travel. It is therefore important for hotels to understand wellness principles to create the conditions and right environment for guests to easily access wellness elements during their stay. An inspiring conversation with Sue Harmsworth, founder of ESPA and well-respected expert in the industry.  Dive into wellness with us this month, with new content every week and an interesting discussion where you can participate, comment and share.
May 13, 2021
WE(i) Talk Introduction
Dive deep into important topics such as Wellness, Food, Regeneration, Prevention, Sustainability and so much more with WE(i) Think as we launch our new series WE(i) Talk.  A podcast intended to give you the tools to better understand various topics and integrate them into your life and business. 
May 11, 2021