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The Weirdest Bitch You Know

The Weirdest Bitch You Know

By Sleepy House Healing
I’m Myth: the weirdest bitch you know. Let’s chat. Dreams, Healing, sex, magic… I don’t know.
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Lunar Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde Collective Tarot Transmission 🦂🐚
Mercury Retrograde began today (at the time of this recording 5/10) and the lunacy eclipse in Scorpio is on 5/15. Hear me talk about it for an hour! I’m sleepy. We went camping and I slept like shiiit! Forgive me for talking in circles, it will happen again. Want a reading from me? Book here: Join our community
May 10, 2022
Eclipse! eclipse! Eclipse!
You can hear me shuffling the cards a lot with this I realized!! Sorry for an audio experience from the depths of hell, y’all. I cannot force myself to redo this. It simply won’t get done! Better episodes soooon. Love y’all! Twt: @aMythicWitch $aMythicWitch IG: @sleepyhousehealing
April 30, 2022
April Full Moon Collective Tarot Transmission
Sorry for the background noise and echoing! Recorded this transmission through a headache in an empty room at my mom’s house. Check out the Patreon at IG: sleepyhousehealing twitter: @aMythicWitch
April 14, 2022
Dark Moon Tarot Transmission
In this episode I use the Alleyman’s tarot for our Aries new moon collective transmission and it is indeed a dark one! People mentioned (not affiliated) ig @coyote_water @publishinggoblin & @the.trauma.witch If you find value in this podcast consider supporting Myth on Patreon at or if you’d like to book a personal session at
March 30, 2022
Full Moon Collective Transmission
This is a little collective reading for the Virgo full moon. I normally do these as videos every full and new moon on Patreon but I’ve enjoyed experimenting with ways to share it! If you found value in this episode, we’d love to have you in our discord and Patreon community. If you’d like a personal tarot reading book through my website
March 18, 2022
Emotional Dumping is allowed in podcast form because you can turn this off at any time.
Hey y’all I barely have a voice so you know I’m gonna use it to rant. I love you. Don’t forget, if you want a reading from the weirdest bitch you can find all you need to know at and
March 05, 2022
Myth’s talking about Shame Again.
I talk a lot. I don’t even remember what this episode is about. Anyway. As always, you can support me on Patreon at All patrons get access to the full moon transmission I just dropped. Ig @sleepyhousehealing twitter @aMythicWitch Get a reading from me through my website or just send me some money for a snack if you are feeling generous $aMythicWitch
February 15, 2022
Rejecting you before you can reject me
Wanna hear me reflect on some shit for a little more than an hour? This is the episode for you. I smack my lips and talk in circles so much, listening to this may be a real mistake. I dot recommend listening to literally anything I make when you’re in a tender place because I’m talking shit. Sometimes I say things in the “worst way” on accident which might be triggering. Just being myself here and talking about my own healing… if you wanna learn tarot check out my Patreon @ Twitter: @aMythicWitch IG: @sleepyhousehealing $amythicwitch
February 04, 2022
Recorded on the eve of the black moon (last night). Nothing important. Just felt like talking.
January 31, 2022
Trauma Dumpster & Naming Names
This is a deeply painful and personal episode. I need to share this story publicly. Don’t listen to this if you’re not in a good space to hear about younger me being on the receiving end of a creepy pastor’s lewd emails. This situation was such a mindfuck and I’m still trying to sort out the facts from the manipulation. I know people will be angry I’m talking about this. Everything I’m sharing is true.
January 29, 2022
Dream Dumpster
This episode is about resistance and letting go, scarcity wounds, working a dream, and burping in your ear. Twitter: @aMythicWitch IG: @sleepyhousehealing
January 24, 2022
New Bitch, who dis?
A little update on what I’m working on and the name change of this here podcast. As always, find me at, Twitter: @amythicwitch & $amythicwitch
January 22, 2022
Solstice the fuck up Myth, damn
Books are closed at the time of this reading but usually you can get a tarot reading from me through my website: support the podcast and learn about tarot and dream work: ig @sleepyhousehealing Twitter @aMythicWitch
December 21, 2021
Warning: I talk about one of my biggest triggers in this episode. Child death. A trigger rooted in my reality and aren’t most triggers? Take care of yourself and feel free to skip this is you’re in a tender space. I sure am. ig:@sleepyhousehealing Twitter: @aMythicWitch
December 20, 2021
The Sleep Paralysis to Dream Worker Pipeline
This episode is just Myth talking about their early experiences with sleep paralysis and how they’ve lead to deeper connection with the self. Book a session at Support on Patreon at ig: @sleepyhousehealing Twitter @amythicwitch twitch:
December 05, 2021
Myth makes a podcast (again)
Myth woke up this morning and felt the push to make a podcast so here we are. This episode establishes why Myth is making this podcast and what you can (maybe) expect from this space. Support Myth’s Patreon Book a personal reading: IG:@sleepyhousehealing twitter: @aMythicWitch
December 04, 2021