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What a Weird Week

What a Weird Week

By Scotty Horsman
What a Weird Week: the weird stories of the week!
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What a Weird Week Season 2 Episode 12: The One with the Internet Lightning! and #Bonus Junebug Interview
Scotty note: We took Victoria Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend off, so here are some stories from a couple weeks ago... see how many of these weirdos you're familiar with... What a Weird Week: the top ten countdown of weird stories from the news. Check ( for links to all the stories and usual podcast stuff. Show notes for this week... 10 The lady in Oklahoma who got zapped at her computer keyboard after lightning strikes her home. 9 UFOs you guys... 60 minutes and a bunch of not-normally-UFO-reporting news outlets have been  covering the latest batch of videos by credible military witnesses 8 Can we somehow breathe through our bum? Serious inquiries only... 7 Paul McCartney's Eye Yoga??? 6 Why do we think we can beat animals in a hand-to-hand combat situation? 5 Loch Ness monster mystery has been solved. So glad it's finally over! 4 It looks like Dogs are better at detecting Covid than a lot of the tests they use. 3 Another Dog one! A reporter doing a dognapping story actually sees the stolen pooch while doing the story for the news! 2 San Francisco is one of the shopliftiest places in the world? Who knew?? 1 Would you want an extra thumb? Think of the hitchhiking possibilities!
June 7, 2021
What a Weird Week Sun May 16: the one with Kitty Cats, raccoons, and sardines! Season 2, Episode 11
Welcome back to What a Weird Week where we countdown ten weird things. Check ( for more. Here are your show notes for this week... 10 The Idaho lineman who climbed the power pole and rescued a kitty cat... and his smart alec buddy on the ground who did golf announcefr play by play... 9 New Survey: we are buying more impulse purchases than ever! Is it the pandemic? Do you buy more on impulse these days? Here are the top impulse buys we're making... 8 Dracula's Castle in Romania has been turned into a Covid Vaccination Site. The government thinks more people are likely to get vaccinated because it's cool to say you got your vaccine at Dracula's castle. 7 Toronto Raccoon Game... 6  Sardines Could Save Your Life? 5  The Australian lady who had tonsil surgery and woke up talking with an Irish accent... 4  The Smarties McFlurry is officially out of retirement at McDonalds. 3 A story came out this week about the top Googled questions of the last 15 years... 2 New study: Drinking booze actually brings us together you guys! 1 Weird thing that washed up on the beach in Brazil a few ago has been traced back to World War Two... Hope you have a weird week, weirdos!!!
May 17, 2021
What a Weird Week Sunday 2 May 2021: the one with FREE McFlurries and second class Citizen Kane! Season 2, Episode 10
Welcome back to What a Weird Week where we countdown ten weird things. Check ( for more. Here are your show notes for this week... (via 10 The lady who was charged with a felony for not returning a video cassette! 9 The guy in Japan who had 35 girlfriends and now is charged with fraud because he got all his lady friends to buy him birthday gifts. 8 Great news everybody! New Venomous Spider Discovered in Florida... 7 Old Whiskey To be Auctioned off... 6 Beavers Cause Canadian Town To Lose Internet... 5 Crocs sales are through the roof! Which means nothing if the roof you're picturing is very low. But picture a normal or even high roof. THAT's how good Crocs sales are. 4 The poop dispute in Michigan... 3 Be ignorant, receive treat! - Fact: McDonalds McFlurries are delicious. 2 Guy arrested for smuggling 35 finches... but wait, it gets weirder 1 There's a new Greatest Movie of all time...
May 3, 2021
What a Weird Week Sunday 25 April 2021, Season 2 Episode 9: The one where Apple gets hacked!
Welcome back to What a Weird Week where we countdown ten weird things. Check ( for more. Here are your show notes for this week... 10Tire slasher points the finger at themselves... 9New study: a LOT of us started to enjoy doing laundry during the pandemic. 8Lady sets world record for lowest note by a female... 7The Mirror had an article the other day about how dirty our stuff is...  6More Coffee Research reveals how much to have... 5Missing Teenager found 500 miles away from home with no memory of how she got to France or who she is... ****** If you are having anxiety or mental health issues you can get help here ( USA or ( Canada 4Study indicates that people who listen to Rap and drink strong coffee are better drivers... 3That dog who stole a car...  2A late in the game Pandemic Fact about Showering... 1The Apple ransomware hack!
April 26, 2021
Dog Beer, Popcorn Salad, Cryptos in Trees! What a Weird Week Sunday 18 April 2021: Season 2, Episode 8
Welcome back to What a Weird Week where we countdown ten weird things. Check ( for more. 10 Lady in Tennessee tried to use a $1 million dollar bill at a dollar store. 9 The theatre in Portland that kept the Rocky Horror tradition alive... 8 The Food Network has been trending with their Popcorn Salad. 7 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day was this week and Kraft came out with grilled cheese incense. 6 Busch Beer wants to give a taste-tester job to a dog. 5 According to data, more single people prefer Belfies over selfies. I didn't know what a belfie was. 4 How to be Happy: finally solved!!! 3 MP got naked-by-mistake... mistaked (copyright) during official Canadian Government Zoom call and EVERYBODY talked about it 2 Science gives us very white paint, may save the planet. 1 The unusual call to animal control...
April 19, 2021
What a Weird Week on Monday 12 April 2021: The one with Beans and Josh Groban. Season 2, Episode 7
Welcome or welcome back to What a Weird Week, the show about the weird stories of the week! Thanks for Liking, Subscribing, Rating, Sharing, Streaming! Twitter: @whataweirdweek for show notes or 10 Scientists hook up brain to computer through wifi! 9 A Survey came out last week that reveals 42% of us have written poetry. I'm furious. 8 Bomb suit speed record! 7 Almost all of us (90%) are on our phone while we watch TV. 6 Experts say we might be dangerously close to a world wide ketchup shortage because of the lousy stinkin' pandemic. 5 The Wham-O company says the pandemic has been great for Hula Hoop sales. 4 This hospital in Russia caught on fire the other day, while doctors were doing open heart surgery. 3 (Bee story link: Imagine going to the grocery store, paying those insane prices for cereal and certain cuts of beef, then returning to your car to find it infested with bees. What would you do? 2 A school in South Carolina set a new world record by lining up thousands of boxes of cereal and knocking them over like dominoes. 1 Josh Groban's Tears of Beans!
April 12, 2021
Daily Weird from What a Weird Week: Wednesday 7 April 2021: No, not the BEES!! Season 2, Episode 6.5
April 7, 2021
What a Weird Week Sunday, March 21st 2021: On a Mission from God! Season 2, Episode 6
Show Notes ( 10  The minister who didn't know there was a Zoom filter on 9 Without looking it up, I wouldn't know the biggest movie of all time. 8 Bill Ackman is an investor who got-in-early buying stocks for a company that everyone online calls 'the Amazon of South Korea'. 7 More Heinz sauces!? 6 A lady in the Netherlands got a robot tattoo this week. Not a tatto OF a robot, a tattoo done BY a robot. 5 A guy made news this week for breaking the world record involving drinking a Capri Sun fast. 4 Scientists grow human tear glands in a lab, and actually make them cry 3 Scientists surprised by plants a mile under the ice in Greenland... but wait, there's more! 2 That assistant district attorney in Pennsylvania who just got demoted because while he was being an assistant district attorney, he was also making DoorDash deliveries Engineers at Stanford University have finally figured out exactly why hummingbirds hum. It's because they don't know the words. HIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
March 21, 2021
What a Weird Week Sunday, March 14: Time Change Special and the Interview with the Vampire! Season 2, Episode 5
Show notes: ( "Fellow Weirdos: It's Clock Change Weekend here in Eastern Canada, and in much of the world, but not as much of the world as it used to be. Early this morning clocks sprang ahead one hour... so that we can enjoy more daylight... or less nightdark (sorry vampires). Question: Why don't vampires push back on this "more daylight" policy? All the vampires have to move to Saskatchewan?! Is that what's happening? Is Saskatchewan crammed fulla vampires? Background: - waaaay before Daylight Savings, ancient people adjusted their day based on how much sunlight there was gonna be. Like, waaaay before sunglasses. - Ben Franklin wrote that deal about being Early to bed and Early to Rise (icymi, it makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise... it's science) he also wrote to the people of Paris that they should get outta bed early to save on candles. He meant it as a hilarious joke about how lazy he thought they were. It wasn't a gameplan for Daylight Savings. BTW, How bad would you feel if Ben Franklin wrote a diss track about your sleeping habits? Harsh, Ben. - One weird thing about actual, modern Daylight Savings Time is that more than one person came up with it separately, because they wanted more hobby time after work. (see Bug Guy here and Golf Guy here) - Back to this vampire angle... Vampires HATE this time of year. We sat down with Vlad St John, vampire podcaster, author, and TikTok celebrity..."
March 14, 2021
What a Weird Week Sunday, February 28: The one with seafood pants, Season 2, Episode 4
10 Don't put lobsters down your pants, 9 World Record Jigsaw Puzzle Attempt Ends with one piece missing! (JK), 8 The Salmon, Crab, Cactus vending machine boom!, 7 Jameson Irish Whiskey wants you to take vacation time on Saint Patrick's Day, 6 Air Protein is run by wizards or something, 5 They figured out who put a secret message in that painting The Scream (you know... the one that kinda looks like Kevin McCallister putting on after shave...), 4 Your car is soooo messy!, 3 Great News, Cheesethusiasts!!!, 2 Another UFO reported by Airline Pilot, 1 Swimming in Handcuffs World Record!! #lobsterpants #JigsawRecord #JamesonWhiskey #AirProtein #TheScream # #Cheese # UFO #UAP #Handcuffs See the photos and links to more at ( or the easier-to-remember @WhatAWeirdWeek on Twitter (
March 1, 2021
What a Weird Week Monday, February 22nd: The one with the Creepy Bed and Breakfast, Season 2, Episode 3
What a Weird Week: The Top Ten Weird Stories of the Week Podcast. Subscribe . Show Notes . Twitter 10 Stay at the Silence of the Lambs house? 9 Science News: The latest in Wombat Poop Research 8 ***PG13 for ... something... violence maybe? The barber who, while cutting a customers hair, tripped and fell on his own scissors. 7 Move into the neighborhood of Area 51!? 6 Romance Scammers had a terrific pandemic :( 5 3D Printed Steaks are a thing. 4 The Headline: they are still studying caffeine. New study out says won’t ruin your sleep, but is brain-altering. 3 This Honest Hotel Review This guy gave a hotel One Star on TripAdvisor for a reason that caused the review to get shared a bunch online... here's what he said... 2 Impossible-to-find Candy! 1 Yellow Penguin in the news Did you know there were yellow penguins?
February 22, 2021
What a Weird Week, Mon Feb 15 2021: The One with a ton of discoveries! Season 2, Episode 2
10 The Smallest Chameleon, 9 A couple of teenagers have discovered four planets, 8 Four-Year-Old Kid Discovers Dinosaur Footprint, 7 Lucky Charms Cereal that turns your milk green, 6 Remember Number Ten above, when we talked about that Teeny Tiny Chameleon? Well, This Aint That, 5 That guy who ate an Airpod, 4 Scientists Accidentally Discover Strange Creatures Under a Half Mile of ice, 3 What would happen if you stopped showering with soap?, 2 Giant Bear made of roses sets new world record, 1 couple sets up chessboard in 34.09 seconds. That's a world record. What a Weird Week: The Top Ten Weird Stories of the Week Podcast. Subscribe . Show Notes . Twitter
February 16, 2021
What a Weird Week, Mon Feb 1 2021: The One with the Canadian National Anthem, Season 2, Episode 1
What a Weird Week: The Top Ten Weird Stories of the Week Podcast. This week's show notes Here: or...  Subscribe . Show Notes . Twitter Pink Kraft Dinner, Another Proud Canadian World Record, Mind Control Dream Manipulation Heads-up, Game Stop and Reddit, Volcano Mouse, Subway Tuna, Tik Tok Potatoes, hardly anything else though
February 1, 2021
What a Weird Week Wednesday January 21, 2021: The one with my other kid #English #Assignment #EQ Season 2, episode 1
It's a new year and a new season of What a Weird Week! Instead of the usual format, this is an interview with an EQ expert (my daughter). This English assignment on Emotional Intelligence respectfully submitted before the 11:59p deadline on Wed Jan 20th 2021. ;) Get in touch via Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek
January 21, 2021
What a Weird Week Christmas Special: Twas the Night Before! Dec 24th 2020, Season 1, Episode 19
show notes: What a Weird Week: The Top Ten Weird Stories of the Week Podcast. In this episode, an excerpt from our Xmas Eve radio special featuring a reading and analysis of A Visit from Saint Nicholas Subscribe . Show Notes . Twitter
December 25, 2020
What a Weird Week, Sun. Dec. 13 2020: The One with Long Walks, UFOs and Norbert Season 1, Episode 18
What a Weird Week - Top 10 Weirdest Stories of the Week Podcast Full Shownotes for this ep at ( 10 Man Goes on 280 Mile Walk to Blow Off Steam After Fight with Wife 9 A guy who was in charge of Israel’s space security program for decades says that aliens are so real he CAN'T EVEN. 8 Another UFO image has been leaked that supposedly came from a US government report 7 This wee little water based robot that's powered by light will steal your heart or haunt your dreams. 6 we have about 6 Dopplegangers 5 Once again, cotton candy machines are making the world a better place. 4 Mount Everest is officially a little bit taller... 3 Finally! Breakdancing gets the attention it deserves!! 2 They had a crazy-long run with their Hershey's Kisses playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas and this year they've changed their holiday commercial. 1 Santa just set a world record for pulling a sleigh that weighed 36 thousand pounds!! Subscribe . Show Notes . Twitter
December 14, 2020
What a Weird Week for Sunday Dec 6 2020: the one with more Monoliths (season 1, epsode 17)
Our Monolith Roundtable Episode  Timeline via: see Podcast Home for all show notes... Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek... Podcast Home... or Subscribe wherever
December 7, 2020
What a Weird Week Tues Dec 1: the one with my kid
My daughter had an assignment to do a podcast on Cyborg Anthropology. Kablammy! Here it is!! To learn more try Comments? Tweet us
December 2, 2020
What a Weird Week Nov 29 2020: The One with the Cheating Doctor. season 1 episode 16
5 Cheating Doctor 4 Scammy McScammerson 3 Weird Metal Object in Utah... and it's GONE!!? 2 Honorable Mention not Zombie Minks, Secret Short Story is out there! 1 #PeeGate see Podcast Home for all show notes... Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek... Podcast Home... or Subscribe wherever
November 30, 2020
What a Weird Week Sun Nov 22, 2020: The one with the Stuffing Jacket. Season 1, Episode 15
(Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek.) 10 The less rare "Minute Diamond" 9 Stop-Motion Rudolph sold at auction! 8 Stove Top Stuffing's Line of Formalwear 7 Seagulls and their superpowers 6 Not so fast, human aging process! (very proud of that headline) 5 The Designing Nightmare that is ... the Pop Bottle 4 Apple Pie Pepsi Contest 3 George Clooney and the Million Dollar Suitcase Secret 2 Become Holiday Cheermeister, get PAAAAAAID! 1 Bud Light gaming console auction
November 23, 2020
What a Weird Week Podcast for Nov 8, 2020: The One with the Space Pancakes (Season 1, Episode 14)
Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek 10 This kid rattles off 50 cartoon characters in a minute to get in the Guinness Book of World Records! 9 Killer Iceberg on the Rampage: 8 Duck-Billed Glowypus... 7 Whale Tail Sculpture Catches Train, and our Hearts... 6 When this New Disney Animatronic Makes Eye Contact, You will confess everything... 5 Followup to the baby shark story... 4 Anxious to play some Xmas music? You might do yourself some damage! 3 'Contact Lens-installing, Mr Roboto' 2 (Number 2 spot for audacity) the article that boasted "Scientists think they've solved a 99 million year old fossil mystery"... 1 This headline: "NASA's Curiosity rover spots unusually shiny Mars rock shaped like a pancake"... What a Weird Week Podcast for Nov 8, 2020: The One with the Space Pancakes S1E14 Shownotes:  (…)
November 9, 2020
What a Weird Week podcast for Sun Nov 1, 2020: Should we start the My Favorite Murder Hornet Podcast yet? (Season 1, Episode 13)
10 This Murder Hornet Extraction Team at work ( and ( 9 KFC Fried Chicken Firelogs ( 8 Play Doh for grownups ( 7 Robot Roboat ( 6 Bionic Eye ( 5 Man wins a settlement against Ginger Ale ( 4 Ghostbuster Shoes ( 3 Extremely Valuable Valuable Asteroid to be visited ASAP ( 2 Giant Reef Discovered ( Honorable Mention: Moon Water! ( 1 This Clocks Fall Back Primer ( Podcast Home (
November 2, 2020
What a Weird Week podcast for Sun Oct 25, 2020: The one with Two Very Different Drinks of Kool Aid! (Season 1, Episode 12)
What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek. 10 Baby Shark vs Despacito! 9 Kool Aid bandit! A guy in Florida went to the self-checkout with a thousand bucks worth of stuff. He pretended to scan the big ticket items in his card, but he had a small packet of Kool Aid hidden in his hand 8 Mystery Moon Announcement: 7 a Flippin' Army of Flippin' Flippy Robots! 6 Tim's and Burger King are testing out Tupperware packaging* 5 They just discovered a secret organ in our head?! 4 How to be irresistible to your special someone! 3 Kool Aid Man is trying to save Halloween... 2 Kit Kat Takes Break from Have a Break and it could be your Big Break! 1 This Soft Serve Software Hero! Podcast Home
October 26, 2020
What a Weird Week podcast for Sun Oct 18, 2020: The one with the Shoebox Full of Cursed Items (Season 1, Episode 10)
10 Relaxation through Cow Hugging: 9 War Dog Goggles: 8 Bad Luck Pompeiirock: 7 This Guy who made a Lightsaber: 6 The guy who did the World Record Slip-n-Slide... 5 Good Nobel Prize Neighbors: When they picked this one guy to win a Nobel Prize for economics, they realized that they didn't have his contact info... so they asked his neighbor to go over and knock on the door in the middle of the night. Also of note, the neighbor had also won the Nobel Prize. They'll share the 1.1 million dollar prize. The doorbell cam video is pretty great... 4 Another Lousy Stinkin Jetpack story!? 3 The Robots are one step closer to Total Domination: Google announced this deal where you can hum or whistle a tune and the robots will try to figure out what song you mean. 2 Wooden Bank Cards are a thing now: 1 These Halloweeners Knocking it out of the park this week! The other day we put this Halloween House on our blog that had such good special effects that someone called the Fire Department... A couple days later we had something built by a retired Fisher Price engineer in New York. At time of posting, no one has called authorities or exterminators. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek... Podcast Home... or Subscribe wherever
October 19, 2020
What a Weird Week podcast for Sat Oct 3, 2020: The one with the Walnut Smashing (Season 1, Episode 9)
What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week.  Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek. Protip: Hit Play and Scroll through the shownotes... Recap of last show HERE. 10 "Toyota’s Robot Butler prototype hangs from the ceiling like a bat" If you invent a robot butler, you're making the top ten list for sure. If it's described as hanging from the ceiling like a bat, you will be deducted several points for creepiness. 9 Subway now offering cake! There is a slim to none chance that you didn't hear about this one because everybody reported it before the President got Covid. Courts in Ireland have ruled that Subway bread has too much sugar to legally be called bread, so now it's grouped in with delicious cake! 8 Them Crows is Smart! If this one slipped under the radar, it might've been because the crows didn't want you to know so they hacked your algorithm. 7 Halloween Candy is Selling like Crazy! People don't even know if they'll have Trick-or-Treaters! I heard a Business Wars podcast about how some candy companies didn't produce as much Halloween candy this year because they were unsure of the market. Then we had that story about Marshmallow Peeps taking Halloween off completely! Now the latest stats show we're buying MORE Halloween candy than we did last year!? *up 26 % compared to the same time last year. 6 Jet Packs in the news again!! JET PACKS!!!! It's true that I have a Jet Pack obsession. It all started when I was in grade 2 and Jimmy Mckenzie said his book bag had a jet pack in it and jumped off the monkey bars. 5 Fat Bear Contest!  Every year at this National Park in Alaska, they do a a Fat Bear competition. The goal is to spot a fat bear, or I guess if you're the bear, the goal is to BE a fat bear... 4 Super Enzyme that Eats Plastic! This week the news came out about a plastic-eating enzyme that may save our planet. It's the Plastic Eating Super Enzyme that we don't deserve. A different approach to recycling and getting rid of plastic in the environment!! 3 This week a Wildlife Park in the UK had to remove some parrots from public view because the parrots swore at visitors. Imagine you go to your favourite zoo and the parrots start swearing at you. Pretty soon things escalate and you start swearing back. *limited space here, get full top ten and show notes at 
October 5, 2020
Season 1, Episode 8, What a Weird Week! The one with Murder Hornets again!
What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and/or weak. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek. Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever  Protip: Hit Play and Scroll through the shownotes... 10 Murder Hornets: the invasion continues! Should you be worried? Well, do you live anywhere other than maybe Antarctica? Then, maybe. 9 Pumpkin Spice Kraft Dinner! 8 This Week in How to Be Happier: Another study shows that going for a 15 minute walk is good for your mental health. Yes, as unappealing as this is to many of us, the research keeps showing that we need to leave the house. 7 The headline says it all: "Local boy smashes world record for pogo stick jumps" !! We've seen a lot of this during the pandemic, bored people breaking world records. 6 The thing you do all the time that is doing wonders for your Stress Levels. You watch cute animal videos all the time, don't you? 5 Great news that you can't share with anyone... "Chunky thighs and wide hips linked to long life expectancy"!! 4 Some General Mills cereals are going back to their 1980s roots. Recipes are changing, fruit shapes are returning, it's a flavour bonanza! 3 The in-your-house camera drone that Ring announced this week! It's a drone that flies around your house, from room to room 2 Secret Man Cave discovered under Grand Central Station! 1 The Edmonton teenager who jumps like a horse!
September 29, 2020
What a Weird Week for Sun Sept 20: The one with the candy AND pop shortage?! S1 E7
Recap of last show HERE. 10 Life on Venus! Yes, everybody had the story this week about Life on Venus. Yes, most of us heard it and thought of something bigger than a microbe... 9 Giant Wiener Proposals! A few weeks ago, a guy named Zach N Cheese made the news for using his company car as part of asking his girlfriend to get married... we have an update this week 8 The candy that won't be around this Halloween... or even at Christmas! ICYMI, (doubtful, everybody had the story this week) there's a freakin' Peeps shortage!! 😓 7 Vinyl Records win. There was a time - you young kids coming up might not believe it - but there WAS a time when we all thought vinyl records were gone for good... kind of like the measles. 6 This bear that rang the doorbell at 10:00 at night... what if you answered the door without even looking? What if the bear had lock-picking skills?! 5 This guy had his cell phone stolen. He lives near the jungle. He found his cell phone under a palm tree. It had been stolen by a monkey. The monkey took several pictures... 4 Guy in Alberta charged with sleeping and speeding in a Tesla. 3 That guy who jumped a drawbridge in Detroit just like The Fall Guy starring television's Lee Majors. 2 Editor's note: this story makes number two on the list for sheer audacity! The message in a bottle story from British Columbia. Like, the news outlets aren't even trying anymore. 1 There's a canned pop shortage in Canada. Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek.
September 21, 2020
Podcast! What a Weird Week for Sun Sept 13: Season 1 Episode 6, the one with the Jelly Bean Factory and Courage Pills (they're more common than you think)
Recap of last show HERE. 10 Win a candy factory from the inventor of Jelly Belly.  *Notes: This costs at least $50 to play, and the website is a perfect score of ten on the sketchville scale of ultimate sketchiness. *citation needed of course. "All Treasure Hunt players will be eligible to join in on The Ultimate Treasure Hunt where I give away one of my candy factories." I don't know how this is gonna go... 9 Bear at the Amusement Park nearly has collision with coaster car. Imagine you're doing your favourite amusement park ride and then add bears. That's exciting, right? Shoutout to where I heard the story first. 8 Courage Pills Actually Exist, and they're available over-the-counter right now at your favourite store. 7 It's a cracked teeth epidemic (the last six months has been a record-breaking cavalcade of cracked teeth) 6 Treetop Student 5 World Record for most jelly donuts eaten in three minutes: 10 donuts! #ChallengeAccepted 4 Old postcard gets delivered 100 years late. We don't know what's going on with Roy's pants... "Dear Cousins, Hope this will find you all well. We are quite well but mother has awful lame knees. It is awful cold here. I just finished my history lesson and am going to bed pretty soon. My father is shaving and my mother is telling me your address. I will have to close for a night. Hope grandma and grandpa are well. Don’t forget to write us - Roy get his pants fixed yet? Flossie Burgess" 3 People planted those Mystery Seeds. Here's what happened... 2 Airline Food Restaurant is the bees knees... * Honorable Mention to this article that might save you from a lousy relationship... 1 Scented candles that smell like nachos and jock straps. Just... why?
September 14, 2020
What a Weird Week Podcast: Season 1, Episode 5, the one for Labor Day. #JetPacks #CaroleBaskin #SingingDogs #FlyingCars #FlyingKids
What a Weird Week: a podcast featuring the top ten weirdest stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and weak. Follow us on Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek. 10 Saving Lives with Paint. WITH PAINT!! 9 This four year old on a unicorn floatie was rescued by a ferry boat. 8 Penguin watches Pingu, seems to understand it better than humans do. 7 This little kid goes kite surfing by accident. 6 Japan has flying cars. Or maybe flying car. 5 Type of wild dog they call 'Singing Dog' aint extinct after all. 4 Molecule Tweezers are a thing. 3 They announced Carole Baskin will be on Dancing with the Stars. 2 This guy at the city council meeting and his passionate anti-boneless-chicken-wings speech. 1 Jetpack sighting at 3000 feet! Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever 
September 8, 2020
Podcast Aug 30: Season 1 Ep 4 What a Weird Week! The one with Weird Fish and UFOs
What a Weird Week (formerly The TMD Podcast) is a top ten countdown of the weirdest news stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and weak. Follow us on Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek Recap of last week's Top Stories HERE 10 - Fisherman hauls in a some kind of bizarro creature (spoiler: it's a "long-nosed chimaera") 9 - (from Digg) Illusionist does a quick change trick that blows people away 8 - The World's Best Typer must be a cyborg or something 7 - Lucky Charms releases an official 'only marshmallows' cereal 6 - This little kid who's Tik Tok famous because of NOT dancing #irony video link HERE 5 - Ninja Museum gets robbed by... something better than ninjas? Double Top Secret Ninjas?? 4 - Chaos at the Pressure Cooker giveaway (it's like a microcosm for the whole world #pressurecooker) 3 - Do we have another credible UFO story? Yes. Yes we do. #SpaceStation 2 - This peanut butter solution to nervous paws is either genius or Double Top Secret Genius 1 - I'm spoiling this one right away... this is a Feel Good Story! #GoodPeople Podcast Home
August 30, 2020
Podcast Aug 23: Season 1 Ep 3 What a Weird Week! The one with the Fastest Wheelbarrow in the World
What a Weird Week (formerly The TMD Podcast) is a top ten countdown of the weirdest news stories of the week. *May leave you feeling weird and weak. Follow us on Twitter: @WhataWeirdWeek Podcast Aug 23: Season 1 Ep 3 What a Weird Week! The one the Fastest Wheelbarrow in the World #UFO #PepperoniShortage #Shark #Dogs #Cycling #WorldRecords #GrandMa Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever  Recap of last week's Top Stories HERE 10 - Chernobyl Fungus Eats Radiation 9 - Pepperoni Shortage. For real, it's because we are ordering so many pandemic pizzas. 8 - Man Punches Great White Shark. There should be shark boxing, though, right? 7 - Pentagon Announces UFO Task Force 6 - Wheelbarrow Speed Record 5 - Mask Cannon! 4 - Mandatory Dog Walks 3 - Weird magnetic field over earth is going to split in two 2 - "Grammy, did you cheat at cycling? No, little one, it's more complicated. Also, don't smoke." 1 - Cardboard Thieves are ramping up. Cardboard is valuable enough now that people steal it. That's news, right?
August 23, 2020
What a Weird Week Aug 16 S1 Ep 2: the one wIth "Quit the Blabbity Blab until you come through with the wings" #HalloweenTrends #Nudity #RedBull #BrushYourTeeth
ICYMI, the The TMD Podcast (Trending Moments Digest) got a name change last week, now this podcast is called What a Weird Week. New Format: Top Ten! Same weird news stories, but now carefully curated and ranked for your countdown enjoyment.  *The RSS feed should all remain the same. *Follow us on Twitter Recap of last week's Top Stories HERE 10 -  Blue Butterflies are back from extinction in UK. Will they taste like delicious blueberries? No experts will answer my calls. 9 - Fisher Price's "My Home Office" play set is real, does NOT come with "Mommy and Daddy's Special Medicine" 8 - What to expect this Halloween? Ghosting! Not that kind of ghosting. 7 - Tired of Zoom Meetings? You'll also hate these things, probably. Or maybe this is the future of pornography. 6 - 103 year old lady gets a frog tattooed no wait, gets a tattoo of a frog... no frogs were tattooed during this broadcast 5 - This guy. This naked guy. This naked guy running after a boar. 4 - We are brushing our teeth more because, thanks to face masks, we've discovered that we have terrible breath (NY Post) 3 - The one existing Blockbuster gets listed on Air BnB this September. Thank you, news anchors, for continuing to throw to these kickers, even when your heart is elsewhere. 2 - The lawsuit that happened because Red Bull did not give anybody wings 1 - Husband confirms wife is cheating through Google Street View Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever 
August 16, 2020
What a Weird Week for Aug 7: Season 1 Ep 1 "The one where we change the name of the show" #Camels #BellaThorne #KraftDinnerBreakfast #FoxwithCrocs #LarryBirdTomato
full show notes at The TMD Podcast (Trending Moments Digest) is a roundup of the stories that have been trending all week. BUT, we've decided to change things up a little. - New name: we're switching from TMD to What a Weird Week. Unlike "TMD Podcast", the "What a Weird Week" name isn't already taken by a bunch of other podcasts. - New Format: Top Ten! You'll still get the cool, weird, funny, slipped-through-the-cracks stories of the week, but now counted down in a top ten format. - FAQ: Q) Will the quality of the show improve? A) Let me put it this way, what quality? Q) Will I have to change how I listen? A) The feed should all remain the same. Q) When is this gonna happen? A) Time is an illusion. Now here come the links: 10 - Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted a note they got from somebody who got a rock from a State Park and then started having all this bad luck. Here's the note: "Someone brought this home to me three years ago.  Bad things been happening ever since." 9 - Some Guinness Records got trending this week: Giant Jenga Stack (485 Jenga pieces on top of one vertical piece!) and the guy who sliced a bunch of watermelons in half. The watermelons were placed on his friend's head. For safety, his friend wore a raincoat... and then there's this 14 year old kid from Colorado who made news for solving the Rubiks Cube while on a pogo stick. FYI, the record is like 16 seconds. So if you're good at the Rubiks Cube, but terrible at the pogo stick, you still have a shot at this record- you only have to pogo for 16 seconds. 8 - Scientists made a discovery that is changing what we think of as alive or not alive... these microbes on the sea floor use so little energy that they shouldn't be alive. "To put it in perspective, the energy budget of an average human could power a ceiling fan. These organisms exist on an energy budget about 50 quintillion (a billion billion) times smaller than that, according to the study. " Joke submission: You might think you're low-energy after Bongathon 2020, but these microbes have caused the scientists to actually change the criteria for not being dead. Congratulations, microbes, you are the new standard in lazy. I'd get some tee shirts made but, seems like an awful lot of work. 7 - Macaroni and Cheese made the news a couple times this week. That's weird, right?? Kraft Breakfast Mac and Cheese was announced...
August 10, 2020
TMD Podcast for Sat Aug 1: s4 e17 Vacation Special! Featuring an interview with Wallace Concord of the Dippity Dogcast!! #TMD #TMDpodcast #PodcastPlatter #Dogs
Scotty note: I am on vacation this week so we uploaded a Podcast Special to the feed. Please enjoy! Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever 
July 31, 2020
TMD Podcast s4 e16 for Sat Jul 25 2020: The one with the Robot Dolphin #TMDpod #TrendingMomentsDigest #bustdrones#Kraken #UFOs
TMD Podcast s4 e16 for Sat Jul 25 2020: The one with the Robot Dolphin #TMDpod #TrendingMomentsDigest #bustdrones#Kraken #UFOs Here are some stories that were trending online this week: - Last Week's Tweet Machine hack was not the work of a foreign entity, instead it started with a guy Kirk. I know what you're think, but it's not Kirk Cameron. - Drones being utilized to keep Minnesota public beaches boob-free - Country Time Lemonade Bailout Package (if your lemonade stand got COVIDed Out) and HERE's the Kraft Heinz podcast link - Unleash the Kraken merch will sell like coocoobananas© and you know what? Maybe The Washington Football Team merch will too. Serious. - UFOs this week on Vox - Scientific American: "Experimental Blood Test Detects Cancer up to Four Years before Symptoms Appear" - Twinkies video - How Toilet Paper Industry handled 845% spike in demand - Amazon's new boxes are designed to be more fun #CatApartment #RocketShip - Robot Dolphins are real? Robot Dolphins are real!! - rise in ice cream sales, decline in shampoo usage during pandemic. #storychecksout - They accidentally made a new kind of fish out of sturgeon and paddlefish. Meet the Sturddlefish. Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever 
July 25, 2020
TMD Podcast s4 e15 Sat Jul 18 2020 #TMDpod #TrendingMomentsDigest The one with the Hair Cutting Robot #DentalSurgery #SmartTattoos ##SwearingScience
Here are some stories that were trending online this week: - My brother got dental surgery (citation needed). - Boy Genius* (or man with long hair) makes hair cutting robotic device. If it's not marketed as Hairy Shearer then I consider the whole thing a fail. Straight to video. - Waaaay long article about Google projects including Smart Tattoos. - icymi, the Tweet Machine was hacked. - Swearing eases your pain. It's Damn Science. - National Tattoo Day! Here's the Covid/Tattoo Regret story. Here's our National Tattoo Day ad... — scotty horsman (@scottyhorsman) July 17, 2020It's #NationalTattooDay ! Sponsored by my ex-wife Charlene. Still miss you,. Text me. - Billy Joel plays junk piano  - Iceland duped us all into screaming and falling in love with the place. - Amazon Carts will know you're buying Prep H. Which is a fine product. *ad. - Large fish swallows fairly large fish, excites researchers. Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever 
July 18, 2020
TMD Podcast s4 e14 Sat Jul 11 2020 #TMDpod #TrendingMomentsDigest #PearJam #SurfBaseball #UFOs #NetflixCanceled #SnazzySafeCompliments #Covid19BrainDisorder #MmHmmZoom #HorseshoeCrabMedicalTesting
Late upload, but here are some stories that were trending in the news last week:  - Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder fails to make solid contact with pitch while playing surfball.  "Next time, keep your hands back, then explode through the ball," said every Little League coach ever. - Do you think the government would lie to us about UFOs? Yes, yes you do. - more Canceled Netflix shows. (Business Insider) - How to compliment colleagues in a world where you are called out for all your arsenal of offensive words and actions. - Some mild Covid19 cases end up with serious brain disorders - MmHmm App for Zoom Meeting prowess - Horseshoe Crab Blood is waaaay important for medical testing - survey: nobody excited to see coworkers back at the office.  Podcast Home or Subscribe wherever 
July 13, 2020
TMD Podcast Episode 4.13 Jul 4th 2020 Top Roadside Attractions in Canada #GiantPotato #GiantBanana #GiantPot #GiantSlingshot #BonusEpisode #TMD #TMDPod #ScottyandTony
Shownotes at Thanks very much for being here for our first annual "Scotty and Tony's Canada Day Cross-Country Roadtrip Extravaganza!" Here's the recap: 10) Digital Orca/ Vancouver, British Columbia 9) World’s Largest Oil Lamp Replica/ Donalda, Alberta 8) World’s Largest Coffee Pot/ Davidson, Saskatchewan 7) World’s Largest Freestanding Banana/ Melita, Manitoba 6) World’s Largest Photo Mosaic/ Port Carling, Ontario 5) Giant Slingshot/ Montreal, Quebec 4) World’s Largest Axe/ Nackawic, New Brunswick 3) Giant Potato/ O’Leary, PE 2) Big Fiddle/ Sydney, Nova Scotia 1) Giant Squid/ Glovers Harbour, Newfoundland
July 4, 2020
TMD Sat Mar 28 2020 #QuarantineGames
shownotes at
March 28, 2020
TMD Podcast #ScottyandTony Sat Mar 14 2020: #Stressed Out? Go Out, #Coronavirus Saving Relationships, #Wine from the kitchen tap! #love #health #WorldCheeseChampionships #TrendingMomentsDigest
Show Notes: TMD Podcast #ScottyandTony Sat Mar 14 2020: #Stressed Out? Go Out, #Coronavirus Saving Relationships, #Wine from the kitchen tap! #love #health #WorldCheeseChampionships #TrendingMomentsDigest  #PiDay
March 14, 2020
TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony March 7 2020:
Shownotes at
March 7, 2020
TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Sat Feb 29 2020: Baby Yoda Toy Info, Leap Day and Egypt, Plank Like no one is watching, Hot Ones, Peloton Espionage, Ape Future, #TMDPodcast #ScottyandTony
ShowNotes: TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony for Sat Feb 29 2020: Baby Yoda Toy Info, Leap Day and Egypt, Plank Like no one is watching, Hot Ones, Peloton Espionage, Ape Future, #TMDPodcast #ScottyandTony #WeekendReview #TrendingMomentsDigest
February 29, 2020
TMD Podcast w/ Scotty and Tony Sat Feb 22 2020: Coffee is Good, Build a cell phone, Alien Megastructures, Retrieval Drone, Foot Poppin World Record, Rich Celebs, #Jetpacks, #UFOs, #Blobs, #TMD
Show Notes: Weekend Review and Podcast Sat Feb 22 2020: Coffee is Good, Build your own cell phone, Alien Megastructures, Retrieval Drone, Foot Poppin World Record, Rich Celebs, #Jetpacks, #UFOs, #Blobs,  #TMDPodcast #ScottyandTony #WeekendReview
February 22, 2020
TMD Podcast w/ Scotty and Tony Feb 15 2020: failure to cancel Valentines Day, Candy, Friends, Lone Wolf, Sweat Pants Intervention, Donut Reporter
TMD Podcast w/ Scotty and Tony Feb 15 2020: failure to cancel Valentines Day, Candy, Friends, Lone Wolf, Sweat Pants Intervention, Donut Reporter, more Shownotes:
February 15, 2020
TMD Podcast w/ Scotty and Tony Valentines Day 2020: Special Report #Love #OtherEmotions #Valentine #Cupid #Chocolate #Romance
ICYMI, There's been a ton of Love in the news. Here is our Valentines Redux show notes:
February 14, 2020
Tmd Podcast w/ Scotty and Tony Sat Feb 8 2020: Super Bowl Ads Redux, World Record Chocolate Bar, #Love, #Crime #Divorce #Accordion #Emojis #Eggs #Snakes #Rats #Valentines #Trending #Moments #Digest
Show Notes: Tmd Podcast w/ Scotty and Tony Sat Feb 8 2020: Super Bowl Ads Redux, World Record Chocolate Bar, #Love, #Crime #Divorce #Accordion #Emojis #Eggs #Snakes #Rats #Valentines #SpecialReport #Trending #Moments #Digest #Scotty #Tony
February 8, 2020
TMD Podcast Trending Moments Digest with Scotty and Tony Jan 25 2020: #Frozen #LetitGo #SpacePants #DollyParton #Aerosmith #Feud #Grammy #BubbleWrap #CouchMoney #Gambling #Snooker #Whoopee #TMD
Shownotes: This town in Austria (Hallstatt) has had it with fans of Frozen showing up and being lousy stinkin' tourists Dolly Parton Greeting Cards Discussion Topic: Buck Rogers paved the way for space fashion This Week in Couch Money: Would you regret giving the money back to people who didn't even know about it? Whoopee Cushion Snooker Gambling on Mr Peanut MMMMmmmmmmmmDonuts Kitchen Kicks ©2020 Scotty and Tony Aerosmith Grammy Feud Make Email Great Again TMD Podcast Trending Moments Digest with Scotty and Tony Jan 25 2020: #Frozen #LetitGo #SpacePants #DollyParton #Aerosmith #Feud #Grammy #BubbleWrap #CouchMoney #Gambling #Snooker #Whoopee #TMD
January 25, 2020
TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Sat Jan 18: Fat Tongues, How to win $10,000 in Popeye's Chicken, Find Love on the Moon, This Week in Cheese #TMDPodcast
show notes: TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Sat Jan 18: Fat Tongues, How to win $10,000 in Popeye's Chicken, Find Love on the Moon, This Week in Cheese #TMDPodcast
January 18, 2020
TMD Podcast Sat Jan 11 2020: Timbits Cereal, Maple Leafs or Leaf? Wienermobile Pilots Needed,
Shownotes: ( Weekend Review Sat Jan 11 2020: Timbits Cereal, Maple Leafs or Leaf? Wienermobile Pilots Needed, Parrot Police, Top Netflix of #2019 #TMD #TrendingMomentsDigest #Podcast
January 11, 2020
*Holiday Special* TMD Podcast Trending Moments Digest with Scotty and Tony Dec 23 2019: Weirdest Holiday Specials
Shownotes: HERE's the link to the article of Weirdest Holiday Specials. If you agree, disagree, or have more suggestions for the list, let us know in the comments. BTW, some of the videos are watchable right in the article, and some you can google to watch.
December 23, 2019
TMD Trending Moments Digest with Scotty and Tony Dec 21 2019: *Holiday Special* ♪ I'm Dreaming of a Weird Christmas♪ #Weird #Christmas #Traditions
Subscribe/ Shownotes at Let's face it, WE are the WRONG people to judge weirdness, but HERE are some weirder Christmas traditions from around the world. *Note that some of these are PG13 because: scary!
December 21, 2019
*Holiday Special* Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Dec 14 2019: Most Returned Holiday Gifts #Shoes #Toys #Tunes
subscribe/shownotes Most Returned Holiday Gifts! Research this list and do what you want with it (revenge gift or thoughtful gift?) Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Dec 14 2019: *Holiday Special* Most Returned Holiday Gifts #Shoes #Toys #Tunes
December 14, 2019
*Holiday Special* Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast Dec 7 2019: Our Christmas Around the World Special #Cod #KFC #RollerSkates #HolidaySpecial
Show notes or subscribe: Some of our Christmas traditions are the same, and some of our Christmas traditions are waaaay diferent... TMD Podcast Dec 7 2019: Our Christmas Around the World Special #Cod #KFC #RollerSkates #HolidaySpecial
December 7, 2019
*Holiday Special* Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Nov 30 2019: Our Annual Holiday Gift Buying Guide
Shownotes: There are a million Gift Ideas at this LINK. Some include: 1) "Donut Hole ceramic coffee mug holds up to 16-ounces of your favorite beverage (hello coffee!) and even has a space to hold your donut all at the same time!" 2) "Bad Girls Throughout History’ looks at 100 bad-a$$ women who totally changed the world we live in." 3) the Famous Whiskey Wedge Glass... half the glass holds whiskey and half the glass is ice. 4) Mr. Rogers bobble head 5) microwave smores maker 6) hilarious wine glasses 7) cards against humanity 8) cheeseboard 9) the 2020 bubble wrap wall calendar! it's awesome a few kids ones... 10) color your own dang pillowcase 11) baby shark fingerling 12) Hatchimals
November 30, 2019
*Holiday Special* Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Nov 23 2019: Santa Parade Special! #Trivia #FunFacts #HolidayOverload!!
Subscribe/ get shownotes at If you're going to a parade, or going to be in a parade this Santa Parade Season©, here are some Parade Facts that'll make you the coolest person in the car!! (more:
November 23, 2019
Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast Sat Nov 16: #FriendsReunion #OprahsFavoriteThings #Wine #WorldRecord #GiantTaco #Podcast #TMDpodcast
Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Shownotes/subscribe at #FriendsReunion #OprahsFavoriteThings #Wine #WorldRecord #GiantTaco #Podcast #TMDpodcast . Get people to do stuff through the amazing mind-control trick! The trick is... being nice. (Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed.) If you want someone to do you a favor, ask them then say "It's OK if you say no." Here's the research: . Oprah's List of "Favorite Things" 2019: Includes a $900 Espresso Machine, a $35 Bottle of Hot Sauce, and this massager that I thought was a Fanny Pack. I was like: "A $200 Fanny Pack? What-the-Hey!?" . Your 2019 National Toy Hall of Fame inductees are Matchbox Cars, Magic: The Gathering Cards, and Coloring Books. . Trending this week: A Waffle House Restaurant only had one employee to cover EVERYTHING because someone messed up the schedule. When customers realized that there was only one person working, they offered to help him out. Heartwarming story from a Waffle House!! . That time an acting teacher told Adam Sandler to quit acting... after proving the teacher wrong, Sandler stayed classy. Oh yeah, and the whole story gets told by one of Sandler's acting friends, Brad Pitt! {...Pitt continues. "This is why it's my favorite Adam Sandler story, and I think it says a lot about you. That you ran into him at your height, when you're getting the ultimate payday, and you're with a bunch of friends, out at a bar. Anyone would think that's the opportunity where you rub it in his face. And reportedly, what you did was you introduced him to your friends, and you said: 'This is the only teacher to ever buy me a beer.' True?" "Yeah," Sandler answers.} . What role a kid plays in the Nativity Play at the Sunday School concert might be an indicator of future success. It's a pretty wild read: Pro Tip: if given the choice, play the Ox maybe. more:
November 16, 2019
Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Nov 9 2019: #textmessageblackhole #Football
Shownotes: #textmessageblackhole #FootballCat #LifetimeSupplyPeanutButterCups #ScottySofaDisaster #Robots #FluShot #MonaLisaScandal This week a Cat scored a touchdown. Should there be a Cats vs Dogs Superbowl? New survey says our number one priority is FAMILY... then number 2 on the list is GETTING SOME DAMN SLEEP! Creepy robot to replace you at staff meetings: "Bob, you've hardly said a word today... we love the new you!" When you go over to someone's house for coffee, bring your own milk... because there's a good chance that they've had their milk is contaminated with what I call Backwasheriosis© Fact: Almost everybody who goes to the Louvre Museum in Paris is there to see DaVinci's Mona Lisa. Also Fact: There's a piece in the New York Times about how they should take down the Mona Lisa... because it is voted "Most Disappointing Attraction." Why are people getting mysterious old text message? Peanut Butter Cups forevah!! (Shownotes)
November 9, 2019
TMD Trending Moments Digest Podcast Nov 2 2019: Weekend Review Sat Nov 2: old painting worth millions! Very Fat Cat makes news, beer belly world series catch, how to cure a candy hangover, Netflix, Ne
Full shownotes/ subscription info: . -This is time change weekend. Clocks fall back an hour Saturday night/ early Sunday so we get an extra hour of sleep to do whatever we want! *BTW, BC wants to get rid of clock-changing. If they ever get rid of the extra hour of sleep, we reserve the right to be an hour late for work a handful of times a year. Deal? Deal. *Suggestions for what to do with your extra hour this Sunday: 1) Plan a casino heist 2) Do the casino heist you planned last year on time-change day 3) Bake something that takes an hour (we recommend half-cooked lasagna.) 4) Break the record for most ice cream eaten in one hour. This one's not gonna be easy but we believe in you! *Please remember to put new batteries in your smoke detector! . -This Week in Junk-that-is-really-Treasure: A lady in France had an old painting in her kitchen for years. She had it for so long she cant even remember where it came from. The lady wanted to sell some stuff she owned so an auctioneer came over to see if she had anything worth selling. He saw the painting and was like "this could be something..." It sold last weekend for 26.8 million!   . -This Week in Fat Cats: Cinderblock the cat got trending this week because Cinderblock weighs 25 pounds and hates exercise. They are trying to get Cinderblock to work out and it has been a struggle. It's a relatable struggle that many of us have. Right now, they're trying to get the cat to do some water treadmill work, so that's probably also an issue- Cinderblock already hates exercise- why make Cinderblock get in water!? *Other things that weigh 25 pounds: an average 2 yr old, a small dog, 10 ft metal chain, a 19 inch flat screen TV. . -World series Beer fan takes home run ball to the gut to preserve integrity of the two beers he's holding at the time: . -Halloween Costume Mishap: The other day a college student got into a car accident. They were dressed like Carrie for Halloween- so she was covered in fake blood. The paramedics who responded to the accident scene thought she didn't make it. Yikes!
November 2, 2019
Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast: Halloween 2019 #Halloweek #BestCostumes #WorstCostumes #Ghosts #ScaryNetflix #TomSpanx
The Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast this week is about what's trending with Halloween 2019  Shownotes: The Haunted Baby Crib Scary World Records The Chiquita Banana Man  Scary Movies on Netflix 13% of us believe in vampires? Easy Costume Ideas Terrible Costume Ideas Did you see the Haunted Car Wash!? Halloween Onslaught Map #Halloweek #BestCostumes #WorstCostumes #Ghosts #ScaryNetflix #TomSpanx #ScaryWorldRecords
October 26, 2019
TMD Trending Moments Digest Podcast Sat Oct 19: #JenniferAniston #AnimatronicSpiderAttack #PeanutButterCups
Trending Moments Digest TMD Podcast with Scotty and Tony Shownotes: (  -Trending: a guy invented this thing that syncs your windshield wipers to the music you're playing. So, If you're listening to slow songs, expect poor visibility in storm conditions. If it's raining hard you're gonna want something fast. (  -Q: What practical joke should you pull at your funeral?  A: Not this. Before he passed away this Irish grandfather prerecorded this thing where it sounds like he's in the coffin trying to get out. (*Link has Swears* -This Week in Rage: The video of a little kid who attacked a Halloween display that scared him... The kid goes from scared of a spider to Full Terminator Mode©. Mom has to drag him away from the mechanical spider. I think the parents thought it was funny at first, that's why they filmed it, then they realized their little gaffer was gonna destroy this display and possibly a few more, so they hustled him away. ( -Locksmiths in Scotland got trending this week because they got locked out of their own store and someone put a photo of it online. That's a bad day when that happens. Other scenarios that would be bad: When the Fire Dept catches on fire, When the Health Guru has a heart attack, When that Chicken Restaurant in the States got caught going to another restaurant for fried chicken...  ( -Know anyone planning a trip South? There's a new Airplane Etiquette survey:  *Is it okay to stand right next to the gate before your group gets called to board? 74% said no.  *Is it okay to say hi to the person next to you when you sit down? 89% said yes.  *Asking a stranger to switch seats, so you can sit with someone? 81% said it's fine.  *Is it okay to recline your seat? 40% said no.  *Waking someone up if they fall asleep on your shoulder. 15% said they'd just let the person sleep.  *Clapping when the plane touches down? 84% said don't do it.  *Also unacceptable: grabbing the bag from the seat pocket and pretending to throw up loudly, removing your pants so they don't crease, being a weirdo. (  -This Week in Mooning Pumpkin Butt Halloween decoration censorship: a guy in the States made the news because his pumpkin bum display was too much for the home owners association in his neighborhood. all the podcast shownotes at (
October 19, 2019
TMD Podcast Trending Moments Digest Oct 12 2019: Thanksgiving Special: What to say you're thankful for around the dinner table #Thanksgiving #CanadianThanksgiving #Thankful #grateful #Blessed #turkey
Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! -Do you go around the table saying what you're thankful for before Thanksgiving dinner? When it's your turn, do you freeze up? HERE's a big ol list of things people say they're thankful for. Some highlights: cell phones #21, campfires #25, rainbows #30, indoor plumbing #33, sorry oceans, you're only #50. -HERE's an article about the health benefits of being thankful. It turns out that being grateful Increases our personal happiness, Helps us sleep better, Increases our success at work, Improves our relationships, Increases your energy, Helps us relax, Helps us live longer! -Graphic from a poll about stuff you're thankful for...
October 12, 2019
TMD Oct 5 2019 #CheaterLawsuitWin #RobotGarbage #TopHalloweenCandy
TMD Oct 5 2019 #CheaterLawsuitWin #RobotGarbage #TopHalloweenCandy or
October 5, 2019
TMD Podcats Trending Moments Digest Sept 28 2019 World Record Tortilla Toss, Sexy Mr Dressup Costume
World Record Tortilla Toss, Sexy Mr Dressup Costume, Pumpkin Spice Spam (
September 28, 2019
TMD Sept 21 2019 #SolidGoldToilets #SleepRingEater #BadDayatTheFair #Bagels #FruitNinja
Show Notes at TMD Sept 21 2019 #SolidGoldToilets #SleepRingEater #BadDayatTheFair
September 21, 2019
TMD Podcast 22 May 2019 #CatTown #DateACartoon #Ellen #FriesAndFrosty #Nutella #CheeseBurger #Nope
Show Notes:  Cat Town: What Cartoon would you Date: Ellen renewed: French Fries and Dairy: Nutella Cheeseburger gets a nope from me: 
May 22, 2019
TMD Podcast April Fools Edition April 1 2019
TMD Podcast April Fools Edition April 1 2019 a rundown of some of the trending april fool's jokes that were online today  show notes: Subscribe...      
April 1, 2019
TMD Podcast March 1 2019 #CatEscapeArtist #WorldRecordDogCatcher #4YearOldMicdAtHockeyPractice #Oscars #Razzies #OMG #FatRatRescue #MarchBreakExcellence
Show Notes: TMD Podcast March 1 2019 #CatEscapeArtist #WorldRecordDogCatcher #4YearOldMicdAtHockeyPractice #Oscars #Razzies #OMG #FatRatRescue #MarchBreakExcellence
March 1, 2019
TMD Podcast Feb 23 2019 #AutotuneCat #PeanutButterDogPark #NetflixStandoff #GiantBees #EmojiPlates #WhatBoredPilotsDo #RunningClubCrimeFighters
TMD Podcast Feb 23 2019  (*Trigger warning: giant bees GIANT BEES!) #AutotuneCat #PeanutButterDogPark #NetflixStandoff #GiantBees #EmojiPlates #WhatBoredPilotsDo #RunningClubCrimeFighters Show Notes:
February 23, 2019
TMD Podcast Sat Feb 16 2019 #PostValentines #PostMalone #PostMalonentines #Kanye #KimKardashian #KennyG #MarsRover #OlYeller #Zombies
TMD Podcast Sat Feb 16 2019 #PostValentines #PostMalone #PostMalonentines #Kanye #KimKardashian #KennyG #MarsRover #OlYeller #Zombies Show notes:
February 15, 2019
TMD Podcast feb 9 2019 #KanyeScam #BaguetteLocomotion #StupidFakeAdForSomethingStupid
TMD Podcast feb 9 2019 #KanyeScam #BaguetteLocomotion #StupidFakeAdForSomethingStupid #StealMoneyWithPuppets! (
February 9, 2019
TMD Podcast Feb 2 2019 #Groundhog #Superbowl #RobotsTakingOver #Roomba
Superbowl er... we mean "The Big Game" Robot Uprising scheduled for mid-July Groundhog Day Conspiracy Theory makes a lotta sense "You need to relax. Go take a Gong Bath." (
February 2, 2019
TMD Podcast Nov 10 2018 Bonus Ep Canadian Country Star Madeline Merlot
Canadian Country Star Madeline Merlot is secretly good at badminton and secretly bad at cheeses... so many wonderful answers to our dumb questions! If we don't get a CCMA outta this there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM! Show Notes:
November 9, 2018
TMD Podcast Nov 2 2018 #devilvsNetflix #FoldingFone #doortodoorhotdogs #TimeChangeIdeas #heroes
TMD Podcast Nov 2 2018 #devilvsNetflix #FoldingFone #doortodoorhotdogs #TimeChangeIdeas #heroes Show Notes:
November 2, 2018
TMD Oct 20 2018 Can't Miss #Halloween Costumes & Legal Dope
We have an easy formula that generates brilliant Halloween costumes and we're not even kidding. Also check out Kevin Bloomstein's tribute to legal weed in Canada Show notes:
October 20, 2018
TMD Episode 30 Bonus Ep of new Podcast Platter Sept 22 2018
hijacking the TMD feed to try out a terrible new project of awful interviews and podcast discovery. This first ep of "Podcast Platter" (terrible name) features axes and axe enthusiasts. #terrible There will be zero further information about this axe club deal on the show notes. (
September 22, 2018
TMD Podcast Ep 28 Sept 1 2018 #BackToSchoolSpecial #SummerBucketList
Back to School Special #tips #advice #theymeanthsamething #SummerBucketList
September 1, 2018
TMD Podcast Ep27Aug 18 2018 #DadJokes #ThankYouNotes #AcadianDayHero #RobotsExterminate #PoetryIsAScam #DustyBlueberry (wrestling name)
TMD Podcast Ep27Aug 18 2018 #DadJokes #ThankYouNotes #AcadianDayHero #RobotsExterminate #PoetryIsAScam #DustyBlueberry #wrestling name (
August 18, 2018
TMD Podcast Ep26 Aug 11 2018 #KeithUrbanSmellsNice #Bacon #Robots #Rhinos #DadJokes
TMD Podcast Ep26 Aug 9 2018 #KeithUrbanSmellsNice #Bacon #Robots #Rhinos #DadJokes (Show Notes:
August 11, 2018
TMD Podcast Ep 25 July 28 2018 #TomCruise #SlippinJimmy #AGT #BananaBoatParty #CastleRealtors #SharkWeek #DadJokes
TMD Podcast Ep 25 July 28 2018 #TomCruise #SlippinJimmy #AGT #BananaBoatParty #CastleRealtors #SharkWeek #DadJokes Show Notes:
July 28, 2018
TMD PODCAST EP 24 Jul 21 2018 #Bachelorette #Colton #Bezos #ThisWeekInBacon #BongGoneGoneBong
TMD PODCAST EP 24 Jul 21 2018 #Bachelorette #Colton #Bezos #ThisWeekInBacon #BongGoneGoneBong Show Notes:
July 21, 2018
TMD PODCAST S2E11 July 7th 2018 #HeatWave #HotDawgs #KingOfTheLobsters #MargaritaBear #TourDeChienChaud #RaceCarFoleyArtist #ParliamentSiri
TMD PODCAST S2E11 July 7th 2018 #HeatWave #HotDawgs #KingOfTheLobsters #MargaritaBear #TourDeChienChaud #RaceCarFoleyArtist #ParliamentSiri (Show Notes:
July 7, 2018
TMD PODCAST S2E10 June 17th 2018 #FathersDayExtravaganza
TMD PODCAST S2E10 June 17th 2018 #FathersDayExtravaganza with my daughter and some dad jokes and lawn darts and the #DadSong and hot and cold running maple syrup (Show Notes-
June 17, 2018
TMD PODCAST S2E9 June 4 2018 #lava
TMD PODCAST S2E9 June 4 2018 #lava #vesuvius #fashion #bachelorette #gaming #magic shownotes:
June 4, 2018
TMD Podcast May 26 2018 S2 E8 #ThisWeekInPoop #ThisWeekinSleepScience #ThisWeekInDadJokes
(Show Notes: THIS WEEK IN DAD JOKES #TWIDJ After the news came out about that grown man who won't leave his parents' house so his parents took him to court, Jimmy Kimmel did this Adoption Appeal for Grown Men THIS WEEK IN MUZZLES FOR PEOPLE (Non Kinky Variey) #TWIMFPNKV THIS WEEK IN HORSES #TWIH Watch this reporter catch a runaway horse in her fancy British Presenter's dress! THIS WEEK IN POOP #TWIP (sorry for this poop train story) THIS WEEK IN SLEEP #TWIS (SLEEP IN, LIVE LONGER... Science Confirms: You need to quit listening to our show and SLEEP IN!) Bonus Track: THIS WEEK IN FIRE PITS #TWIFP
May 26, 2018
Bonus Ep May 20 2018 #LongWeekendLongThings
this is a bonus ep of TMD Podcast for the Long Weekend where we salute Long Things. Show notes here:
May 19, 2018
TMD Podcast May 17 2018 S2 E7 #VolcanoGolf #iLoveLaurel #MothsInWallets #JunkWeek #HowToFoodDrop
#VolcanoGolf #iLoveLaurel #MothsInWallets #JunkWeek #HowToFoodDrop Show Notes:
May 17, 2018
TMD Podcast S2 E6 #RubiksWorldRecord #KaraokeNightmare #CubaScubaTuba #GoldLeafBurger #PandaExpress #10May2018
(Show notes: TMD Podcast S2 E6 #RubiksWorldRecord #KaraokeNightmare #CubaScubaTuba #GoldLeafBurger #PandaExpress #10May2018
May 10, 2018
TMD Podcast s2E5 May 3 #Bacon #evilroot #spidergrief #WalmartCowboyKid #4YearOldArtGenius
Show Notes: ( Tony's Bacon Hack: Bacon Apple Pie© Oldest spider in the world has died... this song is for you, sad scientists "Put on yer Makeup Glasses" Lady finds this freaky root and it terrorizes her whole family Eleven year old Walmart Cowboy gets record deal Four year old art genius makes thousands$ #PuppyDogDrone
May 3, 2018
TMD Podcast S2 E4 Thu Apr 26 #DinosaurLove #FrankTheCat #BodyBuilding #WardrobeMalfunctionAward #Bacon #HighFiveCat
Woman Loves Dino, Wedding Pictures are gonna be beauty! Frank the Cat stands on 2 feet, will soon be dancing* (citation needed) Body Building wardobe malfunction award will revolutionize sport This Week in #Bacon Teach a cat to high five and you've got a friend for life... or 9 (show notes:
April 26, 2018
TMD PODCAST S2 E3 Fri Apr 20 #MovieAdlibs #CellPhoneExorcisms #SpicyLovePotion #LabMistakeMutant! #Beans #Cows
Show Notes: ( #MovieAdlibs #CellPhoneExorcisms #SpicyLovePotion #LabMistakeMutant! #Beans #Cows
April 20, 2018
TMD PODCAST S2 Ep2 Fri Apr 13 2018 #PeanutButterPickleSandwich #LiveLikeMonkeys #GymClothesGetYouFit
(Show Notes: -Peanut Butter Pickle Sandwiches: Is Big Pickle industry behind this? #conspiracy -Stressed out monkeys take hot baths to relax... not really sure what to do with this info... -Wearing Fancy Workout Clothes makes you want to work out? And what about Bathrobes... do they make you want to take a bath?* *certified Dad Joke ©DadJokesInc 2018
April 13, 2018
TMD Podcast S2 Ep1 Thurs April 5 #Saxmonica #BabyMakingMusic #CatDrive #9YearOldComedyGenius
Shownotes: ( -Easter Traditions Around the World -The Saxmonica may cause a baby boom* -Cat runs into owner downtown, gets ride home -9 year old comedy genius!!
April 6, 2018
Quick TMD Podcast Update 4 April 2018
Just an update to say we will be back with more internet trends and one Key Note to hit on... (Shownotes/ Stream /Subscribe
April 5, 2018
Twitter Moments Digest feb 22 2018 #Podcast #TMD #OlympicHockeyHeartache #SomeSortOfPancake #TinyEnvelope #ConfettiCanon #FurnitureAMovie
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... Canada chases a new medal record in PyeongChang 🇨🇦 'Noodles, mystery fish, some sort of pancake': The food of Pyeongchang People are fawning over this 'tiny' envelope ✉️ Daughter's confetti gun ambush leaves her dad on edge What do you get when you cross 🛋 with a 🎥 ? Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
February 22, 2018
TMD Bonus Ep Tips for Romance with Dr Love
Episode Notes We did this Valentines feature on the radio show with love expert© Dr Fabien Love... (YT: Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
February 15, 2018
TWITTER MOMENTS DIGEST #TMD #Podcast #ResumeBlunders #RobotsSkiing #Terror! #BlackberryIntolerantRabbits #SuperMarioCurls #USA #FlamingHotCheetohsSwimwear
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... Resume typos that will keep you unemployed Robots are having their own Olympics in PyeongChang Calls to boycott Peter Rabbit film over 'food allergy bullying' scene This American curler bears a striking resemblance to Super Mario Flamin' Hot Cheetos made an appearance at NYFW -Show Notes -Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
February 12, 2018
Our TMD #Podcast #HQTrivia ##SnowFlorida #HackYerChristmasCards #SoundwaveTattoos #LoganPaul #CarrieUnderwood #PourBeerRightOrDie
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... This woman's reaction to winning trivia is an emotional rollercoaster 💸... Actual snow is falling in Tallahassee, Florida ❄️❄️ Hack your Christmas cards to use them all year... More than 15,000 have signed one of several petitions asking YouTube to delete Logan Paul's channel... Carrie Underwood says she 'might look a bit different' after injury... A singer got her late grandma's voicemail tattooed on her heart... Pouring a beer improperly can hurt your stomach — and minds are blown... Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
January 3, 2018
#TMD #Podcast Dec 6 2017 #Kelsey #Xmas #Tree #Largest #Starbucks #WrongHeadline #oops #HotelForRichDogs #CandyCanePizza #AdventCalendarConundrum #SeatWarmerFood
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... Student commits to dressing as Christmas tree for rest of semester The world's largest Starbucks opens in Shanghai When a newspaper headline goes wrong This luxury hotel for dogs features an ayurvedic spa 🐶 Would you eat this holiday-inspired pizza? 😐 Why is it so hard to find the right number on advent calendars? 😩 Respect your fast food by turning on the seat heater Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
December 6, 2017
#TMD Podcast Nov 22 2017 #SoccerDad #SupermanMustache #HenryCavill #MankiniFines #Borat #StrawMouthMan #WorldRecord #WhySoSerious #SealThief #NewZealandRocks #SecretSanta
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... Player scores twice before rushing to see birth of his son The reviews are in for Superman’s digitally-altered moustache Sacha Baron Cohen offers to pay the fines of mankini-wearing tourists This man stuffed 459 straws into his mouth, setting a new world record Local seal up to same old antics at fishmongers New Zealanders are signing up to a nationwide secret santa 🎅 Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
November 22, 2017
#TMD #Podcast #Halloween #GroupCostumes #HalloweenCostumes #CandyHangoverDay #OldCookies #NHLCostumes @AlysonTabbitha #BadLicorice #StrangerThings #Pumpkins #PrimeMinisterHandsome
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... There's no 'i' in group costume These costumes win Halloween When your trick-or-treating haul expired 18 years ago 😷 These NHL players take Halloween seriously 👻 If you need cosplay inspiration, you should follow @AlysonTabbitha Licorice haters, you're not wrong Halloween 2017 is all about Eleven. Again. Next-level pumpkin carvings at the Jack O'Lantern Spectacular Justin Trudeau and family have a 'Super' Halloween Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
November 3, 2017
TMD Podcast 26 Oct 2017 #JFKFiles #StrangerThings2Aftershow #HalloweenCostumes #SeeThroughPumpkinPie #MarathonJuggling #PumpkinDogs
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... NOTE: The #JFKFiles will be posted here ( but the site keeps crashing for me... Stranger Things 2 is getting a Netflix after-show These Halloween costumes are the best! Clear pumpkin pie might be a step too far for pumpkin fans Anticipation is high for the release of the remaining JFK assassination files Toronto man tries to run entire marathon juggling 5 balls You want to see these dogs dressed like pumpkins 🎃 Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
October 26, 2017
TMD Podcast #SexyGoldfish #Forbes400 #PennywisePumpkin #GorgeousMenOfCurlingCalendar #WetMercedes
Episode Notes Trending Online Today... 'Sexy goldfish' is the Halloween costume you never asked for Trump is $600 million poorer than last year, Forbes estimates Pennywise pumpkins are here to terrify you 🎈 The 2018 Men of #Curling Calendar is now available to support for numerous charities! A banker’s ex-girlfriend dumped his $55,000 Mercedes in a swimming pool after he broke up with her Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
October 18, 2017
Podcast #FidgetsInSpace #DirtyJohnPodcast #KittyCatBackPack #EdSheeranAccident #Mindhunter #PumpkinVersusCar #KittyCatCougarNews
( Episode Notes Trending Online Today... Fidget spinners reach the final frontier Have you listened to the Dirty John podcast yet? This backpack makes cats look like adorable astronauts Ed Sheeran has been injured in a bike accident Binge-watched Mindhunter this entire weekend? You're not alone Watch a colossal pumpkin destroy a car News reporter gets upstaged by cat on live TV Show Notes Subscribe or Stream This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
October 16, 2017