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Milt's Coaching Corner

Milt's Coaching Corner

By Milton Spence(Cre8taMilt)
The Coaches Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation!
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The Fiscal Architect

Milt's Coaching Corner

Manhood Is Domesticated
We are not what we're told, we're what we're meant to be. Who we're meant to be, knows us, and it's up to us to go find our true self. We are, what we're meant to be, not... what we're told.
April 18, 2022
The Paradigm Shift
Women and Men are turning on each other in the majority. Who, are the ones who have independent thought? I want to speak to you, because you will approach this conversation with your own thought.
April 11, 2022
Queen-Ship, Time To Regain Your Crown.
My Queen, you dropped your crown. This is the time for all women to realize not only their worth, but also everything that makes them a Queen. I know, we're tired of the mantra, but in the scheme of things, everyone has their own kingdoms and empires to rule over, so let's not throw it away just yet. This show, we are blessed to have Ms. Muneeba "Love" Ravat, also known as Coach Love. She is giving us her knowlwge and intellect on this subject, and gracing us all the way from beautiful Australia.
February 24, 2022
How Do We Bond?
The Coaching Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation!
February 10, 2022
Milt's Coaching Corner Podcast S:2 E:4, Manifestation Can You Feel The Vibes Re-Run
The Coaching Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation!
February 03, 2022
Milt's Coaching Corner Podcast- S:2 E:3-Black People Are Not a Monolith
Milt's Coaching Corner Podcast- S:2 E:3-Black People Are Not a Monolith Black people are not a Monolith podcast. We are beyond the imaginatively stated and box that we are shaping ourselves into, and shaped into. The Coaching Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation! Here's other places you can find me: ANCHOR:
January 27, 2022
Spirit Ties(Soul Ties)
Milt's Coaching Corner Podcast The shirt I'm wearing can be found at: Make sure to be a patron if you'd like✊🏾💪🏾 Today's Episode is on Spirit Ties. I dive into being tied to Something, Someone(Family Included), and Yourself. Milt's Coaching Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation!
January 20, 2022
Welcome Back
The Coaches Corner is a place where you come to not only be coached through life, but gain the tools to use practically within every situation!
January 13, 2022
MENtal Health
Very excited to share the advantages of mental health, stability, and self-actualization. How does all that help you manifest your destiny? Well, I was invited to be apart of a podcast to speak on the journey, and to uncover the ability we all have to being our best selves, and living our best life.
February 24, 2021
The Entrepreneurship Think Tank
Hear from this amazing panel of entrepreneurs!
October 18, 2020
The Money Masters Presents: The Money Masters
This pandemic shook the nation, and it reshaped our normality. Everything must change, everything must be seen differently, and everyone must adapt. This, is why The Money Masters have assembled. Sadly, there will be, and have been many businesses to close their doors due to our current state. More people are trying to get ahead of the curve, but that curve changes everyday in an aggressive fashion. So, how do you beat it? We have come together to talk to business owners, and the customers of those businesses in order to bring to light the adjustments that will need to be made in order to have continued prosperity as we go on this journey together! Please, if you will, join us, and discuss with us as we dive into the aforementioned.
August 12, 2020
Raising A Black Boy To A Man In America
My mother joined me on this podcast because she has experienced firsthand what it means to do as the title asks. What better person to interview but your hero? Listen closely as she gives you multiple keys to help you with your son's of color in these United States, as they navigate through this life. 
June 10, 2020
Kings, Build Your Crown.
How do you as a man think that it is okay, to allow the woman to stand in front while taking all the arrows and darts. You cannot even begin to fathom the amount of weight we have left on the women's plate. It is our duty to lead, let's get back to it!
May 27, 2020
Men, Women Are Deeper Than You Think
This episode is great because it goes into depth of what we should be doing in getting to know women. The fact that we have so many relationships are failing is because of the fact the two are not one. Making your experiences in getting to know the other, just like your experiences of getting to know other women is not going to take you far. Give these ladies the chance, by getting deeper into them, and stop loving their surface. Listen to the full episode, and allow yourself to be immersed.
May 20, 2020
Authenticity with Sheila Bryan
To understand the minds of men and women, it is best to discuss it with wise men and women. I cannot begin to express my deepest appreciation for Ms. Bryan gracing our podcast with her presence, and dropping essential gems and wisdom into our lives at this time. Take a listen as we dive into what makes one, authentic. I have to admit, we all have moments where we are not true to ourselves, or other people. That is why we decided to discuss, Authenticity. Ms. Bryan and I go into depth about different subjects surrounding the main topic, that we both gained further respect for each other in the sharing of experiences, and most of all knowledge. She is a dynamic woman with experiences around this subject to draw out what is needed in order to bring about healing and overall growth to you as a listener. Please, if you will, leave us a comment or reaction to this podcast so we can know how we're doing! Here is how she can be reached:  Website: Instagram: sheilabryannow Facebook: Sheila Bryan Thank you for your continued support!
May 13, 2020
Covid-19, What Can You Make Of It??
Here, I was interviewed by FKRadio, on subjects surrounding our newest pandemic, and advice I can offer I'm this time. Well, it got deeper than that, because we began to explore the pandemics of life... Take a listen and let us know what you think.
April 23, 2020
Be Each Other's Peace
Let's not add strife to others. Let's be peacemakers, not destroyers. If there's people trying to take away from your peace, remove them. Don't look back, just keep marching forward.
April 17, 2020
Men, Are We Under Attack with Xavier Durden
Men this is the second installment of this topic, with a two-part series mixed in. Why, because the conversation was so raw, dynamic, and most authentic that we talked for almost two hours! Well, I won't expose you to that in one sitting, but you will have the chance to take in each and every diamond dropped in this two-part series of the main series. I get it, confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Here's the schedule, watch this today, and come back tomorrow, and the Premiere for part two will go live the same time the next day. So, now that we've agreed, let's acknowledge the brother on this podcast. He is by far my most energetic guest and is also one of the most intelligent men I've met. Brother Xavier Durden hails from Atlanta, GA, and is going to shed some light onto what the nature of manhood is to him, and answer, Are We Being Attacked?
March 11, 2020
Men, Are We Under Attack?
Gentlemen, here is your chance to not only speak your mind, but to listen to men who are in the same boat as you are. Notice I did not discriminate on who I called a man. That is right, because regardless of walk of life, we have that in common. I have on the show today, a brother of many talents, skills, and mostly know-how. He is an entrepreneur, mentor to young men, and most of all a leader amongst us all. To get in touch with him you want to visit: Website Legacy Consulting Solutions Facebook: Instagram:
March 05, 2020
We NEED To Connect!
Are you a business owner, but don't have the connections you need to grow? Well, I am here to tell you the truth. Your connections are here, but we are not genuinely trying to help each other grow. We are wanting people to purchase from us, but are we connecting with the right people to put us in a position to grow and connect? Are we putting people in the right places to grow and connect? P.S. at the beginning you get to see me act goofy...
March 02, 2020
Men, Are We Under Attack?
This March, I will be doing all of my podcast on us, Men. This goes in part with the book I am writing. The podcast series is called, "Men Are We Under Attack?" I want to feature men who are either participants, or have questions they need answers to. I have one guest booked for the second week of March, and that's it. I have begun working with influencers outside of my Facebook friends list, but this series I felt compelled to ask every man or woman who may read this. If you want to be on a podcast with me, and a panel of men, or just us(depending on interest). Please, respond to this post, and we will coordinate our recording dates on this post by me receiving your email, and the date you or the panel want to record the show. Let me know fellas, and God bless you.
February 27, 2020
Christianity, Spirituality, What's The Deal? Part One
Are we to be Christian because that is a staple of American life, or are we to be inclined to a Spiritual connection with God without the need for Jesus? I have on this show, a practicing Oracle, Reader, and Spiritualist Coreian Goodman. She is the Founder and Owner of Inside The Goddess Realm, and has a claim to have helped multitudes of people without the need of a Christian God. She is brought on this show in order to lay claim to what works, but I am here as a Christian male to discuss exactly why Christianity is not to be removed from its spiritual nature. We discuss the differences, and similarities of the two, but mostly how and why people are leaving religion. This is a great discussion, so please listen fully, and be sure to give us your feedback!
February 19, 2020
Men, You Need To Shine
A lot of men don't know this, but you're not respected because you're lying about who you are in action, and words. This life is meant for you to build a legacy, and have the moments where you are trampling notions of stereotypes. Listen here, and allow me to share with you this perspective, and if you want to talk more let's do it. Go to the website in the bio, and book your call with me today!
February 17, 2020
Spence Technologies, a branch of Well-Rounded Consulting!
Spence Technologies, a branch of Well-Rounded!
February 12, 2020
Manhood, What's That?
This episode is dedicated to my deceased Grandfather, Wilbur D. Jennings. Thank you for all of your lessons, on today's podcast. I love you, and I pray to make you proud.
February 04, 2020
Who and What Is Burns Athletics?
This episode is full of what realizing dreams is all about. A man on a mission to make American Football a means of teaching life lessons, skill, and character to young men who want to play the sport. Taking the time to ensure that his students within the program are well versed on the game from the perspective of referee, player, and coach. Herndon Burns is a husband, father, and my best friend. I am prod to say I have witnessed him mature firsthand, and be able to take something that he loves, and makes a business out of it. Listen is as you hear the vision become a reality, and how you can do the same!
January 29, 2020
Manifestation, Can You Feel The Vibes?
THE FIRST COACHES CORNER OF THE NEW YEAR!!  I am happy to present this guest Ms. Audrey Slade! She is a Personal Developmental Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and Empowerment Speaker. She is a current resident of beautiful Los Angeles, Cali, with the vibes to match. She is a delight to listen to, as she breaks down to us what she is, who she is, and how she came to be. I am not here to gas her up, but with her experience and overall ways she is the person you go to in order to get it together.  We have the chance to study her approach, and see why she has such a drawing of people into her life, and why she is able to connect with frequencies beyond the everyday channels of life. She is able to help everyday people achieve extraordinary results through her understandings of the commonality of being human, and the physics beyond human comprehension. In short, SHE IS DOPE!! Listen in as we get to it! Be sure to visit to schedule you discovery call with Ms. Slade!!! Be sure to catch the Youtube, Subscribe, and Like here: 
January 22, 2020
Why Can't We Bond? 
January 14, 2020
I got Interviewed!
Thank you Lord for your opportunities.
January 08, 2020
The Culture's State Of The Union Part Two
This episode with my brother Dion Span, is a good one. The continuation of our initial conversation over things happening within our culture. The mindset we share, and the hunger we have for knowledge is in our coversation. We welcome all banter, and all responses, as the goal is to be able to engage in conversations that matter.
December 06, 2019
November 14, 2019
November 14, 2019
The Culture's State of The Union
21st Episode of The Coaches Corner here, and this is part one of two! The part two the questions and dialogue will be reversed on me! This brother and I had the opportunity to dive into "The Culture's State of The Union."
October 23, 2019
How Does Black Fitness Mommy Use The Power Of Her "P?"
The question we all have, and mostly the question that will be answered. In this interview we are able to understand the woman behind the workout videos, and pictures we see. The authenticity of her way, and the boss that she is in every aspect. Black Fitness Mommy is more than the name, yet encompasses each part of the name with the distinction of a truly loving, and truthful lady. Watch this interview to learn why you want to get your groove back with her Perfect Mommy Mix, and why she is the best to help you with your fitness, but more so your personal development. Visit this website to schedule your discovery call with Jasmyne, and get on the road to Power In Your "P."
September 24, 2019
Maculinity, Is It Toxic?
This Well-Rounded Coaches Corner is all about Masculinity. What is it, how is it, and who is it? A man normally is seen as masculine, because society tells us that is who it belongs to, but is that true? Is a man, masculine, and what makes it "toxic?" We dive into an entire conversation, revelation, and resolutions to a lot of the uncomfortable conversations that we need to have when it comes to men. Our guest: Owner and Founder of Blue Light Consulting, Writer, Poet, Motivational and Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, and Prison Reform Advocate. He is quite the renaissance man, and most of a gentleman with a testimony beyond what you could imagine. Listen as he gives a light into his life, and the topic at hand! Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and visit his site(currently under construction) in order to keep up with what he is doing in the community, and how you can be apart of the growth!
September 18, 2019
Are We Even Dating?
Danielle Galloway(IG: galloweezy1) is our guest this week, and she graced us with her knowledge on a subject that so many of us need help on. Dating! What are we doing out here, and why is it so hard to find a mate? Well, Danielle give it to us real, as she was on television recently, speaking on becoming a mother in today's environment. Well, in order to do that, she needs to find a suitable mate, correct? How does one do that in a world where male and female objectives are totally based upon self-care, and taking it into self-absorption. We have to date to learn, but how do we date effectively, while being so into our social media platforms? I cannot go any further, you just have to listen for yourself! Before you do, check out :, and be sure to follow the Instagram page!
September 11, 2019
The Fiscal Architect
This weeks Coaches Corner is featuring, The Fiscal Architect! Mrs. Vestria Agee at Hey Vestria is going to not only shed light on some great tips and methods to helps us be financially responsible, but help us pay off those debts that we have accrued. She has paid off $50,000 in debt, marking her debt free and on the road to true financial leadership. From that experience, she created a business in which she not only helps you, but shows you how to put in the work. We all need fiscal responsibility, but mostly we need a fiscal architect, that helps us build up every piece of our financial freedoms. I hope you all listen in as we discover what it is like to be free of debt, and have an abundant life, in which we can stay that way! . . #healthylifestyle #architecture_hunter #mylife #momlife #life #businesswoman #creditrepair #financialliteracy #business #architect #prilaga #architects #financialfreedom #creditscore #credit #creditrestoration #financialdistrict #businessowner #creditcard #architectural #businesstrip #architecture #businessman #lifestyle #credits #financial #financialplanning
September 04, 2019
Are You A Real Man?
What exactly is it, who exactly are you? Do you even know what men are, or need?
September 04, 2019
Do You Take Note of Your Open Doors?
Are you afraid of taking your next step? It doesn't matter what it is. Are you afraid to take on what you are meant to take on? Are you running from your destiny? Are you not running fast enough to it? What are you not talking note of?
August 30, 2019
The Official Next Step For Well-Rounded Consulting!!
I AM SO DANG EXCITED TO SAY THIS!!!! Well-Rounded Consulting has just made a MAJOR MOVE!! We are officially.....listen to the video for the annoucement! Taking this portfolio to the next level, and trying to make a household brand!
August 28, 2019
Grow Yourself!
August 28, 2019
How To Keep Order In Chaos
Did you start your business based upon the trust of your own instincts? If so then this listen is for you! We have here Karma "The Great One" Wright! A mother of three sons, entrepreneur, leader in the church, and visionary with a heart of gold. She has always been able to not just organize her life, and help everyone around her do the same. Naturally she does this because she is of the belief that God gave her a calling, and she listens to know what hers is and follows it. Like may of us, fear takes over to let us feel like what is great about us is not needed by the world. Well, she came to the understanding that her gifts and talents were already on full display, and being used by so many entities that she decided it was time for her to take this leap of faith we call "Business Ownership." She leaped right in her first business, The Wright Assistant where she is the Administration and Organization's lifeline. She describes what her business is, and how she can help you, so let's make sure we listen closely to know why she is, "The Wright Choice."
August 21, 2019
No More Holding Back!!
Are you tired of not being fulfilled, depressed, our even lost? Well I want you to know that I to was that way, but I found my way out! The way I did it was, I got in tune with myself, and I stopped making excuses as to why I was lacking. Because of that, here I am today. Business owner, serial entrepreneur, and champion. Listen as the first clip is of T.D. Jakes(I do not own the copyright to this footage), and secondly of me giving the keys and opening the doors to your next step to freedom.
August 20, 2019
Are You Your Own BOSS?
Are you ready to takeover your life and understand your BOSSism? Listen as I explain what a BOSS truly is. Are you ready?
August 20, 2019
Angel By Nature, Who and How Is She?
Here we have this weeks Coaches Corner, where we have woman, mother entrepreneur Angel Foggy She blessed us with her presence and gentle spirit as we got into not just her stance on topics, but who and how she is.  She is the Owner and Founder of Angel by Nature  Website:  Where ladies and men can come to get their All-Natural healing products in order to help with not just overall health, but specific portions of you that are necessary for longevity, and internal healing. Let's make sure to listen closely, but most of all go shop with Angel on her site and page!
August 14, 2019
Workout That Stress!!!
August 09, 2019
Do You Love, You?
I love you
August 09, 2019
Balancing Manhood, Marriage, Fatherhood, and Entrepreneurship
 This weeks Coaches Corner is dedicated to the man, husband, father, nurse, and serial entrepreneur Michael Kearse. Coming by way of Savannah, GA, Mike was raised to be what a man is defined to be through his values and overall interest in succeeding. We uncover together some of his personal life, his steps taken to succeed, and what it is like to be married while traveling for work. Most importantly, how does a man be present when he is not physically present everyday? Being a Bi-Coastal Nurse, Mike has the experience some of us do not get the opportunity to experience, and that is traveling for work. This can be seen as a level of excitement, but what happens when your family is involved and you want to be with them as well? Mike tells us how he, and how to handle this. Tune in Wednesday at 7:00pm for more!
August 07, 2019
Are You A Bonafide Leader?
Are you a leader or follower??
August 07, 2019
How Does Your Authenticity Benefit You In Marriage?
 This show is going to raise questions, grow concepts, shed light, and enlighten you as to what authenticity is. How does a man and a woman come together in a marriage, if they're raised different? How does them allowing themselves to be who they are help them in being one and raising children? What is it that keeps them tied to God? These are just some of the portions we will cover in this video. We get the opportunity to hear this lovely couple express the experiences, that will help us add to our lives, or hopeful make us more "Well-Rounded." You can find them both at: @How We Do It Podcast Phil: Endsideus Dial Tone the Producer Kiera: Kiera Yogini Make sure you follow them, and have yourself aligned with their journey, as they are both built to help you reach your full potential. 
August 07, 2019
Are You The Right Choice
This is just a tidbit of my daily escapades. Literally giving you full insight into what makes this channel exactly what it is!
August 07, 2019
How Do You Know When You've Found, The ONE?
Marriage can be tricky, right? It is hard, right? How can two be married for so long, and actually get along? Well, we jump into those topics, and we uncover the title of this show. Enjoy The process! 
August 07, 2019
State Of The Matrimony
In this episode I was invited by Suits and Heels Entertainment to be on Excitement Radio to discuss the state of the man and woman. We dove into the perils of love and relationship, and gave our insight as to what's best when it comes to love and relationship. Kassandra Ceneas, Florence Gaspard, and DJ Ben Hop are the best at what they do, so take a listen to hear us address The State Of Matrimony!
August 07, 2019
What Makes You, You?
This show is based upon your destiny, and why it is that you should definitely get in touch with that person in order to sacrifice what's holding you back, for what's going to spring you forward.  On the show is Trey Searles: Owner of Young Justified Christians and Its Ya Boy Wiggles Listen closely to the nuggets he drops through the entirety of the episode!
August 07, 2019
Coaches Corner Podcast Introduction!
Welcome to the family! You'll hear so much on these shows that it will blow your mind. Life coaching, motivation, tips and tricks, and all the way real. We talk about everything in the Coaches Corner!
August 07, 2019