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Welcome to the Wellnergy podcast! Each week we'll be bringing you some of the best names in the global Health and Wellness industry. Talking about all things fitness, food, mindset, self-confidence, creativity & joy. Hosted by industry expert and former Pro-Athlete Sara Picken - Brown, we'll be digging deep for you on the important topics and sharing some incredible stories along the way. So grab a beverage, get comfy and let's get into it.
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4min Focus with Sara- 'Be Better Than Perfect'


S4.Ep.19 | Kate Rowe-Ham | Let's Talk Menopause
We talk to Kate Rowe-Ham, a Level 3 qualified personal trainer specialising in helping women reach their fitness potential. Committed to encouraging her clients to discover  a love for exercise and making it a sustainable long term focus, Kate  shares her peri-menopause journey and is committed to normalising the conversation around menopause. As a mum of 3 she shares her challenges and her tips for wellbeing at any age or situation.  #makemenopausematter  Video of this Podcast: Website:  Instagram:  Youtube:  Tickets to Sept 2021 Wellnergy:
July 04, 2021
S4.Ep18 | Laura Ann Moore | Money Mindset Coach
She's taking the financial world by storm, Coaching women in building a healthy mindset around spending, saving and investing. At the age of 27 Laura Ann Moore is fast becoming the Money Mindset Coach for a new generation of female Entrepreneurs. We have a chat about taking your investing from scary to strategically successful fast.  @laura_ann_moore Tickets to Wellnergy 4-5th Sept
June 25, 2021
S4.Ep.17|Nicole Chapman | Power of Mum
A former stunt woman who has worked in films for over 16years, working on blockbusters like James Bond and the Star Wars trilogy. She changed tracks venturing into motherhood and Personal Training where she follows her passion for helping women feel empowered through strength training with her 'Power of Mum' online coaching.  Nicole Chapman joins us as we talk women in fitness and the changing nature of self care.  @iamnicolechapman Tickets for Sept 4-5th at
June 18, 2021
S4.Ep16|Natalia Bojanic|Follow Your Heart But Use Your Head
A former PR director with over 10 years of experience in the luxury industry She left the corporate world to follow her passion for self-development and became an entrepreneur in the nutrition and mindfulness space. A qualified meditation teacher, Buddhist student and certified by the Google-developed Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, she teaches meditation and hosts leadership workshops in the corporate world, sharing practical tools to help people live more meaningful and joyful lives. Natalia believes that wellbeing is not a luxury, but a necessity and that we all have the ability to master ourselves, one thought at a time. We discuss courage, embracing fear and  following your inner guidance on how to make choices that nourish your heart and serve others. Corporate Meditation: Wellnergy Live: A Free event where you can meet Natalia and enjoy her meditations (13th June 2021)
June 10, 2021
Nicole Danielle Fitness- Jump Rope Sensation
Nicole Danielle is a Birmingham based Personal Trainer of 6 years, a former Elite level swimmer and jump rope enthusiast who has turned her passion into a business. You can find her at Wellnergy ‘Theme Park of Wellness’ in September at Cornbury Park taking the fitness tent through the skills and drillz to take you from beginner to proficient at the skills and fit enough to have fun along the way.  Get your tickets at   Nicole's Instagram:   Host Sara: @figure_genie  MUSIC:
June 06, 2021
S3.Ep 14 Sound Healing Therapy with Naomi McLean
We will be diving into sound and alternative therapies with 2 special guests. The first is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer who shares her journey with managing anxiety through meditation and sounds vibration therapy. We are also chatting to the founder of Eeezetopia who shares some of the amazing products helping people in pain management. Vibrational healing has been around for thousands of years, is widely used in Eastern medicine and is becoming more popular in the UK in Yoga studios as people discover the healing properties of Gong Baths and Tibetan Bowls.  But what is ‘Sound Healing’ ?  Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. The human body is made up of 70% water; this makes it a very good conductor of sound. Modern medicine now uses sound waves to break up kidney and gallstones in the body. Through the principle of resonance it is possible to use sound to bring the body back into harmony hence avoiding the need for drugs or surgery. To tell us more we are joined by Naomi McLean of Naylou Holistics.   website:  Instagram:  YT:  Pain Management Products: Wellnergy Tickets:  MUSIC: +
May 30, 2021
S3.Ep.13| Michele Paradise| Relationships & You
After a 20year career as an international runway model, our next guest has been a judge and industry expert on Make me a Supermodel, Britains Next Top Model, How to Look Good Naked and Model Behaviour, to name a few.  Her fascination with non verbal communication and life experiences in the modeling industry and personally promoted deep dive research and saw her working with:  Paul McKenna becoming A certified Clinical Hynotherapist,  Studied hypnosis and hypnotherapy Dr Richard Bandler beaming his assistant for 10 yrs and  A qualified NLP trainer Deepak Chopra becoming a Personal Development Coach and a practioner on his digital wellness platform JiYo  Dr Ronald Rube becoming a Havening Technique practitioner   Currently completing a certification program with Dr Gabor Mate, specialising in on trauma and addiction   She has been quoted as saying “The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself” and is currently writing a book entitled “I Married my Father’ on the subject of relationships with a Podcast launching soon by the same name.    We are blessed to have Michele sharing her Havening Technique with us at Wellnergy in Sept in the Mindfulness Tent from12.30-1.15 and then a 15min Q&A follows Website: Instagram: Wellnergy Tickets: MUSIC: +
May 22, 2021
S3.Ep12 | Karen Kwong 'Stop The Hijak'
As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we spoke to Karen Kwong about mental health and the corporate world. A highly experienced executive & business psychology coach. After a 15year career in a UK Fund Management Company , Karen  retrained gaining her  Masters in Organisational Psychology and now works with organisations and individuals to become exceptional leaders and thrive in both business and life   MUSIC:  + Instagram:  @thrivewithkaren @wellnergy @figure_genie
May 14, 2021
S3.Ep11| Sarah Law 'Love the Skin Youre In'
Our next guest has has led over 3000 people through a nutrition reset, spoken on stage in front of 18,000 people and has been recognised globally for her achievements in building her online business.  In 2019 she became an IFBB pro bikini athlete at the age of 38.  This former performer and dancer runs her successful business nutritional therapy where she is a specialist in in skin health and weight management for women. Her purpose in life is to help women see that ageing can be beautiful, they can live in harmony with their bodies and fuel themselves in a way that is not restrictive, depriving or filled with food fear.   I am so pleased to welcome, Sarah Law Instagram: MUSIC: +
May 09, 2021
S3.Ep.10 | Feed Your Brain, Manage Your Gut with Sara Picken-Brown
Most of us know, when it comes to food, what is ‘healthy’ and what is ‘not healthy’ for the body. Today Science is showing us that consuming energy-dense, high calorie, high fat, salt or sugar foods has a very direct gut-brain connection, when we understand the science, we begin to see the very real relationship between and impact on our overall wellbeing and food. Join Sara Picken-Brown as we explore this relationship and we identify if you are showing signs of inflammation and what to do about it.  Music: brought by Mojo Delta Music | Sara Instagram: @figure_genie | Coaching:
May 02, 2021
S.2.Ep.9 | Lisa Gawthorne-Endurance Pursuits, Veganism & Synchronicity
Named by The Grocer in their Plant Power list as being one of the 10 most influential people in the UK shaping the plant based market. Named by The Telegraph as one of the UK’s top 50 ambitious business leaders in association with LDC. Our next guest is inspiring support of vegan principles in business and in sport. As one of the most well-known vegan athletes in the country, Lisa is a competitive runner. She has competed for her club Liverpool Pembroke Sefton, the county of Merseyside and Great Britain Duathlon teams for her age group at European and World Championship levels. Lisa is currently ranked 8th in the world for her age group in Sprint Duathlon and ranked 6th in Europe. A lover of all things fitness, Lisa balances the sport of running and cycling with regular weight training.
April 25, 2021
S2.Ep8 | James Barber| Aim High Train High
Happy Monday Wellnergy Fam.. We have been following the adventure seekers so far this season and in todays episode we will look a bit more at the science behind getting the body and mind ready for some of these more extreme fitness pursuits.  What does it take to prepare for climbing Everest or running an ultra marathon? Here today to share some insights is our next guest,  A competitive road and cross country runner, and keen mountaineer, he is a firm believer in the benefits of hypoxic(high altitude)  Training.   As Lead Performance Specialist at The Altitude Centre in London, he applies the science and his own experience to prepare athletes and mountaineers for events around the world.   He has trained international rugby teams and professional football clubs, endurance athletes at all levels, world championship boxers, amateur and advanced climbers prepping for the top summits and increasingly the average office worker is seeing the benefits of Altitude Training to their health and wellbeing.   Welcome James Barber. ~  Tickets To Wellnergy 2021 Events:  MUSIC:  Sara's Instagram: @figure_genie  Tweet The Altitude Centre @AltitudeCentre   Instagram: @thealtitudecentre   James' Instagram: @iamjimmybarber   Tweet: @jimmybarber96
April 18, 2021
S2. Ep 7| Peter Crawshaw| What the RAF, MMA & UltraRunning Has Taught Me About Success
In this Wellnergy Podcast Monday release, we introduce you to Peter Crawshaw, as part of our incredible 2021 events expert team. He has an impressive resume, yet for all the 'hard core' he has a very balanced and workable approach to fitness and food. Currently a Performance Trainer and Certified Nutritionist , he served 12 years as a Weapons Technician in the RAF after which he transitioned to personal training. He competed for the RAF at Rugby League, competed in MMA, rowed, skied and ran marathons and is currently training towards his first ultra marathon, with an impressive competition roster on the agenda for 2021.  Wellnergy Tickets:  Instagram:@pete_crawshaw  Sara's Instagram: @figure_genie  Podcast Episode Music:
April 11, 2021
S2.Ep6 |Squash Falconer | Fear Wont Kill You, Complacency Will!
Season 2 of the Wellnergy Podcast. In the next 4 episodes we explore the stories, mindset and training practices of the Wellnergy Adventure seekers. What drives the men and women that aspire to scale the highest mountains, traverse the harshest terrains and jump off summits and out of planes? I am Sara Picken-Brown, coming to you from my very comfy chair in Central London and joining me from Darby in UK is my special guest today. She was the first British woman to climb and paraglide from the summit of Mont Blanc having ridden the 807km by motor bike. She has summited Cho Oyu, the 6th highest mountain in the world at 8,188metres in Nepal and Mount Everest 8,850 metres. She is a record-breaking adventurer, adventure travel documentary presenter.  Squash Falconer shares why Fear Wont Kill You But Complacency Will.  ~ Squash Falconer Has teamed up with shareware clothing   At the checkout you can tick a box to receive a prepaid 5kg sack for any unwanted clothes that will be given to people who need them!  Use code:  FALCONER for 20% discount on their range. ~  MUSIC:  Tickets:  Instagram:   FIND SQUASH: facebook: squashfalconer twitter: @squashfalconer instagram: @squashfalconer
April 04, 2021
S1 Ep4 with Alexandra Taylor | Hypnotherapy BONUS TRACK
Need a 5min ground break to settle nerves, busy mins or help settle you for a good night sleep. Join Alexandra Taylor in this 5 min BONUS Guided Meditation. Find out more about all the presenters offering over 120 sessions at Wellnergy 2021  
March 29, 2021
S1. Ep4 with Alexandra Taylor | Hypnotherapy,Self Esteem & Mental Health
In Episode.4 of the Wellnergy Podcast we are joined by Integrative Therapist who combines the teachings of  Yoga, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy to help her clients lead healthier, happier and more balanced lives. We are in conversation with Alexandra Taylor.  ~ MUSIC:  Tickets:  Instagram:  Alexandra Instagram: Sara's Instagram: 
March 28, 2021
S1. Ep 3 Wellnergy Podcast | Isabella McGuire on 'Ballet, Broken Backs & Building Buns of Steel'
This is Episode 3 of the Wellnergy Podcast, Sara Picken-Brown speaks with Ballerina Isabella McGuire. She trained at the Royal Ballet School in London before moving to Russia at the age of 15 to train and then graduate from the tough and highly prestigious Vaganava School. She was the first British dancer two do so.  She became then became a soloist of the Mikhailovsky Ballet and Eifman ballet as a soloist and more recently has been working as a freelance dancer and teacher in London. We discover the mindset required to be a dancer in the modern world, how to take injury recovery in your stride and lots more..  ~ Isabella McGuire:  ~Tickets to Wellnergy 4-5th Sept:     ~ Images used are of 'Isabella McGuire' | MUSIC:
March 21, 2021
Season 1 Episode 2.2 - 'Yoga In An Evolving World' with Luisa Zamboni
Season 1 Episode 2.2 - 'Yoga In An Evolving World' for the Wellnergy Podcast with Sara Picken-Brown, we are in conversation with...Our next guest came to Yoga over a decade ago in desperation, suffering back pain. Yoga has helped her navigate relationship trauma and the usual challenges as well as improve the physical connection to herself and the world around her. She has been teaching her passion for yoga since 2019 and strives to ensure ‘all students to feel better and lighter at the end of their practice than when they first unrolled their mat.’  Along with Kate Cooper and over 60 presenters, our next guest will be  at both the Wellnergy digital event in June and the 2 day spectacular in September. I am excited be ‘in conversation’ as we explore Yoga in an Evolving World with Luisa Zamboni. ~ TICKETS: ~ Luisa Sara Instagram: Sara Website: Wellnery Info:
March 14, 2021
S1. Ep 2.1 Wellnergy Podcast | Kate Cooper on 'Yoga In The Evolving World'
Join us in Episode 2, Part 1 of the Wellnergy Podcast as we discover what lockdown in a global pandemic is like for a new Yoga teacher navigating a new business and a new way of teaching, how yoga has helped this teacher and student maintain balance and what you can expect from this self confessed reformed hedonist as we dive into a conversation on Yoga In the Evolving World with Kate Cooper.
March 07, 2021
Season 1. Episode 1: Finding Balance In Life As A Pro Athlete with IFBB Bikini Pro 'Katie Morris'
She began her personal training career in the UK after graduating from a stage and acting degree in the mid 90’s and at the age of 26 fell in love with the Sport of Bodybuilding Between 2005 and 2015 she had secured 18 shows, placing in the top 15 of the prestigious Arnold Classic USA & Spain in the same year. After 11 years at amateur level this committed athlete achieved the ultimate honour of her Figure Pro status with the International Federation of BodyBuilding(IFBB). Taking a 12 month hiatus in 2018 from completion she came back to the bikini pro stage competing in L.A and Tokyo pro events and is currently 3 weeks out from her 4th pro event in Australia. In this episode we chat competition preparation at pro level, Veganism, training through a global pandemic and so much more with IFBB Bikini & figure Pro Katie Morris
February 21, 2021
4min Focus with Sara- 'Be Better Than Perfect'
According to the World Health Organization, there is a world-wide upward trend of depression and anxiety disorders. There is growing evidence that the increase in psychological ill-health of young people may stem from the excessive standards that they hold for themselves and the harsh self-punishment they routinely engage in. Coupled with research demonstrating the destructive effects of perfectionism on mental health, perhaps it is time to look at how schools, universities, employers  and families can create a culture of success that supports mental health rather than destroys it. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, depression will have become the single largest healthcare cost at $6 trillion globally.  With statistics showing an increase of internet usage of up to 70% and 51% of that on social media sites coupled with the alarming trends of depression and suicide increasing by 98% in women under 25and men over 40. If you or anyone you know needs to talk to a professional because of feelings of overwhelm or anxiety here are some details of care providers: Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123
Information: Childline – for children and young people under 19
Call 0800 1111 – the number will not show up on your phone bill SOS Suicide of Silence – for everyone
Call 0300 1020 505 – 9am to midnight every day ~~~ MUSIC: Filming & Editing:
February 17, 2021
This is The Wellnergy Podcast
This is the Wellnergy Podcast,  Im Sara Picken-Brown: Integrated Movement Specialist, Wellness Coach of 20years and former Pro-Athlete. Every week we get down and dirty on all things fitness, nutrition and mental health related with an array of special guests who share their incredible stories, nuggets of advice and answer your burning questions. So grab that drink, get comfy and let's dive on in. ~~~ Join us in the next episodes for our spectacular guests and lineup of presenters in the upcoming 2021 Theme Park of Wellness events. 13th June Digital Wellnergy-Live streamed  4th+5th September 'Wellnergy- Theme Park of Wellness' -the 2 day wellness adventure held at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, U.K. TWEET us your health & wellness questions Find us on Instagram or email the Host :Sara Picken-Brown 
February 10, 2021