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Wellness Where You Are

Wellness Where You Are

By Melissa Alexis, MFA, RYT (she/her/we)
Created by Melissa “Abhaya” Alexis, MFA, RYT, founder and CEO of Cultural Fabric, mindfulness consultant and educator, artist, entrepreneur, mother/sister/friend. Wellness Where You Are is for those who want to awaken to how to guide personal and collective well-being - everywhere- for the benefit of self *and* others: Be part of a global restoration movement to wake up to our capacity for healing connection and collective liberation.
Ready to HEAL:

(photo credit: Jill Goldman Photography)

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Ep2. Mindfulness of Wholeness
This episode is an energycast, intent on broadcasting the energy of integration and unification which acknowledges that we are whole seeds. The dictionary definition of wholeness is "the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity; the state of being unbroken or undamaged." With so much harm and fragmentation resonating in the world around us, Melissa aims to awaken within us mindfulness of our innate wholeness. Healing is continual and we can be healed and come to fresh awareness of our wholeness, again and again and again...
April 28, 2021
Ep1. Mindfulness of Life
In this first episode, Melissa sets the tone for us to delve into wellness through her definition of an integration of body-mind-spirit. A combination of information and practice, this episode invites us to feel mindfulness of life through connection with our breath. A professional in nonprofit business administration for over 25 years, as well as an artist, teacher, practitioner, Melissa asks us to consider how to reconnect with our bodies in this era of the digital workforce. Melissa acknowledges that this episode does not even scratch the surface of the potential of mindfulness and engaged activism through self and communal healing. We stand in solidarity with families affected by ongoing police and societal violence and we center the needs of Black, Indigenous, and people of color for healing.
April 14, 2021