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Marcie Stokman, founder and president of Well-Read Mom, encourages women to read more, read well. With honesty and humor, Marcie helps women reclaim time for leisure, friendship, and literature. Inspiring women to make time to read, Marcie will show how it is possible and explain why reading matters for women.

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Well-Read Mom Podcast Guest Starring Margaret Cronin on the Importance of Leisure
Highlights include: We need true leisure now more than ever How rest is different than entertainment Training our gaze to be able to give full attention - even amid extreme tiredness Being fully present to another is a holy moment Our sisterhood with other women can help us restore ourselves Attending a Well-Read Mom group is not an escape from reality but helps us to engage again Engaging in authentic leisure benefits the wider culture A place to unfold and receive Pray for the friendships that we need Margaret Cronin is a member of Well-Read Mom and the Dean of Academics at Magnolia School in Houston, TX.
June 22, 2022
Why Literature Matters and "How to Read (and Write) like a Catholic" - an interview with Joshua Hren
Highlights include: When is a book ok to read? Discerning the line If I'm scrupulous, should I even read literature? What is the possibility of restoring the Catholic literary tradition? Are you concerned with classics or worthy books being canceled in our current culture? Why do we need literature?   Joshua Hren is the founder and publisher of Wiseblood Books, perhaps the most distinguished and ambitious small literary press of our day. He has published two collections of short stories, "This Our Exile" and "In the Wine Press," as well as "Middle-earth and the Return of the Common Good: J.R.R. Tolkien and Political Philosophy." His first novel, "Infinite Regress," is forthcoming from Angelico Press; his introduction to Catholic letters, "How to Read (and Write) like a Catholic," is available from TAN Books.
March 16, 2022
St. Francis DeSales and St. Jane de Chantal: How They Help Ordinary People Live Holy Lives with Fr. John Burns, Marcie Stokman, and Colleen Hutt
Highlights: 11:00 How do you know if you are making progress in the spiritual life? Am I good enough? Am I secure in the love of God? 13:46 What if I don't have time to pray? 15:20 Can changing a diaper be a prayer? 18:18 Be both Martha and Mary 20:10 Living with intense suffering. 23:18 Getting a reset; remembering who we are 25:29 How can I possibly do all I have to do? 29:49 The key to living in the present 31:37 Simplifying is a move toward God. 35:19 What to do about division in families 39:39 Why is it easier for women to be alone with God? 43:21 Vocations for women and why women religious are needed in the church today 47:31 How does a woman know if she has a call to a religious vocation? 51:59 A powerful prayer before Christmas Father John Burns is a priest for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. He studied business marketing at the University of Notre Dame, but later realized a deeper call to preach the infinite love of God with his whole life. Ordained a priest in 2010, he has served in parish ministry and taught moral theology in the seminary. Father John also works extensively with religious communities of women and has provided with retreats and conferences for Sisters in Africa, Europe, and the United States. He is the author of the book Lift Up Your Heart: A 10-Day Personal Retreat. Father John recently completed his doctoral studies on the theology of healing through forgiveness.
December 10, 2021
How to use your Between the Lines Reading Journal
It's so important to capture the insights that we gain from literature! Listen in to this podcast about how to use the Between the Lines Reading Journal. Find out more and purchase one here: The podcast includes: Capturing the beauty of the life that happens between the lines Don't be afraid to start writing in your Between the Lines Journal - you can't fail!  A way to take hold of your days Use you are feeling particularly weighed down with details Slow down to see the golden thread of life happening in the ordinary Be aware of what your reading is teaching you Don't miss seeing what is happening in your life, miracles happen here!
November 01, 2021
It's okay to make room for reading literature! Literature and Spiritual Growth with Gregory Wolfe
Highlights of this podcast include:  How to become an active reader? Why is reading meant to be a communal act? Experiencing renewal through deep attention How is loneliness healed? What is the danger of living in a utilitarian way? Why are we so stressed out? What is the remedy? What uplifts me is not just a sitcom or happy ending? What really uplifts me? Why do women read more than men? Women are in the trenches of daily experience. Gregory Wolfe is a writer, teacher, editor, and publisher. In 1989 he founded Image—one of America’s leading literary journals, which he edited for thirty years. He was also the founding director of the Seattle Pacific University MFA in Creative Writing program. Wolfe brings to the position more than three decades of experience as an editor, publisher, writer, teacher, and thought leader in the realms of art, literature, and religion. Wolfe is the founder of Image—one of America’s leading literary journals, which he edited for thirty years. He was also the founding director of the Seattle Pacific University MFA in Creative Writing program. Wolfe’s writing has appeared in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, First Things, Commonweal, and America. In 2005 he was a judge for the National Book Awards. His books include Beauty Will Save the World, Intruding Upon the Timeless, and The Operation of Grace. He is married to the novelist, Suzanne M. Wolfe. They are the parents of four grown children and live in Richmond Beach, Washington.
September 20, 2021
My Years With Corrie Ten Boom: A Well-Read Mom Interview With Ellen Stamps
Ellen Stamps tells her story of working with Corrie ten Boom, author of Well-Read Mom book pick The Hiding Place, in an interview with Well-Read Mom founder, Marcie Stokman. Learn more about Corrie and her sister and how they were able to survive and forgive. What an amazing and inspiring story of faith! 
September 02, 2021
Purposeful Parenting and Finding Time to Read with Tonja Milligan
The number one reason that women give for not reading is "not enough time." Join Marcie Stokman, founder of Well-Read Mom, as she talks with Tonya Milligan, author of No Perfect Parent, Just a Perfect Purpose: Keys to Unlocking Every Child's Greatness. They'll discuss purposeful parenting strategies that will help you make and take the time to read! Tonya Milligan (Author)
July 12, 2021
"How Reading Builds Culture: Give Yourself Permission to Read" - Marcie's Virtual Book Tour
Marcie's book tour went virtual this summer due to COVID. So, we're excited to share this great interview with you on How Reading Builds Culture: Give Yourself Permission to Read. The full video of the interview is available on our website. Our friend, the dynamic Leah Jacobson, founder of The Guiding Star Project,  talks with Well-Read Mom founder and president Marcie Stokman about her new book The Well-Read Mom: Read More. Read Well. Leah and Marcie discussed: The Mom Problem - The Reading Problem and the Together Solution Women's need for friendship and restorative leisure Reading and discussing literature as a way to cultivate the moral imagination Tips for making time to read The importance of women as culture builders You can purchase a copy of Marcie's book, which goes into depth about all of these topics (and it includes all of the Well-Read Mom booklists as well) at our store. Happy reading!
August 06, 2020
Great Books for Kids During COVID-19: Well-Read Mom's Family Supplement
We thought some of our women might want some ideas for meaningful books to hand to their kids during this unexpected time at home. This is the first year Well-Read Mom has included a Family Supplement with membership. Our hope is to encourage great books for kids that follow along with our theme of the year. This way, the conversations we are having in our groups can also be shared with our families. In this podcast Marcie Stokman, Alison Solove and Charity Hill discuss: How the Family Supplement came about An example of educating the moral imagination through literature. How to use the Family Supplement with three different age groups How important it is to get great books into kids’ hands and promote meaningful conversations within families To learn more about Well-Read Mom's Family Supplement - Go to: You can find the books mentioned in this podcast here:
May 14, 2020
On Being at Home (with joy!) in These Uncertain Days
Marcie Stokman, president and founder of Well-Read Mom interviews Ana Braga-Henebry on how we can be at home in beautiful way with our children during these days.   "Yes, you can do this - even joyfully!" Our discussion includes: Lingering around the table Bringing order into our days Ideas for prayer time and rhythm Prioritizing joy Confidence in the authority we've been given as others Managing devices Ana Braga-Henebry grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, majored in Art Education, and received a Master’s degree in Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas. In her chosen life as a wife and mother, Ana has found time and inspiration to write on family life and literature for different periodicals. Ana is a lifetime educator in various levels, a book reviewer and educational resources content-creator. Having a life-long love for Literature, Ana has led book clubs for women for many years.
March 22, 2020
Great question! Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Well-Read Mom membership
During this episode, Well-Read Mom co-directors Nicole and Janel answer the most frequently asked questions about Well-Read Mom's membership terms including: How following the theme and booklist for the year allows us to go deeper into our understanding of ourselves as women How the audios help facilitate discussion and connect us to the broader movement - unity not uniformity Why Well-Read Mom charges a membership fee and what that fee goes toward Why the booklist is for members-only Why the discussion questions in our Companion (Reading Guide) vary month to month and in style - and how to use questions that work for your group Have another burning questions? Email us: or use the message feature on Anchor to send in your voice message. Happy reading! You can find out more at
March 05, 2020
What are the criteria for a Well-Read Mom book selection?
During this episode, you'll hear about the criteria Well-Read Mom uses when choosing a book for our book club. We'll discuss the importance of tradition, humanity, and art in literature.  We'll also consider whether it is possible to interact with, study, consider, and read books that stretch us outside our comfort zone? Books that include objectionable content, written by authors whose world-view, behavior, or experiences may at times diverge from what is virtuous and moral? If so, how should we read these books? You'll also hear more about the specific method that Well-Read Mom groups use in their monthly meetings: Read, compare, share, and accompany. Panelists include: Marcie Stokman, president and founder of Well-Read Mom, Inc., mother of seven, grandmother of eleven Colleen Hutt, graduate of Notre Dame's liberal arts program, "retired" parish minister, mother, and volunteer organizer of the Well-Read Mom pilgrimage Carla Galdo has a B.A. in Spanish Literature and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, and a M.T.S. from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C. She is a wife and mother, is blessed to live on a hobby farm in small town Virginia, and to homeschool her five children.  Janel Lewandowski, co-director of Well-Read Mom, M.A. in Pastoral Studies from the St. Paul School of Divinity at the St. Paul Seminary, wife and mother of five.
February 11, 2020
Why Art Matters for Women: Interview with Art Historian, Elizabeth Lev
Elizabeth Lev is an art historian, bestselling author, international speaker and certified sommelier. She teaches Baroque, Renaissance and Christian Art at Duquesne University in Rome. She is also the author of "How Catholic Art Saved the Faith - The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art" published by Sophia Press. In this podcast, Marcie Stokman and Elizabeth Lev will discuss: the importance beauty has in our lives why all people need to believe in beauty how women in particular have a resonance toward beauty how our culture has hijacked beauty for prettiness Enjoy!
January 01, 2020
Well-Read Mom - An Answer to the Loneliness Epidemic?
Marcie Stokman and Janel Lewandowski, both of Well-Read Mom, discuss how reading good literature together fosters friendship - the kind of friendships we really need. According to a recent YouGov poll, twenty-two percent of Millenials reported not having a single friend. Could the friendships fostered in Well-Read Mom book groups be an answer to this loneliness epidemic? To find out more or join a group near you, find us at
December 23, 2019
Introducing the Well-Read Mom Family Supplement
Want to share your love of reading and beauty with your family? Listen to find out what the Well-Read Mom Family Supplement is and how to use it. Find out more at:
November 08, 2019
Tolkien's Fairy-Stories with Dr. Scott Moringiello
Marcie Stokman, founder of Well-Read Mom, interviews Dr. Scott Moringiello, Catholic Studies Professor at DePaul University. They discuss Tolkien's "On Fairy-Stories."  Their conversation gives great insight into what adults can gain from reading fairy stories, why we don't grow out of these stories of joy, and how they educate us to the bigger story of our lives as it relates to creation and redemption. An easy way to support our work is to leave us a rating! It's easy, free, and helps other women to learn about Well-Read Mom. Thank you! Find out more at
October 31, 2019
Introducing Well-Read Mom's 'Year of the Artist' with Liz Kelly - What is art? How does it communicate truth?
Well-Read Mom Founder Marcie Stokman and her daughter Beth Nelson introduce the 'Year of the Artist' as our 2019-2020 theme for the year. Liz (Elizabeth) Kelly, a native Minnesotan, is a noted speaker, retreat leader and award-winning author, whose works include short stories, arts and music reviews, books on prayer and worship, and meditations on faith, spiritual struggle, and Christian womanhood. She has written seven books, including May Crowning, Mass, and Merton: 50 Reasons I Love Being Catholic, which won the Catholic Press Association first place award for Best Popular Presentation of the Faith in 2007. She is also the author of “The Wind,” a short story nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2001. You can find out more about her at Highlights include: How to develop the artist within Tips for developing artistic ability when you already feel stretched thin Art as a way of communicating truth How can an atheist or a person living a lifestyle many of us would not agree with produce art that conveys beauty and truth? The ways to distinguish good art from bad art Similarly, how to evaluate the books we read What kind of art has moved you and why? Marcie and Liz also touch on Marcie's upcoming book "The Well-Read Mom." Coming soon! Find out more at
October 02, 2019
The Art of Homemaking: Interview with Well-Read Mom Ana Braga-Henebry
Ana inspires us to create beauty, cultivate love, and open our homes in hospitality. Learn how each one of us is the artist of our own home and family life. And, here's Ana's fool-proof receive for entertaining: Ana's Brazilian Chicken Recipe Sauté cubed chicken in olive oil, crushed garlic and salt. Add sliced onions and tomatoes or Ro-tel. Let it simmer for half hour to 40 minutes. Add 8oz cream cheese per 1.5 of chicken or so. Let it soften and mix well. Before serving, garnish with plenty of fresh chopped herbs: any combination of Cilantro, parsley, basil. Serve over rice, or anything you like! Serve in a vegetable as a side. If you are familiar with hearts of palm, add one or two cans rinsed, sliced hearts of palm chopped to this dish to make it extremely Brazilian and delicious. Quantities are whatever you want depending on how many people are you feeding. Enjoy!
September 09, 2019