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Well, That's a Problem

Well, That's a Problem

By Abbey Nawrocki
Join host Abbey as she attempts to bring a sociological lens to the everyday situations that make you want to rage. Not only was ____ annoying, it was also influenced by society in ways we may not think about enough. This pod supports the dismantling of oppressive social structures and collective angry rants about "the issues."
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US Healthcare Plus a Pandemic (w/ Kelsey Landhuis)
Host Abbey is joined by Kelsey Landhuis to critique the MAJOR problems with the US healthcare system and how these issues have only been made worse by the mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Disability rights advocates and organizers have been working for reforms for decades, and it's beyond time we center folks who are most impacted by and most excluded from policy decisions on healthcare and public health! We spell out the issues, give practical steps on how to get more informed and involved, and even discuss the WNBA. 
July 31, 2020
ICE's International #StudentBan
In this ep., host Abbey shares yet another reason we need to ABOLISH ICE! On Monday, July 6, 2020, ICE issued a statement outlining new restrictions for International students going into the fall semester. Whereas domestic students have been given an option to take in-person or online classes in the fall, International students are being faced with different, more harmful, options that are forcing them to choose between their health and safety and their education. 
July 10, 2020
I don't understand "hobbies"
In this Reboot Ep., host Abbey gets into why she's been gone so long, what she's learned in that time, why she's back, and the future direction of the podcast! It's a short ep, but a good ep. that you don't want to miss! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @abbeynaw to stay up to date on all things WTAP! 
July 6, 2020
Pelvic Pain is Real (w/ Stephanie Wilson)
Welcome to season 2!!! In this ep, Stephanie Wilson joins the pod to discuss her incredible #PelvicPainProject! We spend our time giving you all sorts of perspective on the systemic problems that lead to delayed diagnoses and dismissal of pain. Stephanie also gives us a long reading list to keep digging into this important topic. And don't worry y'all, we definitely shit on J Marion Sims before the ep is over!  Stephanie is the co-founder of Applied Worldwide, an org bringing Sociological knowledge to the public! She's on twitter @steph_wils & her project is also on twitter @PelvicPainPRJCT
January 14, 2020
That's a Rant!: The Hymen is a Myth & Other Things T.I. Should Know by Now
SEASON 1 FINALE: The episode is all about VIRGINITY! Specifically, I'm using the recent controversy over T.I's interview and comments about his daughter's hymen as my opportunity to bring in the socio-historic context we need to really understand where virginity comes from and the consequences of messages about virginity for women and their bodies. I discuss the 6 P's of Virginity, the neck test, Purity Balls (real thing), and reveal which industrial nation is the only one that still provides funding for Abstinence Only Education programs (it's the U.S.).  Be sure to show some love to your local Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, and the TORCH Program and pick up a copy of Virgin: the Untouched History by Hanne Blank or Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti! 
November 12, 2019
That's a Rant!: Help Wanted
This rant is all about the unmet need of homeless folks in our communities! Homelessness is a complex and intersectional issue, so I'm keeping the conversation going with just a small portion of the experiences some folks might encounter. Disney, USPS, and the lack of public bathrooms are all on the chopping block!  Be sure to check out Thrive DC and that Mashable piece! And as always @ me with more resources and perspectives! 
November 5, 2019
That's a Rant!: "Men Working" (w/ Kelsey Landhuis)
In today's very special mini ep, host Abbey is joined by Kelsey Landhuis to rant about gender inclusive language! This episode has everything: dictionaries, complaints about traffic, time-traveling feminists, & at least one pun. Shout outs in this ep go to Jonathan Van Ness & Annalee Newitz.  Kelsey's on Twitter @kelsey_landhuis &, as always, the pod is @WTAProblem 
October 15, 2019
What's Going On with These Teachers?! (w/ Eric Wiemer)
In this ep, Eric Wiemer joins the pod to discuss the 2018 Strike Wave. We get talking about all sorts of inequities that lead public school teachers to strike and what y'all can do to support the plight of public school teachers across the country. Eric teaches me about #RedforEd, bedroom rock, and the garbage that is "right to work" (only 2 of which are related to the teacher strikes). Follow Eric on Twitter @EricCWiemer or visit & keep up with the pod @WTAProblem  
October 9, 2019
Sacrificing Bodies for Sports Trophies (w/ Karissa Conrad)
Just in time for football season, guest Karissa Conrad teaches us to take a second look at sports culture and ask why it's bad for our bodies. We get into alllllllll of the major topics, from CTE, to testosterone testing, to pay equity. Somewhere along the way, I learn Karissa's middle name and we narrow down the list of people who could be Lizzo's dad ('s Michael Jefferson...). Karissa is on Twitter @karissamconrad & the pod is still @WTAProblem
September 10, 2019
That's a Rant!: "Preferred" Pronouns
In this mini ep, host Abbey gives us an informative rant about sex, gender, & the importance of pronouns. Shout outs in this ep go to Dr. Georgiann Davis & the Trevor Project. Be sure to keep up with the pod on Twitter @WTAProblem
September 3, 2019
Treating Social Media like the Wild West (w/ Elle Rochford)
In this episode Elle Rochford, M.S. comes to the pod to talk about the time a man saw her in a bar then found her online. It sparks a heated discussion on the rules of social media, all kinds of gender nonsense, and how amazing Elle's parents are! Connect with Elle @RochfordElle & follow the pod on Twitter @WTAProblem
August 27, 2019
Being Excluded from Intersectionality (w/ Aurea Bolaños Perea)
In this episode Abbey is joined by Aurea Bolaños Perea, M.A. to talk about the time she was told intersectionality was not for her. We also reveal the identity of the mystery woman on Aurea's backpack, make sooooo many references to Kimberlé Crenshaw's TED Talk, and end with a chat about things that are rad! Connect with Aurea and her amazing podcast @Guerreras_cr
August 13, 2019
"Well, That's a Problem" Trailer
Well, That's a Problem with Abbey Nawrocki launches soon. In the meantime, here's a taste of what you can expect! 
August 3, 2019