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Well Wisdom Community

Well Wisdom Community

By Claire Cardno
A space to connect and expand our consciousness around a variety of topics from conscious parenting and the REALITIES of that, shadow work, plant medicine, the spiritual coaching industry and is it a scam? Being a millennial, cycles of life, what the fuck is this coronavirus and the 5D I mean.. 5G.. Let's dive into these Qs
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0. The Beginning; A journey - A brief introduction

Well Wisdom Community

0. The Beginning; A journey - A brief introduction

Well Wisdom Community

05. I feel it ALL - Interview with Fia
In todays interview I chat with Fia, one of my favourite Artists who magically weaves together empowering and soulful music to enchant your soul and whisper resounding secrets of ancestral knowing to your spirit. In this episode we chat all about Fia's upcoming single 'Breathe', the inspiration and interconnectedness of us all. Ways to navigate this time of great change on the planet and resources to ground and find to your place and purpose through tumultuous times. We chat about balancing entrepreneur/creative life and slow connected living in tune with the Mama Earth. And so much more! Grace your soon-to-be happy little ears with this conversation and be sure to check out Fia on all the below links ~ her music needs to be in your playlists. Especially for those sacred and ceremonial life moments. Her website where you can consciously invest in supporting her craft: Add her music to your Spotify list: Follow her on Facebook for her beautiful word smithery and deep wisdom: Bless your eyeballs for the beauty that is the landscape of her Swedish lifestyle in graceful imagery Follow her YouTube for the video listening: Now some other really important links as discussed: Black Lives Matter: George Floyd Remorial Fund: Minnesota Freedom Fund: Reclaim The Block:
June 15, 2020
04. The False Light Movement and working with the shadows
Today Bergitte and I go all in on the False Light Movement and the need for shadow work. How we need to get to know ourselves and heal our trauma before we can bring light to the world. Leave your comments and feedback on Instagram @wellwisdomnz and itunes
May 22, 2020
03. That Scorpio Full Moon was pretty hectic.. #PersonalUpdate
So today I just jump into a personal update, discussing the implications of the new bill passed in New Zealand, vaccinations, home schooling, and the deep emotions this is surfacing for clearing. Its all good stuff, even if it feels icky! Here is the Sacha Stone video: follow me on Insta: @wellwisdomnz and @woman_who_runs_with_wolfes
May 16, 2020
02. Motherhood rebuilding your identity and Coronavirus stories
In this episode my friend Dominique @lady_ngapuhi and i deep dive into motherhood, rebuilding your identity, and we share some of our lockdown coronavirus stories. For more follow WELL Wisdom on Insta @wellwisdomnz
May 9, 2020
01. Know yourself, live your passion
Welcome back fellow humans - today I chat with @vibe_with_victoria_yoga about finding your passion through knowing yourself, bringing together spirituality and the world of teaching and business, the impact of this current crisis on our youth, potential outcomes for the future and bringing balance into your life. Check out Victoria's Instagram to find out more about her business book. Follow @wellwisdomnz on Instagram and Facebook for more.
May 4, 2020
0. The Beginning; A journey - A brief introduction
Welcome! I'm so excited to jump in and share with you the inner workings of my mind.. I'm Claire, I'm a mother living in New Zealand and in this first episode I'm going to share a little bit about myself. Follow me on Instagram - @wellwisdomnz and @woman_who_runs_with_wolfes
May 3, 2020
April 30, 2020
April 30, 2020