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If Not Now Wen

If Not Now Wen

By Wen Zhang
Born in a rural mountain town in the Communist world, she achieved her dream by teaching herself English in 4 years so she can come to the US to see the world; Nine years later with two Master's degrees, while experienced through both startups and the corporate world, she is still living her American Dream! In this podcast, she is interviewing different entrepreneurs, who have done the impossible things, to share their dreams and their stories behind the scene, the ups, the downs, and everything in between.
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Interview with Courtney Werner, Co-Founder of KOYA - How She Found Courage to Follow Her Heart

If Not Now Wen

Interview with Courtney Werner, Co-Founder of KOYA - How She Found Courage to Follow Her Heart

If Not Now Wen

Interview with Amber Ybarra, Author, Business Owner - Her Journey of Searching for Her Why
Amber Ybarra is a business owner of 6 years and runs a construction company in San Antonio, TX.  She is also certified in the science of psychology and has merged those two trades together to give women the tools to build their best lifestyle and business through her coaching program.  She is the podcast host of The Positive Platform, Author of Thriving into Thirty, and cheerleader of all women working to create their best lives yet!
September 28, 2020
Interview with Sandy Wong, Founder of Rugs by Roo - Her Journey of Becoming
Sandy Wong, owner of Rugs by Roo, has an ambitious mission to end child labor in her lifetime. Her passion and dedication to this cause started when she watched the film “The Price of Free” with her daughter who was 4 years old at the time.  She saw children about the same age as her daughter being forced to work in factories making rugs day in and day out, without being able to go home and see their families.  She decided to join forces with an organization called GoodWeave International and truly bring this cause to light through her company and her initiatives. But Sandy’s purpose and the mission were not always this clear and it took a few pivots along the way.  Sandy worked the corporate ladder in her former career as an accountant.  She started and ended several businesses including her wedding photography business, Sandy Tam Photography, of six years and her stationery business, Pulp Function, of three years.  Along the way, she’s become a mom, fought mom-guilt like most mompreneurs, hit rock bottom financially, and made some costly mistakes where she learned and thrived from. Today, her wish is to not only bring to light the child labor issues that surround the rug industry, her ultimate wish is to inspire those around her to live a purpose-driven life that serves others. To learn more about how you can shop smarter as a consumer and support anti-child labor initiatives, visit GoodWeave International ( If you’d like to connect with Sandy, you can find her at The film that she highly recommends everyone to watch is called “The Price of Free” (
September 24, 2020
Interview with Lumi Ispas, Investor & National Speaker - From Cleaning Lady to Financial Freedom
Lumi Ispas is a real estate investor, broker, and national speaker.  She has been engaged in real estate since 2001 when she started selling and investing in Real Estate. As the 2008 crises hit she lots all her real estate portfolio & everything she had along with a lot of people all over the USA and in the World. What was a huge personal loss, it becomes her strength as she learned from what the 2008 winners did differently. By 2011 she's turned around her business and started investing again using these new strategies for her own portfolio and her client's portfolio. The Chicago Association of Realtors recognized her results by naming her in the top 1% of Chicago Brokers based on her number of sales in the city. She started teaching seminars with the winning strategies she's learned to help both the uninitiated and people in the real estate industry invest with a very simple strategy she employed to achieve Financial Freedom and become multi-millionaires as a side business for themselves. Her clients and students range from beginners to Fortune 500 owners. Her free seminar, "Wealth Building & Financial Freedom through buying Real Estate with low down-payments",  was the topic she was invited to speak about at both the last NAR and Century 21 franchise annual conventions, where she was invited to teach real estate brokers how to invest for themself and learn to teach their own clients Lumi's strategies. At present, in addition to investing in & selling real estate she is coaching brokers & real estate investors on what steps to take now to thrive in this COVID challenging environment using her experience from the 2008 housing crash. You can find more about Lumi and sign up for her seminars at
September 18, 2020
Interview with Paz Avivi, Serial Entrepreneur & Elite Mindset Coach - His Journey to True Happiness
Paz Avivi is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. Coming from a very tough past full of obstacles, he overcame the challenges with never give up spirit, and eventually found his way to live life to the fullest by combing happiness and wealth.   He owned over 20 businesses before the age of 30 and started a global real estate inventing group by the age of 32.  Now he is a full-time Elite mindset coach that helps entrepreneurs and leaders across the world make a massive impact on the world. You can find Paz @
September 9, 2020
Interview with Aaron Hines, Co-founder of Darbe - How He Follow His Heart to Serve the World
Aaron Hines is the co-founder of Darbe, a social network for philanthropy. He is also an alumni of the Founder's Institute, the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator. After graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Economics he joined gener8tor to help grow their gBETA startup accelerator in Houston, TX. Gener8tor is a top tier gold-ranked accelerator and VC firm based in the Midwestern US.  You can reach out Aaron;  Volunteer. Donate. Fundraise. 
September 3, 2020
Interview with Angelos Angelou, Founder of Angelou Economics; Founder&CEO of International Accelerator
Prior to founding AngelouEconomics, AE’s Principal Executive Officer, Angelos Angelou, spent nearly 12 years with the Austin Chamber of Commerce as Vice President of Economic Development and Chief Economist and brings a practitioner’s approach to AE’s Economic Development Consulting Practice. During his time at the chamber, Angelos handled the recruitment of 800 technology companies and some 70,000 employees, including IBM, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, AMD, Cypress Semiconductor, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, and Sematech. He is a founding member of the Site Selector’s Guild, an association of the world's foremost professional site selection consultants. Angelos has sited over $18 billion in capital investment projects, from high tech to health care to governmental clients around the world. His record of achievements includes the attraction of $26 billion in capital investments and the creation of over 285,000 direct and indirect jobs. A highly visible leader in the field of economic development, Angelos is widely regarded as an expert on technology-based economic development, public policy, investment attraction, marketing and entrepreneurship. The national and international media regularly seek his comments and insights in the technology sector and on economic development issues. He is also widely regarded as the chief architect in the establishment of Austin as a nationally recognized high-tech center. Angelos is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas, which is focused exclusively on foreign born entrepreneurs and launching their technology startup businesses in the US. Angelos is an angel investor in half a dozen startups in Texas. Angelos recently received a Proclamation from the Texas Governor and the Mayor of Austin in recognition for his 30-year leadership and contribution to economic development in the State of Texas and Austin. Mr. Angelou is the Governor’s appointee to The CPRIT Oversight Committee (Texas Governor Appointee), a $3 billion Texas Grant Program specializing in Cancer Prevention, Research and Commercialization. He is a Fellow at the IC2, an international think tank on venture capital and entrepreneurship. Current Board appointments include Advisory Board of The College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin (largest college at UT). Angelos is also President of, and President of Gridmates, member companies of the International Accelerator. Past appointments include board and advisory posts at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the Social Sciences Department at St. Edwards University and the World Information Technology Conference. Angelos was awarded the US Economic Development of the Year award by Site Selection Magazine.
September 2, 2020
Interview with Yuen Yung, CEO of Casoro Group - His American Dream of Creating Significance for the World
As CEO of Casoro Group, Yuen is responsible for the overall management of operations including business development and investor relations. A true savant in his field, Yuen brings a wealth of experience across a broad range of disciplines, among them: finance, investment management, capital raising, wealth planning, venture capital, portfolio management, alternative investments, commodities, strategic planning, leadership and training, sales and organizational structuring. Prior to joining Casoro Group, Yuen was the founder and CEO of the franchisor How Do You Roll? a fast-casual sushi restaurant. In 2013, he appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and received the highest investment offer in the history of the show from investor Kevin O’Leary. Yuen previously spent 13 years in the investment management and advisory industry a Managing Partner of Kenty, Yung, Ozias & Associates, where he oversaw advisors and was responsible for the capital raise and management of more than $300 million in funds raised from high-net-worth individuals, families, corporations, and charitable organizations. In his earlier years, he developed 27 commercial retail sites as an entrepreneur. He currently sits on the board of Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce, and previously the Board President of Austin-based non-profit The Thinkery and he has served on the Board of Directors for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He also volunteers as a mentor for Ignite Accelerator, an Austin-based business incubator as well as Founders Firm. Yuen was named as a finalist for an Austin Under 40 award in 2013 and was honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award from The University of Texas Professional Development Center in 2006. Yuen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He is also a graduate of MIT’s Entrepreneurship Masters Program and has professional certifications as a Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC®) and Board Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). 
August 27, 2020
Why Am I Here - Podcast Mission Overview
Why am I starting this podcast? The mission overview I want to make the world a better place by serving you and hopefully inspiring you to move forward with your dreams and goals. I will bring amazing entrepreneurs to the show to share their journal, their up, and downs, and hope you will find it beneficial. Additionally, I’m also launching my business EverGreener in a month. I want to invite you behind the scene with me to share my entrepreneurial journey.
August 27, 2020
Interview with Courtney Ray, Founder of Uncle Ray's Peanut Brittle - Love of Peanut Brittle Travels From From Peace Corp to Austin
How Courtney Started:  Great Uncle Ray's Peanut Brittle is a symbol of that sweet kind of love that's shared between one friend to the next. In light of her and her uncle's mutual love for the candy, as well as the country charm, She has perfected the 35+-year-old recipe and is now manufacturing it for retail so that everyone can get a taste of that same, sweet kind of love! Uncle Ray always used his peanut brittle as a way to make new friends, and she took a call out of his playbook and shared it with anyone she met during her travels. There was something to this sugary treat that melted people of all cultures and allowed them to accept an outsider like her without question. We could all agree that there was something to love about showing up sweet. Moving deeper into service to others allowed her to help a local family in Fiji, headed by a strong woman—Roshni. During my service in the Peace Corps, She learned so much about life, friendship, and the simple, pure, free love of one human to the next. While making so many friends, one, in particular, stood out. One she loved like family.  That call hit her hard—and she was ready to serve. An Austin-made peanut brittle recently won one of the top prizes at H-E-B's Quest for Texas Best contest. Uncle Ray's Peanut Brittle is a product from Austinite Courtney Ray Goodson, who took the first place prize of $20,000 at the San Antonio-based grocery store's annual product competition You can find her at: Buy peanut brittle @ HEB @Central Market 
August 25, 2020
Interview with Grace Gong, Best Selling Author of (The Last Key To Success) & (How To Be A VC) - Her Journey from Beijing to Silicon Valley
Grace Gong started her entrepreneurial journey when she created an English newspaper in high school in Beijing, China. Recently, she worked in VC and PE firms focusing on consumer tech and real estate investment. Passionate about entrepreneurship, she is eager to learn from the world’s top talents. Grace shared how American entrepreneurs created their companies in her first book, The Last Key To Success, with 21 founders featured on Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016. In 2017, she interviewed 22 investors who were featured on the Forbes Midas List for her second book How To Be A VC on how they invested in companies like Facebook, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. She is passionate about learning and sharing the knowledge she learned from top founders and investors in Silicon Valley. Apple: Spotify: Website: YouTube:
August 19, 2020
Interview with Jocelyn Reaves, Founder of Fireside Insights & CoachedIt - How She Hustles and Steps into Her Lights
As the founder of Fireside Insights,LLC, and CoachedIt, Jocelyn work with clients to ensure they have the skills, network, and confidence they need to build and grow. CoachedIt was founded by Jos Michelle in 2020 through her work as Founder & CEO of Fireside Insights, LLC. Working with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, Jos Michelle realized that one of the most critical barriers preventing people from accomplishing their goals wasn't just a lack of adequate resources and experience; lack of confidence and a community of support proved to be critical barriers. CoachedIt was created to bridge the gap. Jos Michelle is a Chicago native and life-long learner. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Connecticut College, Master's from Boston University and is currently a part-time law student. Jos has roots in the healthcare sector where she has worked as a consultant and leader for multiple thriving companies such as CVS Health, GfK (now Ipsos), and Steward Health Care Network. FREE Goal Journal:
August 15, 2020
Interview with Makena Sage, Co-Founder of Follow Your Aliveness™ - How She Found Her Truth
Makena Sage was raised in seminar rooms – and was the youngest person to ever complete her mom's high-performance leadership & coaching certification when she was just 12 years old. Despite this empowering upbringing, in her teens, she struggled with body image, and a deep desire to fit in. As a result, she pursued what she thought 'success' looked like – graduating summa cum laude with a business degree, then building her own 6-figure online marketing company in just 18 months. While she finally had the freedom and income she dreamed of, Makena was also dealing with health issues, anxiety, and burnout.     Returning to her roots and The Aliveness Method™ saved her life. She went from having near-daily panic attacks and countless “mystery” symptoms to feeling lit up, energized, and 100% healthy in a matter of months... and she never looked back. Makena became determined to share these skills and tools in a much bigger way – and she partnered with her mom/mentor Gigi Sage to become the co-founder and CEO of Follow Your Aliveness™ and the Aliveness Mastery™ program.     Makena loves bringing her 6 years as a copywriter and marketing strategist (helping her clients create tens of millions of dollars in revenue) to her work as a coach and trainer. Her mission is to empower 1 million women to become fully self-actualized… creating lives of freedom, fulfillment, AND financial success – without compromise! Aliveness  Compass Quiz:   Aliveness Mastery Certification Program:   You can also reach out Makena at   FREE Goal Journal:
August 15, 2020
Interview with Courtney Werner, Co-Founder of KOYA - How She Found Courage to Follow Her Heart
Co-founder of KOYA Innovations, samba admirer, marketing fanatic, and adventure enthusiast with a background in Psychology and Global Communications. You can find Courtney and her company at:
August 7, 2020
Interview with Lee Levy, Founder of of Nex Graphics - How She Fought Through Stage 2 Breast Cancer and Continue to Serve
Lee Levy is a Los Angeles based web designer and consultant, and founder of Nex Graphics.  She has a proven track record of helping companies build a strong web presence across the Internet.  Bringing 25 years of industry experience, she provides graphic design and web solutions with a refined aesthetic. With the constant evolution of the industry and requirements to adapt, she loves educating her clients and getting them to achieve all their goals.  She was recently featured as a successful entrepreneur in DOTCOM and VoyageLA magazine. Lee is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor.  She loves to travel, read, and design anything and everything.   When she is not working, you can find her doing Zumba and Bellydancing. You can find Lee at: Join her new Facebook group for FREE web design training at Social Media:
August 6, 2020
Interview with Rachel Madorsky, Founder of Coaching Therapist Institute, Co-Owner of ColdTowne Theater
Rachel Madorsky is a psychotherapist, relationship + business coach, speaker, trainer, performer, and co-owner of the award-winning improv comedy venue ColdTowne Theater located in Austin, Texas.  For over two decades, Rachel has been facilitating, coaching, performing, and teaching at conferences, comedy festivals, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, universities, non-profits, and leadership organizations around the world. Her incredible impact has been featured on Bravo, The Learning Chanel, SXSW Interactive, and CBS News. You can find Rachel here:  Learn about ColdTowne Theater at:  To hire ColdTowne to teach for your business: To help ColdTowne through this pandemic, please consider donating to the theater at  Tune into the 11th Annual Austin SKetchFest Aug 21-22 on . More info at
August 3, 2020
Interview with Sabrina Scholkowski, Founder of Sab Scholkowski Coaching - from Fashion to Freedom
Sabrina is a former fashion & beauty marketer who traded the corporate world to start her own business as the Brand & Social Media Strategist that helps millennial entrepreneurs build their brand identity  & her Pretty Sure. When she's not busy creating her empire, her other passion is traveling and her goal is to visit as many countries as possible in her lifetime. You can find her here:  @Instagram @Podcast Or to listen here:
August 2, 2020
Interview with Dave Buckman, Co-owner for ColdTowne Theater, His Perseverance Throughout His life Journey and True Passion to Comedy
Dave Buckman served as Artistic Director of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. He culminated his run in Europe directing Boom Chicago: RockStars, the second stage-swap with The Second City’s Main Stage in its 50-year history. After Europe, Dave worked as a director, actor, and teacher at The Second City in Chicago. He was also a Senior producer for The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival for 10 years as well as Austin SketchFest and Executive Producer at ColdTowne Theater, where he has been performing, teaching, and directing since its opening in 2006. As a co-owner of CoTowne, Dave is dedicating his time to cultivate an inclusive comedy community in Austin, TX. Learn about ColdTowne Theater at: To hire ColdTowne to teach for your business:  To help ColdTowne through this pandemic, please consider donating to the theater at Tune into the 11th Annual Austin SKetchFest Aug 21-22 on . More info at
July 31, 2020
Interview with Jennie Stowe, Founder of Stowe Bookkeeping - How She Uncovers the Path
Jennie Stowe is a wife, mom, and business owner. Formerly a birth and postpartum doula, she created Stowe Bookkeeping LLC in order to be home with her son … and to pursue her passion for numbers and accounting. Today, she is passionate about helping female service providers with their bookkeeping so they can focus their time on booking more clients and making more money. For those small businesses that can’t yet afford a bookkeeper, Jennie has them covered with her online course: Keep Your Own Books - The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Small Business Accounting. When not working, you can find Jennie baking artisan bread or outdoors with her two year old.
July 28, 2020
Interview with Wilson Hailey, Founder of TEZPRESSO - How He Found Himself in the Far East Asia
Wilson Hailey, owner of multiple award-winning coffee shops. He trained competitive baristas, and helped 20+ coffee shops up their game and start providing actually good coffee. Born and raised in Austin, TX, Wilson ventured to Beijing, China from age 16-27, where he discovered his passion for his life - coffee. Featured in VICE, Pangbianr, Lumdimsum, SmartBeijing, and various other publications, his Beijing award-winning cafe, Rager Pie, was known for Thanksgiving and it’s weekly pie-to-face events, as well as for being the first to bring nitro cold brew to China. Today, Wilson found TEZPRESSO in Austin, offering monthly subscription coffee delivery service while teaching the best brewing technique possible to serve his customers.  Check out his free weekly coffee brewing class here: 
July 27, 2020
Interview with Lisa Liu, Violinist, Composer, Orchestra Contractor and Entrepreneur - Her Music & Life Journey
Lisa Liu is a Chinese-American violinist, composer, orchestra contractor and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. She began her musical studies on the piano at the age of 3 with her mother, a professional opera singer, and continued with violin lessons at the age of 8. She followed her mother’s footsteps and attended The Juilliard School, receiving a Pre-College Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in violin performance while studying with world-renowned pedagogue Dorothy DeLay for 9 years. Join me for an incredible conversation with Lisa Liu, a beautiful & authentic story of how a musician finds meaning through her love to music and how she started a platform to connect and serve all musicians worldwide during COVID 19, so they can continue to create and compose music freely and use the music to connect and serve the world. As an entrepreneur, Lisa is always searching for new connections and experiences that inspire and challenge her to evolve. She is the brand ambassador to a cannabis start-up that has multiple patent-pending formulas, with the mission to educate the greater community on designing a healthy, high-performance lifestyle.  Please follow on IG:  @idmarkhealth Alongside fellow Juilliard alumni, composer Laura Karpman and conductor Marin Alsop of the Baltimore Symphony, Lisa is one of the creators of the Unison Orchestra, a virtual network of composers and musicians striving to continue working from their home recording studios in the midst of a massive global shift.  For more information, visit
July 23, 2020
Interview with Jessica Zeitz, Founder of Copyfox - How She Travels the World and Found her Passion
Jessica Zeitz has a bachelor in Communications from Concordia University. She's traveled to 23 countries while working as a digital marketer and has recently started her own digital marketing agency Copfox. But this isn't her first business she actually started a small pickling company and made pickles and sweet peppers. However, digital marketing and real estate are two passions she couldn't ignore and were thrilled to combine them by marketing for real estate developers. 
July 21, 2020
Interview with Sav Shrestha, Founder of Menuette
From Nepal to Austin, from corporate to startup, and a nonprofit world, Sav took us through his journey of his American Dream and how he shows up to the world.  Sav is the founder of Menuette, he is also an innovator with a dream and dedication to build delightful experiences and strategic vision to achieve them. He is also a UX researcher and a designer who places user empathy at the center of his design process. His vision to create apps that truly delight users is fueled by his passion to understand human behavior and to augment problem-solving by using technology. App store: Menuette;   Sav is also a co-founder of Nepal Rising, a non-profit organization, working towards community resilience through community engagement and asset-based community development (ABCD).   Sav has a doctorate in Human Factors Psychology, holds multiple US patents, loves to cook, and has two cats.
July 19, 2020
Interview with Lexi Ruffell, Founder of Marketing Choreography
From a professional ballroom dancer to the CEO of Marketing Choreography, in this podcast, Lexi shared with us her authentic journal of how she found her way to entrepreneurship and many failures and setbacks along the way.   Lexi Ruffell, a former Professional Ballroom Dance Competitor, is the chief operations officer for Majic For Life. After graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology she went on to get trained in Life Coaching and Personal Development as well as attend the school of hard knocks in marketing and business. Lexi is the founder and CEO of Marketing Choreography and has been the orchestrator of more launches than she can count.  She is passionate about helping business owners prepare, plan, and execute full-scale launch plans for their online businesses. You can find here via Facebook and Instagram  @ Alexi Ruffell or via Website: 
July 18, 2020
Interview with Sabrina Antou, Founder of The Magnificent Abundance Manifestor
From an Investment Banker to an Energy healer, Sabrina Antou has come along the way of overcoming her fear of following her intuition and say no to conventional knowledge of following her corporate path, instead, she finds the path to freedom and her happiness.  Today she is the founder of private equity firm, consulting firm, and coaching and healing company < The Magnificent Abundance Manifestor>.  Please join me in this podcast to unfold her journey, and hope you can gain inspiration for starting your own path.  Sabrina's resources:  Free Session:  Single Session:  6 week programme Standard  6 week programme Intensive:
July 18, 2020
My American Dream - How I Left to See the World
Was there a moment in your life that you wanted to give up? Was there a moment you felt you were never going to make it? well... I was in the exact spot.  In this episode, I shared my American dream, and how did I leave my mountain town and be the only one person who ever left, and to see the world as I always dream of.  If you were also on your journey to achieve a goal, or if you were constantly waiting for your big break, like me, well, listen on. I hope you find this is helpful.  Please leave your comments below. I would love, and love to hear from you. Thank you, friends! Bye for now, 
July 15, 2020
Test Test - Oh wow, this is how mic works
Hello, and hello! I am so excited to share this journal with you, I am always fascinated by people's stories, especially entrepreneurs who were born with passion and dedication to making this world a better places. In the next episode,, I will interview entrepreneurs who I admire,  and share their life journey with you.  After fifth tried, I finally know how mic works! Yey, I did it - look forward to episode number 1 tomorrow, stay tuned! 
July 14, 2020
July 13, 2020
July 13, 2020