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The Path of Me

The Path of Me

By Wendy Hutchinson
We are all navigating our own personal challenges in the world. It takes courage to find our authentic selves and rise above life's challenges. Introducing you to inspiring guests on my show who have overcome challenges and adversity I hope will inspire you to live your best life.
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Maria Krause Overcoming Sexual Assault, Shame and Learning to Unchain Her Inner Power!
Maria Krause CEO of Unchain Your Inner Strength empowers women to come back to their authentic selves. As a spiritual mindset and alignment mentor, and International Best-Selling Author she helps women understand themselves through their stories and peel off the layers that no longer serve them. Her company includes a Podcast, Online Magazine Publishing company and now an online clothing store! Trigger warning, we discuss a sexual assault that happened to her many years ago. If you have had some trauma around this, please check in with yourself to see if it feels appropriate for you to listen to our conversation. After she was sexually assaulted Maria lost herself in drugs and alcohol. She was engaging in self-destructive behaviors and avoiding the healing necessary from being aggressively sexually assaulted. She wanted to be loved and sought out and attracted toxic relationships because she felt she could only be loved through sex. Society often blames the women when they are assaulted, in this case, someone drugged her drink when she was out at a club in NYC. At the age of 36 she met a man, her intuition told her to run, but her need to be loved and seen trumped her intuition. Turns out he was a narcissist and totally controlling. She lost herself and developed physical illness like IBS and skin issues on her hands in addition to depression. Her body was in constant pain and mentally she went through a very dark time. A dark night of the soul. Slowly she started pulling back from this guy. She was finishing college and changed jobs. She didn't want the part lifestyle anymore or the relationship. She couldn't take it anymore and when he got physically violent, she left Ireland to move home to Argentina. She was so lonely but needed the time to heal. The narcissist will never change. They have low self-esteem and will not allow you to feel good about yourself because they feel bad about themselves. They will pull you down. Therapy for the narcissist makes them better liars, they do not heal. She completely lost herself, no personality, only depended on him to define and see her. When she arrived home, she had a lot of anger, sadness and was numb. she stopped drinking and drugs; she couldn't be there anymore. She started back to yoga, went for walks. She realized she wanted to support women with their own empowerment, to release shame and guilt. You can connect with her here: She is now 1 year sober after 4 attempts. She lost self-doubt and views her life from a different perspective. She recognizes as an empath what is hers and gives back what is not. She realized what drinking and drugs were costing her. Letting go of shame and guilt was key. You find your freedom when you find your truth, we are here to be ourselves! To learn more about Wendy Hutchinson visit her website: Subscribe to her monthly newsletter or watch the YouTube Channel version of this interview. Thank you for being here!
October 13, 2021
Kelly Marshall - Defining Your Worth and How it Relates to Your Business
Kelly Marshall is a is a Prosperity Advisor for women with conscious service businesses.  She is also a Money Breakthrough Business Coach.  We talked about the  Law of Attraction, Energy Alchemy and how we need to get clear on our value to shift our money mindset.    Our intention around how we live our lives impacts the people around  us.  She had to gain clarity around how to marry her linear accounting business mind with her intuitive life (energy, Reiki, healing, and spirituality).   How could she integrate both into a business? After years of working as an accountant she started a side hustle bookkeeping business.   She knew from her Human Design Chart that the early part of her life was meant to provide a very grounded foundation for her life purpose of helping people with that knowledge.   Her corporate career ended when she went to work for a Health and Wellness Center doing both coaching and accounting.   It was there that she got clarity on the kind of clients she wanted to attract. Conscious Entrepreneurs felt aligned to her.  She realized after working at the Wellness Center that alignment and authenticity were important to her.  She formed her LLC and got more intentional about attracting clients.  We talked about how we rationalize what's not aligned and stay in situations not meant to support us.  How fear programs keep us from trusting ourselves, blocks opportunities and creates a negative narrative.  We manifest truth both positive and negative.  Check in on why you are doing what you are doing.  What is your why?  Get intentional about who you are and why you are here.    Coaching is helpful but look within.  Good coaches ask questions that lead you to your own answers.  Trust the parachute will open.   Kelly loves helping you discover who you are becoming to grow your business.  Becoming an entrepreneur creates a lot of personal growth.  There's often a war between your heart and head.  Understanding energy alchemy and knowing your value allows you to price accordingly.   She offers the suggestion to write down 30 ways you are impacting your clients to see your value.    CLAIM YOUR GREATNESS! #entrepreneurs #knowyourworth #whatisyourwhy #WendyHutchinson
October 7, 2021
The Radical Awakening of Krystal Martinez
Krystal Martinez often felt alone in her childhood.  At the age of 8 she realized she was on her own. Her Mom told her she knew she was capable and she didn't have to worry about her, which translated into basically no parenting.  She was emotionally abandoned as a child but resourceful and intelligent and figured things out.   She lived in survival mode, living an unconscious life of black out drinking.   She was really smart and high functioning and graduated from college and went on to get her Masters degree.  She was recently laid off from her job in Fundraising in higher education.  While she was studying abroad her drinking came to an abrupt halt after blacking out on a sidewalk in Spain.   She was never interested in anything spiritual as a child but she did rely on her own instincts and trust herself to survive and thrive.  In her early 20's Krystal tried a Reiki session.  Nothing much happened but she decided to go back for a second one.  Her mind  and consciousness was blown wide open.    She felt like a vortex opened and she was having like a psychedelic trip only she wasn't on drugs.  She was seeing movies in her third eye, she saw things coming at her and experiencing really wild sensory things.   She called the practitioner who explained it was the energy.  It was like a psychic light switch turned on.  From that point on she was fully psychic.  She started taking classes from her reiki instructor, but then moved onto to giving readings, doing her own free form energy work, pulling from lifetimes of memories as a healer.  She began using crystals.  All of it was just natural and organic.  She even began reading sand.    Throughout this time she was experiencing very physical loss.  Her Dad passed away at the age of 5, her Uncle who was the only father figure she had died 10 years later, then her mom had a very intense passing.  She adopted her 6 year old brother who came to live with her and she went through a deep depression.   At that time she was drinking again and her husband told her she was just checked out.   By this time she found a Marconics Energy Practitioner who sat down with her for a consult.   She wanted a recalibration right away.     During her Marconic Recalibration she had a lot of visions one of which was a baby floating above her that said "Hi Mommy!"  4 days later it was confirmed she was pregnant even though a prior test showed negative.   This expanded her consciousness even more and gave her more clarity around the work she wanted to do which was related to Ascension and keeping your vibe high!  This entire time she was shedding and releasing old programming and healing her inner wounds.    She has since started her business Grace Solutions, LLC which is a property preservation company.  She has also been creating amazing poetry which she will be publishing in the near future. #awakening   #marconics #Spiritual Awakening #ascension #emotional abandonment #Loss #Alone #psychic #Wendy Hutchinson #Alinea Life Coaching
September 20, 2021
Victor Galindo Take Two - The Shift and Pivot Into Alignment with Living His Best Life
I first interviewed Victor in 2019.  He had recently been released from serving time and was happy to get out!  He was in the flow and had spent the last year inside going through a massive spiritual awakening.  He was reading spiritual books and texts and absorbing information as well as getting weekly long distance Marconic energy sessions from his sister Veronica for a year.   Shortly thereafter he decided to get a Marconic Recalibration which is an energy protocol that reconnects you to your higher self.  Marconics is an ascension energy modality that helps clear karma and density and remaps your lightbody.  It pulls in multidimensional energy and it remaps your DNA.   It is a life changing experience. He was recalibrated while taking his Level 1 Marconics class to become an energy practitioner when he got out of prison.   Victor has always been an empath and energy intuitive.  From an early age his Aunt taught him how to feel energy and tune into himself.  He knew he was consciously lowering his energy frequency to run with a tough crowd in his teens.  It was during this time he started using drugs and drinking and numbing the pain of losing both his favorite aunt and grandmother in the same year.    A back injury sidelined his sports outlet so he took a turn which landed him in and out of jail for years.    Immediately after Victor's Marconics class he began the 5 hour drive home from Austin to Odessa, Texas.  Information started pouring in.  All kinds of awareness around who he is at his core and the truth around what he had been doing all these years and why.   It was overwhelming to receiving the downloads and he was just shedding all kinds of emotional stuff.  By the time he got home he was crying and when he looked in the mirror he saw his reflection and heard the truth around why he always picked women who needed to be rescued, it was because he couldn't save his grandmother and aunt from dying when he was 16.  He called his sister to ask if this was normal!  Everyone's process of shedding and releasing density and karma is unique after the recalibration, but his team was fast tracking him and bringing him online fast.   It was almost too much to handle emotionally.   He took a detour back into the only coping mechanisms he knew which were drugs and alcohol, but this time it was different.  He knew he didn't want this life anymore and he made a decision to choose a better life, to choose him!  He stopped everything and from that moment, it was like slicing through butter, life began to just flow and align.  He reconnected with himself at the Godhead, with Source and enrolled in his program at the cosmetology school to get certified in Hair.  During his time in jail he was working as a master barber cutting hair for inmates and officers and their families so he already knew what he wanted to do, he just had to get the certification.  He has since been thriving in his classes and is booked out weeks in advance.  Victor found his passion and purpose which is to just be love and spread love in the world and he is doing that by lending an ear to everyone who sits in his chair and everyone he encounters.   He has already impacted the many people he encountered while in jail from his cell mates to the many other people around him while he served time.  He noticed his vibration was changing and rising as he received weekly energy sessions from his sister Veronica and other inmates also commented on how things changed every time he was transferred to different locations to finish his sentence.  He went to the worst places where they held guys on death row, and also where they executed them.  His journey has been amazing and now he is ready to give back to the world.  
September 14, 2021
Leah Landry Self Healing from Lyme Disease and Hashimotos, Finding Marconics Energy and More!
Leah Landry is a Marconics Energy Master Teacher who self healed her battle with Lyme Disease, Hashimotos, and addiction.   When she found Marconics Energy she was ready to surrender and let go of all of it.  During her Recalibration session she saw herself turning these things over and a knowing she was changing her life.  She still questioned whether it worked, but one day it dawned on her about 3 months later that she was healed.  She called her doctor and went in for a Lyme test and sure enough it was gone, like a miraculous healing.  Her doctor couldn't believe it.  Since then she has become a Marconics Master Teacher now helping others with their own spiritual ascension process.    Her work was built on trust and faith in herself through her parenting journey with both of her children and realizing she had healing abilities she couldn't explain.   She has gently guided many of her clients through her coaching, hypnotherapy and meditation to help them raise their vibrations high enough to receive the Marconics protocols.  The energy sheds and releases a lot of Karmic density so people who struggle with addiction need to raise their vibrations high enough to receive it.   Leah is truly a gift to the world offering her light and service to others while walking her own ascension path.  To learn more about her work visit her website at To learn more about my work visit my website: #Marconics #LeahLandry #ascension #5D #QuantumRecalibration #WendyHutchinson
September 11, 2021
Victor Galindo's Journey of Falling and Rising and Standing in the Gap Between Science and God
In September 2019 I interviewed Victor Galindo. Our conversation was SO GOOD I wanted to post it here as a podcast.  He had an amazing childhood.  His Aunt from the age of 5 was teaching how to use energy, feel energy, and tune in.  She had a huge influence on him.  He never got in trouble, he was a great student and athlete, but when he turned 16 everything seemed to be stripped away.  He had a sports injury that kept him out of sports, his beloved grandmother died, then his favorite aunt who had taught him the ways of energy and spirit passed also.  On top of all that he went through a bad breakup with a girlfriend.   He started to party and find comfort in a different crowd.    He knew he was lowering his vibration to hang out with these guys and he chose it and witnessed a lot of intense things.   He was in and out of prison, had a son which his parents helped raise while he was incarcerated.   Going into prison he had to lower his vibration even more to survive.  It was a way of life as he navigated going in and out.   He started turning his life around getting into a sound production major in college with funding and he was completely loving his life.  He had an internship and a great attitude and he was removed from the old crowd.  Unfortunately an old charge came back around to bite him and he had to go back in and do time.   This entire time his sister Veronica who is a lightworker was talking to him sharing her spiritual knowledge, but he wasn't receptive.   At some point he went to a year long Christian based program to get clean.  There he began meditating and having visions and connecting to what he calls the UG (Ultimate God).  Through his reconnection to himself, he started to transform.  He also had this wild experience where he was at a family party totally sober and this Shaman talked to him and then touched his third eye and he had a totally radical experience.  It was like mind bending.  During one of his last stints in prison he decided it was time to change his ways.  He reached out to his sister Veronica and asked her to send him books and he started reading and studying spirituality.   He also started receiving distance Marconics energy sessions from his sister every Thursday night at 11:00 p.m.  Things started shifting.   Anyway, his story is fascinating.  TUNE IN and SHARE!
September 8, 2021
Master Randy Word Shares his Journey and Wisdom Gained From over 30 Years of Karate
Master Randy Word has been in the world of Karate for over 30 years.  He has coached at an international level and is the owner of Rising Sun Karate just outside of L.A.  He purchased his studio from the original Red Power Ranger who he met training.  Also a boxer, Randy knows his way around the gym.  He is also an artist and has a page and merchandise related to his wisdom shared in Tao of the Squirrel.  He has been an incredible inspiration to all the students who have come through the dojo and his community in Stevenson Ranch, California.   Randy's students have performed at an elite level both nationally and internationally but he says the key is always coming back to the fundamentals and foundations both in life and on the mat.   You can learn more about his Dojo at I met Randy through his wife Robyn who when to high school with my husband in Hawaii.  It's amazing how this small world brings us back together.  In 2013 Randy's young student Kevin Stevens qualified for Nationals and they traveled to Greenville, South Carolina for the tournament where my husband I happened to be living at the time.   We had a blast cheering him on, and Kevin (13 at the time) won some medals that year.  It was the beginning of an incredible International competition journey for both Randy and Kevin.   You can follow Randy on FB or Instagram @Tao of the Squirrel. What has struck me the most about Randy is his humility and his zest for life.  He has recently dusted off the skateboard, spends weekends at the beach with Robyn and his 2 dogs, and really knows how to keep it real and stay present in life.  He has truly inspired me to live a better life and I know he will inspire you too. I'd love to have you join my monthly newsletter if you like my content here.  Please go to and sign up!
September 3, 2021
Shanti's Incredible Journey of Awakening
Shanti immigrated to the U.S. from Azerbaijan.  She is fluent in 4 languages, a Massage Therapist, into essential oils, an Ordained Minister, Ascension Guide, Artist, and so much more.   Her spiritual awakening began with one of her sons who had Asthma.  She was seeking healing for him and found a Reiki practitioner hoping that energy work may help him.  She was also receiving some intuitive messages but didn't know where they were coming from.   Through synchronicities of messages and events happening in her life, she began to put 2 and 2 together and realized something/someone was communicating with her and giving her guidance.   With no frame of reference, she kept asking is this a message from me?  Where is this information coming from?  For a year she was flooded with messages coming in and intuitive guidance until she shut it off.  It was too much.   She was very into essential oils and thought about how she could combine them with a healing modality and one day it came to her to become a massage therapist.  She could combine two things she was passionate about and thus began her massage therapy career.   After massage school she began to open up more and receive more intuitive guidance.  She then found Marconics Energy work (learn more at and became a Marconics Energy Practitioner.  Prior to signing up for her training she received a message from the Pleidians.  She had to go to google to figure out who they were and who she was communicating with.    As her connection to herself strengthened, she began communicating with Source energy.  She would go down to the beach in winter and data stream messages and type on her phone.  This place of pure connection to source energy (GOD) led her to write/publish 2 books.  Purchase her book,"I AM Messages to Humanity" on Amazon.   Sit back, relax and enjoy this great conversation!
September 2, 2021
The Incredible Transformation of Lauralee - She lost over 200 lbs and Changed Her Life!
Lauralee was over 400 lbs at one point in her life.  She had suffered from addictions and a difficult childhood, but at the age of 19 began a journey of transformation.  Through her weight loss journey she started following the breadcrumbs back to her authentic self.  She got sober, started exercising, found meditation and from the there her journey accelerated.  She has lost over 200 lbs. and in the process has discovered her beautiful being of light within.   This story will inspire you and bring you to tears, I know it caught me by surprise and I found myself crying in the interview.  Just the sheer beauty of hearing how someone went from that situation to transforming her entire being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually was incredibly inspiring.  You don't want to miss this one! She has since changed her name to Aurora and has been following her passion for vegan food - providing catering in Vermont and continuing to align with herself in all aspects of her life.   #transformation #weight loss #asension #Change your life #live your best life #awakening #Inspiration #Wendy Hutchinson
September 1, 2021
Elizabeth DiPace Talks About Ascension, Higher Selves, Multidimensionality and SO MUCH MORE
Elizabeth DiPace is a the CoFounder of Al Rod Studio Events, but she is also a close friend of mine.  She has been walking beside me on this ascension path for years.  The journey she shares here is so rich in content around our spiritual ascension.   We talk about healing, loving ourselves, the journey of expanded consciousness, and multidimensional topics.   She has had an incredible life that has led her to sell everything and move into an RV traveling the country with her husband Al.  Their RV journey began with a trip to Burning Man in 2016 that introduced them to being in a camper.   We talk about healing trauma, following our intuition, learning our soul lessons, and releasing trauma.  We talk about your DNA, your imprints, and the event horizon.  We cover energy alchemy and mastering ourselves.  This conversation was longer than my standard interviews because we're great friends and our discussion ran over.  This one was recorded in 2020 and I've been converting those shows to air on my podcast here.  If you are at all walking some sort of spiritual path or trying to find yourself and figure out who you are, this conversation is rich in thought provoking information.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. To learn more about my work, please visit
August 27, 2021
Christine Newberg and How She Came Out of an Abusive Relationship and Alchemized Anger Into Becoming a Nunchuck Master
Christine Newberg is a badass with the nunchucks.  She came out of a difficult and abusive relationship and knew she had to do something with the anger she felt.  A student of Karate, she began learning nunchucks and through the practice alchemized her anger into a total zen practice.    She is a voice over talent and entertainment artist but also a motivational speaker empowering women to find their voice and power.   Her story is so empowering and she does public speaking and inspires women to stand in their power.   You can find her on instagram @c.newberg18  or on her website:  To learn more about my work or subscribe to my monthly newsletter: #surviving abuse #domestic violence  #Women Empowerment  #Woman Nunchucks #Empowered women #Christine Newberg #Alinea Life Coaching #Wendy Hutchinson
August 26, 2021
Christa Funk Professional Surf Photographer Shares about Finding Her Home in the Water
Christa Funk is a Professional Photograrpher in Hawaii.  Attended the Coast Guard Academy right out of high school and ended up being stationed in Hawaii.   Her shift ended early, around 1 or 2 pm so she started surfing every day in the afternoons.  Eventually her love of surfing and the ocean evolved into shooting surfers in bigger and bigger surf.   She also started free diving with a friend of hers and mastered the art of diving deep with nothing other than fins on.  Known for her incredible surf photography and also amazing under water photography, Christa has been published in Surfline and Freesurf Magazine and sells most of her prints on her website: https://www.Cfunkphoto.comYou can check out her work on her instagram here: @instaclamfunk To learns more about my work as an Ascension Coach, please visit my website:   #surfphotographer  #ChristaFunk #WendyHutchinson #AlineaLifeCoaching #liveyourbestlife
August 26, 2021
Christina Riley Meade - Changing the Landscape for Young Women in Business
Christina Meade founder of Nerdy Girl Success noticed women were under represented as she looked for leadership and inspiration as an entrepreneur.  This inspired her to create Nerdy Girl Success which would support and mentor young women in high school and college looking to be entrepreneurs and leaders.   Her idea was born 3 years ago and a non profit formed.  Since then she has created clubs where young women could meet after school (pre-covid), workshops to support resume writing, job interviews, and she has brought in successful business women and politicians to speak with these young women.  Christina Riley Meade has offered all of this free of charge to any girls attending.  If you feel called to make a donation, any amount would be appreciated visit: #girlentrepreneurs #youngwomeninbusiness  #teengirlnonprofit #Nerdygirlsuccess
August 25, 2021
Zhanna Shares Her Wisdom on Energy Work, BTB Feng Shui, Ascension and Our Subconscious Mind
Zhanna was so fascinating to interview.  I loved hearing about her journey through her ascension process.   Zhanna immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 11.  She quickly assimilated to the American culture and learned the language and made friends quickly.  She found work as a sleep tech in New York City and commuted from Philadelphia for work.  In her early 20's she was looking for an apartment in New York and found a wonderful spiritual mentor in her landlord.  This woman ended up being a master in her field of energy work, Feng Shui, and Bach Flower Remedies.  She took Zhanna under her wing and introduced her to energy work, Feng Shui, and also Bach Flower Remedies.   Through her mentorship Zhanna felt her life changing for the better.   She was called to help others in the same way.  She began studying these arts and became a Marconic Energy Healer.  She is currently completing her Hypnotherapy certifications and has been certified as a Master Hypnotist.   She now mentors people in their 30's who are following their own ascension journey and has so much wisdom she shared in our interview.   Join us as we discuss ascension, energy, and the human subconscious.
August 25, 2021
Josh Brotherton - Overcoming Fear and The Unfolding of His Spiritual Awakening
Josh Brotherton was working as an engineer when he got a nudge to check out energy healing.  He had no frame of reference for it, nor did he have a sense of what was involved.  His journey was gentle at first starting with reading some spiritual books, authors like Eckhart Tolle, taking what resonated and filling his spiritual bank.   He then decided to go on vacation - he kind of blanked out at the computer and when he came to he saw he booked flights to Sedona, AZ.   After some synchronistic events on vacation he was being kind of pushed to follow more crumbs.  He had a reading where he was told he was a healer in Sedona.   Once he got home he did some research on a new healing modality and found Marconics.   He went to an Expo and felt overwhelmed by the topics and energy work.   He watched from a far sample Marconic sessions at the Expo and tried to be invisible, but one of the cofounders approached him and invited him to have a session. He actually left the expo because it made him so nervous.   About a year went by and he saw an article that they had another Expo so he went to the expo and it was a smaller venue, he was at the Marconics talk, psyched himself up to have a sample session and then he ran into the same co-founder.    He was so fearful he left again!  Now about a year later 2015 he goes to California for a business trip he detours on his way home to Sedona for a blood moon.  He says to the Universe no matter what he won't say no this time!    The whole trip was dramatic.  He was pulled forward by his guides to go to a hike.   Someone up there taps him on the shoulder, a Reiki Master gives him a heart shaped rock.  Then he hears an Indian flute and he gets closer and listens to the music.  Hears a command like he needs to go talk to the same guy that tapped him on his shoulder.  He explains what Reiki is and invites Josh to a Reiki share.  He tells Josh he's a healer and he should come.  So Josh goes to the share and his hands turn on and he feels an energy field of the person on the table and she starts to move. It was his first experience feeling his energy.   He got another reading with the same lady.  He asks her about Marconics.  She sees his guides going crazy and tells Josh what she sees and says take it for what it's worth.   The guides are telling her there's an EXPO she tells him he needs to get a table at the expo.  Long story short, Josh overcame his fear, he took a Marconics class and ended up volunteering at the Expo at their booth.  He ended up leading their teaching team and now continues to work on his higher ascension.    If you are afraid of your own personal awakening and resisting the journey, this show is a must for you.
July 9, 2021
Owner of Soulistic Vibes Wellness Center and Transformation Coach Jen Gagnon Talks About Living Your Best Life!
Jen has been building her coaching practice helping women unchain their authentic soul for awhile now.  She just opened her Soulistic Vibes Wellness Center and offers all kinds of yoga, meditation, breath work, and more to create a strong healthy body and mind.  She runs workshops and retreats, her latest one is in Costa Rica November 6-11, 2021.   This transformational workshop will focus on reconnecting to yourself, healing, releasing and also a promise you will leave a changed person! Sign up NOW to experience an amazing 5 days of excursions like hikes to waterfalls, mud baths, and more, deep soul work, and professional photo session included.  Learn more here: Her wellness center is hosting a Health and Wellness expo on July 18th, 2021 located at 18 Danville Rd., Plaistow, New Hampshire from 9-4 pm if you live in the area check out the vendors and free classes.  To sign up for virtual yoga and strenga (strength training yoga) classes go here: or sign up using the mindbody app. Jen has helped many women become fully empowered in their lives, to shed whatever is holding them back, and become the best versions of themselves.  She has been there, unhappy and in the endless hustle, worrying about the past and future and never being in the present.  After years of being unhappy, she had an aha moment when she realized she had to incorporate all the self help information she was reading into her lifestyle.  This set her on a journey of self discovery and a spiritual path leading back to her authentic power. Join us for this awesome conversation and please like and share it if you know someone who may need this message today.  To learn more about my work as a coach/mentor,  visit my website to sign up for a free 20 minute discovery call or subscribe to my newsletter here:
June 25, 2021
Jarrod Glow Talks Sobriety, How He Got Here and the Daily Dance to Walking the Path!
Jarrod Glow has completely transformed his life after going hard with the drinking and drugging phase of his life.   He has worked his recovery every day, changed his mindset and his daily routines, and created some tools that help him stay on track. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, this is an inspiring story about how you can regain control of your life and completely create a new reality for yourself.   Wherever you are on your journey, it's never too late to shift.  Some resources if you are located in the Houston, Texas area are: His journey to sobriety came on the heels of some intense experiences that led him to send an early morning text to a friend asking for help.  Sobriety isn't something to tackle alone, there are so many resources out there for you.  Follow Jarrod on Social Media here: Instagram: Jarrod Glowacki - Texas Realtor & Solar Consultant FB: Learn more about my work here: Follow me on Facebook here: or on Instagram @mamahutch47
June 21, 2021
Master Marconics Teacher Robin Landau Shares Her Wisdom on Ascension and Marconic Energy
Robin Landau is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Feng Shui Designer, Master Marconic Energy Teacher, and Energy Alchemist.  Her work includes a recent park design for a 911 hero Detective Luis Alvarez in which she infused her Feng Shui knowledge and energy into the project.  Her over 30 year career as a healer has gifted her wisdom that she shares around Human Ascension, Energy healing, and the path to your higher self. With Marconic Energy you're pulling from the full specturm of higher dimensional energy.  The recalibration offers the individual an opportunity to reconnect with their higher self alignment and release 51% of their karma.  Through the Chakra uncapping process, large amounts of karma are removed offering an opportunity for people to gain more clarity, and rise higher vibrationally.   For those who resonate with Marconic energy, you may want to take a class to further your ascension journey. Many people are finding they are pushing up against a ceiling whether it's with a particular energy modality that has served them well all this time, or even their spiritual belief system.   We are collectively shifting and choosing our ascension path at this time.   Even those who have been very deep into their religious beliefs are feeling there might be something more.  Honor your feelings and get curious, look at information that challenges your beliefs and encourages you to reconnect to your own divine guidance and knowing.  You have all the answers. Check out our interview here: Learn more about Robin's work here: or Marconics here: To learn more about my work as an intuitive life coach or join my monthly newsletter, find the links here:
June 3, 2021
Artist Sandra Walkin Shares her Journey from Planting a Forest to Creating Unique Metal Inlayed Wood Furniture
I had the pleasure of visiting Sandra Walkin's arboretum in 2017.  It was a beautiful property with a forest and different rooms created throughout.   Sandra took her passion for trees and married it with her knowledge of specialty finishes.  Through a lot of YouTube and trial and error she became a talented alchemist inlaying metals in wood to create unique one of a kind furniture pieces. In 1991 Sandra and her husband purchased an 11 acre piece of land and worked with a landscape architect to design a forest of trees including towering pine, elm, hickory, pecan and other species.  She nurtured her forest and believed in the vision long before anyone else could see it.   Hurricane Rita came through and one of the casualties was a piece of wood riddled with holes, this was when she got the idea to take her skills with different finishes and figure out how to inlay metal to reinforce the wood.  From there, her artistry was born. Join us for a beautiful conversation about trees, art, and finding your passion and following it.  You never know where life will lead you, but following the drops of intuition and knowing takes you right where you need to be.
May 6, 2021
Quantum Alchemist Adora Winquist Talks About Healing at the DNA Level
Adora Winquist is at the forefront of Quantum Healing bringing her formulations of plant medicinals and essential oils infused with quantum energy of various crystals to assist in healing.  She has just released a new Elixir line called Elixirs 4 Quantum Living.  It is a collection of nanoparticles Essential Oil Formulas Synergized with Nanoparticle CBD.  An unparalleled synergy of proprietary nanoparticle CBD and expertly crafted nanoparticle essential oils to spark the primal blueprint for quantum living.  They address key issues like Mood, Sleep, and Energy.   Partnering with Dr. Lulu Shimek she is Releasing her book available for preorder here: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love or direct from the publisher Through her groundbreaking work with the energy of crystals and essential oils she found their vibrational patterning is different but they work synergistically with each other.  She draws down the cosmic vibration of the crystals, the highest vibration available for each one and infuses it in the essential oil blends.   Using these elements from each kingdom they work together to heal, repair and activate on a DNA level.   From a cosmic perspective she is using the frequencies at a homeopathic potency that allows the highest vibrational patterning to come through holographically through our auric field, nervous system, consciousness into our cellular system and DNA.  This offers Quantum Healing at a DNA Level.  She works with Oils, Flower essences and minerals in this way.  The book is in service to Humanity to help them let go with all of the alchemical interventions to come into deep places where we long for healing and the offering of transcendence.   The wisdom to heal is all within us but we experience a "profound forgetting" we are all divine beings of light.
April 14, 2021
Past Lives and Hypnotherapy with Special Guest Irina Furin
Irina Furin is a friend of mine who helps people through hypnotherapy and meditation heal.  Her work began with her own unexpected past life experience in a hypnotherapy session. She had everything in life and was so unhappy so she scheduled a hypnosis session.  It was an attempt to find answers because nothing else was working.  During her session she was immediately in a WWII experience as a child.  She could feel the ground shaking, the tanks overhead as she hid in the basement of her home and bombs being dropped.   She could smell and feel the dust and saw herself running down a street in Europe.  The pieces of the puzzle came together as she remembered vivid dreams and feelings of deep despair as a small child. She had to learn more and got certified in hypnotherapy not only to heal herself but to help others as well.  Join us for a beautiful conversation.  You can contact Irina for more information or to schedule your own session here: Please subscribe, like and share the love.  I invite you to sign up for my monthly newsletter here:
April 12, 2021
The Eternal Wisdom of Kyle Shaughnessy
Do you have a friend or family member in your life that is just an old soul, someone who has wisdom beyond their years?  My friend Kyle Shaughnessy is that person.   He has been walking a similar soul ascension path as me for about 4 years now.  When I talk to him he is full of such incredible wisdom which he shared during our conversation here.  We touched on a lot of topics like life lessons learned being in charge of a sober living facility, learning to trust his inner guidance, and having the courage to follow his intuition and do what works for him on his personal journey.  Tune in, I think you'll enjoy this one and please share the love and subscribe if you feel called to!
March 26, 2021
Soleana Stables Therapeutic Riding Program - Literally Created From a Dream
This week I interviewed the lovely Sasha Camacho and her husband Andy who founded Soleana Stables.  It is a riding program for children and adults with disabilities just outside of Houston, Texas.  Their daughter Solana was born with Down Syndrome and after discovering her love of riding Andy literally had a dream.  For three nights in a row he dreamed the same dream that kept getting more and more detailed and it was the birth of Soleana Stables riding program. It took a little convincing to get Sasha on board, but she agreed it was a good idea and they started to volunteer at other riding programs and learn as much as they could.  For this city girl, boots and horses were a bit out of her wheelhouse.   Fast forward to today where they have about 30 riders, countless volunteers and a commitment to creating a family community for those with special needs.  They are always looking for volunteers and you don't have to have horse experience, just a willingness to learn and an open heart.  Training is provided. To learn more about their program go to: and please like and share the love so we can reach more people who may know someone with special needs children or adults in their lives.  You can view the Video version of this podcast on my YouTube Channel here: For some monthly inspiration dropped into your inbox, go to my website and sign up for my newsletter: 
March 22, 2021
Artist Candice Alexander - Talks about surviving 3 back to back hurricanes and doing the right thing
Candice Alexander was voted South West Louisiana's best artist and has a 5,000 SF studio in downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana.   She is known for her Fleur de Lis, mixed media arts, and metal castings and has made custom pieces for Keith Urban and the 2020 Mardis Gras celebration in Washington D.C. to name a few.   You can find her work here: or subscribe to her text notifications list by texting Candice in the subject to 313131.    After getting hit with 3 back to back hurricanes (Laura, Delta, and Zeta) she has been putting life back together and doing what she does best which is create art.  She created a piece called "HOPE" in the midst of the clean up, then "FAITH" in a fishing shack destroyed by Hurricane Zeta.   Join us for a really inspiring story about listening to your intuition, doing the right thing, and getting up when life knocks you down.
March 16, 2021
Kriya Yoga Master Kambiz Naficy shares his wisdom on Transformation and Manifestation
Master Kambiz Naficy was born in Iran.  His father was a diplomat and moved the family to Washington D.C. when he was 8.  He learned English and was introduced to western culture.  After a successful academic career obtaining 3 masters degrees: a Harvard sponsored MBA, a Masters from Columbia in International Studies and a Masters in Fine Art (Poetry) he went on to a successful career as an International Banker on Wall Street.    From an early age, he had been interested in philosophy and poetry, but his social circles had different values.  He was born into an aristocratic family.   He decided to leave his career on Wall Street and seek the song of his heart.  He went deep into the study meditation.  For 15 years he studied in India under all the Grand Masters of Meditation and Yoga.   He was initiated into the 1800 year old science of Kriya Yoga by Swami Hariharananda who comes from the ineage of Babaji and Pramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi).   He studied the ancient spiritual texts called the Vendantas and found parallels between modern day quantum physics and ancient knowledge.  He has since devoted his life to helping people heal, cleanse and purify the human psyche and soul through perfect integration of ancient yoga, modern psychology and the theories of quantum physics.   Join us for an uplifting conversation!  
February 23, 2021
Living Your Best Life with Liliana Herandez #Self Love
Liliana Hernandez was a single mom who raised two sons while attending college and then pursuing a masters degree.  She has risen from a life of struggle on public assistance to purchasing her second dream home and created a thriving personal coaching practice while being the Director of a Mental Health non profit.   She also facilitates group sessions.   One thing she has mastered is doing the personal "work" and during our conversation shares so many nuggets of wisdom.   She also embarked on a huge weight loss journey a couple years ago (listen to our conversation in season one to learn more).   We met during our Life Coaching certification program in San Diego and have been great friends every since.  Our interview will be well worth your time.  I hope you join us for the conversation!
February 19, 2021
Personal Transformation through Grief
My yoga teacher Meluska Bonnette (Melissa) has been on an incredible journey of transformation.  She found out she was pregnant the day she decided she was going to end her relationship.    She had a very high risk pregnancy, forcing her to let go of her yoga practice and weight training.  All her stress outlets went out the window.  She decided to stay with the father because of the baby. After a short 20 weeks her son was born and she held him for an hour before his precious life slipped away.  The person she has become working through the grief is so inspiring.  One day at a time she has found her way out of the darkness and into the light and is an incredible example for anyone who is struggling with grief and loss, or just having a hard time in life in general.  I hope you enjoy this interview which is full of wise words from my beautiful friend Melissa Bonnette.  Her tools for dealing with grief are shared here as well as other words of wisdom.
February 1, 2021
Rhianna Mays Heard the Words "RUN JUMP TRUST"
This interview was from 2018 with Rhianna Mays.  Although it was a couple years ago, the message seemed so relevant to our current times.  Working a corporate job, Rhianna kept hearing the words Run, Jump, Trust.  It was an inner knowing that she needed to leave her corporate job.  As a single mom of 2 young twins (4 yrs. old at the time), she kept ignoring the call.  She was literally white knuckling it every day in her job to stay glued to her chair at her desk and not bolt out of there.  The message became more persistent, until she couldn't ignore it any more.  She asked for a sign and got one in a powerful way.   She is an inutuitive, healer and so much more.  You can learn more about her work here: As we wind down 2020, which was such an unexpected year for us all, I felt this message was still so timely.   We are all being asked to run, jump and trust in our lives and I hope listening to this interview will inspire you to do so!!!  Please feel free to share this podcast with anyone you think might benefit from the message.
December 30, 2020
Mychal Mitchell - Artisan and Creator of Handcrafted Books
Mychal Mitchell is an incredible artist.  She makes gorgeous handcrafted leather journals, photo books and more in her workshop in Austin, Texas.  She was slated to attend a graduate program in Architectural Design but her trip to Europe changed her destiny.    What I love about my conversations with my guests is all the unbelievable stories that come through.  In Mychal's case she had an intense level of Hazing as a fishing hand on a Fishing Boat in Dutch Harbor.  It was a true test of character and grit to endure the daily abuse and ride out her time on the boat.   Sometimes luck and circumstance change the entire trajectory of your life and it's not until you look back do you marvel at the magic of it all.  Sit back and relax as we share Mychal's journey and if you haven't yet, check out her website at  her books are soft as butter and the architectural details on the front are amazing.  The craftsmanship is unbelievable! To watch the video version of the podcast check out my youtube channel here:
December 17, 2020
Dr. Lulu Shimek - Naturopathic Doctor Talks About Her Viral Warrior Line and Other Herbal Remedies
Dr. Lulu Shimek is located in Asheville, North Carolina.   She has had an interesting life as a baker, a yoga instructor,  great organic and holistic cook, as well as massage therapist and now Naturopathic Physician.  Her resume is long and impressive and her interest in Herbal Medicine has led her to create all kinds of organic remedies and tinctures.   She is the director of the Medicinal Gardens at Veterans Healing Farm and has her own private practice.  They offer weekend retreats for veterans at their farm to help them heal.  At these retreats they learn about herbs and the power of natural medicine and mindfulness.  They even create their own medicinal tinctures while there.  Learn more here:   Dr. Lulu has partnered with my last guest Adora Winquist to formulate energy infused essential oil products.  Their latest line is appropriately named Viral Warrior.  They are co-writing a book due out this coming Spring 2021.   You can learn more about Dr. Lulu and her work here: Learn more about my work and sign up for my monthly newsletter here:
December 11, 2020
Adora Winquist Quantum Alchemist and Owner of Zenergy Medicinals Talks about 5D Energy, Plant Medicine, and Essential Oils
Adora Winquist from a young age has been creating scents and herbal remedies.  She is the Owner of Zenergy Medicinals which you find online: or here:  Adora blends quantum energy with her herbal and essential oils line.  She has partnered with Dr. Lulu Shimek (look for her upcoming interview on the podcast) to create a new line of healing remedies.  They both partner in supporting a full medicinal garden and providing retreat weekends for veterans with PTSD allowing them to come and create their own medicinal remedies from the garden and heal.    In our interview we talk about her upcoming book she is co authoring with Dr. Lulu Shimek and the other exciting thins she is creating in her groundbreaking work.    Create this awesome herbal tea for upper respiratory colds:  Gather Hysop, Thyme, Licorice Root, Eucalyptus, Ginger Root and seep into a tea I love how the story unfolds and the divine spark within us finds its fullest expression when we align with our truths and ourselves authentically and powerfully.   What I loved most about our conversation is talking about quantum 5D energy and the healing that comes with tapping into our inner being and drawing inspiration down from these higher dimensional energies.    To learn more about my work visit: and sign up for my monthly newsletter for a little bit of sunshine and inspiration!  If you enjoy the podcast I'd love to hear from you!  Know someone with an inspirational story?  You can email me at
December 7, 2020
From the Darkness to the Light
Wayne Zespy felt like a zebra in a pack of horses.  His step dad was very abusive and from a young age he felt like he was never good enough.   He was never good enough, while he younger brother Russ could do no wrong.   The message from his mother was "you just need to learn how to behave."  His religion reinforced the message that he was a bad person responsible for all the suffering in the family.    Drugs made him feel "right" again, like he belonged.  They made him feel normal.  They saved his life until they stopped working for him.   Wayne left home at the age of 17 to join the Army.  He dropped LSD during basic training and took amphetamines during boot camp.  The upside, he was second in his battalion!   Once he took so much LSD (enough for 16 people to get very high) he saw the beginning of creation, Armageddon, and the devil and his demons fighting God and the angels for his soul.    He was strapped to a gurney and met with a straight jacket at the hospital.  From the age of 15-30 his drug of choice was "more".   If a little was good, more was better.    The worst drug he used that caused the most heartache was alcohol.   He overdosed 9 times.   He was in a coma for 10 days from an attempt at suicide.   Wayne was extremely violent and got into many fights.  He was homeless.     After a stint in jail he was sent to a 2x4 program.   Two weeks in treatment and 4 weeks of outpatient.   He has been clean ever since.  He went to so many AA meetings and if not at AA he was with a sponsor having coffee working the 12 steps.  6 months into his sobriety he lost his brother and then 2 months later his mother.  He was completely alone.   At his lowest he looked in the mirror, tears streaming down his face and saw his best friend looking back at him.  He told him he loved him and would never desert him.  He woke up the next morning and said what would I do for my best friend?  From that moment on, he poured love into himself and began to heal.    Today he has a thriving business as a life coach, hiking guide, and also counsels people helping them to find their spiritual path and return to their natural state.  He teaches meditation and facilitates ceremonies, retreats, and workshops on recovery and spirituality.   You can reach him by email: or phone 520-825-6613.
December 3, 2020
The Incredible Transformation of Liliana Hernandez!
Liliana Hernandez was a young single mom of 2 by the age of 20.  While on welfare, food stamps and government assistance, she put herself through college, completing her masters degree and becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.   She struggled financially with two young sons but through hard work and determination raised them on a single income and worked her way up, becoming the Associate Clinical Director of a non profit agency, Adjunct Professor at a local University providing courses in community mental health, and does group supervision for The Latino Family Therapy group where she is an alumni.  She also purchased her dream home during this time.  She also battled with weight loss and faced the challenge head on losing 105 lbs!  In our conversation she shares many nuggets of wisdom, but the key is to really love ourselves.   Liliana became a Certified Life Coach in 2017 (where I met her) and feels her life mission is to eradicate abuse in her lifetime.  She wants all children to live in a nurturing, loving, kind and caring safe environment.   Imagine helping mother's heal their pain before bringing children into the world.  Imagine, a family living free of worry that someone might hurt or kill themselves.  Imagine stopping the cycle of multi-generation abuse.  Just imagine the power of an educated female.... the ripple effect on generations!   She is changing lives every day by living her passion and purpose!
December 1, 2020
Kamaka Dias - The Race to 50K
I had the pleasure of interviewing Kamaka Dias who started the race to $50K in January 2020.   The Race To 50k A local boy from Hilo Hawaii who had an idea.  After 3 years in the Peace Corp. in Madagascar, he found himself coming home to $53,000 in student loan debt.  He knew this would hold him back in pursuing his dreams so he came up with an idea, "help me help you".  He would work for anyone doing anything for FREE during 2020.  No job was too big or small.  If the person felt like donating to his cause, that would be great, but if they were broke, he would do the work anyway to help them out.  I was so inspired by him.    He has done everything from painting, to dressing up as Buzz Lightyear for a birthday party.  He has been sharing his spirit of Aloha with everyone he meets and believes everyone is kind.   This belief has been reinforce by the generosity of strangers around the world following his journey and cheering him on. During the pandemic he has just about reached his goal and gave back to his community at the same time.  With his stimulus check he created 350 gift packs for seniors graduating in June 2020.   He also plans 4 more events to raise money for the community including a pancake breakfast for the homeless, a scholarship fund to help college students avoid the student loan debt, and more.   Find him here: if you want to donate or learn more, or follow his journey on Instagram and Facebook: Kamaka Dias 8 Please consider supporting my podcast by sharing it with others!  Thank you for being with me on the ride.
November 26, 2020
Brandie Seifert - From Mayhem and Madness to Hollywood Hippie
Brandie Seifert grew up in an Alcoholic Family.  From the age of 5 she was in charge of taking care of her twin sister and 3 year old brother.   Her home life was unstable and they moved from the streets to various shelters.  Hunger was constant and poverty.   She and her siblings were removed from their home and went into the system and then reunited with her mother.  Her story is full of heartbreak, but also a deep internal survival instinct and inner knowing that helped her overcome every obstacle.  She found her way out of poverty and landed a spot on the Estee Lauder Makeup team where she worked with stars on almost every network in Emmy award winning shows.   This is truly a story of triumph over tragedy and a testament to the power of faith in yourself as well as following her inner guidance and intuition.    Brandie endured Sexual abuse by relatives that took her in, left immediately after graduation and found herself couch surfing at a girlfriend's house.  She landed a job at Dillard's Department store in the makeup department and it was a turning point in her life.   She had a natural ability to meet and crush goals and was soon in a management position.   She started working on herself with a great therapist and unpacking her colorful childhood.  She then got a position on the Estee Lauder Makeup team and traveled around with movie stars to their events and on set as well. I've interviewed so many people and her story is one I want to share with the world because it is incredible how much adversity she overcame to get where she is today.  She is now the owner of Hollywood Hippie, a makeup line as well as a successful makeup artist.   Her story will inspire you to live your best life and reach for the stars!
November 26, 2020
The Path of Me talks to Mayra Powers - Empowering women in business through Doterra
Mayra Powers is literally a business powerhouse.  After a health scare and burnout in the corporate world she shifted her focus to natural healing.  She has reached the level of Blue Diamond in her Doterra essential oils business which means she is one of the top distributors in the world.  Her passion is empowering women in business, particularly in the Spanish speaking communities.  She has a huge YouTube following in spanish: and can also be found through her website: Thank you for being on this journey with me!  
November 17, 2020
Beautiful Lightworker Sara Ford Shares Her Soul Wisdom and Healing Journey
Sara Ford is a Level IV Quantum Marconic Energy Practitioner.  She moved to Boston with a toddler in tow as a single mom and has always been a seeker.   From a young age she received guidance from her higher self, and followed the bread crumbs back to alignment with her highest and best life.  Challenges were overcome, her live ever evolving.  You can reach her by email: or on Facebook:    To learn more about my work as an ascension coach or Marconic Energy Practitioner reach me here:
November 12, 2020