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The Path of Me

The Path of Me

By Wendy Hutchinson
We are all navigating our own personal challenges in the world. It takes courage to find our authentic selves and rise above life's challenges. Introducing you to inspiring guests on my show who have overcome challenges and adversity I hope will inspire you to live your best life.
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Rhianna Mays Heard the Words "RUN JUMP TRUST"
This interview was from 2018 with Rhianna Mays.  Although it was a couple years ago, the message seemed so relevant to our current times.  Working a corporate job, Rhianna kept hearing the words Run, Jump, Trust.  It was an inner knowing that she needed to leave her corporate job.  As a single mom of 2 young twins (4 yrs. old at the time), she kept ignoring the call.  She was literally white knuckling it every day in her job to stay glued to her chair at her desk and not bolt out of there.  The message became more persistent, until she couldn't ignore it any more.  She asked for a sign and got one in a powerful way.   She is an inutuitive, healer and so much more.  You can learn more about her work here: As we wind down 2020, which was such an unexpected year for us all, I felt this message was still so timely.   We are all being asked to run, jump and trust in our lives and I hope listening to this interview will inspire you to do so!!!  Please feel free to share this podcast with anyone you think might benefit from the message.
December 30, 2020
Mychal Mitchell - Artisan and Creator of Handcrafted Books
Mychal Mitchell is an incredible artist.  She makes gorgeous handcrafted leather journals, photo books and more in her workshop in Austin, Texas.  She was slated to attend a graduate program in Architectural Design but her trip to Europe changed her destiny.    What I love about my conversations with my guests is all the unbelievable stories that come through.  In Mychal's case she had an intense level of Hazing as a fishing hand on a Fishing Boat in Dutch Harbor.  It was a true test of character and grit to endure the daily abuse and ride out her time on the boat.   Sometimes luck and circumstance change the entire trajectory of your life and it's not until you look back do you marvel at the magic of it all.  Sit back and relax as we share Mychal's journey and if you haven't yet, check out her website at  her books are soft as butter and the architectural details on the front are amazing.  The craftsmanship is unbelievable! To watch the video version of the podcast check out my youtube channel here:
December 17, 2020
Dr. Lulu Shimek - Naturopathic Doctor Talks About Her Viral Warrior Line and Other Herbal Remedies
Dr. Lulu Shimek is located in Asheville, North Carolina.   She has had an interesting life as a baker, a yoga instructor,  great organic and holistic cook, as well as massage therapist and now Naturopathic Physician.  Her resume is long and impressive and her interest in Herbal Medicine has led her to create all kinds of organic remedies and tinctures.   She is the director of the Medicinal Gardens at Veterans Healing Farm and has her own private practice.  They offer weekend retreats for veterans at their farm to help them heal.  At these retreats they learn about herbs and the power of natural medicine and mindfulness.  They even create their own medicinal tinctures while there.  Learn more here:   Dr. Lulu has partnered with my last guest Adora Winquist to formulate energy infused essential oil products.  Their latest line is appropriately named Viral Warrior.  They are co-writing a book due out this coming Spring 2021.   You can learn more about Dr. Lulu and her work here: Learn more about my work and sign up for my monthly newsletter here:
December 11, 2020
Adora Winquist Quantum Alchemist and Owner of Zenergy Medicinals Talks about 5D Energy, Plant Medicine, and Essential Oils
Adora Winquist from a young age has been creating scents and herbal remedies.  She is the Owner of Zenergy Medicinals which you find online: or here:  Adora blends quantum energy with her herbal and essential oils line.  She has partnered with Dr. Lulu Shimek (look for her upcoming interview on the podcast) to create a new line of healing remedies.  They both partner in supporting a full medicinal garden and providing retreat weekends for veterans with PTSD allowing them to come and create their own medicinal remedies from the garden and heal.    In our interview we talk about her upcoming book she is co authoring with Dr. Lulu Shimek and the other exciting thins she is creating in her groundbreaking work.    Create this awesome herbal tea for upper respiratory colds:  Gather Hysop, Thyme, Licorice Root, Eucalyptus, Ginger Root and seep into a tea I love how the story unfolds and the divine spark within us finds its fullest expression when we align with our truths and ourselves authentically and powerfully.   What I loved most about our conversation is talking about quantum 5D energy and the healing that comes with tapping into our inner being and drawing inspiration down from these higher dimensional energies.    To learn more about my work visit: and sign up for my monthly newsletter for a little bit of sunshine and inspiration!  If you enjoy the podcast I'd love to hear from you!  Know someone with an inspirational story?  You can email me at
December 7, 2020
From the Darkness to the Light
Wayne Zespy felt like a zebra in a pack of horses.  His step dad was very abusive and from a young age he felt like he was never good enough.   He was never good enough, while he younger brother Russ could do no wrong.   The message from his mother was "you just need to learn how to behave."  His religion reinforced the message that he was a bad person responsible for all the suffering in the family.    Drugs made him feel "right" again, like he belonged.  They made him feel normal.  They saved his life until they stopped working for him.   Wayne left home at the age of 17 to join the Army.  He dropped LSD during basic training and took amphetamines during boot camp.  The upside, he was second in his battalion!   Once he took so much LSD (enough for 16 people to get very high) he saw the beginning of creation, Armageddon, and the devil and his demons fighting God and the angels for his soul.    He was strapped to a gurney and met with a straight jacket at the hospital.  From the age of 15-30 his drug of choice was "more".   If a little was good, more was better.    The worst drug he used that caused the most heartache was alcohol.   He overdosed 9 times.   He was in a coma for 10 days from an attempt at suicide.   Wayne was extremely violent and got into many fights.  He was homeless.     After a stint in jail he was sent to a 2x4 program.   Two weeks in treatment and 4 weeks of outpatient.   He has been clean ever since.  He went to so many AA meetings and if not at AA he was with a sponsor having coffee working the 12 steps.  6 months into his sobriety he lost his brother and then 2 months later his mother.  He was completely alone.   At his lowest he looked in the mirror, tears streaming down his face and saw his best friend looking back at him.  He told him he loved him and would never desert him.  He woke up the next morning and said what would I do for my best friend?  From that moment on, he poured love into himself and began to heal.    Today he has a thriving business as a life coach, hiking guide, and also counsels people helping them to find their spiritual path and return to their natural state.  He teaches meditation and facilitates ceremonies, retreats, and workshops on recovery and spirituality.   You can reach him by email: or phone 520-825-6613.
December 3, 2020
The Incredible Transformation of Liliana Hernandez!
Liliana Hernandez was a young single mom of 2 by the age of 20.  While on welfare, food stamps and government assistance, she put herself through college, completing her masters degree and becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.   She struggled financially with two young sons but through hard work and determination raised them on a single income and worked her way up, becoming the Associate Clinical Director of a non profit agency, Adjunct Professor at a local University providing courses in community mental health, and does group supervision for The Latino Family Therapy group where she is an alumni.  She also purchased her dream home during this time.  She also battled with weight loss and faced the challenge head on losing 105 lbs!  In our conversation she shares many nuggets of wisdom, but the key is to really love ourselves.   Liliana became a Certified Life Coach in 2017 (where I met her) and feels her life mission is to eradicate abuse in her lifetime.  She wants all children to live in a nurturing, loving, kind and caring safe environment.   Imagine helping mother's heal their pain before bringing children into the world.  Imagine, a family living free of worry that someone might hurt or kill themselves.  Imagine stopping the cycle of multi-generation abuse.  Just imagine the power of an educated female.... the ripple effect on generations!   She is changing lives every day by living her passion and purpose!
December 1, 2020
Kamaka Dias - The Race to 50K
I had the pleasure of interviewing Kamaka Dias who started the race to $50K in January 2020.   The Race To 50k A local boy from Hilo Hawaii who had an idea.  After 3 years in the Peace Corp. in Madagascar, he found himself coming home to $53,000 in student loan debt.  He knew this would hold him back in pursuing his dreams so he came up with an idea, "help me help you".  He would work for anyone doing anything for FREE during 2020.  No job was too big or small.  If the person felt like donating to his cause, that would be great, but if they were broke, he would do the work anyway to help them out.  I was so inspired by him.    He has done everything from painting, to dressing up as Buzz Lightyear for a birthday party.  He has been sharing his spirit of Aloha with everyone he meets and believes everyone is kind.   This belief has been reinforce by the generosity of strangers around the world following his journey and cheering him on. During the pandemic he has just about reached his goal and gave back to his community at the same time.  With his stimulus check he created 350 gift packs for seniors graduating in June 2020.   He also plans 4 more events to raise money for the community including a pancake breakfast for the homeless, a scholarship fund to help college students avoid the student loan debt, and more.   Find him here: if you want to donate or learn more, or follow his journey on Instagram and Facebook: Kamaka Dias 8 Please consider supporting my podcast by sharing it with others!  Thank you for being with me on the ride.
November 26, 2020
Brandie Seifert - From Mayhem and Madness to Hollywood Hippie
Brandie Seifert grew up in an Alcoholic Family.  From the age of 5 she was in charge of taking care of her twin sister and 3 year old brother.   Her home life was unstable and they moved from the streets to various shelters.  Hunger was constant and poverty.   She and her siblings were removed from their home and went into the system and then reunited with her mother.  Her story is full of heartbreak, but also a deep internal survival instinct and inner knowing that helped her overcome every obstacle.  She found her way out of poverty and landed a spot on the Estee Lauder Makeup team where she worked with stars on almost every network in Emmy award winning shows.   This is truly a story of triumph over tragedy and a testament to the power of faith in yourself as well as following her inner guidance and intuition.    Brandie endured Sexual abuse by relatives that took her in, left immediately after graduation and found herself couch surfing at a girlfriend's house.  She landed a job at Dillard's Department store in the makeup department and it was a turning point in her life.   She had a natural ability to meet and crush goals and was soon in a management position.   She started working on herself with a great therapist and unpacking her colorful childhood.  She then got a position on the Estee Lauder Makeup team and traveled around with movie stars to their events and on set as well. I've interviewed so many people and her story is one I want to share with the world because it is incredible how much adversity she overcame to get where she is today.  She is now the owner of Hollywood Hippie, a makeup line as well as a successful makeup artist.   Her story will inspire you to live your best life and reach for the stars!
November 26, 2020
The Path of Me talks to Mayra Powers - Empowering women in business through Doterra
Mayra Powers is literally a business powerhouse.  After a health scare and burnout in the corporate world she shifted her focus to natural healing.  She has reached the level of Blue Diamond in her Doterra essential oils business which means she is one of the top distributors in the world.  Her passion is empowering women in business, particularly in the Spanish speaking communities.  She has a huge YouTube following in spanish: and can also be found through her website: Thank you for being on this journey with me!  
November 17, 2020
Beautiful Lightworker Sara Ford Shares Her Soul Wisdom and Healing Journey
Sara Ford is a Level IV Quantum Marconic Energy Practitioner.  She moved to Boston with a toddler in tow as a single mom and has always been a seeker.   From a young age she received guidance from her higher self, and followed the bread crumbs back to alignment with her highest and best life.  Challenges were overcome, her live ever evolving.  You can reach her by email: or on Facebook:    To learn more about my work as an ascension coach or Marconic Energy Practitioner reach me here:
November 12, 2020