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Change and Thrive with Dr. Wendy L. Heckelman

Change and Thrive with Dr. Wendy L. Heckelman

By Wendy L. Heckelman, Ph.D.
Setting strategic goals and executing new operating models in this V.U.C.A. world has been challenging for many BioPharma and Life Sciences organizations, but it doesn't have to be! Rooted in the principles of organizational effectiveness, change agility, and inclusive leadership development, Dr. Wendy L. Heckelman and the WLH team present practical tips, tools and case studies to help any organization thrive through change. We invite you to join us every week, on your favorite podcast platform as we navigate through this new normal! #changeandthrivepodcast
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Strategic Change and Developing Leadership Agility
Most companies are reexamining their strategies and making fundamental or incremental changes to their strategic direction, organizational structure, and employee engagement efforts. Executing these changes requires leaders who are ready to lead others through ongoing change. In this month's Podcast episode, special guest, Sheryl Unger joins us once again to discuss Strategic Change and Developing Leadership Agility. During this episode, you'll hear Wendy and Sheryl share insights from nearly thirty years of experience working with hundreds of clients, and how The 5C’s of Transition Leadership® can provide a structured framework to help leaders improve their change execution capabilities and more effectively lead others.
September 20, 2022
Talent Retention & The Great Resignation
In this this month's Podcast episode, we have special guest Sheryl Unger join us to discuss the Great Resignation, retention-related struggles faced by employers, and provide you with practical tips you can implement.
August 30, 2022
Leading Change Within Your Organization
As we all know an alarming number of employees began quitting their jobs in the Spring of 2021. This increased level of turnover is referred to as “The Great Resignation.”  Up until now, “The Great Resignation” has taken the spotlight for many organizations. However, a new trend is surfacing. This trend is called, The Great Regret. The Great Regret is being used to describe the fact that many employees are not finding what they are looking for in other organizations. Instead, they are beginning to “regret” their decision to leave their previous company.  In other words, the churn is creating an endless cycle of leaving and longing. What can organizations do to break the cycle of resignation and regret? Listen to today's episode to learn more!
April 27, 2022
Calibrating Your Success: Set Your Organization Up to Win
We have all heard the phrase, what you measure matters. This is why when undergoing large- scale change, organizations, teams, and individuals should put metrics in place to determine if matters are going in the right direction. Let's be honest. It's rare to get everything right out of the gate. Just like a pebble dropped in a body of water. There may be ripples and unintended consequences. That is why it is so important to take the time to reflect on what is working and where we need to adjust. In today’s episode we'll discuss the fifth and final C in The 5C’s of Transition Leadership® - CALIBRATE to ensure success.
April 20, 2022
Coaching Direct Reports Through Transition In 2022
Everyone reacts to change differently. Coaching through transition is not about performance coaching or development coaching, but in helping someone acknowledge what has changed and what they need to get to the other side and begin to perform. If you have been tuning into our leadership podcast series this month, we have discussed committing to change, constructing a plan to address business impact and risks, and creating high performing teams. In today’s episode, we continue our discussion on leadership agility, as I share with you the fourth C in the 5C’s of Transition Leadership® – COACH direct reports through transition.
April 13, 2022
Creating a High Performing Team to Deliver Results
Large-scale change impacts teams differently and with change comes new leaders, newly comprised teams, new ways of working, and new priorities. Often team members become distracted or neglect important priorities. Whether or not the amount of disruption is large or small, involves new customers or new geographies, people still need to quickly align around the team's vision, strategies, and priorities. In today’s episode we continue our discussion on leadership agility and will discuss the third C in the 5C’s of Transition Leadership® - CREATE a high performing team to deliver results.
April 06, 2022
Constructing A Plan to Address Business Impact and Risks
Every change initiative has its own unique set of risks and challenges. One change initiative may potentially impact customers’ revenue and/or market share, while another may impact production process flows or information exchange. The organization and its leaders must identify risks associated with the change and develop mitigation strategies within their control. In today’s episode we continue our discussion on leadership agility, and I would like to discuss the second of the 5C’s of Transition Leadership® - CONSTRUCT. This is where the focus is on the business, constructing a plan to address business impact and risks.
March 30, 2022
Becoming a Committed Leader: Preparing Your Team to Thrive During Disruptive Times
One consistent message I've heard from clients over the last 30 years and from our featured guests, is that a leader must “commit” to any change underway. More specifically, a leader must have the ability to inspire colleagues to adopt and embrace change. But first, leaders must face and manage their own doubts before they can concentrate on the transition efforts of others. In this week's podcast, we begin our series on leadership agility and discuss our proven change execution framework, the 5C's of Transition Leadership®, which is the basis of my book, Change and Thrive: A modern approach to Change Leadership. We will talk about all things related to change and share insights on how to improve your ability to successfully deal with ongoing change.
March 23, 2022
WLH Women's Spotlight: Female Leaders Thriving Through Change In 2022
As markets remain unstable and the future uncertain, companies need their best and brightest to succeed and much of that talent is women. Even in a post-pandemic world, women still must rethink personal and professional priorities to remain resilient. In today’s episode I have invited three spectacular female leaders navigating change during these challenging times. They will be sharing how their organizations have adjusted to the new normal and how female leaders can continue to uplift one another as the marketplace recovers.
March 16, 2022
Changing and Thriving in 2022 an interview with book author Dr. Wendy L. Heckelman
As a leader in an organization, you face many challenges and critical decisions to successfully navigate change. The very essence of change is that it can happen quickly, right before your eyes. Fortunately, with proper planning and preparation leaders can not only handle change but also, thrive! That is why I wrote my book Change and Thrive: A Modern Approach to Change Leadership. I want leaders to know they can achieve their organizational, team and individual goals with the right plan of action! In today’s podcast I share the inspiration behind my book and also highlight some ways leaders can guide and encourage their team through this new world and marketplace! Listen to the episode here:
March 09, 2022
Insights Into Navigating Large-Scale Change with Andrew Moore General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne
As the world continues to grow through new pains presented by the pandemic, implementing and managing large-scale change has become even more challenging. The impact on organizations, teams, and individuals has been profound; and while employees may be used to the organizational churn, the past couple of years have taxed leaders far beyond anything we could have ever imagined. In today's Change and Thrive episode, I am pleased to talk to Andrew Moore, General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne, as he shares some insights into navigating large-scale change during these uncertain times.
March 02, 2022
Why Human Capital Work Should Be Your Priority
You can see the disruption in the healthcare marketplace everywhere you turn, but few issues are louder than that of The Great Resignation. While employees have been able to leverage the surplus of job openings against their employers as bargaining chips for better benefits, compensation, and opportunities, employers still hold a great amount of power in shaping cultural norms and the employee experience. This emerging power imbalance has sparked challenges for employers and employees alike. The truth is, retaining and motivating high performing talent has become much more complex and challenging. Some of the complexity and challenges stem directly from post-pandemic fatigue and stress. Our clients have diligently worked to reach some level of equilibrium in their human capital strategies to help mitigate chaos and stabilize work environments. In today’s podcast, I want to share three considerations to help assess your organization’s human capital strategy and how to make talent management a priority for thriving during change.
February 16, 2022
Disruptive Change Is Among Us: 3 Tips to Help You Renew Your Commitment As A Leader
Agility is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. In the last two years, everything and everyone was disrupted… The level of disruption varied. Most organizations revisited their strategies and made significant changes across the board.  We have seen deep change in the macro environment of pharmaceuticals, biopharma, and life sciences. A global pharmaceutical company reported to have cut its US sales force as meetings with healthcare providers continue to shift to virtual. This is just one high profile case that depicts fundamental go-to-market shifts resulting from the pandemic.  The way work gets done is being reshaped and as we enter this new next normal. Organizations, teams and individuals need to keep flexibility and agility as top priorities in order to thrive.  Today I want to share three tips to help you renew your commitment as a leader so that you can achieve your organizational, team and individual goals.
February 02, 2022
3 Tips to Help Leaders Begin Their Organizational Redesign Journeys
Culture is created either intentionally or unintentionally. As they enter 2022, many organizations are redesigning their organization and striving to build a more desirable and sustainable culture. Tune in for this week’s podcast as Wendy provides 3 tips to help leaders begin their organizational redesign journeys.
January 26, 2022
3 Proven Principles For Successful Change Execution and Leadership Agility
We are in the part of January when those who made New Years’ resolutions struggle to maintain their resolution. That is okay, change is hard! Don’t give up, keep going!  Many leaders are also struggling with their New Year’s resolutions to develop their leadership agility. Many leaders understand the need to be agile because their leadership agility has been put to the test over the last 2 years and they want to adjust how they navigate change, especially when the change is unknown.  In this week’s podcast, Wendy shares 3 tips to help develop leadership agility and builds the business case for leadership agility being the differentiator in today’s professional landscape.  ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT OUR BLENDED SOLUTIONS?  WLH helps organizations, teams, and individuals think, plan, and execute with excellence. Schedule an Exploratory Call to learn more! Visit
January 19, 2022
3 Tips for Jump Starting A Team When Undergoing Change
New year, new me! That is what many organizations are saying as they transition into a full or hybrid virtual environment, or adjust to other large-scale organizational changes. As organizations adjust to large-scale changes that include new leadership, new teams, or new structures, they are presented with new challenges.   Jump starting your team to address and combat these challenges is one of the most effective ways to ensure they are overcome.   In this week’s podcast, Wendy dives into three tips to help jump start your team to align, adjust, and embrace the positive elements of change.    ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT OUR BLENDED SOLUTIONS? WLH helps organizations, teams, and individuals think, plan, and execute with excellence. Schedule an Exploratory Call to learn more! Visit
January 12, 2022
Growth In 2022 Requires Leadership
Happy New Year! The new year brings great promise and allows for another opportunity to drive your organization forward. As such, opportunities are presented to realign on goals and key business priorities. As you step into 2022 with your team and begin realigning on goals and key business priorities, take a listen to this week’s podcast where Dr. Wendy Heckelman discusses four tips to realign your team in the new year. In summary, Wendy discusses the following tips: Align your plan with the organization’s business strategy Revisit your marketplace analysis Assess past performance Focus on accountability
January 05, 2022
It's All About Mindset Account Managers
What if I told you there is a way to highlight the strategic account management skills and mindset needed when calling on large, organized customers? Whether it is commercial payers, IDNs, medical groups, government care providers or other models, a different business to business customer engagement strategy is needed to provide value and support better outcomes. In today’s Change and Thrive episode I want to share four tips to improve your skills.
November 03, 2021
Why Organizations Fail to Retain Top Talent. Tips to Help You Avoid the Great Resignation
Retaining top talent continues to be a critical issue for organizational leaders. As many employees are making the decision to leave their jobs, leaders must employ strategies to combat what experts are calling "The Great Resignation." Tune in to this week's podcast to learn 3 strategies that leaders can employ to more effectively retain top talent.
October 27, 2021
How to Intentionally Create Culture in Your Organization
Culture is created intentionally or by default. Many key decision makers within organizations find it difficult to intentionally create the shared beliefs, experiences, and actions of the people within their organization required to achieve desired cultural results. Often, lack of intentionality in culture creation lends itself to undesirable cultural results. Tune in this week to better understand how to intentionally create culture by leveraging what we call the BEAR model.
October 20, 2021
You Must Understand Your Ecosystem to Build a Solid Plan
Life science professionals in customer-facing roles need to develop their business acumen to “connect the dots” and identify opportunities to deliver value. One of the more important elements of developing business acumen skills is to effectively assess the local healthcare ecosystem. When assessing a local healthcare ecosystem, it is helpful to evaluate the following factors. Listen to today's episode to learn more! 
October 06, 2021
Why Good Planning is Critical to Success
Good business planning helps you and your team work effectively and efficiently. The challenge is that most business plans end up being disregarded as another document in the pile accumulating formality without execution. In today's episode I share some insights on how to plan effectively. 
September 29, 2021
Business Acumen – Distilling Insights
Life science professionals in customer-facing roles need to develop their business acumen to “connect the dots” and identify opportunities to deliver value. A key behavior in developing business acumen is gathering information and generating actionable insights. In today's episode I share 3 helpful practices for distilling key insights. 
September 22, 2021
The Importance of Asking Questions to Drive Insights
To fully grasp business acumen, it is important to understand the art of asking questions. More specifically, how leveraging questions helps better understand the challenges and pain points of an organization and how to take appropriate action based on information learned. In today's episode I share key questions to ask to drive insight. 
September 15, 2021
Defining Business Acumen Pt. 1
At its core, business acumen is about understanding how your company or your customers make money.  Business acumen is also about understanding what information is used by your accounts when making critical decisions. Tune into today's episode as I share a suggested framework for applying business acumen. When you process turning insights into action, you begin “connecting the dots” and gain an understanding of the complex marketplace. Need help with developing your team’s business acumen skills? Feel free to reach out and learn what WLH can do for you!
September 08, 2021
Lessons Learned: The Importance of Empathetically Engaging Your Accounts
This past month, we've been talking about the importance of empathy. Earlier in the month, we shared our approach to leadership, empathy. And last week I started to talk about our approach to empathetically engaging your accounts. And today, I'm so pleased to have Cheryl Unger and Loretta Kate trusted members of the team here today to share our lessons learned on empathetically engaging your accounts. Listen to the episode now! #wlhconsulting #empathy
July 28, 2021
How to Engage Customers Empathetically
Empathy is the ability to build understanding around another person’s thoughts, feelings, and rationale through inclusive behavior. In today’s disrupted healthcare marketplace, it is imperative to build a greater level of understanding of customers’ thoughts, needs, and challenges. Empathetic engagement builds trust and makes customers feel understood, valued, and respected. However, despite the importance of empathy, not every employee has the skills to empathetically engage with customers. In this episode I share tips to help you empathetically engage with customers. Listen now to learn four tips to improve your empathetic engagement skills. #changeandthrivepodcast #wlhconsulting #wendylheckelmanphd
July 21, 2021
4 Key Steps to Engage More Empathetically with Others to Build Deeper Understanding
Empathy is an incredibly important skill for leaders in any and all domains. Having awareness and understanding for the feelings and experiences of one’s peers and employees can set the tone for company culture and communicate that all members of an organization are cared for. At WLH, we have shaped four key steps to engage more empathetically with others to build deeper understanding: Understand someone else's current circumstance Seek their perspective Ask for their feedback Follow-up on agreements As we move forward in a complex working environment, it is going to be increasingly important to understand how to create space for people to show up. WLH brings deep expertise and leadership development in helping leaders activate their empathetic engagement skills. Visit today to learn more about our services designed to help you change and thrive. #changeandthrivepodcast #wlhconsulting
July 14, 2021
Three Tips to Help You Develop Leadership Empathy and Lead Your Team
Oprah Winfrey once said, “Leadership is about empathy.” The ability to relate and connect with people, to inspire, and empower their life is a paramount leadership skill. It has become a top management priority, particularly due to blending of their personal and professional lives throughout the pandemic. At WLH, we define leadership empathy as the ability to build understanding around someone's thoughts, feelings, and rationale through inclusion. We identify three benefits to leaders developing empathy: Enable their people to seek perspectives, ideas, and solutions Develop deeper insights to coaching direct reports Build trust with others by ensuring they feel involved, valued, and respected WLH brings deep expertise and leadership development to helping leaders activate their empathetic engagement skills. Visit to learn more about our services designed to help you change and thrive!
July 07, 2021
COACHING THROUGH TRANSITION: 6 Key Steps to Help Your Team Successfully Navigate Their Transition
Renowned football coach Pete Carroll once said, "each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen." Coaching is a critical skill. However, coaching skills can be difficult to develop in times of transition, particularly right now in the midst of a completely disrupted marketplace wherein leaders are redefining and redesigning their organizations. Luckily, we offer 6 key steps for coaching through transition, particularly in these challenging times: Establish/renew your working relationships Identify transition challenges Identify strengths and development needs Set transition change goals and timelines Develop individual transition plans to help direct reports meet goals Evaluate and recalibrate the transition plan against progress Following these steps will increase the likelihood of your teams successfully navigating their transition. We at WLH are here to help you every step of the way—visit our website and schedule a call with us today!
June 30, 2021
LEADERSHIP TRANSITION: 4 Keys to Help New Leaders Face Challenges
John C. Maxwell once said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” As leaders transition to new roles, it is crucial for them to adapt quickly so they can “know the way” and “show the way to go.” Transitions can create challenges, whether that be learning a new role, adjusting to working with a new team, or becoming familiar with a new organization’s culture, strategy, priorities, and goals.  We at WLH can help new leaders face these challenges in 4 key ways: Developing a personalized learning plan Assessing the current state of the organization and team Gathering information on what is working and areas for improvement Aligning expectations with their new managers As you navigate your new role, please reach out to us for support—we share a Leadership Transition Toolkit with clients that can help you change and thrive in your new role and offer personalized experience and informed coaching through transition.
June 23, 2021
TEAM RESET: 4 Critical Steps for Jump Starting Your Team
Henry Ford once said, "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." As the workforce begins to transition back to in-person work, it is imperative for leaders to realign with their employees on organizational priorities, as well as working together through unprecedented challenges. As teams restart and reset their work, a best practice for leaders is to Jump Start their teams. Here are four critical steps for Jump Starting your team: Reflect on this year and re-engage with your team Share a clear vision for the team’s purpose and coordination Clarify roles, responsibilities, and collaborative partners Develop or revisit the “rules of engagement” WLH brings nearly 30 years of change management and leadership agility experience. Schedule a call with us to personalize your Jump Start and discuss how our proven and adapted approaches have helped other organizations.
June 16, 2021
The Importance of Recalibrating Your Plan
“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” - Winston Churchill  As professionals re-enter the workforce and are faced with an unprecedented pivot back to in-person work, we find ourselves in the midst of a major transition. Leaders are now tasked with implementing large-scale change by accommodating employees who have worked from home for over a year. However, large-scale change implementation efforts are hardly ever executed perfectly on the first try. Recalibrating one’s business strategy in the midst of change is often critical to successful transition. Recalibration is essential for three reasons:  1. It increases the likelihood of making progress  2. It allows for the pinpointing of milestones   3. It strengthens agility skills We at WLH have decades of experience and expertise in change implementation of all scales. If you would like to better understand how to recalibrate your plans or receive guidance that is tailored to your specific goals, challenges, and needs, ​please feel free to schedule an appointment with WLH today by visiting
June 09, 2021
Reengaging Your People WIth Your Redefined Organization
“ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb  Employees often cycle through varying degrees of engagement while going through change. Here are four tips to help reengage employees to ensure higher degrees of engagement and successful change implementation: 1. Reemphasize the why behind the change 2. Anchor everyone around your company culture and values 3. Train or retrain on skills that are needed 4. Seek to understand how each of your employees is reacting to and transitioning through the change Take a moment to watch today’s episode and find out how to set yourself, your team, and your organization up for success!
June 02, 2021
Redefining Your Future Direction
Are you looking to redefine the future direction of your organization or team? If so, here are four things to consider when you are defining the future direction. Tune in to the today's episode! #wlhconsulting #wlhlearning #changeandthrivepodcast 
May 26, 2021
℞ FOR RE-ENTRY: SUPPORTING FEMALE TALENT AS THEY RETURN TO THE WORKFORCE Leaders are you prepared to support your team as they re-enter the workplace? In today's podcast my guest Dr. Julianna Hynes and I share some insights to help you. Tune in to today's episode! #wlhconsulting #changeandthrivepodcast 
May 19, 2021
Reimagine The Future
Senior leaders across every industry are facing many challenges. Leaders are now being required to focus more than ever on four main questions. Where will we work? How will we work? What skills are needed in our new way of working? What culture do we want to create to support our new strategy? In this week’s podcast, I provide an example of how the Pharma industry has answered the questions of where and how they will work. I provide five tips a leader can follow to position themselves and their teams well to ensure they create the culture they need to support their efforts in reimagining their future. Take a quick listen and find out how to set yourself, your team, and your organization up for success!
May 12, 2021
Activating Your Leadership Empathy for Re-entry
Everything we know about healthcare and the way it is delivered has changed forever, forcing organizations and leaders to re-evaluate their barriers to empathetic leadership. As urgency from the pandemic shifts and businesses return to the “new normal,” the need for empathetic leadership is critical. In today's Change and Thrive podcast my guest, Dr. Loretta Cate and I share three (3) tips to help activate Empathetic Leadership within your organization and prepare your employees for re-entry.  1. It is important that leaders sharpen their empathetic leadership skills and connect with their employees. 2. Create a network of support so leaders can continue to focus on leading with empathy. 3. Empathy will enable your leaders to thrive during change. Cultivate empathy within your leaders as early as possible. Their involvement will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful re-entry!  Listen to the full episode here: If you are interested in learning more about our blended solutions, WLH helps organizations, teams, and individuals think, plan, and execute with excellence. Schedule an Exploratory Call to learn more by visiting
April 28, 2021
Are You Change Ready?
Change defined the past year of living and working through the pandemic. Our daily lives were completely disrupted and organizations had to rethink and reshape work practices across all business operations. At this point, we are all experienced with change, particularly unexpected and widescale change. However, this is not enough to say that we are change-ready. It is no longer sufficient to respond to change—we must expect that the coming years will be characterized by change at every level and be prepared to change and thrive with the times. Change readiness is more than a mindset where we accept and adapt to the pace of change. Change readiness means thinking through the potential implications any large-scale change has for individuals, organizations, and society at large. At WLH, we have worked with organizations through change and studied the characteristics of success for over thirty years. From this experience, we have created our Change and Thrive blended learning solution that readies leaders to deal with change at the organizational, team, and individual levels. Listen to this podcast to learn how our approach is key to ensuring that goals and skills cascade throughout the entire business. Broadly speaking, we start with the organization to ensure that it has developed a well-thought-out plan that accounts for risks and rewards. Next, we share the importance of leaders to guide their teams through ongoing change. Lastly, we work with individuals to ensure they can relate their role to these broad goals, as well as accurately assessing their own change-readiness. Individuals are the backbone of any successful organization and they must be open to an honest assessment of how they react to organizational change, as well as their willingness to commit to change goals. WLH Consulting, Inc. has deep expertise in consulting on large-scale change initiatives and developing custom solutions to address organization-specific needs and challenges. Schedule an Exploratory Call today to learn how your organization can become change ready!
April 21, 2021
Driving Cultural Change During Transformation
As business management expert Peter Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” An organization can carefully craft its strategic plan with great care and detail, but at the end of the day, its goals will not be accomplished if the company culture does not support the vision. Today, I speak with Andrew Moore, the General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne. We discuss his journey with shaping organizational culture at Pfizer and the learnings he garnered through these experiences. Since his time in the military, Andrew had an appreciation for how team culture can shape expectations, goals, and values to drive performance.
April 14, 2021
WLH Women's Spotlight: How to Change and Thrive As a Female Business Leader in 2021
During this past March, in honor of Women’s history month, we created a spotlight series on those women that have changed and thrived throughout 2020 and they shared how they pivoted and brought forth lesson’s learned to apply in 2021. Today I would like to briefly recap those lessons learned. Tune in!
March 31, 2021
Understanding the Unique Burdens on Women Leaders with Janet Loesberg
As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we at WLH are presenting another spotlight interview on an exceptional leader who has changed and thrived through the difficulties of the past year. I speak with long term friend and colleague, Janet Loesberg about how the pandemic has disproportionately affected women workers and how leaders can be more flexible and amenable to the increased demands that have been placed on these employees. Given the ways that women have had to adapt and take on more responsibility throughout the pandemic, Janet illuminates some ways that leaders can ease this burden. Leaders ought to give their employees the space and freedom to manage their own workdays by reaffirming the organization’s overarching goals and trusting employees to direct their time as they see fit. Tune in to this week’s podcast and subscribe to hear more spotlight interviews and valuable learnings!
March 24, 2021
How to Thrive During Difficult Times: Lessons Learned with Laurie Cooke
As we progress through Women’s History Month, we at WLH are continuing to shine a spotlight on the women who have changed and thrived throughout the turmoil of this past year. Women leaders around the world have demonstrated their capacity to adapt and lead through these challenging times with strength and empathy. In fact, one study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that women were rated as more effective leaders on most levels of competency throughout the pandemic than their male counterparts. Specifically, the report concluded that “female leaders expressed more awareness of fears that followers might be feeling, concern for wellbeing, and confidence in their plans” (Zenger & Folkman, 2020). In this week’s podcast, I interview Laurie Cooke, who is the CEO and president of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association. Laurie’s leadership throughout the past year exemplifies some of the qualities that the report outlines. As Laurie points out, leaders usually have a toolkit of experience and precedents on which to base their decisions when confronted with new challenges. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear the full range of lessons that Laurie presents, and subscribe to keep up with this month’s spotlight interviews!
March 17, 2021
The Importance of Being an Authentic and Empathetic Leader: Meet Kelli Rodriguez
Here at WLH, we hold Women’s History Month in high esteem. It is a time to reflect on the progress that women have made across all domains of life, and in particular, how they have impacted the business world. Over the course of the past 50 years, women’s presence in the workplace has risen rapidly—in 1950, only 34% of women held jobs. By 2000, that number had increased to 60% and has only risen since while increasing in diversity (Bureau of Labor Statistics). We also seek to acknowledge the resilience of women leaders and explore the lessons learned from the challenges posed by the past year. In this week’s Spotlight Podcast, I interview Kelli Rodriguez, Chairperson of the HBA Southeast Region and President of the Vincent Group. Kelli and I discuss her experience in leading throughout the pandemic, the ways that she adapted to the new normal, and key takeaways that she plans to apply to work and life as we move forward together. Tune into this week’s podcast to learn the importance of being an authentic and empathetic leader in a time of unprecedented challenges!
March 10, 2021
Leadership Agility: The 5C’s of Transition Leadership®
As the pharmaceutical industry continues its rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, there seems to be some semblance of a return to normalcy on the horizon. With 15% of the US population already vaccinated and these numbers rising every day, a wave of healing is hitting the country as we enter into what some are calling the “next normal.” Getting ready for the next normal requires reflecting on what major challenges have emerged and what must be re-imagined in a new disrupted healthcare marketplace. As we consider the significant challenges that lay ahead as businesses try to reestablish office life while balancing the new protocols that are necessitated by the pandemic, leaders must reflect on just how prepared they are to undergo wide-scale transitions. Transition preparedness is a loftier goal than one might expect — in fact, research shows that 70% of change initiatives fail. To be a part of the 30% club, organizations must follow the patterns that have been set forth by other organizations that have cracked the code. Luckily, at WLH we have developed a proven framework called the 5C’s of Leadership Transition. This framework offers tried and true methods for addressing change and transition at the organizational, team, and individual levels. These steps guide leaders through the processes of committing by preparing to lead, constructing a plan to address impacts and risks, creating high performing teams, coaching direct reports through the stages of transition, and lastly, calibrating to ensure success. Large-scale change initiatives fail when organizations view their transition strategies as separate goals rather than as parts of a whole. Each step within the 5C’s Framework offers a unique perspective on a necessary facet of change while fitting into the larger puzzle of smooth and successful transition. We at WLH want to help you as you embark on the new challenges as well as the shining opportunities that lay ahead in the coming months. Let us help your organization become change-ready! #changeandthrive #podcast #wendylheckelmanphd
March 03, 2021
Learning Agility: L.E.A.R.N. for Growth
Though change can be exciting, it often feels overwhelming. It leaves us questioning whether we can keep up with our surroundings and wondering how we can remain flexible and adaptive to the world around us in the long run. However, there is one quality and skill that is key to navigating a constantly evolving marketplace: learning agility. In this podcast, we will discuss the importance of the fundamental skill of learning agility and what you can to do attain and perfect it! Listen to today's episode. #wlhconsulting #changeandthrivepodcast #wendylheckelmanphd
February 24, 2021
The 3 Capabilities of Change Agility
More often than not, change gets the best of us. Research shows that 70% of large-scale change efforts fail. That begs the question: what are the other 30% doing, and how are they getting it right? We at WLH have spent decades examining and working hands-on with change initiatives. We have seen countless successes and failures, giving us expertise in the practices that work and fall short when it comes to large-scale change. We have mapped these practices onto our three-tiered model, finding that successful change is addressed on three levels—organizational, team, and individual. Today, I want to focus specifically on the individual and what makes them change agile. Listen to the podcast, like and share! #changeandthrive #wendylheckelmanphd #wlhconsulting 
February 17, 2021
RX for Retention: Retaining High Performing Talent
When high performers leave an organization, the effect can cascade into distrust throughout the organization, leading more high performers to question their position. It makes sense then, why the initial average financial cost of replacing a high performing employee is more than 400% of that employee’s compensation—and that doesn’t even include the 1-2 years of lost revenues and profits while the new employee learned how to perform effectively in the job. That is why retention of exceptional talent is absolutely critical. This is especially true today, as the pandemic has forced organizations to shift to virtual work models. Maintaining relationships with clients, patients, and doctors is increasingly difficult in this setting, so organizations that are able to retain their employees (and the relationships these employees have crafted) have a leg up. In today's episode I'll give you tips on how to retain your high performing talent! Listen to today's episode. #changeandthrivepodcast #wendylheckelmanphd
February 10, 2021
Jump Starting Your Team's Performance
As many of you plan on implementing large-scale changes in 2021 (or perhaps you are in the midst of a transition right now), you may be asking yourself: “how do I ensure that I am part of the 30% success club?”  We want to help you with that goal by leading you through our unique model that approaches change on 3 levels –the organizational, team, and individual levels. In this podcast, we will focus on the team level, and specifically our Jump Start approach. At WLH, we developed Team Jump Start to help leaders quickly address the many and varying challenges that come with leading a team through a transition. Listen to today's episode. #changeandthrivepodcast
February 03, 2021
A YEAR FILLED WITH POSSIBILITIES: 4 Tips To Help You with Your Business Planning
It is a New Year with new challenges and 2021 will continue the pattern of disruption in healthcare! What is not new is the importance of developing effective geography and account plans. Life Sciences companies that take a purposeful and consistent approach to developing, executing, and reviewing geography and account plans yield better results. Most pharmaceutical organizations conduct year beginning meetings to align everyone on goals and key business priorities.  This year, meetings will likely be virtual and the opportunities to learn from peers formally and informally could be greatly reduced.  In addition, the typical “ask” is to take these strategic priorities and translate them into meaningful plans of action. Sales and Access leaders should proactively coach their teams to resist “jumping into the deep end” without engaging in focused planning. Instead, use this year’s kick off meetings and initial one-on-one visits to ensure each direct report develops a plan that leads to better results. All field leaders (Sales and Access) and field professionals, should keep the following four tips in mind when developing a business plan. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE NOW! 
January 08, 2021
2020 Reflections: It Only Gets Better From Here
Reflecting on the past is a key skill for anyone who seeks to improve and meet new, higher goals in the future. We can all learn from how we responded to the challenges of 2020, but it will take focused efforts to make the most out of our reflections and apply these lessons to the opportunities of the new year. We at WLH are here to help you do just that! Read the full article here:
December 24, 2020
Last month we introduced our ABC’s of Leadership for all times to reflect leadership challenges in response to the current climate. This week’s podcast continues the series as we move into the fifth necessary skills for today’s leaders: Empathy and inclusive leadership. I will speak with trusted WLH Team Member, Loretta Cate about this area that we are both deeply passionate about. Leadership empathy is the ability to build understanding around others’ thoughts, feelings, and rationale through inclusion. Practicing empathy enables leaders to seek perspectives, ideas, and solutions by encouraging involvement in thinking through a situation. Empathy is the necessary ingredient for building deeper understanding between leaders and their team members, which allows for more effective coaching through transition, coaching to higher performance, and coaching for career advancement that creates a diverse pool of candidates. This is the key to ensuring that team members feel respected, valued, and trusted -- all qualities that are paramount to pivotal relationships in both business and personal life. Empathy is particularly important in the area of transition coaching, which is all about understanding what people are thinking and feeling about a given change and the challenges and perspectives that surround it. Empathetic leadership doesn’t mean agreeing with these perspectives, but rather understanding concerns and communicating in such a way that these concerns are both acknowledged and considered in the broader scope of company movements. It is also key to career coaching, as it elevates the visibility of transparent and fair advancement criteria, creating a level playing field for all. Given the unique and growing challenges of today, empathy is an increasingly important quality for leaders to have and exhibit in all business relationships.
December 02, 2020
In this week’s podcast, we at WLH Consulting and WLH Learning Solutions want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and share our appreciation for all of you! This past year has been challenging, and it can be hard to find gratitude in these times. That is why we took the time to reflect on the small wins we’ve had along the way and thought of you and how you have helped us transform tremendously. Your needs have inspired us to grow, think outside the box, and work beyond the status quo. We thank you for being part of the journey. In this podcast, we want to do two things: Reinforce one of our primary change and thrive principles, “effective change and transition needs are to be managed at the organizational, team, and individual levels,” and ask you to apply that principle when reflecting on this past challenging year. At the organizational level, think of your senior leaders and all of the tough decisions that rested on their shoulders this year. Thank them for prioritizing the safety and health of your employees and families in a tumultuous period. As an industry, take pride in how the life sciences field has contributed to caring for patients and supporting the development of a vaccine. At the team level, reflect on how hard everyone is working while adapting to new work environments and supporting one another. Lastly, at the individual level, acknowledge your own grit and determination and how you managed to work through problems this year. Know that you are appreciated and that we are wishing you a safe and restful holiday weekend!
November 25, 2020
A month ago, we introduced our ABCs of Leadership for all times to reflect leadership challenges in response to today’s turbulent climate. Thus far, we have discussed three non-negotiable leadership skills: Agility, Breakthrough thinking, and Collaboration that is bold and intentional. This week, we move into our fourth skill: Dare to Execute higher aspirations. We define this skill as the ability to overcome barriers to boldness, bring clarity to chaos to focus on the critical few with intensity, and build commitment and accountability to drive higher success. In this podcast, I speak with Dr. Loretta Cate, a member of the WLH team and co-leader of our WIL initiative. We discuss how the leader of a pharma company that we recently worked with set high goals and executed new operating models to reset how work is done throughout their organization, leading them to surpass 2nd quarter expectations despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. This leader’s success is echoed across other leaders who follow similar paths of questioning their assumptions, thinking bigger, and letting go of historical norms in order to find ways of making the impossible possible. In addition to setting higher aspirations, leaders must ensure everyone on the team has clarity around their role, responsibilities and expectations. When this happens, trust and respect always follow and organizational synergy is cultivated. Setting high aspirations is key, but leaders must cultivate other skills in order to ensure that their organizations meet these goals. In this way, each of our non-negotiable leadership skills builds on and reinforces each other, creating a complete toolkit with which leaders can address new challenges and succeed.
November 18, 2020
We know that the current pandemic and the impact to the economy is forcing organizations to revisit their business strategy and make in some cases small and in other cases, large, fundamental shifts in how they do business. I am pleased to be joined by Rich Smith who is a long-time client, trusted friend and VP of HR Strategy and Management for Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers and insurers in the US. Kaiser Permanente is at the forefront of all these challenges – delivering healthcare both for Covid and other pressing needs, concerned about the costs of care and policy shifts as a result of the pending election, financial implications of many people loosing coverage, all while creating a positive engaging workplace. Another trend impacting workplaces is the more heightened need to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. As the leader for the people strategy and management of the HR function, Rich sits at the table with other executives grappling with these difficult challenges and seeking to chart a new path forward. Listen to today's episode now! #changeandthrivepodcast #wendylheckelmanphd
November 11, 2020
This week’s podcast is a continuation of our series on the ABC’s of Leadership for All Times. This framework applies our ongoing research to the unique challenges that businesses now face and are expected to confront in years to come. Today, I speak to Dr. Loretta Care, a member of the WLH Team and co-leader of our Women in Leadership Initiative. We will share key insights about the third facet of our paradigm: Collaboration that is bold and intentional! Leaders that collaborate in bold and intentional ways seek diversity of thought, capabilities, experiences, and resources. These actions spur creative problem solving and innovation in the face of unforeseen obstacles and unmet needs. These leaders also challenge each other to think beyond their typical boundaries and work with other leaders, functional groups, and peer networks to align their organizations across shared goals and accountability. When leaders boldly and intentionally collaborate, the benefits are seen throughout the entire organization, as the organization sets higher aspirations and achieves accelerated market performance, finding more resilient and efficient ways of leading and redirecting manpower and capital to address unforeseen obstacles. Collaboration itself must be accompanied by two other leadership skills: Coordination and Communication. Collaborating on solutions and strategies is of the utmost importance; however, the innovation that spurs from this act must then be coordinated and aligned to create synergy throughout the organization. Lastly, consistent communication including feedback and the exchange of ideas is the key to turning these processes into tangible success and driving the free flow of creative thinking. This process of the 3C’s is critical in driving success in today’s ever-changing world. 
November 04, 2020
Two weeks ago, we kicked of our series on the ABCs of Leadership for All Times, a set of research-backed guiding principles for leaders to elevate their capabilities both now, when they face unique challenges caused by the pandemic, and in the years to come. Last week, we dove into “Agility” and its importance in the leadership context. This week, Loretta Cate, D.Ph., CPCC and I will move into “Break-through thinking” as a method for effective and innovative leadership. #changeandthrivepodcast #leadership #organizationalculture
October 28, 2020
Last week we introduced our ABCs of Leadership for all times in response to our ongoing research and the pandemic which has created business challenges unlike any we have ever faced. Add to this the massive humanitarian challenges and up swelling of social justice, this unique moment requires a new set of leadership imperatives with great potential beyond this crisis. The opportunity is now for re-calibration, with profound implications for the organization on how they identify and develop leaders for the future and beyond. As a result, we have a new leadership paradigm: The ABCs of Leadership for All Times! Collectively, these behaviors enable leaders to inspire followership that drives the organization’s strategic and cultural priorities to achieve financial outperformance now and in the future. They inform and expand each other in a way that although alone they are important, together they are powerful! Today’s I am pleased to have Dr. Loretta Cate, who is the member of the WLH team and co-leader of our WIL initiative. We'll discuss AGILITY! #changeandthrivepodcast
October 21, 2020
In today’s podcast, we are going to focus on a new leadership paradigm that is required for today and beyond. Today’s I am pleased to have Dr. Loretta Cate, who is the member of the WLH team and co-leader of our WIL initiative. #changeandthrivepodcast
October 14, 2020
In this week’s episode of Change and Thrive, we will be focusing on women in leadership and how leaders are uniquely positioned to play a critical role by providing direction during times of personal and professional transition. Specifically, leaders can empower their female employees through Coaching, Mentorship, and Sponsorship. I will be speaking with Lisa Brooks-Greaux, a trusted client, friend, and colleague who has been named one of the “25 Most Influential Women in Business,” and is the author of “Don’t Abdicate the Thrown,” where she shares tips on how women can to take control of their lives to grow and develop. Lisa will share her experience with leading women, as well as working alongside women leaders. She explains how women are uniquely exceptional leaders as they are able to balance a strategic mindset with creative vision and have the ability to execute on their plans. She explains that these skills are increasingly important in a time where uncertainty demands inclusion of all perspectives and collaboration, as well as strong agility in order to overcome unprecedented obstacles. To highlight this point, Lisa notes how women leaders of countries around the world have had success in navigating these new challenges by mitigating the spread of COVID-19. We then move into the specific process of Coaching, Mentoring, Sponsorship, and the nuanced differences between these three actionable steps. As Lisa explains, coaches offer a formal point of contact for providing individuals with constructive feedback on their performances, as well as equipping them with tools to fix or fill in gaps so they may improve and avoid future obstacles. Mentors are experienced members of an organization and are able to provide insight into how to navigate specific organizational cultures, as well as give general career advice. Sponsors possess social capital, influence, and power within an organization and will advocate on an individual’s behalf when decisions are being made regarding positions, projects, and promotions. These people can be key for empowering women to realize their full potential and providing them with support throughout the process of climbing the corporate ladder and reaching positions of power within an organization. #changeandthrivepodcast
October 07, 2020
I want to ask you a question: What challenges has your organization had around diversity, equity, and inclusion? Let’s do an exercise together… Get out a sheet of paper and a pen. I want you to write down the DE&I challenges you've seen and/or experienced within your workplace. Write down your emotion regarding these challenges. Then ask yourself: What solutions can I offer to make things better? This simple exercise will help you start the conversation. Let’s be honest, we live in a V.U.C.A. world. Things are not easy and can often discourage our progress. However you have the power to equip yourself, your team and your organization. In today's episode I share about WLH Consulting, Inc.’s newest eBook: Creating A Culture of Inclusion.You can download it directly by visiting here: Thanks for tuning in! #wlhconsulting #wendylheckelmanphd #changeandthrivepodcast
September 30, 2020
Our recent conversations around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have highlighted the fact that people want to be heard and need the proper support to thrive within an organization.  Otherwise, there is an abundance of research that cites African American women and people of color are leaving their organizations and starting their own businesses.  If leaders want to create a unified culture that drives organizational change and retention of high performing talent, they will have to take action on behalf of their employees and teams. This will require listening to individuals and their assessment of their work experience and environment. I have some questions for you to consider: 1. How many times have you felt unheard and unwanted on the job? 2. What actions did you take that helped to start your personal transformation? Those are two hard questions, but very important. Most organizations have a difficult time introducing and navigating DE&I conversations that will help them achieve the desired results of an inclusive culture that retains talent. In today’s podcast we continue our series on Applying Lessons Learned From the Arts to Create a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workplace by speaking with Linda Antwi of LINDA IS SO GIRLIE. #changeandthrive #podcast #wendylheckelmanphd
September 23, 2020
Last week, WLH wrapped up our podcast series on what organizations can do to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. This week, WLH is kicking off our next three-part series on applying lessons learned from the Arts and Sports worlds to help create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. In this first installment of the series, I will speak with Maya Lawrence, a member of the Alliance Theatre. Through the Alliance, Maya has leveraged the medium of theater and the skill of storytelling as a way of driving progress in the DEI sphere throughout the Atlanta area. The Alliance has done groundbreaking work by using theaters as a means of offering skill-building workshops to business leaders with the ultimate goal of addressing systemic racism and pervasive biases. Maya and I will further discuss how she has used the three-step process of Awareness, Assessment, and Action in her work in theater and then how she translated the skills using the “Actor’s Toolkit” that allows corporations and organizations to tailor their DEI practices to what their employees specifically need. Theater offers a unique perspective on business operations, as actors must react to the changes that happen on stage and be tuned into the moment. Similarly, leaders cannot expect results by using old frameworks on new problems — they must react to specific issues that arise in their organizations and create space for their employees to be their unique and authentic selves. This podcast will provide clarity on how organizations can achieve that end. #changeandthrive #podcast 
September 16, 2020
THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN! Thank you for tuning into the Change and Thrive with Dr. Wendy L. Heckelman Podcast. I've enjoyed our time together these past few months. Can you believe we've been together for twelve weeks?! If you're new to the community I invite you to review some of the practical considerations and tips I've shared about addressing the impact of change. One thing is certain the global pandemic is placing pressure on life sciences businesses to react to a rapidly evolving economy and constantly changing consumer demands––now more than ever. Organizations must institute structured plans and improve change agility capabilities on every level to overcome the ever-increasing obstacles to successful change. This is why WLH Consulting, Inc. launched Change and Thrive. I've worked with leaders across the industry and gained expertise in change agility by working on hundreds of large-scale consulting engagements spanning nearly 30 years. In today's episode, I invite you to continue listening and growing with us! And please share your situation so we can help your organizations, teams, and individuals Change and Thrive during these difficult times.
September 09, 2020
We like to think of organizational commitment to DEI on a spectrum that starts with awareness of individual and group biases then move into assessment of organizational practices and culture and based on these insights more to deliberate action. When we think about Taking Action, it needs to occur across 3 levels: Organizational, Manager/employee, individual This episode will break down how to create genuine change and support DEI across these 3 levels. #changeandthrivepodcast #wlhconsulting #wendylheckelmanphd
September 02, 2020
As the second installment of WLH’s four-part series on the steps that organizations can take to address DEI practices, today’s podcast will focus on the second step of DEI transformation: Assessment. We kicked off the series by first discussing Awareness, which involves taking the time and space for all members of an organization to reflect on their own biases. After completing this process, it is time for organizations to systematically assess their work practices and how they impact organizational culture. In today’s podcast, I will talk with Stephen Kontra, a trusted member of the WLH team. We will discuss the forces that are driving the need for organizations to reexamine and assess their talent management practices, such as the increasing rate of organizational change standards, as well as an increasingly dynamic workforce that seeks transparency and equitable opportunities to manage their careers. Steve and I have assisted many companies in assessing their organizational practices and are therefore able to speak on the target areas that companies should assess, as well as the best practices for carrying out these assessments and moving forward with the information that is collected. Though many organizations strive to be equitable and inclusive, leaders are often unable to discern whether these goals are actually achieved in practice. Assessments provide employees with a forum with which they can honestly express their experience with specific practices at the organization as a whole, allowing leaders to pinpoint what is working well and what needs to be improved upon. If this step is properly executed, leaders have the capacity to move forward with actions that will appropriately address their organizations’ DEI blind spots. #wendylheckelmanphd #changeandthrivepodcast #culture #diversity #equity #inclusion
August 26, 2020
This year has been a year of national reckoning. Instances of police brutality against African Americans and the systemic inequities that have led to the effects of COVID-19 falling disproportionately on people of color have been brought to the forefront of our national dialogue. Though these injustices are by no means new, 2020 has ushered in a new wave of civil rights activism and has demanded that leaders look inwards at the ways in which their organizations have played a role in perpetuating injustice and exclusion. Many businesses have begun the process of reflection and are moving toward actionable steps in order to transform their organizational culture and cultivate inclusivity. Today’s podcast will kick off a series in which I discuss the practical steps that business leaders can take in order to strengthen their DEI practices and address their organizational issues head-on. As a culture change expert, I have developed a three-step plan to address DEI practices: Awareness, Assessment, and Action. Today, I will interview WLH Team Member, Tianna Tye whose academic background in Industrial Organizational Psychology provides her with expertise in human behavior in the workplace. We will be discussing the ins and outs of Assessment.  Tianna and I will share the three types of biases that impact organizational culture: conscious biases, unconscious or implicit biases, and second-generation biases. We will also discuss why it is so imperative that leaders and individuals reflect on their own biases, even our unconscious biases can have tangible and detrimental impacts on our coworkers and general feelings of belonging. As we move through the three steps in this podcast series, we hope to equip leaders with the tools necessary for organizational reform and progress. #changeandthrivepodcast #wendylheckelmanphd
August 19, 2020
We know that many organizations are going through large, fundamental transformation and in other cases, smaller shifts in how they do business. As organizational strategies shift, it is critical that leaders understand those changes and the impact on their teams and individuals.  Often times, these strategic shifts require new capabilities and skills. In today’s episode, my guest Loretta Cate and I are going to share some tips and best practices to COACH direct reports through transition. Thanks for tuning in! #changeandthrivepodcast #wlhconsulting #wendylheckelmanphd
August 12, 2020
A lot has and continues to happen as a result of the pandemic… many organizations are fundamentally revisiting their strategy and implementing changes to their vision and goals. This has resulted with changes to team structures. Whenever there are new leaders, new teams and new ways of working, leaders need to re-evaluate how they engage their teams. This challenge is amplified given that everyone is still working virtually with continued variability when teams can get together again. Andre Carnegie is quoted as saying “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” In today’s episode, I am going to share some tips and best practices to CREATE a high performing team to deliver results when undergoing organizational change or as we say when there is transition from what is old and familiar to something different and new. Tune in! #changeandthrivepodcast #wlhconsulting #wlhlearningsolutions 
August 05, 2020
We know that the pandemic and the economic impact is forcing organizations to transform their strategy and ways of working. Michael Porter is quoted as saying “Risk is a function of how poorly a strategy will perform if the ‘wrong’ scenario occurs’.  As part of our approach to change implementation, we believe it is critical for organizations embarking on their change journey to CONSTRUCT A PLAN TO ADDRESS BUSINESS IMPACT AND RISKS. In today’s episode we are going to talk about the importance of Planning for Risk when inside your change journey. I’ve had the privilege to work with Kerry Clem, Senior Vice President, Sales and Payer Relations for Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. over 13 years through several transformations to join our conversation and offer valuable insight on how leaders can proactively plan for risk and engage their leaders at all levels.
July 29, 2020
Successful change does not happen if leaders are not on board!  They need to Commit by owning the change and preparing to lead. Since commitment establishes the correct psychological infrastructure, it may take time to cement it! The business case for change, which is paramount, requires explicit information on what is changing and the reasons behind it. Commit accounts for funneling this information properly. In today’s episode I want to talk about the importance of Leadership commitment when inside your change journey. I’ve had the privilege to work with Kyle Jenne, Chief Commercial Officer for Akcea Therapeutics for over 13 years through several transformations from very different companies to join our conversation and offer insight on how leaders can commit during change. Tune in! #like #share #comment #changeandthrivepodcast #wendylheckelmanphd #wlhconsulting #commit
July 22, 2020
As L&D professionals we know your daily mantra is “I am resilient, I am agile, and I am here to help!”  Supporting your organization with the resources and learning assets that develop agility and resiliency falls on your shoulders. Leading through change is not easy under regular business circumstances, let alone during a crisis. As change experts we know that living in a VUCA world, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity is the backdrop for what motivates strategic change and the need for leadership agility.  In today's episode my guest Phil Sigler and I share some ways you can equip your team to lead during crisis and these difficult times. Listen and/or Watch the episode and feel free to share some ways your team is thriving during change in the comment section on our Vimeo channel.  #like #share #comment #changeandthrivepodcast #change #leadership #agility #wendylheckelmanphd #wlhconsulting #wlhlearning 
July 16, 2020
DRIVING CULTURAL CHANGE: CULTIVATING AND MAINTAINING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE If leaders would like to thrive during this COVID-19 Pandemic maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace is of the utmost importance!  In response to the national dialogue on racism and social justice, the business community is actively taking a role.  CEOs and professional societies are issuing letters of support and acknowledging the need to be reflective and do more to overcome institutional racism.  As experts in organizational culture and talent retention, WLH is asking the critical questions and leveraging our experience to support moving the dialogue forward. What steps can companies take to ensure the inclusion and retention of their diverse talent? Diversity allows for innovative brainstorming and problem solving, a truth that is empirically supported by the fact that ethnically diverse organizations are 35% more likely to outperform their peers. In today's episode I talk about Driving Cultural Change. Listen to the episode and feel free to share how your organization is addressing diversity and inclusion in the message box simply click +Message. #changeandthrivepodcast #diversityandinclusion #diversitytraining #culturalawareness #leadershipdevelopment #wlhconsulting #wlhlearningsolutions #wendylheckelmanphd
July 08, 2020
The very essence of change is that it can happen quickly, right before your eyes. By its very nature, change is disruptive and can throw even the most skilled leaders and individuals off balance. Fortunately, with proper planning and preparation, leaders can not only handle change, but can thrive during change! In today’s episode, my guest Sheryl Unger and I want to introduce you to a validated change management framework called the 5C’s of Transition Leadership and discuss the critical role effective communication plays throughout the process. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform!  #changeandthrivepodcast #changeandthrive#changeleadership#changemanagement #wlhconsulting#wlhlearning #wendyheckelmanphd
July 01, 2020
SUCCESSFULLY DRIVING CHANGE AND THE ROLE OF A TRANSITION LEADER The Covid-19 Pandemic, the economic devastation and push for social justice is forcing organizations to fundamentally revisit their business strategy. We know that change is difficult and 70% of all change initiatives fail. In today's podcast episode I address these challenges and give you some tips to re-define your role as a transition leader to successfully drive change! Listen and subscribe to never miss an episode! - Wendy #changeandthrivepodcast #changeandthrive #changeleadership#changemanagement #wlhconsulting #wlhlearning #wendyheckelmanphd
June 24, 2020
Leading change is an essential leadership capability, especially during these unprecedented times. Your leaders play a critical role in dealing with this crisis across their organization, and within their teams. As change experts we know that living in a VUCA world, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity is the backdrop for what motivates strategic change and the need for leadership agility. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is testing leaders’ agility on multiple levels, but I have some tips that will help you lead during these difficult times. Grab your lunch and notepad so we can get started! - Wendy Are you ready to lead your team into success? Register for our Live Virtual Workshop, “℞ for Leading During Difficult Times,” on June 19, 2020 at 2PM EST. Visit us online to download our one page resource to learn more℞-for-leading-during-difficult-times/ #watchthevideo #wlhlearning #wlhconsulting #wendylheckelmanphd #lunchwithwendy #businesstips #lten
June 05, 2020
Everything we know about healthcare and the way it is delivered has changed forever, forcing organizations to re-evaluate their ecosystem for impact. Leaders need to be equipped for this new normal and I have some quick tips to help you create a re-entry strategy that will help your organization thrive during change. Grab your lunch and notepad so we can get started! - Wendy Are you ready to re-calibrate, re-engage, re-imagine and re-define your team? Register for our LIVE Virtual Workshop, “℞ for Leading During Difficult Times,” on June 19, 2020 at 2PM EST. Visit us online to download our one page resource℞-for-leading-during-difficult-times/ #watchthevideo #wlhlearning #wlhconsulting #wendylheckelmanphd #lunchwithwendy #businesstips #lten
June 04, 2020