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Beyond the Silver Lining Podcast

Beyond the Silver Lining Podcast

By Wendy Rosenthal
A sacred space for empowerment, transformation, spirituality and lots of self love. I am your host, Wendy Rosenthal, a scientist turned empowerment coach for women and spiritual guide to help you find the gift in disguise in trauma, challenges and pain, so you can create a positive mindset and get your power back by connecting back with your body, mind and spirit.

This podcast is a safe place to share our stories and feel like we are not alone anymore.
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Ep 35: Intuitive Healing and Energy Work for better Health with Carine Camara

Beyond the Silver Lining Podcast

Ep 119: Moving Unsolicited Emotions Out of Your Mind & Body to Gain Clarity and Freedom
In today's episode lets talk about a favorite topic EMOTIONS! Specifically about the times when out of no where we feel a certain way and don't know how or why.  Have you felt that?  when you are doing good but then your mood changes, feel anxious, sad, even angry with no obvious reason.   In this episode you will learn about what could be creating this and how to work with those emotions to move them out of your body and mind in a healthy / supportive way. ~~~~ If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health!
August 17, 2022
Ep 118: Are You Using Distractions to Hide from your "Problems"?
While I am still basking on the powerful Energy from SHASTA, I wanted to ask you this question:  Are you using Distractions to hide from your "problems"?   A reason why I came up here in NorCal was to unplug and gain some clarity and I want the same for you.  In this episode I wanted to share and hopefully make you think of why some things, good sometimes, are still takin away our attention? I dont wanna say more but listen to todays episode and get some of that Shasta energy. W If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health!
August 02, 2022
Ep 117: The Unspoken Causes of Dis-ease
It is not new that when we talk about disease, we focus on the obvious, the physical body, symptoms.  Even when we look at that, we only focus on the surface level factors that affect our well-being.  But, what goes underneath? I am sure there is an endless list of causes that create imbalance and disharmony, but some (if not most of them) are not easily seen.   Let's talk about them, the not so obvious, unspoken root causes of dis-ease... This is for you if you have tried a lot of things to get better, well, healthier (in body, mind, soul). This is for you if you practice some healthy habits but still are not feeling your best... **** SPECIAL INVITATION **** Join me for the FREE 7 Day Experience of Sharing Practices to Heal Yourself. Click HERE to get you on board.  Please invite other people to come along. If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health! ~ Wendy
July 21, 2022
Ep 116: The Truth No One Told You About Healing
Have you been on a journey of healing a part of you, to then find yourself feeling lost, even more than before?  THAT has to happen sometimes, getting lost to find a higher version of yourself. While being lost is just a way of saying that we are confused, it all comes back to "finding" yourself in being comfortable with who you truly are. Accepting all the versions of yourself.  Most likely, feeling like losing a part of yourself is a sign for change... and for that, we need the most powerful tool (at least one of them) AWARENESS to changing anything in your life.  Sometimes you got to be lost to be found again... Listen in and let me know how this landed for you. If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health! ~ Wendy
July 05, 2022
Ep 115: [Love note] You Are NOT Behind. Remember Your Resilience and Potential has Got You Where You Are Now
This is for you if you ever thought that you were behind, stuck, unsure of what the future holds.   We all have been there but need these reminders sometimes more often than not to keep us accountable. If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma.  Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health!   ~ Wendy
June 24, 2022
Ep 114: Managing Life Changes, Crazy Thoughts and Scary Things
Channeling this message that maybe you needed to hear now.   At the end, take home message, it is tough for all of us and although we are not alone, we also got to go through our unique path on our own and feel and be in our body a little more.  Process what needs to go through, don't take it as your own, observe it, let it pass through you and trust that your body and mind knows what to do.  Take the share with open mind and keep what helps you, let go of the rest. I still have a couple of spaces to work with me 1:1 this month of June.  If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health! ~ Wendy
June 17, 2022
Ep 113: Becoming Confident and Resilient by Sharing the Power of your Voice
We can say that over the years, we have learned to speak up and own our voice... specially we see it in social media how comfortable people can get when sharing a part of their life, a piece of their mind... but also, there is still work to be done.  One of the biggest reasons why people still struggle with confidence and believing in themselves is that they don't yet own their voice, still give their power away and stay quiet from voicing their needs and sharing their story.  I am not telling you to go out there and be public with your life, but what I am saying is for you to feel comfortable being seen, heard, supported, praised, respected, have your needs met and allow yourself to change people lives (which can indirectly happen when you change yours) Listen to today's episode for some takeaways to feel better about your decisions and gain more confidence.  ~ I am opening 5 spots to work with me 1:1 this month of June.  If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health! ~ Wendy
June 03, 2022
Ep 112: This is How You Can Manage the Emotional Rollercoaster in Life
Yes, There is Always to Manage this Shitshow! Life can be a shitshow, and sometimes the Universe can remind us of it in different ways. Have you noticed how crazy it has been out there? Relationship break ups, losing jobs, mental breakdowns, health concerns, including death... crazy!  Nothing goes as planned, and that is also the beauty about life, it keeps you on your toes to show up for yourself, because if you don't, then who will? If you ever thought, I already healed this area in my life! why am I going through it again?  Then this episode is for you. Get reminded what is the biggest lesson in life!  . Get your FREE recording to reduce anxiety   If you want to work deeper in healing areas that you feel are still calling you out, Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Ways to reach me IG: @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Love and health! ~ Wendy
May 18, 2022
Ep 111: Do Not Give your Power Away to a Diagnosis or Medical Professional
In today's episode, hear a story and why I think that western medicine and "some" practitioners who are not sensitive and focused in people care rather than disease care, can take your power away.  What can you do to get your power back.   I want to emphasize, thankfully not all doctors are like this, but sadly I keep hearing experiences from people who encounter uncomfortable situations in which the patient feels helpless rather than safe at their doctors office. If you ever feel confused, powerless, uncertain, during your healing journey, whatever that might be, feel free to reach out and let's talk.  I want to help you get comfortable being your own health advocate and learn how to speak clearly and confidently with your health practitioners. After all, you are your best doctor and caregiver. NEED guidance or want to talk more on this subject, feel free to reach out on IG @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Liked this episode or the show? please consider living a 5 start review on iTunes.  This will help me HELP YOU and others with more episodes. As always, with love and healing ❤️ Wendy . . 💞 Don't forget to get your  DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along.
May 06, 2022
Ep 110: The Mistake People Make when Trying to Make Things Better
Have you ever gone through a difficult time and were told, "it will be okay, move on, it will pass..." or have been with someone having a hard time about something, what was your response?  Often we try to fix things, that is our human nature, we mean well, but not always have the right words or do the right things.   Let's talk about what NOT to say when witnessing someone having a challenging time or even with yourself. After, let me know how this resonated with you.  Was this helpful?  I'd appreciate your help and input so we can have more relatable topics.  NEED guidance or want to talk more on this subject, feel free to reach out on IG @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Liked this episode or the show? please consider living a 5 start review on iTunes.  This will help me HELP YOU and others with more episodes. As always, with love and healing ❤️ Wendy . . Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along.
April 22, 2022
Ep 109: Signs for Unhealed Childhood Trauma and How to Heal Them
We all are victims of trauma, period.  There is no one who can say it is not, but it all has to do with how we deal with the trauma and move past it.  In today's episode, let's go over some signs of unhealed childhood trauma and how we can start healing from them.  Click here to get clarity in healing past trauma. Many of us have walked around carrying all this trauma for years, decades, and deserve better.  First step is to be aware of it to make the best  decisions for a change.   NEED guidance or want to talk more on this subject, feel free to reach out on IG @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Liked this episode or the show? please consider living a 5 start review on iTunes.  This will help me HELP YOU and others with more episodes. As always, with love and healing ❤️ Wendy . . Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along.
April 13, 2022
Ep 108: [Love Message] How to Protect Yourself from Not Well Intended People
A little love note to get you inspired today. If dealing with people with low energy and intentions, always remember, each is the creator of their own life and no matter what, you always get to protect yourself.
April 08, 2022
Ep 107: Understanding the Bumpy Road to Healing (the mind-body-spirit)
What is Healing?  how do I get better?  why do I still have these weird symptoms?  If you are wondering why some days you feel good and the next just feel like you were hit by a 16 wheeler, KNOW AND UNDERSTAND that just by having that awareness will lead you to acceptance and understanding that you are doing all the right things to stay well.   Listen to today's episode to find a little clarity and peace of mind that no matter what, we are always healing and moving to a better state once we set our mind to it.  NEED guidance or want to talk more on this subject, feel free to reach out on IG @Wendy4Wellness  or via email at Liked this episode or the show? please consider living a 5 start review on iTunes.  This will help me HELP YOU and others with more episodes.   As always, with love and healing ❤️ Wendy . . Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along.
April 01, 2022
Ep 106: STOP Carrying the Emotional Baggage from the Past
Listen up! this is for you if you feel you have been holding a heavy bag on your shoulders, whether you can't explain what that is, or feel something is holding you back, first, understand it is not for you to hold on to emotions that are not supportive and probably you have been holding for so long. Listen in to today's episode to hear more and remind yourself of what you are deserving of. As always, with love and healing ❤️ Wendy Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along.
March 24, 2022
Ep 105: Do This ONE thing Today to Ease Up the Overwhelm from Your Busy Day
This is for you if you find it difficult to get motivated, inspired, just overwhelmed of the day ahead because you already think of all the things you got to do.  Listen to today's episode to ease up a little and find yourself feeling good and excited of doing one thing at a time.  Remember, any action is better than no action and little steps count as huge milestones.  Let me know what you think at @wendy4wellness as always, love, health, happiness to you... Wendy
March 09, 2022
Ep 104: Stop Being a Victim by Shifting Your Mindset with this Question
Am I calling you out? well, we all have felt like a victim at some point by asking this question "Why me?" Here is what we will talk today: what does being a victim mean? why do we ask 'why me'? changing our mindset by askgn THIS questions instead ______ self reflect to see the other side of being a victim Transforming your life to your own desire is not that far, it takes awareness and being honest to yourself to realize where we can start taking the steps for change.  Join me in todays episode and let me know how this was helpful.   Find me on IG @Wendy4Wellness or send me an email at ~~~~~~ Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞 Follow me along this month of February on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness as I share small and simple self-love practices to bring more love, fun, curiosity, creation, abundance into your days.  You get to share your own practices with me as well. 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along. with love, happiness and health! Wendy
March 02, 2022
Ep 103: Quick Chat about Trauma
This is a quick 'ride with me' episode about trauma. Let's start the conversation as it is something I will go deeper into in following episodes.  Trauma is not just coming to create pain, although it feels like it, but it can bring great awakening to something we have been avoiding for a while that can contribute to our own growth.  What else would you like to hear about TRAUMA in upcoming episodes? ** As always, wishing you love, health and healing,  Wendy
February 27, 2022
EP 102: Attracting and Having What You Want on your own Terms
If you've been feeling like in a loop, or back and forth in trying to figure something out, learning all the things but still feels like not much is working... Likely you are still doing things that are not aligned to what your soul KNOWS is right for you.  Are you doing things because others tell you to do, but yet don't resonate?  One biggest PROBLEM is that we might copy what others do to get what they have, or what we think we want, but yet, do we really believe in ourselves? in our potential? and what we want is possible for us?  One thing is taking action in some things, another is BELIEVING we can have it all.  Listen to today's episode for more on this! ***** Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞 Follow me along this month of February on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness as I share small and simple self-love practices to bring more love, fun, curiosity, creation, abundance into your days.  You get to share your own practices with me as well. 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along. Wendy
February 17, 2022
Ep 101: STOP Making this Mistake that is Holding You Back from Your Dreams
Are you making this mistake?  Listen to today's episode and if you relate, please stop making that mistake!  Nothing can make you wait on achieving your dreams and having the life you always wanted.  How much longer are you willing to wait? What would it take to get what you want? - the perfect job, amazing relationships, clarity in what to do next, getting healthy, get free from anxiety and overwhelm....? Waiting for the perfect moment just delays you from enjoying what already exists and is available for you.   Go on, claim it because it is yours! ❤️ Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞 Follow me along this month of February on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness as I share small and simple self-love practices to bring more love, fun, curiosity, creation, abundance into your days.  You get to share your own practices with me as well. 💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along. Wendy
February 08, 2022
Ep 100: Your Search for Love is Over when You Find It HERE -- [Grab my Free hypnosis meditation]
Let's celebrate February talking about love.  The question often is, where can I find pure, unconditional, trustworthy kind of love?  The answer is not that far from you and really, many times it is in front of you, but our view is cluttered with the busyness of life.  Listen to today's episode to get more clear of where exactly to find it and how to be open to receive it and to give back. Because I love you, get these FREE goodies below  👇 💞 Follow me along this month of February on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness as I share small and simple self-love practices to bring more love, fun, curiosity, creation, abundance into your days.  You get to share your own practices with me as well.   💞Speed up connecting your mind to your heart to attract more love into your life with this FREE HYPNOSIS MEDITATION TO ATTRACT LOVE Listen to it in the morning and night time for 21 days for deeper connection with the mind. 💞Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along. Wendy
February 02, 2022
Ep 99: Lessons from Living & Thriving w Cancer [10 yrs anniversary]
This month, 10 years ago, I was told I had cancer... and of course it was a hard pill to swallow.  So much has changed in all this time and I'd say now I see more of the better things than not. And that is a good thing, you want to focus in what IS WORKING... This episode is not just about lessons from living with cancer, but lessons from life.  It relates to other life changing event and challenges in life, so it can serve you too. Let me know what you think and if there are other things you want me to talk about, including being on the show. Thank you once again for being a loyal listener and following along.  As always, with love and health to you and your goals, Wendy * * Get the SELF HYPNOSIS RECORDING  Find me on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices
January 26, 2022
Ep 98- The Road to Being is Through Doing
Write this quote down on a post-it and remind yourself of it... order to BE the person ready to have what she wants, you get to DO the things that will take you there.   Plain and simple! Wise words from my good friend Patrick Schwerdtfeger from one of his books on Keynote Mastery (from a few years ago)  Take a listen and think of ways you can start DOING the things that can take you to BECOME the person you know you were meant to be and have the experiences you desire.  As always, with love and healthy to you and your goals, Get the SELF HYPNOSIS RECORDING  Find me on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Wendy
January 22, 2022
Ep 97: Trusting that What You Want Is Closer even if You Don't See Them
Do you have to see it to believe it?  Most of us do, it is just how we learned to have validation to prove something is working.  What if you don't have to see it yet to believe it is there? or you will soon experience it?   TRUST! it requires us to trust ourselves,  Trust that what we want is not just a wish but a reality,  Trust that the steps we take are taking us closer to our goals,  Trust that we learn from our mistakes, Trust that we are always supported... Hope this helps you believing in yourself a little more and feel that you are not alone if things don't make sense or are taking a little longer.  Everything is coming at the right timing.  Just be "ready" to receive when it knocks on your door.  As always, with love and healthy to you and your goals, Get the SELF HYPNOSIS RECORDING  Find me on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness Get the DIVINE FEMININE SACRED RITUALS for extra self-love practices Wendy 
January 17, 2022
Ep 96: Speak your Truth & Stand Up for Yourself
This love message came through me and to you, and I trust you also needed to hear it now. Listen to this short episode, a little guidance on speaking up your truth and communication.  How to come across with what you want to say and attract in your life.   You've probably heard, 'words are power' and there is so much truth in that, and even more when there is INTENTION behind them. Take the time to think about how you are expressing yourself.  Are words just coming out of your mind? or are they delivered in a way that aims for an specific outcome.  Need anything, wanna come on the show, work with me? you know where to find me: on IG @Wendy4Wellness or email: As always, Love, Health & Abundance Wendy
January 13, 2022
Ep 95: Finding Your Focus for the Year and Create the Changes You Want in your Life
This is part 2 from the last episode in gaining clarity for an abundant year.  What is your focus for the year?  Do you use a word or a theme?  Some people do and find this very helpful in getting clear support in what they want.  But how do you find that anchor when you are still confused or don't know what to think about?  Here I explain how it works for me and other clients when wanting to changes that will actually last, so we don't keep repeating the same "mistakes". I am giving you prompt questions to help you find the old belief that is keeping you spinning in circles.  Once you find that, the veil lifts off and you get closer to finding clarity. If have questions or want to go deeper with someone to guide you during the process that you know deep in your heart is something you have been waiting for, send me a message on IG @Wendy4Wellness or email @ ****** Join me in a FREE Masterclass for a Mindset Reset to Creating Clarity & Abundance for 2022 on Jan 16th at 3pm. Sign up for the FREE upcoming Masterclass here Love, good health and abundance to you! Wendy
January 10, 2022
Ep 94: Setting Intentions that You Will Actually Feel Good About and Complete with these 5 Steps
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!!! and here we are in our 1st episode of the year.  I know this is the time people go crazy over goals, resolutions, intentions, whatever you want to call it. It is the perfect time for new beginning and if I could bet, people are excited to get a fresh start from the last 2 years.  Or maybe you are still trying to make sense of things, don't know what your goals should be and you feel the (social) pressure to make it all as perfect as seen on Instagram. I am here to remind you that you don't have to obsess over it and get it all nailed down NOW or the first week in January.  This is more to guide you in becoming clear and actually achieving what exactly you want.  Here we go... In this episode you will learn: The 5 steps to finally making clear intentions Design your goals/intentions with ease  Need an anchor? find it here Find out areas in your life that need your attention with these questions Want to go deeper and get direct help from me?  Join me in a FREE Masterclass for a Mindset Reset to Creating Clarity & Abundance for 2022 on Jan 16th at 3pm. Sign up for the FREE upcoming Masterclass here Have questions? need my help in getting your intentions down on paper that will actually become a reality? Find me on IG or send me a msg to Follow me on IG @Wendy4Wellness As always, love and health to you!
January 04, 2022
Ep 93: The Belief that is Holding You from Getting Your Life Together for 2022 and Beyond
Probably you know you don't need to have it all figured out, but being on track and clear of what you want is key.  How are you doing there?  Instead of seeing the cup half empty, let's look into what your potential is and how you can achieve more when you dive deeper into working with the subconscious. If you know there's an area in your life you want to up-level but you've felt stuck around, working with the subconscious is the key...  to understand exactly what the block is, release it, and rewire your subconscious mind for a new outcome, in just 1-2 sessions. Not months. Not years. 1-2 sessions. If you've decided this is the year you REALLY go after what you want, and get out of the comfort zone that is holding you stuck and keeping you settling, Sign up HERE! As always, find me here on IG @Wendy4Wellness and to gain clarity in what you want for this new year that is just around the corner, let's talk! Reserve your spot here! 
December 28, 2021
Ep 92: The Proof You've Been Looking for to Know You're Living Your Best Life
If you've been looking for a sign, this is ONE. Stop looking for the proof outside of you. Stop looking for validation in other places. Gain perspective from your own experience and lessons learned, not so much from what others are doing ✌🏼 and you'll realize you're not too far from your best life. Was this helpful? What about you? Let's connect on IG, @Wendy4Wellness
December 21, 2021
Ep 91: [Monday Motivation] What it Means "Not Being Alone"
Join me in this xar ride episode as we talk about... From feeling like a victim to finding comfort that we are not alone as we go through a process of transformation. Let's recognize that moment of transformation and relate to one another.
December 13, 2021
Ep 90: Putting a Stop to what is Holding You Back in Life
Haven't you had enough? with wanting to do all the things we set ourselves to, but somehow, something gets in the way!!! No matter how much work we do or good intentions we have, there is always something that seems to block us.  If this is you... In this episode we will talk about: * understanding why we feel this way * key questions to ask yourself for clarity * how to start making changes to taking action This episode can bring clarity and reassurance that you are still on the right path for you but also will remind you of the power you already have, never lost it, just got sidetracked.  I am here for you to remind you of it. **** If you want to dig deeper and work with me, let's have a chat first and hear what questions you have and how to best work with the mind  clearly and effectively so you break through any challenges and blocks drop in front of you.  Send me a DM in social media IG: @Wendy4Wellness or an email at  If you are fully committed and READY (which I know we all are) sign up here to set up a call  Love & Health, Wendy
December 10, 2021
Ep 89: Are You a People-Pleaser? How to Reduce Anxiety During the Holidays
And just like that, we are in the Holiday season, full of joy and new things coming as we approach the end of year, but also time to revisit old patterns (specially if visiting family) where anxiety and overwhelm go up a few notches.   This is specially for you if you have fallen in the cycle of people pleasing and find it difficult of breaking that.  And as you could guess, times when we might see family, people from the past once again, might be triggering for some people. One common thing I had coming to my DMs: "Wendy, how to reduce anxiety during the holidays?" Let's talk about it. In this episode: Let's learn why we people-please Common beliefs around people pleasing How to crush those beliefs Action steps to reduce anxiety (other than avoiding seeing family LOL) but I get it, sometimes you gotta be the good kid... As always, keep yourself in integrity and respect your boundaries.  If need help, I am here for you, hit me up at or find me in IG @Wendy4Wellness. with love and health, Wendy
December 03, 2021
Ep 88: How to Find the Foundation for Gratitude
This is more than your usual list of "what I am grateful for..."  We probably learned to say all those things to be grateful for, and it is nice, most things are material things (people in your life, food, your car, etc) and the list is endless.  But one of the things about gratitude is that it is how we see ourselves, because how you see yourself is how you see others, including the opportunities happening in your life.  How often do you say "I AM GRATEFUL FOR MYSELF!"  If you are having a hard time finding reasons to be grateful for, this is an episode to listen to. Also, do this little practice, tomorrow morning, when you are in the bathroom and looking at yourself in the mirror, repeat this "I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU!"  (as you point at yourself in the mirror) Let me know how it was. Little practices take you to lasting habits.  Let's connect in IG, find me at @Wendy4Wellness and share with me your practices of deep gratitude for yourself. Love & Healing, Wendy
November 19, 2021
Ep 87: The Many Faces of Healing
How often do you look around you and notice the person next to you?  What's the story behind? What's their healing journey? We all have one, yet don't recognize that person next to you who seems to have it all together... might be struggling to keep it together.  Let's talk a little more about this and hopefully opening ourselves up to seeing each other as unique and as equal to one another.  ➡️ and here it is, to help ease up and release anxiety and overwhelm, I am gifting a FREE self hypnosis recording (soon to be available for purchase) Grab your FREE recording to help your mind stay calm and at ease  As always lots of love, health and amazing things for you.  Let me know you grab the free recording and how it is going for you. Find me on IG @Wendy4Wellness  Wendy
November 09, 2021
Ep 86: Saying NO when it doesn't Feel Good [ride with me series]
Another car ride episode! If you're here now, you needed this reminder about your healthy boundaries - it is ok to say no. Always be aware of yourself and the energy/intention around you.
October 08, 2021
Ep 85: Finding Clarity - The Key to Getting What You Want
The #1 thing that most people lack is clarity.  Clarity in what they want, clarity in what they don't want, clarity in the actions to take, etc.  If we are not clear in what to focus on, the we won't take the steps to create the reality we desire. In today's episode let's talk about why lack clarity is blocking you from so many thing in life, how to gain awareness and steps to gaining clarity (in various areas of your life), and of course, how to work with the subconscious mind. If you got any more questions, or want to dive deeper in learning HOW TO take specific steps that are tailored to YOU, get a seat to be coached by me for FREE (first call only) so that I can guide you on what steps to start taking.  (Hint: This would be the perfect time to start focusing on this as we are about to finish 2021 so that we can create a much better, successful, healthier, abundant 2022!!)  Sign up HERE to grab your spot. Love & Light, Wendy ** Let's connect on IG @Wendy4Wellness 
September 30, 2021
Ep 84: From Ego Driven and Piling Up Emotions to Body Awareness, Optimal Health and Emotional Freedom with Charlotte & Jonathan from The Wellness Theory
Today I have a double treat for you.  We have Charlotte & Jonathan from The Wellness Theory sharing with us their story, which is a lot similar to many people's journey... that one when we get a wake-up call.  As Jonathan said nicely, if something has gone too far, and nothing is changing it.... Time to do something else! And you get to do this with the awareness and willingness that something needs to change. We'll talk about... what it means living in a Ego-Driven way, until getting that message... Understanding compounded emotions Bringing awareness to heal the physical and emotional body Tips / practices to reconnect back to the body  Grab a paper and pen and take notes. Don't want to miss a thing. Want to connect with them? Here is where... Wellness Theory website: Wellness Theory IG: As always, love and healing your way... @Wendy4Wellness
September 09, 2021
Ep 83: Releasing Unwanted Energy from Toxic People [ride w me series]
Let's do this quick and easy to digest morning talks which lately have been coming to mind as I'm driving someplace. Not to worry, I'm well parked and waiting for the train on my way to work.... Alright, toxic people they are out there, sucking up your energy, or even we've been a little like this at one point in our life. Likely before when we were out of balance, going through a transformation phase, operating from a place of fear. Let's chat a but about it and how to keep this low vibe energy away ✌🏼
August 27, 2021
Ep 82: What Does It Take To Be Empowered?
You've heard those uplifting, encouraging phrases about the empowerment movement that portray this image of being in control of things, being tough, independent, someone who has it all together.  Well, I might differ here.  Although I do think that all those qualities are good in some people, I also think that for others it is not always the case. What if you don't resonate with being loud and bold?  Does that make you not in your power?  I don't think so.  Listen in to hear what else makes you be in your power... that maybe is not always appreciated. ** Want to feel more comfortable owning your power, the one that you always had IN YOU? that now you get to remind yourself.  Getting to know yourself at a deeper level and owning your self-worth?   Come, grab a set in this FREE CALL with me to help you break through the uncomfortable and see clearly the actions that will change your life. Sign up HERE  with love and healing, @wendy4wellness
August 13, 2021
Ep 81: Three Key Steps to Help you Get Over a Health Challenge
Although there are MANY ways to get you started and going to a better place... these 👆🏼 are what I think the top 3 SPECIALLY when it comes to dealing w a health related issue. Have these 3 down in your tool kit and you'll be supported at any point along the way ☆☆☆ also, feeling stuck, blah, worried about a diagnosis or medical tests?? HEAL YOUR MIND TO HEAL YOUR BODY 💞🧠💞🤸‍♀️ come and Get on a FREE CALL to help you get clear around the actionable steps to take to understand the situation and how you can still break free to live the life you deserve 💞 Click here to save your seat:
July 23, 2021
Ep 80: [Have a Diagnosis?...] STOP Believing You Have a Defective Immune System
If you are dealing with something now that gets you worried about your health, or you were recently diagnosed, or have lots of questions and no answers to best care for your health,  this is for you: STOP thinking that your body is failing,  STOP thinking there is something wrong, STOP thinking you have failed at taking care of yourself, STOP thinking your body is against you... None of those beliefs are supportive, if anything are taking you backwards to an unhealthy loop.   Let's talk about why it is IMPORTANT to remove them and what to do instead! * * >> LET ME HELP YOU getting back to health,  LET ME HELP YOU healing your body by healing your mind first!   BOOK a call with me HERE! As always, love and healing to you, @wendy4wellness
July 16, 2021
EP 79 : The Power of Time in Healing Your Body
Have you been in a situation when you rushed through it... well, things didn't work quite well? ~ yes! You are not alone. I've done it many many times and still fall for it 😒 But when it comes to your health, you might just want to take your time for healing. Yes, people want to rush. We've gotten used to instant results, and even little effort to see such results. Or maybe we have done the work and have expectations that are not always met in a timely manner. In today's episode, let's dive deeper into why it's important to let your health and wellness journey follow its course. What if it was meant to be that way? What if it took some time to get where we are...? And so it gets to take the same or more time to fix what's not well? As always, you are not in this alone. Feel free to reach out and ask your questions away. Send me a DM on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness or email to
June 16, 2021
Ep 78: Top 3 Reasons That Are Keeping You From Getting The Result You Want
Uhmmm, Im sure I am not the only one who's been deep down in the abyss of the mind...  yeah, not trying to be dramatic, but also, doesn't it feel like getting lost in the complexity of our thoughts can take away so much out of life?  Can you relate? Ask yourself, how are you creating the life, health, opportunities, relationships, jobs....  that are aligned and feel good to you? If it is not happening yet, can you think of something that needs to change? Let's jump on today's episode to learn about the 3 main reasons I am finding that keep people from getting to their life goals.  Are you having any of these? *** HEY!!! I am opening spaces to coach with you and dive deep in what is important to take action to better your well-being (body and mind).  Be ready with lots of questions that we will get them answered in this FREE call with me. Let's get you to the other side of living your life how you always imagined. Book your slot HERE.  Can't wait to HEAL with you! Hope & Healing, @wendy4wellness
June 07, 2021
Ep 77: Becoming Your Best Advocate for Healing
How do you heal your health? -->  by BECOMING YOUR BEST DOCTOR, and what I mean by that is that you get to know how your body works at its best.   If you are feeling run down, exhausted, experiencing mystery symptoms, can't concentrate with your daily routine, have health concerns, several visits with your doctor, lots of questions but little answers... and much more.  These are signs for you to look closer and take action. What does it take?  quite a few things that we go over this episode, but the most important I think is the willingness,, with an open mind, to learn what it takes about yourself and the resources available for you.  ~ I am opening spaces to coach with you and dive deep in what is important to take action to better your well-being (body and mind).  Be ready with lots of questions that we will get them answered in this FREE call with me. Book your slot HERE.  Can't wait to see hear from you! @wendy4wellness
June 04, 2021
Ep 76: The Root Cause of Lack of Confidence and How to Crush it for Good.
Are you suffering from these? Feeling stuck, in a loop... Second guessing yourself... Not able to express your feelings... People pleasing... In constant fear that something bad is going to happen... Afraid to start that new project... People think it is just lack of confidence, not always, confidence is just how we measure the way we feel about ourselves.  But there is always an inner, deeper issue that is creating all these false beliefs, ways of thinking/feeling. Affirmations help, but we need to go a bit deeper to the subconscious mind to eradicate old ways of thinking to truly boost our confidence. As always reach out with questions, ideas or ways you'd like to share what you really want to know about what is on the other side of the silverlining :).  IG: @wendy4wellness Email:
May 17, 2021
75: Releasing The Pressure of Having a Perfect Healing Experience
One thing for sure is quite real... HEALING IS NOT PRETTY A few things to remember:  1) It takes time, 2) can be messy and 3) it requires much openness to accept and be willing to do the work to go through it.  This is your reminder to know that if there is something you want to heal now, take your time with it, don't intend that all will be easy and perfect because you are more focused on the end result.  I agree, who wouldn't want to feel amazing, healthy, stronger, powerful!!! and sometimes as we focus in those great results, we forget to take in the lessons WHILE we go through the process. Going through the mess is equally, if not, more important than having perfect medical tests results, perfect weight, amazing skin, etc.  Also remember this: If you are in this place that is constricting and you want to get out of, it probably wasn't perfect and didn't happen overnight (or even a week ago)... so in the same way, it will take time and sometimes imperfect action to get through it. Does this relate?  lets talk about it and how I can help you understand the mess to get a better outlook in life and spread your message out. Let's connect at As always, love to you!! @wendy4wellness 
April 30, 2021
Ep 74: Awakening Your Inner Witch with Kyra Howearth from Herbal Moon Goddess
Today we have beautiful Kyra Howearth founder of Herbal Moon Goddess, is a spiritual teacher & intuitive healer, with a mission to help women feel empowered to heal, manifest & evolve through awakening their intuition.  She is here to share about  intuitive school for your inner witch.  Kyra will teach you all about working with astrology, the moon, using herbal medicine, crystals, connecting with nature... Today you will learn about: Getting the signs and working with your intuition, tuning in with your body, your mind in order to heal Using spirituality for healing and manifesting  What is it like working with the moon and being more in flow w the universe How to trust your intuition to make a life decision or jumping the leap and much more... That was amazing!  Don't forget to connect with Kyra: Herbal Moon Goddess Academy - introductory offer ends 27th April 2021  Instagram: @herbal.moon.goddess  Facebook: ~~ Sending you Love and Goddess Magick, Wendy
April 15, 2021
Ep 73: The Power Is In Your Story
If you ever doubted about your power, your story is a proof that you were before, and you still are... For many people, going through a tough time can be disempowering.  There is uncertainty and mainly FEAR of what will come up from it. Am I going to be OK?  Falling into the fear is really what will keep us in the loop of doubt and not finding the options that can take us back to EMPOWERMENT.  So when in the moment of a challenge, ask yourself, "are my feelings coming out of fear or love?" Sharing about your story will make you realize that you already have overcome so much already that "this moment" shall pass soon.  Also, sharing about your story is giving the voice to so many people who like you, are looking for answers, inspiration to be in a better place... you only get to be a couple of steps ahead. Again, how can you share your story and REMEMBER your resilience and power? Love, @wendy4wellness
April 08, 2021
Ep 72: The Only 'End-Of-Cycle' Assessment You Need To Do (Not Productivity Related)
Are you one of those people who are about reflecting back on the week, month, year that passed?  Usually to see how you did, and then evaluate what practice to keep and what to change... Me too!  It helps to refocus in what is important and what provides the result we want.  But what about when this doesn't always work... because we are so focused on the outcome that forget to look inward and care for ourselves? This! I think is the most important question to ask: Instead of how well did I perform/achieved A, B, Z...?  Ask yourself: How well did I take care of myself?  Going back to connecting with yourself and your emotions.  And! think about it, the more you care for yourself, feel good about what you do, is going to motivate you, you'll have a better outlook, clear mind to trust your decision making and in the end, be as productive (which is more of a side effect to working on yourself :) win-win!! Let's go, share with me how you are taking care of yourself (on IG) I am over here celebrating with you!!!  Love always,  @wendy4wellness
April 01, 2021
Ep 71: Releasing The Need To Heal Everyone
As you work on yourself, you create a ripple effect. Period. This might sound contradicting as I believe my mission is to help others heal, and I also teach you how to connect to and share your gifts to also heal others.... and I still believe all that, but it really starts with our OWN HEALING.  Because when we are in that place of self growth and awareness for ourselves, we can be a mirror for other people to do the same.  Many of us healers also feel (or were told) that it is our job to heal our ancestors.  There is some true about we being our what ancestors envisioned.  So I already trust that as long as we focus in ourselves, we are already doing the work for them. My point is not to feel trapped in the past. As always, be respectful of your own needs and protect your energy.  ** If you need support, have questions, topics you'd like to listen to, reply back at or even easier, send me a DM on Instagram, my handle is @wendy4wellness.  Even better, do you want to connect and have a call, reserve your time here to answer your questions, curiosity over some tea. Love! Wendy
March 23, 2021
Ep 70: Got A Wake Up Call, Now What? - Beyond The Silver Lining
It is about one year anniversary of launching this podcast! and all that thanks for your support and inspiration, greatly grateful And I have been getting this question and at a perfect time as that was the whole inspiration for starting the podcast, "got a diagnosis, now what?" Let's explore: * What about the wake up call * How to see the silver lining * How to do deep work with it * What is next As always, reach out with your burning questions :) and for working with me at or send me a DM or tag me on Instagram @Wendy4Wellness Love,   Wendy
March 15, 2021
Ep 69: A Diagnosis Is Not Your Identity
It does not say who you truly are... It does not mean your life is all about the diagnosis... It does not say what your life purpose is... It does not become your identity... once we choose to live on our terms and not limiting ourselves in the constrains of a diagnosis, we set ourselves free from it.... and can live the life we are meant to have... even with (___ dx___)  In the medical / health field, it might be helpful to "label" patients with a diagnosis (dx), after all, that is how they know what treatment to take.  But... let's remove the need to use a diagnosis to label ourselves.  As always, if you need support, have questions, topics you'd like to listen to, reply back at or even easier, send me a DM on Instagram, my handle is @wendy4wellness.  Even better, do you want to connect and have a call, reserve your time here to answer your questions, curiosity over some tea. Love! Wendy
March 12, 2021
Ep 68: Celebrating all the Women Who Came Before Us
I celebrate you! Celebrating all the Women here, who is always making a difference in someones life... and also celebrating our ancestors because if it wasn't for them, we would not be here. @Wendy4Wellness
March 10, 2021
Ep 67: Biggest Mistake People Make that Keeps Them From Achieving Their Health Goals
This one is not to be taken lightly, even if it seems so simple and almost not important... because usually people repeat this phrase thinking it is not a big deal, but it is.   Thinking "I can eat this __X__ just this one time"  "how bad is it going to be, just one __X__" is a self sabotage way to get off track from your goals. It really has to do with how we work WITH the mind, not against it or to confuse it. Listen in to find out more! ** Announcement** I am opening up coaching spaces to work 1:1 with SOUL committed people (get it?) who want to create a change in their life with specific tools just for you.  Let's jump on a call, or even if you are curious to find out what this is about and how it can help you. Schedule your time HERE or send me a DM HERE to get you started. with Love, @Wendy4Wellness
March 03, 2021
Ep 66: Why Highly Sensitive People Pick Up Unnecessary Trauma & How to Solve It
This is for you if you are highly sensitive / empath and feel that not only you carry your own emotional "baggage" but also easily pick up that of other people.  There could be a connection between your own experiences and that of others around you that makes you an easy sponge to soak up others emotional trauma and pains.  In today's episode,  learn about why this happens, and understand how you can stop this and protect yourself form happening, while also helping those people as well.  It is all working with the subconscious mind! Here is the good news!  I am opening up my 1:1 coaching program and I want to invite you! If this all sounds familiar and you want to heal past trauma (that can be emotional and physical), or feeling blocked/stuck in various areas of your life and just can't think of why/how to get the roll moving and feel more at easy and free. Send me a DM at @wendy4wellness or send me an email at with Love, @wendy4wellness
February 24, 2021
Ep 65: Trapped Emotions in the Body - EAR RINGING: from being bullied, a witness of child abuse and not listening to your own voice.
Have you had physical symptoms that are calling for your attention?  Then listen to today's episode. What does being bullied in second grade, child abuse and not listening to your own voice have to do with ear ringing.  How to receive the messages and make of them.  Let's talk about: * Underlying trapped emotions from the past * How we interpret our past experiences, in the past in in the present time * What is the emotional meaning of ear ringing * Have more compassion for the people who caused you pain * Past beliefs from being a victim of bullying  * more... If this resonated with you, or you have other "symptoms" that you want to go deeper into and discover the meaning of them, break free from them to live the life you deserve... Send me a DM at @wendy4wellness or send me an email at  Even if you are curious, I'd love to introduce you to the powerful tool of working with the subconscious mind.  with Love & Light, @wendy4wellness
February 11, 2021
EP 64: Biggest takeaway from a 9 year cancer-verssary (that can be applied to any diagnosis)
I have been called crazy for thinking that one has to be okay or grateful living with cancer.  I truly believe that each carries the backpack of our own emotions and how we choose to lead our life.  A cancer journey is unique to the person and it can be quite painful and life-changing.  BUT I also believe that we still get to choose how to live each day of our life despite of what it is written on paper by a medical doctor. LOVE vs fear... is what I believe makes a big difference... and considering that most physical symptoms and diseases can be linked to an emotional trauma being trapped in the body, I also believe we can do our best to alleviate discomfort and heal from the past trauma and disease... or at the very least, live a good quality, happy life knowing that we love ourselves.  Want a dose of self-love practices for the whole month? Follow me here on Instagram @wendy4wellness  ~~ GIVEAWAY - send me a DM on Instagram and share ONE (1) thing you desire to change, bring into your life, want to heal... You will be entered to the giveaway and ONE WINNER will be picked each week. And the prize!  An Energy healing and Mind clearing session, to help you get started with clearing emotional trauma from your mind and body.  see ya next time! Wendy
February 05, 2021
Ep 63: Drop this ONE BELIEF to set yourself FREE
If you are feeling stuck in the past, like you can't move forward, you have tried ALL THE THINGS, this is for you...  There are many false beliefs that are a huge part of why people find resistance to taking action.  These could be false beliefs, but appear so real in our mind, for a role or purpose.  We can uncover that when we go inward into understanding the mind.  Listen in so you understand better what really is "holding you back", so you can move away from what is blocking you and move towards your goals.   Remove this label from your mind and life to have more clarity and set yourself FREE. To go in deeper SIGN UP to my FREE MASTERCLASS happening January 22 @3pm PST.  Sign up by clicking here with Love & Light... @wendy4wellness
January 15, 2021
Ep 62: It is 2021! STOP doing the same things that are NOT giving you the results you want
hey hey Lovies! are you in the same expansive vibe as we rolled into the new year?  It feels good that it is a fresh start to more expansive dreams and goals, doesn't it? In today's episode let's start the year by understanding that it is time to let go the approaches that have not been working so far in getting the goals, intentions that we want.  Are you an overthinker? this is for you.  Are you more to go with the flow? this is also for you! After 2020, this is the year to take decisive, clear and specific action to see exponential results. Let's go! ~~~~ ANNOUNCEMENT: Don't forget to sign up for the FREE masterclass happening on Jan 22nd to break free from limiting beliefs, clear off stagnant energy from 2020 and before and start clean slate for a new, expansive year in 2021.  Click here to reserve your spot! with love & light, @wendy4wellness
January 08, 2021
Ep 61: 7 powerful ways to say goodbye to 2020 energy for a clean and positive start of 2021!
hey Lovelies!!!  If there is one thing for you to do, is to say good bye to 2020 on a good note and clean off any energy not needed anymore so that we have a clean slate going into 2021.   Listen to today's podcast to learn some ways to bring in the positive vibes and heal a pivotal year for many of us.  Your energy and attitude about how you end this chapter in your life matters so much so that you start a powerful 2021.  What you carry forward with you is how you are setting your intentions going into a new year. Makes sense? So instead of falling victims of more fear and uncertainty, let's focus in what we can do now to end this relationship with 2020 on a good note (almost like ending a relationship, hopefully all things are on good terms so we don't carry the shadows of a painful old relationship) Wishing you happiness, love, abundance, health and all the great things that you want may come true with ease into your life, with Love, Wendy @wendy4wellness *** stay put for details of a FREE masterclass going into January so we learn how to clean off from limiting beliefs and blocks, not just from 2020 but from a lifetime (for some of us) so we start strong a new promising year!! ***
December 30, 2020
Ep 60: Don't be a hostage to someone else's thoughts / consciousness
yes, this is for you! because much of 2020 has been about information overload, even if you've avoided the news or talking to your neighbor Sally, our mind has been picking up everything around us... and what does that do? put us (body and mind) in a state of distress, fight or flight, fear... The mind is powerful, and anything it is exposed to, it will process and make up a thought, belief which eventually becomes an action, hello manifestation power!! (in case you didn't think you could manifest).  So, if it is exposed to fear, it will continue to be in that state, and create based on that.  Likewise, if it is in a state of positivity and hope, it will also create from that energy... Got it!  Listen in to more on this topic and let me know your thoughts, I'd like to know. *** Also, get on the look out as on Dec 29th I will host a FREE masterclass on eradicating, smashing those limiting beliefs and anything gunky that might still stick to us from 2020 so we have a clean slate starting the new year.  Of course, it is all about working with the mind!  as always, with love & gratitude, Wendy @wendy4wellness
December 16, 2020
Ep 59: The 3 most common mistakes people make that disconnects them from their body and causes disease
This is an episode inspired by the many questions I have been getting in the last few weeks about HOW TO HEAL THE BODY, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.... which probably means, people have been looking outside of themselves for healing, instead of looking inward.  These 3 most common mistakes come from not being connected to the body, and as you probably could guess. In order to heal (from disease or imbalance), we got to learn, listen to the messages and know what exactly is out of balance and harmony so we can heal. For this, we get to go into our body and establish a profound relationship with it.  Listen in and share with me what you got out of this, was this helpful?  Also share with those who need to hear this now. As always, passing on the love and knowledge is a way of being of service and most likely part of your purpose. with love and light, you can always reach me here... @wendy4wellness Wendy ~~ Disclaimer: as always what I share is from my own experience and that of people who share with me their healing journey, my intention is to educate and let you know, that no matter where you are in your healing process, you are not alone and I am her to support you.  I am not to diagnose or treat a specific ailment, but to educate and remind you of your potential so you can heal yourself
December 09, 2020
Ep 58: Speaking your Truth for your own Healing
If you have been looking for getting better, searching for ways to heal deeper (physical or mentally) This is your episode.  let's have that honest conversation with oneself, speaking your truth to set you free... and find out ways to support you along the way. Also, I will extend to you, my listeners the Cyber Monday Offer and work with me for a Healing with Hypnosis and 1 month support. Click here if you want to go deeper with hypnosis  with Love Wendy @wendy4wellness
December 01, 2020
Ep 57: Hypnosis: a power tool to set your mind FREE and create what you want -- [early Black Friday offer]
Have you ever used hypnosis?  It is quite powerful and getting to understand the mind, beliefs, thoughts and transforming them is quite liberating.  In this episode I go over what exactly is and how it can help you.  As a silverlining crusader and mindset coach, it is no surprise that studying the mind is a passion.   This little secret is coming out of the bag.  I have been working on my hypnotherapist certification for the last several months (one good outcome from covid life)  and I will soon be offering this.   And in anticipation of Thanksgiving week I have a Black Friday Offer!! so everyone an have access to it at a very affordable price.   Reserve your spot here for the Black Friday Offer!  Love, Wendy  ** Reach out, gram me at @wendy4wellness
November 20, 2020
Ep 56: How to wake up with a (cancer) diagnosis
Today's episode goes out to those who are in the middle, struggling with a diagnosis, trying to make sense of it and probably thinking they are alone.  I share my story with cancer, but this can also relate to anyone struggling with a chronic condition or health concern. My thought when I was being diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago was that I didn't want anyone feel alone if they had to go through the same process. It is challenging and I also had to go through my own healing journey to understand what it is like to LIVE with cancer, and of course making my best to keep positive and seeing the silverlining.  Join me in this episode as I talk about what it is like to wake up with a diagnosis every day. Some days are great, others are.. meh! but my hope is that someone who needs to hear this can relate and feel understood and not alone. Feel free to share as well, I sure would have want to hear this from someone who had been through something similar.  WIth love, Wendy  @wendy4wellness
November 12, 2020
Ep 55: Vote for uplifting your mood and energy during tough times (election 2020 edition)
hello babes, If you are feeling stressed out because of the elections and uncertainty of what could happen.... I get you, a lot of us are there.  It feels like either way we are pooped, so what to do, go towards the least worst?   Anywho, lets focus in what we can do today to stay in high vibe, or somewhat high, and handle what we actually can control in our daily routine.  Always know that you are safe and supported no matter what and you are able to still create the life you deserve Love, Wendy  @wendy4wellness
November 03, 2020
Ep 54: Are you questioning everything around you? -- Here is why!
Are you feeling this lately? ... that nothing makes sense anymore? or somehow you are 'craving' for a change?  or that you feel like life has become part of a big loop hard to get out of?  or... things have become such routine that nothing is inspiring or motivating?.. CHANGES! that is what your soul is craving.  And although the pandemic was a big change for many of us, your soul might be craving for changes for growth! Let's talk more about it... Wendy @wendy4wellness
October 26, 2020
Ep 53: Being Ok with NOT being Ok all of the time
Hi loves, How often do you stop and tell yourself, "you know what! I am actually not okay, and won't push myself to feel otherwise"   Acknowledging this is actually power as we are honoring our inner feelings and desire to express ourselves in the moment.  and that is okay... we all go through the ups and down in life and it is actually normal to stay in the murky gray zone for a little time while we gather the strength and power to come back up again.  In this episode I share about the process of a breakdown moment  and what happens next.  This will resonate with you if there are moments in life that you feel down, confused, stuck and not knowing what to do, also in an episode of depression.  Usually we might feel there is something wrong with us and feel bad about it, but it is normal, it is okay and definitely you are not alone. If you (or someone you know) are looking guidance, don't hesitate to reach out.  You really are not alone... Love, Wendy @wendy4wellness
October 09, 2020
Ep 52: From questioning your identity, being of integrity, speaking from the heart, and peeling another layer for AWAKENING
Oh you guys!  If there is one thing you should take away from today's episode is: to always speak your heart and mind in the moment you get the inspiration. Another take away:  it is okay to question yourself, who you really are or how you are showing up here, it allows to peel off layers that are not longer part of us and that allows growth.  Let's talk about identity, integrity, how do we see ourselves compared to how others see us.  Understanding the mind so that we still gain confidence in what is best for us... that we are still safe. with love, Wendy @wendy4wellness
September 25, 2020
Ep 51: Changing the belief that life is hard
You are affirming all the time!!!  The words that you use and the image you keep in your mind will create your reality. We all have thought at some point that life sucks or is too difficult, but is it really?  are we reacting based on the MEANING we give to what happens around us? Let's talk about how we an understand this a little better so we can change that belief that life actually is not hard and it could be as amazing as how much you want it to be. If you are looking for ways to let go a little more?! join us for the #21daysoflettinggo.  It is okay if we are half way, you can still join in the fun. Click here. love & light, Wendy @wendy4wellness 
September 21, 2020
Ep 50: Is adding more to your 'to-do list' really helping you?
... or is it a way to AVOID?  I mean, I have heard it in so many ways to feel good about it, feel bad about procrastination, that there is something wrong with me, or maybe I could do something different. But as I continue exploring ways to know and nurture myself better, I realize it always is working for my own good. So, if you feel like you are pilling up on things to do and never get them done, and keep dragging your chores for the next day, then maybe there is a different way to see this.  Instead of stopping cold-turkey (because that is also harsh)  Check in with your feelings, if it doesn't feel good?  what are you doing it 'this way' for this ____ long? and what can you do differently? Maybe there is avoidance, but what is this telling you about yourself? and an old belief you thought of being true? Listen in for more on this and let me know how I can help you with this... Love, Wendy
September 19, 2020
Ep 49: The process of parting ways from the valuable and challenging gifts in life.
In this episode lets explore a little bit about how to own our power and go around our blocks or what is holding us back and why we should consider to let it go... By the way, have you joined us yet in the 21 days of letting go challenge?  Join me every day on Instagram to talk more about it and find support and tips to learning to let go with ease...
September 14, 2020
EP 48: Shifting the meaning of LETTING GO into a more positive practice (& invitation to let go for 21 days)
** ANNOUNCEMENT**  As this episode is calling for some reflexion and making space for abundance, we will be going through a 21 day journey of LETTING GO starting Sept 10th.  Each day we will be letting go ONE small thing we'd like to change.  This practice will support us in shifting our mind in getting clear and focusing in what we are learning, what we really want, and what we are ready to lovingly let go.  Join us by HERE and you will be getting emails from me with prompts and tips to go through this with ease.  We start September 10th! ~~~~~~ It is not just a thing to say in a full moon ritual, and making a list and burning it....  LETTING GO is understanding, knowing that we are releasing with LOVE something that was of value at some point in our life.  I'd imagine that ANYTHING that has to do with us is of value, right? Today, you will also learn about how to shift into a positive way of seeing something go, without the resentment of negative connotation that is commonly given to this practice.  Because letting go is also give something back.... back to the Universe to recycle back, and back to others as in the transformation after letting go Don't forget to join me for 21 days starting Thrusday 10th to start practicing more compassionate LETTING GO! With Love, Wendy @wendy4wellness
September 07, 2020
Ep 47: How to uplift your day when you might not be feeling it
Although this is not car ride karaoke, but when the idea/inspiration comes, you gotta record a podcast while driving... I always talk about practices to uplift yourself, sometimes called rituals, anything that raises your vibe and here I share about how that really makes a difference when there are days like Mondays, or when you might just want to take the day off and be in bed all day. I promise, there are always choices, and it is up to us to choose feeling and being good within.  As much as there are great days, there are also crappy days, but they don't last forever. As always, sending you so much health, abundance, love.  Wendy
September 02, 2020
Ep 46: Healing mother nature with one breath at a time (meditation)
ahhhh...  one of the things I learned about surrendering and nature is that it destroys in order to create, just like the feminine in all of us.   But... it is tough to see the wildfires in California taking over the land and families leaving their homes with the uncertainty of what they will find when they return.  It is a bit tough to grasp, and so in moments like this I call for compassion, understanding, love, gratitude in our hearts.  So I thought, can we get together in a little meditation to send healing vibes to mother earth to seize the fires and bring calm and safety. If you are not into meditation or prayers, it is okay, lets just get together in thought to raise the vibration for peace, clean air, safe homes, good health....  Thank you, Wendy @wendy4wellness
August 24, 2020
Ep 45: Over-thinker? look at the bigger picture (2 questions to ask yourself)
When confused, the mind does nothing....  and stirring in the confusion and overthinking doesn't help either.  Lately this has been the topic, "I am not sure of...." "I'm afraid I made the wrong decision..." "What if it doesn't work... (negative outcome)"   and yes, doubts and fears will always arise IF we are still unsure of our worth and potential.  How to move away from that? Remind yourself that you have all the potential within you and remember these 2 questions: ** take a little time and reflect what this situation is really about? What does this bring out for YOU? ** And then what POSITIVE outcomes will this bring into your life? and listen for more here... Love & Light, Wendy @wendy4wellness
August 22, 2020
Ep 44: Creating a Sacred Space through Art
Today I am so delighted to have a sweet friend and artist Dayna Dekroon.  Dayna is a visionary artist and spiritual life coach teaching about creating Sacred Spaces in their lives through creative mindfulness and art. Dayna's gifts are to guide her clients to practice creative mindfulness through intuitive painting, meditation through art in her signature course The Art of Surrender.   ⠀⠀⠀⠀ In this episode you will learn about: practicing mindfulness through creativity how to explore and play without an end result or expectations (detach from the outcome)⠀ reconnecting with your breath and body through watercolor techniques healing through art Go and connect with Dayna with the links below.  The doors are open to her signature course The Art of Surrender and you can sign up here  Instagram @dayna.dekroon  In her FB Sacred Space Community and her FB page have a little more color and bliss in your life! With love,  Wendy
August 17, 2020
Ep 43: Looking for the evidence that you are NOT stuck or having a tough time
If you have been feeling stuck or having a tough time in the mornings, this is your reminder... Focusing in the 'negatives' will continue bringing more of the same. If we focus in WHAT IS WORKING then we tell our mind that we trust our potential and believe in that we are able to get through anything. Look for evidence that you were able to make a decision that gave positive results, made you feel good, etc. Basically, we are looking for proof that you have the potential and power to make the best decisions for you and that there are actually good things happening for you.  I get it, days can be tough, but it is tougher to stay in that loop of not knowing while if you look back in time, you knew all along that you are not stuck.   You just needed this reminder.  Wendy @wendy4wellness #motivationmonday
August 10, 2020
Ep 42: Multi-tasking? why it could be blocking your FEMININE FLOW
Are you proud to be a multi-tasker?   How much of your multiple tasks do you finish, successfully.... and feeling good about them?  As much as multi-tasking comes natural for us women, and even more so for the feminine energy, it can actually be doing the opposite of being productive and in flow. In this episode I'll share with you  why in fact is blocking your feminine flow why multi-tasking can in fact be draining your energy tips to still be effective at getting things done and more... Also, I am opening 1:1 coaching sessions to go deeper into finding your feminine flow, feeling productive but also filling up your cup and finding focus in what matters the most for you.   If you feel this is something for you or if you are curious how we can work together send me a DM in Instagram @wendy4wellness and we can chat some more... I'd love to chat with you and support you in any way I can! Wendy
August 08, 2020
Ep 41: Are you a highly sensitive person? Then you can relate to this...
If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath easily taking on emotions and not sure what to do with it, then you can relate to this episode.   The last few weeks (or even the whole month of July and beyond) have been quite intense, hasn't it?   But... how much of what we carry on is even ours?  If we dig in, probably not much or any at all.  It is amazing to see that we could carry emotions that don't even belong to us, but maybe our parents or someone who had a strong presence in our younger life, and then we could project it towards other people.  If you resonate with this, feel like you also have been carrying something that you couldn't explain, then you and I are not alone and not 'crazy'. Let me know how this related to you.  I am leaving an open invitation for us to connect and find a way to support each other, no strings attached.   But also, if you'd like to dive deeper into discovering the messages and medicine from the emotional wings, I am opening up 1:1 coaching sessions.  These are personalized session designed specifically to go over what is calling your attention.  You can book a FREE consultation call, send an email at  :)   Let's connect in Instagram @wendy4wellness Wendy
August 03, 2020
Ep 40: Three reasons why you are not letting go of an old emotion
This is a juicy episode! Ready!  #truthbombs Have you ever felt off, stuck or have have a recurrent emotion coming back? almost like there is a 'baggage' or energy block holding you back? We think they are wrong, holding us back and we put them away and pretend everything is fine. But here is the thing...  They might just be holding the medicine we need to give light to growth and healing.  Emotions are quite powerful and hold so much wisdom if we take the time to learn from them. In this episode you will learn 3 reasons why we don't let go of an old emotion or pattern.  These might be surprising, but they might just be what you need to know NOW. To further understand these reasons (and some other ones) and learn how to release them in a safe container, come and join me.  I am hosting a FREE 5 day video series of FEELING to HEALING starting Monday 27th  I would love to have you, Wendy and let's connect here!  @wendy4wellness 
July 25, 2020
Ep 39: Connecting with the moon and feeling your emotions
Have you spent some time staring at the moon?  talking to her or even feeling moody some days.... have you paid attention if it had to do with the phases of the moon.  If this resonates with you, you are not the only one, me too, and so many other women I got to connect about this topic.  In today's topic we will briefly talk about moon rituals, the new moon today (July 20), setting intentions and not just connecting with her but also feeling our emotions. But the thing is that  with our busy lifestyle and distractions, we have been conditioned to bypass connecting with our emotions...  Listen in... and also join me for the FREE video series coming up next Monday the 27th.  As we will dive deeper into how to process and learn to feel into our emotions so we can heal.   Join us here for the FREE 5 day video series of FEELING to HEALING see you there! With Love & Light! Wendy
July 21, 2020
Ep 38: Surrendering and Trusting Pregnancy and labor during a Pandemic with Sandy Roberson
Today's episode warms my heart, not just because a good friend of mine is sharing her story, but also because it is a story that quite a few people are going through with pregnancy and delivery during a pandemic.  Sandy Roberson shares her experience of having her first born during the pandemic.  She is in health care and was quite ready with a plan for a pleasant delivery, but when a pandemic hits, plans had to change.  But Sandy still focused in the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a true testament of the power of TRUSTING and surrendering to the moment.  That once we let go of control and trust, a baby and a higher power have a bigger plan and they will lead the way. In today's episode you will learn: How to get through this challenging time when delivery a baby might just have to be different than expected. The power of surrendering to the process and giving up control  Tips for moms going through something similar and how to get over the negative or “stinking” thinking moment of uncertainty  How to focus in the blessings rather than the uncertainty of a safe delivery during covid Connect with Sandy, she is known in the interwebs as Sandy Cortez or Dietitian Sandy.   Her IG is @diatetiansandy. If you or someone you know is experiencing pregnancy and delivery during these times with covid, reach out and find support.  Also feel free to share your story if you are called to do so. You can send me a DM in IG @wendy4wellness with Love & Light Wendy
July 15, 2020
Ep 37: Emotional? ~ you are not crazy. How to navigate through the emotional waves and the lunar season
This episode is for you if you are highly emotional and find that somedays you have all the feelings and don't know where they come from.   Are you an empath and highly sensitive and easily pick up other people's "energy"?  and  you thought you were crazy... you were not.  This episode is also for you if you are into the moon and feel that your mood swings and personality are influenced by the moon and the stars.  We will talk briefly about mercury retrograde What does it mean being in the last quarter of the moon ONE TIP to navigate through the emotional waves And if you resonate with any of this, let me know, LET'S CONNECT to chat all things under the starts :) Instagram : @wendy4wellness and send me a DM 
July 13, 2020
Ep 36: Can you stop people pleasing on your bday?
If  you are an introvert, or doesn't always like to be the center of attention, or you are feeling the pressure of pleasing others and give yourself a little.... even on your bday.....  --> THIS IS FOR YOU In this episode I share a few things that came to mind after just turning another year wiser.  Even with the tools and awareness that I talk about almost all the time, the mind will still do its thing and remind you and re-evaluate of your commitments. Listen in and let me know how this resonates with you.  I know I am not the only one feeling this, I am not alone, and neither are you. As always, let's connect and let me know how I can help you.  Instagram @wendy4wellness with Love & Light Wendy
July 11, 2020
Ep 35: Intuitive Healing and Energy Work for better Health with Carine Camara
Today's episode is a treat because not just we will be learning about women health but also the energy work that can also help us heal the physical and emotional body. Today we have Carine Camara, an intuitive acupuncturist and energy body worker who will share her story of self discovery and healing.  We will go into understanding the messages of the body and the gifts from the pain rather than falling into a victim. In this episode we will also learn about: How energy work can be a powerful tool to healing How do we know when energy healing is the answer How you can be your own detective to discover your body's need Letting go and forgiveness of past wounds What Womb healing is and how to understanding the power held within our womb Carine hosts FREE energy healing every other Tuesday, which I participated in and it was a great mini healing session. Go follow her and sign up for her FREE classes and a 15 min free consultation to work with her. Ways to connect and work with Carine here Instagram: @pelviswellness website:
July 08, 2020
Ep 34: How to live each day like it was your Birthday! ~ Being REBORN again ~ GIVEAWAY announcement
Ok.  Contrary to years ago, I am loving July now because it is my birthday month and I get to celebrate it with you.   In case you didn't know, I never liked my bday.  I didn't like to be the center of attention (weird, being the only child) but I just grew up hiding and not wanting to be seen.  (I share more on this in other episodes and in IG, are we friends there yet? ) Well, this year as I was doing my monthly intentions, I switched it up a bit and am sharing my theme for the month: REBORN and how I am celebrating each day.  I am feeling like each day of being born again and taking the opportunity to do what I didn't get to do as a child. What I am doing different with my monthly intentions (who likes stories?) What powerful questions I get to ask to bring more meaning each day How to bring more compassion, love, and joy each day as if it was your bday! How to care for the inner child   GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: A way for me to celebrate is by giving back and I will be doing GIVEAWAYS each week!!! who is excited?  For this week, all you need to do is: 1.  write a 5 start review on iTunes (takes 3 minutes)  2. Take a screenshot of your review with your  name in it and email, DM in IG = counts 2 entries for the Giveaway 3.  Share a screenshot of this or any of the episodes on Instagram =  counts as 1 entry 4.  Wait for the end of the week :)  I will announce the winner on IG as well as the gifts.  Share it so more people play!  Let's connect in Instagram @wendy4wellness
July 06, 2020
Ep 33: [Half-a-year] Checking-In with 3 questions you should ask to receive what you want
Perfect timing... July has arrived, if you didn't notice and perfect time to celebrate and see HOW WE ARE NOW? so that we know how we did before and what we an do moving forward. Listen to today's episode to hear my 3 questions that I'd like to spend time with as I plan out the rest of the year. As always let me know how helpful this was and tag me in IG @wendy4wellness as I'd like to support you and celebrate you in your process.  with Love and Light Wendy 
July 04, 2020
Ep 32: One thing you can do today to create WELLNESS in your life
are you struggling with feeling good, waking up excited, focusing in the things that are important to you, starting with the practices that you know are good for your health (eating better, moving or exercising, ditching the cravings or reducing alcohol)??? We all have been there many times but not everyone focuses in this ONE thing that can jumpstart your mind into taking action and having a good life EVEN WITH ______ Join me in this episode and start your day with this practice.  Then let me know, share a screenshot of this in social media and tag me so that I can support you and cheer you on (and come in your DM with more tips, personalized for you) Also, I am opening my schedule to coaching calls, so if you are interested reach out to me @ for a FREE session to see where you'd like to be supported. Love you and go ahead and live a life with JOY and love. Wendy Find me on IG @wendy4wellness
July 01, 2020
Ep 31: Why you don't need a permission slip to manifest your goals & dreams... (and what to do to speed up the process)
Have a dream in mind? Congrats!!! it means it is already a reality, you just get to claim it. You do not need to wait for permission to start... Why?  Because the moment you have a dream or goal, it has already manifested and it is a reality.  You just get to claim it yours! In this episode learn few simple baby steps to get bigger results.   How to speed up the process by aligning your vibration with the frequency of that what you want the most. A practice that will help you visualize and get over some blocks As always, I am here to support you.  Share this episode, write a review and share the love...  Let's be friends in IG @wendy4wellness, I'd love to support you and cheer you on! with Love & Light Wendy
June 30, 2020
Ep 30: When we keep ignoring the lesson... it will keep coming back for attention
This is part of The Naked Truth Series (an idea that came to mind while in the shower, on downloads, thoughts and shares that Spirit told me to share)  Wondering why something keeps coming back to our awareness? Most likely there is a lesson / gift for you to take.  If you keep ignoring it, it will keep coming back to you.   It was meant to be FOR YOU, and only you.   That is what this episode is about:  Acknowledging the experiences and taking the lessons before they follow us throughout our life.  The more we avoid it, it will keep coming back like a nagging kid. Listen in and take note on ONE short practice that can help identify what needs our attention the most right now.  And as always let me know how it is.  Send me a DM on Instagram at @wendy4wellness to connect.  Would love to connect and get to know you. With Love & Light, Wendy
June 27, 2020
Ep 29: Healing parental wounds (a note about father's day)
Today's episode will relate to you if you feel there is healing around your father (or mother) relationship.  It is life and what  we get to learn from our experiences.  Many people don't grow up with one parent or maybe both and in many different ways that influence the way they see themselves, their beliefs, the way the see others, how they do life, business, their loving relationships, etc.   I feel I am always healing and building a stronger connection with both my parents.  I'd thought it'd be all figured out and fine by now, but decades later, it sometimes feels like not. If this relates to you, I invite you to come along in this share of what this brings up to someone like me and you if you are healing parental wounds. Let's connect on Instagram @wendy4wellness As always, with Love & Light Wendy
June 23, 2020
Ep 28: A snippet of the "Naked Truth" series (raw & real talk)
A few weeks ago, while in the shower at midnight, I was going through some thoughts and ideas that led me to start a "naked truth" series which pretty much are raw and real shares (not necessarily after the shower) about life, self-analysis, moods, the ups and downs of life, etc.  What I am sure we all go through, but I am choosing to speak up because I (and we all) have been quiet for too long.   What I share in todays episode is about last night's share in my IG live.  Nothing planned, or scripted, or edited, only thoughts that have a weight on me some days. The ones that bring all the feelings of sadness, frustration, anger, resentment that could also show up for other people.   My goal is always to come as real as I can, and hopefully inspire the same for others.  We all get to be real. Fine me on IG @wendy4wellness and lets get to know each other.  with Love & Light, Wendy
June 21, 2020
Ep 27: How does INTUITION play a role in your Health (& how to get better at seeing the signs)
INTUITION & HEALTH - this is dear to my heart because it let me here to be with you, my wake-up call to be of service.  Paying attention to that gut feeling that something wasn't "right" led me here (Go back to early episodes to learn of my health story with a cancer diagnosis) Today's episode is about listening to that inner voice telling you "hey! pay attention to this pain here... "   before you end up with a bigger wake-up call.   In todays episode you will learn: How to trust your body & health How to pay attention to the signs Practices to listen out our body and inner voice about health I believe we can still have the life we deserve regardless of the challenges. In fact, these challenges (in the form of health conditions) are here to bring out the best of us.    If you'd like to work with me or learn more about how to Deal & Heal from a diagnosis / condition, so that you live in freedom and love EVEN WITH ___.   Reach out to me or best in IG @wendy4wellness I am always here to support you and guide where you'd like to go
June 18, 2020
Ep 26: THREE ways to exercise the INTUITIVE muscle
Are you an "over-thinker"?   Second guess yourself?  Over-analyze and control every action you take??? I'll invite you to listen to today's episode! Our intuition is our inner compass, and although it is always here with us, we have learned to disconnect from it (from living a busy life and not being in our consciousness).  In case you need a refresher, intuition is also your gut feeling, your 6th sense, that inner voice that guides you to connect with yourself, your needs, your feelings...  In this episode, lets talk : How to know if you are following your intuition or not What happens when we step away from our intuition Why it is important to see the sings to trust your gut feeling 3 practices to TRUST and connect with our intuition more much more... Get back to me, take a screenshot and take me in IG @wendy4wellness so I can support you better and answer any questions you might have... ** Looking for guidance and work with me?   * Email me at or  send me a DM in IG @wendy4wellness  We can jump on a FREE 20 min call to answer questions and support you in what needs your attention at the moment.  As always, in Love & Light, Wendy
June 16, 2020
Ep 25: ONE QUESTION to ask yourself and ONE PRACTICE you can do to find CLARITY today
This is short but sweet.  Today I had a hard time focusing, and despite all my morning practices and things I do to support myself, some days are still tough.  You will thing, but aren't you a coach and should have all figured out.   The answer is NOT, we al struggle here, but at the same time, we get to choose and remind ourselves how to best serve others when we fill up our own cup So while what I share might not be a new thing, our mind needs repetition to program the belief and keep consistency. That is what I want to share with you today, to REMIND YOU of what you are able todo when you support yourself first so you can then be at your best for others.   Listen in, share this episode, or take a screenshot and tag me @wendy4wellness so that I know a bit more about you and can support you as well. With love & light, Wendy
June 12, 2020
Ep 24: How to find the confidence to own your voice - get messy, get real
Isn't it funny how we are so stuck in our heads in trying to understand life, how things work, why this or that... yet mostly the answer lies in letting go of taking control of the outcome or the answer.  Once we do that, we are open to receiving divine messages and what needed to come out in that moment, for yourself or someone who needed to hear you. That is what we will talk about in todays podcast.  How can we trust more in the process How being vulnerable, open and in your heart can create more connections What can you start doing today to allow creativity, openness and surrendering to the moment How are you allowing yourself to have more fun, joy and letting go of controlling an outcome As always, reach out, connect with me, let me know what you want to hear next. Take a screenshoot and share in social media IG @wendy4wellness, tag me so I can cheer you on in your journey Love & Light, Wendy
June 09, 2020
Ep 23: What is a Body Love approach to Healing with Jimena Ballen Tallada
I am sure you have heard of the body-mind connection, it is a well taught aspect of healing the body and the mind.   Today we have the Body Love Coach Jimena Ballen to explain in more depth her approach to healing - to embody what we need and to embody the energy that supports us the most.  We will also talk about:  finding compassion with movement to have a better relationship with yourself  what does it mean to do body healing before doing the mental work  what means to healing the unconscious beliefs held in the body  how living with shame and hiding in our body (from past trauma) can also lead to deeper connection and freedom  ** Also to let you know, Jimena will also share her experience as she went through trauma as a child with sexual molestation and how she kept it to herself for years, how it made her feel in her body, until she broke free from it to find the highest version of herself that now is able to help many women.  Connect with her, she is well known in social media as the body love coach.  Also, have her FREE Body-Love guide, be a part of her FB community (bilingual) and check her out in her  YouTube channel.  With love & light, see you on the other side  Wendy  @wendy4wellness
June 05, 2020
Ep 22: Understanding the Power of our voice whether it is LOUD or QUIET
A week ago is NOT when everything started (with the death of innocent George Floyd) but it shined light to an already existing problem: humanity is divided, people don't see each other as equal... this is not about George Floyd anymore, it is bigger.   *** By the way, if this is triggering to you... move on, I still love you.  If you'd like come back for the next episode *** Respecting everyone's opinion, taking any action or staying in silence, either way it is okay. Today I wanted to address something that has also been on my mind:  what about those people who don't know what to say?  How to help if maybe I don't think I have a voice?  I don't want you to feel pressured,  I've said this many times.  If we want to create change, it starts with our own healing... so I will say again and again, as many times as it takes for people to recognize that: If we want to create change, it starts with our own healing... Love you and take care, go on and hug a friend if you can.  In love & light,  reach out if you need anything... Wendy IG @wendy4wellness
June 01, 2020
Ep 21: How are we teaching our kids about the current events of violence?
Probably you are well aware of the current events of violence and segregation in our society that has a lot of people raging, sad, frustrated and lost.   Yes, many people will think of pointing fingers and demand justice which is needed now more than ever... but this is also a time to look into that same lens we see others as we can actually see ourselves.  How are we treating people around us? How are we killing others with the words we choose? How are we forgiving the past? How are we healing our wounds? and more importantly,  How are we teaching the younger generation with all that is going on so they can make sense and find a way to better understand what is happening? So much to say, so much to do, but always I feel these start with inner work.  Inner work and healing for us to understand one another and find better ways to get together as a community and seeing each other as equal. My thought, but would like to hear yours? As always, with love and light, Wendy IG @wendy4wellness
May 30, 2020
EP 20: How important is chiropractic care for mamas and babies with Dr Kseniya Gershberg
In this Wellness Wednesday we have Dr Kseniya Gershberg, a mom of two as well as a Chiropractor for moms & babies.  Dr Kseniya combines her clinical expertise with her motherhood experience to make the perfect plan for moms at all stages of motherhood. We will also hear of how she found the silver lining in her own healing journey as a young mom and how she found functional medicine, which looks at a persons health as a whole in order to identify the root cause of an imbalance or “ dis-ease”, and so she uses this same approach with her patients. In this episode you will learn: what chiropractic care is and how it can help you, specially to maintain optimal health how important is pediatric chiropractic as well as in the preconception period what to look for when looking for holistic care (chiropractic care) how to manage it all, the household, a career, a business, homeschooling... and more... Also, Dr Kseniya is hosting a program for moms to support them during these times of overwhelm and uncertainty.  Join here Ditch the Quarantine Overwhelm & Create a Stress-Free Motherhood Also connect with her in to work with her. As always, with love & light! Wendy
May 27, 2020
Ep 19 : Motivation Monday Message: Movement awakens my creative Spirit
Today's oracle card from The Moon Deck, it was about MOVEMENT: Movement awakens my creative spirit I usually use these messages as mantras or messages my soul needed to hear or to answer a pending question, or even just a guidance to focus on for the day or week.  This week it is about movement and so interesting since I have been telling myself to move a little more, to get into dancing again, maybe a softer and gentle exercise practice... and so this card is here to remind me of that. Take this as your mantra as well and how can you own your space, your freedom, your power with being in your own body more, and moving in a way that feels good to you with so much love and light, Wendy
May 25, 2020
Ep 18: Resilience: Turning obstacles into opportunities with Tina Dodds
Your adversities are helping you learn more about yourself so you see your own gifts. I am so happy to share this episode with you.  It turned out that this week (more like the last few weeks RESILIENCE has been brought up to my attention quite often, and so it became a theme for the week. In today's episode I have the wonderful Tina Dodds, a life coach, speaker, self-care crusader join us for a conversation about RESILIENCE.   We will learn: What is the meaning of TRUE RESILIENCE How to recognize your resilience and celebrate yourself! Practices to keep in mind to support our resilience (simple but good) learn about the traits of highly resilient people Go on and connect with Tina over on IG @tina_dodds, you'll love her! and to work with her and get on her newsletter I am so happy to also share her FREE "10-Day Hot Mess to Less Stress Challenge" where you'll engage in quick and easy daily practices to help you turn down the chaos and start experiencing more calm, meaningful connection, and hope.  Starts June 1 - June 10.  Click here to join. As always, sending you love and light.  Let's connect and let me know what this episode brought up for you. Wendy IG @wendy4wellness
May 23, 2020
Ep 17: why you don't have to be pushy and tough to be RESILIENT
you guys!!! did we get it all wrong? hmmm… I wouldn’t say that, BUT... oh boy this got me thinking.   Specially after interviewing a super special guest that is coming in the next episode, this thought of resilience has been showing up quite a lot lately.  And in true reality, duh... we all are resilient in our own unique way.  Period.   Here is the thing though, It is not always about being the strongest, the toughest, the super empowered....  It is more so about feeling, healing and dealing with that which shakes your world up (a little or a lot) If you were feeling that you had to be all pushy and try your hardest?   Not anymore! Join me as we get clear on this resilience business and trust that we are doing just fine when we sit with our feelings in order to heal. Are you ready?  Let's go...  Love you! Wendy IG @wendy4wellness
May 20, 2020
EP 16: A BREATHWORK practice to release anxiety (for the new life after SIP)
How are you feeling?  Really!  HOW ARE YOU FEELING NOW?  specially since from now, most people are about to come out of shelter-in-place and slowly resume work... and we will adjust to the new changes. ~~~ Most people would say, I am fine.  Just ok.  as we try to get through with the day, most of us (unconsciously) avoid acknowledging that we might not be okay, that we might be hurting, or in pain, or stressed, or overwhelmed, or drained, or maybe really excited for the new lifestyle, or optimistic for how things will be, or happy to see your friends again.... so many ways of being and feeling. In today's episode I want to support you and give you a big bacteria-free, virus-free virtual hug.  I will also share: A powerful breathing practice to relieve stress and anxiety.  Yes, a breathing technique because our breath is so powerful and an amazing tool to go back to our body and practice awareness. Tune in and join me for this practice.  Also, as I've been learning more of these supportive practices, I will share them with you!  Let me know what you'd like to hear from me as well, because that will help me get the best resource available for you.  Always for you! Let me know how you did during this practice in IG @wendy4wellness with love and light, Wendy
May 18, 2020
EP 15: Self-awareness for conscious communication and relationships with Teresa Lodato
Todays episode is a nice treat!  I have a special expert in consciousness and relationship with so much experience in teaching leadership and empowerment to leverage self awareness in various areas of their lives.  Teresa Lodato CPCC is an author and thought leader who will share with us specifically how to become self-aware and conscious in our relationships. In this episode you will learn about: What about consciousness and self- awareness is important in our personal life as well as in our relationships Self awareness leads to a successful relationship Awareness of our language and learning to CHOOSE the words that are empowering in our communications 4 archetypes of communication: leader, researcher, spokesperson, collaborator and how each is described in a conscious and unconscious way (for deeper information get her book) Knowing the 4 archetypes of communication helps to identify people you have relationships with more quickly, in all areas of your life.  it can help you with personal relationships with partner, children, parents… as well as clients, co-workers How self awareness can also help us in setting up healthy boundaries for ourselves and others.  as well as respecting other people’s boundaries (VERY HELPFUL RESOURCE!) Here are the links to her book Why aren't you listening to me on Amazon and also available at Barnes & Noble Enjoy the episode, and as always let me know how it served you as well as what other topics you'd like to hear from me.  Much love, in light & love. Wendy  ~~~~~ let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal
May 15, 2020
Ep 14: Wellness Wednesdays are here! Why is it important to see our health as a Whole
Hello my friends! I am excited to let you know that I am committing to deliver Health & Wellness episodes on Wednesday.  If you didn't know, I started my whole journey as a holistic health and wellness coach  It was also at the time I started to heal myself from cancer but that healing was more about learning and understanding what it meant to live with it.   In todays episode I am talking  about the importance of an integrated approach to health and what it means for us ALL to have the POWER WITHIN to heal ourselves.  Come and join me.  Also, please, send me your  questions and requests of what you'd like to listen.  Quite a few people benefit from my cooking videos on IG and my shares on cancer healing and living.... so I thought having this area covered in the podcast format was also as beneficial for you guys. with much love, Wendy You know where to find me IG @wellness4wellness and  FB Wendy Rosenthal
May 13, 2020
Ep 13: Celebrating the women out there who are MOMS AT HEART
hello loves!  I really sat with sharing this episode (and the posts in social media) about mothers day and what about US, the ones who for whatever reason are not yet a mom, or can't be biological mothers, or are well into an older age and still have the desire that someday it will happen. This used to be a sad holiday for me.  I have a mom to celebrate so I was blessed for that, but deep inside I was longing to celebrate ME on Mother's day.  So with this episode I want to shine the light to the rest of us, the ones from that other group who want to be cherished, appreciated and loved... the same way moms do in days like today.  We might not have nurtured a physical human being, but I truly believe our love and creation goes beyond that of what we see as human experience, we give much more in the soul level. Join me and share your thoughts with this.  Is this message for you? or someone you know?  I'd like to know and you matter, she matters, everyone does, with our without the 'mother label' Thanks for listening,  lets connec: IG @wendy4wellness and FB Wendy Rosenthal So much love to you Wendy
May 11, 2020
EP 12: One thing you can do today to BOOST your day [Friday booster]
Late at night I was thinking, what can I do to offer consistent support and what came to mind is having a short episode with the TIP of the day, BOOSTER day, you name it... and as I declare it, I am making a commitment to having these, probably on Fridays So here we go with todays episode, finding that ONE THING to go back to so we can find motivation and carry on with our day. Listen in,,. Wendy  IG: @Wendy4Wellness FB: Wendy Rosenthal
May 08, 2020
Ep 11: making a choice for AWARENESS in what you do
Oh gosh, today just felt like a slow day, and woke up late and then though what a perfect opportunity to practice awareness and let go of the control of having to do LIFE in a certain way. nah ah!! So woke up at around 10am, made my celery juice, and jumped on here to leave you this message: If we rush to get things done, we will be missing the in between juicy life... so, letting go on the gas pedal and connecting more with how we want to feel as we consciously choose to take one day at a time. Come listen in and if you want more behind the scenes, let's connect in IG @wendy4wellness where I share more of how I make life not so perfect but still enjoyable. Love and bliss to you Wendy
May 07, 2020
Ep 10: How to find motivation on days that just feel like blah...
I completely know that feeling, you wake up and already feels like, what the F** do I go through today?  The feeling that you want to hit pause and go back to bed... or you are on your way to work and all you can do is a big sigh! and hope its 5pm already and there is a happy hour somewhere to relax LOL.   I have felt all that, and let me tell you, IT IS PERFECTLY FINE going through those swing of emotions.  Congratulations, welcome to life! But... not all days have to feel like a drag and pushing yourself through it all is more pressing and overwhelming than the actual task at hand, or challenge in front of you.   Listen in what is 1 (or quite a few actually) things I CHOOSE to focus on to go about my day, and REMIND myself how to bring it all back to support me and not feel like I am always in a pit struggling to come out. It is okay, repeat after me,  IT IS OKAY! As always, love you and I am here to support you. Let's connect in Instagram @Wendy4Wellness and Facebook Wendy Rosenthal
May 04, 2020
Ep 09: Unexpected gifts from cancer (part 2)
This is part 2 of finding the gifts and blessings from a diagnosis with cancer.  If the title of this episode is making cringe and rolling your eyes in disbelief, then listen to it anyway :) My biggest take away for me as I went on the cancer rollercoaster journey and I want you to get is that, I have no reason to hate on my body or anything that happens to it (healthy-wise).  If I bring hate and resentment to it for going through a disease, then am I living for hate? I don't believe that is the purpose of my life here.  So I take the lessons and awakening and make a conscious effort to find the little gifts every day.  But of course it takes practice, falling off and remembering again... that is the journey Listen to it and let  me know what you think.  Let me know your OWN PERSONAL VIEWS on situations like these.  I'd like to know and give you the space for it.  Lastly share because that is the point in life as well, bringing consciousness to others and allowing them to relate to something that maybe they were looking for but didn't know where to look until you showed up for them.  Love you and see ya soon, Wendy Find me in Instagram @Wendy4Wellness and Facebook Wendy Rosenthal . . . Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
May 01, 2020
Ep 08: How a diagnosis led me to my purpose in life (Part 1)
Hello beauties, I realized I've haven't completely share the story of what lead me here, how I became a coach and now have this Podcast.   To no ones surprise, called Beyond the Silver Lining.  It started about 8 years ago when I received the diagnosis no one ever wants to hear.  It took weeks finding out with certainty.  Months to process it all (and still continue to navigate the uphills of living with cancer)  Here I briefly share the gift in disguise (I will cover more of these in a later podcast)  and how this experience has been a real awakening to my purpose in life.  This is my story, but it could be yours as well.  NOT in relation to cancer but any other challenging situation, diagnosis, a loss, feeling alone, etc.... Experiences change, but the feelings and emotions could be similar.  I am very opening sharing my life experiences in the hopes that it can help others as well.  My #1 mission is to not have anyone go through something like this alone, and the more we share and bring awareness of our story, we all become more compassionate and kind, therefore creating a strong supportive community for us all.    For this reason, please share this episode (and the following where I talk about cancer)  because there is always one person who needed to hear this. You are not doing me so much of a favor, but giving it to others who are looking for hope positivity, a guidance.  When you do so, tag me so I can cheer you up too!  Thanks! As always be well, stay safe and sending you lots of love. let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal . . . Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
April 27, 2020
Ep 07: REMEMBER your power with these 10 declarations
Hi loves, In todays episodes we will go over 10 powerful declarations to REMEMBER who we really are, what we are here to do,   Again, this is to remember because in reality, these are statements that we already know, our SOUL knows, but we forgot with the distractions in life and the little time that  we might invest in our own SOUL CARE.     would suggest this:  Repeat these 10 declarations right in front of your mirror, looking at yourself with love and feeling each word, believing the message.  Stand tall and proud of who you are, you are as amazing as you believe you are, and remember that people pick that up from you. Again, none of these are new truths, they have always been within, but you just needed that reminder today. Be well, stay safe and sending you lots of love. let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal . . . Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
April 20, 2020
Ep 06: Releasing the fear to coronavirus and what is next
What day is it today?  it almost feels like it has been decades since the whole 'stay at home' was mandatory and our lifestyle changed.  It is true that we all are experiencing the biggest transformation of our life, and much of what we know it as normal will change in the future, but... there is still fear and uncertainty for what will be next, or what if it happens to me.   We can always live in the 'what ifs' of life and really not enjoying life now.... In todays episode I want to go over real quick with what is behind the fear of 'rona' and what  we can focus on... because... staying in FEAR will keep you  one place and keep you from growth.   Remember this: THIS IS YOUR TIME, YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO DO THE THINGS YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Be well, stay safe and sending you lots of love. let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
April 17, 2020
Ep 05: How to strengthen your loving relationships during difficult times with Alexandra Stockwell
Hello! I am so excited you get to meet today's guest expert Alexandra Stockwell.  Alexandra is an MD and a relationship and intimacy expert who shows couples how to build beautiful, stable and long lasting relationships. A wife of 24 years and a mother of 4, Alexandra helps men and women infuse pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life--from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom. In this episode you will learn: How to express ourselves in a relationship during stressful situations Empowering practices to straighten your relationship during quarantine Create habits to help with resiliency to hold the family together How to help our kids to understand and overcome with today’s current challenges and wait until the end for an especial invitation for "date nights at home"....  a fun way to spend quality time with your loved one, specially while being 'stuck at home'  :)  To best be in touch with Dr Stockwell, visit her website and send her a message at and get her book HERE to learn how to have more passion and intimacy, feel cherished, learn how to communicate better with your partner and much more!  As always, feel free to share because these are great tips to keep in your tool box for creating loving and profound relationships. Be well, stay safe and sending you lots of love. let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
April 13, 2020
Ep 04: How to stay POSITIVE during tough times (6 easy practices)
Hello powerful people, in today's podcast I will teach you some practices to stay positive during times of struggle, confusion, challenges.  Whether it is illness, trauma or collective negative news (like the present with coronavirus), there will always be something that feels not working for us.  Maybe people pouring their negative beliefs, or we expose ourselves to the news and media that mostly is about the negative.   THESE PRACTICES I go over in the podcast... should be saved in your tool kit for overcoming stress and anxiety when somedays feels like well... crap :)  As always, some of these things I also share throughout my social media outlets.   Lets connect! Be well, stay safe and sending you lots of love. ~~~~~~ Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
April 06, 2020
Ep 03: Finding the Silver Lining in Coronavirus - tips to overcome the stress and overwhelm (Part 2)
How are you doing these last few days? Hope better...  Today we are continuing with part 2 of finding the gift in disguise from the latest events with the coronavirus.  I will be sharing some important tools to keep in mind for when anxiety and overwhelm show up.   Don't forget to get your FREE GUIDE for some of the things we talked in this episode as well as the recipes and self-care rituals mentioned as well.   Be well, stay safe and sending you lots of love. Click here for FREE GUIDE & MORE ~~~~~~ Let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
March 30, 2020
Ep 02: Finding the Silver Lining in Coronavirus - the Gift in Disguise (Part 1)
If you are here, you know this Podcast is about finding the positive in any situation, the gift in disguise, and NOW MORE THAN EVER we get to stay together, supportive and positive with the latest events with the pandemic of COVID-19. Here I get to talk about that, what is the 'good' that this pandemic is bringing to light.  Everything has a light side among the dark, a positive from a negative situation, and we get to CHOOSE (favorite word) how we approach the latest events.  Come and join me as I go over some of the take aways that I, together with other people, have been getting and feel important of sharing.  We are a community and get to be here for each other.  Of course we had to have part 1 and part 2, don't want to overwhelm you, but we got to stay together. Ya hear me? See ya on the other side of this Part 1... ~~~~~~~~ Let's connect! Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
March 23, 2020
Ep 01: What is Beyond the Silver Lining? ~ Empowerment, Spirituality, Positive mindset to create a life of freedom & love
Welcome to Beyond the Silver Lining Podcast, a place where we gather in community, a sisterhood to learn about ways to understand how to turn (what we think is) a challenging or negative experience into a transformative and positive outcome... when we get back to our body, mind and spirit.  My name is Wendy Rosenthal, your host and Empowering Coach for women & Spiritual Guide who got a wake up call 8 years ago... I had to learn how to take on the call and message behind, and after some grieving time and more learning, I decided to take the positive in all things, be friends with fears and get comfortable with the unknown of having to live with cancer... and still in love and freedom Thank you for stopping by and sharing the love.  See ya next time! Let's connect!   Instagram: @wendy4wellness Facebook: Wendy Rosenthal Intro & outro music: Summer Nights - LIQWYD
March 16, 2020