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We Need More

We Need More

By Jeanelle and David
We Need More is a podcast driven to provide more positive representation in our community by interviewing professionals and business owners. Our audience is geared towards future entrepreneurs of all ages - specifically in the African American community.

Our guests provide background on their profession or business, their inspiration, peaks and pits of their journey and the legacy they want to leave behind.
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Tamra Sease - Queendom Come

We Need More

Jerri Evans - Owner of Turning Natural
When Jerri Evans, Owner of Turning Natural first opened her juice bar she could have only dreamed that it would infuse her life, her staff's life, and her customer's life, with such vitality and opportunity. It was Evans' late mother Annette Turner, who started Turning Natural, after being diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer. Sadly, after almost 10 years living cancer-free, the disease returned, and Annette fought her final fight in 2010. Shortly after her mother transition, Evans quit her then career as an Aeronautical Engineer to pursue helping those who were looking to take better care of themselves. Juicing was a major component in helping Turner remain cancer free. With over 20 years in juicing and holistic living, Jerri knew that Turning Natural would provide a valuable service to communities that would otherwise lack "better choice" options. Turning Natural is more than a juice bar, it's a health movement! The mission of Turning Natural is to bring better choices to communities that are underserved; making healthy foods affordable, cool, and ultimately taste like magic! Community and integrity being two of our main core values, we pride ourselves on educating, reconnecting cultures and providing juices made with love and precision. Our main interest are good vibes, better food, and excellent company!
October 22, 2020
Dr. Gina Paige - Founder of African Ancestry
African Ancestry is a company that helps expand the way people view themselves and the way they view Africa! African Ancestry is the world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent having helped more than 750,000 people re-connect with the roots of their family tree. With the industry’s largest and most comprehensive database of over 30,000 indigenous African DNA samples, African Ancestry determines specific countries and specific ethnic groups of origin with an unrivaled level of detail, accuracy and confidence.  In 2003, Dr. Gina Paige co-founded African Ancestry, Inc. ( and in doing so, pioneered a new way of tracing African lineages using genetics, and a new marketplace for people of African descent looking to more accurately and reliably trace their roots. Paige travels the world helping people demystify their roots and inform on identities so that they may better understand who they are by knowing where they’re from. Visit African Ancestry -
August 19, 2020
Jimmy Wise - Owner of Wisecuts Barbershop
Jimmy Wise is the owner of Wisecuts Barbershop and Barber School. He dropped by with the crew of We Need More to share practical tips on how his idea of opening his own shop became a reality. We even learn about the haircut he received from his mother. Press play to find out how that turned out. Jimmy shares steps if you desire to open up your own barbershop. WISECUTS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE BARBERSHOP. Wisecuts brings flavor and a vibe to the barber industry that you can't get anywhere else. Barbers are part of a hand-picked team  that are passionate about our craft.  Wisecuts are an elite men's club of sorts where people from all walks of life are welcome. Wisecuts is a corner stone in the neighborhood and a place where knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. ABOUT THE SCHOOL Wisecuts Barber School believes that every person who has the desire and determination to become a barber should have that opportunity. That belief inspires instructors to prepare students to not only be effective barbers, but to also pass the Virginia licensing exam. The goal of our high quality program is to provide each enrolled student with straightforward practical instruction and an energetic learning experience. The graduate of Wisecuts Barber School will have the foundation to pursue their desired career goals. Visit Wisecuts Barbershop and Barber School
July 2, 2020
Brandon Frame - Founder of TheBlackManCan
Brandon Frame is a visionary leader, social innovator and mentor. He is the Chief Visionary Officer of TheBlackManCan, Inc. an award winning and internationally recognized non-profit and digital media platform focused on celebrating, educating and inspiring boys and men of color. Started as a blog, over the last seven years TheBlackManCan has evolved in a conscious social community that reflects positive images of black boys and men of color. Brandon Frame is the Deputy Director of Social - Emotional Learning at The Urban Assembly, Co-Founder of the award winning twitter chat #hiphoped and the Author of Define Yourself, Redefine the World: A Guided Journal for Boys and Men of color and the children's book My First Tie. For his service to his community, Brandon has received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Award, Change Maker of the Year and was named Next in Class in the field of Education by Black Entertainment Television. Brandon’s work has been featured in the Black Enterprise, Boston Globe, Essence, CBS, and NBC. Brandon pursues excellence with impeccable effort in all that he does. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and resides in Bronx, NY. Visit TheBlackManCan website
April 1, 2020
Samantha Josaphat - Founder of Studio 397 Architecture
Samantha Josaphat: Principal of Studio 397 Architecture, a New York City based design firm specializing in Architecture and Interior Design. The world of architecture is not known for diversity, hence Samantha being the 397th African American Female Architect to achieve licensure in the United States; that's less than 1% of all registered architects.  Samantha started her own firm to raise that number and create better conditions for those taking charge. Samantha is also the president of nycoba NOMA, a professional networking organization for minority architects. She also leads the initiative, Project Pipeline, an architectural day camp for elementary school students. MOTIVATING, IGNITING, AND MENTORING THE CREATIVE THINKING PROCESS Support Studio 397
March 26, 2020
Kier Gaines - Creator of Kier & Them
Kier & Them is a multi-passionate millennial family featuring Kier, a mental health professional, his wife, Noémie, an intellectual property lawyer, and their sassy 2-yr-old daughter, Emery. Do we look familiar? You may have seen us online already - Emery’s french fry dance or our surprise engagement. Over the past two years, we have grown to over 58,000 Instagram followers and 17,000 YouTube subscribers. The mission is to showcase non-traditional love and marriage, millennial family and parenting, and home and lifestyle while focusing on the importance of mental health through comedic, but thought-provoking digital content. Their content will make you think, cry, and most likely break out into a belly laugh. Official Website
March 19, 2020
Khadijah Robinson - Founder of The Nile List
In this weeks episode, meet Khadijah Robinson, the founder and owner of The Nile List. A Southern girl through and through, Khadijah was raised in Savannah, GA and Montgomery, AL. Her life is a manifestation of the Issa Rae phrase, “I’m rooting for Everybody Black.” After graduating from Spelman College, and receiving her J.D. from Harvard Law School she decided to practice law in Washington, D.C.  On March 1, 2020, Khadijah launched her new endeavor: The Nile List - a one-stop-shop for Black brands; making shopping with Black businesses quick and easy, and full of variety. Nile makes shopping with Black businesses quick and easy, and full of variety.  Nile is here to fill the gaps in knowledge of customers who want to shop with Black businesses, but don’t know where to look or, don’t have the time to go looking! More importantly, it’s here to streamline the process of buying Black -- which will now be just as easy as buying from Amazon. You shouldn't have to sacrifice convenience to support your peeps. More on The Nile List
March 5, 2020
Erica Buddington - Founder of Langston League
Erica Buddington is a career educator, based in Brooklyn, New York. Complex Magazine called her the “most fire teacher ever.” She left her post as Director of TRUCE Media and Arts at Harlem Children’s Zone to found Langston League. She’s been a teacher, grade team lead, Dean of Students, and/or curriculum designer at Uniondale School District, Uncommon Schools, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Capital Preparatory Schools. Buddington has an extensive background in youth development, assisting many organizations with content that improved site culture and student academic/creative progression. She’s designed culturally responsive history and social justice curriculum for entire networks, summer programming, after-school initiatives, speaker series, and more. Buddington is known for learning experiences that heighten student retention, engagement, and mastery. Buddington is currently immersed in a Freedom Fellows Institute Fellowship and is in the process of designing a unique school experience for middle school students. She also facilitates professional developments and designing curriculum for clients like Google Code Next and Medgar Evers Literacy Center, and coaching a number of educators. Langston League is a multi-consultant curriculum firm, specializing in teaching educators to design and implement culturally responsive and sustaining instructional material and professional development. More on Erica Buddington Support Langston League
February 20, 2020
Destinee Swindell and Duclas Charles - Founders of Strivers' Row
Strivers’ Row celebrates doers - those among us who are pursuing their passions, putting their talents to use and in turn, establishing new standards. Each quarter a cohort is featured, making the masses aware of their work and motivations, and providing information for how to support their success. Strivers are young, Black creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs of diverse areas of expertise, experiences and perspectives. Strivers' Row is a community. There is great promise for lasting professional partnerships and friendships to be cultivated among those who are invited to join. A number of private events are hosted for Strivers along with opportunities to represent the community at public events.
August 15, 2019
Jasmine Jones - Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cherry Blossom Intimates
EVERY WOMAN DESERVES TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL Jasmine Jones is changing what post-mastectomy shopping looks and feels like, creating beautiful lingerie shopping experiences for all women, and using innovation and inclusion to be impactful across the globe. Inspired by her grandmother’s battle with breast cancer, Jasmine joined Dr. Hampton to create a unique experience for women regardless of their bra size or the stage of their breast cancer journey. Jasmine was crowned Miss District of Columbia USA in 2016. She now serves as Vice President of the Young Professional Council of Breast Care for Washington and as Founder of the Global Literacy Initiative. More on Jasmine Jones Support Cherry Blossom Intimates
August 8, 2019
Lauryn Fanguen - Challenges of Black Immigration
Lauryn Fanguen - Shares with We Need More about the challenges of being a black immigrant in America. 
August 1, 2019
Kaine Hampton - Entertainment Lawyer
Kaine Hampton is an Entertainment Law attorney; he served as Counsel with the Global Entertainment division of Viacom Networks, servicing MTV, VH1, BET, and Logo Networks. In this role, Kaine works to execute agreements for on-air and off-air productions across the Viacom Media Network channels and platforms, specializing in large-scale live music events, scripted, and unscripted programming, including shows such as MTV Video Music Awards and BET Awards. Prior to this role, Kaine served as a Business Analyst with Music World Entertainment, in which he worked closely with the legal department and production teams on digital content exploitation projects for artists such as Beyonce, Chaka Khan, and Johnny Cash. In, At the Crossroads: The Intersection of Synchronization Licensing and Musician Advocacy, Kaine discusses some of the challenges songwriters and licensees face under the Copyright Act. Further, In City University of Hong Kong’s Journal of Law, Technology and Public Policy, Hampton discusses the challenges and advantages that social media has presented for employers, article entitled, Trending Topic: An Effective Analysis to Determine Employer Ownership of Social Media Accounts. He is a member of the ABA IP Law –Young Lawyers Action Group and National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications.
July 25, 2019
Anika Hobbs - Owner and Lead Curator of Nubian Hueman & The Black Love Experience
CURATE.  CREATE.  CELEBRATE.  Nubian Hueman is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world.  Bringing popular culture, and fair-trade to a modern brand experience by serving as a means to promote collective interaction, community development, and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic platform.  Nubian Hueman is  a social enterprise that specializes in sourcing and curating unique goods, fashion, and art by designers representing the global Diaspora.  They break the myth that artists cannot live through their creative abilities which drives us to change the narrative of design around the world.  Anika Hobbs has partnered with close to 400 artists and designers, from 6 different continents, and over 25 countries.  Nubian Hueman is the only digital and brick-and-mortar with 99% of it's products made and purchased by people of color. Essentially they are the link that binds creative sustainability and international commerce. Follow on Instagram- @nubianhueman WASHINGTON DC 1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington DC 20020 (202) 394-3386 BALTIMORE MD 211 W. Read Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 Opening Summer 2019
July 11, 2019
John Ledbetter - Founder & CEO of Sunchase Media
Sunchase media is short-form video production company located in Washington DC. Sunchase Media uses video to tell the stories of people, of companies, of products. Whatever your story is, they want to tell it. From the moment of an idea’s conception to the very final color correction before screening. You provide the inspiration, and they'll provide the creative direction and a full production staff to make your project happen. Follow on instagram @SunchaseMedia
July 4, 2019
J'Vonn Forbes - Owner of 548 Construction, Real Estate Investor & Developer
J'Vonn Forbes shares his story growing up in Philadelphia, graduating from the campus of Morehouse College and launching non-profits to better serve communities across the nation. This episode, we focus on the story behind the development of one Forbes' many companies, 548 Construction. Follow J'Vonn Forbes on Instagram @iamjforbes
June 27, 2019
Ronald Draper - Owner of the RD Showroom, Art Educator & Activist
Ronald Alexander Draper is a visual artist born and raised in Harlem, New York. The NAACP and Urban League award-winning artist and Art Educator also serves as the Director of Contemporary Arts and Culture at Harlem Hospital Center, creating displays for individual spaces across the 200,000 square-foot campus. Draper, who specializes in custom-tailored artwork for both residential and commericial spaces, uses a multitude of artistic materials and extremely deliberate decision-making to create one of a kind art experiences. Draper moves beyond traditional thinking, creating new combinations with materials, pushing his artistic messaging to new heights and allowing his work to be a dynamic presence for the space in which it lives. His multi-sensory artistic style teases the senses. His artwork will please your sense of sight and appeal to your sense of self. Draper owns and operates the RD Showroom in the Port Morris section of the South Bronx. As the first Black-Artist-owned gallery in the Bronx, Draper is working to add to the narrative around the idea of an artist being in control of their own destiny. Follow on Instagram @RonaldDraper_Art
June 20, 2019
Rondel Holder - Founder & Creative Director of Soul Society 101
What Is Soul Society 101? The premiere travel, food and culture blog curated for Young Black Professionals. Soul Society 101 queues suggestions on travel destinations, social and adventure-seeking activities, restaurant, bar and nightlife suggestions, and food and cocktail recipes – from the cool perspective of a Young Black Professional who is social and eager to experience the world! The Mission: To alleviate the fear and frustration of traveling, of not being able to find reviews that match your POV. To encourage people to live life to the max and experience different cultures and expand their minds. At root, Creator of Soul Society 101, Rondel Holder, hopes that the blog will improve the quality of lifestyle within Black communities by developing a platform that both entertains and informs our people, with our particular interests, in our own voice. Through travel, we embrace cultures which destroys ignorance. Through food we build relationships and communion, which fosters peace and understanding. Follow on Instagram @KingRontheDon
June 13, 2019
Ashley Rouse - Founder & CEO of Trade Street Jam Co.
Trade St. Jam Co. is a chef, woman and minority-owned business that started in a tiny apartment in North Carolina on Trade Street. Our passion for all things food grew into something more: a company built on the foundation of culinary innovation. We strive to share our 10+ years of culinary knowledge in the form of a small batch jar that can be used in cocktails, salad dressings, BBQ sauces, marinades, pan sauces & more. Cooking should be fun and reflective of the person at hand, but what it shouldn't be, is complicated. Website: Instagram: @tradestjamco
June 6, 2019
Marjuan Canady - Canady Foundations of the Arts
Marjuan Canady, a native Washingtonian with Trinidadian/African American roots, is an award winning entrepreneur, writer, performer, director, educator and producer for both film and the stage. Marjuan is a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and holds a B.A. in Theatre/African American Studies from Fordham University and her M.A. in Art Politics from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Her work has been highlighted in international publications such as, The Washington Post, The Trinidad Gaurdian, Blavity, Black Enterprise and Huffington Post. Marjuan is CEO of her multimedia production company, Sepia Works. She is CEO/Author/Co-Creator of the children's media brand Callaloo and is founder of Canady Foundation for the Arts.
April 4, 2019
Brandi McAlister - Pray The Impossible
Brandi J-E McAlister, MS is a New Jersey native. She obtained her BA in Mass Communications from Virginia State University. Later she completed her MS in integrated Marketing Communication from Manhattan College. Brandi is a dedicated member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Brandi coins herself the Spiritual Friendvisor (A friend who gives advice based off of gold wisdom). She offers advice, provides encouragement, and gives hope through her weekly conversational testimonies on the Pray The Impossible devotional site. She is the author of Real Talk, A Conversation From My Heart to Yours, A 30 Day Devotional. This book features conversations that inspires and uplift the readers faith based off of real life experiences.  Traveling, spending time with loved ones, and dancing is what she enjoys most about life. Her motto in life is Live, Love, Laugh and give God all the glory.
March 28, 2019
Jerron Hawkins - President Obama Mentee & Reach Foundation
Howard University student Jerron Hawkins was recently honored during the Obama Foundation’s first national My Brother’s Keeper Rising! conference by being granted the opportunity to share his social justice story on President Barack Obama’s Instagram account. Hawkins, a political science and economics double major, has been associated with the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Alliance since its inception, in 2014. My Brother’s Keeper was launched by President Obama as a call to action to close opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color. Since then, Jerron has started his own non-profit: Reach Foundation - establishing a productive and uplifting culture for collegiate minorities.
March 18, 2019
Music & Passion with Eric Hall
Eric was exposed to music at an early age. Blessed with a musical family, his Mother a singer and pianist, his father a trumpet player, and his older brother on the trombone, it was only right that he followed suit. Being exposed to artist such as Stevie Wonder, Take 6, Earth Wind and Fire, and Grover Washington Jr. Eric decided to pick up the Flute and Saxophone. Aside from touring and performing for artist, Eric also produces. In 2012 he produced a song for Madonna off her MDNA Album. Since then Eric has produced for the R&B superstar group Bell Biv Devoe, New Kids On The Block and Hip Hop artist Rick Ross. Eric just finished doing the film score for a brand new series called “Black Lady Goddess”. He also started his own company called Natural High Productions.
March 14, 2019
Philip Garner - Garner's Garden
Philip Garner started Garner’s Garden in 2012 with one thing in mind – make affordable, 100% natural skin care products. Garner’s Garden had humble beginnings, first being available at local farmer's markets and at local events. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth, and has been featured in national publications, including The Huffington Post and PYNKMagazine. Philip is committed to helping people live healthier lifestyles by creating products that are handmade and are made with high-quality ingredients.
March 7, 2019
Tamra Sease - Queendom Come
Tamra Sease is an unfiltered author and craver of Christ. She prides herself in evolving into a versatile essayist, freely writing on various topics from the depths of her heart. Tamra lives to empower women to own God’s truth and practically apply principles of scripture in order to propel God’s daughters toward their purpose.  A graduate of Hampton University and McDaniel College, Tamra is the proud daughter of Tillman and Madeline Sease and eldest sibling of Jacqueline Octavia and Brandon Tillman of Bowie, MD.
February 28, 2019
DJ Economix - A Conversation on Music & Coffee
DJ Economix is a creator of the moment. Hailing from West Philadelphia, he discovered a passion for music at an early age. It wasn't until he finished school with an undergrad and graduate degree in Economics that he realized his passion was much more than a hobby. Thus creating the name Economix. Economix currently displays his talents in New York City, Philadelphia and the Washington DC (DMV) area. He specializes in various genres of music. Including hip-hop, r&b, top 40, reggae to name a few. He has performed at a variety of events (clubs, private events and weddings). Economix wants everybody to leave one of his parties or events with a lasting memory of the music. His goal in his own words is to "kill the party" and make sure the crowd, the venue, and his clients enjoy every moment of the event. He prides himself in his attention to detail through his music selection and the awareness of his surroundings.
February 21, 2019
Mahalia Jessup - C'est Belle Events
C’est Belle Events is a premier event planning and design group that specializes in curating timeless celebrations with expert level attention to detail. Bringing together top professionals in the industry to flawlessly execute any celebrations while making it uniquely your own. The approach is being creative and professional to bring life to an unforgettable experiences for each clients. Dream.Plan.Design.Love.Party
February 14, 2019
Sean Williams - The Dad Gang
Sean Williams is changing the way that Black Father's are viewed. The founder of The Dad Gang showcases active black fathers who aim to defy the misleading negative stereotypes that surround it. "We’re here to show the world that black fathers do exist and take an active role in raising our children." His goal is to encourage, support, share tips and experiences that can help fathers from all walks of life become better #DadGoals #TheDadGang everyday.  Let’s change the narrative.
February 7, 2019
Shaquana Robotham - BrideHive & The Brand Label
The Brand Label is a fashion line created for women in search of who they are today and who they are destined to become through their unique sense of style and creativity. Inspired and designed by two women, Shaq & Nola sought to create garments that would allow women to express themselves while remaining true to who they are. We want our clothing to exude all the things we aspire for women; authenticity, self-confidence and individuality. As women, we should not be defined by society or social media popularity. We should be defined and empowered by our brand. That’s what makes us fascinating, that’s the real you. The woman wearing our garment will tell a story, her story, about who she is and what her brand represents and that’s the most important story we could ever tell. Motto: Let your brand be defined by your story… Let your style be defined by your creativity… Let your life be defined by your legacy…. Forever embrace being you… ~The BRAND
January 26, 2019