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By Gabriela D'Elia
WeRecomposing rides the waves between the studies of fungi (mycology) and astrology. Both are medicinal and regenerative languages of personal inquiry and collective consciousness.
On Fungi & Death
Emily McKinley and I discuss the connections between death, fungi, and grief. We walk within the medicines of presence, connecting to death, regeneration, transformation, heart opening, forest bathing, and the importance of collective healing. Resources mentioned include Long Litt Woon's book The Way Through the Woods, Bodhi Be and Doorway Into Light, Stephen Jenkinson's book Die Wise, Grief Walker Documentary, and Martin Prechtel. Emily McKinley is an artist, death doula, grief tender, and land steward. She lives in relationship with unceded Coast Salish lands and waters of northwestern Washington. Her work lies at the crossroads of grief, love, creative expression, regeneration, death, magic, and liberation for all beings. You can find her at or @emilyofthesea. She offers grief circle and collective and 1-on-1 death and grief support.
October 12, 2020
All About Reishi
This podcast episode dishes all about our beloved Reishi mushroom! Known as the “mushroom of spiritual potency” for Daoist monks, we explain how to identify wild Reishi mushrooms in North America, what their traditional uses and names are, and what science has found thus far to be many of their most incredible medicinal properties for the benefit of us humans. If you've been curious about Reishi and their healing powers, or if you ingest Reishi for medicine, this podcast is for you! This podcast has been released in tandem with Moon Mushroom's very first triple extract reishi tincture: Reishi Tincture 2020 Sagittarius Full Moon/Summer Solstice. We also offer reishi wands for purchase. Sign up for our September 2020 Beginner's Online Mycology Course: Interbeing.
July 30, 2020
Orienting to the Zodiac
Are you ready to take your astrology to the next level? Well, more specifically, are you ready to anchor your astrological practice into this earthly life? In essence, a natal chart captures your first impression of light and vibration, which sets a tone for your perception and personality. Through orienting locationally, you can begin understanding a more embodied, sensory, and visceral discourse with astrology and your sacred space. What do directions and spacial awareness mean to you? How can you strengthen these bonds? Take out your chart and follow along for this interactive journey of Orienting to the Zodiac. Find the Episode HANDOUTS here. Support WeRecomposing and join community on Patreon. Join Emailcilium for mycology & astrology updates. @we.recomposing
May 27, 2020
Astrology Basics
Are you curious about our web of rhythmic relating? Our newest episode focuses on Astrology Basics with Gabriela. Take out your Natal Chart and follow along for this interactive exploration of astrology and its foundations: archetypes, zodiac signs, houses, and planets. This episode is valuable for those just beginning their astro practice as well as those seasoned with cosmic investigation. 
May 11, 2020
Pluto: 2020's Ally
Pluto, the planet of compost, regeneration, power, transformation, and survival instinct forms notable conjunctions with two planets in 2020: Saturn (1/12) and Jupiter (4/4, 6/29, and 11/12). In Capricorn, we uncover the systemic, underworld, and skeletal qualities of this rebirth energy. Through awareness, hiddenness, myth, and exploration, we look into Pluto, or Hades, King of Darkness, the "All-Receiver", the Giver of Wealth. Everything that is not truth is going to be shaken. Where are you experiencing the sensitive surfacing of what is hidden?
April 28, 2020
I'm a Mushroom
Featured on Gabriela D'Elia's "Fungal Song Cycle", first released October 2018. The "Fungal Song Cycle" is always in movement, new fruits occur when conditions are right. The evolution of our consciousness depends on our connection. 
April 02, 2020
The Story of MycoAstrology
WeRecomposing is what I call this practice that rides the waves between the study of fungi (mycology) and the study of earth-based medicine that observes and celebrates the changing seasons and celestial movements (astrology). In celebration of the Spring Equinox on March 19th 2020, here's our first ever podcast recording! This is the story of MycoAstrology as I currently understand it. We dive into the origins of life on earth and how mycology and astrology speak to one another. Hoping you're soul-full and well from Gabriela at WeRecomposing.
March 18, 2020