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We're Talking

We're Talking

By Christopher Potter
Mental health discussions with guests and professionals, from around the world, sharing their personal stories and challenges and how they have overcome them.
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015 - Michael Lauria | Forging Excaliber

We're Talking

17 - Mental Healthcare with RPN Brenna Goldie and Dane Bland
Talking with RPN Brenna Goldie about her insights on the Ontario Healthcare and Mental Healthcare issues. Then, talking with Dane Bland who is running for the nomination for MPP for Peterborough and the Kawartha's and what his ideas are on the areas that need improvement and how to fix them.
April 12, 2021
016 - Mandy Pipher | Let's Talk
I finally take on the issue that was the reason I started this podcast. Bell and their "Let's Talk" campaign.  I'm not a fan and it seems I am not alone. We even have some ideas on what Bell could do to make the campaign better and more inclusive.  I am interviewing Mandy Pipher who wrote an OP/ED for the Toronto Star Mandy is a Toronto-based writer exploring intersections of language, culture, and politics. Her pieces have appeared in The Puritan, the Toronto Star, and peer-reviewed journals. She co-runs the literature-humour site ClickityLit with Paul Young, and, occasionally, blogs on Medium.
April 23, 2019
015 - Michael Lauria | Forging Excaliber
Creating Conscious, Present & Empowering Relationships by Empowering Couples & Individuals Michael is a Relationship Therapist with over 10 years experience helping couples achieve happiness, peace and longevity within their intimate relationship.  He is passionate about relationships, the dynamics and energies that help to form and transform the interpersonal interactions with our significant other. It is his mission to guide others towards empowering and fulfilling relationships.
April 17, 2019
014 - Up The Ladder in a Skirt | Maggie Georgeopoulos
  Maggie is the Leading Global authority on career development for women in male dominated industries. She is the author of the upcoming book, Up the Ladder in a Skirt, which is hailed as the book for women in challenging roles globally by business leaders, movers and shakers. A mechanical engineer who climbed to the top of the leadership ladder, Maggie was the executive chairman of a large agricultural company, responsible for the 75% increase in the retention of staff through career development pathways, by the age of 32. Maggie is a sought after consultant in oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing and automotive industries. Having achieved goals such as being the youngest member of the plastics pioneers’ education initiative which went into companies such as Monsanto and Nylex. She has directly impacted the career choices and progress of over 10,000 women in over 32 countries around the world. With a deep commitment to diversity and well-being she is an ambassador for sustainable career development for women the world over.
April 10, 2019
013 - FEAR | Josh McLean
  An expert in personal transformation helping high performers understand and overcome fear in order to achieve their full potential.  Josh is a continual learner energized by the pursuit of self-improvement and living an abundant life.  Life is good today but that wasn’t always the case. Over the decade, Josh has overcome the crippling effect of fear and a brain injury resulting from a severe car accident. His success proves small actions and a strong mindset can spark powerful transformation; eliminating the feeling of being drained, conflicted, confused, and hopeless. Josh’s corporate experience includes 15 years in Finance & Strategy managing highly engaged teams and holding leadership positions across iconic brands including Nike, KinderCare Education, and Ameriprise Financial. 
April 3, 2019
012 - The Happiness Coach - Hailey Patry
  Hailey Patry is the founder of The Lifted Lid… “Life Uncapped”. She is Best known for her work as a True Happiness coach, Marriage Mentor and Offline Success Trainer, delivering massive results in just 9 hours. Nicknamed “World’s Happiest Woman”, Hailey is a Master Coach in Radical Living and Radical Forgiveness. With decades of experience, she is an authority on Happiness, Love and Success in both the business and personal development worlds, and has the kind of energy that lights up an entire stadium. Having spoken for over 1-million audience members and coached over 26,000 students and professionals in 136 countries, she is a master keynote speaker and facilitator. She is also an award-winning author with 3 International-Best-Selling Books plus books 4 and 5 on the way. Hailey holds ten coaching designations and understands both life and business from the inside out. As a happily married mom of three, she has run three traditional businesses, an International franchise, a 60-million-dollar home-based business, and a coaching institute. She mentors business professionals to become the up-levelled version of themselves and achieve their full potential. She shows clients what is blocking their happiness, how it’s affecting their performance, and how to immediately shift into a happier way of being, which leads to productivity and profitability. This decreases emotional wellness leaves, saving companies and the economy millions of dollars. Expect excellence when she takes the stage! She blends heart, humour and uplifting stories with interactive activities to teach clients their fastest path to happiness, success and connection as a way to directly raise positivity, self esteem, ability to focus and produce great work and revenue. They immediately decrease stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Having worked in sectors from education to corporate, and wellness to small business, some of her previous clients include Toronto District School Board, Disneyland Resort on Why Happiness Pays, and York University, training teachers. Hailey’s 25 years as a business owner and having overcome more than 30 years of trauma, has taught her how to bounce back from adversity and create happiness, love and success rapidly, no matter what challenges are present. She has been featured on Cogeco, Rogers, NBC and other media. If you are ready for your organization to truly shine, speak with Hailey’s team and book some time.
March 21, 2019
011 - 1 In 5 with Megan te Boekhorst
 Why I Created the 1 IN 5 Sweater I've been struggling with my depression lately.  I don't know if it's just chemical, or if it's from the stress of having recently started a business (it is terrifying after all). It's getting harder to wake up in the mornings and start my day. Getting dressed takes effort.  It's not as bad as it's been - not even close. But it's a reminder that it's there. Constantly. And I'm one of the lucky ones.  1 in 5 Canadians will struggle with mental illness. I am 1 in 5. But the four other people in my life who don't live with mental illness still feel the impact. They are touched by mine.  1 in 5 will struggle with mental illness, but 5 in 5 have mental health. We all need to do a better job at caring for our mental well being, and the well being of those around us.  1 in 5 will struggle with mental illness, but we don't really talk about it. We continue to hide mental illness in the dark. We don't fully understand it, nor do we want to.  I created the 1 IN 5 Sweater to change this. To amplify the conversation. To put the reality of mental illness in people's faces.  I also want to use a part of the sales to start a new-ish foundation. Some of you may remember the Vibrant Lives Foundation? It will be getting a whole new name, a new look, and a new energy. It might take me some time, but it will be worth the wait.  Get your 1 IN 5 Sweater and join me in ending the stigma.
March 19, 2019
010 - The Antsy Butterfly
We're Talking with Karen AKA The Antsy Butterfly. Speaking about her history with mental illness and a range of topics. "I’m an anxious mom to one wild boy who pushes me every day. I started writing as a way to expel all my insecurities in a safe yet cathartic manner, hoping it will reach you so that maybe neither of us have to feel so alone in this great wild world of parenting."
March 14, 2019
009 - Escaping The Rabbit Hole - Tracey Maxfield
 I spend this episode with Tracey Maxfield. She is a nurse with over 36 years’ experience.  Tracey experienced her first episode of clinical depression in her twenties and lived with chronic depression ever since. However, nothing prepared her for the acute depressive episode she experienced in 2015. After enduring years of intense workplace stress, harassment and bullying, she plummeted into an abyss of darkness, hopelessness and despair the likes of which she had never experienced before. Encouraged by a psychologist, Tracey started a Blog, Escaping the Rabbit Hole: my life with depression, to better help her friends understand her depression. Over time, Tracey began to heal and found that out of the darkness and despair, there is hope, there is life after depression.
March 12, 2019
008 - Homeless By Choice - Roy Juarez Jr.
Roy Juarez, Jr. founded America’s Business Leaders – a human development company in 2005 when he was just a freshman at Hardin-Simmons University. With a dream to inspire youth and reunite families, Juarez began sharing his turbulent history to touch the lives of youth, educators, and parents.
March 7, 2019
007 - It's Me Again
A suggestion from a listener. Let's talk about the chemistry of dopamine and serotonin and how these neurotransmitters affect us. Thanks to Nicole for the suggestion. 
March 5, 2019
006 - Meridy Leeper
In this episode I speak at length with Meridy. She's been in the news around the world last week when her daughter came home from school with an image that was so disturbing, her 7 year old is now seeing a therapist. Link to one of the thousands of news articles about this story:
February 28, 2019
005 - Southern Fried Asian
  An hour with Susie Reynolds Reece - The Southern Fried Asian Suicide Prevention Violence Prevention & Drug Abuse Prevention An incredible story of survival.
February 26, 2019
004 - Jen - That Friend Saved My Life
From high school to today. 30 years covered in 30 minutes. Jennifer shares about alcoholic parents and self harm. 
February 21, 2019
003 - Come On Eileen PT1
Anxiety, children, social challenges... a little bit about a lot of things. 
February 19, 2019
002 - Loud Ray from Rehab
In this episode I talk to a friend who's tackled black out alcoholism. Many other stories to be told in future episodes with him. This is my first episode recorded over Skype. 
February 15, 2019
001 - Introduction
Our first episode. A brief introduction to our host, Chris Potter
February 12, 2019