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By (Michelle Obama 2.0) aka Lashade
Inspiring order in the world begins with us. We sealed Genesis is a generational thinking place, providing bursts of good energy and resources useful in a very fast changing world where people are hurting. In addition, this podcast offers a non judgmental space for young women who want to express their love for Christ by staying at his feet and reciprocate the love by unapologetically sharing God’s love with others.
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Your Body is a Temple
Join host Amanda in a conversation on maintaining your body, which is the most important vessel God created to house your soul. Learn more about other truths God has for your life here:
September 17, 2020
Generational entanglements III
May the souls of all those lost in the 911 tragedy Rest In Peace. Finalizing our learning series about jealousy that lingered four great generations.
September 11, 2020
Defying all odds (Pagentry & Esther): GUEST DEYON CALLENDER
With a life mirroring Esther on the Bible, Deyon knows no limits to possibilities. Join the conversation as Miss Jamaica Florida 2019 gives us the info as a determined member of cultural endurance and a tangible link to the carribean and their symbolic presence in America. Interested in knowing more about her? (Intro Audio courtesy of Lunch and Learn Event for KEMET Electronics Corporation by Deyon Callender) Click here: Check out my Milkshake
September 10, 2020
Generational entanglements II
Breaking family ties associated in jealousy with prayer! Inspiration: Genesis 26-28
September 8, 2020
Generational entanglements
Breaking family ties associated in jealousy with prayer! Inspiration: Genesis 29-30
September 7, 2020
14 year old’s cup runs over as she takes charge of changing the narrative of her generation through business: Welcome to God Made Me...!, a Christian Children's Clothing Line dedicated to little believers who can express their faith with style. 2020, the year of vision, inspired Kennedy Swint (Owner and CEO of God Made Me… LLC) to create a vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and giving them hope and inspiration. The Holy Spirit within Kennedy and the protests around the world, which started from the death of George Floyd, gave Kennedy the fire within to see her vision through. Thus, God Made Me… LLC was born. God Made Me… LLC apparel consists of Todds (2T - 5T), Kiddos (Youth XS - Youth L), and Teenz (Adult S - Adult L). The original logo is imprinted on the front of each t-shirt, along with Isaiah 46:4 imprinted on the bottom corner of the t-shirt. 10% of all proceeds will go towards children in need. God Made Me… LLC is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving God by giving to those in need. Isaiah 46:4 states, “God made me, carries me, sustains me, and rescues me;” encourages children that no matter what, God is and will always be with them through life, even to their old age and gray hairs.​ Connect with Kennedy
September 5, 2020
The God who sees you (God moments) GUEST CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ
Fore runner, kingdom woman, wife, mother, faith and fashion lover. That is who Cynthia is: a Conqueror 4 life. This season she’s inspired and by the Grace of God is praying for a special type of people who sometimes are easily forgotten. Single mom, the elderly in foster care... also sex trafficking victims. Choose to adhere to what God sees. Amen ... connect with her on our guest corner
September 4, 2020
Bleeding on the inside! GUEST RANAE KAI
Drawing from the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5.. Ranae joins in the conversation as we discuss all the internal devils we experience on a daily basis. Connect more with Ranae here and her upcoming book launch:
September 4, 2020
Legacy building: a new message of hope GUEST DENIECE LAURENT-Mantey
“God is going to do amazing things because women have gathered.” Kingdom woman of HER PEARLS, wife, mother and Foreign Affairs Officer at the U.S. Department of State Deniece Laurent-Mantey is currently a Foreign Affairs Officer at the U.S. Department of State. Mrs. Laurent-Mantey most recently served as a Special Assistant to Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Executive Secretariat Staff of the Department. She has also served in the Bureau of Oceans, Environment, and Science as well as the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor as a Special Assistant. She assumed her current assignment as the Acting Deputy Director in the Bureau of African Affairs, Office of West Africa in September 2018, with responsibilities for the 10 coastal countries in West Africa. A native of the Bronx, New York, she holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School, and a master’s degree in African Studies and Public Policy from Howard University. More about Deniece
September 3, 2020
Don’t play yourself, pray yourself!
Christ asked: “who touched my clothes?” It’s the last day of August!! What an exciting time to be alive.. hear and think of what you can do to press forward in finishing 2020 strong? Inspired by a Steven Furtick sermon
August 31, 2020
Game changing strategy! GUEST CHRISTIAN DORN
With travel experiences in common, our host Shadia gets to know more about Christian Dorn, her walk with Christ, her ministry, her business and her health! More about Christian Dorn here:
August 30, 2020
Weekend prayer bonus!
Thank you for supporting our podcast! We are almost at 100k plays and we believe that’s a great testimony!
August 29, 2020
It’s win-win awesomeness when we fellowship! GUEST TRACY - THE SELECT LIFE
Join Tracy & Shadia on our fellowship conversation with inspiration from Acts 2:42 More about Tracy here:
August 27, 2020
You need to share your gift out to the world: GUEST KIM WRIGHT
The power of networking leads to endless possibilities! In this episode our special guest Kim Wright (Instagram @kim.erly) from Philadelphia, founder of Young people’s cry takes us through the power of networking and taking the call from God to share your talents to the world.. More about Kim here:
August 23, 2020
You need to walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
If we want to see the power of God in our lives we need to adhere to the opportunity presented in psalms 23:4
August 21, 2020
You need true friends : GUEST AMANDA CATO
It can get complicated.. yet, there is always a way. Special guest Amanda Cato join’s us to define some friendship goals. She is an author/writer. She loves empowerment and motivating women and children. Amanda worships with the Hillsong NYC church. She’s in a sisterhood group filled with women growing faith and  purpose. More about Amanda here:
August 18, 2020
You need to be each other’s keeper!
Adam wasn’t present when Eve had the interaction with temptation.. fast forward, Eve sinned, Adam joined her.. what could we do differently in their shoes today?
August 18, 2020
You need to build much needed patience
It’s beautiful to watch any parent experience the power of an ultrasound the first time they discover they are expecting.. approximately nine months later, they experience their new born from that day, it will take six years prior to enrolling them in first grade and fast forward watch their baby take their first driving lessons many more years later. What’s the point? Patience is key in experiencing great things the right way at the right time.
August 17, 2020
You need to win this battle shift
Where are you now? Is your soil filled with thorns that prematurely stop your full potential? We still have a chance in Luke 8:15 to become the hydrated and good soil, where it’s fertility yields!
August 14, 2020
You need friends who will lower the mat for you
When Christ noted the hour was fast approaching to his arrest, he wanted to pray in private. He choose his class associates to support him in prayer. Who are your closest associates? Will they lower the mat for you?
August 13, 2020
God’s message for women III
Resources including how to involve the power of the holy sprit and prayer in your singlehood starter pack
August 11, 2020
God’s message for women II
In this episode we discuss the important elements of being single and how to use the period to our advantage
August 8, 2020
God’s message for women
In part 1 of this message, find out the truth in the word about being busy as a single female. How do you spend your time? Grounded in the present? Or daydreaming about the future?
August 6, 2020
God is intentional
To be armed in living in the best version of ourselves we need to develop our trait of intentionality!
August 4, 2020
God is waiting for you
2020 brings everyone on their knees. Developed to developing, countries are more perplexed than ever. In the midst of all the changes, there is hope. Seek the things of the spirit to align you so that you can keep your head up.
August 3, 2020
God will wipe away tears
His promises are never ending and he fulfills them all if we hold on it and remind him of what he’s envisioned for his most cherished creation.
August 2, 2020
God looks in while man is busy looking on the outside
When God chose David, he was tending sheep. How did a shepherd qualify to be king?
August 1, 2020
God can do so much for you
He is a promise keeper if you let him in: “To him who by means of his power working in us is able to do so much more than we can ever ask for, or even think of: to God be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus for all time, for ever and ever! Amen.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:20-21‬ ‭GNB‬
July 31, 2020
You will survive
Special Edition, special guest Sofia joins WE SEALED GENESIS with great international vibes from Singapore!! We talking Physical, Spiritual & Emotional wellness ...
July 28, 2020
You will walk on the water too
“Lord if it’s you, Peter replied “tell me to come to you on the water.” Will you ever dare to do it? Will you stay focused on the one request you asked for?
July 26, 2020
You are under authority
Luke 7:23 “Happy are those who have no doubts in me.” If we believe God is the author and has authority over everything... why are we still magnifying our problems? Let’s strive to remain under authority. Further reading: Ephesians 4
July 21, 2020
You are invited
When God calls you to his table, it’s usually a personalized invitation. Will you dare to open up this lifetime invitation? John 4 (“Give me that loving water.”)
July 16, 2020
You will stand the test of time
Drawing inspiration from a wealthy woman clothed with abundance of humility in serving Elisha. 2 Kings 4:8-36
June 28, 2020
You are protected
If you had a priced possession, you will always seek to protect it. Drawing great inspiration from PSALMS 91 see how you are protected because there in a secret place you can abide under the shadow of the almighty
June 16, 2020
You lack nothing
Three years of working in the aviation industry has been mentally challenging although fun and a guidance tied to the beautiful psalm 23 - you have everything you need ..
June 6, 2020
You have Dominion
Embracing keywords presented in Genesis 1: 26-31 to help us cultivate a mindset of stewardship we have been given in order to have Dominion over God’s creation in bringing the earth under control.
June 3, 2020
You are essential..
The metaphor of Salt & Light. This episode is inspired by how Matthew 5:13-16 mirrors amazing characteristics these commodities have to our human ability.
June 2, 2020