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We Speak Dispatch is a group of 911 professionals discussing topics from the headlines, topics that are fun and interesting, topics that you care about. Our engaging conversations are designed to inspire more conversations, so if you have a topic you’d like to see discussed let us know. Thank you to all 911 dispatchers.
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911 Agency Described as a Superhero?

We Speak Dispatch

911 Saves Act--An Update
Further discussion from We Speak Dispatch about the 911 saves act----are dispatchers first responders?  What does this mean?  What does it cost?  How do you get involved?  All these questions plus more--be sure and check this episode out.  
December 3, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving 911!!!
We Speak Dispatch wants to say Happy Thanksgiving to all 911 dispatchers as well as all emergency responders.  2020 has been a challenging year and we are thankful for all of you!  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. #happythanksgiving #thanksgiving #thankful #family #love #friends #blessed #food #holiday #turkey #thanks #giving #foodporn #photooftheday #instagood #stuffing #celebrate #feast #fun #thanksgivingdinner #turkeyday #thanksgivingday #thanksgivingbreak #thanksgivingdecor #givethanks #thanksgivingprep #life #fall #familytime
November 25, 2020
911 Saves Act--Dispatchers ARE First Responders
Have you heard of the 911 Saves Act?  Are dispatchers considered first responders in your state?  We Speak Dispatch is joined by special guest James to discuss the 911 Saves Act and what it means.   #firstresponder #firefighter #police #paramedic #firstresponders #ems #lawenforcement #thinblueline #emt #fire #medic #ambulance #policeofficer #k #sheriff #firstaid #firefighters #emergency #firedepartment #firerescue #tactical #covid #fireman #emergencyservices #cops #thingoldline #911dispatcher #iam911
November 23, 2020
Tired of Being Tired
911 Dispatch jobs are becoming more stressful each year.  Are you tired of being tired?  A discussion from 4 people with over 100 years of combined 911 experience about the challenges 911 is facing and a few ways to overcome these hurdles..... #dispatcher #thingoldline #iam #police #thinblueline #dispatcherlife #ems #dispatchers #dispatch #policedispatcher #dispatcherproblems #firefighter #dispatchlife #firstresponders #firedispatcher #publicsafety #lawenforcement #firstresponder #nightshift #thinredline #backtheblue #paramedic #mentalhealth #healthyliving #savinglives #wellness #dispatchershenanigans
November 15, 2020
A Special Message From We Speak Dispatch
A special message from the crew at We Speak Dispatch.  Decals available--listen to this short episode to obtain your decal today.  
November 14, 2020
Promoting From Within and Upward Mobility
We Speak Dispatch is discussing promoting from within your department and some complexities you may encounter - we're joined by a special guest (Travis).  What opportunities do you have at your own agency in 911?  
November 8, 2020
Happy Halloween 911 Style
We Speak Dispatch discusses Halloween and working in 911--does your agency dress up for Halloween and is it a good idea?  Our scariest Halloween moment and our best costumes.  Happy Halloween to all 911 Dispatchers!  
October 30, 2020
Question and Answer with Law Enforcement and 911 Part 2
We Speak Dispatch is joined by a recently retired Sergeant from a California Law Enforcement Agency to ask questions that every 911 dispatcher and field responder can relate to.   This is part 2 of 2.  Check out part 1 as well so you do not miss any of the discussion.  We Speak Dispatch is proudly supported by Xybix.
October 26, 2020
Question and Answer with Law Enforcement and 911
We Speak Dispatch is joined by a recently retired Sergeant from a California Law Enforcement Agency to ask questions that every 911 dispatcher and field responder can relate to.   This is part 1 of 2--part 2 will drop in a few days.  Check out part 1 soon so that you are ready when part 2 drops.  We Speak Dispatch is proudly supported by Xybix.  
October 24, 2020
911 Differences Around the Country
If you heard the ten code:  10-10 what would come to mind for you?  How can we train universally when everyone does it differently?  Take a listen to this podcast episode to hear how training when there may be differences in codes is still possible.  
October 11, 2020
Educating the Public and What Technology May Assist 911 Dispatch
We Speak Dispatch talks about what their message would be for a public service announcement when educating the public about 911 and also discusses some new technology that may assist 911 in the near future and/or may already be assisting them.  
October 4, 2020
911 Training--How Did You Get Into It and Favorite Topics
We Speak Dispatch discusses training and how all of us got into training.  Also discuss what our favorite topic is and share a few stories about being a CTO along the way.  
September 28, 2020
Suicide Awareness Month--What Do You Do Besides Work?
911 can be a very demanding job with mandatory overtime and missed family functions.  We Speak Dispatch discusses what they do for fun and what is the most important thing to them.  Ricardo joins the panelists to discuss this important topic to make sure we remember to have fun once in a while and remember what is the most important thing to all of us.  Thank you 911 for all that you do!   
September 24, 2020
911 Agency Described as a Superhero?
We Speak Dispatch is talking about superhero's along with a special guest. So what's your answer--what superhero would your 911 agency be described as and why? What is their "kryptonite" and how do you overcome it?  
September 13, 2020
Attitude and Influence
We Speak Dispatch discusses the question:  Can someone work in 911 and have a negative attitude and still influence others?  This episode discusses attitude in the 911 center and oneself.  
September 6, 2020
How Has Training Changed Since COVID
We Speak Dispatch (WSD) looks at 911 training and how it has been impacted since COVID-19.  WSD discusses the positive changes that this has forced as well as some hurdles yet to be overcome.  
August 30, 2020
Tribute to Mike Becker
We Speak Dispatch remembers Mike Becker from the Scott Emergency Communications Center (SECC) in Davenport, Iowa.  Mike was the training coordinator for the SECC and hosted several training classes from the We Speak Dispatch panelists.  Mike was an amazing person and his laugh and willingness to always help others will truly be missed.  We Speak Dispatch is thinking of everyone at the SECC during this tough time.  
August 26, 2020
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
We Speak Dispatch discusses employees that hit that 3 year mark (or anytime really) and are thinking this may not be the job for me and how to handle these situations.  We thank all 911 dispatchers for the job that they do each and every day!  
August 23, 2020
Make Training Fun in 911?
We Speak Dispatch discusses the topic of fun as it relates to training in 911?  The panelists discuss some ways that they have had success in making training more enjoyable for everyone in attendance.  Take a listen and have some fun!!  
August 17, 2020
Foot and Car Chases! A 911 Dispatch Perspective
We Speak Dispatch discusses the role 911 dispatchers play during a foot and car chase.  The panel also discusses which one is more difficult to be successful at and offers a few things 911 dispatchers can do during a chase when they are not talking on the radio to assist law enforcement.  
August 8, 2020
What Qualities Make a Great Dispatcher?
The We Speak Dispatch crew talks about qualities that make a great 911 dispatcher.  Qualities such as punctuality, planning ahead, problem solving and keeping a work/life balance are all discussed.  
August 5, 2020
911 Centers and Morale
We Speak Dispatch discusses morale and 911 centers.  How do you keep morale high at your 911 center?  What are some ideas to keep employees engaged and excited?  911 and morale are oftentimes discussed--take a listen to this episode to hear some ideas surrounding morale and 911.  
July 18, 2020
What One Thing Would You Change in 911?
We Speak Dispatch discusses the one thing they would change in the 911 profession and the reasons for doing so.  This episode dives into some important topics facing 911 centers today and the reasons they are so important to have a successful 911 center.  
July 18, 2020
911 and COVID 19
We Speak Dispatch discusses the impacts COVID 19 has had on 911 centers and what things they have done differently to be successful during the pandemic.  Be sure and listen to this episode to hear ideas that your 911 center may want to consider.  Stay healthy everyone!    
July 18, 2020
Ride Alongs
We Speak Dispatch discusses participating in ride alongs with other emergency responders for training purposes.  Does your agency allow 911 dispatchers to ride along?  Are ride alongs beneficial and what is the true purpose of them?  Take a listen to this episode for ideas to improve your ride along program and some reasons as to why they may assist 911 dispatchers at your agency.  
July 18, 2020
The Future of 911 and Dispatch
We Speak Dispatch discusses the future of 911 and Dispatch.  What changes will dispatchers encounter in the next 10-20 years and how far has 911 come since it's inception.  An excellent discussion on some concepts and ideas to consider for moving forward in the 911 profession.  
July 18, 2020
911 Dispatching from Backup Locations
We Speak Dispatch discusses dispatching from locations besides your normal PSAP.  Where have you dispatched from?  Is your 911 backup center always up and running and tested or would it be adjusting on the fly?  Hear some real stories from 911 dispatchers about where they have dispatched from.  
July 18, 2020
Your Biggest Influence in 911
We Speak Dispatch discusses their most influential person in their 911 career.  Do you have someone who has influenced you?  Have you influenced someone and you may not realize it?  Be sure to always ensure you are a positive influence when working in 911 because you may never know who you are making an impact on.  
July 18, 2020
Memorial Day 2020
We Speak Dispatch gives a special shout out to all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  
July 18, 2020
Shout Out from Within the Trenches
Anytime you receive a shout out from Ricardo from the #IAM911 movement and the Within the Trenches podcast you need to share that information.  Thank you Ricardo for all that you do for 911 and the shout out!  
July 18, 2020
How Do We Train for Stressful Incidents
We Speak Dispatch discusses the importance of training for stressful situations.  911 dispatchers are often faced with making extremely critical decisions in seconds--hear some thoughts to better prepare for these situations to ensure you are ready for that next major event.  
July 18, 2020
Mental Health Awareness and Peer Support Teams in 911
May 2020 is mental health awareness month.  We Speak Dispatch discusses the importance of peer support teams in 911 centers and also talks about mental health awareness within 911 centers.  Also discussion about critical incident debriefings and if 911 should participate in the same debriefing with other public safety personnel.  
July 18, 2020
TV's in the 911 Center?
Do you have a TV in your 911  center?  What policy do you have in reference to the TV?  Does everyone have their own TV at their console?  Does a shared TV cause issues?  Excellent discussion on TV's in the 911 center and how each agency may be a little different.  
July 18, 2020
911 Leadership--from Peer to Supervisor Wk6ICxCypdkKCnKD9GQR
911 Leadership can be a challenging task--it may be even more challenging when transitioning from peer to supervisor.  Check out this podcast from We Speak Dispatch to hear a few tips when becoming a supervisor/manager in 911.     Wk6ICxCypdkKCnKD9GQR
July 17, 2020