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The West End House Camp Podcast

The West End House Camp Podcast

By Ryan Wilensky
West End House Camp podcast hosted by Camp Director Ryan Wilensky. Ryan answers parent questions, interviews parents, campers, and alumni.
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S3Ep2: Interviews with Sam Eggert, Matt Connelly, and Andrew Chaban
This 2nd episode of season 3, we wanted to focus on the Friends of West End Network, an internship program available to counselors at West End through our alumni network.  For 1st activity period, we will hear from Sam Eggert about his internship he had with Steve Dancey at Cool Tropics.  For 2nd activity period (start 24:00), we will hear from Matt Connelly about his internships he had at Privy with Josh Mendelsohn and at Phantom Gourmet with Dan Andelman which led to a full-time job.  For elective time (1:01:41), we will hear from Board of Directors member, Andrew Chaban, who is the CEO of Princeton Properties and how impressed he was with 2 of our current counselors who did an internship with his company over the winter break.
April 29, 2022
S3Ep1: Interview with Brion Rock
This 1st episode of season 3, we wanted to start off with a fun interview with former camper/counselor and actor, Brion Rock, from NYC.  1st Activity Period: We will hear how Brion came to West End, get an update on the theater scene and learn about his Words with Friends matches with Steve Lepler.  2nd Activity Period: (Start 14:25) Brion will give us his 1st and 2nd Hot Takes about Delux Deli Buffet and the best benches in camp.  Elective Time: (Start 26:05) Brion will give us his controversial take on Tubing and his dismissal of the famous Bourbon Meatball dinner.
February 25, 2022
S2Ep5 Camp Arrival Entry Plan with Natasha Williamson
For this special edition of the podcast, Ryan speaks again with our Nurse Practitioner, Natasha Williamson. Natasha and Ryan discuss the entry plan for the arrival to camp, COVID protocols for the summer, and some of our newest outdoor activities.
June 25, 2021
S2Ep4 Summer 2021 Zoom Recording Q&A
This episode will be the audio version of the Summer 2021 COVID Q&A session with parents that took place on Monday, April 19th with our board member and pediatrician, Dr. Evan Hack, our Nurse Practitioner, Natasha Williamson as well as input from Ryan and our Business Operations Director, Steve Dancey. The video is on our COVID website as well.
April 21, 2021
S2Ep3 COVID Q&A with Ryan and Natasha Williamson
For this special edition of the podcast, Ryan speaks with our talented Nurse Practioner, Natasha Williamson. Natasha and Ryan discuss why she loves West End, Bill's over-competitive side in chess, but mostly our COVID protocols for this summer.
March 18, 2021
S2Ep2 Westy Podcast Awards - Top 20 of 2020
Ryan gives out the Westy Podcast Awards to the top 20 comments of 2020.  
January 21, 2021
S2Ep1 Q&A with Ryan; Interviews with Ariel Bernstein and Brock Major II
This 1st episode of Season 2, we will be focusing on new campers and parents, but with relevant information for our entire camp community. 1st Activity Period: Ryan answers fan mail from Meredith Boericke (mother of new camper Eli) and Caroline Taitelbaum (mother of new camper Adam). 2nd Activity Period: Ryan speaks to another new Parent, Ariel Bernstein (mother of Eli) who came to visit camp for the first time for the Open House on Columbus Day weekend.  See if she passes the quiz Ryan gives her about her recent trip to Parsonsfield, Maine.  (Start 8:38) Elective Time:  Ryan interviews our newest hire, Brock Major II, who will be our 2nd nurse, supporting Nurse Practitioner Natasha Williamson.  He will also be working in the Margolin Center periodically using his Maine Guide - Wilderness expertise.  Find out an incredible fact about Brock being a male elementary school nurse in the state of Maine.  (Start 26:12)
November 12, 2020
S1Ep10: Q&A with Ryan; World Cup Themed interviews with Jackson Magee and Mitchell Lesser
1st Activity Period: Ryan answers some fan mail from Executive Director Bill Margolin and Houston Barenholtz. 2nd Activity Period:  Ryan speaks with 2 time World Cup champ and 2 time Golden Ball winner, Jackson Magee, on leading England to two World Cup titles in 3 years as a Junior and Intermediate. Elective Time: Ryan interviews Mitchell Lesser on being the first coach to win World Cup on the team he played on as a camper, Team Ireland.  Mitchell talks about his victory for Ireland and his strong agreement with the Hot City phenomenon.
July 22, 2020
S1Ep9 Father's Day Edition! Interviews with Steve, Jacob, and Sam Dancey; Steve "The Whale" Wilensky; Lee, Lee Jr. and Leeon Perryman; Steve and Zack Wynn; and Josh and Nate Mendelsohn
For this Father's Day edition of the podcast we will have 5 interviews with father/son combinations. 1st Activity Period:  Ryan speaks to  our new Business Operations Director, Steve Dancey, and his sons Jacob and Sam. 2nd Activity Period: Ryan talks to his father, Steve "The Whale" Wilensky about sending the Wilensky boys to camp.  Hear a story from Ryan's dad about losing a tough hoop game to West End  while he attended Camp Wingo.  (Start 16:14) Rest Period:  Ryan speaks to Lee Perryman and his sons, Lee Jr. and Leeon.  Hear a complaint Ryan has never heard from a parent as Lee Perryman voices his displeasure with his son reading too much at camp.  (Start 24:14) Elective Time: Ryan talks to podcast groupie, Steve Wynn and his son Zack as they honor their 4 generation legacy that includes "the Waterslide".   (Start 37:50) Cake and Milk: Ryan speaks with Josh Mendelson and his son Nate and discuss some strategies to get an extra chocolate chip cookie from the Mess Hall Gottliebers.  Also, be sure to check out and subscribe to Nate's YouTube channel "Nate M Magic" (Start 55:57)
June 24, 2020
S1Ep8 Q&A with Ryan; Interview with Eric Wilensky
1st Activity Period: Ryan answers some fan mail from Matt Bloch and Ron Cochran. 2nd Activity Period: Ryan and his brother Eric delve deeply into a ridiculous exercise.  How would you fill out your Apache Relay roster if you could only use TV and Movie Characters?  Does Teen Wolf take your free throws?  Does Walter White and Gus Fring do the corner kick?  Does Tyrion Lannister take your Mystery Question?  Or Dwight Shrute carry your eggs?  Find out who each picked, including Eric's horrible decision on who he chose to hit the wiffleball.
June 17, 2020
S1Ep7 Q&A with Ryan; Interview with YONAS
1st Activity Period: Ryan answers fan mail from Barrett Wilson and Caleb Englander 2nd Activity Period: Ryan interviews famous rap star, YONAS, who just dropped his new, uplifting, popular song, "Good Day".  He has sold over 150,000 songs and has over 300 million streams digitally.  His albums have reached the top 5 of iTunes Hip Hop Charts and the top 50 on the Billboard Hip Hop charts.  YONAS was a camper and counselor in the late 90's, early 2000's, and was a High Senior Captain on the White War in 2001.  Hear how he now is contemplating building rafters in his house just so he can play Rafterball.  YONAS also agrees to a bizarre, but amazing request to give West End a shout in a future song.  
June 10, 2020
S1Ep6 Q&A with Ryan; Interviews with Brady Bloch and Gui Stampur
1st Activity Period:  Ryan answers questions from David Gorin and Brandon Avergon. 2nd Activity Period: Ryan interviews Brady Bloch about making the Triple crown plaque and what it's like being a fan at the House game. (Start 5:39) Elective Time:  Ryan talks with Gui Stampur about the importance of being a well-rounded athlete over specialization.  He also discusses his theory about how Mike Stawowy's calves won the high senior tug of war in 1995.  (Start 18:45)
May 27, 2020
S1Ep5 Q&A with Ryan; Interviews with twins Alex and Tyler Hahn, and Matthew Shivers
1st Activity Period:  Ryan answers questions from Alycia Dancey, Josh Mendelsohn, and Michael Kunerth 2nd Activity Period:  Ryan talks to rookie twins, Alex and Tyler Hahn, who came up to camp all the way from San Diego, CA  (Start 12:30) Elective Time: Ryan discusses cabin cleaning strategies with inspection legend, Matthew Shivers.   Matthew shares a memory about the all time worst Auction Part 1 mistake.  (Start 25:25)
May 20, 2020
S1Ep4 Q&A with Ryan; Interviews with Jack Goldberg, Diane Tomaz-Hull, and Sam Eggert
1st Activity Period:  Ryan answers color war questions from Lee Rappaport and Ian Halbert. 2nd Activity Period: Ryan interviews veteran camper Jack Goldberg.  Jack discusses some of his favorite activities at camp. (Start 4:53) Elective Time: Ryan speaks with parent Diane Tomaz-Hull.  Diane explains why she chose camp for her son Chris, and how proud she is to be a part of the West End community. (Start 14:00) Cake and Milk: Ryan discusses league names with Sam Eggert.  Sam shares his thoughts on league names after having learned from his epic failure of his Taco Bell league names.  (Start 27:02)
May 06, 2020
S1Ep3 Q&A with Ryan and Interview with Jared Wilk
First Activity: Ryan answers questions from Andrew Hurvitz, Michael Gordon, Kevin Lustig, and Tim DeGrande.  Second Activity:  Ryan talks to Jared Wilk about his fundraiser,, he created with his business partner at Shulkin-Wilk Group.  The fundraiser provides business to local restaurants who then deliver quality meals to our heroic medical workers during this time of crisis. "No donation is too small or big."  Jared also talks about all the Westenders he has worked with in his real estate business.  (Start 8:24) Elective Time: Ryan and Jared discuss what makes a good and bad color war song.  Which is the better color war meeting spot....volleyball court or waterfront?  And Jared describes what his color war name and theme would be if he were coaching in modern times.  (Start 20:29)
April 29, 2020
S1Ep2 Interviews with Ace Eagerman, Deb Vogel, and Matt Connelly
First Activity: Ryan discusses Ace's opinion about the benefits of being a waiter.   Second Activity: Deb remembers with Ryan a funny story about the first time she dropped her son Matty off at the busses.  (Start 10:30) Also, check out Deb Vogel's dance studio in Newton, MA, if you're looking for dance lessons for you or your child! Elective Time: And finally, Ryan and Matt have a heated discussion over Deluxe Deli Buffet.  (Start 33:45)
April 22, 2020
S1Ep1 Interview with Jeremy Zucker
Jeremy talks about his music career, his time at camp, and what he thinks makes West End a special place.   Listen to Jeremy's music and connect with him here:
April 13, 2020
Welcome to WEHC Podcast!
Listen to find out what host Ryan Wilensky will be discussing on each episode of the WEHC podcast.
March 13, 2020