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By WeUNIK Cosmetics
True to the mercurial nature of of its creator, this podcast offers up loads of interesting content - in no particular order. It is a literal melanin mind menagerie.

Our content is intended to positively shift paradigms, open hearts and eyes, expand minds, and compel you to question lots. Most importantly, it is designed to encourage you to StayUNIK!
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3 Things I Won't Do During this Corona Pandemic - Part 1
In this episode, the Healthy Hair Maven - Lady Tee, discusses three things she absolutely refuses to do during the worldwide pandemic of 2020.  Why?  Because if she took on these habits she'd be mentally screwed during times that are already uncomfortable as hell.  Selfishly guarding her sanity, these are three habits she refuses to adopt.   Listen in to hear why and to learn tips to keep things in perspective during this time of unease, in order to safeguard your own sanity. What I won't do is... 1) Hoard goods & food 2) Bitch & moan constantly 3) Panic The statistics referenced in this episode are pulled from Worldometer, at the following link: Warning: There is some profanity in this episode.  If you're a pearl clutcher, be warned.  :-D 
April 06, 2020