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Weird Fat and Sober

Weird Fat and Sober

By Daniel Wooldridge
A comedy and recovery podcast, each week we have a guest who tells the story of their life, addiction, and path to recovery. Occasionally we will have a music guest, like a band or an artist come on and tell us drug stories.
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24 - The boys are back in town
I sit down with my most bestest guests Marcus and Parker. We talk about a bunch of stuff but we also talk about their new podcast! This is a two-parter, the second part can be found on their podcast!  go to to listen or follow on Spotify or Apple podcasts!  Or watch the video version here!
December 12, 2020
23 - Ugly Crying
I sit down after a weird, long, kinda hard day and rant about trying to be a better person.   hit me up on ig @wooly_dan
November 11, 2020
22 - State of the Union 2020
I'm joined by my brother, bandmate, and bestie Tanner to discuss some of the things that have happened politically this year, and just an overall view on geopolitics and our current standing as a nation. 
November 3, 2020
21 - We're in this together man
After a long hiatus I go on a bit of a tangent about the current climate in which we find ourselves. Hope you enjoy. 
September 14, 2020
20 - Ego vs Higher Power (The Lincoln Lawyer)
Travis and Dom join me to talk about donkeys painted like zebras, a kid in New Mexico finding 135k, Kenneth Copeland being a demon, and the purpose of our ego and it's infinite bout with our higher power throughout our recovery and life.  video version is on youtube!  follow me on instagram @wooly_dan follow my guests @capn_guds @domvanhoutven     
May 31, 2020
19 - Are you guys getting a divorce?
Derek makes a return appearance and Jason joins him, we talk about God, non-addicts in AA, and having a second family in Asia. Check out Derek's ig @derekrahnwilliams go to the youtube channel for video version!  @wooly_dan on ig
May 11, 2020
18 - We're equipped for this with Marcus and Russell
My friends Marcus and Russel join me to talk about how the pandemic has affected the recovery community and our spirituality. We also talk conspiracy theories, and other weirdness.
April 30, 2020
17 - Giggin and Gigglin
A three part episode over the course of Indego's "Sick Together tour". We talked dreams, consciousness, psychedelics, coronavirus, politics, recovery, spirituality, music, our tour, and all kinds of other stuff! Follow me on ig @wooly_dan for more stuff! for the video version! for the tour vlog!  and also follow me on tiktok for more mini vlogs and stuff from the tour!  @wooly_dan
March 17, 2020
16 - Three Years
Live from the green room at Jake's at our show on Feb 29th, guests include Bleach Kings, Southstate, my two childhood bestfriends, 3 sober living roommates, and my best bud Garvey Harza. 
March 4, 2020
15 - Phantom Wild Boyz
Jordan and Jeffrey from Phantom Wilds, our brother band, join me to talk about all things music, religion, sexuality, and then we watch some tik toks hope you enjoy! as always go to youtube for the video version! follow me on ig @wooly_dan  and follow them also! @phantomwilds
February 10, 2020
14 - Emily drinks abroad!
My good friend Emily comes in to talk about her mother's passing, her Dad's recovery, and studying abroad while in the throws of alcoholism. subscribe and as always check out our youtube channel for the video version! @wooly_dan on instagram
January 30, 2020
13 - Make like a tree and Lea Fulton
I sit down with my good buddy Lea Fulton we discuss recovery, spirituality, porn, religion, music, and I show him some tiktoks. Follow him on instagram @leafultonmusic and his documentary can be seen here as always follow me on instagram @wooly_dan and go to for the video version
January 24, 2020
12 - New year New memes with Marcus & Parker
First episode of 2020! We talk business, school, relationships, and we watch some of my tiktok finds! subscribe on apple podcasts!   ig  @wooly_dan twitter @dan_indego
January 19, 2020
11 - Lisa and Tuesdays are use days
My friend Lisa tells me about only using  heroin on Tuesdays, boujee treatment centers, and relapsing at the sober living she know manages. 
December 16, 2019
10 - Travis and the heroin blood oath
My long time recovery pal and sober living neighbor, Travis, comes in to talk about huffing, drinking vanilla extract, relapsing in treatment and how hard break ups can be in recovery.
December 8, 2019
9 - Mel and the creepy singing lady
My good friend Mel comes on to tell us about building a zip line in her backyard as a kid, cocaine psychosis hallucinations, and waking up from a blackout in a foreign country follow her on ig @melscookieco
November 13, 2019
8 - Kipp the perfectionist
My good friend Kipp comes in to tell us about his strict upbringing, getting arrested in high school, and selling drugs out of his dorm room. 
November 7, 2019
7 - Solo Dolo, losing the faith
Solo episode where I rant about faith, god, the universe, religion and some other bullshit 
November 3, 2019
6 - Jonathan and the ocho od's
My bud Jonathan comes in to tell us about growing up in Las Vegas, the first time he shot heroin, and riding the train. 
October 25, 2019
3 - Marcus
My brother from another mother, roommate from sober living, and best doggy Marcus comes in to tell us about rolling trucks, breaking in to your own house, and carrying a gun while doing cocaine. 
October 23, 2019
5 - Christina
My good friend Christina comes on to tell us about toxic relationships, going to jail, and how pulling a knife on her ex may have saved her life. 
October 18, 2019
1 - My Story
I sit down to tell the story of my early life and what lead to my addiction, from doing xanax and ecstacy in high school, being thrown out of a rolling vehicle and the first time I tried heroin. 
October 4, 2019
4 - Parker
My good friend Parker comes in to talk about injuries in high school football, neuropathy from alcoholism, and his connection with his higher power. 
October 3, 2019
2 - Derek
My good friend Derek comes in and tells us his story, from his brothers suicide to his cross-country travels with his dog, Marley, getting caught with cocaine in another state. 
October 3, 2019