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We Go Together: A Relai Podcast

We Go Together: A Relai Podcast

By The Relai Team
We Go Together follows Relai, Inc. and its founders from conception to launch. Detailing their struggles as athletes, students, and Black men possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, the founders dig into what it might take to turn a good idea into a better future.

Featuring stories from their pasts, interviews with current entrepreneurs, and real-time updates on the progress of Relai, Inc., Dillon, Miles, and T.J. lift the veil on the startup space and invite you to share their journey with them.

If we go towards better days, We Go Together.
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Episode Twenty: Closing Remarks
It's been ten more episodes, which means goodbye for now. I've grown as I enjoyed myself, which is all I think I could hope for. This season we spent the bulk of our time trying to learn from others while we continued to build and prepare. It seems things are moving in our direction. Distractions and challenges are sure to reinvent themselves, but the general atmosphere around Relai continues to be "tomorrow is the day".  This week is a thank you and a revisiting of the guests we've spoken with, the ideas they've shared, and the value they've created for me and for Relai.  I hope you've enjoyed this season. We'll be back soon.  -Dillon
April 13, 2022
Episode Nineteen: Alan Amling
Author, Professor, and Supply Chain Veteran Alan Amling has a long list of accomplishments and co-signs. Thankfully, he's still available for an interview. Led by T.J., this week's conversation covers innovation, e-commerce, taking chances, and the immutable power of real creativity.  Find more on Alan: Alan's First Book, Organizational Velocity: Turbocharge Your Business to Stay Ahead of the Curve;jsessionid=FC86C40B20E11D0B2A68B40E984C4A99.prodny_store02-atgap13?ean=9781637422052
April 06, 2022
Episode Eighteen: Press Pause
In the grand scheme of things, Relai is still a baby. In man hours, phone calls, and sweat--it's ancient. We've put in a lot of hours to ensure we produce a product that lives up to the expectations we've set for it and offers a real solution. This week, hear Dillon reminisce a bit. After nearly two seasons of WGT and many developments in the business, Dillon takes a moment to reflect on what it's all been like, where Relai is today, and how he's come to feel about the notion of being a young founder. 
March 30, 2022
Episode Seventeen: Ganna Tymko
Dillon here. I figured no one ever writes these as anything other than an omniscient narrator, so I'll try to just be myself. When I was in my "I Know Everything" phase (which unfortunately only ended recently), I often felt misunderstood when I shared my ideas with others. The confusion was always on account of my limited perspective-- never my voice.  This episode, when you hear from Ganna Tymko, you'll hear a different experience. Ganna's lived in seven countries, worked in four, and established herself as a consulting professional. Still, she found roadblocks in her path to success that were built on her accent. For herself and others like her who desire to be understood, she's built Sayso-- a speech augmentation tool designed to bring clarity to conversations.  More on Ganna Tymko and Sayso:
March 23, 2022
Episode Sixteen: Karissa Wheeler
Karissa Wheeler is busy. After graduating from Sewanee, she took on New York City as an Actress. When the pandemic shuttered every Broadway production, she returned home to Nashville and wrote a whole book. Somehow balancing authorship, honing her acting craft and working as an Account Executive, she still finds time to imagine new pursuits and win Miss Middle Tennessee.  This week, you'll hear Karissa talk about how faith motivates her, the importance of a grateful heart, and daring to dream.  More on Karissa Wheeler:  Her book, Reveal of the Royal Puppy:  Stay up to date on all things Relai:
March 16, 2022
Episode Fifteen: Chukky Okobi (Part Two)
This might be a WGT first: Dillon disagrees with a guest. This week, hear the conclusion of our talk with Super Bowl Champion Chukky Okobi, and his unique perspective on how entrepreneurs and success-seekers should approach their mental and emotional limitations. In addition, Dillon offers a rebuttal that provides room for discussion. 
March 09, 2022
Episode Fourteen: Chukky Okobi (Part One)
Part One of Two.  You've probably wondered about it, too. How do the best in the world do what they do? Fortunately for us, we've got an inside source. Meet Chukky Okobi-- NFL player and Super Bowl Champion turned mindset coach.  Chukky found his way to "Super Bowl-level success" by changing the way he understood his world. Now, he helps athletes, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking success do the same.  This week, learn about how neurolinguistic programming gave Chukky the edge he needed to succeed.  More about Chukky: 
March 03, 2022
Episode Thirteen: Matthew Lee
After graduating from Sewanee in 2019, Matthew set his sights on a professional basketball contract. After months of training and a trip to Europe, he returned stateside and began building Sense, a platform designed to answer timeless questions:  What's the move? Are the drinks cheap? Is the line long?  Hear Matthew discuss the founding of Sense, his company's direction, and more.  Matthew Lee: More About Sense:
February 23, 2022
Episode Twelve: Kevin Lawton
Reminder: Send that email!  ListenNotes connected Dillon with Kevin Lawton, Host of The New Warehouse Podcast and decade-plus supply chain vet. Kevin carries a wide expertise in fields like Real Estate, Radio, and Podcasting as well as supply chain. This episode, you'll hear about Kevin's early career, how he maximized his skills, and his hopes for the future of warehousing.  Find out more about: The New Warehouse Podcast:  Kevin Lawton: WGT Podcast: 
February 16, 2022
Episode Eleven: Zoe Le Garrec
In the Season Two premiere, meet Zoe! Born in Africa, raised in Pittsburgh, living and working as a Mechanical Engineer in Boston. This episode, Zoe recalls sharing a locker with Miles, describes how she chose a career path, and explains just how little we know about the engineering that makes everyday life possible.  Follow Zoe: More on Rockwell Automation: Audio in the intro is sourced by way of Creative Commons and includes content from: 2011 SOTU Address NASA "Cycle courier cooperatives are turning technology on the gig economy giants." Film by Cassie Quarless and Usayd Younis of black & brown ⇛, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
February 09, 2022
Episode Ten: Lessons
Time flies when you're having fun. It's the season finale of We Go Together. What started as an audio journal became a place for storytelling, brainstorming, and connecting with other founders. This episode, Dillon ties the season up into 10 key takeaways--one from each episode.  This episode's intro/outro track is "Bird's Eye View" by Steven Beddall.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team.  We Go Together: Season Two coming soon. 
September 29, 2021
Episode Nine: Conversations, Vol. 4: Ajoy Paul
Making friends is easy--making good friends takes time. Luckily, The Relai Team is patient. This week, meet another one of our friends--Ajoy Paul.  Ajoy is a co-founder of Tyltgo, one of Canada's newest white-label shipping services making noise in the last mile.  In this episode, Ajoy sits down with the entire Relai Team to detail his upbringing, motivations, and lessons learned from nearly two years of building Tyltgo. His perspective on customer relationships, team building, his fearless pursuit of goals make Ajoy a mind worth meeting.  Learn more about Tyltgo here: This episode's intro/outro track is "Shield (Instrumental)" by WEARETHEGOOD.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team. 
September 22, 2021
Episode Eight: Conversations, Vol. 3: Melinda Su-En Lee
Chance meetings turn into great friends. A Pittsburgh Bar Crawl introduces Relai Co-Founder Miles to Melinda, Co-Founder and CEO of Parcel Health-- a startup seeking to replace the classic orange pill bottle with a more sustainable and informative replacement.  This week, hear Melinda and Miles discuss the challenges of founding teams, Melinda's inspirations, and the all-important notion of dreaming.  Find more on Parcel Health here: This episode's intro/outro track is "Go Season" by MILANO.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team. 
September 15, 2021
Episode Seven: The Fog
It's August of 2019 in Sewanee. The school year has started again and lots of things are new: Dillon's milk and beef diet has given him a new shirt size, the Track and Field Team has new coaches, and the Relai co-founders are in the same space for the first time since the idea came to them.  With change, however, comes struggle. Dillon has two jobs and a thesis to write. Leadership on the track becomes troublesome, and the end of the calendar year will bring a challenge no one saw coming.  In this episode, Dillon recounts a year of missed meals, long nights, and mousetraps on the way to finishing Senior year of college, and shares some of the lessons he learned from his chalkboard.  This episode's intro/outro track is "Blac DeMarco (Instrumental) by Keston Wright.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team. 
September 08, 2021
Episode Six: Conversations Vol. 2: Tyler Miller
Friends: How many of us have them? We're fortunate to have at least one, Tyler Miller. Having met Miles on an outreach trip in high school, Tyler stayed true to his giving spirit and became Relai's first investor in 2020. In this episode, you'll learn about Tyler's upbringing, his passions, and the visions he sees for Relai and the world.  This episode's intro and outro track is "Egos" by Nate Rose.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team. 
September 01, 2021
Episode Five: Relai 101, Intro to T.J.
The wait is over. Meet T.J.: Relai co-founder, Institute alumni, and all-around wunderkind. This week, T.J. shares stories of his upbringing, the events that shaped him, how he met Miles, his lightbulb moment with Relai, and briefly discusses the all-important Exchange Zone.  This episode's intro/outro track is "Big Leagues" by Vic Sage.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team. 
August 25, 2021
Episode Four: Cover 3
Continuing the story from Episode One, Dillon explains the FaceTime call with Miles and Frank, reminisces on how life placed him in Sewanee's Fourth of July Parade, and breaks down the earliest napkin sketches of The Relai Model.  This episode's intro/outro track is "Sunday Mornin'" by Marcelandrie.  Episode recorded and edited by The Relai Team.
August 18, 2021
Episode Three: Live and Die by Your KPIs
The startup space is not casual. In this episode, Miles explains why. Exploring the concept of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), the labor of foundational business work, and the emotional toll of bootstrapping a tech company--Miles is honest. Take a peek behind the curtain at the less-than-glamorous side of building Relai from the ground up.  This episode's intro and outro track is "No Rewards" by S.O..  Episode mixed and edited by The Relai Team. 
August 11, 2021
Bonus: The Baby Metaphor
From the notebook scribbler to the serial entrepreneur, everyone has so much growing to do in the startup space. In tech, the internet as we know it is an early-2000s development. With innovation being so new, life feels fast. In this episode, Miles breaks down what The Relai Team calls "The Baby Metaphor", a perspective channeled from Cee-Lo Green and reshaped to inspire their startup efforts.  This episode's intro and outro track is "Vices" by Latrell James.  Episode mixed and edited by The Relai Team. 
August 04, 2021
Episode Two: Conversations, Vol. One
One out of many, the first captured on-mic. Co-Founders Dillon and Miles discuss what makes Relai special, their frustrations with the startup world, and their hopes for Relai's future. Recorded in February of 2021, this conversation is a snapshot of a single moment in the build process.  The intro and outro track for this epsiode is "If You Wanna" by montythehokage.  Episode mixed and edited by The Relai Team. 
July 28, 2021
Episode One: Heatwave
The story told by Dillon in this episode is the founding dilemma that built Relai. With one final summer as college students, founders Dillon and Miles have nearly opposite schedules: Dillon is the clerk at a convenience store on campus and training daily for Track and Field. Miles is away in D.C. at The Institute, commuting to work and networking for career options. One thing is clear to each of them: this can't be the future. While Dillon takes a long drive, Miles takes a long walk. They meet in the middle over a chance phone call--and brainstorm what will eventually become Relai.  This episode's intro and outro track is "Runnin' (ft. HUSH & Ollie Joseph)" by Nate Rose.  Episode edited and mixed by The Relai Team. 
July 28, 2021