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What In The...? Podcast

What In The...? Podcast

By Kent Whittington
We are the "What In The...?" Podcast! Join us for the strange and bizarre with a twist of humor covering all facets of the paranormal and supernatural. Join Sacramento's own Adrianna Comito and Kent Whittington as they discuss such topics as Bigfoot, ghost and UFOs, and other unexplained phenomena throughout the world, as well as some unique tales from their own local area, all handled with a modicum of grace, wit and humor.
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S. 01, Ep. 10: California Cryptids (T. S. Mart & Mel Cabre)

What In The...? Podcast

S. 01, Ep. 10: California Cryptids (T. S. Mart & Mel Cabre)

What In The...? Podcast

S. 01, Ep. 15: Haunted Roadways
In this episode, we will explore some of America's haunted roadways, and learn about such legends as Chicago's Resurrection Mary and the phantom children who push cars stuck on a railroad track to safety in San Antonio, Texas.
September 25, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 14: Legends of Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta is solitary semi-dormant volcano in Northern California whose view has inspired writers, artist and adventurers. It has also inspired a myriad of legends surrounding the mountain, everything from UFOs to Sasquatch encounters, ghosts to strange humanoid and reptilian inhabitants of the mountain.
September 18, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 13: Rock 'n' Roll and the Occult
Tonight we discuss the darker side of rock 'n' roll. We'll be taking about the infamous "27 Club," people who may have made pacts with the devil for a quick rise to fame and an even faster ride to death, famous rock star plane crashes and motorcycle accidents with bizarre coincidences, and even deadly apartments that supposedly killed a few as well.
September 11, 2020
S. 1, Ep. 12: Past Lives with Erin Montgomery
Erin Montgomery from episode 06 returns to do a live recorded, past life reading with Kent and Adrianna with some interesting results. Later, Tracy regails us with personal stories and Kent will relate the story of Omm Sety.
September 4, 2020
S. 1, Ep. 11: (Un)conventional Discussions on Religion in an (Un)controlled Roundtable. πŸ‘»
We're off of the rails tonight as we have an unscripted discussion about witchcraft, paganism, and conventional religions with our friends and guests, Michael Bagley, Brandi Landa and our guest host, Tracy Hernandez!
August 28, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 10: California Cryptids (T. S. Mart & Mel Cabre)
There are a plethora of indigenous Cryptids living in the state of California. You might have heard of Sasquatch, but do you know about Tahoe Tessie? How about the Bullywip Monster or the Dog Woman of Watts? Learn about these and others tonight as Kent, Adrianna and Tracy are joined by author, T. S. Mart, and creature artist, Mel Cabre; the mother-daughter team behind Cryptid World (
August 21, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 09: Interview with Psychic Medium, Willow Le Mechant
Kent flies solo tonight in an interview with New Orleans Psychic Medium, businesswoman, paranormal investigator, ordained minister and radio personality, Willow Le Mechant. She wears a lot of hats! Afterward, Kent will regale us with another listener ghost story from fellow podcaster La Nell from "What We Take for Granted."
August 14, 2020
S. 01: Ep. 08: True Ghost Stories
Tonight we sit around the table recounting ghost stories from our friends and fellow podcasters. With us tonight to tell their stories as well is our returning guest host, Tracy Hernandez, and her mother, Penny Cusick, who has a Ouija Board story like nothing we have heard before!
August 7, 2020
S: 01, E: 07: The Real American Horror Story
Tonight or guest host, Tracy Hernandez returns to talk with us about "American Horror Story" and the real life inspirations for the series.
July 31, 2020
S. 01. E. 06: Interview with UFO contactee, Erin Montgomery.
Author of "Dirty Little Secret: Confessions of a UFO Contactee," Erin Montgomery joins us to speak about her experiences with extraterrestrial contact.
July 24, 2020
Season 01, Ep. 05: Cursed Movies (guest host: Tracy Hernandez)
Come with us tonight as we explore six films that are allegedly cursed, two of which were so cursed that they were never made! Includes one bonus feature: the Lee family curse! Apologies for the length. This episode runs a bit long. 😊
July 17, 2020
Season 01, Episode 04: Haunted Forests
Tonight we explore three haunted forests, the Elfin Forest of Southern CA, the Wychwood Forest of England and Cameron Park in Waco Texas. All are beautiful, all are haunted. Join us as we take our haunted nature walk.
July 10, 2020
Season 01, Ep. 03: Spooky Sacramento, Part I (Troy & Tina Glasson)
Tonight we travel to the Sacramento Historic Cemetery and meet a few of the residents there, then we'll enter Old Sacramento and learn about the history and haunting of the buildings and Underground Sacramento with out guests, Troy and Tina Glasson!
July 3, 2020
Season 01: Episode 02: Black Dog
Tonight we dive into the legend of the ghostly black dog. Come along as we learn about this spectral canine.
June 26, 2020
Episode 01. Introduction: This is Us!
Hello and welcome to the "What In The...? Podcast." Tonight we introduce ourselves to you, our listeners. We'll talk about each other and our experiences with the paranormal and give everyone a feel for what the podcast is all about. We hope you like it! :-)
June 19, 2020
Just a little bit of what's to come!
June 8, 2020