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What In The...? Podcast

What In The...? Podcast

By Kent Whittington
We are the "What In The...?" Podcast! Join us for the strange and bizarre with a twist of humor covering all facets of the paranormal and supernatural. Join Sacramento's own Adrianna Comito, Kent Whittington and Tracy Hernandez as they discuss such topics as Bigfoot, ghost and UFOs, and other unexplained phenomena throughout the world, as well as some unique tales from their own local area, all handled with a modicum of grace, wit and humor.
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S. 02, Ep. 58, Medium Daniel Jackson

What In The...? Podcast

Announcement: Too Much to Do and No Time to Do It
Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no episode this week, but we'll be back next week with something brand new just for you. 😊
September 27, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 102: Eleanor Wagner: Lady Ghostbuster
On this episode, we sit in with author, podcast personality and head of the Lady Ghostbusters, Eleanor Wagner. Eleanor joins us to talk about her experiences as a paranormal investigator and share stories about her investigations. Welcome to Episode 102 of "What In The..? Podcast!"
September 23, 2022
S. 3, Ep. 101: Elsie Lodde - Bethany House: Bethany's Home Sweet Haunted Home
Elsie Lodde is the owner and operator of Bethany's Home Sweet Haunted Home in Jackson, CA, one of the most haunted air BnBs in the country. Constructed in the late 1800s, historic Bethany House has a reputation for a haunting in every room, whether it be residual, or an actual entity. We had the privilege of an invitation to tour the location and record our show in the sitting room with Elsie (and her "residents") and learn about the house's history and haunted reputation. At the end of our episode we've included an EVP session conducted by Tracy (Warning: it's recorded in its entirety so it's quite a bit long). Welcome to Episode 101 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
September 17, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 100: Ashley Turner and John Kelly - 3Haunted Podcast
It's our 100th episode and we're sharing it with fellow podcasters Ashley Turner and John Kelly of "3Haunted Podcast." Tonight we talk about their show as well as their own paranormal experiences. Welcome to episode 100 of "What In The...? Podcast!" Thanks for listening. We're looking forward to recording the next one hundred episodes just for you. πŸ‘»
September 09, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 99: The Legend of the Dogman
Legends exist of a "monstrous race" of canine cryptids with the ability to walk upright like human beings. Known in antiquity as Cynocephali, and thought, if they ever existed, to have died out ages ago, stories of encounters with the dogman continue to persist to this day. Tonight we'll talk about a few such legends. Welcome to episode 99 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
August 26, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 98: More True Ghost Stories
Tonight, Tracy's friend, Harla, joins us to tell us her special story of the paranormal, and to help us tell a few more that we found on the interwebs. Welcome to episode 98 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
August 12, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 97: Haunted Roads II: Roads and Roadside Oddities
Tonight we return to our haunted roadways episode from season one, episode fifteen, but along with that, we added a few odd roadside attractions that our listeners might enjoy. Welcome to episode 97 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
August 05, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 96: Weird Tales II
Tonight we've compiled some of our weird short stories for your listening pleasure. Enjoy, and welcome to episode 96 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
July 29, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 95: The Mad Scientist, Carol Malone
Carol is back with us tonight to talk more about the Mind Machine (now known as MALLIS) and experiments concerning whether consciousness continues after death (and can it be transferred to a machine?). Welcome to episode 95 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
July 15, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 94: Haunted Houses of Rock 'n' Roll
Sex, drugs, rock and roll...and ghosts? Believe it or not, while bands like Black Sabbath, The Foo Fighters, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were recording their greatest hits, they all did it inside haunted houses! Come with us tonight as we discuss these ghost stories, and we also throw in a tale or three about deceased musicians who may still haunt their homes. Welcome to episode 94 of "What In The... Podcast!"
July 08, 2022
S. 03, Ep. 93: Remote Seance II with Karma Wilde
We kick off our new season with a return to the theater! Karma Wilde joins us for another remote seance, only this time it turns into a paranormal investigation. Welcome to episode 93 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
July 01, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 92: UFO Forum
It's our 2nd season finale! Tonight we have on returning guests, John Yost and Karma Wild, to discuss their UFO abduction experiences and how it affected them. Tracy's mother, Penny Cusick, will also stop by to talk about her own encounter. Welcome to the finale, episode 92 of "What In The...? Podcast!
June 12, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 91: Cryptids Both Real and Hoaxed
We're talking cryptids tonight! The Enfield Horror and the Mount Vernon Monster: Are they the same creature? The Snallygaster: death from above? The Lambton Worm: where's St. George when you need a dragon slayer? Foo Fighters: Glowing balls of doom? And the Hodag: A fire breathing menace, or a possible hoax? Welcome to episode 91 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
June 03, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 90: Haunted Theatres
Kent is flying solo tonight as the ladies are out sick. Regardless, the show must go on! Haunted Theatres are the topic as Kent delves into the haunted histories of several Broadway theaters and throws in a few from California, England, Paris and New Zealand to round the show out. Welcome to episode 90 of "What In The...? Podcast!" πŸ‘»
May 27, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 89: Experimental Seance with Karma Wilde
Tonight we're trying a little experiment in a long distance seance with our friend and medium, Karma Wilde, with some interesting results! Welcome to episode 89 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
May 20, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 88: Alien Abduction: Disappearance and Death
Ever since the famous abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill was considered a genuine occurrence in the 1960's, the world has been fascinated with stories about people who are abducted by alien spacecraft and what they say about their encounters. But what about the people who don't come back, or those who are found dead? Tonight we'll discuss a few such cases. Welcome to episode 88 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
May 13, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 87: The Stoned Medium, Paul Gutierrez
Tonight we interview local medium. Paul Gutierrez, the Stoned Medium, and we'll discuss his abilities to see and communicate with the spirit world. Then we discover that someone from the spirit world is attempting to contact Kent! Welcome to episode 87 of "What In The... Podcast!"
April 29, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 86: Upstate Spirit Conference and the Apparitions of Abbeville
Tonight we have a chat with David and Karen Van Marm, two of the organizers of the Upstate Spirit Conference coming this October in Abbeville, SC. Along for the ride is the author of, "The Apparitions of Abbeville," Margie LaNell. Join us as we learn about the town's haunted history, as well as some interesting tidbits about our interviewees. Welcome to episode 86 of, "What In The...Podcast!"
April 15, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 85: John Yost: Alien Abduction: Answers
John Yost is the filmmaker responsible for the new movie, "Alien Abduction: Answers," which tells the story of his early childhood abduction and his search for answers. Tonight he'll speak to us about his experiences and his film. Welcome to episode 85 of "What In The... Podcast!"
April 08, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 84: Haunted Hawaii
Tonight we are talking about Hawaii, specifically the myths, legends and ghost stories within the island state. Then, Adrianna will tell us about a haunted women's seminary. Welcome to episode 84 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
April 01, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 83: Harbingers of Death and Doom
Harbingers fuel the portents of things to come. Some of them are fortuitous events, yet many harbingers foretell omens of doom and death. Tonight we have gathered a collection of Harbingers you yourself might know of, and a few that you don't. Welcome to episode 83 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
March 18, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 82: Carol Malone: Fpi Unsolved
Carol Malone, a forensic scientist, and a paranormal reality TV personality started her journey into the field of the paranormal in 1998 where she worked with TAPS (also known as Ghost Hunters) in 2001 on Northern State hospital. Carol also graduated from criminal profiling through Homeland security. She earned her IMDB, for the Paranormal After Party. Recently, she filmed for the Travel Channel with an airing date to be announced. In 2015, she graduated from the University of North Dakota with full honors, for Death Investigation and Basic Pathology. Today, she is known as the Godmother of incorporating forensic science into the field of the paranormal. She is the author of 10 books and houses haunted items that have come from cases over the past 20 years. She has haunted items turned over to her for safekeeping on a weekly basis! Her latest project includes the development of a β€œpsychic mind machine” designed to help those without psychic, intuitive, or sensitive abilities to experience these intuitive talents. Tonight we discuss all of that and more with Carol on episode 82 of, "What In The...? Podcast!"
March 11, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 81: Kat Owen, Paranormal Trucker
Tonight we speak with medium and ghost hunter Kat Owen, one half of the "Paranormal Truckers," long haul truckers on the job and ghost hunters off the job. Kat will tell us about her amazing abilities, her job and her search for the unknown. This woman has a lot of stories to tell! Welcome to episode 81 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
March 04, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 80: Lyle Blackburn and the Fouke Monster
Tonight we are joined by legendary cryptid researcher, actor, director and musician, Lyle Blackburn. We'll discuss Lyle, and one of his favorite subjects, the Arkansas Fouke Monster, made famous by the 1972 movie, "The Legend of Boggy Creek." Adrianna will then tell us about a few of Pennsylvania's ape-like cryptids. Welcome to episode 80 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
February 25, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 79: The Historic Holly Hotel and other Michigan "Haunts"
Michigan is a state with a lot of rich history, and of course, with that comes many stories of hauntings. Tonight we'll open with a story about the very lavish, and very haunted, Historic Holly Hotel, then Tracy will talk about some of Michigan's other great haunts. Finally, Adrea will get us out of Michigan with a story about a haunted hotel in weird Pennsylvania. Welcome to episode 79 of What In The...? Podcast!
February 11, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 78: Creepy Pet Stories
Have you ever seen your pet stand and stare at a wall growling for no reason? Have you had a beloved pet pass away only to encounter their spirit afterwards? Tonight well be telling stories of just such encounters. Welcome to episode 78 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
February 04, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 77: Night Terrors, Sleep Paralysis and the Old Hag
Are night terrors and sleep paralysis the result of bad dreams and hypnogogic states, or is there a paranormal explanation? Tonight we discuss these phenomena and compare them to the stories of encounters with the old hag, a malevolent entity that attacks people in their sleep. Welcome to episode 77 of "What In The..." Podcast!"
January 28, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 76: P-4 With Karma Wilde
Karma Wilde joins us tonight to discuss an unprecedented merging of psychics, researchers, investigators and search and rescue people who are currently working together with the goal of finding lost and missing people called P-4: Paranormal for the Missing and Lost. Follow the link to learn more:
January 14, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 75: By the Seat of Our Pants
No subject tonight folks! Tonight we're just shooting the breeze, talking about the paranormal, normal and abnormal. Welcome to episode 75 of "What In The...? Podcast!" 😊
January 07, 2022
S. 02, Ep. 74: Midwinter Tales of the Paranormal
Ah, Christmas! A time for family and celebration, gifts, good food and fun by the fireplace. What some don't know is that, traditionally, one of the things done by the fireplace was to tell scary ghost stories. Tonight we'll continue that tradition with some true holiday ghost stories and one weird tale involving two astronauts and a satellite in a red suit! Welcome to episode 74 of "What In The Podcast!"
December 31, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 73: Colonial Ghosts
Tonight we are taking you back to the time of America's fight for independence. Many of the New England states have had so many tales of hauntings we could have done several episodes in the subject! Welcome to episode 73 of, "What In The...? Podcast!"
December 17, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 72: Winchester Tales with Eric Mosher
Eric Mosher joins us tonight to talk with us about his time working at the Winchester Mystery House and other paranormal experiences. Then Adrea will tell us a short story about the Southern rock band, Lynnyrd Skynnyrd. Welcome to episode 72 of, "What In The...? Podcast!"
December 03, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 71: Desert Stories
Tracy has a notorious migraine and has opted to stay home, so Kent and Adrianna have decided to comb the desert for tonight's stories. We'll search for the Lost Dutchman's Mine, unearth the set of Cecil B. Demill's "The Ten Commandments," watch the sailing stones race across the land and listen to the deep resonation of the singing sands of the booming desert (we'll also throw in a tale about a tower for good measure). Welcome to episode 71! πŸ‘»
November 05, 2021
S. 2, Ep. 70: The Paranormal Roundtable (Halloween, part 2)
Welcome to part 2 of our two part Halloween paranormal roundtable; bigger, better and with more guests. Returning guest Karma Wilde is joined by our other returning guests, Daniel Jackson, Elliot Van Dusen and Sam Seitles! Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2021
S. 2, Ep. 69: The Paranormal Roundtable (Halloween, pt. 1)
Happy Halloween! Tonight we discuss all things paranormal with returning guest, Karma Wilde in part one of our special two part podcast. Be sure and catch part 2!
October 31, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 68: Weird Tales
We're flying by the seat of our pants tonight as each of us come to you with some weird Tales from our own lives and others as well. Welcome to episode 68 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
October 22, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 67: Stairway to Nowhere
We use stairways all of the time in our day to day lives. We use them to climb from one floor in a building to another, but what happens when these staircases are found in the middle of the forest alone with no other structures to support them? Would you dare to climb them? What may actually be at the top? If you climb them, will you ever return? Welcome to episode 67 of What In The...? Podcast!
October 08, 2021
S. 2, Ep. 66: In Memory of Dan Marro: Horror Movie Nostalgia with Sam Seitles
We dedicated this episode to a special man. Our friend podcaster, musician and documentarian, Dan Marro. Dan contracted the COVID-19 virus and sadly lost his battle. In tribute to Dan, we've created our own top ten horror movie lists with our friend and Dan's co-host, Sam Seitles. We hope that you enjoy episode 66 of What In The...? Podcast!
October 01, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 65: Bishop Kristina Rake: Ghosts, Mediums, Demons and Religion
On tonight's episode we sit down with author and head of the American Apostolic Old Catholic Church Bishop Kristina Rake, who will tell us all about the paranormal and religion, and how the two are not necessarily exclusive. Welcome to Episode 65 of "What In The...? Podcast,!
September 24, 2021
September 16, 2021
September 16, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 64: The Ghost Biker: Miranda Young
Miranda Young, better known as the Ghost Biker from YouTube's "Ghost Biker Explorations" rolls in to chat with us about her show, her travels and her experiences. After that, Adrianna will offer up her short of the week, "Desert Ghost Walker." Finally, Kent will round out the show with the second half of his short story, "To Whom Shall You Inquire." Welcome to episode 64 of What In The...? Podcast!
September 10, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 63: Paranormal Podcaster, Andrew Bleakley
Tonight we interview paranormal podcaster and enthusiast Andrew Bleakley, and talk about his paranormal experiences and his show, "Fear in the Southwest." Then Adrea will tell us story about a haunted hotel in Arizona. Welcome to episode 63 of "What In The...? Podcast!"
September 03, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 62: Dr. Kristy Sumner-Soul Sisters Paranormal
Dr. Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal joins us to talk about her ghost hunting adventures, which seemingly started by accident during an all-girl road trip. Afterward, Kent will read from his very own short story, "To Whom Shall You Inquire." Welcome to Episode 62 of What In The...? Podcast!
August 27, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 61: Bigfoot
Our premier trailer said something about Bigfoot raiding your garbage can. Sixty-one episodes later, we finally talk about the elusive hominid cryptid. Welcome to episode 61 of "What Inn The...? Podcast!"
August 20, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 60: Paranormal Investigator Elliot Van Dusen
Elliot Van Dusen has been investigating and researching parapsychological phenomena for the past 24 years. He is the director of Paranormal Phenomena Research and Investigation (PPRI), and Vice President of Ghost Project Canada. After serving 15 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Van Dusen left to focus his full efforts on investigating the paranormal. He holds several degrees in criminology and parapsychology and has authored two books: Evil in Exeter, a story about a woman plagued by evil entities, and Supernatural Encounters: True Paranormal Encounters from Law Enforcement, which contains true accounts covering everything from ghost encounters to vampires. Tonight Elliot Van Dusen joins us to tell us his stories. Welcome to episode 60 of What In The...? Podcast.
August 13, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 59: Gem Hughes and Kate Ralph of Hecktic Paranormal
Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever thought about becoming a ghost hunter? Tonight we'll talk with Gem Hugh's and Kate Ralph, two ghost hunters from Australia and the founders of the group, "Hecktic Paranormal." They join us to talk about themselves and their experiences, as well as the creepy allegedly haunted places that they have investigated. Then I, Adrianna, will tell a story about bodies buried under San Diego Boulevard. Welcome to episode 59 of What In The...? Podcast.
August 06, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 58, Medium Daniel Jackson
Techno Foo can't stop us tonight! Our guest is Delaware medium and podcast host, Daniel Jackson. Tonight Daniel will tell us his story and answer questions with the crew. Daniel has some interesting insights and is a very funny man too. Welcome to episode 58 of What In The...? Podcast!
July 30, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 57: Interview With Dan Marro of the Nostalgia Cafe Podcast
Dan Marro joins us tonight and talks with us about his days as a ghost hunter and other freaky stuff, as well as podcasting and his paranormal documentaries followed by Dan and the crew discussing our favorite horror movies. Then Adrea tells us a short tale about an unsuspecting real estate agent selling a family a haunted house. Welcome to Episode 57 of What In The...? Podcast!
July 23, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 56: Dean Shields: Ghost Stories/New Bethel Cemetery
Our good friend Dean Shields joins us to talk about his exploits both on the job and with the paranormal. Then Adrianna tells us about New Bethel Cemetery.
July 09, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 55: Interview with Actor/Director Dwight Taylor and Horror in Film
Tracy has hooked us up with her old friend, actor and director Dwight Taylor for a fun and entertaining interview about his career in horror film. Then we openly discuss our love of the genre and talk about the movies that scared and entertained us.
July 02, 2021
S. 02, Ep. 54: The Bell Witch/Gef, the Talking Mongoose/The Lizzie Borden House
Tonight we discuss two mischievous spirits, the Bell Witch, and Gef, the Talking Mongoose, then Adrianna tells us about the Lizzie Borden House.
June 25, 2021
S: 02, Ep: 53: Interview with Guard X, Prison Stories
Welcome to Season 02 of our podcast, tonight we speak with Guard X, a former prison guard at Historic Folsom Prison, who will tell us about the hauntings he has witnessed while working there. Then, Adrianna will continue our prison feature with the Burlington Prison haunting. Finally, we will talk about our contest contenders and tell their stories.
June 18, 2021
S: 01, Ep: 52: Interview with Morgan Knudsen/The Man In the Black Hat
We end season one of our podcast tonight with an interview with paranormal researcher and investigator, television personality and fire bender Morgan Knudsen, followed by a story from Linda Godfrey, "The Man In the Black Hat." Thanks to all of our listeners. You've made it one great year! 😊
May 28, 2021
S: 01, Ep: 51: The Ascended Master Speaks! The Count de St. Germain II
Tonight we are visiting Erin Montgomery in her home as Adrianna and Kent travel to Montrose, Colorado. We will be listening to Tracy talk about the ascended master while Erin will channel St. Germain so that he can set the record of his life straight. Then, Adrea will tell us a tale about a famous ghost in Mount Vernon.
May 21, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 50: Celebrity Ghosts/Ghostly Encounters and the Haunting of Poe's House
We all love celebrity. For good or for ill, most people are curious about what's going on in the lives of our favorite celebs, but what about their deaths? For some, death is not enough for celebrity ghosts to leave the spotlight as there are numerous stories involving actors, actresses and musicians who survive beyond the grave. Just as numerous are the celebrities who have had ghostly encounters of their own. Tonight we'll tell their stories. Then, Adrianna will discuss whether Edgar Allen Poe's house is truly haunted.
May 14, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 49: Living Dinosaurs
Tonight we consider the idea that dinosaurs, a species that died out 65,000,000 years ago, may still be alive. Then, Adrianna will tell a story considering USOs (unidentified submerged objects).
May 07, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 48: Ghost Stories of the Old West
Tonight the ladies are sick, so Kent is going to tell ghost stories, but not just any ghost stories. These tales are from the Old West, even including a tale from Tombstone's Birdcage Theater!
April 30, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 47: The Death House Landlady
We choose a true crime story with some "local flare" for this one. Dorothea Puente was the landlady on F Street in Sacramento, California (our turf) who was arrested and tried for the deaths of seven people who boarded in her home. Tonight we discuss Dorothea, her life, the murders, her arrest, trial and conviction. Then we take it a step further and discuss the possible haunting of her F Street home.
April 23, 2021
S. 01, Ep 46: Vortexes-Places of Power
What is a vortex and how do they affect us? Tonight Tracy describes "The children's vortex," an unprecedented polar storm that ravaged the American midwest in the 1800s and took the lives of hundreds of people. Then we all shift to the metaphysical and discuss energy vortexes, places of power which converge along ley lines all over the world.
April 16, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 45: Thought Forms, Tulpas and Egregores
It has been said that we form thoughts, that thoughts have form, but what if we are speaking literally? Does the human species have the power to create three dimensional beings with our minds and can we breathe life into them as well? Tonight we will discuss thought forms, as well as tulpas and egregores, creatures created by individual and group thoughts respectively.
April 09, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 44: Haunted Restaurants
Everyone enjoys fine dining. Who wouldn't like partaking in a sumptuous meal in a regal setting with an attentive wait staff. It's a charming notion in it's way, but what happens when you begin your meal, only to discover that you have an unexpected dinner guest from beyond the grave? Join us tonight as we discuss several haunted restaurants, a few of which we know intimately.
April 02, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 43: Devil's Den: Interview with Terry Lovelace
Terry Lovelace is a retired military seargent and UFO abductee. Today he is a speaker, host on the Devil's Den vlog and bestselling author of two books which tell the tale of his ordeal. Tonight we interview Terry and learn about his "Incident at Devil's Den."
March 26, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 42: What In The...? Shorts
We had a bit of a snafu tonight so, rather than leave you hanging, we've recorded a few What In The...? Shorts for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
March 19, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 41: The Cecil Hotel, Elisa Lam, and an Interview with Pablo Vergara
The Cecil Hotel is a national monument in the heart of Los Angeles. Formerly one of the city's grandest hotels, it is also a hotel of death; murders, accidents and so many suicides that the hotel now has a nickname: "The Suicide." One death in particular has had the internet in a tither since it was first revealed in 2013, the death of 21 year Elisa Lam. Though the case is solved there are many internet detectives who disagree. Tonight we will discuss the case, and interview death metal musician Pablo Vergara who, under the stage name Morbid, stayed at the Cecil a year before Elisa, but wound up blamed for her murder afterward.
March 12, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 40: Haunted Dolls
Everyone seems to have a story about a haunted doll, be it one that they've owned or not. These dolls are said to be possessed by spirits who may or may not wish us harm. Tonight we'll talk about a few, many of which you might be hearing for the very first time!
March 05, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 39: Demon House: Interview with Karma Wilde
Karma Wilde is no stranger to the paranormal. She has always had one foot in the physical realm and one in the spiritual. Tonight she tells about her three year ordeal with dark forces that can only be described as "demonic!"
February 26, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 38: Scary Games to Play in the Dark
Did you ever have or go to a sleepover and hear someone say, "let's play a game," which ultimately scared the snot out of you? Tonight we'll discuss some very scary games that you can play (at your own risk!), and we will especially go into detail about the game "Bloody Mary." Before all of that, we'll talk to our good friend and returning guest , Erin Montgomery, to discuss her brand new book!
February 19, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 37: Cursed Objects
What makes an object cursed? How can a simple item cause so much trouble, from simple misfortune to death? Tonight we're going to explore what cursed objects are and the difference between a cursed and a haunted object. Then we'll talk about several cursed items, including some items we have owned.
February 12, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 36: Interview with Robin Foy-The Scole Experiments
On tonight's episode we discuss the Scole Experiments, a five year research project dealing with spiritual mediumship and making contact with the other side. Then Kent conducts an interview with spiritual medium Robin Foy, who was a founding reseacher during the Scole Experiments. Robin will give his own first hand account about what took place.
February 05, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 35: Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences
Have you ever awoken to find yourself hovering over your bed, staring at the person in your bed only to realize that the person is you? Is astral travel safe? Tonight we will explore astral travel and out of body experiences, a few who have made the attempt, and the dangers they may face.
January 29, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 34: The Count of St. Germain
The Count of St. Germain was a popular and inegmatic figure in the courts of the 17th and 18th Century aristocracy. He was a scholar, scientist, mathematician, poet, musician and author. Yet despite his fame, one question goes unanswered: did he ever really die? Tonight we'll discuss the Count with our friend, UFO contactee Erin Montgomery, who will talk about her encounter with the Great Man.
January 22, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 33: Not So Short Shorts
Due to audio issues from our regular recording equipment, we are giving you an episode comprised of our "What In The...? Shorts," which we soon hope to offer as a perk for Patreon subscribers. Our shorts tonight include: The Emperor of San Francisco, the Beast of Exmoore, the Dover Demon and Patty Hearst, as well as an additional short from our good friend, Erin Montgomery. Enjoy the show!
January 15, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 32 Strange Tales for Strange Days
It's a free for all! Our scheduled podcast derailed, so tonight we're hitting the books and the internet to find some of this centuries strangest stories, even one for the year of Covid 19! 😊
January 08, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 31: Real Modern Faerie Encounters
Are faeries real? Have you ever seen something that you thought was a faerie? Tonight your hosts, along with Tracy's daughter, have dug up several tales of real life modern faerie encounters, including one from Kent's own childhood. Enjoy! 😊
January 01, 2021
S. 01, Ep. 30: A Christmas "Yule" Remember
Our gift to you. Because we really appreciate you, or listeners, we worked hard to provide you with this special Christmas podcast. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the crew at "What In The...? Podcast!"
December 25, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 29: Unsolved Mysteries
Tonight we present to you four unsolved mysteries; Havana Syndrome, the Voynich Manuscript, The Children That Went Up in Smoke and the Mad Gasser of Mattoon. Can you solve the mystery?
December 18, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 28: Guardians: Spirits, Angels and Gargoyles
Tonight we explore the world of guardians, spiritual protectors who look out for us, our well being and even our structures. Animals and people who appear to help us in our time of need to guide us or give us comfort. Grotesque creation that guard or edifices, but may have a life of their own. Enjoy! πŸ‘»
December 11, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 27: The Mandela Effect
Ever seen something and thought, "That's not how it's supposed to look," or heard about a story or historical event and said to yourself, "that's not how I remember it happening?" If you have, you might have experienced the Mandela Effect. Join us as we discuss a few "misremembered" things and attempt to determine whether or not they occurred as we remembered.
December 04, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 26, True Ghost Stories II
Tonight Kent, Adrianna and Tracy are telling each other (and you, our listeners) ghost stories. It's all spooky good fun with one catch, all of tonight's tales are true!
November 27, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 25: Interview with Willow Le Mechant II
Tonight we welcome back our friend, medium and witch Willow Le Mechant and talk more about her fascinating life working in Jackson Square in New Orleans. Enjoy! 😊
November 20, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 24: Secret Societies
Secret societies have existed for centuries, but some are more secretive than others. Some you might know a bit about and what they do, but others are shrouded in mystery and may or may not even exist! Join us tonight as we explore these "secret" organizations.
November 13, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 23: Skinwalker Ranch
Tonight Tracy and Kent explore a 500+ square acre of land in Utah's Uintah Basin known to most as the Skinwalker Ranch. A place the local native people's fear to venture and a playground for the supernatural and paranormal. John us as we take a journey through this amazing (and haunted) landscape.
November 06, 2020
S. 01, Ep 22: *Bonus* Halloween Special
Happy Halloween to all of our listeners! Tonight we'll take you on a trip around the world and celebrate some Halloween traditions from other countries throughout the world, then we'll tell creepy Halloween stories... That happen to be true! Trick or Treat!
October 31, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 21: Spiritual and Energy Healing/Migraines and the Paranormal with Erin Montgomery
Returning guest, Erin Montgomery, joins us tonight to discuss spiritual and energy healing, then Tracy will discuss Migraines and their possible paranormal connections.
October 30, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 20: Shadow Creatures and the Hat Man with Guest, Heidi Hollis
What exactly are those shadows that we sometimes see in places no shadow should be? Did it just move? Is it looking at you? Tonight we explore shadow creatures and the infamous Hat Man with expert and author, Heidi Hollis, and, hopefully, keep those shadows at bay!
October 23, 2020
S. 1, Ep. 19: UFOs and the Military, Truth vs. Conspiracy
What really happened in Rendelsham Forest one night in 1980 when lights in the sky put the base on alert? What about Los Angeles in 1942 when tensions were high and Japan was at the doorstep of the US West Coast, artillery fired on...something. tonight we talk about the Rendelsham Forest Incident and the Battle of Los Angeles.
October 16, 2020
S. 1, Ep 18: Satanism, Anton La Vey and the Satanic Panic, Part II (Bonus Episode)
We had so much to share with our listeners in the last episode that we had to split it into two. Tonight we present to you a bonus episode dealing with the Satanic Panic on trial (and we're all bothered by the outcomes).
October 09, 2020
S. 1, Ep. 17: Satanism, Anton La Vey, and the Satanic Panic, Part I
Tonight we explore Satanism and what really makes a person a Satanist. We will also explore the life of Anton La Vey and the formation of the Church of Satan. Finally, we'll delve into the Satanic Panic of the past few decades.
October 09, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 16: Doppelgangers and Twinning
Have you ever seen your double? Have you encountered someone you knew, but later discovered that they were somewhere else when you saw them? Tonight we explore the concept of doppelgangers, our body doubles, and share stories of famous (and not so famous) encounters with them in life and on the big screen. Then, Tracy will explain the concept of twinning, a physical, mental and emotional connectivity that goes well beyond the boundaries of empathy, followed with each of discussing our own twinnings.
October 02, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 15: Haunted Roadways
In this episode, we will explore some of America's haunted roadways, and learn about such legends as Chicago's Resurrection Mary and the phantom children who push cars stuck on a railroad track to safety in San Antonio, Texas.
September 25, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 14: Legends of Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta is solitary semi-dormant volcano in Northern California whose view has inspired writers, artist and adventurers. It has also inspired a myriad of legends surrounding the mountain, everything from UFOs to Sasquatch encounters, ghosts to strange humanoid and reptilian inhabitants of the mountain.
September 18, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 13: Rock 'n' Roll and the Occult
Tonight we discuss the darker side of rock 'n' roll. We'll be talking about the infamous "27 Club," people who may have made pacts with the devil for a quick rise to fame and an even faster ride to death, famous rock star plane crashes and motorcycle accidents with bizarre coincidences, and even deadly apartments that supposedly killed a few as well.
September 11, 2020
S. 1, Ep. 12: Past Lives with Erin Montgomery
Erin Montgomery from episode 06 returns to do a live recorded, past life reading with Kent and Adrianna with some interesting results. Later, Tracy regails us with personal stories and Kent will relate the story of Omm Sety.
September 04, 2020
S. 1, Ep. 11: (Un)conventional Discussions on Religion in an (Un)controlled Roundtable. πŸ‘»
We're off of the rails tonight as we have an unscripted discussion about witchcraft, paganism, and conventional religions with our friends and guests, Michael Bagley, Brandi Landa and our guest host, Tracy Hernandez!
August 28, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 10: California Cryptids (T. S. Mart & Mel Cabre)
There are a plethora of indigenous Cryptids living in the state of California. You might have heard of Sasquatch, but do you know about Tahoe Tessie? How about the Bullywip Monster or the Dog Woman of Watts? Learn about these and others tonight as Kent, Adrianna and Tracy are joined by author, T. S. Mart, and creature artist, Mel Cabre; the mother-daughter team behind Cryptid World (
August 21, 2020
S. 01, Ep. 09: Interview with Psychic Medium, Willow Le Mechant
Kent flies solo tonight in an interview with New Orleans Psychic Medium, businesswoman, paranormal investigator, ordained minister and radio personality, Willow Le Mechant. She wears a lot of hats! Afterward, Kent will regale us with another listener ghost story from fellow podcaster La Nell from "What We Take for Granted."
August 14, 2020
S. 01: Ep. 08: True Ghost Stories
Tonight we sit around the table recounting ghost stories from our friends and fellow podcasters. With us tonight to tell their stories as well is our returning guest host, Tracy Hernandez, and her mother, Penny Cusick, who has a Ouija Board story like nothing we have heard before!
August 07, 2020
S: 01, E: 07: The Real American Horror Story
Tonight our guest host, Tracy Hernandez returns to talk with us about "American Horror Story" and the real life inspirations for the series.
July 31, 2020
S. 01. E. 06: Interview with UFO contactee, Erin Montgomery.
Author of "Dirty Little Secret: Confessions of a UFO Contactee," Erin Montgomery joins us to speak about her experiences with extraterrestrial contact.
July 24, 2020
Season 01, Ep. 05: Cursed Movies (guest host: Tracy Hernandez)
Come with us tonight as we explore six films that are allegedly cursed, two of which were so cursed that they were never made! Includes one bonus feature: the Lee family curse! Apologies for the length. This episode runs a bit long. 😊
July 17, 2020
Season 01, Episode 04: Haunted Forests
Tonight we explore three haunted forests, the Elfin Forest of Southern CA, the Wychwood Forest of England and Cameron Park in Waco Texas. All are beautiful, all are haunted. Join us as we take our haunted nature walk.
July 10, 2020
Season 01, Ep. 03: Spooky Sacramento, Part I (Troy & Tina Glasson)
Tonight we travel to the Sacramento Historic Cemetery and meet a few of the residents there, then we'll enter Old Sacramento and learn about the history and haunting of the buildings and Underground Sacramento with our guests, Troy and Tina Glasson!
July 03, 2020
Season 01: Episode 02: Black Dog
Tonight we dive into the legend of the ghostly black dog. Come along as we learn about this spectral canine.
June 26, 2020
Episode 01. Introduction: This is Us!
Hello and welcome to the "What In The...? Podcast." Tonight we introduce ourselves to you, our listeners. We'll talk about each other and our experiences with the paranormal and give everyone a feel for what the podcast is all about. We hope you like it! :-)
June 19, 2020