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What Is Left?

What Is Left?

By Simon Brewis
‘What Is Left?’ is a Podcast for progressive people. Episodes will unpick ideas that are practically useful to being on the Left in accessible language. The Podcast is created and hosted by Simon Brewis (He/Him). His politics are Social Democratic & Intersectional, and he studies Critical and Cultural Theory. He is in the Labour Party, and friendly with Lefties who are not. He also makes Theatre. He lives in Leeds, UK. Text transcription with referencing & further reading etc will usually be available at -
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A Fight To The Death Of The Left - Identity vs Class Politics Part 1

What Is Left?

A Fight To The Death Of The Left - Identity vs Class Politics Part 1
‘What Is Left?’ is a podcast for progressive and Left-Wing people. This first episode unpicks the factional conflict between Identity and Economic or Class-based Politics. It will explain why this conflict is bad news for the Left. It is part one of three in a planned series about Identity Politics and Economic or Class-based politics. The series will also talk about the collapse of Labour’s vote in traditional post-industrial seats. To see this episode in a blog format with references and links go to
June 1, 2021