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What YA Readin?

What YA Readin?

By What YA Readin?
Sisters, Jes and Bre, discuss Young Adult books and things having to do with YA literature.
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Chapter Six: Maggie Steifvater - Human or Ethereal Being

What YA Readin?

Chapter Six: Maggie Steifvater - Human or Ethereal Being
In which our heroines discuss Maggie Stiefvater and the possibility that she is not of this world. Join us as we discuss Maggie Stiefvater's writing and general awesomeness. Show Notes
August 28, 2021
Chapter Five: Spaaace!
In which our heroines discuss wormhole physics and how so many sci-fi characters are frozen in tubes. Join us as we discuss books in which the characters fly ships among the stars. Show Notes
July 17, 2021
Chapter Four: the Aesthetic Generator
In which our heroines decide who is the Emo Dreamer: Nico di Angelo or Ronan Lynch. Jes and Bre stumbled onto a random aesthetics generator and decided that a fun game would be to use it for YA characters. Show Notes
June 19, 2021
Chapter Three: The One with the Darkling
In which our heroines discuss the Netflix series Shadow and Bone. Don't agree with what we say, fine, make us your villains. Join us as we discuss what we like and disliked in the Netflix series. Show Notes
May 08, 2021
Chapter Two: The Love Pentadecagon
In which our heroines let the men of YA love triangles duke out it out to find out. Who will be the victor? Join us as we rate teenage heart throbs very scientifically with maybe a little bias.  Show Notes
April 10, 2021
Chapter One: Books We Call Home
In which our heroines reveal the books that have become their home.  Join us as we discuss the books that we find ourself visiting again and again.  Show notes
January 16, 2021