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What A Word!

What A Word!

By Ryan Sharpe
I’ve learned that words are wonderful when used in a correct way. They can encourage, edify and give confidence to the hearer. A right word spoken at the right time can actually be life-changing…’ Thats why I started a podcast so I could have conversations with individuals who inspire. I believe if you listen to the podcast you will be inspired as well
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17.Embracing change and finding fulfillment with Dr. Eva Michelle Wheeler

What A Word!

17.Embracing change and finding fulfillment with Dr. Eva Michelle Wheeler

What A Word!

37. No Better Time! w/ Dwayne Caines, Chief Operations Officer for the Corporation of Hamilton
Dwayne A. Caines has been an agent of change for the last 25 years and a dynamic force in Bermuda’s business environment. After graduating from Bermuda Institute, he attended Oakwood University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations. A year after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree, he attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan to commence graduate work in Public Relations. Mr. Caines has a very diverse business background as he has worked for Bermuda Broadcasting Company, Bermuda Telephone Company, Bermuda Department of Tourism and he is most notably known as the Corporate Communications Manager/Public Relations Manager of the Bermuda Police Service. In May 2019, Mr. Caines was elevated to the post of Secretary and Chief Operations Officer for the Corporation of Hamilton. In Mr. Caines’ spare time, he is an avid sportsman and a community activist. Dwayne has traveled over the Caribbean and the United States as a motivational speaker conducting workshops for companies and organizations whose aim is simply to bring the best out of people. Dwayne has been the keynote speaker at several graduation ceremonies here in Bermuda and in Jamaica and has conducted workshops for The Bermuda Department of Education, several church groups, the Co-educational Facility, civic organizations and has spoken at numerous male leadership workshops. He has developed interactive workshops and seminars to help members of organizations reach their full potential and to strengthen the bonds of those in the organizations. He endeavors to help organizations design strong community-based programs and motivational seminars to help those who have lost their passion to find it again. He is a community-focused gentleman who enjoys working with young people, with a determination to empower them to become active in their communities and advocates for social change. Mr. Caines taught Social Studies and English for the GED Program at his church for 16 years, created a Rites of Passage program for male youth and has been involved in mentorship programs such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters where he was a past Vice-President for 10 years. For the last six years, Mr. Caines along with his brothers have hosted the Back to School Extravaganza where over 3,600 bags have been given away with countless school supplies and over 500 young people each year have either had their hair cut or hair braided. He continues to be involved in the community by currently serving as the Vice-Chairman of the Coalition for the Protection of children and is involved with community activities with his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. Mr. Caines has also written and directed numerous plays and is often invited to inspire youth through motivational speaking in both Bermuda and in America. Mr. Caines has written/co-authored a book with his twin brother, Wayne Caines called "Double Vision." Mr. Caines is married to Roshanda and has three daughters, Deshay, Dasha and Dori. Closing Word Every Kid Needs a Champion by Rita Pierson; Social Media Facebook: Dwayne Caines, Caines Brothers, Instagram @candycaines06; Resource Mentioned: Double Vision: A Journey to Success by Wayne Caines and Dwayne Caines
November 24, 2020
36. Don’t Hold Back! w/ Elan Suave, Hip-Hop Artist and Entrepreneur
Elan Suave (“Elan”) is a 16-year-old indie hip-hop artist from New York City. He wants to be a star. He began his quest for stardom in March 2018, at age 14, with the release of his first song. By December 2018, he released his 1st EP, “Elan’s World". The EP was accompanied with two music videos for the most popular songs: “One On One” and "Hundreds". The "One On One" video was placed in 100 media and lifestyle outlets, including BetJams and Footlocker in the USA, while the song, "Hundreds”, was added to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. The EP was followed by four singles in 2019, all of which were added to Spotify's Discovery Weekly. This helped Elan to amass over 1M Spotify streams in 2019. Elan continued his journey in 2020 with the release of his 2nd EP, $uave $eason, in February. Through 53 media outlets, the EP was placed in stores, shopping malls, and digital platforms worldwide. Elan released two music videos for the most popular songs on the EP, “Found Me” and "Jealousy". The videos are on YouTube. Both songs were added to Spotify’s Discovery Weekly. Elan next released two singles, "Sleepless Nights" and "Hard". Hard was added to Spotify Discovery Weekly. They were followed by the single, "Dangerous", on July 31, 2020. These songs are preludes to the release of his 3rd EP, $uave $eason Vol 2, dropping October 9, 2020. Elan is demonstrating that his quest for stardom is more than wishful thinking. Rather, he has the talent to be a star. Website: ; Social Media @theofficial.elan @bbpllcmusic ; Youtube : Elan Suave; Closing Word: The Process featuring Gary V, Jay Z and T.D. Jakes
November 18, 2020
35. Trouble Don’t Last Always! w/ Rebeca Davila, U.S. Navy Veteran, Deputy Sheriff, Worship Leader
On November 11th the United States of America recognizes the service and contributions of Veterans. I am honored to introduce my guest Rebeca “Becky”Davila. She is a Veteran and has a compelling journey. She is of Puerto Rican descent and was born and raised in the Bronx NY. In 2005 she joined the Navy and completed successfully 5 years active duty and 3 years reserve duty. She currently serves as a Deputy Sheriff and has served in that capacity for the past 5 years. Becky is a member of the worship team at the Kingsboro Temple of Seventh-day Adventist. She lives by the motto: you don’t have to look like what you’ve been through! Closing Word: How to Live the Life You Never Imagined by Richard Pimentel, Veteran
November 10, 2020
34. Plan it Out! w/ Junior Bevel, Singer and Songwriter
My guest, Junior Bevel, grew up in a really large Traditional Jamaican family filled with musical talent. He has an extensive musical history which includes touring the world as a singer and musical director. Great opportunities include: The Patti LaBelle Tour, Donnie McClurkin, Verizon Wireless HSTS Winner, McDOnalds Gospel Competition Winner, GGS Germany/France Tour MD, OGK Jamaica Tour Headliner. Jr. Bevel is thankful for all the individuals that have helped build the journey: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, EYC, Oakwood University, LMS, OGK, Sean Tillery, Beautiful Minds, TheCollectiveGrey. His Purpose: To create a mood that will promote good vibez and bring positive energy amongst the people. Website: ; Social Media: Instagram @jrbevel ; @collectivgrey ; Facebook Junior Franc; Twitter @juniorbevel; Shout out by Zina Howard; Closing Word “Grind!” by T.D. Jakes
November 3, 2020
33. Be The Total You! w/Crystal E. Ward, Financial Services Professional, Certified Coach
When my guest, Crystal E. Ward was a little girl, she vividly remembers accompanying her father to the bank. He would show her the increase to his passbook savings as he made his weekly deposits. She also remembers sitting at the dining room table and watching him faithfully write up his tithe envelope. While she never had an official discussion about money management in her household, these encounters remained etched in her mind and served as the foundation for her skill in managing her personal finances. Crystal E. Ward is a financial services professional, a certified personal and professional development coach and sought after speaker and facilitator on various topics of faith, finance and personal and professional development. She shares her experiencing in climbing the corporate ladder from an intern to analyst to a former Senior Vice President in Commercial Banking. Currently as chairman of the board of a $36MM Not For Profit and Finance Chair of her church, she shares why she believes that money is not to be hoarded, but to be used as a tool to live ones purpose. As she now follows her calling to ministry, she plans to continue impacting the world through financial literacy and inspiring individuals to live their God given purpose! Website:; Social Media: Facebook: Crystal E. Ward; Closing Word: Gratitude featuring Freddi Fri
October 27, 2020
32. Keep Going! w/ Beverly Burton, Singer, Songwriter, Author & Entrepreneur
Beverly “Song” Burton, born Beverly “Ann” Burton was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Passionate about music and ministry, she is a singer/ songwriter who has been blessed to share her orginal songs and arrangements with many people within the 50 states, Bermuda, and London. She credits family worship and her parents for giving her a firm musical foundation. After establishing a short career as a science teacher for 6 years, Beverly has gone on to establish the Beverly Burton School of music and start her journey in 2018 as a full time musical artist! Beverly is also passionate about her personal musical abilities and ministry and has just recently released her first vocal project, “NAKED the mini project”. That project showcases her vocal and piano ability, and highlights her journey of stripping off everything that covered her path and passion to sharing her music. She is releasing 2 singles this spring “Life is a game” and “Fill me up” and is currently in the studio working on her new Album to be released this Fall entitled “CHANGED” . “I don’t want to be anything else but me”, those are the words that she strives to live by. Website:; ; Instagram @beverly_song_burton ; @gotobbsm; @booksnmoteevation ; Youtube : Journey with Beverly Song Burton ; Shout Out by Lesia Clarke; Closing Song: “It only takes a little Faith” by Beverly Burton
October 20, 2020
31. Getting it done, Gets it Done! w/Brian Melford, Candidate for New York City Council’s 12th Dist.
 Brian Melford was born to two loving parents, Joan and Vincent from Kingston, Jamaica W.I. He attended local schools PS76, MS135, and Harry S Truman in Coop City. Brian was President of the Bronx Youth Empowerment Program founded by NYC Council Member Andy King and his wife Neva Shillingford-King. He is also a member of Bronx Miracle Gospel Tabernacle Word of Faith Ministries under the leadership of Rabbi Keith Elijah Thompson. He attended John Jay College where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. While he was attending college Brian worked at 32BJ as a youth organizer where he also studied formal labor history with a CUNY professor. With that passion he started working at SEIU in the communications department where he was instrumental on several phone banking campaigns. Brian’s mother was a member of 32BJ and his grandmother, to this day, is a proud dues paying member of the mighty mighty 1199SEIU. Labor runs through his veins and he was fortunate to be a member of AFRAM and President of FAS Future AFRAM Stars, the youth arm of the NYC Chapter. For the past 8 years he has been on Council Member Andy King’s staff where he started as his special assistant and now transitioned into serving as his budget director. Brian volunteered with a number of organizations, planned and executed their annual youth forums with the Bronx Youth Empowerment Program(YEP), worked with the NYPD to meet with youth of the community, and helped put together many neighborhood parades. He has helped repair a number of our schools including PS41, MS113, PS111, and MS181. Brian was also instrumental in the construction of the Sydney House on Bronxwood, reconstruction of Agnes Haywood Playground, renovation of RAIN Gun Hill, and renovation of his community’s libraries. Service is in his blood and he knows that his hard work lives as a testament to all his accomplishments and he pray that the community he knows and loves agrees. Website:; Social Media Instagram @brianmelford ; Facebook: Brian Melford; Shout out: Mauleen Pitterson. Closing Word by Michelle Obama
October 13, 2020
30. An Attitude of Gratitude! w/Sharon Ann Phillips, Author and Public Speaker
Impacted by a series of devastating events, Sharon-Ann takes you on a heartfelt journey. Marie, her elderly neighbor was the first person who begged the question, How could one person experience so much loss in such a short period of time and still have so much faith?” A fair question frequently echoed by others, one that constantly resounded in her mind. Her sister, angry at her situation, with her tear filled eyes and broken-heart, constantly asked, “Why you?” From those questions, came her story that tells how love, determination and belief can guide and help you through your world, even when all you can see is darkness, sickness and death. Website:; Instagram @authorsharonannphillips ; Facebook: Sharon-Ann Phillips ; Closing Word: Thank You! Featuring Denzel Washington, Fearless Soul and Leonard Sicilian.
October 6, 2020
29. This is what I’m supposed to do! w/ Jermaine Boswell, Actor, Entrepreneur and Musician
Born May 24, 1991, in Springfield, Mass to Jamaican immigrants, Jermaine Boswell's unheralded rise to acting prominence began with a simple spark of creative energy in high school. Having worked on community skits and performances for church for much of his life, his first break came after a standout performance in an audition he had only reluctantly agreed to. Jermaine was offered his first lead role, as the exuberant Danny Zuko in the iconic musical Grease. This was perhaps the perfect fit for Jermaine to showcase his talents, both musically and dramatically, as he has always been the center of any room he walks into. Thus, Jermaine's acting career was born. After completing his B.S. in Accounting at Oakwood University, Jermaine set off to Atlanta to train and master his new craft, which has since seen him take supporting roles in numerous films and TV, including Zero (Bollywood, SRK), You Can't Take My Daughter (Lifetime), The Perfect Race, and many others. While not self-prophesied, Jermaine's gregarious personality, infectious charisma, and undeniable screen presence made his odyssey into the world of acting all but inevitable. Website:; Social Media : Instagram @jbos_ ; YouTube: Jermaine Boswell; Shout Out by Claudette Jackson; Closing Word by Tyler Perry
September 29, 2020
28. We Can Do Better! w/ Dr. Rashida Vassell, Medical Director, Patient Advocate, Consultant
Dr. Rashida S. Vassell, MD, a Jamaican immigrant, spent her formative years working towards her childhood dream of becoming a physician and is a proud graduate of the CUNY Sophie Davis Program. Dr. Vassell received her medical degree from State University of New York, Downstate College of Medicine in 2008 and l started her postgraduate training at New York Medical College/Danbury Hospital. She completed her general surgery residency at The University of Vermont Medical Center where she served as Chief Resident, 2013-2014. Dr. Vassell is currently the Medical Director at the Guthrie Corning Hospital Wound and Hyperbaric Center. In clinical practice, she collaborates with a network of medical centers, hospitals, and professionals committed to advancing wound healing. Dr. Vassell's latest venture includes using her experience in the healthcare industry, particularly hospitals and direct patient care, to leverage her expertise through her company, Physician Consulting Services. As COVID has painfully highlighted, patients often face barriers accessing EQUITABLE healthcare, navigating complex insurance systems, and speaking with providers. They are often making life-altering decisions, with little experience and knowledge. As an advisor, she provides counsel, knowledge, and support. Additionally, for community organizers, grassroots organizations, social change-makers, healthcare advocates - she is highly skilled in communicating the needs of patients and those of health systems. Her humble beginnings growing up in the Bronx and years spent taking care of people, and as a breast cancer survivor, makes uniquely qualified to advocate for patients. Furthermore, her experience as a medical executive in healthcare compliance, process improvement, leadership, and communications will add value to investors or companies looking to expand their products or services. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is to build empathetic, people-focused, and results-driven relationships. Rashida most enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Resources Mentioned: The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson; Website; social media: Instagram @physicianconsultingservices @rnkrums ; Facebook : Rashidah S. Vassell ; Twitter @rashidavassellmd; Shout out by Sean Lawrence ; Closing Word: Ava Duvernay
September 22, 2020
27. Try Everything! w/ Kadeem Brown, Financial Advisor
This episode is sponsored by Travelingnese Experiences, here to help you create new memories,one experience at a time. When you are comfortable and ready to travel again, contact Travelingnese Experiences at We are ready to create your next memorable experience. Kadeem Brown is currently a Financial Advisor at Equitable Holdings, a Forbes top 100 global company. At his firm, he and his team aid individuals and businesses in reaching their financial goals. For the past six years, Kadeem has developed unique skills in overall personal finance to allow him to deliver exceptional value to clients. In 2014, Kadeem earned his Associate of Applied Science degree in Electric Power Generation Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Although his degrees are based on technology and management, his true passion will always be in finance. Kadeem developed an early interest in finance due to his upbringing. With both parents in the financial industry, he gained a vast amount of financial literacy at an early age. He continued to pursue his passion for finance by taking multiple courses on investing, credit, and proper money management. He has also completed all the FINRA required security licenses exams to be considered a Financial Professional. Kadeem takes a holistic approach by helping families and businesses break down their big financial decisions into small manageable steps. By helping his clients become more informed and empowered, they can take the small steps necessary to accomplish their financial goals. His areas of focus are wealth management, retirement planning, pensions maximization, health & life insurance, education planning, estate planning, and employee benefits plans. Kadeem is also a huge advocate of financial literacy and spends much time in schools around the city, teaching high school children the necessary money skills they need in life. He also has talked on countless amounts of panels and hosted workshops at colleges like NYU, Columba, and even for the New York Senate. When not in the office, Kadeem enjoys being in nature, playing sports, spending quality time with friends and family, and aiding in uplifting his community. Kadeem is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., where he does many community services and helps to host other philanthropic events. Social Media: Instagram @kadeembr0wn; YouTube : Kadeem Brown; Shout Out by Ms. Semone Anderson ; Closing Word Excerpt by Steve Harvey “Rich People Don’t Sleep”; Inquiries:
September 15, 2020
26. Take the Leap: Follow Your Dreams! w/ Jenniva, R&B Singer & Songwriter
Jenniva is an R&B singer and songwriter. She got an early start singing at a young age and decided to fully pursue her passion a few years ago after feeling unfulfilled with her 9-5 career path. As a wife and mother of 2, she decided to follow her childhood dreams and recorded her first project “Rule No. 1” in 2018. Since then, she’s been uploading cover videos to Instagram and YouTube, performing at various shows throughout NYC and started a family vlog channel on YouTube called “The Watson Fam”. Her goal is to show the world that anyone can pursue their passion at any age and she encourages more people to start taking the leap to follow their dreams, no matter where they are in life. Social Media: Instagram @itsjenniva ; Youtube: Jenniva ; Shout out by Othneil Stephens, Sr. ; inquires
September 8, 2020
25. Exercise Is Medicine w/ Alicia Bonney, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer
Alicia is a certified exercise physiologist, corrective exercise specialist, and personal trainer. She believes that a healthy diet and exercise program are the best medicines we have to help prevent, manage, and sometimes reverse chronic illness and disease. She uses her knowledge to create individualized programs that help her clients to increase mobility, decrease pain, and improve their quality of life. When Alicia's not working or studying, you can find her sparring, grappling, and engaged in all things martial arts. Opening Words: Ryan McKenzie, Closing Words: Chadwick Boseman: Website Http:// ; Instagram @the_physiologist. Inquiries:
September 1, 2020
24. We Are Family! with The Farrells (Tarence, Veronica and Ezekiel)
Tarence and Veronica Farrell are the proud parents of Ezekiel. They are also members of the music and financial industry respectively. Tarence Farrell is an Audio Editing Specialist, Mix Engineer and Music Producer. He is owner of Levite Music and Founding Partner of Company called Be More Today, providing information and inspiration to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. He is also Creator of Words for Life today Ministries, a division of Be More Today, using Christian principles and perspectives to inspire you to make the rest of your life the best part of your life. Veronica Farrell has worked in the Financial Services Industry for a little over 20 years. She currently works at a privately owned and managed financial services firm which serves the most sophisticated individuals and institutions with expertise in Private Banking, Investment Management, and Investor Services. We discuss their lovely family , their journey, faith and the adoption process. Website Instagram @vwfarrell @tfarrelltoday . Facebook Veronica Farrell ; Tarence Farrell. Closing Word: How Marbles Can Change Your Life by Josh Shipp.
August 25, 2020
23.Pandemic Crisis Teaching w/ Cordelia Anthony,Educator & President of Farmingdale Federation NYSUT
Cordelia Anthony was born In Antigua. Her family migrated to the United States of America along with her parents in 1984. She developed her love for Science subjects at an early age and her love for the teaching developed when she attended the Stony Brook University where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology and a Masters of Arts in Teaching. Cordelia has been a teacher at the Farmingdale High School since 1999 and also serves as the President of the Farmingdale Federation of Teachers and a New York State United Teachers Board Member. Cordelia is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Closing Word by Jeremy Anderson
August 18, 2020
22. Challenge Accepted! with Kirk Davey, Drill Site Manager, Engineer
Kirk was born in Christiana, Jamaica. He and his family moved to the US when he was 6 years old. They lived in New York and Massachusetts for a short time before settling in Miami, Florida, where he attended Miami Norland Senior high school, he excelled in academics, football and track & field. Following high school Kirk attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. After graduate school Kirk went to work as a design engineer in the oil and gas industry with Baker Hughes Inc., in Houston, TX. During his time with Baker Hughes, Kirk worked on several international assignments in Angola, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Ghana as a project engineer. After his time with Baker Hughes, Kirk joined Chevron as a completions engineer, working on oil and gas projects in the Gulf of Mexico. Kirk has held various engineering and field positions with Chevron in New Orleans, Angola, and West Texas. He is currently working as a drill site manager (company man) in the Permian basin in West Texas. Kirk resides in Atlanta, GA with wife and two boys. Closing Word by William Hollis: I didn’t come this far to only come this far!
August 11, 2020
21. There is More! w/ Vanessa Blake, Filmmaker and Visual Artist
Vanessa Blake is a filmmaker and a visual artist. Vanessa has been capturing still images of all kind since 2013. In 2017, Vanessa was awarded a video residency at Express Newark in Newark New Jersey. That residency afforded Vanessa the opportunity to connect with other like-minded creatives. In 2018, Vanessa wrote and produced her first stage play, The Race Before, A story of liberty and justice for some. In 2019 she also wrote, directed and produced her first short film, In My Solitude. In My Solitude is currently in the editing phase and is scheduled to be released later this year. Also, in 2019, the feature length documentary Being Gladys, which Vanessa worked on in several capacities won best documentary at the Newark International Film Festival. Vanessa is currently in the beginning stages of her next film project, The Waiting Room. She also is scheduled to work on two documentaries in 2020, Gone Too Soon and The Story of Dr. John A. Kenney. Vanessa is a proud board member of Women in Media – Newark. A lifelong New York Knicks fan and a Brooklyn/Queens native, Vanessa currently resides in New Jersey with her husband. To follow Vanessa Blake check out her website You can also follow her on IG @mbele_life, @summershowerpro, and @Vanessablake ; Twitter @summershower Featuring: Olivier “I Love my Black Life”; Warner “I feel your Fear”; William “My Blackness is Beautiful” ; Sebastien “Do you really see Me?” --
August 4, 2020
20. Connecting through Music with Dale Brown, Gospel Recording Artist, Worship Leader, Educator
Sefton Dale Brown, Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, was born and raised in a musical family. His parents are Sefton Brown Snr and Claudette Brown, gospel music legends from the ministry "New Creation Heritage". Sefton jnr (known to most as Dale, has been singing for over 35yrs. He has ministered all over the Caribbean serving as the choir director, praise team coordinator, music director, worship and arts director for many ministries all across North America and the caribbean. He formed a ministry called Dale Brown and Truth also known as DB&T which started in August 2009 and is currently comprised of 18 active members from across the United states and Canada. The group blends traditional and contemporary gospel music with their own musical style. They have ministered across the United States, the Caribbean and now Canada. The ministry released their first album "Tru Celebration" in December of 2013; their second album "Under Construction" in September of 2015 and in January of 2018 they released a gospel reggae fusion project. They were also nominated in 2018 for the "best contemporary gospel group award" at the Eddy awards, held in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to their albums, the ministry has a clothing line which includes: tshirts, dresses and sweaters. Dale has currently relocated to Toronto Canada where he is very active in the gospel music industry. He is currently the music teacher at Crawford adventist academy, the praise and worship director for the Apple Creek church, The music consultant for the Meadowvale Church and the director of the promotion company Muzikizlife. Dale Brown and Truth has expanded their ministry to now having a chapter in Toronto called "Dale Brown and One Voice". God has been really good to this ministry and for that they are grateful. It is their desire to take God with them wherever they go, spreading His love to those who may or may not know how miraculous He is. Their charge to you today is to “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass” - Psalm 37:5 Social Media: Instagram: @dalebrownandtruth @classymuzikman Facebook: Dale Brown andTruth ; Resources Mentioned: My Worship A Praise and Worship 4 Week Master Class, August 9th to September 3rd, Sunday’s and Thursday’s. Vocal Techniques, Praise and Worship Leadership, Song Composition Training, True Worship Guidelines, Proper Vocal Blending, Register at ; hosted by Dale Brown, Gospel Recording Artist, Sharon Riley, Gospel Recording Artist, Dr. Wayne Bucknor, Professor of Piano, Lamar Campbell, Gospel Recording Artist
July 28, 2020
19. Everything is Interconnected w/ Joanna Smith, Engineer and Entrepreneur
Ms. Smith is from New York City and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Morgan State University and a M.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in geotechnical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a well-traveled geotechnical engineer and has worked in Wiesbaden, Germany; Cancun, Mexico; Jamaica W.I.; Washington, D.C., and currently works in New York City as a geotechnical engineer with AECOM. Upon working with AECOM for 3 years she has led a variety of geotechnical engineering projects which include roads and bridges, airport facilities, port and marine facilities, and rail. She works with a diverse group, represented by different ethnicities around the world such as Chinese, Egyptian, Brazilian, Polish and German. She has worked on various boards and committees such as the handpicked National ASCE Technical Program Planning Committee, The Ground Improvement Deep Foundation Committee, and the Women In Deep Foundation Committee. On a local level she leads internal meetings to collaborate the skill sets and visions of entry and mid-level engineers. She leads a Ministry team, LEGACY, where they sing, play instruments, visit the sick and shut in, and lead community initiatives. As a public speaker, Ms. Smith represents her brand, AECOM’s brand, and her supporters by fostering the mindset that diversity and inclusion will bring stronger relations, companies, and most of all a powerful future. Unity is power and it is only through unity that power will manifest. Her goal to empower minorities from all walks of life to be a part of the equation and have a voice within STEM fields and leadership roles. Ms. Smith is excited to work with the Diversity and Inclusion committee to bring these ideas to fruition. Closing Word: “You Matter” by Eric Thomas; Website: ;Social Media: Instagram @joannasmiththeartist @daleysmithmusicinc Facebook: Joanna Smith
July 21, 2020
18. Trust the Process! with Dr. Sean A. Thomas, Physical Therapist, Author, Choreographer
Sean Anthony Thomas was born in Harlem, NY and raised in the Hudson Valley. He attended Choate Rosemary Hall for high school and later graduated from Brown University in 2003 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. While at Brown, he was a captain of the Division I Track and Field Team and was Ivy League Indoor and Outdoor Champion in the Triple Jump. Dr. Thomas graduated from SUNY Downstate Medical Center with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 where he earned the Alumnae Award for Leadership, the Community Service Award, and the Best Research Award for his thesis entitled “Facilitating a Positive Change in Physical Activity Level with African American Adolescent Girls using the Trans-Theoretical Model.” Dr. Thomas has been working at Jag-One since 2012 and is currently the Clinical Director of the Georgetown Office. He is a Graston Provider, a certified kinesiotape practitioner, and is SFMA Level 1 certified. Dr. Thomas has competed over 19 Spartan Races, is a 4 time marathoner, a former professional dancer, and the C.E.O. of Be More Today, a company that provides information and inspiration to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. He is the author of “Be More Today: A 40-Day Guide to a Better Version Of You” and hosts a weekly podcast called The Be More Today Show. Dr. Thomas offers free weekly workouts in Brooklyn with a community based organization called Spartan Sundays, a fitness group he helped to co-found in 2012. He also serves as an ordained Elder and a Health Ministries Leader. Dr. Thomas is married to Hemangi Pai Thomas, who works as a Public Defender in Brooklyn and together they have a five year old daughter named Sonali. Closing Word: “Failing Forward” by Eddie Pinero ; Website: ; Social Media: Instagram @seandpt @thebmtshow ;Twitter @SeanDPT
July 17, 2020
17.Embracing change and finding fulfillment with Dr. Eva Michelle Wheeler
Dr. Eva Michelle Wheeler is a college professor and semi-retired attorney who has made it her mission to travel the world and to learn as much as possible. In her overlapping personal and professional pursuits, she is committed to problem solving, advocacy, and highlighting underrepresented voices. Resources mentioned: Faces at the Bottom of the Well - The Permanence of Racism by Derrick Bell; Seventh-day Adventist and the Civil Rights Movement by Charles Long ;The Autobiography of Malcolm X with Alex Haley ; Closing Word : “We Are Still Here” by Joseph Solomon
July 14, 2020
16.Everything in Life is Negotiable! w/ Sherika Wynter,Engineer,Entrepreneur, Endometriosis Advocate
Sherika Wynter is the CoFounder & Managing Partner of T|W Tote, a subsidiary of Thomas & Wynter R&D. Sherika’s background is in mechanical engineering and industrial design from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and University of the Arts, respectively. She has an extensive career in hardware and software product development, with over 11 years of experience in private sector and government affiliated companies. Sherika’s approach to product management and development is simple: “Does this solution solve the underlying problem?” Closing Word by Maya Angelou. “Still I Rise!” Resources mentioned: website : Twitter @Endomebad Instagram @sherikawynter @twtote @slipguards
July 10, 2020
15. Population Health: Connecting Possibility with Advice and Desire featuring Dr. Fiona B. Lewis
Dr. Fiona B. Lewis earned her Bachelor of Science in Fire Investigation from the University of New Haven in 2000. She then earned a Master of Science in Nutrition and Wellness from Andrews University and became a nationally credentialed Registered Dietitian in 2007. In 2013 she earned a Doctorate in Public Health with an emphasis in preventative health from Loma Linda University. Fiona completed the UMMC Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE research fellowship program in 2016. She has also completed a professional chef training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Healing and the Culinary Arts with an emphasis on plant-based cooking in 2018. She has certificates of training from the Commission on Dietetic Registration in childhood and adolescent weight management, and adult weight management. Fiona has practiced as Registered Dietitian in the clinical and home care settings in New York City. She has served as Assistant Professor and Interim Program Director for the Andrews University distance MPH Program 2013 to 2014 in Berrien Springs, Michigan. She also served as Assistant Professor from 2014-2017 and Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics from 2014-2016 at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. Fiona has been slowly transitioning out of academia and research since 2017. In 2017 she founded LLBJ Culinary and Wellness Enterprises LLC, a whole food plant-based culinary nutrition and wellness start-up, and it’s subsidiary culinary brand, SHE DID THAT_FOOD. Through SHE DID THAT_FOOD, Fiona conducts plant-forward culinary nutrition workshops, seminars, and cooking classes. Fiona is also the author of several prayer and couples journals, some of the titles include A Flavorful Life: 12 Spiritual Lessons from the Kitchen, Align, Hustle, and Grind: The Girl Boss Alignment and Prayer Journal, Of This I am Confident: 17-Day Confidence Challenge, Won’t He Though? Sister God Will! 40-Day Gratitude Challenge, Mi Luv Yuh Like A Fresh Vegetable: 40-Day Black Love Challenge, and Let’s Make It Last: 40-Day Black Love Challenge. Fiona believes that she is a creator and builder, like she God who created. One of her favorite names of God is Elhoim. She enjoys building and creating new things. She also likes supporting others and seeing them win. Closing Word by Dr. Martin Luther King; Additional Resources Mentioned: Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will Of God by Henry T. Blackaby; David R Williams: The coronavirus is a "call to action" in America's treatment of its communities of color” Social Media : website ; Instagram @shedidthat_food; Facebook: She Did That Food
July 7, 2020
14. Making the Story of Your Life Impactful with Kevin Jackson, Entrepreneur and Worship Leader
Kevin Jackson is an entrepreneur and worship leader. We talk about his journey as a student at Pratt Institute where he studied Interior Design. His company : the Before and After Salon, which he co owns with his Aunt and Business Partner and why he gives his all when he leads worship. Social Media : Instagram @mysterjackson. Closing Segments Features Kingsboro Temple of SDA’s Temple Praise and Temple Praise Band rendering of an awesome selection of Todd Galberth's "How Great is our God." Special shout out to Cito Crandle for the audio edits/mix and Samantha BrookLyn Howard for creating the final video along with the video edits/mix. We thank you! 👏🏾🙏🏾 Kevin Jackson 🎤 Tasheima Young 🎤 Tameka Thomas 🎤 Jesse Laurent 🎤 Cito Crandle 🎹 Brandon Chase 🎹 Kyle Everett 🥁 Kenny Dyer 🎸 Sidney Antoine 🎸 Closing Word: When it Hurts, featuring Tyrese Gibson, Nick Vujicic, Les Brown and Eric Thomas
July 3, 2020
13. Pushing Past Discouragement with Robert Kennedy III, (RK3) Corporate Trainer
Robert Kennedy III (RK3) is a leadership communication expert, international keynote speaker, corporate trainer and best- selling author. For the past 10 years, RK3 has spoken for and worked with some of the world’s largest companies, associations, government and faith based organizations. Notable clients include AARP, Social Security Administration, Comscore, U.S. Coast Guard, and many others. RK3 discusses how he went from failed businesses and lay offs to running a successful company: Kennetic Kommunications and getting speaking opportunities, getting hired by companies to train and getting hired by clients to coach them on presentations, communications and leadership. Closing Word features Inky Johnson, Les Brown, Eric Thomas and Steven Furtick. Website:
June 30, 2020
12. Talking to our children about racial injustice with Tasha M. Brown, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Tasha Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of New York who specializes in providing clinical care to children, adolescents, and young adults. Dr. Brown is passionate about helping the children, adolescents, young adults, and families she works with, function adequately at home, school, and in their communities. She gets excited when her clients are able to incorporate skills learned in treatment into their daily lives. Dr. Brown prides herself in being able to provide client centered care with a strength- based approach. ​ Dr. Brown graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies and Psychology; and minor in African American Studies. In 2013 she received her Master of Arts from DePaul University in Clinical Psychology. She then completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) in clinical psychology in 2016 from DePaul University. Dr. Brown then went on to complete her Predoctoral Internship and Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. ​ She is currently a licensed clinical psychologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and is a faculty member at Columbia University Medical Center, where she serves as an instructor in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Brown is passionate and committed to providing children, adolescents, young adults, and their families with efficient, effective, evidence-based treatment. Closing Word “Your Value” by Ben Lionel Scott Website: Social Media: @dr.tashabrown Resources Mentioned: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome - America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing by Dr. Joy Degruy
June 26, 2020
11. Connecting the World with Brian Lee, Commercial Pilot
Brian Lee is currently a pilot for American Airlines, currently assigned to the Embraer 190 fleet of aircraft. He is soon to transfer to either the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 in the very near future. The journey to this point in his career however, was a long and sometimes stressful one. Brian was born in the Bronx, NY raised by his mother who had major aspirations for her son. While deplaning after a flight to Jamaica while he was a child, he peered into the flight deck of the airplane he was riding on. The flight crew saw this and invited him up, sat him down in the Captain’s seat, and had him enjoy the view. From that day forward Brian knew what he wanted to become a pilot. He attended A Philip Randolph Campus High School in Harlem and after graduating in 2009, went straight to the University of North Dakota to begin his quest in Commercial Aviation. During his junior year of studies, the same school employed Brian as a Flight Instructor to help bring up and teach the students coming after him, and to also build his own flight hours for his long term goals. In the second year of employment as a Flight Instructor, he accepted an internal position of a Check Instructor in the UND Aerospace Standards Department. This small group was tasked with administering checkrides, or flight examinations, to the students under Examining Authority granted by the FAA. In 2014, Brian finally gained momentum toward his main goal by getting hired by his first airline, Envoy Air (formerly known as American Eagle Airlines). He spent five years at Envoy, with his final year serving as the Assistant Chief Pilot helping to supervise the hundreds of pilots based both in the New York and Miami domiciles. Most recently in November 2019, Brian finally started at his dream airline, American Airlines where he currently serves. Brian will be the first to say that his almost 17 year long journey definitely had its bumps in the road. Whether those bumps be financial, failures or naysayers, he is a living testament that you can achieve whatever you want to regardless of the background you come from or the environment that you are in. At first, his goal was just to be able to fly and see the world, but after a few years, he learned that he helps to not only see the world, but connect the world; especially when it needs it most. Social Media: Instagram @blee0824 Closing Word: Follow Your Heart featuring Soren Kierkegaard;Steve Jobs; Alan Watts
June 23, 2020
10. Fathered By God with Michael Olisemeka, Creative Storyteller, Poet, Photographer,Graphic Artist
Episode 10 of the What A Word! Podcast features a special Father’s Day emphasis conversation. Our guest Michael Olisemeka aka “Mike O the poet” is a creative storyteller and shares his insights on relationships that are challenged by life’s circumstances. Mike O has the gift of using words to create powerful imagery and evoke intense emotion. He is also an in demand photographer for events not limited to conferences, weddings, engagement shoots and portraits. Mike O loves creative word play and has hip hop offerings; releasing a number of rap singles over popular instrumentals. Closing Word: Mike O the Poet “Me vs. Dad.” Website : ; Social Media IG:thisismikeO ; semekapro ; Twitter: @semekapro , thisismikeO Facebook: Michael Olisemeka; Youtube: thisisMikeO ; LinkedIn: Michael Olisemeka
June 19, 2020
9. Creating solutions using Technology with Sian Morson, Creative Technologist and Storyteller
Sian Morson is a creative technologist and storyteller. An accomplished entrepreneur, Sian has founded 3 tech companies and has been at the forefront of technology for the past 15 years. Sian was named one of 3 winners of the L’Oreal Women in Digital Award in 2015 for her app Cast Beauty and has been named to several lists highlighting her work in technology. She is the author of the best-selling Learn Design for iOS with Sketch as well as Design for iOS Development. She has written and contributed to Urban Geekz, Black Enterprise, and Politic 365 among others. Sian’s educational background includes graduation from New York University’s Tisch School of the arts with a bachelor’s degree in Film & Television and a master’s degree in Electronic Art from Middlesex University in London. A sought-after speaker, she has graced the stages of MoDev, SXSW, and Black Tech Week among others. She is regularly called upon to speak about topics ranging from diversity, to design and investing. Sian has been featured globally in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Essence, Black Enterprise, and Inc. Magazine. Closing Word: President Barack Obama’s Commencement Speech to the Class of 2020
June 16, 2020
8. What is Commitment? with Akintola Jiboyewa, Actor
Our guest is Akintola Jiboyewa. Akintola Jiboyewa is an actor that brings a distinct image and strong presence to any screen. We talk about the challenges and joys of being selected for acting roles and the importance of staying committed to one’s craft. With a Caribbean and Nigerian heritage, Akintola (pronounced uh-kin-tuh-la) began acting at Lincoln High School for Performing Arts in New York. Shortly after graduation he was accepted into the Negro Ensemble Company. There he honed his skills and developed a love for deep preparation in various off Broadway productions. To pay the bills while acting, Akintola worked as a Crisis Interventionist at the Lorge School in Manhattan, providing classroom support to students with emotional disabilities. This experience influenced his future choice of roles. After guest appearances on LAW AND ORDER S.V.U (NBC), BLUE BLOODS and PERSON OF INTEREST (CBS) Akintola landed the leading role as the cool, no-nonsense Det. Garry McFadden on one of INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY's (ID) marquee crime series, I AM HOMICIDE. Over the years, Akintola developed a reputation for being immensely prepared for each role and collaborating selflessly with cast members. Akintola will be starring in the afro-futuristic sword and sorcery trilogy set in ancient Kemet called,"Protector of the Gods"as General Bomani. Production begins summer, 2020. Resume Film: about the people, Supporting Role; the creed, Supporting Role; All Rise, Supporting Role; black movie night, Supporting Role; the tombs; Supporting Role; uncle kills, Lead; back for good, Supporting Role. Resume Television: The Code, Guest Star; Blue Bloods, Guest Star; I am homicide, Series Regular, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Guest Star; Person of Interest, Guest Star; Gotham, Co-Star; The Blacklist, Co-Star; The Enemy Within, Co-Star; Killision Course, Guest Star; Scorned: Love Kills, Guest Star. Social Media: IG @akbluez; Facebook Akintola Jay. Closing word “Get Back Up!” by Dr. Eric Thomas
June 12, 2020
7. The importance of Self Care and Support during Covid 19 with Dr. Seanna-Kaye Denham Wilks
This episode’s guest is Dr Seanna-Kaye Denham Wilks . While this episode was recorded a number of weeks ago, Dr. Denham Wilks’ observations and instructions are still relevant for those of us dealing with challenging times during the Covid 19 pandemic. You will be encouraged and inspired. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience in the treatment of acute and chronic psychiatric disorders in children and adults. She serves as the Chief Experience Officer of one of the largest hospitals in NYC and has a passion for mentorship. An ordained Elder, Dr. Denham Wilks is in ministry with her husband Pastor Wilks, and they are the parents of a terrific two year old son. I believe you will also be blessed and encouraged by the Closing Word: “To Revive” written and performed by Cliche Darling, Spoken Word Artist
June 9, 2020
6. Using your voice to keep listeners engaged, encouraged and inspired with Mrs. Avery Boyd, Orator
Our guest credits the Church with not only providing opportunities for public speaking but also messages that appeal to both the intellect and the emotive dimensions of humanity. Mrs Avery Boyd personifies not only elegance and grace but has the gift of keeping listeners engaged and inspired whenever she reads or recites words not limited to poetry and Bible verses. Mrs. Avery Boyd is a gifted orator, family matriarch and a lover of words that inspire. We are honored to have her as a guest. She tells listeners what accounts for her passion, effectiveness, her gift and her ability to engage listeners with wonderful words of life. Facebook: Avery Boyd-Jimenez
June 5, 2020
5. How do you pursue Social Justice when you are in a place of Brokenness with Dr. Tim Golden, Esq.
Timothy Golden is from, Philadelphia, Pa. He has served as Professor of Philosophy at Walla Walla University in Washington from 2015 to the present. He is a member of the Speakers Bureau at Humanities and an Actor at the Red Door Project. He is a graduate of the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, where he served on the editorial board of the Thurgood Marshall Law Review. After law school, he was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar, and was an Assistant Public Defender with the Defender Association of Philadelphia from 1993-1995. From 1995-2006, he practiced law in Philadelphia as a sole practitioner, concentrating primarily on criminal defense (both trial and appellate), and civil litigation, litigating several cases before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He also practiced law as a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, where he represented indigent criminal defendants who appeal their conviction and sentences. After practicing law, he pursued a career in academic philosophy, returning to graduate school in 2004, earning a M.A. in philosophy in 2006, and a Ph.D in philosophy in 2011 from the University of Memphis. His areas of scholarly research are 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion/Philosophical Theology, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy and Literature, and African-American Philosophy/Critical Race Theory. He is the author of And the Word Was Made Flesh: Frederick Douglas and the Philosophy of Religion (Lexington Books, Under Contract), Subjectivity, Transcendence and the Problem of Onto-Theology (Palgrave Macmillan, Unser Contract), and he is the editor of both Racism and Resistance: Essays on Derrick Bell (SUNY Press, Under Contract), and Solidarity, Striving, and Struggle, The Moral, Political, and Religious Thought of Frederick Douglass (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Under Contract). He has also authored a book chapter entitled “Two Forms of Transcendence: Justice and the Problem of Knowledge, in Pursuing Trayvon Martin: Historical Contexts and Contemporary Manifestations of Racial Dynamics (Lexington Books, 2012). He is also the author of Looking for a Miracle, “ Freedom in Christ,” and “Back to Basics, three separate week-Long, Sabbath School styled, lesson studies on religious liberty. He was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church on April 6, 1991 and since then he has been an active member. He is an ordained Elder and well sought after speaker on Religious Liberty and Public Affairs Issues. Closing by Erica Fraser, Author. Resources mentioned in the episode: Books:; Website:; Books:; Books:;;;
June 2, 2020
4. How can we prepare the next generation of STEM Leaders with Dr. Maya P. Byfield
Today’s interview is with Dr. Maya Patrice Byfield. Dr. Maya Byfield is the daughter of Jamaican parents born in Queens, New York. After graduating from Oakwood University with a BS in Biology, Dr. Byfield received her MS in Biomedical Sciences and Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. She conducted her Post-Doctoral associate work in Neuroscience at the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine. She is currently a Tenured Professor of Biology and Principal Investigator of NSF S-STEM LEAPS and BOUNDS Scholarship program at Seminole State College of Florida. As Project Director of Seminole State College’s groundbreaking STEM Research Program since 2010, Byfield has forged partnerships with some of the region’s most prominent institutions, allowing students to gain valuable experiences in Central Florida’s emerging biotechnology industry. Dr. Byfield was featured in the PBS Stories of Champions segment of American Graduate Day 2015 and awarded as one of the Top 100 Inspiring Women in STEM in the nation by Insight into Diversity Magazine. Dr. Byfield is also founder and director of Phenomenal STEM(ist). For bright minds with the potential to become America’s next generation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) leaders, Dr. Maya Byfield AKA the Phenomenal STEMist is a bridge between innate talent and real-world opportunities. A role model to female and minority students, she helps a wide cross-section of young people chart promising futures. Closing by Tahlia Sharpe. Resources mentioned during this interview: website: Social Media: Instagram @phenomenalstemist Facebook: Maya Byfield Youtube: Dr. Maya Byfield
May 29, 2020
3. How Moral Outrage can lead to Social Justice with Joshua Femi Korode, Lawyer & Content Creator
Joshua “Femi” Korode aka JFK is an attorney (former prosecutor), content creator, worship leader, emcee and a recording artist. He shares his thoughts on how moral outrage can serve as a catalyst to social justice. Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Joshua has experienced life as an immigrant and it informs his perspective on life in America. Our program closes with a special word from Spoken Word Artist Mrs. Avery Boyd.
May 22, 2020
2. Never Give Up! featuring Attorney Bridgette M. Bennett
Today’s guest is Bridgette M. Bennett. She is the Founder and CEO of the Bennett Law Center which opened its doors in 2011 in Groveland, Florida. The firm focuses exclusively on Immigration & Nationality Law, with an emphasis on removal defense, waivers, and family & humanitarian cases. The firm is community-centric and is dedicated to serving the immigration needs of their local and global clientele. Bridgette strongly believes in education as a means of addressing many of the issues facing non-citizens today. Prior to moving to Lake County, Bridgette, lived in Washington, DC for over 10 years, where she was a Senior Research Manager at the Corporate Executive Board. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Government from Georgetown University in 2000. Bridgette is currently a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, the Lake and Marion County Bar Associations and the South Lake County and Leesburg Chambers of Commerce. She was recipient of the Caribbean American Association of Lake County’s Community Service Award in 2012 and the Women’s Council of Realtor’s Royal Ascot Model Citizen Award in 2009. Bridgette received the South Lake Chamber of Commerce’s Anne Dupee Gem of the Hills award for outstanding contribution to the community in 2018. Her passion for entrepreneurship was taken to the next level when she graduated from Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Business Program in Spring 2017. She was also awarded the BBIF’s Championship Entrepreneurship Award for excellence in managing a high growth law firm. Bridgette is an enthusiastic special events planner of family “stay-cations” and cruises, a passionate aficionada of fine Caribbean, Asian and Italian cuisine and an avid reader of historical fiction set during the English Regency (early 19th century). The Bennett Law Center is located at 302 W. Orange Street, Groveland Fl 34736 The Immigrants Bridge Show Monday to Friday 7pm - 7:30 p.m on Facebook Live ; (352)557-8989;;
May 15, 2020
1. I remember Mama! featuring , Author, Recording Artist & Minister Dawn “Lady D” Samuels
Join us for a special Mother’s Day Episode. Dawn “Lady D” Samuels is a Native of Jamaica who resides in the Bronx New York. She is an author, gospel recording artist, a Christian Comedian and well sought after M/C. Her autobiography is currently available and is entitled: “Alone in A Crowd...from Broken-ness to Wholesome-ness.”Lady D has an inspiring story and words of encouragement which she shares on the podcast. Lady D’s book and music are available on her website: Follow Lady D on Facebook and on Instagram YouTube: Lady D Ministries
May 8, 2020
What A Word! Podcast
The “What a Word!” podcast is designed to inspire listeners by way of conversations and stories told by individuals who have overcome great odds. Our hope is that you will be encouraged as you listen.
May 8, 2020