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The What Does Happy Look Like? Podcast

The What Does Happy Look Like? Podcast

By Sally Leslie & Mary Despe
Though many of us know it to be a feeling or display of pleasure or contentment, “happy” may look like a lot of different things to people.

From enjoying close-knit relationships with family and friends to spending free time doing the hobbies you wish were your day job, you may believe as we do -- that happiness is a mindset, as well as a way of life.

Join us every other week on the “What Does Happy Look Like?” Podcast -- a show where we will explore the unique and interesting stories that everyday people have experienced as they create their versions of happiness.
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Episode #3: Samantha Kaaua
Relationships bring an interesting portrayal of life.  They can make us feel like we're on top of the world,  experiencing life at its best;  yet also, they can make us feel that we are going through the complete opposite --  where we find ourselves living out the depths of despair and negativity.  Though it can be very tempting to stay in a negative mindset when you find a relationship going south,  we discover that these difficult moments often reveal the essence of who we are, and that we can carry that spirit to creating the type of happiness we desire. This week's guest Samantha Kaaua embodies this type of spirit.  Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Samantha is an Innovative Relationship Coach, licensed Marriage + Family Therapist, and Founder of The GEMMS (The Gift of Each Meaningful Moment Shared).   We are delighted to hear how she approached unique personal circumstances to create her version of happiness in life, family, and career.     About our guest, Samantha Kaaua As a Certified Women’s Relationship Coach, Samantha Kaaua will help you create the loving, trusting and passionate relationship of your dreams. For over 6 years Samantha has studied spiritual, personal, and professional principles and has worked with women and couples to find peace with their past, increase their own self-worth, and build trust and intimacy in their love life. Samantha is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Hawaii and has worked with many non-profit organizations such as The Salvation Army to help women and families overcome addiction, betrayal, abuse and so much more. As a highly innovative relationship coach and professional speaker, Samantha’s inspiring workshops and transformational coaching programs help women and couples break through their most hidden barriers and achieve even greater results than they knew were possible! Connect with Samantha: The GEMMS website Contact Form to connect directly via email or phone Facebook:  @thegemmscoaching IG: @thegemmscoaching
November 28, 2020
Episode #2: Val McFarlane
Bullying can be a stressful experience.  And with the advancement of technology and social media in today's world, it is a phenomenon that affects children in ways previous generations have never had to encounter.   In Episode #2, we speak with Val McFarlane, Director of the Bullying Intervention Group (BIG).  Based in the UK, BIG is a successful non-profit that aims to help schools and organisations protect children and young people from being bullied.  We speak with Val to understand her path to the meaningful work she's done with children and schools throughout Europe.  She comes from a deep history of experiences - both work and personal - that have shaped her passion to help youth overcome such fear through collaborative, supportive community intervention. Learn more about BIG  WEBSITE: Facebook: @bigawardtrainingandresources - Bullying Intervention Group     
November 16, 2020
Episode #1: Chavah Grant
In this week's episode, Sally and Mary speak with Chavah Grant, a high-energy entrepreneur based out of San Antonio, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii.  Chavah is the owner of Vida Chic Events, a luxury destination wedding planning event company, and an exciting resource - website.  They discuss Chavah's path to pursue doing what she loves to do, as she traded in a successful corporate events career to follow her true calling to help brides and grooms plan the wedding experiences of their dreams.    Chavah is also known as "The Wedding Planner" (@vidachicevents) on TikTok, entertaining audiences everywhere with fun and hilarious videos about situations one may encounter when planning a wedding! You can find Chavah Grant at: TikTok - @vidachicevents Instagram- @vidachicevents Facebook - Vida Chic Events
October 31, 2020
Episode #O: Introducing The What Does Happy Look Like? Podcast
Welcome to our first episode of The What Does Happy Look Like? Podcast! Our hosts, Sally Leslie and Mary Despe,  share a little bit about themselves, as well the concept and mission of this weekly show.   Join us every other week on the “What Does Happy Look Like?” Podcast -- a show where we will explore the unique and interesting stories that everyday people have experienced as they create their versions of happiness.
October 17, 2020