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What I Miss?

What I Miss?

By Jordan Easley
A weekly podcast hosted by Jordan Easley. Reinventing the radio show.

Featuring genuine interviews with guests, honest advice, hot topics, and more moments you don't wanna miss
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What I Miss?

Why Every Diet Sucks (with Jamaud Smith)
This week I'm talking with my best friend Jamaud about dieting and body image. We talk about his experience with the Keto diet plan and the results he's seeing. We also talk about our personal relationship with food and why I could never go on a diet. We also talk about how the male body image conversation needs a much bigger platform. Let us know your thoughts on Instagram and Twitter
July 22, 2020
Slurs: The words you can't say, and really shouldn't want to (with Mike Williams)
This week we're talking about slurs and derogatory language, the words that you really really shouldn't say. I interview Mike Williams from Ontario. we talk about our relationship with slurs, slurs that we've used in the past and had used against us, and growing from mistakes. Check us out on Instagram and Twitter Check out Mike's poetry slam playlist More information on slurs
July 15, 2020
Be Your Own Production Company (with Nick Cheramie of Piecemeal Productions)
In this episode, I chat with Nick Cheramie, one of the creators of Piecemeal Productions, about the process of starting his own production company with his friends, growing up in a small town in Louisiana, and using the "new media" space to his advantage.  Follow Nick and his journey on Twitter and the Piecemeal Productions YouTube channel. Question of the week: What is your dream job? Answer by commenting on Instagram or Twitter, or use the link below to submit a voice message! Information on alternate shopping hours for immunocompromised. 
July 01, 2020
You are listening to the What I Miss? Podcast: Reinventing the Radio Show. New episodes every Wednesday featuring guest interviews, hot topics, answering your questions, and maybe even hearing your voice on the show!  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates
July 01, 2020
Fine, let's talk about quarantine (with Gavin Graves)
Resources In this episode, we're talking about quarantine and the lasting impact it's having on individual people as well as society as a whole. The question of the week is what is one way your life will never be the same as a result of the virus and quarantine? Answer by commenting on Instagram or Twitter under the post for this week's episode, or use the link below to submit a voicemail! To follow Gavin's story, check him out on YouTube
June 24, 2020
The New American Dream: Identity Politics and Inclusion (with Cameron Cowan)
Check us out on Instagram and Twitter! Question for the week: What does inclusion mean to you? Do we have to make people feel included when we disagree with their core beliefs? Leave your response under the post for this week's episode More Cameron: Website , Twitter
June 17, 2020
Looking at the Past, Laughing in the Present (with Mike Jandreau)
Looking back at old writing and talking about working from home with Massachusetts author Mike Jandreau Check out his website and follow him on Twitter  For the latest updates on the What I Miss? Podcast, follow us on Instagram
June 10, 2020
Talent vs. Hard work and Finding Confidence as a Writer (with Douglas W.T. Smith)
Sign the petition: Donate to support the protests: This episode I'm talking with Australian fantasy writer and teacher Douglas W.T. Smith. We talk about having an ego as an artist, whether that's helpful or not, his personal journey as an author, and talent vs. hard work. For more Doug, check out his website and follow him on Twitter. 
June 03, 2020