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What is Real?

What is Real?

By Chaz
Podcast about Philosophy, Religion, Atheism, epistemology, psychedelics, and more.
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Patient -1, An Intro to the 'What is Real?' podcast.

What is Real?

Gigi Questions Reality - WiR002
Welcome to the long awaited third episode of What is Real podcast. We’ve found another tape lodged behind the old meat refrigerator down in the basement! This damaged tape, this recording is of Gigi. Gigi was a curious creature that we lured, er uh… invited onto our podcast. We explore the nature of reality with Gigi. Before the end, he provided very insightful dialogue to our misunderstandings with reality itself. Would you kindly listen to this podcast? Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro and Opening 2:22 - Donald Hoffman - Reality as an Interface 11:45 - The Traveller (Star Trek TNG) 15:09 - Corpus Callosum 24:11 - Something from Nothing? 32:45 - Conway’s Game of Life 36:57 - Quantum Mechanics 44:43 - Information Theory vs Conscience Agent Theory 50:32 - Can machines become conscious? 55:53 - Quantum Immortality 1:00:33 - Radical Life Extension 1:07:07 - Local Reversing of Entropy 1:11:24 - Bitcoin Part 1:16:48 - The Future of Humanity Gigi’s Twitter: What is Real’s Twitter: What is Real’s Website: What is Real’s Youtube: Further Research: Corpus Callosum - The Game of Life - Double-slit Experiment - PBS SpaceTime Youtube - Quantum Eraser - It from Bit, John Archibald Wheeler - Ray Kurzweil - How to Create a Brain -
June 2, 2021
Mario Gibney Demystifies Psychedelics - WiR01
Welcome to the long awaited second episode of What is Real?! We’ve located the long lost tape! We found the recording of our latest patient. It wasn’t my fault I smashed the tape to pieces! Just be happy that I was able to recover the audio at all. In this recording we speak with Mario Gibney. We learn from his experience with psychedelics and get his insight into best practices with their usage. Psychedelics have been used for centuries across many different cultures for various reasons. They are extremely powerful pathways to radical self discovery and change. We explore the basics of psychedelic usage and the pitfalls involved. We invite you to do your own research. There are mental health ramifications associated with psychedelic usage. These drugs are serious business and should not be taken carelessly. Check your local laws before taking any psychedelics. We are not going to tell you to break the law. Make your own calculations and take your own risks. We aren’t your parents though. Links are listed below to get you started on that research rabbithole! 0:00 - Start 2:32 - Defining “Drugs” 4:54 - Legality in Canada 6:08 - Mario’s Intro to “Drugs” 10:10 - Defining Ayahuasca 13:15 - Ayahuasca Experience 16:24 - Mushroom Experience, Ego Death 18:09 - Harm Reduction Tips 22:22 - Set and Setting 23:59 - Meditation 27:29 - Mario’s Biggest Insight 28:43 - Is there a bad age to start? 30:14 - MDMA 32:45 -  Ketamine in Medicine 34:40 - Drug Decriminalization 39:44 - Who weed for? 41:01 - Edibles 41:50 - Microdosing 42:56 - Caveats 43:41- The Lighting Network Tangent 46:36 - Teachers and Teaching/Learning 49:30 - Why Bitcoiner’s Bitcoin 50:54 - Future hype Mario’s Twitter: Unhashed Podcast: What is Real’s Twitter:  What is Real’s Website:  What is Real’s Youtube:  Further Research: Chasing the Scream - Mario’s Recommended Book: Resource for Education on various psychoactive substances - Dr. Gabor Maté, Recommended Reading - Recommended Twitter - MDMA/Psychedelic Research -
March 11, 2021
Patient 0 - Rockstar talking about Entropy
If you already listened to the Lightning Junkies version of this episode, you can skip to 37 minutes, 18 seconds to hear the extra audio content! Patient 0 has been captured. Patient 0 is Rockstardev. Rockstardev is a programmer that has worked on Bitcoin projects such as BTCPay Server and Zap. Rockstardev is known for having a very unique philosophy and we explore this more in this episode. We talk about: Rockstarism History Meaning of Life Reversing Expansion of Universe Are we already in the simulation? Life Finding a way Through Great Filter Humanity a Bootstrapper for Machine Civilization What's my Purpose? Cyborgs Reducing Entropy in Your Life Finding a Community Mortality/Impermanence Drugs and Psychedelics Ego Death Bitcoin = Drug Self Sufficiency What is BTCPay Server? Rockstardev's Twitter: BTCPay Server's Twitter: Zap's Twitter: Jack Maller's Twitter: Read more about Strike: Bill Gates early coding years video: Follow the "What is Real?" Podcast on Twitter: Follow Chaz on Twitter:
February 11, 2020
Patient -1, An Intro to the 'What is Real?' podcast.
This is an introduction to the 'What is Real' podcast which is a tentative name for this podcast exploring general philosophy topics, with other topics being included such as psychedelics,  psychology, transhumanism, and whatever the hell I feel like learning more about in the future. 
January 28, 2020