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"What Retirement Means to you" with Jerry D. Means Jr., President of Means Financial Group

"What Retirement Means to you" with Jerry D. Means Jr., President of Means Financial Group

By Jerry D. Means Jr.
What does retirement MEAN to you? Join Jerry D. Means Jr., President of Means Financial Group, Jerry addresses the latest financial news and discusses various topics including becoming more tax efficient, preparing for the increasing cost of healthcare in retirement, and most importantly, how he can help you create a secure income plan where you'll never run out of money!
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Meet Jerry D. Means Jr., President of Means Financial Group
Meet Jerry Means of Means Financial Group! At just 13 years old, Jerry’s Grandfather, a business man who grew up in the Great Depression, WW2 Veteran taught him how to read the Wall Street Journal, so he knew what a ticker symbol was, what a bond was, and lessons like paying yourself and save 10% of your income. Having learned these lessons early on, helped shaped where he is today. Now, with over 20 years of experience in the financial world, Jerry has helped people just like you retire stress free and with confidence. Have you thought about what you want out of retirement? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? How will you spend your time? Planning for retirement isn’t all about the numbers, it’s also about planning for your time, and of course important things like taxes, inflation, and those unexpected expenses. The good news is Jerry is here to do all the heavy lifting making sure that you can accomplish everything on your bucket list while not overpaying taxes, leaving money on the table, paying unnecessary fee’s and more. Retirement is not the end, it’s the beginning – the second half of your life and it should be exciting and everything you want it to be! When you meet with Jerry, he can show you how he can help you create paychecks for life and cross that retirement finish line with confidence! Contact Jerry today to setup a phone call, a ZOOM meeting or meet in person and begin the conversation about what you want YOUR retirement experience to be! 636-778-1293 or
February 11, 2021