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What's Up ABQ

By What's Up ABQ
A podcast dedicated to ABQ and all who love our city featuring interviews with local business owners, artisans, thinkers, dreamers, and lovers of ABQ.
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What's Up ABQ: Vanessa Baca & the Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination

What's Up ABQ

What’s Up with What’s Up ABQ?
Find out what’s been going on and why all the ghosting.
September 19, 2022
Veronica Ford and her new book
This week’s episode features local author V.S. Ford! Listen as we discuss how characters come to life in writing, how the local writing community can help you with your first book and just what does it mean to venture into the world of authorship where you’ve never written a book before! Author V.S. Ford tackles the questions (and answers) for anybody looking to jump into the world of writing their first book and what it takes to get it done. Listen along and support her work buy buying local at Organic Books and at Title Wave Books in Albuquerque, on her site ( or on Amazon if you must!
June 26, 2022
The Unsolved Hit & Run of Marcos Baca
On November 13th, 2021, Marcos Baca was killed in a hit and run while driving home from an awards ceremony he had just attended. The case is still unsolved. For those who loved Marcos, this isn’t the end. They are still searching for answers and Justice. On this episode we talk to his fiancée about what it means to lose somebody you love, and what our community needs to do differently to stop these kinds of tragedies from happening again. If you have any information regarding the hit and run case involving Marcos Baca, that took place November 13th, 2021 in the intersection of Arenal and Tapia, PLEASE CALL 505-798-7000 or call 505-843-STOP to remain anonymous. Tips can also be submitted at There is a $7,500 REWARD for any information that can help solve this case.
May 27, 2022
What's Up ABQ with our new co-host, Lorenzo!
This week’s episode is all about our New (Mexican) newb Lorenzo! We figured it’s time to take him out of the shadows and on to the mic. Lorenzo is a Native New Mexican with plenty of knowledge and a love for all things chile. Please listen and join us as we welcome What’s up ABQ’s newest Co-Host.
May 06, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Tristan w/ Different Breed Customs
Sweet shoes - local creator. Need we say more? In this episode, Lindsey (Ryan couldn't make it because he's super lame sometimes), talks with Tristan of Different Breed Customs about what it's like creating custom shoes with his signature NM-inspired art style, how things started, and (of course) green chile. Learn more about Tristan and what he's up to HERE ( We're always looking for new local creatives to interview! Drop us a line HERE ( Until next time, stay classy, Burque!
April 08, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Lindo Mexico
Ok ok, so we all know how much New Mexican food is delicious. Seriously - it's kinda like one of our staple show questions at this point. But what about Mexican food in the 505?? Enter Lindo Mexico! Auri's family has a classic rags-to-riches story, starting with their original family roots down in Chihuahua, Mexico. Using their culinary history, they carried their passion for amazing northern Mexican food up the 505. And now we get to devour their amazing cuisine. In this one, we talk passion, talent, and the musts of what makes a restaurant truly excellent in Burque. Looking for your next great going out to eat dinner here in town? Head on over to their main location on Central at 7209 (near the corner of Louisianna and Central by Talin). Also, if you're up in the Heights you're in luck! Lindo Mexico is opening up a second, brand-new location very soon! Their grand opening will feature special dishes you can only get there! (more info in the show) In the meantime, here's their website ( Until next time, Happy Spring! - Lindsey, Ryan, and Paul
March 18, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Ramon Torres w/ Goodwill Industries New Mexico
You've probably seen them around. You've probably even got your thrift on there too! But did you know there's a ton more that our local Goodwill Industries does on an everyday basis to help our community? Get a personal perspective of yet another awesome non-profit here in Burque as we chat with Ramon Torres, Program Manager on all the stuff they have going on as well as their perspective on the sorts of challenges New Mexicans are facing right now and whats being done about it. To learn more about Goodwill Industries of New Mexico, head HERE ( Thanks for listening, - Ryan, Lindsey, & Paul
March 11, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Corey Spoores w/ MST Adventures
The Sandias, the Rio Grande, Santa Fe National Forest, the Gila, the Taos box... Seriously, we have a ton when it comes to getting up and outside. Now, we can go with a pro like Corey Spoores of MST Adventures, based right here in the 505. In this episode, we talk snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking - even forest bathing. If you've been wanting to get out more (like out Out), you're gonna love this one. Put on your hiking boots, sunglasses, and grab a bottle or two of water and enjoy! To learn more about Corey and MST Adventures trek on over here ( As always, thanks for listening :) - Ryan, Lindsey, and Paul
March 03, 2022
Artist with Brian podcast: What's Up ABQ
It's a special cross-over episode! If you're not already listening, you kinda really should be - to Artist with Brian! Coming to you from Santa Fe, Brian hosts an amazing variety of local artists and creatives. Together, they get deadpan and honest about what real life is like for New Mexican artists (most recently with yours truly). Check it out! Learn more about Artist with Brian HERE ( Enjoy :)
February 22, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Comedian Sarah Kennedy AKA "The Lost Episode"
Back during the Ryan and Chris era of the show, we got the chance to talk it up with Burque's own Sarah Kennedy - comedian (and now fellow podcaster) extraordinaire! We're talking comedy, culture, and talent on a big scale and also on our own local scene. Check out Sarah's own brand-new podcast HERE ( Send more awesome local people for us to interview, would ya? Slide into our IG dms here ( - love, the What's Up ABQ people
January 28, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Rich Bartel with Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor
All hail the mighty hot dog, for it is tasty. - Especially when it comes from Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor off Central in Albuquerque! Step into a whimsical, circus-themed local restaurant where you can get just about anything on your hot dog. Seriously! Join us as we talk with owner Rich Bartel, owner of one of ABQ's latest creative joints, about the restaurant business, what it's like going from an idea to reality, and serious shoptalk on hot dogs. Stop by and check Clowndog for yourself! They're at 3624 Central in Nob Hill, open 11a-9p Thurs - Tues. Tell Rich that Ryan and Lindsey sent you! Are you a local who thinks you'd be a good fit for What's Up ABQ? Shoot us a DM HERE! Until next time, keep it classy ABQ! - Ryan & Lindsey (and Paul!) PS, THANK YOU so much for listening! Are we really on season 5 now???
January 19, 2022
What's Up ABQ: Cam Ward & Natassja Santistivan w/ Iconica Magazine
Fashion, Art, Creatives: Iconica Magazine! In this episode, we talk with Abq's latest greatest magazine founders hot after their first issue release! Hear from founders Cam and Natassja about their take on our own local creative community here in Albuquerque, starting up a magazine, and what to watch out for in their next issue. Want to learn more about Iconica Magazine? Head on over HERE ( Want to be considered for an upcoming interview with us? Slide into our DM's HERE ( thanks, Albuquerque! - Ryan & Lindsey
January 10, 2022
Happy Holidays and everything from What's Up ABQ!
I think that says it all. It's our very special holiday episode, just for you! So today and over the break, if you get tired, lonely, burned out, or are still basking in the warm glow of the holidays, sit back, pour the good eggnog, and give our little episode a listen :) Merry... you know what? You get it. Cheers, Ryan and Lindsey (and Paul!)
December 25, 2021
What's up ABQ: Holiday promo!
Just for you, dear listener!
December 25, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Victoria Van Dame w/ Curious Toast
You know what's super curious downtown? Toast. That's right, you heard us: Toast. Tucked away in an old victorian home just west of the round-about on Central is a funky, fresh, and amazingly delicious place. It's Curious Toast! Whether you're looking for coffee or utterly delicious types of toasts, you gotta check this place out.  In this one, we sit down with Victoria Van Dame of Curious Toast about what it's like creating community around the unique right in the heart of our city. It's an excellent reminder about the forces of good hard at work where we live. Give this one a listen, and then SERIOUSLY go try their toast. Curious Toast is at 718 Central! You can follow them on IG at @curioustoastcafe too. Cheers!
December 02, 2021
A Thanksgiving message from Lindsey and Ryan
I think this about sums this up: Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at What's Up ABQ!
November 25, 2021
What's Up ABQ: New Mexico Kidney Foundation
Give us your organs. Come on!! You're not even using all of them... probably. Maybe. But no, seriously, come join us for a roundtable interview with the folks over at the New Mexico Kidney Foundation, along with even more special guests as we get the low-down on what kidney donation really looks like here in our state. What's it like from the foundation's perspective? What's it like from a real person waiting to receive a kidney? And, of course, how you can help literally save a life. More info on the New Mexico Kidney Foundation HERE ( Got a hot interview lead for us? Send it our way HERE ( Until next time, keep it classy, Burque!
November 18, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Amanda Ng W/ The Ivy Tea Room
One lump or two? We're getting alllll fancy for this one! This episode is all about tea, tea ceremonies, and Albuquerque's super awesome Tea Room! What's the right way to brew tea? What goes with it? So many questions, we might just need to have a second cup! We sit down with owner Amanda Ng of The Ivy Tea Room and get the real answers and more. Want to learn more about The Ivy Tea Room? Check them out HERE ( Until next time, pinkies up!
November 10, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Jessie Calero w/ Mandy's Farm
Everywhere is closed or has weird hours. Staying at home has turned from a nice idea to a must. We all know what this past while has been like... But what if this wasn't just a pandemic thing? For some right here in ABQ, this is more or less a way of life. On today's episode, we talk with Jessie Calero over at Mandy's Farm, a local organization helping those with special needs on how a farm in the South Valley grew to help folks all over the city with everything from community integration to jobs and more! Learn more about Mandy's Farm HERE ( As always, thanks everyone for making this podcast happen - whether you're just listening, supporting us monthly, or sending us interview leads. We're proud to rep our awesome city! - Ryan & Lindsey
November 03, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Pete Trevisani w/ New Mexico United
Aaaaaaand we're back! Sorry about the hiatus... Ok, question time: Where do you put a stadium in ABQ? Answer: that's a raging matter of debate right now. For what it's worth, hear from Pete Trevisani of New Mexico United ( instead of... you know... who knows what from who knows where... before you make up your mind and vote! Plus! What does gentrification (aka 'the G word') look like? Who are the players and forces involved? We're taking this from abstract to 505-local, just in time for an election. Want to learn more about the issue? Check out some of these links and make up your mind! ( ( Are you a local Burqueno who thinks you'd be a good fit as a guest for the show? Shoot us a DM HERE (
October 27, 2021
What's UP ABQ Season 4 promo
We're coming back soon!
October 18, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Jackie Moranty & Lucky Charms Unplugged/Cause of Death podcasts
Ok, so we all know the 505 is where it's at when it comes to amazingly creative people... and one such multi-talented person is none other than Jackie Moranty: scientist, folklorist, and local podcaster extraordinaire! In this one, Ryan and Chris talk with Jackie on everything from the roots behind pandemic sceptics, the hard science on herd immunity, and all things lucky. So sit back, find some shade, and enjoy! - and when you're finished, definitely subscribe and listen to our guest's own local podcasts too! - Lucky Charms Unplugged - Cause of Death Until next time, get out and enjoy local right here in ABQ! - Ryan & Chris
May 26, 2021
What’s Up ABQ on What’s Up ABQ
It was bound to happen! Well, it was such a crowd-pleaser last time we decided to do part dos, this time with Chris! What's our personal take on ABQ? Why do we love this town so damn much? Where is special and why? All this and more on this episode! - Ryan & Chris
April 26, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Alexis w/ Toss't Salad Dispensary
Ok, here us out on this one. Salads. Toss't Salads. They're fresh, in your face, and brand-new right here in town. They're delicious, make no excuses, and even have delivery. This week, we talk with owner Alexis all about pop culture, what it takes to make restaurants work in ABQ, and LAAAA.  Check 'em out HERE ( Have something going on? Maybe you're a creative or a small-biz owner here in town? We'd love to consider having you on the show! Reach out to us HERE ( Until next time, take care - Ryan & Chris
April 05, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Ann O'Neill & Dan Herr w. Sidetrack Brewing Co.  I'm ready for a pint. And you should be too - since the day this releases is St Patrick's Day! (We swear we didn't plan this... we were just lucky) And so why not feature one of downtown's most beloved breweries? That's right! Where everybody can know your name... on the board behind the bar! What's it like running a neighborhood brewery? How does authentic community happen in ABQ? And what makes for the perfect pint? Pour a Sidetrack crowler and check it out! To learn more about Sidetrack Brewing, seriously, just go down there and enjoy their patio. Buy a friend a beer and put their name up on the board! Sidetrack is on 2nd in between Lead and Coal - can't miss it! Top of the day to you! - Ryan & Chris
March 17, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Vivian w/ Three Fluffy Tails
Alright ABQ. This week Ryan & Chris talk fashion. That's right - bow ties, bandanas, and collars.  Meow. Woof woof. Geeze, it's for cats and dogs! We chat with Vivian, founder and owner of Three Fluffy Tails on pet fashion, internet startups, and how to help keep your pet feeling cozy and purrfect. Buckle up for another fun one covering another wonderful person right here in the Duke City. To learn more about Three Fluffy Tails, head on over HERE ( Want to be a guest on What's Up? - It's easy, just shoot us a DM HERE ( Keep safe, have fun, and by for now! - Ryan & Chris
March 11, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Tijeras Mayor Jake Bruton
Ever wondered what it's really like to be a Mayor here in New Mexico? On this episode, for the first time ever we talk shop with Tijeras Mayor Jake Bruton! What are the real challenges and needs a small town just outside of Albuquerque is facing? How is Jake and his crack team tackling their town's needs while also doing their best to anticipate what the future holds? How does one even become a Mayor in our state anyway? Buckle up, dear listener, this one's fun! To get in touch with Jake, reach out to their IG HERE ( If you're a local who think you'd be a good fit for our show, shoot us a DM on our IG HERE ( Until next time, keep it classy ABQ! -Ryan & Chris
February 28, 2021
What's Up ABQ: ZV Botanicals
I don't know about you, but I definitely want to feel better. Not only that, I want to be able to have the underlying issues addressed so I'm not just treating the symptoms too. Thankfully, there's ZB Botanicals! With a combined approach of CBD and Ayerveda they've been helping a ton of people. How does this all-natural, eastern-based medicine work? What's it been like in the trenches dealing with outdated and often ignorant state and federal regulations? - ZB Botanicals is just another example of thoughtful, savvy people helping everyday Burquenos feel better. Learn more about ZB Botanicals on their website HERE ( We're always on the hunt for Albuquerque's coolest, best innovators! Want to be a guest on the show? - just hit us up on our IG HERE ( Until next time, take care! -Ryan & Chris
February 19, 2021
What's Up ABQ: John Biscello
More often than not, when we create art we go someplace in our minds. Whether it's a mythicized childhood location or an immersive mood, creative work can definitely be a gateway to entirely new experiences. - and Taos poet John Biscello knows more than most exactly what this is like! In this episode, we talk everything from the creative process to Jack Kerouac to the best Christmas-style chile in Taos (you know, the one by the place with the scarf and the old truck...). And, of course, don't forget to order a copy of John's latest book, Moonglow on Mercy Street ( What's Up ABQ is a proud member of the Barelas Podcasters Guild - want to join us with your own podcast? It's super easy! You can learn more Here ( Finished binging all of What's Up ABQ already? Well, now you can check out Chris Burnett's other show, 10 Drink Minimum (! Lastly, we're always looking for more awesome local people to interview! Want to be a guest on What's Up ABQ? - Just shoot us a DM on our IG ( Take care - Ryan & Chris
February 10, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Alexandra Sanchez & "Okelani's Enchanted Wheelchair: Space Bound!"
Sure we've all been around town - seen the sights, explored the local dives... But just how accessible are they? I mean, how many ramps and elevators do we really see around 'Burque? For one local mom, issues like accessibility, specialized healthcare are vital as she cares for her special-needs daughter. So much so that she recently published a brand-new children's book inspired by the imaginative world through her family's eyes! This episode is a special one. By all means, listen and enjoy, but if you can, help Alexandra and her daughter out: snag a copy of her book HERE ( If you're a local business owner or have a media connection or two, offer to spread the word about her book and carry it too, would you? To learn more about Alexandra and her book, Okelani's Enchanted Wheelchair: Space Bound!, head HERE ( Want to be on the show? Just shoot us a message HERE ( Until next week, take care! - Ryan & Chris
February 03, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Frank Holloway w/ Hollow Spirits Distillery
It's another (Another!) treasure in Burque's downtown... Our ability, even with Covid, to bar hop. Sure it's a bit cold, but with outdoor heaters and the right spirits, you'll be warm and cozy! So, when it comes right down to it, one of the best places downtown is Hollow Spirits Distillery! Whether it's the amazing food from Chef, the divine drinks, or the classic ABQ patio atmosphere, they're for sure What's Up, ABQ! So listen in - hear from this Mother-Son, local star talent. They're just another amazing example of the awesome things we have going on right here in Albuquerque :) To learn more about Hollow Spirits Distillery, head on over HERE ( or head on down to their location at 1324 1st St NW. Wanna be a guest on What's Up? You know you do! Just shoot us a DM on our IG HERE to get started ( - Ryan & Chris
January 28, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Barney Lopez w/ Launchpad, Moonlight Lounge, & Blackout Theatre
Ah, the downtown Albuquerque music scene. Remember that from the before times?? Well, they're still going, albeit in a new way! Meet Barney Lopez, the guy in charge of booking and creating the amazing music experiences we all know and love downtown! In this one, we talk on what makes for an awesome line-up, how bands are tackling and thriving right now, and how Burque's beloved venues are keeping up with our love for local music. To learn more about what's going on, check this out ( Want to be a guest? Just shoot us a DM on our IG HERE ( Want to learn how to podcast? Join us on The Barelas Podcasters Guild HERE! ( And of course, check out Chris's (other) podcast, 10 Drink Minimum HERE (
January 15, 2021
What's Up ABQ: Erin O'Donnell w/ Dovetail Community Workshop pt 2
Welcome to 2021 and Season 3 of What's Up ABQ.  We've got a new co-host and plenty more Burque to feature! In this episode, we re-visit with past guest Erin O'Donnell of Dovetail Community Workshop on what her amazing creative community has been up do - how the pandemic has increased their ability to inspire crafters - and what she's been making! Ever wanted to learn from ABQ's best on woodworking? Check out their Youtube channel ( to get started! If you or someone you know is a Burque creative, entrepreneur, or small-business owner and want to be on What's Up ABQ, just shoot us a DM on our Instagram (! Want to learn how to make your own podcast? Join the Barelas Podcasters Guild! Their ranks are already swelling with NM-based podcasters of all stripes and talents who learn from local top-talents, cross-promote, and share each other's passion for telling their stories. More on the Guild HERE ( And of course, a BIG thanks to What's Up ABQ's brand-new co-host, Chris Burnett! You can catch him live on his other podcast, 10 Drink Minimum on Sunday Nights. More on 10 Drink HERE ( Happy 2021, all! - Ryan & Chris
January 07, 2021
A Very Special What's Up ABQ w/ Chris Burnett
Hi all, this is Ryan. As I write this, I have to reflect on the year and a half we've been podcasting. The interviews with all the amazing people in and around Albuquerque are literally a treasure. I'm so happy I've been able to share the experience with you. I'm also floored to have been able to share them with my co-host and sister (yes, if you haven't figured out the nature of our relationship yet, there it is!). Lindsey is an amazing talent (even if she does give me a hard time every now and then). The way she sees and interacts with the community around her is unique, relaxed, and unparalleled. As I think I mention in this episode *Spoilers*, I don't think I can experience Albuquerque the way I can when I jump in her car and she takes me somewhere random and wonderful right here in our town. So, here it is: Lindsey and her family are moving to Portland at the end of this month. While I'm understandably both happy and sad about this, fear not! There is another... And his name is Chris Burnett. As far as I can tell, he's the single longest-running podcaster in New Mexico (something like 14 years!). You might even know him from his other local podcast 10 Drink Minimum. As the host of 10 Drink, and as one of the original founders of the Barelas Podcasters Guild, Chris knows his way around ABQ like he knows his way around a mic and a good local beer. He's snarky, witty, and introspective. Of all people I can think of who is a role model in the local podcasting scene, Chris is top pick. He's seen the good, the bad, and the wonderful here in town. He loves our city and he loves captivating listeners all over the world with insightful dialogue, insider banter, and honest humor. To learn more about Chris Burnett and 10 Drink Minimum's weekly live podcast you can go HERE ( Since things are crazy and Lindsey is moving soon, this will most likely be our last episode for season two of What's Up ABQ. But don't worry! We'll be back in early January 2021 with brand new interviews with the best ABQ and NM has to offer! Very BEST! Ryan
November 20, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Chris & Cameron Frigon w/ Gravity Bound Brewery
One of the many places ABQ is flush with is excellent local craft breweries - and Gravity Bound Brewery is no exception. Their location is this amazing fusion of sustainability with their earthship vibes meets classic delicious brews. Despite 'The Event', they're fostering legit community in the Wells Park district with NM United watch parties, Football nights, and good-ol-fashioned innovation. In this one we talk origins, names, and where couches come from! Swing on by, because Gravity Bound is What's Up, ABQ! To learn more about Gravity Bound, head on over HERE ( Want to start a podcast? Join us on ABQ's only Podcasters Guild HERE ( Want to be a guest on What's Up ABQ? Shoot us a DM HERE ( Stay safe and support local! - R&L
November 11, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Duke City Diamondbacks Football
Are you ready for some football? Whether or not you've seen that ludicrous display last night, there's a brand-new game in town which is all about the love of the game, while empowering women from New Mexico to Missouri! Their name? Duke City Diamondbacks! Learn more about them - the unique perspecitves of their coach, as well as from their players! They're totally what's up, ABQ! To learn more about the Duke City Diamondbacks, head on over HERE ( - Keep it healthy and local! R&L
November 06, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Bobby Gutierrez Photography
What makes for a perfect local picture? - In this podcast, we answer it! (Hint, it's local photographer Bobby Gutierrez's camera) When it comes to capturing real candid moments around ABQ, this guy is a natural. So who better to ask about what makes for great photography here in NM! Also, you might recognize Bobby's handiwork from some of The Barelas Podcasters Guild's latest social media posts too! To learn more about Bobby Gutierrez's work click HERE ( Want to learn how to make a podcast? Check out NM's first and only community-roots resource: The Barelas Podcasters Guild! More on all their doings HERE ( Want to be considered for a future What's Up ABQ interview? Hit us up on our IG HERE ( Go out and VOTE! - R&L
October 29, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Israel Rivera w/ The Shop Breakfast & Lunch
Seriously though: BEST BENNIES IN TOWN. Also, amazing food prepped and served by amazing people! This week we're talking with Israel Rivera of Burque's infamous The Shop! And oh man does he have a ton of incredible insights on the food industry and what makes for amazing atmosphere (remember back in the olden times when we could just wander into any old restaurant, sit down, and relax??). While they're still doing curbside, Israel and his crew also have art contests going on too! Also, learn what it's really looking like for local eateries right now and how they're adapting and improving their menus for the future... Grab a plate and bring your hunger - this one's for you! To learn more, just swing by The Shop off Central in that weird triangle by the Taco Bell :) (You know the one) Here's their website too  Wanna start a podcast? Already have a local podcast to up your game and get more reach? Have a podcast produced for your local New Mexican organization or business? Want to advertise local? - Check out The Barelas Podcasters Guild!! (We're proud members!) Here's their website ( Take care and keep it spooky! - R & L
October 22, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Sara Heffern w/ Watermelon Ranch
Yet another awesome group in the Duke City there for pets of all situations is the one and only Watermelon Ranch! In this episode, we talk with Sara Heffern about how animals come to them needing care and love from all sorts of situations and how we can help ensure our fluffy friends go to stable situations in loving homes. Not only do they help adopt out pets, but they also help hapless owners who may have bitten off more than they can chew with new pets. No judgement here, just help at the right time! To learn more about Watermelon Ranch or volunteer, head to their website HERE ( Get cozy and take a listen... Albuquerque, we're here for you. We want to tell your story. It's not about money or gimmicks for us. You're our neighbors and local happy places. You're the real voices of our city. Let us know how we can help spread the word about what you're up to! - R & L
October 15, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Michael Mondragon w/ Mighty Mike's Meats
Nom nom. If you already know, then you already know. There's a delicious food truck roaming our streets. Serving hungry locals in parks and streetside all across town. There are lines. They sell out on a regular basis. Hurry! Quick! Get your tasty BBQ while you can! It's Mighty Mike's Meats - and man oh man are they amazing. What's Mike's story? - How did this culinary marvel begin? Origin story? Yes, please. For more on Mike, head on over to his IG HERE ( We're proud members of The Barelas Podcasters Guild and you can be too! Here's your chance to finally make that podcast all while learning from the best local pros in their dedicated studio space down at the historic B Ruppe in Albuquerque's Barelas neighborhood. To learn more and join, check them out HERE ( Until next time, take care and support local! - R & L
October 07, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Catopia Cat Cafe
Albuquerque's most whimsical spot arguably has to be at the corner of Wyoming and Paseo. Wait, up in the Heights? Yep, that's right! Who knew? Cats. Cats know. That's because this week we're talking with the folks at Catopia Cafe - the 505's very own cat cafe. It's an amazing place where people can come and spend time with some of the cutest, purry, adoptable cats you'll find city-wide. What are things new (and old) cat owners ought to know? What sorts of things should we be mindful of as cat owners in Burque? And of course, the age-old question, What is the secret to cats? Find out in our latest episode! To learn more about Catopia Cat Cafe, simply drop by or check out their website HERE ( We know you love podcasts, but what about podcasting? What's Up ABQ is proud to be a founding member of The Barelas Podcaster's Guild - a home-grown organization dedicated to empowering local podcasters with workshops, dedicated studio space, and cutting-edge tech. Come join us! We're also looking for local advertisers too! Here's the website (
September 30, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Two Men and a Truck Moving Co
Ready to be moved? Whether it's helping local charities with their regular partnerships or, you know, actually helping you move, Albuquerque's Two Men and a Truck have been there for us for years. There's no way to undervalue good movers - especially when they're professionals who pull out all the stops for you (Trust us, your back will thank you!). In this episode, we get the low-down on the 505's moving choice, how they're helping out around town, AND we announce a brand-new competition for you! Put down your boxes and packing tape - Two Men and a Truck already got this! To learn more about them, head to their website HERE ( Are you a local entrepreneur, small business owner, or creative? We'd love to consider interviewing you on What's Up ABQ! Just shoot us a DM on our IG to get started HERE ( Thanks! - R & L
September 23, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Jessica Wright w/ Ronald McDonald House New Mexico
Imagine you're a parent and the worst has happened. It came out of nowhere and now you're waiting in the children's ICU at Pres or UNM Hospital. Maybe it was cancer... maybe they're not even sure yet. All you're sure of is that you're going to be at the hospital for the long haul. Now what? For countless families around the globe, the organization that solves the painfully practical problems like where you're going to sleep, do your laundry, and eat while your child is being treated is Ronald McDonald House - and Albuquerque's own chapter is no exception. In this episode, we talk with Jessica Wright of the Ronald McDonald House of New Mexico on how real care and real community matter most, as well as how everyday Burquenos are dedicating their time, passion, and heart for others. If you or someone you know can benefit from the Ronald McDonald House of New Mexico or would like to volunteer you can learn more HERE ( Are you a fellow New Mexico-based podcaster or always wanted to learn how to host your own show? As founding members of the Barelas Podcaster's Guild, What's UP ABQ is proud to help unite, teach, and provide studio space for you! While the guild's official launch isn't until early November, you can learn more about what's coming on our social: Facebook ( Instagram ( Twitter ( Take care! - R&L
September 16, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Giovanna Anderson & the New Mexico Film Industry
We're all big stars here in town! There's been an explosion of films and show being made right here in the 505 for a couple of years now which is super cool. Everything from Netflix moving in, to NBC Universal, and Sony! Super cool. It's a fun moment when we can watch our favorite shows and recognize our own backyard. So, what's it like on the inside of the NM film industry anyway? - enter Gio (of the local Brian and Gio Made a Podcast)! As a veteran of movie-making magic in New Mexico, she has the insider scoop on what it's like on set, how the arts and craft side happens, and even where you might just find stars hanging out around town. Seriously, it's what's up, ABQ! To learn more about what Gio and her fellow film aficionado, Brian, are up to, check out their local podcast, Brian and Gio Made a Podcast, HERE ( In the meantime, remember to like, subscribe, rate, and spread the word about What's Up ABQ and our local featured businesses! Take care, R & L
September 10, 2020
What's Up ABQ: "the Best"
So, we may have gotten ourselves into trouble with this one. Maybe. There's just so many cool places and people here in New Mexico, Albuquerque not the least. So when we say we love the 505 and our state, we really mean it. - This is the place we call home and it's full of hidden wonders and insider secrets. There's always something new and old to check out, experience, become a regular of... and this is what this episode is all about. So gather 'round the salsa and crack open a local brew - this one's for you, lovers and dreamers of our fair 'Burque. We'd love to consider interviews and our schedule is wide open! Send your local businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs our way, would you? Just DM our Instagram HERE ( Remember to rate, review, and subscribe to help us keep spreading the word on all the New Mexican awesomeness. Are you interested in starting your own podcast? Already have one and want to learn more? Maybe you have a business who would like to have a podcast made just for you? Well, we're proud members of the brand-new Barelas Podcaster's Guild, which will be officially launching this fall. To stay in the loop follow our socials HERE (, HERE (, and HERE (! Until next time - stay safe and querky :) - R & L
September 02, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Eric Carter-Landin & True Consequences/Dos Spookquenos podcasts
We live in what can be a frightening place sometimes. It can feel like we are all alone, facing insurmountable injustices or encountering the eerily inexplicable. What makes this episode's guest unique is how he is shining a light into the dark corners of our state with humor, candor, and humanity. Enter Eric Carter-Landin, co-host of two local podcasts you need to hear: True Consequences, which covers true crime in the desert Southwest, and Dos Spookuenos, a funnier take on the paranormal in our state. Sit back, get involved, and be spooky for this one! To learn more about Eric's local podcasts, check out True Consequences HERE ( and Dos Spookquenos HERE (
August 27, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Sandia Executive Search
We all know Albuquerque has tons of cool local businesses and hang out places all over town - but what it also has is sheer economic power on the practical scale. Talented recruiters like Steve Freeman of Sandia Executive Search pound their phones and hit the internet every day to help employ others in skilled fields of work. Refine your resumes and put your best foot forward, because in this episode we learn the in's and out's of what it takes to place people on a daily basis right here in the Duke City. To learn more about Steve Freeman and Sandia Executive Search head HERE ( Interested in being on the show? Just shoot us a message on our Instagram HERE ( And if you like what you here, could you leave us a review wherever you're listening? Gracias! - R & L
August 20, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Buffett's Candies
Among all the myriad wonderful people and places in the 505 the sweetest has to be off Lomas. That's right we said it. We're talking about the building with the candy canes: Buffet's Candies! In this episode, we talk with Tyler Buffett about all things NM - from their rags to riches multi-generational family business success to their signature Burque sweets. Tyler shares what it takes to make a difference in the every-day, coated with just the right amount of wonder (and pinion). To learn more about Buffett's head on over to their website HERE (, or head on down to their location at 7001 Lomas Blvd NE. Like what you hear? Rate, review, and share our show with your friends! Better yet, go and support these wonderful local businesses :) To be considered for an interview just message us on our Instagram HERE ( Until next time, take care, be same, and keep it local. - R & L
August 13, 2020
What's Up ABQ: SunState Solar
If it's one thing we've got here in New Mexico it's sunshine. I mean, we're basically the pacific northwest's super cool, tan rival. (And we all know which one has the edge - like green chile) So, it only makes sense that with all this sunshine we harness it. Whether it's for our homes or businesses more and more New Mexicans are drastically lowering their PNM bills by installing solar. What is going solar all about for the average Burqueno? In this episode, we go into all things bright, shiny, and energy efficient with Glenn Felty of SunState Solar. Put your shades on and turn your lights on - it's what's up, ABQ. To learn more about SunState Solar head HERE ( Want to be on the show or be a sponsor? Just shoot us a message on our Instagram HERE ( Until next week - take care and keep it local!
August 06, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Daisy Sticker Company
Right now is a super weird time. Maybe you have fewer places to go, you're working from home, and who knows? - Maybe you even have some extra corona cash floating around these days... For one brand-new New Mexican entrepreneur, she took her saved up funds and started something brand new: a sticker company she and her sister run right out of their garage! What's it like for a start-up business right now? How does someone go from dreams of 'someday' to 'We're doing this'? Where does inspiration for locals come from and how do you actually do something about it? Savannah & Haillee Scarborough with Daisy Sticker Company are all over it with fresh ideas, New Mexico-inspired designs, and (of course) stickers. They're what's up, ABQ! To learn more about Daisy Sticker Co and order custom stickers for your business (or just for yourself!), you can check them out on their Instagram HERE ( Want to be considered for an upcoming episode or want to advertise on the show? Shoot us a message on our Instagram HERE ( Support us on our Patreon HERE! And as always, keep it local :)
July 29, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Ashley M. Biggers & "Secret Albuquerque"
So you're a Burqueno. Or maybe you consider yourself an ABQ expert. Sure, you say you know all the spots and local secrets... but do you really? In this episode, we talk with author Ashley M. Biggers about our city's secrets as well as how to train our eyes and minds to catch the history we pass by every day. So snag a copy of her new book Secret Albuquerque, enjoy the show, then go out and re-explore ABQ! Who knows what you might uncover... Thanks for listening! We're striving to highlight the bright spots of our city and we're always looking for more people and places to feature. We'd love to consider an interview with anyone you think fits for the show - REALLY! Just shoot us a message on our Instagram HERE to get started ( Want to help support the show or get the word out about your creative endeavor or local business? Here's how to get involved: Show Merch ( Sponsorship Patreon ( Local Advertising Inquiries
July 23, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Vanessa Baca & the Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination
Ok, so we all know Albuquerque sells itself.  It's this amazing incredible place we call home - full of wonderful people, cool places to hang out, and beautiful art literally right around the corner. But it's also more than just a city. It's a massive interwoven collective of neighborhoods too. In this episode, we dive into how our local neighborhood organizations actually work, how to get involved, and why helping out on your street helps everyone. Won't you be our neighbor? To learn more about Vanessa and the Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination, head on over to their website HERE ( ). During our continued strange times of The Event What's Up ABQ is dedicated more than ever to helping tell local stories and spreading the word on people and places you ought to know about! So when you hear about a place we feature, go check them out! Tell your friends about it. You can also always become a supporter of our show by checking out our T-Shirts HERE ( ) or by heading on over to our Patreon HERE ( ). Be safe and Thank You!
July 16, 2020
What's Up ABQ: What's Up ABQ
What if there was a way you could learn about all the wonderful, awesome, amazing people who live right here in the 505? What if there were sit-down chats with Albuquerque's own bleeding-edge everyday pros where they talk about what living, working, and thriving here in our city is really like? What if... dare we dream... that it was all in podcast form too? In this week's episode, we interview.... well. It's not important. You'll find out shortly :) A huge, HUGE THANK YOU to you. Yes, you. To our listeners! To our wonderful AMAZING guests (past and future). To all the folks of Burque - Thank You. - Ryan and Lindsey
July 08, 2020
What's Up ABQ: The Return to Thirsty Eye Brewing w/ Amelia Salas & Kim Arthun
This podcast's (arguably, but not much) brewery and art gallery has re-opened! But now what? How does 'THE EVENT' effect our favorite local hangouts? And how have they adapted in kind? Pour your ABQ beer of choice and pull up a socially-distanced chair as Amelia Salas and Kim Arthun of Thirsty Eye Brewing give us the view behind the pick-up windows. They unmask how plague has called forth innovation and technological solutions which are fast becoming the dividing line between staying open here in Albuquerque or closing doors. To learn more about Thirsty Eye - just go down to their location on Broadway near Central! Or head over to their Instagram HERE ( Support the show! Every bit helps! Check out our T-Shirts on Bonfire HERE ( And our Patreon HERE ( Thanks and stay safe :)
July 02, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Josh Kennon w/ Fork and Fig
Ok, so here's what you need to know about this one: It's frick'n delicious. Whether you're there for the sandwiches, the sides, wraps... whatever... there's a new restaurant in town and well... just go there and try it for yourself. It's gourmet cooking - it's fresh - it's affordable - and it's local. Right up Menaul just past the mall on the south side of the road. Owner and head chef Josh Kennon knows his stuff - but how did his Fork and Fig restaurant come about? What got him to put down his construction tools and head off to a French culinary school in the first place? And just how do you cook the perfect steak, anyway? So many questions, so many flavors! Get your forks out and sharpen your knives - this one'll spike your appetite for sure! To learn more about Josh Kennon and Fork and Fig drive on over (and tell him who sent you!) to their location at 6904 Menaul Blvd or visit their website HERE ( They're currently open at limited capacity, as well as have pick up available as well. We've got more awesome shirts available now! Check em all out HERE ( Are you a creative, entrepreneur, or small business owner in New Mexico? Want to be on the show? Just DM us on our Instagram HERE ( Take care!
June 24, 2020
Parent vs Podcast and Whats Up ABQ
Here's the truth: There's tons of awesome podcasters out of our very own burque. Some of them might even just be your very own brother in law and sister, too! If you haven't heard of Pareting VS Podcast, now you have. Linds and her husband Zo talk all things parenting in Albuquerque all while handling very real interruptions from their small children. Now, for the first time, What's Up ABQ and P Vs P team up for their very first cross-over episode where together we talk Corona, podcasting, and share what it's really like for average folks figuring out how to do this weird thing called everyday life during 'The Event'. - Enjoy! To learn more about Parenting VS Podcast, subscribe wherever you're listening. In the meantime, stay happy and safe - support local as you can!
June 18, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Annemarie Henton & Albuquerque Economic Development Inc.
Yeah, we live here... - But what's your neighborhood called? What's it really like to live where you live? Walk down the street? Where do you go nearby to catch a good beer or coffee? Eat? Shop? Hang out? In this episode, we talk with Annemarie Henton of Albuquerque Economic Development Inc., as she goes in-depth into the economic and community forces behind the neighborhoods of Burque. What living where you do means practically, the forces of Good powering change on a local level, and what it means for us as a whole. Won't you be our neighbor?  Enjoy! To learn more about Annemarie Henton and Albuquerque Economic Development Inc., check out their website HERE ( Are you or someone you know a local entrepreneur, small business owner, or creative? Shoot us a DM, seriously! We'd love to talk interviews, working together, and/or podcast ad sponsorships. Just give us a shout-out on our Instagram HERE ( Take care! - R&L
June 11, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Neo Thread Co.
Ok, so we all know right now we're all about that COVID fashion. Mask? - Check. Purell? - Check. Breezy Summer clothing? - Check. Go back in time with us to just before all the plague madness, as we talk it up with Sarah Gonzales of Neo Thread on what it's really like to start your own re-purposed clothing line right here in the Southwest capital of the world (yeah, you heard it here). Why does shopping local AND for a cause matter in our own neighborhood? What does style mean nowadays? Sit back and let Sarah tell ya all about it :) To learn more about Neo Thread, check them out HERE ( Are you or someone you know a local creative, entrepreneur, or small business owner? - We'd love to talk interview! Just hit us up on our Instagram HERE ( Love the show? Could you spare some change for gas? Check out our Patreon HERE (
May 27, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Josh Castleberry and Castle Coffee Company
There is a place just south of downtown where magic happens.  It's quick, it's tasty, and it's legit: it's Castle Coffee and it's served up by amazing, talented human beings. Even during Corona, it's busy. - Why? Because good people make delicious drinks. Simple. Direct. Rooted in their community. This, friends, is What's Up ABQ gold. Hear what it's like from coffee barista to new local Burque business - then, come try it for yourself. Castle Coffee is what's up, ABQ! To learn more about what's brewing down at Castle Coffee, check out their website HERE ( Know a local business that deserves it's own spotlight? - Send 'em our way! Just message us on our Instagram HERE ( But wait, there's more! What's Up ABQ's Patreon ( and Bonfire ( are up and already roaring with support - Burqueno, can you spare a dime? Thanks, everyone :)
May 21, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Sapien Hypnotherapy
Listen to the sound of my voice in your head. When I finish counting to 10, you will awake and listen to this podcast... In this episode, we talk with Dr. Robert Sapien on hypnosis and how it can help people with a whole number of different issues. How does this all really work? What is it not like? So many questions! And, since Sapien Wellness is the only accredited hypnosis school, it's just another example of how unique Burque is on a global scale.  - no clucking or dancing on stage in this one. Just medical science from another Burqueno out to help people. To learn more about Dr. Robert and Sapien Wellness, head on over to their website HERE ( Ryan and Lindsey are always on the hunt for more entrepreneurs, local small-business owners, and creatives to interview for the show! Send us your leads by messaging us on our IG HERE ( Also, have you heard?? (No, it's not the Bird, but we'd accept that answer too) Our Bonfire merch store is up! It's full of super-awesome, 505-inspired stuff made for the proud New Mexican. Check it out in all it's full glory HERE ( Also also, our Patreon is finally up too! It's a regular, easy way you can help support the show and get in on sweet exclusive podcast perks. Check it out HERE ( Thanks for hanging out and helping us spotlight the best Albuquerque has going on down the street. #podcast #WhatsUpABQ #505Pride #NMTrue #Hypnotherapy #SapienHypnotherapy #BurqueSpeaks #Albuquerque #NewMexico #amlistening
May 14, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Santa Fe Workshops
So often, when we find ourselves wrapped up in a hobby, we don't know what to do next. We want professional advice in a relatable community of people, but we're just not sure where to turn. Well, listen up photographers and writers of all stripes, because this week we're talking with the director of Santa Fe Workshops. They're an internationally-acclaimed place where world-class photographers and authors teach quality classes (online these days, too!) and they're only a short drive or a Rail Runner jaunt away. Come listen to how this 30-year-old organization is helping creatives both here in New Mexico and all over the world up their professional game. Who knows? You might just learn something! To find out more about Santa Fe Workshops' current digital offerings, head on over HERE ( In the meantime, stay safe, keep it local, and look on the brighter side of life ;)
May 07, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Baz Francis
Remember that time we did that Show Us Your Zia party down at Thirsty Eye? The talent rocking the guitar on stage was none other than artist Baz Francis! Here's our interview with him - in this one, we talk about the life of a modern-day musician living right here in Albuquerque, what it's really like to meet and work with your heroes, and most importantly, what NOT to do with chile. Crank up your volume and roll your windows down - it's another excellent episode you can only find right here on What's Up ABQ! To learn more about Baz (and get a CD or two), head on over HERE ( The song featured by Baz on this episode is "Until We Work It Out Tomorrow" from Mansion Harlots from the Happier Alone/Until We Work It Out Tomorrow single (Thanks, Baz!) We're continuing through all this stuff going on - we have new episodes with real-life businesses, entrepreneurs, and every-day Burquenos you can't find anywhere else in town. Plus, we're doing what we can to help support these wonderful, hard-working folks over a continual basis. We get our growler fill-ups at Thirsty Eye. We drink our coffee we got curbside from Castle Coffee (an upcoming episode!), we get our next reads from Titlewave, and we eat our Happy Chickenzz. Especially now, think about ways you can help support local independent businesses. Since What's Up ABQ has become and will always be Albuquerque's podcast, we're dedicated to doing what we can to keep our city unique, independent, and pro-local. Take care, stay healthy, and be safe! #WhatsUpABQ #podcast #BazFrancis #NMTrue #local #music #Albuquerque #Rock #amlistening
April 30, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Museum of Natural History
It's the big place with the T-Rex! And the I-Max. And the dinosaur bones. And literal TONS of other cool stuff! No, it's not that movie theater off Coors in the South Valley when a new Jurassic Park comes out - it's Burque's own Museum of Natural History! And if you haven't been in a while, you really should (once you can). On this one, get ready to revisit what it was like to be little and frick'n LOVE dinosaurs. Prepare to hear what the current state of paleontology is really like here in New Mexico from the folks who know. Get ready ready ready. This one's just plain fun :)  - It's what's up, ABQ! To learn more about the Museum of Natural History here in town, you can visit In the meantime, leave us a message on your Anchor app. How's life going these days? What crazy things are you up to? Stay safe and happy, ABQ
April 23, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Go ABQ
One of the things we've noticed as we've been recording this podcast is how, like it or not, when we're left to our own devices we tend to stick to our own little part of the city. Over time, we've seen listeners make a conscious effort to break that habit - whether it's visiting a downtown distillery or heading out for horseback rides in Bernalillo.  Things change when we make a point to notice and care enough to do something about it... whether it's frying up our own family-recipe chicken or homebrewing with friends and neighbors. In a similar spirit, Go ABQ evolved as many people from the western stretches of Central and the Valley began organizing to make needed change in their own communities - often neighborhood by neighborhood. In this episode, learn what's happening on and around western Central, and why it matters to so many people who call it home. To learn more about Go ABQ visit We're super excited about our forth-coming, first-ever listener's episode! Just leave your 1-minute answers to our questions right on the Anchor app for us to listen to! We'll be combining all your answers into a super-cut we'll produce in a few weeks - it's what's up, ABQ! Remember, you can also share what you've been up to on your social media with the hashtag #BurqueSpeaks too! stay healthy and take care :)
April 16, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Kosmos Astro Pub
Yeah, that's not a typo...  this week, we talk with the owner of Burque's own "Astro pub." Nestled in Albuquerque's corridor is a magical, funky place where artists and burgers hang out in harmony. In this one, we talk with owner/manager Jerry Miller about how an old school tech guy from Chicago wound up all the way down on 5th street with an eclectic scene for one of a kind entertainment, art, and (quite possibly) the best burgers in town. While we continue to wait all this plague nonsense out, here's Kosmos' website. Check them out virtually (for now). In the meantime, do what you can to help out our local businesses and artists! Especially right now, getting your coffee drive-thru style local. Need a book or three? Hit up Titlewave's website! Fill up that growler curbside at El Vado or Marble or any one of the tons of wonderful Albuquerque breweries. Get your coffee ordered right to your door with Red Rock! Things may be a little different, but we've still got something awesome going on here. Stay safe, be healthy, keep it coming, Burque!
April 09, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Candace Lord & Kristin Gonzales w/ Mind, Body, & Soul/Moonstruck Pathways
There's always more going on than meets the eye - and that's exactly where Candace and Kristin come in. Maybe you've been feeling funny. Maybe you've noticed a bit more of the unusual lately. It could be questions about anything from relationships to the future... whatever it is, Mind, Body, & Soul, along with Moonstruck Pathways are places where you can get the right sort of guidance and community to help. Best of all, they're right here in good ol' Albuquerque! Broaden your mind for this one - and keep an ear out for their rescheduled Psychic Fair coming Fall 2020! Info can be found HERE ( In the meantime, do what you can to help support our local people! Order online, do curb-side pick ups, follow and share on social media. All of doing our share helps make our fair city awesome! Stay healthy, ABQ!
April 02, 2020
What's coming up on What's up ABQ?
Just a few things coming up in the next few months...
March 29, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Tamaya Horse Rehab & Rescue
You've probably driving right past it on your way up to Santa Fe or when heading out to camp in the Jemez....  Tucked away in northern Bernallio just west of the river is another example of local Burquenos being awesome. But this time, they're not frying up amazing food or putting on incredible laser shows per se, they're playing a critical role in one of the last, biggest lingering hallmarks of the West as we know it: at they're rescuing and rehabing New Mexico's horses. Saddle up for another episode of What's Up ABQ. In this one, learn what it's like for our horses and how one group of amazing people are stepping up in a huge way. Also, with how things currently are, if you can, help the Tamaya Horse Rehab and Rescue anyway you can! Consider donating generously at their website: - follow them on social, and help spread the word about how they're helping our community! We're all in this together, ABQ
March 26, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Libby Goldstein w/ Titlewave Books
While the weary hunt for the perfect local bookstore may carry on for some, we were able to luck out! Nestled just off Wyoming and Menaul is just such a place. Books, coffee, and adoptable cats (oh my!) abound at Titlewave Books, arguably Albuquerque's niftiest local bookshop. (And yeah, even in these times, they're still open and happy to deliver your books out to you with curbside service!) So what does it really take to run a local bookstore here in Burque? What's up with the weekly cats? And, most importantly, what are we all really reading these days anyway? This story is made audible for your listening pleasure! Like what you hear? You can learn more about what's up at Titlewave Books HERE ( Especially now, any way you can continue to help support our local businesses and creatives goes a long way. They're who make and keep our neighborhoods awesome places to live - please follow their socials, and enjoy ordering from them online and using curbside pickups where available :) We got this, ABQ!
March 19, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Jeff, Dan, & Jacob w/ Chillway Brewing
There is a magic trifecta hidden in the middle of Burque. There is no neon sign. There is no storefront. There are no blinking advertisements - just good beer brewed by neighbors and friends. No, this isn't a big brand commercial, it's a group of homes all within easy walking distance of each other. But it's not just all warm fuzzies - they're award-winning small-batch craft brewers actively proving that you don't need a big building with a ton of space to make deliciousness.  They're Chillway Brewing and they're awesome - and so is their beer. Listen in as they invite us into their home, gather us around their own kitchen table, and crack out cold ones. Want to learn more about what they're up to? - Check out their Instagram HERE ( Help more people everywhere know about all the seriously awesome things Albuquerque has going on - tell someone about the show! Share it after you listen - Leave a review... and of course, go out and make supporting local an every day thing :)
March 12, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Aaron Bubbico w/ CrossFit ABQ
Just this week we've all probably noticed it's starting get warmer! That means we're thinking about getting more active (probably).... (maybe) .... Well, it's a nice thought. But what if it wasn't just a nice thought? What if there was already a local community of practical, health-minded folks right here in Albuquerque who were ready, willing, and excited to help you get pumped? Or maybe just begin to learn what it takes to get in shape - backed with a lasting mindset and lifestyle to help keep it. - Enter Crossfit ABQ!  If you're a long-time show listener, you might just recognize that voice, too! - That's our buddy Aaron Bubbico from way back in episode uno... and he's back with a passion, helping everyday people like us learn what it takes to help make us just a little bit healthier. Want to learn more about ABQ Crossfit? Here's their website ( Want to be considered for our next local interview? All ya gotta do is shoot us a DM on our Instagram HERE ( Also, we'd love to have more local businesses on as show sponsors! (We've just reached over 3k downloads!! THANK YOU) Just reach out to us and we'll go from there :) We love hearing from all the wonderful people in this town - you guys make it the awesome place it is. Keep being you (and pass the chile)
March 04, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Marc Coan w/ Marc Coan Designs
When you want to upgrade your home's interior, sure, you've got options. But every Burqueno worth their chiles knows they don't just want any old dime a dozen design from a big box store - they want something special, affordable, and local. They want that distinct high-desert meets tailored, cutting-edge design. They want Marc Coan Design. Hear from owner Marc on what has Albuquerque looking when it comes to the current interior style here in the 505. Learn how this business owner is delivering his signature craft right in the heart of our city. To learn more about Marc, click on over HERE ( And HEY! We wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our first community podcast event, Show Us Your Zia an awesome success! Keep your ear out for another one down the road! Meanwhile, keep it local, ABQ :)
February 27, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Cherie Knight & Richard Leurig w/ Safehouse Distillery
New Mexico-made is something we all take pride in. Burquenos especially love repurposing because we love character. For us, New Mexico true isn't just a slogan, it's the real deal when it comes to the sorts of things we actually value.  Downtown, there's a place that's all these things - a place where New Mexicans are repurposing old banks, safes and all, for something we all truly value: a stiff locally-made drink. Whether it's brandy, vodka, or something even fancier, the skilled folks over at Safehouse Distillery are serving it up in style. Pull up a chair and pour yourself a double, this one's for you. Want to learn more about Safehouse? Head on down! In the meantime, you can also always go HERE ( You've heard it for about a month now. At last, the time is upon us! Saturday, Feb 22nd 2020 is finally here! Come on down and celebrate with us at Thirsty Eye Brewing from 1-3p! Coffee - Beer - Charity Silent Auction - Live Music Oh. Yes.
February 20, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Alexis Hassley w/ ABQ Rage Room
Surprise!  Here's a special WUABQ episode for you. Are you over all the Valentine's Day hustle and grind? Have you totally given up on the Hallmark version of that one holiday in February and are, in fact, sitting on your couch alone right now watching non-dubbed anime with your dogs instead of going out on expensive dates? Well, we don't judge (too much). For everyone who's had a bad day, bad relationship, or just has a little rage to get out, Alexis Hassley's ABQ Rage Room is totally for you. I mean, seriously, what's better than breaking shit to whatever music you want? You don't even have to clean up afterwards, either! Choose from an array of weapons, put on your happy music, and start smashing - this episode's for you To learn more about ABQ Rage Room, head on over to their website HERE ( (And hey, if it's any consolation, the weekend after this V.D. you can score a bunch of on-sale candy)
February 15, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Austin Wade, Ray Del Toro, & Isaac Del Toro w/ Nuevo Shirt Co
We always have new local business venture ideas.  - But while it's easy to dream of 'someday', what does it really take to turn somedays into 'let's do this'? Enter the Nuevo Shirt Co guys. They're taking their own ventures to our own city streets, providing everyday Burquenos with clothing that's tailor-made for them. But it's way more than just shirts - it's the business acumen which goes behind it all which makes what they do work. Want to know their strategy? - Stay tuned! To learn more about Nuevo Shirt Co click on over HERE ( And HEY! Listen close to the last part of this episode for a special announcement on our upcoming community event! Thanks all
February 13, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Kim Rash w/ Santa Fe Salt Cave
Let's be honest - 2020 is already a rushing massive blur of events. What's better than being able to get out of town for some serious R & R? - Enter Kim Rash's Salt Cave!  Soak up those negative vibes with Himalayan salt, work on your breathing, and relax your muscles. Learn how one unique business venture is changing how locals practice self-care. Want to find out what it's like to be inside a salt lamp? Get comfy - this episode's for you. To learn more about Kim and the Salt Cave, check out her website HERE ( Also, in the end, get ready to hear our official announcement! We're proud to announce our Show Us Your Zia neighborhood party! Come meet the wonderful folks we've interviewed so far, help support a local surprise charity, enjoy local craft beer, and more! It's all happening on Saturday, Feb 22nd from 1-3p down at Thirsty Eye. See ya there!
February 06, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Peter Rice w/ Downtown Albuquerque News
This just in! There's another news voice in town. But it's not Steve Stucker - nor is it Albuquerque Journal. It's not even The Alibi. - It's Downtown Albuquerque News. Micro-news is in. It's about things that really affect you. It's about what's happening down the street. It's what's happening in your neck of the woods. It's local and it matters - and Peter Rice is reporting on it.  Downtown in Albuquerque right now, there's dozens of intensely local issues happening right now. So if you live there (yes, you), or if even if you just occasionally visit, this stuff affects you. So tune your podcast dial in, this episode is fresh off the press! Want to learn more about Peter and D.A.N.? Visit their official website HERE. Have your own interview lead for What's Up ABQ? We'd love to learn more! Message us on our Instagram HERE. AND IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD YET: We're hosting our very first Show Us Your Zia podcast party!! Everyone's invited to Thirsty Eye (remember them??) on Saturday, February 22nd from 1-3p for food, beer, fun, and past podcast guests! We'd love to see ya there (in person for once!) Ciao   :)
January 30, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Johanna Gilligan w/ Homewise
For Burqenos, which neighborhood we live in is almost as important as that serious question we ask all our guests on the show. Almost. That said, so many of us know all too well the hustle and grind which defines in our minds whether we rent or own our home. But what if we had more local options? Enter Johanna Gilligan of Homewise. Homewise's efforts right here in town help make the all-important distinction between renting and owning (while still being able to afford to live). Their team is bringing real resources to the table for ordinary folks who are trying to live their best lives. I mean, hell, after talking we're interested in using their services! But it's not all real estate either. Johanna and Homewise are also actively exploring ways to revitalize historic neighborhoods, all the while finding that balance between civic facelifts and gentrification. For more on Johanna and Homewise, check out their website HERE ( And hey!! It's official - remember that big thing we kept hinting at? Well get ready, cuz here's your chance to meet everybody we've interviewed up to this point at our official Show Us Your Zia party!! Bring your friend and head on down to ThirstyEye on Sat, Feb 22nd. Party goes on from 1-3, with donations all going to a local mystery charity! Spread the word, and thanks for helping keep it local :) Got a local business or something else creative going on? We'd absolutely Love to know about it! Shoot us a DM on our IG HERE ( Want to help us keep it local?  Be a show sponsor, and help us continue spreading the word on all the awesome things Albuquerque has going on. Message us on said IG to get started.
January 23, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Erin O'Donnell w/ Dovetail Community Workshop
We all know the pride we get from making something with our own two hands. It's something every Burqueno knows. Now, after we've had some time to hear from all over our city about the different projects going on, here's another one for you: Dovetail Community Workshop. In this one, we talk with Erin O'Donnell about woodworking in Albuquerque, and how everyday people you and I learn the skills and critical eye it takes to craft excellent pieces. Whether it's a cutting board or a table, Erin and the teachers over at Dovetail know what kind of wood to pick for just the right project - and man do they come out looking amazing. So the next time you want to learn a new craft, check out Dovetail! Need something fixed by an expert crafter - give them a call To learn more about Erin and Dovetail, check out their website HERE ( Got something happening around town? Maybe want to share what you're offering our community these days? We'd love to consider an interview or local show sponsors! All ya gotta do is message us on our Instagram HERE ( :) Thanks, ABQ!
January 15, 2020
What's Up ABQ: Dr. Josh Blankman D.O.M. w/ Desert Oasis Accupuncture
Holy guacamole it's SEASON DOS! In this one Ryan and Lindsey chat with local acupuncturist Dr. Josh on feeling good (well?). Either way, this episode is sure to keep you loose, limber, and flowing along with all of those well-intentioned New Years' resolutions throughout 2020. What does being healthy even mean in Burque these days, especially when it comes to the local alternative health scene? - For those curious, Dr. Josh gives excellent insight into what alternative medicine is like and can do for everyday around-town people like us. Take a few deep cleansing breaths, center yourself, and get ready. It's season two of Albuquerque's podcast. To learn more about Dr. Josh Blankman D.O.M. and his practice, click HERE ( Got an endeavor, hustle, or creative spark you want to share? Message us on our IG account for interview consideration HERE (  Want to sponsor the show and reach a bunch of wonderful locals who all want to help learn about and support business right here in Albuquerque? Shoot us an email on our website HERE (
January 08, 2020
What's Up ABQ: John Feins w/ Electric Playhouse
The future is now!  I mean, tomorrow? Either way, Happy New Year! In this episode, we step into another cutting-edge, totally Burque venue coming to town: Electric Playhouse. But what, what is Electric Playhouse, you ask? It's... well... it's... it's AMAZING. It's an interactive experience you've never seen before - and I'm not just saying that, either. I mean, when's the last time you played Space Invaders with your whole body in a massive open space? When was the last time you dined in simulated space or inside a volcano and the table pulsed and flared each time you set your cup down?  This is just a tiny taste of what's coming to our town in 2020. It's just another example of why Albuquerque is an amazing place filled with incredibly talented people, much of which is right down our own streets in our very own neighborhoods. For more on Electric Playhouse, you can check out their website HERE ( As usual, we want to hear from you! Just send us a DM on our Instagram ( for an interview request. Easy as that. - Keep it classy in 2020, Burque ;)
December 31, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Vanessa Bush & Mandie Segura w/ Truly Social
Just about everybody and their mom have some sort of social media account these days - but what about local businesses? What's the real secret to cutting through all the noise online? How do regular people like you and me with our own endeavors make it today when it comes to branding and marketing, especially in Albuquerque? Truly Social's got more than just a few ideas - they've got local street cred when it comes to strategy, design, and telling the stories of Burque's businesses effectively. What does it take for two people to make a social marketing service today? - that's where Mandie and Vanessa come in! So shove aside some of that wrapping paper and eggnog, toss another log in your kiva fireplace and pour yourself some more posole and enjoy another fresh episode on us. To learn more about Vanessa, Mandie, and Truly Social, you can click HERE ( To be considered for our next episode, just DM us on What's Up ABQ's lovely Instagram HERE ( If you're a local artist, creative, or small business and you're looking for ways to reach more engaged people right here in Albuquerque+ we'd love to talk sponsorship opportunities! - shoot us an email HERE ( - Happy Whatever from Ryan & Lindsey
December 24, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Orlando Ulibarri w/ Albuquerque Homiez Car Club
So we've all seen them cruising around town. Up and down Central. It's one of the things which helps make Burque.... well Burque, ya know? We're talking cars. Aw yeah, the cool ones. The ones you know the driver takes pride in. The ones cruising. The ones that catch your eye. Ok, maybe Ryan is a bit of car guy too, ok? And so is Orlando Ulibarry, President of Albuquerque's own Homiez Car Club. So get your podcast on and take a drive around town. Orlando's got all the good spots mapped out for you. Find out what it's like from inside our own local car culture right here in our fair city and who's really out there driving next to you. To learn more about Orlando and Albuquerque Homiez Car Club, check out their IG HERE ( Until next time, Happy Whatever from Linds and Ryan!
December 18, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Ian Beckley w/ Ian Beckley Photography
You know that old saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? Well, it's not true. It really takes more. More like an incredibly lucky encounter at our very own Balloon Fiesta. Got questions now? Awesome, so do we! Pull up a chair as we record at Burque's Remedy Coffee off Lomas. Hear our conversation with Ian Beckley, as he talks all things photography and how his own professional journey has taken him so far, from New Mexico to all over. From passion to career, what really goes into pursuing your dreams right off the bat? Need a pro photographer with a fresh take? - Ian's on it. To learn more about Ian and his pics, check out his website HERE ( As always, if you or someone you know is a local... ya know... we'd love to consider them for an interview! Just drop us a line on our IG HERE ( Also, if you want your creative whatever to get more local exposure, consider becoming a podcast sponsor! Send us a message HERE ( to get started. Thanks for listening!
December 10, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Jim Shull w/ Hops Brewing
Ok, so if there's one thing we all might admit to loving more than coffee or chile, it's a cold one. That's right, beer.  Better still, craft beer from another awesome place right here in town. This episode we talk with Jim Schull, owner of Hops Brewing, about all things crafty (you know what we mean). Now settling comfortably into their second location, the people at Hops Brewing clearly know what they're about. It's great beer, it's great food, but it's also great community - something every Burqueno is all about. So go on over to Hops, grab a pint or two, and enjoy this one. To learn more about what Jim Shull and Hops Brewing is up to, check out their website HERE ( or pop into either of their excellent Albuquerque locations. Thanks so much for continuing to help us spread the word about our show! If you or someone you know has a local business or is a creative or entrepreneur here in Albuquerque, we'd love to consider you for an interview (we promise, we don't bite! Well, Lindsey might...). Just reach out to us on our Instagram HERE ( Last, you can always help support What's Up ABQ directly right here too (
December 03, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Principal Rachel Sewards & Rebecca Green w/ Solare Collegiate Charter School
Sure, it's the week of Thanksgiving, but whether you're off on break or still out there adulting like a champ (We see you! Respect!) education in our city is a huge deal. Parents want to give their kids every opportunity and students want a place that's cool and teaches them things they uh actually need and want to know. Solare Collegiate Charter School has all that and more. I mean seriously, after meeting with them we kinda wish we had been able to go there instead, you know? In this episode, we're talking with Solare's Principal, Rachel Sewards, as well as Rebecca Green, a mom to one of their awesome students there. We cover what education and educating really looks like right now in Albuquerque, as well as an inside perspective on how charter schools are stepping up to the plate to change our city's future. Sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps - it's time to get schooled, ABQ To learn more about Solare Collegiate, check out their website HERE ( Finally, a few last things for ya: What's Up ABQ, SEASON TWO is coming. Can you believe it?? We're serving up even more of what our fair city has to offer (and then some!), more local shout-outs, and of course, more around-town chile-fix insider recommendations ;) Also, shhhhh... we have a special season two podcast party in the works too! (More to come on this) We're always on the look-out for new show sponsors and potential people to interview! Send a DM our way on our Instagram HERE (, would you? Until next episode, Ciao!
November 26, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Mark & Robert Rickert w/ Rickert Property Group - Keller Williams Realty
Living in ABQ means actually... you know... living here! Whether that means you're in EDO or South Valley, the Heights or Barelas (or wherever else you hang your hat) it probably means you've had to buy or sell your home at one point or another. Moving is a fact of life for nearly every Burqueno. Mark & Robert know this better than most since they've been helping locals with the ins and outs of selling and buying property for years now. How has the realty market here in town changed? What is it like right now? And, of course, where is it going in the future? What's really happening behind closed doors and open houses alike on our very own neighborhood streets? Get your shiny front door keys ready - this episode's interview with this father-son realty team helps unlock some answers! To learn more about the Rickert Property Group, you can check out their website HERE ( Also! Ryan and Linds would love to hear from local bands & musicians about using their music in the show's intro-outros. Shoot us a DM on our Instagram HERE, would you (  Thanks!!
November 20, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Jesse Herron w/ Painted Lady Bed & Brew
The ultimate in-town experience is something we're all hunting for - whether it's abroad or right here in Burque. What's better than to not only have great service with a killer aesthetic but to have it done locally. We're talking historic locale, local craft brews... even local ghosts. Gone are the days where we could only pick from a handful of chain hotels. Where we had our choice of complimentary(!) powdered eggs and generic coffee in the morning and an entirely forgettable motel room. In this episode, we dive into what makes bed & brews the preferred choice for visitors and locals, as well as what makes Jesse's Painted Lady Bed & Brew more than just another one-night stay. Check it out! To learn more about Painted Lady Bed & Brew or to book your own reservation, you can click HERE ( We'd also like to give a big THANK YOU to long-time listener and now What's Up ABQ's own post-production guru Paul Nixon! If his voice sounds familiar, that's because it is! Paul was a voice-over talent for one of Albuquerque's own news stations in the past. Need an audio pro? Go check out his site HERE ( Also, we'd love to get some locally-sourced music for our show's transitions and theme! If you or someone you know is in a local band, send 'em our way. Just message us on our IG HERE ( Thanks for the listen :)
November 12, 2019
What's Up ABQ: John Kofonow, Amelia Salas, & Kim Arthun w/ Thirsty Eye Brewing
The only thing true Burquenos love more than their green chiles is their beer (and coffee). That's why we're always on the hunt for a great neighborhood brewery that also dabbles in caffeine. Throw in an art gallery and a killer outdoor patio and it's perfect. Enter the folks at Thirsty Eye Brewing. They're your quintessential EDO place to be. In this one, we talk beer, Burque, and what's happening in our local brewing and art scene - plus why Albuquerque is the perfect storm when it comes to fostering unique creative and cultural jive. PS, remember that time we were on the news? Yeah, it's that interview!! To learn more about Thirsty Eye, you can click here ( - or just head on down to their spot off Broadway and Silver! Cheers!
November 06, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Gail Rubin, CT, w/ Before I Die NM Festival
Sooner or later it's gonna happen. No, we're not talking about getting stuck in traffic on the Big-I, either. In this special bonus Halloween episode, we talk with certified thanatologist Gail Rubin about what end of life looks like for New Mexicans, as well as her on-going efforts to help locals ready themselves for the end in highly practical ways. Enter: the Before I Die NM Festival - an annual multi-regional event which includes talks with local funeral home directors, visits to cemeteries and crematoria and a TON more. Let's face it, it's going to happen, there's no getting out of this one. But with planning and an open mind, the minutia of the big day can be thoroughly figured out (hopefully) far in advance. To learn more about the Before I Die NM Festival, visit their website HERE ( For more on Gail and her books, you can visit her site HERE ( If you or someone you know is a local Burqueno creative, entrepreneur, or small business owner Linds & Ryan would love to consider an interview. It's your continual tips and leads which help us discover what's up around town! Seriously! Thanks for listening and helping us spread the word, Ciao
October 31, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Old Town Julie Brown w/ Abq Ghost Tours
What was that? Have you seen it? Did you hear it? No, it's not your imagination. Our special extra long, extra spooky Halloween episode is here! This time, Linds & Ryan talk real history and real ghosts with Old Town expert and paranormal hunter Julie Brown. While we've all been to old town, most of us haven't been to old town after dark, when the shadows grow thick and the cats, like familiars, appear down there. What's really happened in our city, beyond the bright neon lights and postcard marketing? Better yet, what's still lingering each night right in the heart of our own fair city? Stick around as our own special specter and fellow ABQ podcaster, Gio, of Brian & Gio Made a Podcast ( joins us later to talk real New Mexican ghost stories in the dark. Have your own local chilling tale of the supernatural? Leave us a voice message on Anchor or record and send in your story - we just might feature it in the future! Grab your candy, don your costume, and gather 'round the speaker for this one. Don't look behind you... this one's gonna get you. To learn more about Old Town Julie Brown and Abq Tours, creep up on their website HERE ( If you or someone you know haunts the local ABQ creative scene, guide them our way HERE. Keep it spooky ABQ
October 29, 2019
Whats Up ABQ: Stan McCoy w/ Stan's Coffee & Scones
We're coffee people. You know it. I know it. The whole town knows it. What you might not know is just how good Stan's Coffee & Scones is at pouring our daily fix over in Uptown. Seriously. And what's better to pair your favorite caffeine fix with than a handmade scone? Nothing really. Plus, Stan's doing it all out of a vintage airstream trailer! This one's all about what Albuquerque's preferred morning beverage, good business sense, and a delicious scone or three mean for the everyday burqueno. Ever wondered what it's really like for a mobile coffee truck here in town? You know, you might be surprised. To learn more about Uptown's own Stan's Coffee & Scones check out their Instagram HERE. ( We'd also like to thank Bosque Heating Cooling & Plumbing ( & Red Rock Roasters ( for their continued support of Albuquerque's podcast! If you're a fan of the show, show them some love, would you? - If you'd like to talk becoming a show sponsor, give us a DM on our Instagram! ( On a personal note, Linds and Ryan just want to say THANK YOU to you, you wonderful listener, you! We've just hit our first 1,000 downloads, including national and international listeners. We love hearing from you - leave us a message or a review. Each one we recieve literally makes our week. Albuquerque is awesome, and apparently we're all in this for a little well-earned bragging. Go out and enjoy the local spots in your own neighborhoods! We really do have something special here.  :)
October 22, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Ivan del Curto & Derrick Brown w/ LVL UP NM
Raise of hands, who LOVES writing cover letters? ... Resumes? ... How about going in for job interviews? .... Whether it's any of the above, marketing, or strategic business planning, Ivan and Derrick have you covered. They're not just here to be another start-up... they're here to level up New Mexico one person and business at a time. On this episode Linds & Ryan talk with the dynamic duo of Lvl Up NM on what it really takes to present yourself well professionally, as well as how this can happen even across generational lines throughout our city. To learn more about LVL UP NM click HERE. We'd like to thank Bose Brothers for kindly allowing us to record out in their patio. We'd also like to give a special shout out to the super LOUD group of giggling ladies there too, they're almost like extra guests! Finally, we'd like to thank Bosque Heating Cooling & Plumbing for sponsoring this episode. You can learn more about all their awesome services HERE, or just call them at 444-7200. Linds and Ryan are always looking for our next interview. If you or someone you know is a local entrepreneur, creative, or small business owner in Albuquerque, we'd love to consider an interview! Just message us on our IG HERE. Last, if you'd like to sponsor episodes or help support the show, shoot us a message on our website (We also accept beers over at Sidetrack ;) )
October 15, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Kevin Wade w/ Griffinwink Advertising
Contrary to popular opinion, they're not actually a winking mythical creature - but they're still magical just the same. This week Ryan and Linds talk it up with Kevin Wade over at Griffinwink Advertising about what it takes to market local endeavors right here in Albuquerque. It's more than just numbers and it's more than just a big budget... it's all about how skillful communication and talent can tell a story others want to help support. But what Does that actually look like, you ask? This episode's for you. To learn more about Griffinwink Advertising, check out their website HERE ( We'd also like to give a shout out to this episode's sponsor! Linds and Ryan are grateful to Red Rock Roasters (located right here in town) for their continued generous support and delicious delicious coffee. Want to satisfy your caffeine addiction while keeping it local? Check out more on Red Rock Roasters HERE ( AND while you're at it, you can also listen to our previous interview with them HERE ( As always, Linds and Ryan want to know what's up, Albuquerque. If you or someone you know has a local business or is an entrepreneur or creative in town, we'd love to consider an interview. Just reach out to us on our Instagram HERE ( THANKS!
October 08, 2019
What's Up ABQ: ft. Sue Turner ,Tom Baker, & Kimberly Stoppel W/ the Telephone Museum of New Mexico
It's right there on 4th street. Big tall building. Hard to miss. Or is it in your pocket? You might be about to listen to our show on it right now. This week, Linds & Ryan are in downtown Albuquerque talking with a whole cadre of wonderful folks who make our very own Telephone Museum of New Mexico run like a charm. Whether you're into state history, tech innovations of yesterday, today, and beyond, or (like us) are on the hunt for fun things to do around town, these guys are worth the trip. Want to visit the Telephone Museum of New Mexico? Just drive or scooter on down to their 110 4th St NW location - they're open every Weds from 10a-2p.  "Ahoy, Ahoy!" "Watson, I need you!" - to come check out What's Up ABQ's next episode. - Enjoy! If you or someone you know is a local small business owner, creative, or entrepreneur we'd love to consider interviewing! SERIOUSLY. You can get in touch via our Instagram HERE. Also, Linds and Ryan will give a shout out to whoever buys us a beer down at Sidetrack. (We're both devoted dark beer drinkers)
October 01, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Javier Romero w/ Hangerang
We're always looking for the next spot to hang out at around town. Whether it's grabbing a few beers with friends over at Thirsty Eye or chowing down on chicken at Happy Chickenzz over at El Vado, there's absolutely no shortage of sweet places to check out all over Albuquerque. You know it, we know it, and Javier Romero knows it. That's why he's introducing an awesome computer-based app called Hangerang. Just being somewhere isn't enough if it's lonely. Get ready to hear all about how this locally-based app is changing what it really means to be social in a way that actually matters to Burqenos like us. To learn more about Hangerang and Javier head on over HERE. Per usual, if you or someone you know is a local with something up the show's alley, we'd love to consider an interview! Get in touch HERE.
September 24, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Joe Abeyta w/ EDo's Barber Shop
A sweet hair cut is something we all need. Thus begins our eternal hunt for the absolute best place in town to obtain one. We're here to tell you EDo's Barber shop is top notch. Joe is not only New Mexico True, he's also handy with a straight-razor too! Pull up a chair and catch up on your around-town gossip, because this episode is all about the life and times of a local barber in the heart of our city. Need a cut? Want to find out more about Joe and EDo's Barber Shop? Head on down to his 521 Central Ave NE location or check out his Instagram HERE. Lastly, if you or someone you know is a local creative, small-business owner, or entrepreneur we'd love to connect! Hit us up on our website for more. Ciao!
September 17, 2019
What's Up ABQ: w/ Larry Donahue of Slingshot Law
Robot Law. It's coming soon.  While it may sound like sci-fi, how living in an increasingly global world effects local businesses right here in our fair city on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's AI shaping how we expect commerce to take place online or how our state is faring legally in the world of intellectual property, Larry Donahue and his team are the bleeding-edge legal resource for our town. So come with us if you want to live - this show's another good one! To learn more about Larry Donahue and the folks down at Slingshot Law, check out their website HERE. Per usual, if you or someone you know is a local creative, entrepreneur, or small-business owner, we'd love to consider interviewing them! Just shoot us an email over at our website HERE. We'd also like to thank this episode's sponsors - Rachel and the wonderful people over at Albuquerque's own Red Rock Roasters! If you haven't tried them already, what are you waiting for?! They're local and they make awesome coffee. Go pick up a bag or three today, or stop by their location over on Jefferson. Here's their website - enjoy!
September 10, 2019
What's Up Abq: Peter Trevesani w/ New Mexico United
So, you might have heard of them. Maybe you already grabbed a beer with friends over at Starr Brothers and watched a game or three. Chances are, you already know exactly who we're talking about because the whole city is in on this one. That's right, we're talking New Mexico United right here on our humble little podcast, with none other than CEO/owner Peter Trevisani. We get right into the nitty-gritty of how Pete first got involved, what he thinks it really takes for creatives to see their dreams come to light, and why he believes New Mexico is where it's at for Soccer. Grab your Curse gear and cheer - it's New Mexico United time! For more on Peter and the team, go catch a game. Or check out their website here. As always, if you or someone you know is a local creative, entrepreneur, or small-business owner, we'd love to consider interviewing them for our show! Get in touch with us at our website HERE.
September 03, 2019
What's Up ABQ: NM Bearded Man
It's not every day you meet the real deal, but let us tell you, NM Bearded Man is. In this one we sit and talk New Mexico, local green culture, and what it really means to break down stereotypes on the front lines. So give yourself some space and time and get comfortable - 'cuz you're in for another awesome show. To learn more about what NM Bearded Man is up to, hit up his IG HERE. As always, if you or someone you know is a local 'Burqueno small business owner, entruprenuer, or creative - hit us up HERE! We'd love to consider interviewing you! You can also help us spread the word about WUABQ and leave us a review... you know... 'cuz you're cool like that.
August 26, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Rachel Langer w/ Red Rock Roasters
Coffee. Excellent coffee. That's what we want you to know about this week. Namely the wonderful, talented roasters hard at work down at Albuquerque's very own Red Rock Roasters. Sit back, pour some of that roasted ambrosia in your mug, and enjoy this episode. Afterward, go pick up a bag of Red Rock and see for yourself why our in-town coffee pros know what's up, ABQ. To learn more about Rachel and Red Rock Roasters, go visit them at 4801 Jefferson St NE here in Albuquerque or visit their website. But really, just keep drinking their coffee. We know we will! Per usual, if you or someone you know is a creative, entrepreneur, or small business owner here in Albuquerque, we'd love to consider interviewing them! Just Head on over to our website and contact us - we'll be in touch. If you enjoy what you hear, give our show a share! Help us spread the word on all the awesome things, places, and people right here in the Duke City. Until next time, Ciao!
August 19, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Gil Stewart w/ Burque's Burgers and Dawgs
When's the last time you had a great burger? How about a chili dog? Because OMG Gil Stewart's Burque's Burgers and Dawgs is AMAZING.  No, like, We're serious.  Stop what you're doing (*after you listen to our latest episode, of course) and go taste for yourself. - You'll be glad you did. Got a small business here in the 505? Entrepreneur? Creative? We'd love to consider you for our next episode. To help donate or reach out to us, check out our website for more! Until next episode, Ciao!
August 13, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Drew Herig, Mortgage Officer & Music Manager
  This week, Ryan & Lindsey talk mortgages and music with the multi-talented Drew Herig. Drew, who grew up in Nob Hill now loves helping first-time home buyers (especially) purchase their first house... but wait! Disguised as a mild-mannered mortgage officer, he also reps talented musicians right here in ABQ - including familiar tones you just might recognize whenever you're at your next New Mexico United game! For more on Drew check out his IG HERE, or for down-to-earth mortgage advice try HERE. As always, if you or someone you know is a small business owner, entrepreneur, or creative in or around ABQ, tell 'em to hit us up!  - We're always looking for new people to interview! Help support our show with a helpful review wherever you're listening and help us spread the word on all the wonderful things, people, and places happening right here in our community.
August 06, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Tony Chaleunphonh w/ Happy Chickenzz
This week Linds and Ryan meet up for some delicious chicken goodness.  Where you ask? Why, Happy Chickenzz down at El Vado, of course! Now, prepare yourself for tasty local ABQ insights as owner Tony Chaleunphonh of Happy Chickenzz talks what it really takes to make a restaurant make it in the Duke City these days.  Want to help the show? You can always chip in at our website or, if you're a local small business/entrepreneur/creative you can reach out to us here. Finally, you can sponsor shows or just share our episodes with your friends! Until next week, Ciao!
July 30, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Carlos Griegos w/ Bosque HVAC & Plumbing
Hey! This week Lindsey and Ryan are down at Bosque Heating Cooling & Plumbing talking with co-owner Carlos Griegos. What makes a good local company stay dedicated? How do they last? Why does it matter, especially right here in Albuquerque? We get into all of that and more on this week's episode! To learn more about Bosque Heating Cooling & Plumbing, check out their website. Want to help us spread the word about all the shining lights our city has to offer? Leave us a review! Help spread the word about our show. Consider sponsoring episodes. We're all in this together. Find out more at our website HERE. Until next week, Ciao
July 22, 2019
Whats Up ABQ: Craft King Consulting
On this episode of What's Up ABQ we're talking all things in Albuquerque's burgeoning craft beer scene with Angelo Orona of Craft King Consulting. To learn more about what Angelo is up to, check out . Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and share too! If you or someone you know is a local small business owner, entrepreneur, or creative, we'd love to consider interviewing you! Contact us at our spiffy new website HERE. Likewise, if you'd like to sponsor podcast episodes, you can shoot us an email there too. Until next episode... - Ciao Ryan
July 15, 2019
What's Up ABQ: Rio Grande CrossFit
Right off the bat we're on it at Albuquerque's own Rio Grande CrossFit! To learn more about our friends at the JCC, visit their website, or drop on by their location at 5520 Wyoming Boulevard NE. If you enjoyed the show, leave us a review and help us share the word. If you or someone you know has a small business, is an entrepreneur, or creative here in our community, send them our way! We'd love to consider interviewing them. Also, you can donate to the show's efforts at our website, or ask about sponsoring and advertising in our episodes by emailing us at Until next episode... Ciao! - Ryan & Lindsey
July 09, 2019
What's Up ABQ Promo Tres
Our first episode drops Tuesday, July 9th!! We'll be featuring Albuquerque's own JCC. And oh, do we have so many more awesome interviews with amazing locals to share! Look for them each Tuesday wherever you listen to podcasts. Until then, Ciao
July 03, 2019
What’s Up ABQ Promo dos
Albuquerque’s much-awaited podcast is almost here!
June 28, 2019
What's Up ABQ Promo Uno
It's the podcast Albuquerque has all been waiting for...
June 28, 2019