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What’s For Dessert?

What’s For Dessert?

By Yvette
The What’s For Dessert podcast is a dessert recipe sharing, tasting and eating show that demonstrates the power of dessert to bring family and friends together.
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I’m Just Here For The Pie

What’s For Dessert?

I’m Just Here For The Pie

What’s For Dessert?

What’s For Dessert Is Back! Did you miss me?
We are back! Join us for our first episode of Season 2. This week I’m sharing a recipe to make an easy and super delicious summertime dessert. Listen in and then head over to to get that recipe as well as several other recipes perfect for summertime eating.
June 10, 2021
New logo, Thrifting and Dessert Snacks Are Coming!
This episode I’ll share with you my new logo, my interview with thrift store owner and author Zontaye Richardson and my newest venture selling dessert snacks. Read more about what is shared in this episode at
April 26, 2021
Blondies, Ice Cream and poetry
On today’s episode we will talk about Sarah Kieffer’s book 100 Cookies, the Cinnamon Swirl Blondies recipe I made and my conversation with poet, author and dessert lover Lena Arnold. Links to recipes featured here can be found on my website
April 19, 2021
Vegan butter and Oreos
In this episode of What’s For Dessert I talk about why is so much easier to try out being a vegan and how I used the remaining vegan butter from last weeks Carrot Cake. Also, in honor of National Poetry Month I share a poem written and spoken by next week’s guest Poet and Author Lena Arnold. Recipe details from today’s podcast can be found on my website (
April 12, 2021
A Vegan Carrot Cake For Easter?
This year Easter was a little different. Last week I introduced you to my best friend Dr. Demarus Crawford-White, who is a higher education executive and a vegan. We talked at length about dessert life as a vegan.  At the end of the episode, I was inspired to explore the world of desserts in the land of vegan. This week in celebration of Easter, I made a classic carrot cake - vegan style. Listen and learn how I did it. This weeks featured recipes were Grandbaby Cakes Carrot Cakes ( and Jessica In The Kitchen Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting ( Plant based products used were Just Eggs (, GoVeggie Cream Cheese ( and Earth Balance Vegan Butter sticks (
April 5, 2021
Vegan Ice Cream and the Uncuttable Cake
In today’s episode I’m talking to my best friend Dr. Demarus Crawford-White, a higher education executive and vegan. She tells us how her change in eating did not change her love for dessert. She also talks about how one of her greatest cooking disasters - a fully baked and iced cake that she couldn’t cut. Listen in to here more about desserts as a vegan and how not to make a hard cake. In the show SoDelicious ( and Dayia ( are our featured brands. 
March 29, 2021
Did somebody say Disney and Desserts?
Have you ever had the Dole Whip at Disney World? What about the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars or the waffles shaped like Mickeys head? If not, stay tuned to today’s What’s For Dessert as me and my two kids James and Lyric talk about our recent trip to Disney World and the desserts we loved and the one dessert we didn’t love! Details about the Disney Desserts we loved can be found on (use the dashes or might up somewhere else) under the post Desserts at Disney. I also included copy cat recipes of each of our favorite desserts at Disney. Feel free to try them and let me know what you think.
March 22, 2021
Help! I need a cookie!!
How do you deal with stress?? While some people walk, read a book or smoke, I bake. And when I tell you it saved my sanity. It saved my sanity. On today’s episode I share the details of my stress cooking adventures. The recipes shared are the Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Girl Scout Thin Mints from Spoon University (, The Dole Whip by BellyFull ( and Katherine Hepburn Brownies from New York Times Cooking ( To read about stress baking, check out this article from Delish (
March 15, 2021
I’m Just Here For The Pie
In this episode we talk about all the many ways to make the incredible edible sweet potato pie. I also share a conversation between me and my sister Yvonne where we talk about the good, the bad and ugly of  cooking as well as how she mastered making the perfect Sweet Potato Cheesecake.  The featured recipe in today’s episode is Jocelyn Delk Adams Sweet Potato Pie listed on her website Grandbaby Cakes ( We also talk about the famous Killer Brownie and other confections of our local speciality grocery store Dorothy Lane Market ( Finally check out the cakes at Twist Cupcakery ( and Ele Bakery ( Check both these venues out.
March 8, 2021
Chrissy Teigen, my momma and college scholarships!
In this episode of What’s For Dessert? Yvette shares her secret sauce to make a great dessert every single time. She also shares how she used her new skills as a baker to raise money for scholarships to local college students. In this episode the dessert recipes featured are Ree Drummond’s Cinnamon Rolls ( and Chrissy Teigen’s Banana Bread ( Recipe websites suggested are and
March 1, 2021
The Power of Oreo Cheesecake
In this inaugural episode, Yvette Kelly-Fields, fund raiser by day and baker by night, shares how her son’s Oreo Cheesecake helped her to turn a mournful day of loss into a day of celebration and inspired her to want to help others do the same through dessert sharing, dessert making and dessert eating!
February 21, 2021