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By Shannon Ivey
The #whatshesaidproject is a virtual story slam and podcast. Organic, free range, locally sourced stories and conversations that matter.
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Episode 24: Inspired Speaking with Katie Zenger of Zenger Strategies


Episode 24: Inspired Speaking with Katie Zenger of Zenger Strategies
In this episode, Shannon interviews Katie Zenger of Zenger Strategies about the upcoming new course: Inspired Speaking. For more information and to register:
May 19, 2022
Episode 23: Am I Queer Enough for Pride? With Caitlin Fisher 1/2
Caitlin Fisher is back with us to talk about Pride, gender, queerness with the topic "Am I Queer enough for Pride?." This conversation was so good, we needed it to be two episodes. Find Caitlin on facebook, instagram, and their website (and book)! See you soon for part 2! #pride #gender #queer #identity #binary #questioning #trans #lgbtqia #learn #beyondthebinary #binary #male #female #they #bi 
June 25, 2021
Episode 22: Ready For Love, a story for Father's Day with Connie L. Johnson
Our beloved Connie is back with a beautiful sweeping tale of a daughter and her father and love. Oh, and she sings again. We do love it when Connie sings. Want to chat more about your story? Got a story you want to send me?
June 19, 2021
Episode 21: Virtual Story Slam with Shannon Ivey!
Ok Fine.   Shannon Ivey finally agreed to tell a story from her pandemic experience.  Beyond being in a statistic of mothers who had job loss due to child care obligations and shifts in the workforce during the pandemic, her realization was a deeply personal one. Here's she discovered FOR SURE about herself and her kid during the pandemic. This is our last story of this spring, but we will be back in the fall with a new Story Slam (or something fun). As always, thank you so much to the South Carolina Arts Commission for supporting me with a Quarterly Artist Grant to support this work.  It means the world.
May 26, 2021
Episode 20: Virtual Story Slam with Pamela McAllister Vandervelde
This Episode with Pamela deals with life and death, grief and wakeup calls.   She didn't know it, but she is on the pain point of one of the biggest life questions you can be asked. She's a new storyteller, but her wisdom and advice is expert level. Enjoy. Thanks again to South Carolina Arts Commission for their support of Virtual Story Slams!
May 26, 2021
Episode 19: Virtual Story Slam with Jess Willis!
Jess is a storyteller, theatre artist, and all around creative love bug that brought us a story about hanging out with herself during the pandemic, and what she found out. Thank you Jess. We so resonate with this, and promise to work on our nonproductive and really unkind smack talking our brilliant selves. Thanks to the SC Arts Commisssion for their support of this Spring Virtual Story Slam!
May 26, 2021
Episode 18: Virtual Story Slam with Mel Trimble!
Many years ago, a former SCSU student told me that if I didn't know Mel Trimble, the world wasn't right with her. Mel Trimble is a multitalented drama therapist (and only one in SC) and certified drama teacher, and an excellent storyteller. Her story is one you will want to listen to multiple times, so subscribe! Many many thanks to the @scartscommission for funding this season. It's big brave work in little nuggets, and I couldn't be prouder to share it with you. Please follow/subscribe/comment on iTunes to help us get found by more folks just like you!
May 23, 2021
Episode 17: Virtual Story Slam With Jessica Green Thonen!
Jessica is having none of it. With good reason. I mean, she WANTED to, then...something broke. We hear you, Jess. Thank you for modeling it so...artistically for us. In our second episode of the Spring 21 Virtual Story Slam focused on women's pandemic realizations, Jessica Green Thonen sends us a CLEAR message (and a really gorgeous reminder). Thanks from the #whatshesaidproject to the SC ARTS COMMISSION for a Artist Project Support Grant, which is supporting this work. FMI: 
May 17, 2021
Episode 16: Virtual Story Slam Spring 2021 With Martha Hearn
Thanks to the generous support of the South Carolina Arts Commission, we are bringing back the popular Virtual Story Slam!   This spring, on the one year anniversary of the COVID shut down, we asked women some questions:  -What did you learn about you during COVID?  -What did this time mean for you? -How did you make it through? Not unsurprisingly, we got back a LOT of responses.   So, until they are tired of talking about it, we will release these stories.  We never tire of listening. #stories #storyslam #virtual #podcast #women #genderexpansive
May 09, 2021
S3 E6 Let's Talk Relationships with Kimberly Mathis: Relationship Anarchy!
In this episode, Kimberly Mathis and I talk about Relationship Anarchy, and how looking at autonomy can be empowering for all folks, whether they are relationship or not! We discuss all sorts of relationships, so if you are allergic to #queer​ or #nontraditional​ coupling, this might not be for you or your kids.  #ra​ #relationshipanarchy​ #autonomy​ #coaching​ #empowering​ #love​ #romantic​ #platonic​ #partners​ #relationship​ #relationships​ #power​ #money Watch the video:
February 12, 2021
S3 E5 What THEY Said Project Monthly Takeover with Author and Coach Caitlin Fisher
Caitlin Fisher is back with us!  In this episode, Caitlin covers 5 Myths/5 Questions You Shouldn't ask a Queer Person!   This episode discusses adult themes of relationships, gender, nonbinary, queer, LGBTQ+.  If you are sensitive to these issues, feel free to come back next week.  If you have young children, there is mention of genitalia, sexual preferences, and nontraditional relationships, and therefore is not recommended. FOR EVERYONE ELSE, though, I offer this episode/this series as a way in.  Ask your questions!  Caitlin will be back once a month in 2021. Free Mom Hugs Info: My classes on how to be Virtually Awesome:
February 05, 2021
S3 E3 Meet Kimberly Mathis, The Liberation Coach
We are thrilled to continue these important conversations with smart folks.  This week's episode is a conversation with coach and therapist Kimberly Mathis.  We talk about the difference between coaching and therapy, compassionate goal setting, our Year Compass facebook group, and our upcoming workshops.  SO GOOD. Find Kimberly at: @the.liberationcoach
January 16, 2021
S3 E2 with author Caitlin Fisher
New things are happening in 2021!  This episode is now the #whattheysaidproject, thanks to the astute guidance of our next guest. Caitlin Fisher is an author, coach and creative.  In this episode we talk all things pronouns, gender, queer coding, millennial, and how not to be a jerk. Caitlin has agreed to come back monthly, so send us your questions: CW: language, LGBTQ discussions ;) Find out more about Caitlin and their book: The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation on Amazon or wherever books are sold online: ( @CaitlinFisherAuthor on IG and Facebook @CaitLizFisher on Twitter
January 09, 2021
S3 E1: Lakeetha's Love Story
In this season, we share stories and interviews of "Love, Light, Levity, and other L words that bring us JOY."   Our first storyteller of the season is actress and drama teacher Lakeetha Blakeney.  She shares the LOVE story that came into her life in her 40th year and even during the pandemic. If you feel moved to do so, we welcome your tips: $LakeethaBlakeney80 If you're super into spreading cash app love, we won't say no: $whatshesaidproject Stay tuned this season as we roll out the love one episode at a time. #love #stories #storytelling #storySlam #whatshesaidproject #queer #LGBTQ+ #pride 
October 15, 2020
Shift S2 E8: A Conversation with Actress Arischa Conner (Part 2)
You want more #actingtips and #actingtricks to making your way in the #businessofacting?  Our beloved @arischaisastar is dropping knowledge all over the place!  And we feel the #love. This is part 2 of our interview with @arischaisastar.  Thanks for listening! #atlactor #laactor #podcast #shepodcasts #whatshesaidproject
July 14, 2020
Shift S2 E7: A Conversation with Actress Arischa Conner (Part 1)
In Part 1, we talk with the amazing actress Arischa Conner.  She talks about #supportive adults, #creative education, #community, #acting, #film and #tv, and why she decided to go #fulltime to get her #dreamlife.  This amazing love bug of a human will leave you wanting more (next week).  There are some tips and tricks for #actors, so don't miss this and next week's episode!
July 10, 2020
Shift S2 E6: A conversation with Serena Hicks: Coach and Founder of Antiracism School
In this conversation, we talk to our newest friend and badass human Serena Hicks, coach and founder of  We discuss #antiracism education #coaching #discomfort #blackandbrownbodytrauma #community #shame #goals. She's amazing, and I want you to go find out about her course launching Tuesday July 21:!  Also, coaching and more on her page:
July 03, 2020
Shift S2 E5 A Conversation with Ayana Crawford: Organizer, Activist, Consultant, Speaker, Writer, entrepreneuHer, and Community Liaison
In this episode, we meet Ayana Crawford: Organizer, Activist, Consultant, Speaker, Writer, entrepreneuHer, and Community Liaison.  We talk organizing, political careers, community activism, antiracist education, self care.  She's an emerging leader with a bright future, and we are so lucky to get to know her.
July 02, 2020
Shift S2 E4: A Conversation with Jazmyne McCrae: Activist, Scholar, and Co-founder of Empower SC
In this epsisode, Jazmyne and I talk about #antiracist values in education, educational reform, the importance of policy, advocacy, and police reform.  This amazing young leader will give you great hope for our future. #antiracist #youngleader #policyreform #blacklivesmattersc #policereform #educationreform #teachers #student
June 27, 2020
Shift S2 E3: A Conversation with Comedian Tara Brown
In this episode, we chat with comedian Tara Brown about how she found comedy, and how she's using it to lift spirits.  #comedy #tarabrowncomedy #conversations #humans
June 27, 2020
Shift S2 E2: A Conversation with Demetrius Hill: Activist, Artist, Mother, Co-founder of I Can't Breathe, SC
This episode is a conversation with Demetrius Hill, co-founder of I Can't Breathe, SC (also Black Lives Matter SC).  We discuss foundational information for white folks interested in learning how to be #antiracist.  
June 27, 2020
Shift 2: A Conversation with Rebecca Davis, co-founder of AR-TIC, LLC
Rebecca Davis is a trauma therapist who co-founded AR-TIC, LLC (anti-racist trauma informed care).  Shannon interviews Rebecca about her work, her self, and some guiding principles of anti-racist education.  
June 10, 2020
Virtual Story Slam: Shift 5
On this episode, Shannon explores the changing relationship with her father.  
May 26, 2020
Virtual Story Slam SHIFT Episode 4
On this episode we talk to the host, Shannon, and her daughter, Zoe, about a shift happening in their world.  Zoe shares her a story about kimchi.  Our featured storyteller for this episode is Jerry, who has a shift in heart.  
May 02, 2020
Virtual Story Slam SHIFT Episode 3
Olivia is our featured storyteller with a tale of Florida, her dad, diving, sharks, and adventure.  
April 21, 2020
Virtual Story Slam SHIFT Episode 2
This is our second episode of our Virtual Story Slam.  Our theme for this season is SHIFT.  On this episode, you will be introduced to Connie.  Connie beautifully tells a story about how shift showed up in a few ways in her life, in her relationship with her mother, and ultimately, in how she saw herself.
April 14, 2020
Virtual Story Slam SHIFT Episode 1
In this episode, you will be introduced to our new storytelling format, the Virtual Story Slam.  Our first storyteller is Amy.  She tells a story about shift in her life, while waiting for a butterfly to emerge.
April 10, 2020
Trailer for Virtual Story Slam SHIFT Season
This is the introduction to our work at the #whatshesaidproject and our newest form, the Virtual Story Slam.  
April 10, 2020