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What the...wellness

What the...wellness

By Jackie and Jaslyne
Turn your What the...into wellness with Jaslyne & Jackie
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EP 0: Trailer: Turn your What the...into Wellness

What the...wellness

EP 16: What's in your mouth? Dental Wellness with Naomi Denney
Our body is a well connected, very intelligent system. We might think that brushing our teeth just give us nice white smile, but oral hygiene is a much bigger indication of our physical and even mental health!  Listen to this episode where we welcome Naomi Denney,  a Registered Dental Hygienist and Natural Health Educator. Naomi explains how clients with poor oral health are a guarantee that something in the body systemically is not well.  Gut health is our immune system but it first begins in the mouth. The science on how to create a good home for friendly bacteria is developing all the time, but there are a few different things that may help you ensure your community of oral microbes (or oral microbiome) is healthy and balanced: Eat more plant based foods, avoid acidic drinks, and of course cut down on sugar. We can also look at more natural ways to maintain our dental health, try oil pulling, tongue scraping, and of course using toxic free toothpaste and mouthwashes (we love doTerra’s On Guard line).  A lot of the mainstream dental products have toxic ingredients in them. Even fluoride should not be something absorbed into our bodies on a daily basis.  Give this episode a listen to get all the details! If anyone in the dental 🦷 profession out there is listening and interested in learning more about essential oils in dentistry - Naomi offers a continuing education course in this which is ADA CERP recognized!  She is passionate about her work and would love to connect with you and provide this CE to you at no cost. Find Naomi on FB at FrankLife or Insta @ Naomidenney “While the eyes are the window to the soul, the mouth is a mirror to the body.” by Dr Cooney, Chief Dental Officer, Health Canada.
March 28, 2021
EP 15: How are you feeling?
It’s fairly common practice to ask others how they are doing, but does anyone even care about the answer, do most people even wait for a response, do we give genuine responses?   Let’s be honest, we don’t...So why don’t we ditch it!   If that makes you say ‘What the’?... then this episode of What the... wellness is for you.  We’re going to talk about why we should talk less about how/what we are doing and more about how we are feeling. So many of us these days are feeling burned out, discouraged, but keep trying to put on a brave face. There is so much happening around all of us all the time, natural disasters, COVID, political unrest, border closures, and continued uncertainty.  If that sounds like a lot, it is! So how do we deal with all that comes at us? We talk about our feelings! It’s ok to not feel ok. Give this episode a listen and then go dance, sing or meditate your way to feeling good! Here are some links for further reference. WFE -1 in 3 adults are depressed or anxious due to COVID-19 HUFFINGTON POST - It's Not Just You. A Lot Of Us Are Hitting A Pandemic Wall Right Now.
February 28, 2021
Episode 14: Beautiful inside and out with Isy Obi
In today’s episode of What the...Wellness we welcome the beautiful and talented designer Isy Obi.  What you wear impacts how your confidence but its also a reflection of your internal view of yourself.   We are so excited to speak to Isy about the psychology of fashion.  Isy, has had an interesting path to design, having transitioned from a career as an accountant, to recruiting, to becoming one of the most sought-after fashion designers in the Caribbean.   Isy explains how your clothes are an external expression of how you view yourself. How it is so important to wear properly fitted garments, even if it means tailoring something you just purchased.  Also there is magic in ‘investment’ pieces. Use clothes as play, but also for the ease, have a 'daily uniform',  just find the thing that works for you and then wear that.   Don’t feel like you have to reinvent yourself everyday,  don't, underestimate the brain power and stress of figuring out what to wear each day.  We also discuss how the plus size options are somewhat limited. How mass produced clothing is just templated, and the industry is not up to speed with how to design those clothes for more unique figures.  This also explains why not everything will fit you off the rack, again so tailoring is a great option to feel your best.  The secret to having great style is wearing what you love, and enjoy wearing it. The most stylish women don’t look to others for direction. They don’t wear they think they should wear.  They wear the things they love. Even if you don’t like what they’re wearing, you’ll see that they wear it with the kind of dash that make us admire them.
February 21, 2021
EP 13: Resolution Reboot
Happy new year!! We very much enjoyed our break, but now we are back and wanted to share this with you! The beginning of a new year has many people setting resolutions, and by the time of this podcast in early February, most of us have probably lost a bit, or all of motivation!  In fact studies show that fewer than 10% of people actually keep their resolutions.  We want you to know that's ok!   You can lose your resolution without losing your vision. A resolution is simply the act of determining there is something you want to change.  Often though, without a ‘why’ and a vision of how you want to ‘feel’ after this change, there is little to push you forward through the temptations of ‘old’ habits.  (Revisit Episode 1 where we discussed vision setting - it will really help you understand how to set intentions for success). Let's all just be honest with ourselves!  Consider if your conscious is ready for this behavior change?  Do you have accountability or support for the change you are trying to make? Are you setting this resolution because it is a social or family pressure or is it what you truly want? Let’s set visions that build better habits daily, think the concept of Kaizen  - means taking very small steps continuously over time and you will achieve bigger results. We like this visual of a ladder. “It is used for an upward climb. Also, a ladder can’t be safely climbed except by using one rung at a time. Just like people don’t explode into success but grow into it, a ladder offers only a progressive means of travel. We use each rung as a foundation to reach greater heights” - Jack Alia
February 18, 2021
Ep 12: Christmas without the Crazy
The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year.  If we're being honest though, it's also one of the most stressful!  Add in a global pandemic that will impact many of our plans and traditions and it feels crazy.    We're chatting about how we are redefining Christmas, focusing on experiences over things, making time for joy and giving back.  One thing is for sure, this will be a Christmas to remember!   We encourage you to consider what might you do this year, vs what we can't do (because of travel restrictions etc. ), focus on the good - who can you spend time with? Acknowledge that it’s ok for traditions to change. We are also a big proponent of experiences vs gifts.  Time is the most valuable gift, just give your time to loved ones,  take an in an outdoor activity, hiking, snowmobiling, boating, skiing .  If you love to give,  try things like; homemade photo and recipe books, baked goods.  Also, be mindful of what do you say yes to, we know FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, but if you are just rushing from one thing the next you aren't really being present or enjoying the moment.  We love the saying 'make it possible'.  So if you are invited to a get together don't feel like you have to make the dip, cookies etc, make them possible,  purchase from a local chef/baker - take the stress out and support your 'shop local'.  Of course we can't forget the spirit of giving to local charities this year.  Again, don't feel like you have to give to everything, pick the organisations you connect with the most and make a meaningful contribution with time or resources.  Here's a few more tips to help you have Christmas without the crazy!  Happy Holidays everyone, see you in Jan 2021 Calm app - has lots of great resources for being mindful and keeping 'calm' Become more with Less - 31 days of gifts you so deserve this Christmas  Go back to listen to our very first podcast episode to discover why mindset matters, it will help you redefine your vision for this Christmas. 
December 8, 2020
EP 11: Clear your closet, clear your mind- with Kim Jones
In this Episode of What the...Wellness,  we welcome Kim Jones to find out how cleaning out your closet can be good for your soul.   Yes- you heard me right! Kim is the Founder of Lock & Key Home and Author of The No-Nonsense Home Organisation Plan.  In addition, she is the Mom to toddler twins and no stranger to complete chaos.  She has been featured in several national publications to help others get organised, like Today Show.Com, Bare Minerals, RedFin, Kentucky Living Magazine and others. Now what's the link to wellness you ask?  Kim explains how a cluttered space and cluttered mind usually go hand in hand.  People often think if they were not born organised, it  is a losing battle and they continue to live chaotic lifestyles.  However, it can be taught just like tying your shoes.  Before she begins to organise any space, she notes that she always sits with the client to really discuss the vision and how they want to feel in their space.  There is so much emotion wrapped up in material possessions and the memories/associations that they hold for everyone is different.  We discussed the concept of intentional purchases and also why people are hanging on to items they don’t truly love. So where do you start? Kim suggests you start small and in an area with little to no emotional ties, either in the refrigerator or spice cabinet. Expiry dates tell you to let it go!   We loved all the amazing tips shared through this episode.  To find Kim go to or visit her on  Insta @lockandkeyhomeorg
November 27, 2020
Ep 10: Eat the Christmas cookies! How to mindfully eat through the holidays with Noella Thompson
On this Episode 10,  of What the...Wellness we welcome Noella of Embrace Holistic Nutrition. The  holiday season is upon us,  a time for indulgent foods & celebratory drinks 🍷 Mindfulness around consumption of food and drink can help us get through this season without overdoing it...and if you over do it once , let it go. Accept it.  Acknowledge it.  Work to do better.  And move on. So give this episode a listen and eat those Christmas cookies mindfully😍. You can find Noella on Instagram @noellanutrition On Facebook at Embrace Holistic Nutrition
November 24, 2020
EP 9: Remote Working for Wellness
This episode is a real life reflection on the COVID WFH experience we have had, as well as a 'book review' from a book called Remote ‘Office Not required’ - Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.  We love audio books for multitasking... and Jackie told me I had to listen to this one -  she said' you really won't believe how forward thinking this book is given it was written in 2013.  We realised so many of the benefits and challenges learned thru our recent WFH experience were already explored by the authors years earlier in a different industry (Tech ).   Work from home can work and has huge wellness benefits.  Read or listen to Remote to hear more about why and how this could work for you, your team and your company.   Work from home isn’t just a crisis management solution for 2020, but its an essential wellness initiative! 4 Main Wellness take aways; 1. Productivity and job satisfaction - how do you know if people are really going to get the job done? You know because you measure outputs, not bums on chairs!  - the importance of setting reasonable expectations, communication of availability of all team members  - healthy boundaries - ‘did I do a good day’s work? Then walk away! Don't work all hours of the day because your office is your home and vs versa.  2. Time WFH is a great way to get time back in your day, between commuting and just packing a lunch, getting dressed (fully!) - you can shave hours off your day...and just get on with the work!  3. Socialisation - we will loose our office culture if no one is in the office.... actually the research shows that this doesn't go away - just make connecting  intentional. - still go for coffee with colleagues and friends - still get out for a walk - and still hold office socials and office meetings - it just doesn't need to be all day , everyday!  4. Ergonomics Ensure that you have a proper space dedicated to work, with a good chair and a monitor that is eye level.  If you need to move around thru the day, do that too - best to not be in one spot for hours anyway. 
November 15, 2020
EP 8: Healing our Veterans with Eric Koleda
In this episode 8 of 'What the... Wellness' 🌱 we welcome Eric Koleda,  a founding member and the Director of HBOT4KYVETS, Inc.   Eric shares how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, ('HBOT')  is a treatment option that could help many Veterans recover from traumatic brain Injury (TBI)/PTSD, but unfortunately this treatment is not accessible in the US VA healthcare system.  Eric, himself is a ten year US Air Force veteran, recognised the need for this after his brother in law, Ron Ray. (a 30yr US Marine Corps Col. veteran)  was diagnosed with a Major Neurocognitive Disorder of Traumatic Brain Injury from his service during Vietnam in 1967/68.    Listen in to see how this treatment could potentially change the life of a Veteran in your family or community.    To learn more you can visit or  
November 5, 2020
EP 7: SOS- A mom on a mission to save our skin with Kelley Carpenter
In this episode we are speaking with Kelley Carpenter,  a mom on a mission.    From the time he was 6 or 7 months,  Kelley's first son Jackson,  began struggling with severe skin conditions.   He was covered,  the specialists told her that it was the worst they had ever seen.  He was prescribed several treatments- including things like pouring bleach into his bathtub (making sure he didn't drink the water), using steroid creams and bandaging him every night... and then Kelley found a healer who looked at skin issues from the inside out!  Kelley says now " the skin is like the check engine light' it lets you know what's going on inside.  From that point forward they started looking at elimination diets and being mindful of what is at the end of his fork.   Also, it was important not to be introducing toxins in other ways, so using  good clean products on the skin as well.  No mineral oil, parabens and other cheap fillers- but, toxin free products that feed the skin from the outside as well and promote healing. You can find Kelley at: & Resources Danielle Walker  Against all grain Arbonne - Diaper cream
October 29, 2020
EP 5- Money on your mind with Michael Myles
Wellness comes in many forms.  It this episode we chat with Michael Myles of Inspire Cayman about how finances played into his wellness as a man, husband and father and why he has committed to sharing a way to wellness through financial peace courses. Money stresses can manifest in your body,  both physically with high blood pressure, aches and pains and mental anxiety.  Money is one of the root causes of marital failure. Michael explains how simple attitude shifts can help you live within your means and create financial stability for yourself and your family.  Michael advocates for the Financial Peace University that teaches these simple tips to get control over your money. Michael shares how a simple budget spreadsheet and tracking your spending can really give you perspective on where your money goes and where you can start to make the change. You can find Michael inspiring Cayman youth at: 1 (345) 525-8990
October 19, 2020
EP 6- Making the shift with Essential oils
Yes there is an Oil for that! Jaslyne is a certified essential oils coach.   If essential oils feel like 'hype' and you don't even know why you should consider them or where to start check out this episode.   We'll talk about some easy and maybe unexpected ways you can use oils essential in your life. Essential oils can impact all areas of our wellness through supporting immunity, digestion and sleep.  Using oils help reduce your toxic load by replacing traditional pharmaceutical options that contain many chemicals and artificial fragrances. To make simple switches in your life, think about what you use now and then ask “is there a more natural way I can help support my body, clean this or that etc ...” 3 ways to use essential oils; Aromatic, Topical & Internal Aromatically can be as simple as a drop in your hand , rub hands together and cup over your nose  - inhale! I have diffusers in every room of the house - these are electric cool mist that you can add 3 - 4 drops of your fav oil into to clean the air, but also have the ability to improve mood, and calm the nervous system. Topical use of oils should include proper dilution for better absorption and reducing skin sensitivity. Internal use should only be considered with pure therapeutic grade essential oils with proper guidance.  Join one of Jaslyne’s Essential Oil 101 classes on Facebook to learn more. Find so many tips at @qlifeky,, and My favorite resource on the go is The Essential Life App (find in the App store). Check out doTerra’s sourcing website to better understand how pure essential oils are sourced, distilled and quality tested for your ultimate enjoyment and wellness!
September 13, 2020
EP 4: Whats for dinner?! with Maureen Cubbon
Take a load off your cognitive work, reduce your food waste and tantalise your taste buds with Zest meals.  Do you hate the question ‘ What’s for dinner’??? Maureen Cubbon ( Mo ) is the chef behind Zest, having been part of the international culinary scene for most of her life, Maureen brings her passion for food to Cayman. One of her goals is bringing families back to the dinner table, educating people that cooking can be fun and creating wellness by avoiding the drive-thru. These Zest meals come with all the ingredients and recipe card - dinner on the table in about 30 minutes. Zest meals are created with mindful choices, like knowing where your food comes from, and being proud of what you put on the table tonight. Zest also aims to reduce food waste by giving you just what you need for that meal & it comes in eco packaging. The menu includes; Gluten free, Vegetarian & Keto options. Donate, give as a gift, try for a Corporate challenges, just eat well ! Zest meals at: Food Revolution Jamie Oliver
September 13, 2020
EP 3: Reducing your toxic load with Darlene Young
On this episode we chat with Darlene Young of the Eat Breath Be well shop about how to reduce your toxic load by switching a few of your everyday products to natural options.    Easy switches; Laundry soap, natural or just choose your favorite brand, but make it fragrance free  Hand/Body soap, choose homemade or use Castile soap Essential oils and diffusers for cleaning the air, and creating a mood/smell Deodorant (never antiperspirant), several store bought options as well as homemade recipes.  If you buy from the store always choose fragrance free.  Often these natural products have none, or less packaging also helping to reduce our environmental toxic load.  If you want to see what's in your products check out ; FInd Darlene and a wide selection of natural products at; Eat, Breathe, BeWell store is located upstairs in the Paddington Place Insta @eatbreathbewellcayman, FaceBook @
September 13, 2020
EP 2: Fat to fit at 40 with Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey is a triathlete, ironman, director in a corporate role, and great contributor to community service.  Chris shares with us some insight into what body image and weight loss is like in a mans world and how he made the transition from fat to fit at 40.  @chrisbailey888 on Insta.  Chris' top tips; 1. Take it slow 2. Create accountability with friends, family 3. Do a food diary ( try 4. Seek out a coach, not only builds accountability but ensures you are working smarter, not harder!  You can check out more info on eating and training for a fit body here;
September 13, 2020
Ep 1: Get your head in the game.
This episode of What the...Wellness focuses on the cornerstone of wellness- Mindfulness.   There are no shortage of wellness options.   To decide what is right for you, get your head in the game.   Define your vision of the future and then consistently focus on aligning your actions, words and feelings to that vision.    We’ll chat about where we started and how we now practice mindfulness.  Especially in a life filled with to-do lists Some helpful resources to check out are: 1) 7 Pilars Exercise: You need to write out your thoughts/responses for this exercise.  It can be bullets or however thoughts flow to you.  Does not have to be full sentences or make sense to anyone but you.  You will likely gravitate to some of the pillars more naturally but it is important that you do the exercise for all of the pillars. With the following areas in mind, consider and have gratitude for what you have now in each area.  Then consider if there is any parts of this area you would like to grow or change.    Do this exercise at least twice allowing yourself to be more vulnerable and in tune with how you want to feel (rather than what you just want to do) with each review. 1- Career, 2- relationship with my family, 3- social,  4-physical wellbeing, 5-emotional wellbeing, 6-spiritual wellbeing, 7-contributions in the community. 2) Calm App- LaBron James: Train your Mind 3) Dr. Joe Dispenza- Morning and Evening Meditation 4) Marie Forleo- Decade in review
February 23, 2020
EP 0: Trailer: Turn your What the...into Wellness
Welcome to What the… Wellness, the Podcast.   Jackie & I have been friends and colleagues for over 10 years,  #Vision2020 started in 2019 when we decided we wanted to challenge ourselves to do something new, and inspire others to as well. We are both passionate about sharing our different wellness experiences and were contemplating how we could do that more regularly, so What the...Wellness  (WTW) was born. We have spent months learning the tech, developing the content, picking the colors, and recording episodes.  We of course have had some detours courtesy of Covid-19 but working together on this creative growth opportunity has been a lot of fun in the middle of uncertainty. We are thrilled to share with you our podcast and hope that it becomes part of your self care ritual.
February 23, 2020