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What UK Thinks

What UK Thinks

By What UK Thinks team
Welcome to the What UK Thinks podcast with Sir John Curtice, a series looking at public attitudes towards what the UK's relationship with the European Union should look like.
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Public perceptions of Boris Johnson's handling of Brexit
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Alex Scholes discuss voters’ assessment of Boris Johnson’s performance on Brexit during his first year as Prime Minister. They also take a look at what we know about public opinion on a no-deal Brexit, and highlight how the Remain-Leave divide continues to impact party politics.
September 8, 2020
The impact of coronavirus on the Brexit process
Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu and Alex Scholes discuss what impact the outbreak COVID-19 has had on attitudes towards Brexit, whether people feel that the UK's transition period should be extended, and whether the coronavirus pandemic might affect the government's plans for the UK's post-Brexit immigration policy
May 4, 2020